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Capstone project software engineering online

Capstone project software engineering online capstone title st petersburg for money nursing personal statement samples hey guys welcome back to my channel for another updated current household video um this one was requested by quite a few of you just to give you all a quick update on the I think it's Dean household Jeffery and Ayana so as you can see a lot has changed they finally got out of that little cozy Shack and created a beautiful house on their own with all of the fethiye that they've earned and let me just tell you guys um being in the University and completing a degree really helps your finances when you get out and get a job because I've noticed with them they're earning money is so dang quick it's crazy so um yeah they saved up and they finally built their house everything that you see here is built with the money that they have earned no cheats no nothing um and yeah I think it's actually a lot of progress considering you know the short amount of time that they have been together um so I'm gonna go ahead and show you guys the house really quick because I built it and I'm super proud of it um however it's not another percent finished yet and there's still a few bits and pieces that I need to complete so obviously this is the outside and since they live in Hidden Springs I kind of went with a woody theme uh I don't know like cabin ish kind of template for the outside so it's pretty much what it looks like in the front and it's very empty and bare in the back because the girls are growing up soon and I'm not exactly sure what I'm gonna put back here quite yet but the little chicken coop that they have matches their house and I think it's absolutely freakin adorable it is too cute so they have an amazing amazing view of the lake of course they go and they swim and fish and do all that crazy fun stuff if we go ahead and let's see go inside this is the main floor here um you have like the entryway a little desk you have a pool table which kind of doubles as like a little man cave over in this area here I'll put the walls up so you guys can see what that looks like over there and then here and so when you walk in this is pretty much what you see I created this little l-shaped wall here just to kind of things up a little bit and section off the house into pieces or section up this section of this large area into pieces and then this is what it looks like over here for your little living room area even though it's kind of a cabin theme it definitely screams luxury and elegance and I'm using my most favorite warm colors which are beige red or like a burgundy and then some black in there if you go over here into the kitchen this is what it looks like just basic I have the something-something grill I don't know Chinese girl from the sims 3 story and there's some more stuffs over here a lot of custom content pieces as well and I do not know each individual piece and where I got it from I downloaded a few houses from the exchange and that's where I got the majority of my little random doodads so obviously this is the girls bedroom here if you didn't notice already they are twins and yeah they're definitely spoiled a freaking rotten if you couldn't sell so and then here's the guest bathroom or second bathroom I figure over here you have like a little office area there's nothing really going on in here um since both of their jobs I think require logic they're definitely big on knowledge so I remember in the first the current household Ayanna loved to garden or it was more of a necessity than a passion but we took things inside here and this is her little gardening room I'm probably gonna put a greenhouse out here or something later on but of course what kind of running low on fence so we got to worry about that first and this is the master bedroom here Jeffrey forgot to make his bed what else is new and then over here I kind of tried something new just to break up this space as well and to put in like a little a little closet looking thing I think it's super duper cute and that's what it looks like from all the way up here um let's see well can I show you okay and then the last thing I have is their little master that bathroom yeah so it's pretty much what the house looks like it is a - well it's a one-story house but a lot of like the windows and stuff or two-story so we have a lot of unuseful space up here but if you want to download this house which yes by the way it will be on the exchange you can do whatever you want but yeah and then obviously those are their cars outside so like I have finally said a million times a lot has happened with this family it's definitely not been peaches and cream the whole entire time so where they left off originally is they were in love everything was perfect um I only hear got her panties in a twist and decided Geoffrey is not the one for me so what she did is she kind of went out and met somebody when she was still married to Jeffrey and his name is Andrew song she was really attractive the fact that he was a trauma surgeon he had all his priorities in check the only thing she didn't like is that he was a married man and totally willing to cheat um I don't know what exactly happened but I think Jeffrey and I Anna bumped into each other at the coffee shop and by that time she already had her girls he was an amazing father to them he