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Capstone projects on renal failure order

Capstone projects on renal failure order internet of things using arduino for money distracted driving essay titles about women ´╗┐hi everybody welcome back to my channel and good morning so hi long time no see it's been a while since I've actually blogged because when we got back from the trip I took like a week well today is Monday wow it's been like basically like 10 days since the last time I actually blogged so it's nice to be back on camera and to see you guys again I know you guys have seen me because I keep posting videos so you haven't missed me probably but I've missed you guys so hi and as you can see I am NOT in my apartment so you can see behind me you do not recognize this couch currently we are staying in the guest apartment in the dormitory because our bathroom is still under construction so they ripped everything out and they were supposed to finish it before we came back but they just ran into a few issues so they're still working on it but hopefully it'll be done this week and I think you remember last time I showed you the bathroom before we left but once it's done I'll show you the before and after but yeah so that's why we're here so I guess I'll just give you a quick tour of our current guest apartment living so I'll just start over here I guess so here's the like a table this couch is huge and so comfortable there's my computer I was working on some video stuff and then it's a little table here's the dining room table we have all our towels hanging up because when we took showers up then here's the kitchen so we have a sink stove counter microwave and this fridge here then if you come over here you have the bathroom which is what we mainly are here for because we don't have a bathroom so yes toilet sink and oh there's me high but yeah it's really nice and then the best part is the bedroom so here is where we've been staying and this bed is super duper comfortable it is so soft compared to the bed in Vietnam so and there's Simba my stuffed animal yeah so we've been staying in here and then yeah there's just there's a couch don't mind dollar all our clothes and stuff but yeah so I like the lighting in here it's nice and bright see ooh this lighting yes so I just wanted to vlog today because it's been so long and I missed vlogging and stuff so I'll take you guys around for everything that I do today but um let me just have a seat for a second so I'm just talk to you guys um just sit here but yeah it's been so rough coming back because we were jet left and we both got sick so as soon as we landed I was coming down with a cold I think it's because I didn't wear my face mask during the flight and so that sucks I had a cold and then I think I transferred it to we because then he was sick right after me but now we're finally not sick and the jet lag was such a struggle we were falling asleep like in the afternoon and then waking up at like midnight or 1:00 a.m. and that was not good so we were doing that and it's just been like kind of strange because we're going between the two apartments so we have to go to our actual apartment to get our stuff and then come to this apartment to actually sleep and do everything over here so it's just been kind of I don't know it's just been strange that's why I haven't really vlog because I just wanted to take a break and recuperate and kind of deal with stuff and get back into the school and work mode which I successfully did last week I was pretty productive at work I got a lot of stuff done and school well I'm not the best student let's just say that but I did have a presentation last Wednesday that went really well and I was super nervous about it it's a group presentation so I had two of my classmates who are also my friends in the group and so they did a lot of work and I appreciate the fact that they really held the group together because I was obviously not here to contribute much but when I came back I try to do as much as I could and our presentation went well the professor was like super excited so there's that I'm just trying to think of what else to update you guys on because it has been a while um let me see oh do you like my new lip color this is one of the ones I bought I think I told you in the in the vlog where we were coming back that we stopped and I bought some stuff in Korea so I'll just show you so this is what I bought I don't know if you can see it it's Innisfree is the brand oh it's not focusing I'm sorry oh there we go Innisfree so see it comes with three in the pack and it's called the Eunice pack and so I'm currently using the dark red one but they're basically just lip tints and I bought them duty-free and I love them so much they last like the whole day so I bought those and I bought some face masks too so we did face masks the other day because we didn't want to fall asleep so we did that uh yeah I really don't know what else to say I think I've caught you guys up when basically everything let me just lay on this couch I have to go to work soon which is why I look cute and all because I'm about to go to the office but let me see what time is it it's 903 but yeah so I hope you guys like enjoyed all the vlogs from Vietnam I'm actually gonna post this one this book and then I'm gonna have a couple more videos like Vietnam related I'm gonna do like a compliation of everything we ate and also like a best moments one so I