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Capstone project ideas electrical engineering online

Capstone project ideas electrical engineering online do my capstone writing a research paper the reporter real or satire cartoons ´╗┐all my definitely going to need 100% gonna need trust me drinking water is very important what's up you guys welcome to another video in my channel my name is Chris and I'm actually going to be a sophomore at San Jose State University so yeah so anyways today I'm going to be doing one of my first college videos for this coming school year and I know that we're still in summer and I still have about three weeks buff which is actually really a lot of time anyways yeah I'm starting up school soon and yes school for some people might be sowing already so I wanted to get started on some of these college videos and this was by far one of the most requested I actually asked you guys on Twitter you guys don't follow me there you follow me at San Fran Crisco I got the most votes for a video all about what to brings and one not to bring to college the first year student I know that you kind of go in not knowing anything so I want to put out a video for anyone who is curious as to what to bring or not to bring just so that you don't over pack or under pack these are all just based on my personal experience after being in college last year so I put together a little compiled list of things and I'm just going to be reading them off you guys and hopefully you guys will find it simple also feel free to leave me a comment down below saying what year you are or what school you're at yeah I just wanna get to know you guys it's really interesting to see where all my viewers are from so without further ado let's get this video started the number one thing that I cannot stress enough that you don't need are all of your clothes and all of your shoes hi literally rot probably over 20 pairs of shoes to college when I first started and you know that makes no sense whatsoever because the only shoes that I ended up wearing all year were met Birkenstocks my converse and maybe another pair of running shoes for the gym or something but damn 20 greatness you can even imagine how much room that takes in your closet so I would totally suggest just bringing your basic everyday type of shoe ones that you think that you will be slipping on and off you're not going to need a bunch of high heels and boots and sneakers in every single color as far as clothes go I would suggest not bringing offseason clothes so for me when I go back to school in San Jose it's actually really really warm so no I'm probably not going to need my winter coats and my sweaters and my boots and all that where you go to school and what the weather is like there you should bring clothes according to that and then if you go home for a break whatever then you can like switch out your clothes once the weather starts to change that way you have more room in your closet so it suggests packing light on clothes and shoes next I would not suggest bringing a bunch of mugs a bunch of tumblers a bunch of cups because really you're not going to use them all I'm sure a lot of you guys enjoy drinking coffee and tea and all that stuff and maybe you have like a cute little mug collection that you think that you might need in college trust me you really won't if anything you should just bring with you one of your favorite mug other than all you got a cups but you don't really use are just going to take up space in your room and collect so the next thing I would suggest not bringing would be an excessive amount of kitchen stuff and by this I mean like bold utensils all of that I didn't really find that I needed a whole lot of this because I wasn't really eating in my dorm a lot anyways if you have a meal plan and you're most likely going to be eating there most of the time or maybe getting out with your friends but of course it's always just having some utensils in your dorm readily available for when you do eat in your room I wouldn't suggest bringing a whole stock load of plates and bowls and cups and forks and knives and all next thing that you do not need to bring are a ton of school supplies my biggest suggestion for school supplies would be to wait it out a little bit until your first week of classes so that way you can get a supplies list from all your teachers then you can figure out what you need accordingly so that way you don't have an excessive amount of notebooks or binders or paper and all that desk space is also limited in college so it's good to just have watching you through classes nothing more in college I find that a lot of the work that I did was on my laptop or on Google Docs or whatever so yeah I would suggest waiting till II do you tell you what you should get through that class and figure it out there so the next one some people might not agree with but this is just something that I found that I did not need in college and this was a bunch of leisure books I know that reading is really good and if you like to leisurely read that's great it's awesome and I'm not telling you that you should stop that but it's my freshman year I brought a bunch of different books that I was planning on reading over the course of the year but I really didn't actually have the time to read them in college you're probably going to be doing a lot more readings for your classes so for me at least it was hard to make time to read on my own you're the tech person who you know loves to read before they go to bed totally go for it but just don't bring an excessive amount of books okay so this next one definitely you do not need to bring all of your makeup the reality is or at least for me in college I didn't have much time to come full face of makeup every day nor did I even want to because some day and I would just be super lazy not even put on makeup some days I would just put on very basic every day so I was makeup I wouldn't suggest bringing all of your makeup palettes and all of your brushes and only your foundations I would totally suggest just bringing the necessities things for your everyday sort of makeup routine and yeah next thing that you should not bring to college are a bunch of different bags and backpacks and purses I literally had like two different school backpacks for different purses random duffle bags all of my room which on site takes up so much space really don't eat it all I think you really need is one school backpack maybe a little purse that you can use when you like go friends or whatever and then maybe like one gym bag or some sort of duffel bag for when you go to the gym or if you're on like a school club sports team next on the list of what not to bring are a bunch of pillows and a bunch of blankets so my freshman dorm I had this duvet right here and then I had one extra blanket for if I ever bought a little bit cold and then I just had two or three pillows I think that's like the perfect amount would not suggest me a bunch of decorative pillows again it's just going to take up space in your dorm next I definitely don't suggest stocking up on chances and conditioners and lotions dealers and all those sort of toiletries in your dorm room because I think those type of toiletries are easier to repurchase rather than just stocking up on them and having them just sit there in your dorm room next I would not suggest bringing a bunch of towels these end up taking a lot of space in your dorm room especially in drawers or whatever honestly you could probably just get away with bring big bath towel and one maybe face towel it's definitely okay to have like a spare towels laying around