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Capstone project university of phoenix order

Capstone project university of phoenix order do my ap capstone seminar iwa proposal cumyl dithiobenzoate synthesis essay I have run out of quirky entertaining intros but my hat has a map on it which is pretty cool to identify with a identify with yeah hey everyone and welcome to the third and final part of the asexuality and aromanticism video trilogy again here is the clickable master menu of all the ace terms we're covering in this three-part project take a minute and read around for those of you on mobile time signatures in the description I'll hang out while you explore for a bit Hey okay it's a-okay - antenna 5 with a alright that's enough of that let's jump right back into learning some awesome Aysen arrow terms and why don't we start with a few pieces of slang Milo can you break down the fries no Romo for me no Romo is one of my favorite arrow terms to use because it's sort of a play on the term no homo which is based in homophobia and a fear of being seen as gay but no Romo is really pretty convenient term that communicates the type of attraction that an aromantic person has for someone and clarifies that there are no romantic feelings involved I sort of want to lick your face no Romo though your face is really pretty and I sort of want your entire body wrapped around my body no Romo man I love you 100% platonically no Romo thanks Milo I've also heard the word a sexy Christy can you explain this term a sexy is a slang term used by the asexual community it has a ton of different meanings and uses but the one that I've seen most commonly is positively describing an asexual person for a trait other than sexiness the ACE community also uses it to describe just about anything we like for example I really like this pillow so I could say that it's an a sexy pillow it's really that universal right now I know some people categorize themselves by identifying with certain playing cards Brian how exactly does that work shortly after individuals on the asexual spectrum started using the term ace to describe themselves other individuals also started using playing cards to describe the romantic orientations the Ace of Hearts was used to describe individuals who experience romantic attraction toward others whereas Lissa spades was used to describe individuals who are a romantic more recently the other two playing card suits were brought on where the ace of diamonds generally means individuals who fall in the gray area of romantic patience so gray romantic aces Demi romantics with romantic etc the ace of clubs was used to describe aces who are questioning the romantic orientation who are unsure of their orientation or who don't get the whole concept of romantic attraction now of course humans and sexuality are both super complicated and super complex and so it's really difficult to fit people into neat little boxes as such not all aces really find that playing cards can accurately or adequately represent them and so a lot of aces don't choose to use these playing cards and another way some ace people describe themselves more specifically as with qualifiers like stone paper and paper mache Vesper can you talk a little about this stone describe someone who strongly prefers to give touch usually sexual touch but not receive it paper describes someone who strongly prefers to receive touch usually sexual touch but not give it paper maché describes someone who strongly prefers to either give or receive touch but not at the same time or even within the same timeframe stone has a long history of usage within the lesbian community but it's also been used for decades by others for example trans people and you may have heard of stone butch blues by trans author Leslie Feinberg I believe paper was coined more recently but still has a lot of history and paper mache was quiet very recently by people within the ACE community all three of these words or identities are very important to some ace arrow and even other people because they communicate the fact that for some people touch is mono directional it goes one way for numerous reasons be it trauma or just for EO or touch a version or anything thanks now let's learn about even a huge provider of resources and community for many ace and arrow people um Leigha care to elaborate Aven which stands a sexual visibility and education network was founded by David J it remains to this day the biggest and most influential website on a sexual issues it's kind of the hub of asexuality education and discussion something else I wasn't aware of before starting this video series is that a santaro community goes much deeper than simply being a group of people with similar or related orientations there is also a wonderful and very strong sense of camaraderie amongst many a Sandero people in many ways ace people have their own culture share a slated inside jokes and belong to an incredibly supportive community Amelia can you provide some examples of this more recently tumblr has also had a big role in shaping asexual culture but much of what you consider asexual culture originated on the forums on the Aven website the jokes about cake came about when it was pointed out that most asexual people would probably accept cake over sex jokes about dragons and more recent but basically come from the idea that asexual people are generally more interested in dragons than they are in sexual things also axolotls armadillos and alligators among other animals are sometimes seen as symbols of asexuality this is basically just because they start with the letter A some asexual people choose to wear a black ring on the middle finger of their right hand like so while this symbol of asexuality isn't often understood outside of asexual community it can be a way for asexual people to recognize each other but more commonly it's a way of staying in touch with the community when you're out in the real world there's always been a bit of a debate as to what the a and lgbtqia+ stands for is it a lie ace arrow a gender all of the above or something else well here are a few ace individuals to provide their perspective on the matter there has never been a definitive decision from the ACE community as to whether or not they fit in the LGBTQ plus initialism or the lgbtq+ community itself and they're likely never will be that decision because diversity of opinions among aces is so widespread it can be said however that at the moment most aces do feel like aces should be a part of that lgbtq+ community however they're not always welcome now when looking at this question we also need to take into consideration the fact that many aces don't identify as heteronormative and so identify possibly as homoromantic by romantic panromantic etc and through that a lot of aces feel a tie to the lgbtq+ community in addition many aces identify as trans and many in general identify as non sis and so there is that connection to the community as well despite the fact that there's no definitive decision as to whether or not aces belong in this lgbtq+ community it is incredibly important that queer and trans organizations community groups service providers still welcome and include aces in their spaces and in their programming the reason for this is because many aces don't have other places to turn if they're not welcomed in the local queer or trans communities they're often not welcomed anywhere and because so many aces feel a connection to the lgbtq+ community or feel like they belong to that community it can be super harmful and damaging to them when they're excluded from these community