loved his children so much and he was completely beside himself not having his kids in his life and um it was kind of determined to get Ayane back so little by little they started spending more time together you know Jeffrey kind of changed his priorities and learned how to focus in more on his family life than his job which he is also a trauma surgeon she is looking for surgeons I don't know she likes doctors what can I say um so you know his jobs really demanding but he tried to figure out how to just make the little time that he had with his family counts and I guess I only appreciated that and she did realize you know what I really want to have a bigger family I'm not getting any younger and she gave Jeffrey a second chance so even though they broke up they got remarried a little private ceremony if you will and um you know they're doing better they're definitely not it was that perfect but they're definitely doing better and I think the time that he moved out their house was in complete disarray um it was just basically walls and flooring there wasn't very much furniture or anything but um Ayana pulled it together she definitely did and then when Jeffrey moved out and moved reckon they got a very nice lump of cash so that definitely helped financially getting this house done a lot sooner because it is not cheap I think they've invested almost 100k into this house crazy definitely recommend giving University if you want your sims to get a quick bump in cash so let me go ahead and tell you about their kids I'll show you their family tree real quick we got Jeffrey sub muffin supreme with a degree and obviously medicine we got on here her degree is showing up but she definitely has one and I think it in science or something like that obviously and then this is their two children we have Colby and then we have Carson which you know could be boy names I guess but I totally love boy names for girls I'm kind of having a thing for it I don't know anyway so this one here is Colby unlike her sister Carson she's kind of a Tom not really it's Han boy but she's definitely not curly as Carson at all she kind of likes her own thing she's definitely a daddy's girl sports basketball everything in Jeff and Jeff Jeff and Annie Jeffery definitely appreciates that so she's a really good girl she's smart she's just funny she has a really good personality she's absolutely freaking loving let's go and talk about her for a second so she's a genius easily impressed definitely artistic probably will be athletic in the future and things like that I'm her favorite colors yellow she loves the veggie burger and her favorite music is kids obviously her science is a Gemini and she's gonna be aging up in three days I think that's pretty much all there is about her school right now I think is a little rough on the rocks she is currently has a C in school and is not enrolled in he into any after-school activities so that right there is Colby and I do know what she looks like when she's older she's definitely not the cutest of the two but um she has very unique facial features and let's just say she takes after Jeffery all right over here is my favorite I'm not gonna lie Carson Dean she is freaking amazing she loves fashion at such a young age she definitely gets it from because I am that's not that fashion-forward maybe the magazine's I don't know she's a little diva in her own right she definitely wants to grow up and do something with um you know either maybe politics or fashion you know become stylist or maybe an interior designer something along that line um her traits are also genius she's a bookworm she's friendly her favorite color is red she loves herself some egg rolls and her favorite music is rap so she liked that rap crap I'm not gonna lie I like it too anyways she's also in Aires but she doesn't make sense if they were born on the same day they should have the same um sign but they don't and obviously she also ages up in three days so I would say overall this family is you know they don't have a lot of drama but they definitely have a lot of um issues you know married life isn't easy Ayana just wants to make sure she's making the right choice you know she has a very strong head on her shoulder she doesn't play games um if you don't appreciate her she's gone she doesn't care there's definitely no anchor setting on this ship she just she just I don't know very very very very like opinionated and um she's a boss so that's all I have to say but Jeffrey he's a good guy he's he would never cheat on her he would never stray I guess you could kind of say it's Karma for what happened to him with I on it because he kind of did the same thing to Anna and if you have no freaking idea what I'm talking about check out part one of this household and you will you'll quickly find out so yeah I think that's really about it um about this family I hope you guys enjoyed if you want this house and I know you all want the Springsteen house I'm uploading it as we speak um no I'm not but I promise I will right after this and this will definitely be up on the exchange before this video even hits your computer screen so check it out thank you guys so much for watching I love you all and don't forget to you know comment right in the subscribe yeah alright I guess I'll see you guys in the next video bye capstone topics for nursing order CUNY Community Colleges.

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