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Capstone project ideas economics order

Capstone project ideas economics order capstone pain management fort worth make my dissertation methodology on literature for me ´╗┐hey this is marie forleo and you are watching marietv the place to be to create a business and life you love and this is Q&A Tuesday and today's question comes from Shauna and she writes hi Marie I've been beating myself up because I haven't made a lot of progress in my business for a very long and humiliating time I finally discovered a huge reason that I'm not moving forward it's because I'm afraid of the trappings of success you see freedom is my number one value and I'm afraid that becoming successful will overwhelm me and take away my freedom instead of giving me more this fear paralyzes me and even though I'm not handling much right now I'm already feeling overwhelmed and tired any thoughts tips or tricks would be greatly appreciated Shauna PS you effing rock you have been rocked - Shauna so Shauna this is an awesome question I know many people millions of people struggle with this including myself I've often had that same belief that more success could equal less freedom and it's not a great feeling to have and to help answer today's question I've brought one of my very dear friends dr. Cathy Kola is here with us today and you're going to love dr. Cathy because not only is she amazingly smart she is an Oxford grad but she is a Mehta physician and manifesting consultant and what that means is she helps people create powerful lasting change in their lives and one of the ways that she does that is through working with the power of the subconscious mind whew this is so good woman this is so good thank you so much first of all happy to be here for being on marietv so um it sounds like Shauna is having a little bit of trouble between what she consciously wants which is growing her business and it sounds like she has a fear of success is that what you heard definitely sounds that way right so we can we can hear the tension or the major conflict between her conscious goal building a successful business and her subconscious fears about how that might limit her freedom so Cathy tell us why our subconscious minds have so much power over us well the reason is is it's estimated that approximately about 3% of your processing power just mind the rest of it the other 97% subconscious autonomic automatic you don't think about how you digit digest food you don't normally think about how you breathe all your habits go on automatic pilot so by far our greatest processing powerhouse is our subconscious mind scientists will tell you that the power of the subconscious is perhaps a million times greater of the conscious than the conscious mind that's amazing a million times greater yeah and the point of that is not to say that your ego and your will are weak they are extremely powerful the point is to recognize that as powerful as they are there exists an asset within us that is even more powerful than that so that's why work with the subconscious mind and why I encourage other people to get their subconscious mind on board and trying to make what they want happen in their lives we normally try to make what we want happen through our conscious determination and our ego and our sweat blood and tears right which is tough going as is and I'm very familiar with that which we've helped me with right so but especially when it's going over and against something in the other 97% it becomes the task of Sisyphean proportions you remember Sisyphus right the king in Greek mythology who was punished to an eternity of rolling a boulder up a hill right lane to watch it roll back down right so this is a version of what Shawn is experiencing herself errors rather her conscious mind might be saying I want success right hopefully it is also saying I am worthy of success but if something in the other 97% say thinks otherwise I don't want success that's what she's going to be getting or manifesting at minimum she's going to find her somewhere on that Sisyphean mountain trying to push her Boulder named success up to the top or prevent the backslide so Kathy if your subconscious mind is that powerful it almost seems like it's the boss and like Shawna would almost need like her boss's approval to sign off on something that she wants is that right I see why you would say that because at a power a million times greater than the conscious mind it's clear who's going to win right but the truth is that Shawn is meant to be the boss she's meant to be you know she's meant to manage this asset this most effective powerful and efficient employee by giving it good and clear direction so if you think of your subconscious as a compute right you understand that it's going to take its programming and run with it right and it's your job to make sure that it's programming is in functional if not optimal alignment with your goals and you do this by programming reprogramming and debugging at regular intervals and in concert with those goals as you become aware of them as they change and so on so the great news is that once you get your subconscious on board that Sisyphean mountain turns into a molehill much like instituting your habits you don't actually even Institute them doesn't take a lot of thought doesn't take a lot of effort you just kind of do them that's the power of your subconscious mind and that's the power of the asset that we're all born with and your job as president and CEO of yourself and your life is to get the most out of this most dependable and capable employee that you will ever have at your disposal so it's much it's much less about asking for permission than it is about gaining mastery and being adept Kathy this is so exciting and I love talking about this with you so it sounds like that Shauna really can get her subconscious mind in alignment with her conscious goals and I know because you and I have worked together and how brilliant you are that you give people very clear steps so can you share with us the clear steps to get your subconscious mind in alignment with your conscious goals sure so step one after you recognize the resistance is to be humble don't assume you know anything let alone everything about your resistance you want to trust the subconscious long enough to learn from it you want to trust that it is something intelligent and wise to say because it does Shawna's for example is reminding her of her non-negotiable desire for freedom Kathy I love that so in essence what you're saying is it's about listening to the wisdom that we can find in our resistance is that right okay awesome so what step two so step two is to get specific what is the fear or fears exactly what are the associations with having or getting what you want what exactly is it that the subconscious is looking out for you want to interview your subconscious like you would anybody are trying to get information from which is with genuine curiosity and compassion you want to let it make its case you want to hear its case there is priceless wisdom and information in there for you so it's not enough for example for Shauna to know that she's afraid of the trappings of success much less afraid of success in general she wants to know what trappings specifically what freedoms in particular does she think she's going to have to sacrifice her success is it more projects is it more people depending on her this will tell her more about what she wants so step two is to get details and applaud whatever you find applaud it before you judge it because you you know what you normally