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Capstone research paper example cheap

Capstone research paper example cheap mathematics capstone course help find my missing child for money giving presentations harvard business school press [Music] welcome everybody to week five we are here IPL season three you got your coach of the Birmingham Iran's lazy ghost on the left-hand side how are you doing everybody and we got a coach magic activator on the right hand side head coach of the Memphis Grizzlies now the drizzle e's are sitting at three in one on the season we are sitting at a lowly two and two not off to a great start we've had some heartbreaking losses what can I say but we are in it to win it and get back into things today as far as the playoff hunt is concerned so this week I am rocking a pretty crazy team I'll go over the sets briefly you can see my opponent on the right hand side bringing mostly what I thought that they were going to bring with the Milotic the crow bat the man shell the piloswine the Gardevoir mega Gardevoir and klefki now my team I have got a focus ash endeavor stealth rocks taunt like and rock it is going to be my lead gonna try to get taken down to the sash and then endeavor something which would be nice we've got the comfy comfy could be my wind condition we've got key berry to take a fake out from the knee and chow boost our defenses and then ko back with the draining kiss the next turn we've got a dual-screen Zapdos with light clay and u-turn and thunderbolt just to be able to help set up the company to win if that is going to be the way that we're gonna play it which could could very well be the way that we try to win this game we could also set screens for a Lowell executor which is running trick room sludge bomb energy ball and flamethrower and is a pretty good Pokemon for taking on his team it's a tier 5 not everybody's going to expect me to bring it to your 5 Pokemon is my main way of breaking through a team so hopefully that works we got choice pants scissor nothing really out of the ordinary there knock off u-turn bullet punch and super power and he did not bring in center roar which is what I was heavily expecting to be able to take out with that superpower and of course everybody's favorite meme did a choice scarf variety so without further ado let's go ahead and get into this game now I was pretty confident I was gonna leave my rusev which is my liking rug day just to be able to either get rocks up top something or get taken down to sash and endeavor something down to one HP we're running zero IVs and defense special defense and HP to just make sure this thing gets taken down to sash so turn one I'm just gonna go for the stealth rocks and get those up that is my main way of putting things in range of the fail a game as he's just gonna go for a scold that will take us down the sash and as long as we can avoid a burn wait for it wait for it ankle you burned we would have been able to endeavor the following turn but he gets the turn one skull burn there so good play on his behalf and living up to his name the magic activator or the hax activator so here we are going to go into our a Lola executor and pressure this thing out this turn took quite a bit he was thinking I goes through the ice beam we are going to be able to live that hit and set up the trick room here and now I can start pressuring his team so energy ball unless he is running close to max badeff is going to be able to KO this thing it is a really strong attack base 125 special attack was stabbed and as you can see they're running a max speed f4 riot our variant sorry and he's gonna be able to take us out with a skull beats crits of skull doing its work crit didn't matter there but a skull burn and a crit two turns in a row that is pretty nice so he's gonna get a little bit of left overs recovery I figured I can just go into my scissor here now I'm running a ton of speed on scissor so I did not think I would be able to out speeding trick room that is why I went for the bullet punch and as you can see here he is going to be able to live that choice banded bullet punch Milotic is quite tanky he's going to fire off a scald here and as you can see skull just putting him to work he's gonna get a burn on this turn so two two out of the three turns he's got to burn the other turn he's got a critical hit so Milotic just putting in the work at this game now here I can't really do much he's just gonna recover so I'm gonna go into my Zapdos to pressure this thing let him get the recover that's completely fine and I can go ahead and start setting up screens because now things are looking prettier key or murky however you want to describe a situation that looks pretty bad for us but come face till the wind condition come face still has a chance to sweep if I can get up the screen so I'm gonna go light screen here and get that up I've got light clay so it'll last a little bit longer goes for the mirror coat left overs gonna help him heal up just slightly as the twisted dimensions will return to normal I'll go ahead and get the second screen they