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Capstone project property development analysis for money

Capstone project property development analysis for money capstone one terre haute indiana wer ist essay kool savas grind ´╗┐name is inspector Ken Taylor and I'm from the Homicide Squad I'd like to talk to you about homicide 10 4 2013 Monday marched the fourth at approximately 9 18 p.m. police were called to near an Avenue which is right behind me here south of eglinton with respect to was stabbed once emergency services arrived on scene they found our victim apparently suffering from stab wounds he was transported to Sunnybrook Medical Center and shortly after that he succumbed to his injuries we believe that the as a result of our investigation with the Homicide Squad and members of 13 major crime unit and a 13 primary response unit we believe this is uh what happened immediately behind me here on the corner of Thornton and narin we believe the stabbing started somehow the deceased was lured out of his apartment to this location the motive is yet unknown so we don't know why the deceased came to this location we believe the stabbing started here at Narron and Thornton and the deceased was attempting to get back to his residence which is located on Nair and just south of eglington as he was making his way north on Nair and towards eglington he fell a couple of times and he made his final he came to he collapsed just outside of his apartment on an errand south of eglinton and one of the low this is a very unfortunate incident one of the first responders to our deceased was in fact his mother who was came out of her apartment and tried to provide some assistance to our deceased the deceased has been identified as Michael and a surname is Coco mellow co co m e ll oh he's 20 years old the autopsy is being conducted as we speak so the cause of death is not yet known the only thing that we note to at this time is that he was suffering from stab wounds he thought might go cook him alone Michael is known to the police but his his contact with the police is very dated and it's the working theory of the detectives that his contact with the police which I said is dated has absolutely nothing to do with with this Merc with his murder I thought on what is behind them now we're still early we're still early in the investigation Jim but we're we're asking for any this happened approximately 9 20 last night at this location at Thornton and narin we are thinking that it took about four or five minutes for the deceased to make it from this location walking north on their two eglington and if anybody saw any him or anybody else at this in this area we are them to a contact us at thirteen division which is 416 808 1300 because there's somebody there 24 hours or at the Homicide Squad 416 808 7400 eligible guys lot of cars a lot of people so we have at this time we have no description of any suspects cars or anything like everything else I don't know you talk about although old i mean you discounted is this three lately we have discounted his history it's dated even though he's only 20 years old that's dated and it has nothing to do with his murder some people say who live in the building and around the building say that there's they've seen police they're not necessarily for him but if they've seen police are dealing with stolen cars stolen cars I haven't had an opportunity to look at any of the reports from I assume from his address is that what you're talking about I haven't had a chance to look at any of the any of those reports I can tell you that we have we have eight detectives working on this and get in conjunction with 13 division Major Crime Unit so I can't answer that question I'm sorry how do you talk to the mud when you talk to the mother how do you install her when she finds her own son the we have victim services that help us a long way with with situations like that but I had an opportunity to speak to her this morning early hours and obviously the lady is distraught and I think she's sleeping now but you know I can only imagine I can't imagine what it'd be like to come out and find your son or anybody in that state judge to the lady seems like a lovely lady what would you say in terms of your experience and how this the structure which are feeling here in this case I think that with one of the things that we have to take a look at first is it's going to help us if if somebody can come forward and saw something here last night you know we're giving it at eight at nine-twenty this is a highly populated area there's cars coming and going all the time there's access to eglington something drew him out of that apartment and unfortunately right now we don't know but I'm hoping in the very near future that we were able to find that up how were you able to tell that was that through a text message or phone call or something how do you know that he was lured out the first of all he was not in his apartment he was here at nine-twenty and there's been discussions with with witnesses close to him and I'm not so sure that lure it out is the proper term he was he left his apartment shortly before he was murdered they're not difficult for him is that that why is you know that I can't answer that do you know what he was on his way to do no we were hearing he was going to go buy bus tickets so does that flash with that one that was from his mother yeah I don't see well I don't know where