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Capstone project greenway bank

Capstone project greenway bank do my accounting research paper topics 2018 famous canadian news reporters names ´╗┐Donald Trump clobbers republican establishment in Nevada Gets more votes than both his main rivals combined He wins Latino vote by a huge margin Pundits didn't count on such a landslide victory Trump wins both white collar and blue collar voters Young and old - in so many words - he takes it all This was his third win First one was in New Hampshire, Then South Carolina and now Nevada\ Trump's South Carolina victory sent establishment in ropes - now it's a knockout That's why the game gets more anymore brutal Cruz and Rubio competing for 3rd place used dirty tricks Back in SC we've seen that especially when robocalls were made in Spanish not many Latinos out there Imagine you live in SC You're just getting to your pickup truck with six of your children, a riffle in the back and a confederate flag on the bumper and you're going target shooting when your phone rings and someone says: You could fire at the phone indeed Don't you have enough of politicians like Marco Rubio who based his campaign infighting AMNESTY for those who are here illegally? No one was sure who made those robocalls Now it seems Ted Cruz could have something to do with it Cruz's campaign released a video where Marco Rubio enters a hotel lobby and someone from Cruz team hold a bible in his hands Rubio takes look and says - "Got a goos book there" "All the answers are in there" A college newspaper changed that into: Got a good book- not many answers in there Cruz team republished the false story Cruz PR manager got fired for that But they can't stop Donald Trump who scores win after win Donald Trump is MaxTV's Man of the Year for his fight with the establishment They double down on attacks Now I'm hearing -if Rubio and Cruz join their campaigns maybe then they could beat Trump They just can't stand the guy My take - I've seen Trump win Nevada Watched his speech on CNN and then FOXNews and each time it felt like you watched his first time It's really amazing - This guy's got such a drive in him - such persuasion - again: I'm not impartial here as - in full disclosure - I have my past with Trump back from construction business days back in the 90s - when I owned a construction company so I'm really a sort of a sympathizer of his But if I'd separate that and stand by - and see him speaking you really want to listen to him - what did he talk about there? I like to grab money - I'm greedy and greed is good - Ivan Boesky used to say that back in the 80s an old story It is not bad to be greedy in America So Trump goes : I want to be greedy and grab and grab But guess what - Now I will grab - but for America, for you of course everyone's applauding But it's not just about money Trump talks about important issues conservative issues -he is a conservative candidate who can't be stopped by establishment whom establishment can't stand even though i already see on CNN - interestingly not on conservative Fox but liberal CNN i can see some political commentators change the tune oh well he might win this indeed something I said - back a year ago Now on to SuperTuesday 595 delegates at stake - nearly a half 12 states including Texas there's something to fight for and then on March 15 Florida where Trump leads over Rubio in double digits that March 15 - if it goes this far Because if this Tuesday - Trump wins where he'd suppose to win and some polls indicate that - Donald Trump will secure the republican nomination for the president of the United States I'm Max Kolonko and I tell it like it is - from New York A GOP debate ended in Houston TX and - boy - what a debate that was A real shootout 5 men on stage but it was 3 who really mattered: Trump, Rubi and Cruz Trump leads - then a big gap - and Rubio and Cruz head to head If you take under consideration this is just days before Super Tuesday add to that - all that happens in Texas where a man from Texas, Cruz, stands at one side of Trump and Rubio - at another the man form Florida - which hold primary on 15th of March and where Rubio is double digits behind Trump in polls it's obvious - an avalanche of punches had to come down it it happened so indeed Trump got hit right from the start First question about illegal immigration Rubio here came up with an accusation that Donald Trump hired illegal Polish workers on his jobs Trump retorted - not true Rubio persisted claiming Trump hired illegal Polish workers at this job sites Let me tell you now like it is As some of you know Back in the 80s and 90s - when I immigrated to America I owned a construction company in Manhattan so I knew all what was discussed here first hand So here's my take For MaxTV's Man of the Year I have chosen Donald Trump half a million people've seen the program which aired just a few days ago I've said then - Trump got the title for his fight with the establishment Originally I've said in my program about what Rubio talked in the debate - illegal Polish workers on Trump's job sites but it was edited out cause of time limit so let me tell you the story now D. Trump mentions the problem in his book The Art of the Deal where he says he had to fire an incompetent contractor on Trump Tower jobsite hHe doesn't mention contractor's name just says he's got problems with it The contractor's name was Kaszycki & Sons