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Capstone projects for human resources order

Capstone projects for human resources order do my fun drum capstone custom thesis proposal on holiday abroad due tomorrow good afternoon youtube-land how are you guys and gals today well I have had this video like it's I I didn't know how I was gonna present this video so all day long I've been mustering over it and asking the Lord to give me the right words and and not and not to be weak you know not to be afraid but to actually share this dream this vision it happened this morning at like 2 o'clock in the morning and it was so real it was one of those dreams where you wake up and you're like thanking God it was just a dream now the thing about this dream is it's not the first one that I have had about the whole East Coast being underwater and I live on the East Coast matter you know i I've never liked to put out there you know where I live just for security reasons or whatever but at this point it really doesn't matter because if I could just give people a heads up out there on YouTube land just to share the truth I'm gonna do it and so I saw a 20-foot tidal wave sweeping through and when I say sweeping I mean it was it just was so fast it was so quick and even if you tried to run from this water it swallowed you up in my dream I could run and when you see something coming you freeze I mean you are just like you know what I mean it your brain just can't comprehend what is coming upon you and that's how it was in my dream okay let me explain to you the dream I was in my house and we were flipping through the channels on the TV I never ever ever sit down and watch the news number one I don't have time number two they only tell you what they want you to know propaganda you know half-truths they're always trying to take your your attention off of what's important to feed you little crumbs of entertainment and what I mean by that is now that this this gay law has been passed and I've got nothing about gays yeah nothing as a matter of fact my daughter she's 25 she's a lesbian and she told me seven months ago you know she's living with her girlfriend and what did I think about it and I said well you know how I feel about it it's not right it's not right in the eyes of the Lord it's just it's it's just not right and I told her about Sodom and Gomorrah and how that really hurt God's heart to see these people that were continually fulfilling lushly lushly unsung lastly fleshly desires I mean don't get me wrong I know we are fleshly beings but it's time to put that aside it's time right now to get out of that it's almost like a fashion statement now I mean just this morning on the real whatever TV show that is there was a father that just like Bruce Jenner I'm gonna start wearing skirts and I'm gonna wear my lipstick and this is who I am and here's his 16 year old son sitting next to him and when the host of the program asked the son how does this make you feel this is what the son said he said well it's really hard for me it's discouraging because as I become a man hello my father chooses to be a woman I know not only is it in movies not only is it alike in commercials now it's on talk-show host you know that's why I just TV to me it's filthy dirty it's so dirty they want to cram it down your throat and get you used to it like oh well Christians we don't care about your god we don't care about Genesis and Sodom and Gomorrah and we don't care about lot and the Angels rescue and I'm and how the Hellfire came and they don't care you go on Facebook and people have a rainbow image across their picture supporting this now when I told my daughter I was heartbroken I didn't raise her this way and then I told her I said I'm not judging you it's your life it's your choice I said God gave you free will I brought you up in the faith if this is what you want to do and turn your back on on what the Bible says about this then you know you have to answer for yourself I said you know I don't like of it you know I don't approve of this but I said you're gonna do what you want anyways and then the foam was silent for like 20 seconds and then she goes yeah you're right I am gonna do what I want and I said I love you and you know I'll talk to you later it's that was seven months ago it's heartbreaking but back to this dream so I don't get off topic like I always seem to do on my videos I don't mean to but this tidal wave we got the news thing saying that oh gosh what volcano was that give me a second I know what it is the Canary Islands there was an earthquake near the Canary Islands and part of that mountain it fell it slid off just just like a stink night just chopping off a piece of meat and it fell into the ocean people knew this was gonna happen the scientists they had all the data they knew this was going to happen but they didn't want to create a mass panic epidemic to where people could like just pack up a suitcase and you know get the heck out of Dodge okay no they didn't say anything and I was in my house on the first floor and we looked out the window and we saw a wave it was a wait I mean we looked at we looked up at the sky and saw it and the next thing you know in my dream 10 seconds later it crashed into the bottom of the house it broke windows the waters I don't know if you guys remember it was Christmas it was near Christmas I can't remember the country was at Taiwan no it wasn't Taiwan um oh my gosh I hate when that happens I'm sorry remember it was it was Christmas and people were on vacation remember they were riding up to the higher levels in the building and they were looking down they saw the water sweeping all the the beach chairs and the umbrellas and people and and whatever was in the way the you can't put your hand up to the ocean and say okay that's enough stop unless you're Jesus but this was in my dream just last night the whole East Coast under what the government didn't even have the necessary equipment they weren't prepared they didn't know what was common that this was ten do I say ten or do I say 50 times Katrina I mean people were underwater people drowned in my dream I held my breath in my dream I was on the first level of my house the water came I held my breath in my dream and all I could do siteís and my subconscious was God helped me get to the stairway help me get and with all the furniture floating around the furniture was floating the chair the dining room table was floating I couldn't even open my eyes I remember in my dream my eyes were closed I was holding my breath I finally reached the staircase and I grabbed on to the staircase and my subconscious mind it was like God said keep holding your breath and get to the higher ground get to the top get to the top and in my dream I I managed to find this stairway and I got to the top and my family was up there and and they were they were saying oh my gosh oh my gosh I can't believe this is happening and we were crying we were all crying because of the water level this wasn't your typical five inches of rain or or you know your 12 inches of rain this was 12 feet I mean just imagine if you're in a one-story house this covered the tops of help just like Katrina except Katrina I think it didn't come up to the rough tops because people were on the roof waving at the rescue helicopters with banners save us help us do you know I will never forget Katrina I was in California when that happened and I was praying to God for those people I was saying God why hasn't George Bush what's taking them so long remember the governor Ray Nagin remember he was like I don't understand this government why you guys leaving us in these flooded waters I remember as if it was yesterday and I just had this dream last night this was bigger than Katrina and nobody got a warning nobody imagined that East Coast New York the Carolinas Georgia eventually it came to Florida by the time it reached Florida it was 12 feet and this this dream I'm gonna be honest with you this is like the sixth dream that I've had like God is telling me you know what this is what's gonna happen it's an editable it is gonna happen now I am totally not a fear conspiracy theorist I am NOT but I am a daughter of Jesus a daughter of God and and you know what I'm not Joseph but this is the sixth dream I've had of the East Coast being flooded so you know what I don't know oh my gosh I gotta go I love you know Jesus is your Lord and Savior we are in the last days all right I gotta go I love you bye write for me biology capstone marshall university Concordia College, Bronxville.

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