in your dorm rooms but don't bring three bath towels and three face towels like I did so those are pretty much all the things that I don't think you need for college it's kind of a trend going on and that is that you really don't need to bring a lot of duplicates of things next I'm going to try and quickly run through all the things that I think that you do need for college so something that I think would be great in any college dorm room would be a printer some people might say that printers are super bulky and you got to pay for ink and all that sort of stuff which is totally true but looking back at my freshman year I typed up so many essays and I needed to print all of those for my teachers me of all people should have had a printer lettering because I always had to either borrow a friend's printer or go to a librarian frigate or go to sing union sometimes it's really inconvenient especially if you're trying to print something before class but of course this is totally up to you and if you have a roommate you can definitely try and coordinate if I had a printer in my room things would be a lot easier and it would have been really convenient next thing I would suggest bringing is a water filter or like a Brita or something like that last year for me I did not have a water filter in my room and I really wish that I did okay compression time some people think that I'm like weird for saying that the water tastes and was like a bit of emphasis go but you just gotta try it I don't know if this mean just being super extra or something but for me some places just the top water is not that great I think having a water filter in my room for our next year it will definitely help me stop using like plastic water bottle because it cost money and it's just constant environment it's not actually listening to my next necessity that I think you need for college and that would be a reusable water bottle I have a hydro class I don't know where it is but a 40-ounce hydro flask and it carries a lot of water it keeps my water cold I would totally suggest just having one reusable squirrel-like is your go-to but you keep filled all the time you bring with you all the time so you could stay hydrated because drinking water is very important next sort of essential for any college dorm room would definitely be some room decor I'm not saying that you have to go crazy with it and buy everything that's like matching and have a whole scene to your room but I do think that having some nice bed sheets that you picked out or having sons like pictures or cool wall prints or something like that it just adds a nice touch to your room and helps make your room more homey for me personally having some sort of like aesthetic to my room helped make my room somewhere that I wanted to be I actually liked my dorm room betters in my room back home because you know I was able to personalize it and add my creative touch to it and I got to redesign and sort of reinvent this new space got to create my own aesthetic which was pretty cool next thing I would suggest bringing to college would be a mattress topper and I did not have one to use my freshman year but I definitely want to get one for my sophomore year firstly I'm not a very picky person when it comes to mattresses but I know that for some people college matches are not going to be very comfortable so having a magic chopper will definitely save your back and make your bed extra comfy because they've got those nice memory sometimes I'm gonna get one for sure the next thing is a mini Sam and I would totally be just bringing it especially if you are going to school where it's going to be super hot yes this is going to be a life favorite having that little detail on this desk I'm just sitting in chilling try to pull up mm-hmm you can also use your mini fan for other things such as drying your hair while you're putting on your makeup or drying your nails it'd be nice and you can't go wrong oh my god okay this next thing you are definitely going to need 100% gonna need a long phone charger you get an iPhone and you use the board that comes with the iPhone you know that cord is only maybe like what three seats really short I actually just purchased a 10 foot charger in it so excited to use it next year because literally going to be able to reach from one side of my room to the other and I'm so excited my regular iPhone charger was not even long enough for me to like just lay in bed and use my phone comfortably you're not a long charger is super convenient because it could be plugged in by your bed but you can still use it by your desk or vice versa I don't know it's a good thing and trust me it's going to be helpful oh and you go along with that I would definitely suggest being extension cords or like power strips because dormitories usually only come with me one or two Ella's on either side of the room so it's nice to just have extra spaces to plug in your other devices next sort of essential for college would definitely be a set of like plastic drawers so I brought one like these for my room and just put them right underneath my closet under all the clothes that were hanging there's nothing really much to this I think that's just convenient because it's just another sort of storage unit just in case like the dresser that is providing your room or whatever it does not hold enough stuff it's nice to have little classic jerseys that you could keep in your closet but you can store more stuff next thing but I would totally suggest for any college dorm room would be some medicine you don't do crazy and bring like all sorts of medications in whatever but I would definitely suggest bringing like a supply of nyquil dayquil and maybe some emergency those are the things I use the most my freshman year if I was ever feeling slightly sick or bi was sick I would just take an ankle and take a nice Bowl and you know that was that also if my friends are sick then I could give us a Bennett as well and emergency is just really good because it's pretty much just vitamin C anyone need that so having like a small plug that's though for a case is super convenient because being sick in college is not fun okay and I think this is the last thing that I'm going to be including in this video but it's some sort of thing to carry your keys or a D in your meal plan card or whatever any of that stuff I would totally suggest going with something like a lanyard or a wristlet which is what I had last year or maybe one of those cases I can sit on the back of your phone I'm suggesting this because you're definitely going to need your student ID room key like wherever you go so having it be on something that's very confusing to hold um yeah it's good to be alive saver alright guys so that concludes this video all about what you should and should not bring to college of course everything that I mentioned is based off of my personal experience and everyone's different so you know to take this to this suggestion I just want to help some people out because I know that some people might have no idea what they should bring if you guys know of any other things that people should and should not bring to college definitely leave those down below so that we can all help each other out if you found this video helpful definitely give it a big thumbs up and subscribe because I'm going to be posting so many more college videos we'll call the start to get and I'm so excited so fat I'm sad to suffer from a shoulder exercise for this video I will see you guys in the next one [Music] do my capstone builders waiheke Parsons The New School for Design.

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