spaces the fact of the matter is that the a was added to LGBT to refer to allies this was before anyone within the LGBT community had any idea that asexuality or anything else even existed I have feelings about that I have a lot of really strong feelings about that but let's not go there today regardless of whether you think they should stand for a lie or not it also stands for asexual and aromantic whether or not a particular ace or a real person identifies as part of the LGBTQIA community is up to them it's a very personal decision a very personal identity and the fact is that there are many a Sandero people who do not identify as part of the community that said I personally do feel like speaking generally asexuals and a romantics should be included within the community if that person in particular identifies in that way sometimes people try to exclude asexuals any romantics from the lgbtq+ community by defining in the community as anyone who has same gender attraction or who is trans but this is excluding a lot of people in the community who don't define their attraction by same gender attraction like non-binary people who were only attracted to men or non-binary people who were only attracted to women or trans women who were only attracted to on binary people etc more accurately the lgbtq+ community can be defined by anything that is not this normative not heteronormative experiencing a racer like not being acknowledged as the a and lgbtqia+ is not the only challenge a scenario people face however here are Damian and Geoff to share some common ace and arrow misconceptions asexual misconceptions here are some of them asexuals don't exist hi there are no asexual men my asexuality is the same as celibacy no sexuality is a choice it's not asexual people can't fall in love I have asexual people can't have sex I have a sexuality is just a phase you'll grow out of while I acknowledge I believe that sexuality can be fluid for most this is not the case it's just a hormone problem nope that's not what asexual means calling me a plant wasn't funny the first time maybe if you educate yourself you'll realize that some words in the English language actually have more than one meaning the bras getting laid will fix that problem one you can't know for sure unless you've had sex you can all asexuals Persians nope asexuals are really just goes into Nile I actually get this one a lot but here's the thing I came out as gay for a year due to confusion why would I bother going back in the closet when I can barely bother walking to the bathroom asexuals are just faking it for attention this is totally true you got me you're G yes figured out all of these have been directed to me at least once so I feel your pain some people claim that demisexuality is the same thing as choosing not to have sex with someone that you are not emotionally close to instead demisexuality is a legitimate orientation where someone does not truly experience sexual attraction unless there's a bond or an attachment formed a man in orbit ivities another challenge many people face I'm at Sonoma tivity is the assumption that a central amorous exclusive relationship is the norm for humans that it's a universally shared goal in the sense that it should be aimed at improvements throughout the relationship types Michaels just include remembering you put my background music in the description of my videos and having the self-control to not eat two whole pizzas and it's normativity for lack of a better word is just dumb a matter normativity is when my ten year old students tease me about being 30 single and childless a matter normativity is when your parents expect you to get married supply them with grandchildren and live happily married ever after imagine normativity is when society frowns upon you and your relationships because they're not monogamous or when your friends family frown upon you or devalue your relationships because they're not exclusive because they're not sexual or because they're not headed for marriage beyond misconceptions a Sandero people can also run into many other forms of adversity in my experience a lot of ace adversity either comes from asexual misconceptions or the person is just generally a douchey to new asexual adversity can come from any world I've even heard stories where asexual people were excluded from lgbtq+ gatherings and parties because they won't believe to be a real sexuality because society views sexual and romantic attraction as vital forms of life there are scary forms of discrimination against a sexual and aromantic people in order to fix us such as therapy or home owned treatments or raping someone to try to make them experience attraction which obviously none of those forms or people often don't fully understand a sexuality or a romanticism and believe it goes against human nature as they understand it that is to say if you don't have sex or you don't fall in love how are you a human asexual people maybe ask overly personal questions about their sex life and a romantic people maybe ask the same about their romantic life it's as though by admitting we don't experience sexual attraction we've opened ourselves up to answer every question you might have on our own sexuality I personally have been all hundreds of time about whether or not I will have sex what kind of sex I would have I know some asexual people have been asked questions about whether or not they masturbate ice phobia is not necessarily something you hear often because people aren't really scared of asexual aromantic people it's more that they don't think we exist often I hear a lot of you just have him at the one yet have you had good sex yeah things like that plus there's a complete lack of a sexual aromantic characters and media all right that about wraps up this trilogy hope you enjoyed it not gonna lie it was a ton of work finding all the guests delegating tasks and putting all of this together so if you want to give just one or maybe all of the videos in this project alike I will not stop you of course check out all my wonderful friends links in the description and if you have any feedback on this series please email an HD video of your critiques to collab with ashley at HD video good lighting good sound gotta be able to see and hear you and I will do my best to feature a few submitted videos in the future on this channel alright that's about all I got this was a ton of fun I love ASA narrow thing see you next week okay bye stigma is they haven't met the one that's right for theme maybe there's another reason they don't wanna bump uglies it just because your life is not a silly sweet Hong Kong doesn't mean platonically you still can't find the one so remember so remember sex is like a pizza pie your toppings please just cheese is fine sex is like eat too much bread and I'm sad to stomach guilty out with dread even if you don't understand I listen up and join the marching band it's a-okay to identify with a identify with a identify with a identify with yeah there's so much more to comprehend the spectrum just goes on so don't feel bad if your term isn't in this song just know your label matters if it's how you feel don't ever let someone tell you your identity ain't real so remember so remember sex is like learning guitar if you don't got an interest you won't go far sex is like Nicolas Cage some like his movie some think he's insane even if you don't understand and listen up and join the marching band it's a your kids it's okay it's a okay it to identify with a you capstone simulation reviews Laboratory Institute of Merchandising.

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