that came from but there's no where to buy bus tickets here yes a lot of family in the area yes he does and he has there's a lot of support for his mother and for the family members in the area that are coming together and we've got there's a lot of people that have been calling 13 division and you know hey by the way I saw this I don't know if it's going to help people if they call it may mean nothing to them but to our investigators it may mean everything and so no matter how slight you think it is we know the time the approximate time that this took place we know the location where it took place so we're just asking people to it so some canvassing overnight did you find you were getting a lot of cooperation overnights like sometimes people come into the door it's like if you got woken up at two o'clock in the morning by police officers coming to your door but there we get a lot of cooperation people are you know distraught in this area that they this could happen in this in this community it's a it's a wonderful little community and people are concerned knows my questions you've got to one or more bad guys out there was children on the street well the police the police in 13 division and in this area there's patrols on going all the time this is out of the nature of the norm in this area and unfortunately it can happen anywhere in the city and this is the safe the safest city in the world as far as I'm concerned I live here targeted or run i would say that he's targeted it's not a random incident it's not like somebody's walking streets with a knife it's he was targeted and for whatever reason that he came to this intersection as soon as we find that out we're going to find out who killed end of the majority of the jack happened here behind us or was was he attacked more as he was walking of us we believe that the entire attack took place right here behind me some of the neighbors we talked to said they saw two men walking up the street shortly after this happened do you know how many people you're looking for is it more than one I can't say how many okay thank you very much I appreciate it and there's been a couple of other things like the press conf ajustes helps you guys really helped us so I've been around a long time I saw so anyway yeah thank you so much about my white here okay thank you very much sure i don't mind yeah yeah all right so we'll do one of those sure you can it may walk us through what happen or what you think happen and then we can run it during the day thank you so much yeah if anybody else wants to join tell fine yeah okay well after we're dead if that's okay sir will do one and then you can do these guys too sure ok I want to get your solo as well can we talk to Ken in the world how long is your cord all right it's a what's that good where we gotta go okay right we're right where this police car right where this police car is parked is where we believe the attack took place and we find that up as a result of evidence there's blood at the scene so we've located a quantity of blood here so we believe it started here can you so let's put a walk with that for just a quick second again sure what what time at approximately 9 20 on Monday March the fourth at the corner of Thornton and narin we believe that the deceased was drawn here for some unknown reason and this is where he was stabbed and right now we don't know the motive and we don't know in fact how or who lured him here come the next one's about 50 feet up are you guys done because I was just going to do a meal if I want to make sure you get depends awesome ok so this is just over the taped piece just to you ok and I'll start do you mind if you do a quick realtor so I'll start and I'll see what else I Milwaukee but this is think we can walk like okay we're going to go right to eglington a lot of you don't want to go okay okay but even if you can go up to that side bucket and serve indicate where the blood was and you think you fell down it's what's right it's rainy reglan whatever okay all right police and paramedics were called to marin just south of eglington last night around nine thirty four reports of a stabbing a victim stabbed in the torso and bath was taking a Sunnybrook Hospital where he was later pronounced dead joining me now is detective Kim tiller thank you so much for joining us can you walk us through what happened here last night yeah just before nine twenty last evening right where this car is parked we believe that the deceased was somehow brought out to this area lorda we're not sure how we got here but we believe that this is where the stabbing started and finished so we believe that and in this area you can see it's it's well populated there's apartments here there's lots of housing so 920 it's not too late people are out walking driving so we're asking at this lower leg is anybody saw anything last evening at about 920 anyway the the deceased was able to get away from his attackers and he walked north on Narron near and it's a boat I don't know there's both 200-300 yards to eglington and he collapsed just south of eglington on the west side and that's where his mother came out and found him suffering from the stab wounds all right detective Ken Taylor thank you so much numbers are looking for information they're asking anyone wave seen or heard anything to call police android based capstone project for money Marist Brothers.

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