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Capstone real estate alabama

Capstone real estate alabama do my capstone biology definition gove airport weather reports ´╗┐because the hurricane is on its way here this is going to be my last video for a little while or it might be my last video ever if I die [Music] hey guys what is going on I hope everybody has had a fantastic week so far so as you guys might know hurricane Irma is barreling her fat ass towards Georgia so I wanted to get a video out to you guys kind of letting you know this is gonna be my last video for a little while I'm not sure what the damage is gonna be I'm not sure how long I'm gonna be working at the station I'm gonna tell you guys a little bit about what law enforcement does when a hurricane comes in kind of give you guys like a behind-the-scenes sort of thing I am like freaking out because I have no idea where to put like all my camera equipment and shit like that like I've got my family out of the area and I have to stay behind of course because police it's funny because I was laughing with all the other investigators in CID and I was like you guys are gonna walk into CID and you're gonna see me in the middle of the office and I'm gonna have like a huge fucking campfire going and I'm gonna have like some Pig roasting in the middle of CID I'm gonna have a beard down to my knees I'm going to forget the English language and be walking around on my knuckles I can't find any actual Warpaint so I'm just gonna have like watercolors but I'm sweaty so the shit just runs all down my polo shirt I'm gonna be running around shooting shit with a bow and arrow everybody's gonna be like 401 it's it's only Saturday Hurricanes not even here yet dude so depending on the agency that you decide to work for different police departments kind of have different protocols and different procedures that they have as far as how to handle an emergency situation especially for a natural disaster so whether it be a tornado or it's a hurricane or something like that every department has its own set of rules of how they're going to basically take over control of the area and like who's gonna work what shifts and whatnot so the department I'm with now they have basically told everybody that they are going to 12-hour shifts around-the-clock that includes detectives that includes drug squad everybody in the department that is a sworn officer is now going to be on patrol for 12-hour shifts and this is normally in a ten hour shift department if you're in CID work eight-hour days so everybody across the board doesn't matter who you are what your job title is you are gonna be on the road I started looking at the numbers and because they gave us a copy of the schedule and kind of emergency ops plan and everything else when I was looking at the schedule we are going to have on average between five to six times the normal amount of officers on the street at any given time it doesn't matter what your job title is it doesn't matter what you do everybody is going to be on patrol even me in an unmarked car I'm going to be on patrol and I'm super excited because they actually gave me a brand new car yesterday so like I said whether you're a detective whether you're drug squad whether you're admin it doesn't matter you were going to be on the road doing patrol trying to catch people looting in businesses and homes and stuff like that that's really the big reason for this huge concentration of officers on the street is a lot of people are looting when the power goes out alarm systems go out no help is coming out so people take advantage of those kinds of situations a good buddy of mine here he owns a business and thankfully he has hurricane proof windows which are basically like bulletproof windows and on two separate occasions in 24 hours somebody tried to break into his store to steal shit inside and even throwing a huge-ass Boulder at the window just barely cracked it it was no big deal but imagine all the other businesses and homes and everything else that's a big thing is like people that break in a shit pay attention to their surroundings okay I know that neighbor is leaving that neighbor is leaving they're staying so now I know which houses I can get into so usually whenever a natural disaster happens it's not just saving people off or rooftops it's also trying to stop burglaries in progress trying to stop robberies in progress from people leaving a lot of people leaving they have cash on them so it's very unfortunate that people in these types of situations take advantage of natural disasters to commit crimes you know to break into people's houses to take shit that they don't need you know there's people that are gonna be breaking into houses to take TVs and Playstations and stuff like that so people like to take advantage of situations like this and that's where we come in that's why we have a concentrated patrol and it's actually a really good thing that we have undercover cars like mine anybody can spot a marked patrol car from a mile away you would not know my car is a detectives car and unless you write up on it and you know what to look for and I was actually given a new tack vest to hold on I knew you guys want to see this here it is I know some of you guys are like gear fanatics so here's my new vest I still have some rearranging to do there's still some shit that I want to move around especially