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Capstone project manufacturing syllabus online

Capstone project manufacturing syllabus online capstone mine in az for money 12 night shakespeare movie review ´╗┐considered part of Albertus Capital Region Spruce Grove is a community close to the big city but with the supportive friendly spirit of a smaller center surrounded by central Alberta's parkland and just 11 kilometers west of Edmonton you'll find the city of Spruce Grove it can be a great place to slow down from the hectic pace of life but for one local drag racer her hometown is all about the need for speed you feel the sensation you're getting pin back in your seat a huge adrenaline rush the sort of akin to that feeling right before an airplane takes off and it's it's a celebrating down the runway so it's very fast and there's so many things that could go wrong in that short time frame my name is Courtney Maggio I'm the driver of girl trouble racing we're a funny car team based out of Spruce Grove Alberta I'm a third generation driver so my grandpa started drag racing in 1965 and my dad grew up around that sport so he grew up watching all of this happen and always wanted to be a driver himself so when he was 16 he got his first opportunity to drive so fast forward all these years with her camping and she says dad didn't give me a chance to do this I was like oh all right I'll go race it you know I've been driving ever since enjoyed racing is a quarter-mile stretch of drag strip so it's essentially a dispersed to the finish line straight-line acceleration so it's all about the vehicle successful for sportsmen type race angry your cars are either indexed or you have to set a time that your car is going to run so in my class of the indexof ranges between 7.0 or 6.9 zero seconds and the idea is to tune the car to run exactly that speed so the idea is to go as close that speed without going over prices right rules so if you run a 6.9 3 and the other guy runs a 6.9 1 assuming you have equal reaction times and leave a certain light at the exact same time the faster car is gonna win growing up my dad had I think three jobs just to try to make ends meet as a kid I thought that he was a hero you know like my dad the race car driver it was amazing I idolized him completely and obviously as I've grown older our relationship has changed we see each other more now as equals our partners but he is still my hero and he's taught me everything that I know he's given me all the opportunities that I've had to race and sure now I see that he might not be this huge racing legacy that I thought that he was as a kid he's really just your everyday guy but I don't think it'll ever stop idolizing him you have to have that gene in your body that says this is awesome and I'm gonna give her and that's what makes her good good my top speed so far has been 194 miles per hour I would love to hit that 200 miles per hour mark we'll see if we get through this season here we are today we're at our biggest event of the season at the Rocky Mountain National Zach Asheville Raceway we raced our first path last night in front of you know the great fans we have here in Edmonton unfortunately we did have some issues so ultimately short story it caused some mechanical problems that have left us here in the pits today we're still here putting on a great show for our fans unfortunately we're not going to be racing at this event but that's part of what you expect when you come from a racing life I'm disappointed in myself because while we did have some mechanical issues part of it was driver related and I'm gonna be the first one to admit that so I feel a little bit like I can't let down my team but I know that we can come back from this and we're gonna do proud for our sponsors and for our fans and we'll come back like we always do [Music] so I have my three sisters here to watch which is amazing they don't always make that certain Edmonton I type all of them it's fantastic my boyfriend's here watching me racing he's actually helping out on the pit crew should be a fool purpose to be honest yeah not nervous to drive the car anything else just because you've had some Pender's for cards I said he saved she was tough we talked about don't get freaked out by the big crowd daddy [Laughter] well we're honest 695 599 miles per hour which is one loyal pair off of our goal by Sun she's been a long time coming so really happy about it I like to see her peep go on him you know she's already the first woman in Alberta to drive a funny car she could be the first woman in Canada to drive and I truly find her is accomplishments that you know as a parent you're like man good job kid plenty of parks trails and recreation areas in Spruce Grove mean great opportunities to get out and be active for one local marathon runner the motivation to move isn't just for personal health it's also to enrich the lives of others I've ran all the major marathons of the world which is Tokyo Berlin Boston New York Chicago I don't know how many marathons I've done I'm over thirty half marathons I couldn't tell you I've done three Iron Man's and I've done several half Iron Man's with with with my team Quad Squad so before my accident um I was farthest thing from healthy I was 209 pounds I like to always say as a heart attack waiting to happen I mean I was not healthy whatsoever I was told I was a totally different person in September of 99 I was in a car accident broke my neck I hit a moose after I woke up I was told the news that I would never walk again I didn't sit well with me it's like someone takes a knife and stabbed you it just it's just like what do you mean when before you could walk or you could go play hockey with your boys and you know to be told you're never gonna do that again is just like it's hard so after my accident my doctor told me I'd never on the Boston Marathon and keep my dreams realistic and that was my driving force not only was my kids there like I wanted to be there for them but I wanted to say to the doctor like why can't I at least let me try so I trained 10 years after my accident around my first marathon that was in Maui and it was horrible I finished and then all I just wanted to run it unfortunately I wasn't fast enough to qualify for the Boston Marathon so I had to find a way into Boston and I found a charity team called team flight who helps people with disabilities to participate in endurance events and I fundraised for them and that was my way to get my charity Devon and I've ran Boston now for five consecutive years once blood was started in 2013 what we like to do is is help people with physical disabilities cognitive disabilities that can't propel themselves through endurance events and we'd better be a 5k race a 10k race half marathon full marathon whatever our athletes want to do we will do our best to make sure that we can do that it was a little bit tough because people don't believe it can be done they're like no you don't want to do that and we don't want to further hurt our son or daughter that has a disability when in turn we're trying to let them know that there is something else out there and just they don't be confined to the walls of their home or their hospital bed and it's an opportunity for them to get out and see things most people look at Chadron they think that she doesn't know anything that she's not cognitive or not there but really she's a smartest person in the room she had a brain injury when she was 16 before that she was very much into sport it's very active she was kind of depressed a little bit and then she had Morrie and actually got out into Ronnie and seen then