indeed a Polish- American contractor which in 1980 secured a contract to demolish Bonwit Teller building where today Trump Tower stands They got the contract to demolish the old building for $ 775 000 Was this a lot? I'd do it for a million But Bill Kaszycki calculated the numbers and came out with $775 000 What no one back then knew - and not many know today and definitely not Rubio Kaszycki and Sons never did demolition before What they did - that was a window cleaning company But somehow they got the contract and said they could do it They based the low price on cheap labor mostly illegal - that's how it was done back then you put 10 people on payroll and then add 10 others on cash So you had 20 men on the job site while on paper just 10 working like 30 - cause that's how good workers Poles were That's how he must've calculated the contract price- That was back on January 1980 But a few months later the unions crashed the site and the problem started As any contractor in NY knows when the unions come to your job - got a problem there cause now you have to pay union rates So instead of $4 to $5 an hour - back then those were the rates minimal pay was- as I recall $5 an hour so now he had to pay them twice as much $10 to $12 And that's what he couldn't afford to do Bill Kaszycki hired about 200 Polish workers they called them Polish Brigade - Why? You could spot them easily they didn't wear helmets on the site Now Rubio likes might say - how wrong - no helmets! On a job site! Well - in my book Discovering America I write how I used to work when I started my company in Manhattan working $8 an hour - there's even a picture of me in the book a bit younger not pumped up like today but it's still me No helmet there Not only that - I had regular tennis shoes Why? Cause construction boots cost $30 and I couldn't afford it But we all wanted to work And we were very thankful for Mr Trump to give us work We often get those jobs not directly but worked as a sub So this guy Bill Kaszycki worked like that too but after the unions came- problems began cause he shouldn't pay up the Polish Brigade And that's when Trump Organization made a decision in my mind a controversial one to take over the contractor's payroll and pay the people directly just to finish the job as huge financial penalties loomed They paid over $446 000 over the contract price The job was finished Trump Tower was erected But now some ex- union member came up and took them to court for hiring illegal immigrants D.Trump testified in court- I had no idea, I wasn't visiting the site and I believe him as never once had I'v seen an owner on the job site I've seen a contractor, a subcontractor a job inspector I saw pigeons flying around you when you worked on a high-rise other than that no one came to visit you So Mr Trump wasn't there and could not know it and I believe him that's true In 1999 the case ended in a settlement Trump paid an undisclosed amount Rubio in the debate said - you paid 1 million to settle Don;t know where he got those numbers from - the settlement is a sealed deal it was the unions which got the money - Polish workers got zilch So here you got first hand news about that issue I tell it like it was Let me also add this: D.Trump is my program Man of the Year for his fight with the establishment If you consider that a day earlier before the debate Washington Post published an editorial in which he called the republican establishment to stop Donald Trump by all means if you consider that right before the debate a CNN commentator openly peddles an idea that the debate moderator would come up with a question which could finish Trump off If you consider that in UK on January 16th a debate took place in the country parliament to ban Donald Trump from the UK entry for his ban on Muslims to the US I'll say Donald Trump deserves the Man of the Year title as he is an antiestablishment candidate And that's why in the debates he wins cause people like him We've seen it in the CNN debate as well He was attacked left and right but held his own really an incredible thing to watch - probably most watched debate ever as that was a good banter indeed The debate;s rules allow for it cause if you got a question and you mentioned an opponent the other party had a right to respond That's why we had the shootout - If you attacked - he could do same This led to an exchange- when Ben Carson - who was standing idle said at one point: Can someone attack me please? An Amazing debate - ahead of Tuesday primaries Trump won the debate in my opinion Rubio - don't know... he seemed to me like a little barking poodle was interrupting, talked about the Polish workers but he doesn't know the whole story But truth is - just like Trump said in the debate: Rubio never hired anyone I never got a job from a politician like Rubio but i got job from a businessman like Trump And so I came up with a petition on MaxtV in my latest program If UK had a petition to ban Donald Trump from entering UK then my petition in MaxTV was: for Donald Trump as US president - if he becomes one made his first European foreign trip not to UK - not to Germany - not to Russia but to Poland If you believer same - sign the petition (link's in film's description) I'm Max Kolonko - and hey - I tell it like it is - from New York what is capstone project in nursing school cheap Paul Smith's College, Paul Smiths.

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