with this but anyway this is it I still have some stuff like I said that I need to move around I still need a place for my taser holster and stuff like that so all the detectives and drug squad we're all gonna be in vest like this patrol officers are gonna be in regular uniform and I know somebody's gonna ask me to see the backside so that's the back side what drives me nuts about these natural disaster situations is that people don't take it seriously if Jim Cantore from The Weather Channel is telling you that you need to get the fuck out of Dodge get the fuck out of Dodge if you're staying behind because you're trying to protect your property that's different I can't really bash you for that but if you're just staying behind because you're blowing off how serious you think it is that's that's stupid don't stay behind if you guys are in the path of a hurricane especially something like herma that's well it's now a category 4 but it was a category 5 for a long time don't don't joke around with that man it's not it's a natural disaster if you were given days notice for a tornado would you still stay behind if you will you're fucking stupid but if you think about it hurricane Irma when it was at its maximum speed as a category 5 was only about 100 miles an hour less than a tornado that's ridiculous why would anybody want to stay behind for that me unfortunately I don't have a choice I'm a cop we have to stay behind fire has to stay behind for these relief efforts but why would you want to stay behind if you had the option to go I went to the store the other day and I bought a shit ton of supplies and I'll show you guys a couple of those but I got some supplies it was super expensive that on top of having to send my family out of here like it was just ridiculous amounts of money but I'm prepared and I've got MREs civilian versions I've got water purification system a cot with an air mattress like I am set like people were laughing at me because I'm so prepared for this and honestly I'm just gonna sleep under my desk in CID I've got a huge area under my desk in CID so I'm gonna slide the cot in there with the air mattress on top I'm gonna drape a sheet over and I'll probably put a password in there so there's no girls allowed so underneath my desk I've already planned this out I've got this little base and it's got a little I don't know if you guys can see it it's got a little sticky pad so I can stick this underneath and then I've got this light bulb this led it's magnetic now you got like try pack so you can put your phone in here you lock these it's buoyant so it floats but it keeps everything inside dry fire cubes they're good for like 13 minutes of peace long enough to put like a little cup on top like a metal cup and boil some water put some soup whatever you want to do always good to have I've got like eight bags of these things here's the civilian model of the MRE like this is the prettied up version of it this is a see what is this mountain house I'm not getting paid by them spicy Southwest breakfast let's see put it in the light there you go so this has potatoes shredded beef green chilies black beans and corn I don't even eat that for a normal breakfast good to have they're good for like 30 years so even if you're not in a natural disaster like this is all shit that is good to have on hand regardless so even if this hurricane happens to miss the area that I met or even if it's not that severe where I'm actually having to rely on stuff like this it's still good stuff to have around the house what if the power goes out for three days you don't know and acts let me ask you a question so I got two acts with a fire starter like guys I'm only showing you a few items I'm not gonna bring my entire suitcase plus three grocery bags full of survival gear but I just want to kind of give you has an idea I am ready for the apocalypse I am ready for ww3 everybody else is like I brought some green beans and some ravioli breakfast hash that's it's breakfast hash yeah you just you sit over there and you enjoy your little green beans I'll be over here with breakfast hash thank you guys so much for watching like I said it's probably going to be a little while before I am able to get out another video but I do appreciate you guys having some patience with me like I said I don't know how bad this storm is gonna be hopefully hopefully it's not that bad I'm actually excited I'm like one of the few people it's excited about this like I can't wait to camp out at the station like I'm all excited like this is a sleepover party everybody else is like god I have to my whole house is such a pain in the ass [Music] officer for one store so anyway guys I appreciate the support so much thank you for tuning in like I said it might be a little while before I get another video out but I will try to get one out as soon as possible kinda want to give you guys an update the next couple of days are gonna be very hectic we're trying to get supplies over to the station I'm not sure I'm gonna be on 12-hour shifts so I'm not sure when I'm gonna be able to film so I want to go ahead and get one out for you guys today wish me luck hopefully I don't die if I do I love you guys but I don't think it'll be that serious so I have a feeling I will see you guys very very soon [Music] capstone charlotte Saint Joseph's College (Suffolk Campus).

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