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Capstone project ideas for 8th grade order

Capstone project ideas for 8th grade order write for me what is a capstone for college madcow program results report j to get that hundred point mark obviously you're on the bench at that point but did that mean something at all to you guys have to see that third did you go up oh it's just a testament to how deep our team is and you know it's not really a drop off from with its core with his defense you know we got some lowest of the pontoon but other than that we got a lot of a lot of firepower I always say and uh no it's not really a big drop off when people come out so see that hundred front gloves is really cool first four minutes it looked like more the same from Monday as we're struggling to find a new rhythm offensively what kind of change at that point was it just finally seeing one of the three pointers fall and all of a sudden everything kind of took off um but yeah well for me personally ya see one else go ahead and found this it was good but other than that you know just having confidence in the persistence that we had a practice to trying to get the ball reversed and you know swinging from side to side was really uh really I you know I when our points and so once we got those going and we're getting a lot of assists you know seeing the ball reversal Ike that good teamwork place really kept us going so yes you know is it what kind of vegetable purchase to get the ball moving and to get out of that isolation I think what do you guys have to do it just like for us to screen for each other swimming for each other and you know swing too fast and making out reads fast well they make our read fast in sureness with the ball you know know where we're going to pass it and who's open stuff like that that's really that's really key so if we if we stamp the ball and hold it hold it sometimes gets our office of those static but look at the moment minute song okay honey help mention the bench 49 bench points that I hate I it's kind of incredible the way that you guys were able to break in that second unit I don't important what was that sniper for the best offer that you just showed our death know anybody to play anytime you know that's what that's what makes our practice is so competitive swimming that anybody can go anybody needs a straight competition roll around and it's great to have everybody involved you know the defensive pressure never seemed really last few minutes contains is that sort of a point of pride for you guys that even as the lead continued to grow out there that the defensive pressure not stop yes most definitely coach told us to keep the bar pressure up the whole game burn off another up the gas pedal and that's just what he told me he want us to focus on defense even if we got up about 10-20 it doesn't matter which is going to play defense when we have to play our key things the way that that weight force attacked you guys in the class did you guys take that little personally watching film okay boy that had kind of went down it was so set at that you know just the effort from the guards did you guys take that kind of personally and bring it this was definitely felt disrespected they came in our house and pretty much control the boards and shooters like we had a little brother you know we really took that personally through our practice we worked on a lot of rebounding drills a lot of our cars coming back be back in kind of down to eating on the pigs and helping the kids out because we do have to offer our beings Jay in particular view on the class tonight nine rebound to be this close to double double you know that was something that I don't you had mentioned if you feel you guys people the way you wanted to otherwise yeah we to say we performing win 12 is this a little you know we got to meet our standard but you know you ever wanted to be we did we did a good job he did really good job making that our focus and making you know rebounding and defense I focus of the game it was really allowed us to push the ball yeah well you know pleased with our guys I thought I think it shows up in the minutes I think it shows up in the assist just a collective effort trying to establish our identity as a team of what we're going to be about I thought we did a better job you know regards to the opponent of you know just taking care of the things we need to take care of whether it's guarding the basketball finishing possessions but most of all sharing the basketball getting to getting more than one side on the attack the guys there to talk about how important to you though to fake that statement as you guys can you know not really what's more important I guess is how you do it and we got 23 assists and I think you saw tonight that really we have an entire roster for guys that are capable of passing the basketball you're not big guys have steel passing the ball we didn't put that on display all the other night I thought we took quick shots he'll advise shots we didn't move the ball like I think this team is going to evolve into that type of of a unit and I was pleased did I against the team that really works hard they try to scramble you and make you shoot it quick and getting that game up and down I thought we made the extra pass an awful lot to Magwitch first four minutes there it looked a lot like the wake forest game you took an early timeout how very pretty what do you think change it was a cage I'm hitting that three kind of loosen things up does that you know I think that was a bucket and K John's one we guys I signified in the locker room as far as getting us started but I really think that the approach that Jonathan Stark took tonight and EF I was five assists one turnover but I thought he really set the tone to get in get the ball inside out all those kind of things and once we did it then everybody started getting confidence j-hook started making shots k job everybody and then there were some interior passes and I thought once guys went in Peyton Henson did it did a nice job then I thought it was cut flowed from there what was just like watching film I think a lot I think we're still not where we need to be but I thought the talk of our bench was fantastic everybody got the message and we were all able to evaluate and analyze as the game was going on in two possessions are going on who who may be missed an assignment who didn't do what they're supposed to we have to get all those things short up if we're going to go to where we want to go as a team this year and not it's a process and we won't forget the other night very very soon this stretch now you know entering for the end of the month view cir winnable games coming into your building as traditionally beaten how important is it to get it started in and show that you guys are not just win with win convincingly against competition I think we gotta show consistency in our play you know if you do that the numbers will come out the way they need them to I I do think that the schedule that's what some of the team's coming in is has a little bit missing how I think it's a little bit into releasing some stern test in there but we need those you know we welcome those we've got to find that consistency in our play in all areas and and really the physicality on the board is one you mentioned establishing something on the inside getting our rotation down pat but most of all continue to share the ball moving side to side 49 does this kind of show you that those rotations that you were trying to make on Monday can you know kind of run guys over and over again use a lot of rotations like that all different types of a bonus but that's three times we've got out there four times against outside competition a scrimmage an exhibition in tonight and in all ways to wake forest three out of four times we had chemistry and we float you know we did not do that the other night I think a lot of that had to do with being self-inflicted you know if you look at the box score from the wake forest game they played the same amount of guys ten-plus minutes I think then we did they played like 10-11 to and you know so you know supposedly they had better rhythm you know and you know and I hate to keep going back to that game but but it certainly that's why you play games like that to give you an assessment give you information and if you forget to let those lessons just because your next outing was favorable then you really didn't take advantage of that schedule capstone paper com order Sage Colleges.

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