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Capstone senior project sample project

Capstone senior project sample project capstone partners las vegas cause effect essay illiteracy statistics ´╗┐New York Yankees New York Yankees is my pick to win their game against the Cleveland Indians on Sunday May 6 2018 the game will be at Yankee Stadium Bronx New York Sunday May 6 2018 the starting pitcher for the New York Yankees is Domingo German right-handed pitcher ER a three point seven seven the starting pitcher for the Cleveland Indians is Mike Clevenger right-handed pitcher Irae 2.8 to the New York Yankees have won 13 out of their last 14 games the New York Yankees are number one in offense the New York Yankees have a better bullpen than the Cleveland Indians New York Incas is my pick to win on Sunday May 6 2018 you are a kinky starting pitcher Domingo German right-handed pitcher age 25 er a 3.77 Domingo German has pitched 14 innings this season and played in five games but he started no games he's been a relief pitcher so far this season in 14 games he's thrown 18 strikeouts allowed two home runs and 7 walks his last game was impressive on May 1st 2018 at the Houston Astros Houston Astros won the World Series last year 2017 he was required to play due to an injury to the starting pitcher starting pitcher Montgomery pitched only one inning and left with an injury Jordan Montgomery had a lead so Domingo German came in and pitched four innings so in those four innings he allowed zero runs zero home runs only one walk and he threw four strikeouts and then four hits over four innings in the previous game on April 26 at home at Yankee Stadium versus Minnesota he pitched three innings and allowed one run one home run one walk three strikeouts on April 12 at Boston he pitched three innings allowed zero runs zero home runs zero walks three strikeouts now these are the advanced stats for Domingo German ok strikeouts per 9 innings 11.30 home runs Allowed per nine aims 1.26 you're a ra 3.77 fastball velocity is 95 miles per hour 95 miles per hour swinging strike percentage is 15% that's elite so he has high velocity 95 miles per hour he has a high strikeout rate 11 strikeouts per nine innings he makes batter swing as 15% swinging strike percentage that's high first pitch strike percentage is 65% round ball percentage is 29% now keep in mind these are as a relief pitcher but I feel that the Yankees can win with him Clevenger the pitcher for the Cleveland Indians he's a right-handed pitcher aged 27 year it's 2.8 - he's a good pitcher but the last two games he's allowed too many runs on May 1st and home versus Texas over six innings he allowed three runs one home run but he threw seven strikeouts he only had one walk so home runs walks as strikeouts are the three major variables that a pitcher has the most control over but the team defense allowed three runs and then on April 26 at home versus Seattle six innings pitched four runs were allowed zero home runs one walk five strikeouts so the three major variables that are tied to a pitcher 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York Yankees in their last 10 games they've won nine out of their last 10 games again they won 13 out of their last 14 games they've won their last four games right now it's 2 a.m. Pacific time on Saturday May 5th just to give you a reference point this season they've won 22 games and have a 69% win percentage they're close to catching up to Boston I think they will catch Boston they have been very impressive Cleveland Indians have won 17 games and in their last 10 games they've won 4 on the road they're 6 and 7 the Yankees are 12 and 5 at home the Yankees are rampaging all right so on-base percentage to Yankees on-base percentage of 338 slugging is 4 5 3 Cleveland Cleveland's on-base percentage is 3 1 6 slugging is 426 bullpen you're a bullpen they are a number one bullpen is Arizona bullpen area is two point one four Yankees are number 10 bullpen area it's three point five three Cleveland bullpen array is 28 Cleveland's bullpen arrays five point one one look at Yankees the Yankees schedule they have 113 I have their last 14 games their last loss was on Monday April 3rd at Houston the only love I lost by one run they won three games at Houston Houston won the World Series last year they're essentially the same team that's amazing they blanked Houston Astros twice they won 4 0 4 0 & 6 5 that's against probably one that top starting pitcher rotations in a new baseball they beat Cleveland on Friday 7 6 and Saturday they're playing them it's gonna be sunny grating Trevor Bauer Sunday it's the game that we're talking about right now Domingo German and Clevenger Cleveland Indians get last 10 games they've won for what should be concerning is if you look on Thursday they played a doubleheader two games on Thursday and then and one of those games that went 11 innings and then on Tuesday they had to play 12 innings and their best from the leaf pitcher Andrew Miller is out with an injury so late at Cleveland's bullpen as performance has really dropped off so bullpen the Yankees have advantage offense the Yankees have a bench starting pitching the only thing with Domingo German is he hasn't he hasn't started a game but I think if anything I like to make I liked Domingo German right now more than Clevenger Club injured last two games I mean you could speculate that he would have a bounce-back but there's nothing to indicate that that would happen I think fatigue might be a factor also for team defense remember pitchers only part of the team defense so you know all things indicate to the Yankees should win this game let's look at injuries Cleveland Cleveland ok Andrew Miller relief pitcher Nick Gooding relief pitcher outfielder Chisenhall and shortstop Maggie your Yankees what's been impressive they got a good amount of injuries but they they kept rampaging so they're figuring out how to win tell our awesome 1st base Jacob Ellsbury outfielder ok relief pitcher Adam Warren relief pitcher Sesa relief pitcher Conley that our basement Brandon Drury Ben Heller's a relief pitcher outfielder McKinney Greg first baseman let's look at home runs number one in home runs for the Yankees didi Gregorius Gary Sanchez 9 Erin judge 8 Giancarlo Stanton 7 Giancarlo Stanton his on-base percentage 317 slugging 469 tyler austin 5 now looking at total bases total bases in singles doubles triples and home runs added up all together it's a measurement of offensive production number one as didi Gregorius seventy-nine total bases here in judge 68 Giancarlo Stanton 60 here since his 58 Andujar 52 Cleveland Indians let's look at their home runs okay Jose Ramirez 9 home runs and Cara Encarnacion 9 home runs Yonder Alonso 8 home runs Francisco Lindor seven home runs John gums 4 home runs total bases Jose Ramirez 71 total bases Francisco Lindor 69 got Encarnacion Yonder Alonso Brantley Kipnis so the New York Yankees have won 13 of their last 14 games as of Friday May 4th they have the number one offense in MLB baseball and their bullpen is their bullpen easy RA is significant better than Cleveland Indians and I'm excited to see what their army Domingo German does as a starting pitcher 95 mile-per-hour fastball 11 strikeouts per nine innings and 0 runs allowed over 4 innings against a world champion Houston Astros so Sunday May 6 2008 een my pick to win is in York Yankees starting pitcher Domingo German New York Yankees to win starting pitcher Domingo German thanks for watching please subscribe share with your friends do my capstan winch wikipedia John Jay College of Criminal Justice.

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