she was really quite happy since then she was able to start to downhill skiing as well and normal sports that she loved doing before well she didn't like down this game before but now she loves done okay it's it's amazing the difference it's making in them that I've seen their will to get out there and enjoy it is just is is huge and knowing that you're a part of it it is so rewarding and they're so happy to be out there doing it oh yeah we went to San Diego this year and we rocked Carlsbad in a full marathon when you have an accident like mine you learn to appreciate life in a different way don't dwell on the bat don't dwell on all well I was this way it's like a nasty cancer inside always just eat you alive and it doesn't it doesn't bring you into a better place you can improve I mean it's it's you know like I was I was pretty much at the lowest point you can get but you may not get to be where you were the day before your accident or the day before what it but I step forward it's a step forward the Royal Canadian Mounted Police have been keeping watch in Alberta for more than 100 years Spruce Grove resident corporal Kimberly Muller is carrying on the tradition and is making a special effort to bring positive change to her community this is a career that I've dreamed about since I was a child I don't remember exactly how old I was but I know like junior high-ish my whole family went to a grad of my cousin she was one of the very first Aboriginal women in the RCMP so to see her do that we were like wow and you see that you kind of think I can do that I remember on day one they went around the room like asking over but had to who are you worried from and why did you join the RCMP and you know so here I am hi I'm Kim Miller I'm from Phoenix Tony plane and I want to work with youth and I remember a few other police officers looking at me kind of like crazy like what are you doing here then like you should be teaching or maybe a youth worker you know working with kids is something I'm passionate about [Music] I met Kim three years ago through working here I have children coming in asking questions about awareness possibly drugs and alcohol at times so I would have Kim come in and bring some of the knowledge that she has and then from there she had decided to start this program and she asked me to go facilitate the girls can help us design placards for each display you know what is this much fun what about the TV and they can maybe talk about the polls and the teachings for each people I have this beautiful group of young ladies that I work with I had started this program called safe and what that stands for is strategies for Aboriginal female empowerment it really was in response to the murdered and missing indigenous women I don't think myself as an Aboriginal woman when I'm walking down the street that I'm a target by and large there's a connection maybe it's a lifestyle to choices that are going on in these people's lives that leads them down a certain path so I think that if we take our young women and help them to be strong healthy independent leaders in the community we well over time see this whole issue become a thing of the past we really do follow the medicine wheel teaching so making sure your physical your spiritual self are all grounded and connected and then mental health sexual health again boundaries relationships drugs alcohol we want to address some of these things or risk factors that well eventually in most teenage lives kind of rear its ugly head so our program doesn't look to just shake our finger and say don't do these things but teach them if you do find yourself in a bad situation what then what do you do dating violence is any kind of intention whether it's psychological physical or sexual is a type of abuse as a friend what do you think you should do if you see someone being treated poorly some maybe don't have healthy adult mentors in their lives you know there's a lot of factors over hundreds of years that kind of came together you know colonisation in residential schools so if Barbie and I could even just be that strong women role model that they can connect with and you see that you think I can be that to like I really want them to have confidence to have self-esteem I just want them to come out of their shells explore what they can be you just kind of smile and say I helped to be a part of that the landscape of Spruce Grove has changed over the years as the city's borders have expanded one artist is working to capture this transformation through giant panoramic photography [Music] study mathematics as an undergraduate and masters that shifted into working in computing work in Silicon Valley for a three and a half four years and that's when I decided that I wanted to go to art school and move back to Canada it's not an easy road to take I would say it's certainly from a financial standpoint it was not the greatest decision I left a substantial like a well-paying career and shifting this I mean that really does not have a whole lot of financial awards attached to it I work on film in terms of my commercial photographic practice it's all digital that's what people want and need but for my art practice I'm still really interested in the materials of film and its quality its aesthetic quality so the way it captures color and light and detail in a way that you can't get digital in the same way so I grew up in Spruce Grove and my parents and my brother and his family are still there so I go to Spruce Grove quite regularly like the we drive industry scrub all the time is just off of highway 16 and so I saw this hill and the way the subdivision was developing behind it and I found that the viewpoint from the hill and the way it interrupted your view of what was behind it I was not really aesthetically interesting and then the opportunity to do the RBC show came up and hence that that sort of evolved into this piece the AJ piece is a large full installation consists of two images the pieces interact with each other so there's a foreground element that's a photograph of a large Hill and then a background element which is a subdivision behind that hill and they're meant to sort of engage with each other visually and they're quite large and they print on fabric my intention is always that the viewer will walk around the piece and engage with that construction and that false element so this was done in 2005 is about the wave and kuru be transformed by the Olympics so it was a series of works looking at different locations that I thought at this time we're gonna undergo substantial change that a long-term interest in landscape landscape usage and modification and and how the Canadian landscape is used and sort of mythologized in some way in terms of our ideals of what landscape means versus our actually use of it so that was a thematic vein in a number of my works in the past [Music] there are themed attic things that I find really interesting and so I just want to keep engaging with them in new ways it's just what I would like to be doing so to have that opportunity to take some form of abstract idea and actually make it manifest in a way that is hopefully kind of of interest it's visually engaging aesthetically engaging mentally stimulating in some way and to actually have the opportunity to create that Spruce Grove is home to so many amazing people who are the people you love in your community tell us about them by emailing story hive at Telus calm we will see you soon [Music] [Applause] [Music] capstone securities analysis private limited pune maharashtra for money The Juilliard School.

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