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Capstone project meaning cheap

Capstone project meaning cheap do my pebblego capstone essay on how literature reflects society of actuaries ´╗┐it was the guys Akira and welcome back to another episode of Minecraft walking dead survival I'm here with Ryan hello Ryan hello and uh we're gonna be playing and stuff it's really the plan yes of course so what are you doing right now exploring that sounds exciting very exciting uh I got a whole bunch of stuff from my last adventure but the world generation seems to be like derping out again so oh well I'll figure it out again I got a hatchet Ryan and they kill zombies like faster than my sword yeah but probably what is it like 70 durability or something yeah it's already bike practically dead but I mean I can try to fix it one day Oh like it works the way I got a whole bunch of iron helmets though I'll use this one until it's like broken and then when my two helmets are both equally broken all heal them you late why'd you get a nine oh I got a whole bunch of iron helmets I'm just killing zombies yeah pretty much I'm nice so many iron helmets ooh there's a pyramid yeah so I wanna I really wanna use my efficiency for pickaxe but it's just so epic so I'm gonna go mining so that we can finish our towers and we're gonna replace all of our kind of wimpy sand walls with some manly something else oh thank you I was just fun yeah give quite the amount of background noise as usual Ryan gee I'm sorry oh crap God dang it God dang it oh my god what ah dang it oh nothing happened Ryan don't come home ever my phone would be ringing ah yeah dance ah that's such a buzzkill oh I'll get over it dang well that was anti-climatic and did not work in any way whatsoever sorry if you were all excited for that but ah but that's my own fault obviously I'll do better next time I promise so oh I do know nothing just you know yeah I found iron that's what I did magical iron skin hey you can just keep exploring out there nothing happened back at home so yeah mm-hmm good thing I'm not finding any Oh more iron what are the odds yet EEE what's Diamond level Ryan uh 16 to 0 1 or whatever can 0 it's all bedrock okay enough I usually go on like 11 to 12 okay good thing I didn't ask for your opinion yep well you got it you man I hear a zombie zombie zombie is what I hear ever gonna make cocoa beans no probably not but cookies are good I guess would you like one well I almost have three stacks already wonderful comedians can only grow on jungle wood I just need a pika I said it annoy Wow okay one two oh hello I found a cave nice I found it please tell skeleton spotter no way and there's gold in the top oh my god Ryan ermahgerd no way we have a skeleton spawner there's also some saddles iron wheat why our dungeon so freakin useless Golden Apple wheat gunpowder bread they actually spawn and like the biome though what were they actually like spawning I mean I'm under a zombie desert and there were like 12 skeletons when I came nice and I'm underneath an abandoned mineshaft also and out of torches oh I see some coal though we don't really need redstone so I'm not even gonna waste my time mining it but we could make cool things we don't know how Ryan yeah what update is this Oh wha Oh dead ant so we can't make comparators I was gonna make lights with the cool daylight sensors and when the dark rep I actually started mining the redstone and now I gotta mind all of it alright oh it doesn't give me XP I'm gonna have to put a plus good and even gone to the nether yet and this ya know I don't see any new - ah the soul sand The Walking Dead oh yeah that's a good idea this is the Walking Dead minecraft survival oh hey look I found it I found a zombie era walking Walker walk why jungles not have quicksand oh right I came adventuring down here without what good thing this whole place is pretty much made out of wood oh did you know my cousin else right yep in Orlando yeah dude dude be going dude one on dude you're gonna fly me out right dude YouTube money dude yes like money hashtag Kane mostly because I'm pleased I mean we were busy mmm yeah yeah found a ravine nice how deep does it go like what level about 21 man I don't know a gold and that's John levels are but I'm sure there's some and there's plenty of gold which is actually kind of odd I usually don't find this much gold hmm my XP no ah we did get a whole bunch of cobblestone though that I'm using up right now trying to get this iron John can we talk about drama life I don't know what that is I mean just like drama like in life ya know oh but but it's not on XP playing The Walking Dead right side out of what yo shenanigans you can tell you can tell your counselor about your problems on me not my problems Alex P is problems I don't care they're his problems he can solve them himself we recorded a really long video today actually you know I'm yeah oh that's like your house no just my way to record Grand Theft Auto ah yeah on the Xbox cuz I like playing xbox with live Xbox Live that's what I like play xbox up John goodness you just