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Capstone securities analysis private limited pune maharashtra for money

Capstone securities analysis private limited pune maharashtra for money newspaper article on anorexia nervosa unconventional oil and gas report corpus ´╗┐social worker by the state of New York I have treated more than 500 children I hope I didn't lose time from this I have treated more than 500 children who have to some degree experience some degree of alienation and I've heard the heartbreaking stories of so many people here today that I've heard all before even though I've never met one of the people who have spoken here before because the sagas are all the same but only the names change I testify all over the country to document for the presence of alienation and to critique the typical custody evaluations that miss the alienation as dr. Miller just described they actually do get it backwards most of the time the alienator is viewed and deemed as the competent parent and the targeted or alienating parent alienated parent is seen as an hysterical paranoid I'm here to say that alienation does exist I believe it is a syndrome I wrote a book about it and like dr. Miller I no longer use the word syndrome because of the controversy but we shouldn't get stuck on labels the American Bar Association itself would published a book by Clower and Rivlin excuse me just a moment folks we're having a hard time hearing the witness if you need to talk could you please take it into the hall thank you I'm sorry go ahead the American Bar Association published a book written by Clower and Rivlin that determined that alienation exists to some degree in 80% of all cases of divorce they followed 700 children for 12 years to determine this and now the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual number five that was just produced this year now documents that there that alienation does exist you can find it on page seven seven seven fifteen and seven sixteen and they've determined that it is a dysfunctional parent-child interaction apat urn and it creates severe symptoms in the child it also did something else on page seven 19 it defines this dysfunctional family dynamic a psychological abuse of a child and therefore I submit that we need to treat these cases of alienation whether mild severe or moderate as a form of emotional abuse subject to CPS investigation and if it's determined that the obsessive alienator is incorrigible we need to treat it like any other case of child abuse that's removal from the alienating parent because they are abusing the child and I documented in my book there is a chapter where I listed all the reasons why it is child abuse I I also want to say that the remedy has to be a form of Family Therapy individual approaches do not work you can't bring a child into therapy and think they're going to change their parents they are part of a dysfunctional dynamic and you can't bring any more than you can bring one party to a peace table and think that you're going to get results reunification therapy will fail and I know that from my practice working with children and families for 40 years if that child goes home to an abscessed incorrigible alienator who never manages to get referred to Tara for therapy the victim is are sent to therapy the targeted parent and the child that makes no sense at all to me so one hour week you're going to work with with two people who have been disempowered by the alienator by the mental health professional which 90% do not know how to identify this by the court system who are at a loss because my own profession doesn't document it for them so how is the judicial system supposed to recognize it when the mental health community doesn't and the alienating parent is off on the sidelines so and we need to have specially trained family therapists or other mental health professionals who have had specialized training and I do have to say only the degree of Family Therapy has had this specialized training you would be surprised that even most psycho psycho psycho psychiatrists and psychological degrees don't even have family dynamics 101 is part of their basic training and yet they're evaluating family dynamics it's a real problem this is definitely something that's billable to the insurance companies because these children and I have seen it time and again they suffer depression anxiety delusional thinking suicidal ideation post-traumatic stress disorder these children have symptoms they are billable it's a it's a Family Therapy CPT code of 908 for 7 don't let anyone tell you it can't be billed if they don't know this either they're not trained and shouldn't be doing the therapy or else they want to make the money on the side because insurance companies don't pay that much I've devoted my career to that I don't take cash for these cases I only bill for Family Therapy because that's what you want to do to help people and could we ask you to summarize please yes and I do believe in shared parenting it's very important I've heard some of the state wild statements made here before it doesn't work well I direct people to the book for example mom's house dad house by PhD I Selena Ricci she suggests in her book many ways that it works in my book I've written why share parenting works children need both parents the obsessed alienator may be the exception obviously the few exceptions the drug abuse the sociopaths we're not we're talking about shared parenting for fit parents and by and large most of these cases involve fit parents we shouldn't be asking children to have to cut off a right arm or a left arm that's what you're doing when you're asking them to choose one parent over the other they need both parents we must take that choice of sole custody away from parents you know the Scandinavian countries don't have this system the lawyers don't make money it's true but they go in there and they say shared parenting make it work it's not solved in an adversarial system and it works and that's what we need to start thinking here that's what we need to do because we're ruining a whole generation of children thank you very much are there any questions okay can you please just explain or not explain but I'm having a real difficult time with having all these different therapists saying that they do not accept insurance because there's no diagnosis code it will be insurance fraud for them to do it there's court-appointed people families that go to therapists that have a PhD there they're part of the Connecticut Department of Health where they they have a license to practice mental health but they will say that they are consulting or they are providing resources and from everything I've heard these families are emotionally fractured and there's there's all these things so can you explain why this is happening and it doesn't does it happen in New York - because New York I have to tell you if you read my book every child in my book whose relationship with a parent was severed has severe emotional behavioral and cognitive problems when I read depression anxiety suicidal ideation these are these are reimbursable insurance if it's medically necessity if it's medical necessity and the therapist accepts that insurance plan they must they must accept the insurance for their services and the CPT code is a valid code it's nine oh eight for seven if the child is present it's nine oh eight for six if I'm doing collateral co-parent counseling and the patient the child is not present and most insurance companies now do cover family therapy so I don't know what the motives are I don't know your therapist here all I can tell you is it is a valid code and the symptoms in the kid require it the family therapy is medical necessity are you aware that in in in in the therapy associated with court-appointed therapists they charge upwards of three hundred and seventy five dollars for their 50-minute session and they say that they're providing resources I don't know any parent who wants to pay three hundred and seventy five dollars for resources when they're in a high conflict situation and they're paying a GL they're paying all these other people they need mental health professionals that are going to help them so the remedy for these symptoms it's co-parent counseling the word is counseling right in there reunification therapy the word therapy's right in there if they're distorting you know I consider it fraud with their with what they're doing go ahead dr. Hartman Linda I wonder if you could just say a little more about shared custody what what when you say of having two parents is good for kids I mean I think most people agree with that concept but looking again at the the charge for this task force do you have some thoughts about wording in legislation that would relate to shared parenting again I believe it's in the best interest of the child to have shared parenting when you have to what do you what do you mean by that term I believe that it's joint legal custody and I believe that physical custody has to approach 50/50 as close as possible now we have a lot of research there's been a lot of papers submitted in Arizona's in support of the recently passed legislation in Arizona for 50/50 shared custody so there's no question in my mind that that's what's needed the problem is that we give parents a choice and this is something they shouldn't have a choice about they're angry I understand that a lot of people get divorced do you're not thrilled with it your former partner you wouldn't be divorcing them take the choice away and I really think we have to move from the best interests of the child to the concept of shared parenting make it work and like I say in the Scandinavian countries for example that's the mandate and they make it work they have no choice you know when I was a when I was in school and I'm dating myself so please don't do the math everyone it was 1964 we were debating the Civil Rights Act and it was a sociology class and one of my the students raised his hand and said you can't enforce morality it'll never work the Civil Rights Act and my professor ed sagar in who was quite famous I found out later said you're right we can't enforce morality but we're not talking about morality here we're talking about behavior and when you have the right legislation and it's clear that the pair if a parent says I will not participate and facilitate the relationship with the other parent well maybe then they should have physical custody maybe then they give up their rights to it there thank you to be consequences like for any anything else you will pose the right consequences you enforce behavior we are a society of laws thank you very much now we have what looks like the core juice key family Canada followed by Andrea and then Brenda and then Joey Watley and then Douglas Mauro capstone college usc for money Barnard College.

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