don't know if you saw the one last year where I had like the one where it was mostly music and short clips showing the story of what we did and then I had the vlogs so I'm gonna do the same thing where I have the vlogs and then I have one that's just all the best fun moments happy times like with music so I'm gonna do that as well and then I have some snacks I bought so I'm gonna do a Vietnamese snack taste test video as well I don't know if I'll do it I think I might invite Tilly to come do it or somebody to come do it with me I don't know if she'll want to do it but I I don't want to do it by myself or maybe to somebody so those are up coming videos and then of course vlogging just my daily life back in the US so yeah this is getting really long so I'm gonna shut up and go to work so I'll see you guys later bye [Applause] all right I am NOT a good vlogger today I went to work earlier and I'm just putting my shoes on now I went to work earlier and did some stuff and had a bunch of meetings and was very productive at work kind of and I applied to one job so it's my first job I've applied to like full-time job after graduation so that's pretty crazy so I did that and then I went to lunch with my boss in the dining hall and then I came back - oh no I went to the the financial aid office because there's something on my account that needs to be fixed so I went there and did all that stuff and then I came back to my apartment here I guess apartment the red couch and I have been so lazy so I didn't I didn't do any productive I watched some vlogs I called my friend and talked to her for like an hour and 15 minutes hour and 20 minutes something like that and that's about it and then I was just looking for some more jobs to apply to which at this time there's not many of the ones I want so hopefully it there are more soon but now I'm going to go back to our apartment and we is there he went and bought dinner so I'm gonna go there and have dinner so I'll show you what we got for dinner because it's awesome stuff so I'll show you in just a second see you there but okay so this is what we have this is mine I got like a teriyaki chicken ball with rice and what do you get there I'm spicy spicy tuna you got a big bowl I got a biggie biggie and I get small e no I just a small one it's no small e it looks beautiful on you camera hello mommy huh my mom I don't like that mine is very basic yeah the guy was like when I put the or list of all the things you want it yeah he was new to he said he started a week ago and said anything else last time I got cabbage too but this time I didn't really want it Wow all right we're gonna go eat now bye good morning good morning so I know this is the end of the vlog but I wanted to end it a little more properly because the day I've loved was so like weird I didn't vlog like I normally would I was all over the place so I apologize if this video is a little weird but at least you guys got those updates from past me because now today is March 20th oh my god it's the first day of spring hello spring tomorrow we're having a huge snowstorm but that's beside the point so anyways I just wanted to show you guys our bathroom because as you can see we are back in our apartment we've been back for like a week or two which is great I know it's it's like I filmed the other stuff a really long time ago so now I'm gonna just take you up to see the brand new bathroom and then I'm gonna end the blog so let's go take a look at the bathroom I'll insert a clip before the bathroom used to look like right here first this is our tub it's pretty old and then there we just put all our stuff on the little shelf so they're gonna literally take this whole thing out and yeah I'm gonna clean it real quick just so that we don't look gross when they come to our house and then the sink I don't know if it'll be gone but I've already kind of gone through and took most of stuff out of under here and these are just the stuff we use like daily so I just left it for now and I'm gonna go through this little basket has like a bunch of random stuff so I'm gonna like take stuff out okay so here's the new lights we ned we didn't have lights like this before so they put those in new it's our same shower curtain as before I have this new rug that I bought and I just put it down the floor is great it's not that ugly color anymore here's our toilet brand-new they didn't get something to hold the toilet paper so we just put it there for now and then we didn't have one of these before I love it so I can store stuff inside and then all my like beauty stuff is right there so it's easy access and then towel there and the hand towel here so when you're wash your hands and this is inside the tub so you remember how it looked before yeah so there's our stuff on the window again all brand new tile there's the showerhead and yeah it's really nice so yeah quite a transformation I am so excited I love this but we're gonna be moving soon like in two months so I guess we'll just enjoy it for a little while please stay tuned because the next video I promise it's gonna be much better than this one we went apartment hunting so stay tuned for Friday's video of our search for a new apartment and so yeah thank you guys so much for watching and I will see you guys in the next video bye [Music] the army capstone concept operational adaptability order State University of New York at New Paltz.

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