associate with you is by far not the smartest thing within you the next step step three would then be to make a promise right you want to set the intention to work it out with your subconscious not to work against it I love that so Shauna's fear is saying to her look I'm afraid that if you become successful you're going to be tied to your desk you can be on the phone all day you're going to be me even more stressed out and strapped out have no fun have no time for family and friends and love and everything else you want in life right Shauna is Shauna can make her fear are not a non-issue by making a promise listen friend I hear you I understand what you're saying and I really appreciate you looking out if greater success means greater strain more exhaustion having less freedom and time for myself in my life I won't do it I will only do it if that's not what it means I promise and then of course she wants to be a good partner in crime for herself to rely on which is to keep her promise but in any case by making this promise we see the tension is dissipated right and it makes space for herself and her subconscious to open up to the idea of success and to pursuing it Cathy this is so delicious and I'm just I like want to eat you up right now and what I'm hearing you say is through making the promise it's about honoring what is truly important to ourselves and making a commitment to ourselves to really honor that wisdom and honor what we truly want in our lives so what step 4 step 4 is to get examples so evidently Shauna's subconscious has a lot of negative examples about what happens when you become successful she wants to douse her subconscious and positive examples and case studies people whose lives have improved as a result of their success in business people whose freedom has increased as a result of their success people who have built successful businesses and have more time to do what they love Murray he's a great example in this respect I mean it's part of the mission statement to help women live rich happy and hot right yes complete opposite of overworked exhausted and crushed by the weight of their duties obligations and desk yes so she wants to find examples can be people she knows people she doesn't know famous people doesn't matter the point is to let the subconscious know what's possible to let it know that it is possible to marry or to satisfy all sides of her heart and mind the subconscious will do anything that you tell it it's possible so the more examples that she finds and gives the more she encourages and reinforces the idea this is definitely possible and lets her subconscious know what it's working towards oh this is getting better and better do we have so we have one more step to go right more steps step 5 step 5 is to solidify and affirm so the more you wouldn't grain your new perspective in your subconscious the more you can capitalize on its power and its resources to facilitate and even to execute towards your goal on your behalf which of course right means it's easier to materialize to manifest it to get what you want so a good affirmation for Shauna is success increases my freedom in life I love that success increases my freedom in line right perfect for all of us and more than an affirmation because an affirmation right it implies kind of I have to defend or improving something and so there's an element of doubt right you really want to think about it like a reminder it is a reminder it's a reminder of what is possible it will also serve as a reminder of the road the only Road in light of the promise that she's made above that she is taking she wants to repeat it as often as feels goods to her but before you fall asleep right before you fall asleep right upon waking and during after meditation are some of the best times to access the subconscious mind I love this you just told us had a completely reprogram or get an alignment our subconscious mind with what we want I think this is just genius and I just want to say a personal testament to your work that you know I've known each other for years I've worked with you in several different capacities but this stuff works I will tell you that I've worked with Cathy the number of different occasions and it is so amazing what happens when you approach yourself in this gentle way because that's one of the things that I really love about what you teach is it's not about fighting yourself and it's not about force or pushing through it's about gentle introspection and it's a really wise way to approach getting what you want I just think it's genius yeah and capitalizing on the wisdom that exists within you with which isn't just your ego in your consciousness like you're brilliant there's a lot of power there there's a lot of intelligence there but you can also make use of a greater amount of wisdom and insight that's within you too so that's why I work that way I love it okay so for everyone watching let's review from the top are five steps to reprogramming is that okay for you call it yeah are getting your conscious on board on board with our conscious goal so step one step one is to after you recognize is to be humble be humble awesome step two get specific get specific so we want to get the specific details about what that fear is and really interview our subconscious and know specifically what what those fears are step three step three is to make a promise mm-hmm so make a commitment to yourself that you're not going to go there if it's going to mean all those bad things that perhaps you were afraid of you're only going to get the thing that you want in the way that's going to feel the best for you it's going to be an alignment right step 4 step 4 is to find examples find examples so Templar exempt exemplary examples I love that that's really key so really look around and we can look around to anyone whether it's figures in history someone we know someone we don't know you can even be the first example on this planet to do it that way and I and I really do encourage people to do so so that they provide an example for the rest of us very cool so that was step four and Step five step five is to solidify and affirm solidify and affirm and you said some of the best times to do that are before we go to bed or after before meditation yeah we're right upon waking awesome very very good Kathy this was amazing I could listen to you all day and I'm sure that we're going to have you back on marietv so thank you so much for being here and helping Shauna and for helping all of us my absolute pleasure so now Kathy and I would love to hear from you we want to know have you ever had a fear of success or fear of anything and tell us what is that fear really reminding you of that you really really want what's the wisdom contained in that fear and remember the best discussions always happen after the episode at and we're both going to be looking out for your answers in the comments so leave a comment there did you like this video if so subscribe and share it with your friends and if you want even more great insights to create a business and a life you love plus some personal insights from me that i only share an email get your butt over to and sign up for email updates stay on your game keep going for your dreams because the world needs that special gift that only you have thank you so much for watching marietv and I'll catch you next time hey Raj Slive is coming up are you coming go to rhh yeah we got cinderblock no it ain't no sin deblocking and no chest dad thank you amnt 490 capstone proposal New York Theological Seminary.

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