jealous love xbox live I just love how level so many people have xbox live like Xbox Live dude Xbox Live Ryan you have Xbox Live dude I used to cuz oh right you don't have it anymore I can't record with you out there no I record Grand Theft Auto with oh it what channels are gonna go on what channel do you think on XP he didn't record he's too lazy to do that yeah I yell at him a lot for not reporting on you look like stay poor Jay barred what yeah yella I already unsubscribed don't tell him Tina's why she's videos right huh make you lazy gave spider how are you doing today I got excited this is I am not finding any zombie things and you didn't love it enough terrain you get a zombie Plains which could have had stupid hospitals I'm starting oh man you know the coordinates I'm gonna run I'm taking him out with a bowie knife don't worry yeah I'll fix the world gen after this episode even though I fixed it last episode and then it like broke again or something ha Sprint's I don't really want to start a new world but it would be really easy all yet all we'd have to do Ryan is actually install world at it as a plugin which might be possible then schematic it up and then just paste in our base a new world yeah and spawn three iron golems first yeah maybe maybe yeah I mean that's kind of cheating but there are iron golems they're mine actually no Ralph is half mine wait I made all of them myself with uh I got an apartment that I got hey I got Ralph land that I built Hey HHH I got brass pumpkin land is my land and I'll paint in your land I got a shotgun and you ain't got one if you don't get off I'll blow your head off this land was made for my own dignity [Music] that was national house as inspirational as my talk and I'm hexxit when I talked about the good old Minecraft days oh yeah like half watch that but I like skipped over it because I didn't like listening to you talk that was the good part though exit seems like a pretty good knot and it's smaller but it's actually dad's epic I think I have to record the next part I finally found what made the large banging noise I found the media maybe some people like dude it was just thunder like okay yeah now it's ah watch that part I was like what was that I watched 21 and over yesterday ah I use 21 and over you need to be probably it's rated R but I mean it was awesome so it was like we're in it hi 18 that is a good movie though it's really funny uh very inspirational to to stand up to your parents and tell them to F off sometimes oh yeah cuz everybody wants to know that you do that but I don't do that oh I see I'm a good kid never swear I'm done and I'm lost God dang it oh how many bones yeah you have never worn in your life never ever when we're off camera no ever know he's a good kid no yes definitely Sasha and I recorded so many fun scenes today we even addressed the girlfriend topic which was hilarious we did in such a clever way people are gonna be like what am I gonna be like what oh hey get off of me so Jon you should ask Shannon sir the question on everybody's mind what oh no they'll see in the next video uh-huh which would be tomorrow oh but you already have 300,000 subscribers not really I didn't know that right you're gonna have three hundred one thousand by the time it gets out it would have been like that anyways maybe ok I'm finally back home my eye is fluttering and it's messing up my contact and getting annoying good Thank You people if I say so dinner tribute I would have to climb all these mountains to get to you okay I got all the cobblestones melting all of it so we have not Hubbell stone left see we have three pieces actually I leave six in here I'll say out a ton of iron you know I guess I guess we can save a stack of cobblestone and smell iron instant murder all is not a chest space again hmm good god I hate how short these weapons last in this mod the best ones a sledge hammer and the regular Walking Dead they like never break and my ak-47 Todd Van LOH which sword am I using sharpness and eluding nice away it's my only sword oh whoa hey you there yeah so down now I am sitting down let's go this way so Johnna wearing a shirt now maybe what you sure yeah I be kind of difficult not I mean financially maybe yeah get out of town zombies there in real town yeah we do have a town actually that's Winston would know just stuff one building and a few towers I'd wanted like a eighth of a tower yeah you're just jealous I'm still running and have no idea where I'm running to because I never saved the coordinates of the house I pretty much memorized them shout amount done thanks negative 197 600 it's just aa that's just a guess them IRA said I had it memorized yeah pretty sure something like that oh that's all I had to said negative 100 close that's six up to it okay I can do this I actually adventuring on my own right now a child until 100 bucks I'm terrible at melee you are gonna dent Chris ball lock up a daggers ball I have a positive KD ratio actually thank you very much from that and Katie definitely depicts how good you are at the game so doosh I don't know like 80 years