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Capstone project university of phoenix cheap

Capstone project university of phoenix cheap do my ap capstone harvard music process essay graphic organizer ´╗┐hello guys welcome back to my channel my name is Tosh and I'm coming back to talk to you always so in this video I wanted to talk to you about my trade school experience aka Career Institute aka vocational school whatever you want to call it I want to talk to you about my experience with it specifically with medical billing and coding because that's what I went for at work but I was very down about what to do with myself I still had no idea what I wanted to do what I could do what I was good at none of it so six six six months SS four-year university I only spent a year there didn't stay very long not even a year I don't think I completed I think I left towards the end of my last semester so I didn't get to keep any of those credits but anyway I found this school and they're the options to take up were like pharmacy tech of course CNA you could do medical assisting and medical billing and I think a couple other things on the main campus but I didn't go to the main campus I went to the city campus so at first I signed up to be a pharmacy tech but when I talked to admissions I would fit more with the medical billing because pharmacy techs do a lot math I'm not a mathematician like I don't like math I don't enjoy it I like to do the most minimal so I went with medical billing also because I'm really good with computers so I just figured it might be a good fit so that's what my admissions counselor trying to suggest it for me as well now but for class begins I want to say that when I signed up to be a medical biller or coder or whatever I was under the impression that the job market was amazing like I would be guaranteed my job of the kind of job where they I mean my school wasn't out of school where they would find you a job they would assist you with your resume there was interns and externships all that good stuff it seemed amazing I had assumed it would be amazing so the admissions counselor was telling me like yeah you're going to get a job we have connections you know you have a job placement person to help you most students immediately you get a job when they finish when they finish and graduate coding is you're always going to have a job all this amazing all these amazing things about coding in the coding industry I'm sorry if you hear that they're do they're building a house across the street can't avoid it so yeah so I was like cool like this is great so fast-forward to the actual courses the courses were fine to me you're going to take like Anatomy med term you're going to learn about insurance you're going to learn about CPT hick Pig all that stuff so that was interesting to me actually I liked it I didn't mind it at all so I'll say okay this was a really good choice so towards the middle of the semester one of my teachers that are really like because she told us things that not everybody else was going to teach us like for some reason the people that were teaching billing and coding didn't run on the same page about what to teach which is not good and that's a red flag some of them thought that they should teach us just to be billers the others thought they should prepare us for more because we can be doing different things by claims reimbursement you know health information management all types of stuff so my teacher was on the side where she wanted to prepare us for other things she wanted to prepare us she's the one who told us about other certifications that we could get she would give us like books of course in the world we live in somehow she left no no this is I don't remember the specifics but she wasn't there anymore she left in the middle of our semester so for like two weeks the school didn't notify us that we didn't have a teacher we just showed up the class no one was there there was no sign or anything it literally there was only me at another girl my class because usually with trade schools it's like a small class number usually me and another girl in the class we would show up for two weeks you guys know teacher finally the school recognized that she's not coming back and two weeks of showing up not learning anything so also smack in the middle of semester they send us another teacher who tries to cram everything in we had like a couple weeks left of the semester and he tried to cram everything in which is not his fault but like come on guys get it together like like I don't remember what I learned during that semester I couldn't tell you I know it was a lot of big words I know we flipped through the CPT book a thousand times looking for codes I don't know I really couldn't tell you what I was but that was a mess so the first red flag for me like how unorganized is the school why is nobody on the same page about what we should be learning whatever so it but when she did leave she did give me and my other classmate really helpful books that weren't in the curriculum and that would help us to go on past the certificate we would get through the school which by the way I'll get to in a minute so that happens so then I'm just so once that's over I get through the rest of semesters I took all of my billing and coding classes at one time I only took two what classes do they call them I don't remember but two basic classes I took for like others for the whole associate's degree the allied health associates degree I took two but the rest for like nine months I took strictly billion coding classes so that I can do my certification test get certified and then worry about the associates program later so I did that click the certification test test both because you get cert in my school you got the billing and coding specialist and you get the the medical administrative assistant which is important not to be confused as a CNA medical administrators like strictly clerical so we got we got both of those certifications the test was not bad and I passed this Oliver you cared about I don't know if I passed with flying colors or expan doesn't matter to me so once I got those certifications even though I was going to go back to school for everything else I wanted to find a job that was why I went there that was the whole point of picking it I needed a job go to job placement this is like after the next semester I'm doing my regular classes but I'm also knocking down the job placement store now two people had been there there is one woman that we had while I was taking my classes prior and then she went to the main campus and then we had a guy the woman didn't help me with my god she didn't help me with anything she told me nine months after I'd paid for the school went to the classes oh the billing markets kind of dry right now it's going through a dry spell what y'all didn't tell me this yes I said y'all y'all didn't tell me this when I signed up so you're telling me that I'm not going to find a job it's already hard enough finding a job entry-level so now I'm not going to find one with it with my certification because it's dry right now I was like I was so mad because I felt lied to like in the beginning it's all daisies and flowers you're going to get a job everything's can be great you're going to be successful now it's oh well if we're going through a fence right now so I don't see any job postings great perfect you're useless next so then she left updating my resume so many times reworded it so many times I hate a sign though I hate when you send your resume to different people and there's always something wrong with it