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Capstone proposal powerpoint order

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he wasn't just with the to policy role who wants to so it's just a treatment rotation throughout the whole day entertainment lee overtly what's that be necessary when that's white players it wasn't full drives it was just you know hey I did my chromatic us today and I think he was just kind of keeping track of plays and opportunities over to the right rough urban is into the final indicator or hunter intangibles you talk about something development what what's that a second a second this was known as some of the no shoes also fashionable tangibles are unstoppable just up come into this got feeling through 30 years of truck then we got to one questions please stand you mentioned ther Munford he started at left tackle today Isaiah starter right tackle is that something they've been working on I'll spraying Italy you could see going forward yeah we've done both and that decision has been made yet and I think you know we're just trying to get that rotation to get a third attack walk so you got a good one coming in to Josh Skala be with Nick Pitino he's a guy that's been here Washington Josh now he's also has earned the right to pick a table that's just trying to figure it out what's best for you the right clay you're expect those three guys to come back those quarterbacks would be back in the fall or those I hope so over to the left here the bill just in a general way how good you feel about his team's coming out of the spray and a question if you have to still happen to wonder what was lost oh it's almost cats out there that generation right 10 20 million last year and group of older players and I thought death once you were worse together so pretty pleased with where we're at you know this number were last year where there was a veteran team earning over to the left you talk I'll spring about how quarterbacks have gone back and forth from day to day it looked today like Joe being there and moved the offense and look like things were going pretty well and then Dwayne would just make some frozen and make your eyes now is that what it's been like at times that sprained it it seems like Dwayne sometime just does things that are not a lot of quarterbacks can do with his arm well that's probably true statement very accurate why bomber Joe is gone from he has to be one was to prove quarterbacks as far as delivery spirit can arm it's also been a very smart tough guy were you there but his improvement is very low that started much faster so last question right here Tim you talk about three my jealous big two questions in one three month he talked I didn't have this great spring what exactly from a coaching standpoint are you talking about and follow up with that Vince McVicar is he is he finally taking the bed I mean what would you see out in him that the speech says good things going forward one of the mantras he heard the five concept and that's an elite competitor a fierce competitor the number two on the screen objectives was everyone's going to have a war loss record and some are very proud of it so or not and we've charted everything I mean like on once you look back in January and even better situations all the way through spring for example home wide receiver gets the defense back in that situation to either win or you lose same a block east and all kinds of and so when they meet with me next week I have a sheet of paper in front because sometimes one any loss and that's where I'm so proud of my I can't wait to see it not a whole lot losses are there in the competitive situations you know but I don't want to do is go to an elective and post up called that 2012 as the governing dental and combative competitive situations you need but he does need to be defended Association where people stay up these wonderful snows his Victor would come I guess the one or more consistent what with what's the word you use there are so many ways ago you know that's hard this one was tell through as soon as we've ever had that's consistency in the flight and those tournaments is what's fun about the base we should stay quiet very talented coach thank you very much do my capstone project in vlsi Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences.

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