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Capstone project thesis

Capstone project thesis capstone ideas for psych ops metrics reporting ´╗┐welcome back Yellow Jacket fans i'm your host kayla Allgaier this week on inside the hive we have men's tennis baseball and men's lacrosse DC men's tennis had a one-to-one split on opening day Yellow Jackets defeated st. Francis 722 but fell to the undefeated baldwin-wallace later that day DC men's baseball start the season off with wins over Calvin in a doubleheader at this past weekend Yellow Jacket pitchers threw a strong game getting the win in Game one with senior Aaron Patterson and Jake Taylor in Game two DC men's lacrosse played their first ever home game in defiance college history last Saturday where they unfortunately fell to the Calvin nights but not without putting up a yellow jacket fight freshman Jesse Bailey was the first ever to score in the program's history with three DC goals also scoring for the Yellow Jackets was freshman Tyler Clark that's all for the recap on Yellow Jacket sports on inside the hive I'm your host Kayla Allgaier and as always go jackets welcome back to inside the hive joining me as my guest today is senior outfielder Jonathan Murphy John thanks for joining us thank you not a problem so defiance is on an amazing wind trick right now dating back to last season they're five note including starting 2 and 0 it's got to be a refreshing feeling start the season off winning like this oh very you know it traditionally we haven't had very good seasons and let alone very good start so being able to notch few victories right away definitely makes confidence it's kinda high confidence being sky-high also comes with being in line up every day John is played in a career 86 games including starting the last 38 games in centerfield how's it been playing multiple positions over your time here it's been an experience you know i did what i could get myself in the lineup you know behind the plate outfield infield and now being in center you know it's nice to show up every day knowing I'm not gonna have to play three different positions at practice and you know I can focus on one thing focusing on one thing has definitely been a key for John especially it focuses on his fielding playing multiple positions can take a toll on your body but he's managed to a klipsch a career 972 career fielding percentage which is comparable to Josh Hamilton's fielding percentage so you ever feel like you're in Josh Hamilton's area or what I never really thought about it but I don't know if it's that comparable but make them feel good well at least a number say it's comparable I talked about your game this wednesday at Taylor Taylor's Taylor's a good team there nai bigger school bigger kids but you know we always traditionally playing pretty tough so be good test get us ready to get on the floor to next week for John Murphy and inside the hive i'm jordan taylor atop of Sarek center balcony Junior leader student aspiring coach and teacher I am health physical education major pitcher for the DC men's baseball team I'm an HC HC honorable mention and HCA see second team selection I'm not just the yellowjacket athlete I am defiance college and I have jacket prime hey there jacket nation I'm here with Ryan Coon the men's lacrosse coach so Ryan tell me a little bit about the emotions of being the founding coach here at defiance college well for me it's a big thrill graduating college a few years ago I knew that this is something that I wanted to do you know choose coaching as a career um and it's definitely been a been a long journey but I'm excited to be at defiance it's this is a great place filled with great people and I'm just absolutely thrilled to be here starting the program so being from so far away how are you planning to establish a great founding program here uh well a lot of it starts with just getting the name out there I mean defiance is a great place it's a great institution and there are so many great things going on here a lot of it's just getting getting the name recognition out there um so myself and my assistant and ear out have been all over the country doing our different recruiting events and I'm doing different clinics and just basically getting a getting are getting our name and getting the program's name out there and which we've seen a lot of success we have you know we have a number of players on the current roster from various parts of the country from as far east as New York and as far west as California and then with our incoming recruiting class you know we have a number of guys coming from other areas of the state of the country right and then so we have Jesse Bailey who is a former lacrosse player as well this isn't his first year he scored three of our four goals on Saturday tell me a little bit about him well Jesse's somebody who you know we're gonna rely very heavily on throughout the season he is he's a great player in his own right he has really adjusted to the college game in a great way and he's somebody who obviously you know we as a program we still have a lot of work ahead of ourselves but you know his transition from high school to college has been pretty seamless and you know he's somebody that is gonna see a lot of success where he goes with his college career all right along with Jesse we have Chris Smith he actually graduated from the same high school with you yes tell me a little bit about our goalie well Chris Chris is him and I go way back obviously coming from the same hometown you know one of the big things when you know I got the job here was you know we wanted we want to build a strong foundation for the program and Chris really embodies that you know he is everything that we want our program to stand for and he really is just a you know a great young man and somebody that you know not will not only benefit the program on the field but he'll do just as much off the field you know we are we are very thrilled to have somebody who plays at the level that he plays that but also you know just representing our program it really gives us puts our best foot forward all right and then another thing I've talked to a few of your players they said that before your games you tell them to play for something more than themselves so tell me a little bit about that momentum you um you know a lacrosse and sports in general it's just one of those great things it can teach you it's not just about wins and losses on the field it can teach you a lot of life lessons you know it's basically what I tell them is what they play for is more than just themselves it's more than just the lacrosse program you know it's a very it's it's a source of pride for us because to be honest you know getting the opportunity to put on put it put on a jersey that says defiance you know it's you're representing the entire school um and also to this past weekend um you know we had a Maddie Lambert's family out she was a very special little girl who was um I guess you know worked with Dance Marathon one of our organizations on campus and unfortunately she she battled leukemia and passed away and today and this Saturday we had her family out and just to kind of in some small way kind of show our appreciation to them and you know play in her memory we do have our decals on our helmets that have her initials and her favorite colors so that was very nice and we actually had the opportunity to have them come in the locker room after the game and say say a few things to the team and you know basically kind of puts everything in perspective while you know obviously the game didn't turn out the way we wanted to on Saturday you know we fell a little short them speak it kind of put everything in perspective for the guys you know while we might have lost a game you know they lost something that was much more important right um and it's something that's something that I think these guys will carry with them not only throughout the season but throughout the rest of their lives I was definitely a touching moment and something that I think you know this program can build on all right everyone well every games going to have a little bit of emotion thrown into it so be sure to come out and support the men's lacrosse team there are two games over spring break so if you're still in town be sure to come out and support Thank You Ryan for thank you so much you're welcome see you next time jacket nation 5th grade capstone project ideas for money Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai.

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