it's not them they can't always be the resume format there's something else you're either missing something that's not making you stand out like you're not certified and here here is here or your resume is not interesting like me I'm boring I don't do anything I've never been school president I've never done sports I don't do anything so picture my dilemma my resume doesn't have glitter on it it's probably great if you could if my resume could be gray it would be great so she kept before she told me about the dry spell she kept giving me reviewing my resume and saying this need to be changed and that needs to be changed just to tell me at the end that I couldn't get a job any way so she left went to the main campus this other guy came went through the whole resume exchange with him back and forth about which cover letter this that all this GS applies to all these billing jobs that I found because the woman before him told me there weren't any I applied to them myself didn't get them but I applied to them myself so then he kept sending me jobs that had nothing to do with billing administration administration is cool that's what I work in now but like it's not challenging it's not expanding my mind I'm not it's just not for me that was my first certification but that's not what I want to do I want to be a coder I want to be a I want to do some sort of coding medical coding administration's not that you're a clerk you're a secretary that's what it is so he didn't help me basically so through one of my own connections I got a job at a hospital and the maternity unit as a clerk now I've been there for a year about a little tiny bit over a year so I'm doing that now but I'm I would like to code and so back to the school they didn't help me find a job I got their job while I was there on my own through my own connection so that was over then I stopped fighting with them about the job placement went on took my classes then on our at our school you can look online and look at your degree progress so you can see like for us we needed 68 credits and when it came to the time of my last semester I had been like all this like a Hulk like oh my god I'm almost done it was at 62 credits and I kept doing the math and I'm like I should be done you know I'm I'm finished am I going to graduate so I stopped it for a week thinking that's going to change grades have been putting the semesters over it's December remind you I finished in December our graduation with in May of the next year well this year 2017 I finished December last year so it's like March and I'm like okay I haven't got a letter about graduating haven't heard about anybody signing off on anything online it's not updated saying that I got the 68 credits because I did the internship I didn't do externship which if you go to a trade school I would suggest doing an externship do not do the internship I did it because I could take it with my classes and I was finished faster if I can go back I would do the externship but so where was I I was checking and it was not being updated so I went to our school at the time our school was closing and everybody was moving or either quitting to go to the main campus so I'm not answering so I talked to our vice president I think or whoever was the head of the head of our campus and I kept going to our hair like am I on track track is there anything else I need to take because the degree proc on it says this and this is what I'm getting my hunches like no now you're fine don't worry about it it's just not updated cool weeks later still not updated what are you guys doing mind you my school is the Institute of Technology why aren't you updating the technology whatever so it's like April and this month on campus is shut down I'm at work I'm not going to school for anything still no emails I'm checking my email my school email religiously to hear anything about graduation or anything let me know what to do about cap and gowns like uni I had paid my graduation fees back in December like I was on go so I could finally call the school and I'm like what is going on like I don't have an email about anything I don't know what's going on can you tell me something and they're like oh I don't see your name and I'm just like oh my god these tell me I'm missing something and I have to travel to media I lived like a two hours away from media I'm not going to media for something this lady told me I was fine about like that I was on track and now you're telling me you don't see my name talked about angry so I she's like oh I'll put you on hold follow BA it should be fine she tells me oh your name is here I see your name um so I'm like alright she's like but your account has hold on it now we all know all students know when your account has a hold on it means you owe something she's like oh you have to call the financial department I'm like yo these people are really trying me right now like why are you not all in communication you all work for the same school why isn't everybody on the same page so I hang up with her I call this lady and whatever Department was money and she's like oh yeah I see that you paid this this in this let me take the hold off thank you thank you appreciate it took the hold off come up with her at that point I was fed up so I waited a couple weeks then I call back and said yo is the hold off she's like oh yeah you're on the list to graduate I'm like okay cool so when's the graduation where is it what's going on what time got to be there how many tickets do we get anything can I get anything oh well you should be receiving an email soon mind you never received that email graduated everything never received that you know I went to them a week before graduation the cap and gown had just arrived so I had to go to media anyway take out my cap and gown pick up my degree my diploma I mean and that's when I got all the information about graduation a week before graduation and it was on a Saturday so I'm like all right whatever I just can't wait to be done with this school at this point got your graduation we have four tickets nobody checked the tickets at the door so you could have brought 20 family members if you wanted very I won't call it rent it I would say it was a very interesting graduation got it over with never looked back don't want to look back I'm just over it my experience with trade school career institute whatever you want to call it I did not like it it could be it could have been my school of choice I won't blame it on all of them I just know that I had a very bad unorganized unprofessional experience it was very unprofessional very unorganized and I wouldn't put that on anybody it was cheap I didn't have to pay out of pocket because the Lord FAFSA was good to me but it was horrible so yeah and I can't use it anywhere I put the associates degree on my resume I put the certifications on my resume just to find out that as a coder none of the job requirements list Nha I'm certified through Nha the national health Career Association never heard of it it's not even listed on any of the billing job requirements they want our HIV they want AAPC ahima certifications why am i schooled and get those who knows Nha don't even bother like just get certified on your own through something else because I've had no luck with Nha my voice is getting pretty rescue so I think I'm done writing but let me know what your experience was like through the trade school well it was good it was it was bad ratchet like mine mine um but until the next time I will see you guys do my ee capstone project Sarah Lawrence College.

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