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Capstone project ideas for college online

Capstone project ideas for college online capstone mining company for money economic essay writing ´╗┐Thank You Jenny for those very kind words I'm not sure what I got what I have to get yeah I didn't mean the title of president doesn't present happiness between two people or is it a PhD that God needs here never unless I'm here good afternoon president distinguished guests please attend to it thank you for inviting me to be a commencement speaker for the graduate class of NV 2010 it is indeed a privilege and honor for me to say if you would speak they no doubt you're expecting some pose or Vista the key question that confronts most of you today would be what and where a mix I would attempt to provide some useful signposts based on my personal experience and perspective as there's no one-size-fits-all for those who have enjoyed the academic challenge and when an environment we may wish to pursue a PhD in the field of your choice our subject of an area of a positive interest maybe not not taste but I record a conversation I had made my tutor some time back whether I should pursue a master's one year has seen American chemistry or HD in the discernible all right I must say that I chose the letter and never regretted the choice as the PhD gave me a passport a higher office with the added confidence and in my thought process to be their hand so I didn't grab them but 30 years ago when I first started working everybody asked me with a page deep restore in university but today it is not so it is just a matter of either academic qualification with better training and better cook in a very challenging world for those who wish to consider pursue a career in other areas my advice would be try to work in a profit Center rather than a closet it's easy to get your new laptop I've tagged whatever in a profit Center let me show you I guess money is not the main consideration for everybody my believe is if we have money we have more choices or but like person had said you have to keep back to society that's very important too and the reason why and the trigger is that money is very important so money has always been achieved my personal target first day we discussed society later there was when I was younger if I look at your market today the market is very much in your favor I'm sure when you first started they could be a few regrets should I have embarked on this course will I have a job when I finish did I do the right thing I think you didn't like them but don't wait for too long to choose for the right job that comes along because you wait too long for the right job and of the market for too long you'll find employment increasingly more difficult when you walk out here you are a custodian of SMU MBAs reputation and you have to bear in mind tender - we've tried a lot of high spec tation of the output with what quality your work ethic and the ability to produce under pressure will be more severe just because we have empty will be stretched then they naturally move this range but the same time don't be afraid to ask questions you don't need to know everything but you need ask questions especially from those who have deep corporate knowledge especially in the corporate operation and those who could affect the future the key question which I always ask myself and maybe you read as a service this is the best I can do is this the best I can do if y'all says yes to sleep some do not think that we may sense critics and career flags in all your life and the journey instead of smooth you must have a can-do attitude is very very important the best response to any cynic critics that come your way would be to prove them wrong let me show you I had my fair share of cynics and critics in my 13 years of show I've survived who will then wrong again again it's ok you it is why struggle to identify so-called players in organization in the workplace players are people who can influence senior leaders to achieve the result that you want especially projects therefore you need to make an effort to identify for these three years and work with them and free time so the old adage of what is not what you know this beautiful comes and you'll be surprised how to use ugly make in multinationals it is not decisions are not made after you buy the PowerPoint presentation it has already inside it before your own that's like most other great things happen usually the registration fee of ten years so therefore is important not to migrate and move from industry to the industry but to stay in an area where you like where you enjoy very happy to work be a deep smart in organization by doing so you'll be valued internally and you may achieve higher value externally to in any organization if you do not have a high internal value you're most likely to be that elated first with any the organization so it's the hydrilla market is quite crucial and if you have a high external value you can actually leverage a negotiate let me tell you a story more than ten years ago when my new boss arrived in Singapore job market was very hot and he asked me Phillip so what do you think our job market market is very hot this and since he was a mathematician from Oxford so I put him I have a three to one principle 51 3 means to something off for me offers me 3 times my current salary of your they stopped the offer to be twice I'll think maybe I'm going to if I'm not happy I'll be going to he looked at me he said nothing continue this coffee and dessert where you must thinking guess what happened the following day at a composition we meet Phillip I'd be thinking what is set up on a 3 to 1 we have just revised salary in a younger set I think I hurt once on Teen Mom nothing ventured nothing gained you do not even get so go for it it is also on reflection a clear signal to check whether you are there in organization but if you think you are not there yet don't put the test it is a pretty high risk but it's actually that I take this in addition to what I just said having spent 13 years and 12 different positions in shell in Singapore in London I have a personal contest so if you love our compass north south east and west that's how I see myself the north represent commercial roofing material self represents my technical training back on the east and west west represents my training academic training as a scientist a chemist and and the work and is represented by Singapore Eastern identity so yeah you have this and I can move between north south east and west and to me that is my compass for last 30 years fruit people are successful if you are very mathematically inclined an actor is that axis which is somewhere between the origin the arrow that points with you internal we should reflection the one upward external so internal and external please produce for the part and if you are comfortable in maybe east-west and commercial and technical if you have that ability you can sort of add a lot of value to yourself into the corporation so in addition to the personal complexes I have I have two following things to say it's gotta have passion the must-haves to me you don't have a passion you will not see you through number of things could have energy and the ability to energize high energy gets results I've seen that in action ability to execute most fast plans fail because of poor execution and you gotta embrace technology ivy 3,000 RSS per day just to stay hidden or knowledgeable time management control your calendar otherwise order to control your calendar communication be precise and we don't send long emails that nobody understands I have a 20 second moon in the office if I don't get it in 20 seconds and you don't tell me what you want in 20 seconds will be a part to me read in my heart box so complete tell me exactly what one's for information for decision whatever so be precise in the communication the art of asking question why is big good one I'm sure you've been told and treated I firmly believe in innate talent but talent alone doesn't get you very far we need to have hard work and analyse per se and hard work is very important and those just won't read the news but do something in the news and I saw this advertisement today in Business Times I like what is imprinted who says how graduates don't just read the news they maintain very good but don't appear this time is going on so as a trader very simple victory decisions every day I get paid for it either buy or sell what don't do anything very simple probably loose money but neither true globalised world your personal mobility is going to be quite important competition is global not regional or local you should benchmark with the best of the very best and stay ahead of the game if we do not keep yourself up to date your knowledge your current knowledge has been said Bowtique a 50 percent every three years decay 50% every trees so if you don't do that this half life isn't catch up with you very soon so we can widely wait for magazines books keep yourself up to date expand your depth and breadth of knowledge whether directly or indirectly related to your work self reflection sometimes called mental recognition it's also very important which is which allow sufficient time to reflect yourself and what you have done frequently consists of reflection is important most success CEOs do this all the time and they are responsible for the errors and no one else and that's very important a few questions to help you with your mantle recognition and instruction questions like what do you really want what do you really want what do you really believe what would you do and the key question here is is this the best you can do to me it's still the best question and in today's world retirement age seems to be extended more and more I thought 55 then 69-62 now 65 Lincoln long and is go to 67 so need to pace yourself if you do a sprint they'll be burned up in no time this is America so don't be a pace setter for other people's failure take on this America but having spoken of our success we need to think about what will cost you to trip up in the career now say a few words here the causes of failure in corporate career normally are usually associated with behavior greed and sex integrity trust moral value and the media media can trip you up so p1 media usually or write whatever you want misquote you and publish in a way that will increase the circulation so beware - victim media so in conclusion well done congratulations for your cabinet achievement - a feat the rain remains for me to wish this class of MV the very best in the devil in a successful career one day one of you may be invited back here on stage to say a few words for graduation class you write for me it capstone thesis title Mannes College The New School for Music.

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