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Capstone project writing services

Capstone project writing services write for me capstone physics program ashaka cement annual report 2018 ram ´╗┐hey Chris Wheatley here from lots of University and today we're gonna have a little chat whoa I'm driving the Yarmouth so I'm not actually touching my phone so I don't think I'm breaking any laws here and I'm really not able to look at you have any more than I look at my instrumentation so where you happen to be sitting right in my instrumentation so I think it's C anyway long story short we are going to talk about the different types of hot sub companies and how that can affect both your odds of purchasing and the drink we the quality of your product so if we look at it there's three kinds of hot tub companies and I'm going to break them into two subcategories we got the big guys and that's your your hot springs and your masters and your Sundance your jacuzzis and guys like that and then we got your little regional games talk about regional guys quickly because that's an easy one to get out of the out of the way and small regional manufacturers and I hate to say this because I'm a small businessman and I love the idea of supporting our small businessmen and small businessmen of the backbone of the economy and all this other stuff but the problem is on a complex manufacturing scale they just simply can't really afford to innovate and not only can they not afford to innovate they can't even afford to implement innovation when it comes down the pipe and it really it's just a volume thing they just don't do enough while you they don't make enough money so when you know a small regional manufacturers like a Hydra pool or oh my god there's there's tons of them in fact probably 80% of the muck there I know sunrise and God Viking and anyway tons and tons and tons they just really can't afford and so what they end up doing is they end up doing one or two things really well you know the hand rollers shells or the glue and clamp their joints you know will be full of cheap Chinese price that no installation or vice versa though the green insulation great parts but Cradle supported shells blah blah blah the longer the short of it is a lot of times what we're getting with these guys is recycled tech so when everybody else have it they you know abandons the technology for something better or when the innovators do you know number of years later if nobody else is using that technology man they can rebrand it make it sound like it's in an innovative new tech so you got to be really careful in my opinion there's almost nobody in that that small or mid-sized manufacturing that's really making a top sustainable product it just it just as simple as that so that's one of the big guys because the truth is those are the regional guys are as good as half of the big guys because when we look at the big guys here's what we get we get two groups we've got the guys that are spending money to build phenomenal quality product so they are using the most expensive parts they're putting the cash into the tub okay they're buying Belko and they're buying waterways they're filling the cavity of insulation you know and we can sit here and argue what insulation is better and on what parts list is better is it worth going and clamping the joints and blah blah blah but the truth is if we look at it from a monetary standpoint the most expensive way to do it inevitably is the best way to do it it's why it's expensive I mean come on let's face it in the real world if there was a less expensive way to do something that was better everybody would do it we wouldn't even have this debate so the other group and this is this and my opinion is you guys like hot springs and Arctic and jacuzzi and Sundance and the reason I don't and wouldn't put these guys on my floor is now partially the parts list is usually a proprietary price lists and one of the things them some big guys do but the other thing is they don't really put the money into the tub okay let's look at this we pull an artic spa for instance great hand-rolled shale okay weather three inches or 4 inches of insulation so I know they got a great pitch about some magic fairy that lives underneath there and gives you free heat all this nonsense with it the reality is that we looked at that system it's not that expensive to do 3 inches of foam so close out the paper three inches of foam whereas if we filled that gap we were paying for 8 or 9 or 10 inches of foam so we're three times as much to fill the cavity of a spawn well guess what the three times the r-value so I mean it's pretty hard to argue when you can strip up the pitch and just go to the numbers which is the best way to do it so you look at you know things like black and white a guy's not clamped the joints on the plumbing that's expensive to do you know why do they do a perimeter insulation system it's it's cheap to make a perimeter installation system why do they go to China and put all rising dragon prints and no-name electronics in it's cheap simple as that so these tubs for these big players are retailing at the same prices guys like master which is good family owned business Bob larger the group down there stays care you know they're not an equity investment for their family-owned business they're both building a top quality products so they're putting the money into the product they're not spending a pile of money on the spin the marketing and the and the truth is if you look at the other group would be guys they're not putting the money into the product and they are spending the money on the spin the marketing and then it's a big thing because you can't do both if you look at the Cubs in that upper end and you're going to see inevitably that they've done one or the other they've either spent really good big money on building a really good top tub and their marketing might not be quite as good I mean frankly they may not be quite as prevalent and you know the discussion forms which is all paid bloggers and industry people they might not be quite as prevalent in the knowing the media and just pitch the whole pit whereas you look at a lot of those other guys that are building frankly mid-grade products that are selling it as a top end product the reality is the cost of building good product isn't that great isn't that high in the product isn't that great it's just that they spend a lot of money on marketing so there's the long and the short of it you can either go to you know really good solid guys they're building and again these are usually family based businesses because they care they're not just money brokers so you know you got to you know you're Bob lager down it master you got the boys down at Marquis you've got to Keith Scott a Beachcomber even to some extent you know and then you got the other guys and a lot of the bigger ones I look at hot springs that's all and buy it's all owned by investment investment funds and private equity investors so it's all about the bottom line and you gotta consider that both of these are good business models in fact the best business model is to build a mid-grade spot with some good marketing doesn't cost as much perked up you're still going to sell a pile of hot tubs so what's going on a spreadsheet what's going to impress the investors and pay the better dividends probably you know the other scenario where you've got I'm a great product with some good marketing some spin smite and you know it's really just not cost you as much to put that product in the field whereas if you look at you know something like the masters or you know the other other the other guys in care they're building great hot tubs they're still profitable businesses but you know what they haven't sold their souls just for the money you know there's still some conscience there there's still some reality they believing in that they need to do what they say and see what they do have put a sustainable product into the market so that's it and really that's it the smaller companies guys unfortunately in this industry is too high-tech too expensive for the small guys really to compete in and if you really look at what the small guys midsize small guys are doing out there they're recycling used tech they're not really building great hot tubs the big big companies that are that are all about the marketing and the spin and the profit margin again they're not you know they're not doing it they're not putting the money into the tub it's just about being great with lots of marketing those other big guys and there's fewer and farther between because they keep getting swallowed up by the big companies and by the private equity investors and that's where you want your money because those are guys putting out solid solid quality product usually the best parts the best insulation and again we can argue what's the best let's go this way using the most expensive they are putting the most amount of money into your topic guys it's been a marketing Spergel you don't have a chance guys are really really good at coming up with marketing and spin and advertising and ways of convincing customers that certain things are better the real best way to determine that is the cost amount of money they put listen I'm a hell of a good salesman in fact I'm at the top 2% so you know and that's what many people sell me on the floor I could pitch perimeter he'd lock insulation is the best insulation when I was done you would pretty much be sold on the idea because there's a pretty good arguments I can come up with I could pitch mylar reflective installations as a good one and I can pitch full foam is a good one so you got a job you know you don't have the time that you require to understand all the various nuances that go into this hot tub you know and I know you think you're smart maybe in you're good researcher forget it I've been doing this for 30 years I could talk about shelf instruction for literally hours just about shale construction I could talk about the effects of viewpoint on ozone production for hours I could talk about the different types of foam and thermal drifts and what happens to expanding foams and captive blowing agents and and what happens over time to focus in our values and thermal loss and conduction convection I could talk for days about hot tubs and it's taken me 30 years to learn all this information we don't have a chance so kind of spin in the market he's going to spin you and market you go with your common sense take what everybody's telling you and say hey what would logically be the more expensive route it's probably the best room so there's my two cents worth on the type of companies you can buy your hot tub from have a great day Thanks internet of things gartner hype cycle 2018 Laboratory Institute of Merchandising.

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