reflect here as he stays in those 4x cold I believe so the scald is going to come off here and as you can see he is running the sculpt that actually gets 100% hacks every time so he's got four sculpts now three burns and one critten so a pretty incredible start burns not gonna mean too much in the grand scheme of things with this Aptos so here I'll go ahead and go for a u-turn and then I'm going to get in the comfy here and just try to set up so loja will come in and now if I get to coal mines up I'm able to take on both the klefki and the crobat ice beam luckily not freezing the way things are going and ice cream freeze would have made he's gonna withdraw the Milotic and go into his Houdini which is the klefki so something that can take the draining kiss from the Fay we are packing him power fire to be able to break through this klefki so here I will get the first call mine off and a special attack and special defense boost and now we are set up with come Fay to try to break through hidden power is going to be pretty close to a 2 hit ko at this point with the rocks he's going to go for the flash cannon here and as long as he doesn't get a spit F drop we were just fighting that but as you can see here he gets a spit F drop so things really not going in our favor this game whatsoever here he's gonna go for the fairy lock and try to lock us in the following turn so pretty cool tech there however this hidden power is not going to be able to KO so the fairy lock is not going to hope it does lock us in right here but it's not going to matter we're just gonna go for a draining kiss knock out this cleft key and that is one of the things stopping this comfy from just going to from being able to sweep this team so that klefki going down is really big for us we still have a chance even though it does not look too great on our side in comes the crow bet based on the way that he's bringing this thing in I'm guessing it's got cross poison so I don't want to learn that the hard way I'm gonna go ahead and switch out here and go into cheater Evora Zapdos try to get some hacks of our own and he's gonna go reveal that he does in fact have the cross poison here and for the first time this game something actually works in our favor we were able to static the crow bat which is huge for us now we have speed with the comb faint and hidden power fire so as long as we can get up to +2 with calm mind we can knock out the crow bat after rocks around half health as long as he's as long as he's a little bit offensive so in comes the shiny Gardevoir it takes a little bit of rocks chip I'm just gonna go ahead and set up the light screen because that was what just just failed for me so seven more turns of light screen coming up here I will try to just Thunderbolt this Gardevoir to put it in range of some of my other stuff in the back I don't think I'm gonna need reflect at the the end of this game so Gardevoir is going to go ahead and mega evolve here and fire off probably a hyper voice if I had to guess which would be strongest deck and it does go for the hyper voice hyper voice is not going to knock us out which is good it's it wastes the turn of the light screen but it does allow us to Thunderbolt and take this scar Devore within range to be able to revenge kill it with our Kido so hidden power gonna come off here probably expecting a switch down will go Zapdos and now we can bring in our ditto to revenge kills so ditto coming in here it's gonna be able to trace this Gardevoir I see that it's packin Shadow Ball which hits his team pretty well so I'm just gonna go for the Shadow Ball here it will knock out the guard aboard the range it's at and Down Goes Artemis the Gardevoir so now we're locked into Shadow Ball he should probably know that most dittos are scarf he's gonna bring in something that can deal with this which is the Milotic and i decide that i'm going to preserve my ditto and go into mr. pinchy which is pretty much useless at this point but if I live a scold I can go ahead and go for a knockoff so we are able to live this cult comfortably you get some leftovers but we are gonna knock those off the following turn and actually as you can see here I ended up being faster than the Milotic so I think that was still a good play to go for a bullet punch in the trick room because I had a chance to knock it out depending on what Milotic it was of course mr. pinchy is gonna hang on with 4hp I'm thinking I can save that for a sack later in the game so I'm just gonna go into Aloha expecting him to go ahead and go for a recover here as he just goes for the scald here and this is the first goal of the game that does not get a burn or a crit so we are in it to win it the Milotic is going to switch out here go into reckless the Crobat Crobat is gonna take some rocks damage as we are going to go ahead and go for the draining kiss just the chip the Milotic down or chip anything that wanted to come in here and here I'm just thinking he's probably gonna go cross poison I can go into my ditto and tank that relatively well and try to knock it out with a brave bird and this is