but it's probably more than once I mean it broke the water again oh it's Zombieland which means there might be stuff no hospital so just kind of suck yeah one comply man I'm in a zombie desert guess what zombies I don't need you I better go find a plane to buy them on my own cuz I've never been this way without a K what you owe me she's gotten a K do you nice I want to mine has a mo yeah go home and get a magazine mine will too oh good like my girly look I'm a man wha if you're like in real like I don't even want this yep be a bla la la I can't bang its regular planes you ruined it yeah they're all gonna be regular planes until I fix it but I never zombie desert whoa what is this beauty there's a nice ravine too bad I know what I got time for ravines I'm busy exploration Inge and such I'm going to find something I'm in a huge Namba desert hopefully I can find wanted like the basis that we have Oh nope made ends Rydia and we go dude do it we are never ever ever gonna find a plant BIOS notes oh we're never going to the nether oh but flight d it is a plane's but like ends zombie plunge yeah then it goes into like a zombie land I'm in a nice regular planes volume two zombies get off of night I'm sorry how do you plant in those trees what a lie I'm at a pretty big planes volume - you've obviously been here um it looks like it this is very weird though because I get the end of this volume with like more zombie stuff it's like sporadic it's weird maybe the world generation isn't messed up at just hates me probably huh wait what is that is that what is that at our house how close are you apparently pretty close now I saw the tower and I thought it was a like the top of the tower and I'm like I said a thing and then I'm like oh no shame hospitals are all white well I just kind of saw the top of it I'm sorry and I just realized yeah okay guys you should what ever you say rain we're in cat winds ringlet gin ring here at home yeah don't tell me you're gonna TP to me Oh tell me I'm never I would never do and it don't tell me I just ran all the way home from Gaza I wasn't even at the house you wouldn't been able to get home anyways dude why did still why did you take all of a stone I'm helping build the Tower so I'm gonna be something productive oh I bet there's a lot of extra stone in your room what what cuz I accidentally may or may not have used her chest without telling you I may or may not have replaced your chest with a trap chest and I forgot about it and I may or may not have hooked it up to some TNT and I may or may not have accidentally activated the TNT because I forgot about it you want to go you want to go yeah that's right that's what I thought you say it we a team we have team team thought what is cheating that is not allowed in the rule books of this game you're not allowed to kill someone with a gun especially when they have 30 freaking XP and we're gonna in chance something yeah my bed look good I hope you have to find your way home huh even though I know that's not gonna happen oh my god come pick up your stuff you disgrace well I'm kind of at spawn you can teleport that's cheating that's cheating so I'm probably gonna do it no killing with guns God take towards our it where's my a K 47 8 hey I set it up so that you would set the trap off and why look who's at the trap aw I forgot it was there did you do that in the last episodes yeah I knew you weren't gonna watch it hey Jeff what my keyboard semanas ammo now I guess what I got your pickaxe what hey I ever got that I'm civil and I'm not gonna use it I'm gonna make new armor too unless I have my mother armored oh I do have some pants ah 64 bones worth it lots of potatoes so worth it okay if you need if you want some broken armor to repair your armor it's in the top right chest how's that stone doing good it's odd when I start with 37 stone and then I craft it I end up with 36 stone bricks that is strange well that's because I had one extra hi cows huh wait who's this is Wilfred Wilfred what are you doing in our new tower it strictly says no iron golems on the sign does it we don't serve your race here you're too white what it's the truth okay with so many cows only zombies in our base I'm in the mood to take them out after I left all this sugarcane can't believe I lost all that XP sure so much oh yeah we have like carrots or something growing potatoes how inch so many people are donating to survival did you put it back up no I don't even know I mean it so many chargeback we should probably work on that probably should I think this episode has been long enough anyways so thank you guys watching if you enjoyed please leave thumbs up leave a comment with your suggestions on what you'd like to see us do in the series and as always stay sex watching no no it's stay sexy and I say see you guys don't you say bye okay and it's always no you don't really buy at the very end do I say like buy or do I say like buy and as always stay sexy see you guys bye capstone boston university order Mannes College The New School for Music.

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