a I think this was a bit of a mistake here I probably should have just gone into scissor and let it knock out the scissor and scout for what move it wants to go for however it is paralyzed and I did not play out these these two turns to the best of my ability hindsight's 20/20 of course but looking back at it I probably should have just stayed in braver two there but I u-turn for some reason and I'm gonna go into my mr. pinche to sack this thing off as he does in fact go for the brave bird and down goes mr. pinchy so should have saved that for preferential or differential not preferential geez sorry crow Matt's gonna get a little bit of recovery and I'll just go back in the ditto and it's time to try to take this thing out with a brave bird so I will imposter change to crow bat and go for the break right here he withdraws actually goes into his pillow swine probably try to threaten this thing out with a nice char of the ball you turn I just go for the brave bird and this is going to take it down to around half depending on how bulky it is and he's pretty bulky so we take it to around fifty five sixty percent so I'm gonna switch out the crow bat here go back into comfy which can threaten this thing with a Giga Drain which I have not shown yet as he just goes for the stealth rocket so here I can go ahead and get off a call mind and if I get a second one I'm able to win the game so I will just go for the call mine here as he goes into crow bet and again like I mentioned if I get to call mines off I can finish off the crow bet it's a it's a it's not a really good role in my favor to try to knock this thing out with the hidden power but I'm also thinking I don't think you'll cross poison here I think if he goes for anything he goes for break bird and I can live that pretty I know I can live that 100% so I go for the hidden power it just barely misses the KO we could have also got him paralyzed right there which would have been nice brave bird is going to come out it will take us down to six HP knock LT crobat and now come Fay will eat its key berry which didn't end up working like the like I thought it would I thought he would bring fake out me and show and we would be able to take a fake out pop the key berry and then be able to set up even more with coal mined but as you can see here he does actually bring fake out into me anyhow so we did get that right just didn't work out to our favor so comfy is down the only Pokemon I have left it's ditto so we will send that out and go for whatever fighting move that he is packin on this me and she out and that will be what we are locked into for the rest of the game so looking bleak to say the least we've got this ditto out here as he actually goes into Milotic which is huge for us we are going to click drain punch because that is the move that he had on his being shown as you can see that is going to give us recovery and that is going to knock out the Milotic on the following turn so he stays in sacks Milotic we get one more drain punch off and that is a that is a dead Milotic now it is one to two so we are trying to scrape our way back into this game he sends me and shale back out most likely to just bake out takes a little bit of rocks and goes for the fake out here and as you can see there the life orb is going to take sorry that the fake out is going to take a little bit of help away gonna go for the drain punch we barely missed the KO there does take us back to full health as long as he does not knock us out with this drain punch here we are in good shape and we are living on 29 HP oh we have a chance now we we definitely have a chance to try to win this game so he's gonna which are all get that regenerator back send out the wattles which is not taking this drain punch and this is this is drain punch 4 out of 5 so we only have one more drain punch left and that is going to give us 70 health so barring a critical hit we're gonna be able to survive this fake out and fire a drain punch back as he comes back in with Ty Lee the man shell he's gonna fire off the fake out here do we live we live with 21 HP and flinch and we are going to be able to fire off this drain punch here and we are gonna get the KO and ditto brings it back from a41 ditto revenge kill God itself helping us win this game helping us improve to 3 into we're undefeated in our conference and being able to beat someone that was 3 and 1 is really gonna help us for the playoff standing so huge victory for the ditto kind of brought some really obscure stuff this week did not know how it was gonna work out but it end up ends up working out the best way possible and securing a victory so hope you enjoyed this battle please leave a comment and make sure to LIKE the video subscribe to the channel if you're not already and we will see you next week for week 6 versus the Rhode Island readies and the rematch with nerdy Steve so thank you everybody again for joining have a great rest of your Sunday and I will see you next week [Music] you capstone project kingston for money Brooklyn College.

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