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Capstone project for manufacturing equipment cheap

Capstone project for manufacturing equipment cheap capstone pictures 2018 test automation feasibility report [Music] it's okay though um so I just want to say hey y'all it's been a month since I made the last video and I've been kind of spacing out the videos because I want something new to happen before I make another video because I'm experiencing this just like you guys are or will be experiencing the whole law school process and so I just want to excuse my workout clothes because I'm probably gonna go run after this maybe maybe not I don't know um yeah I don't really like to workout which is kind of crazy it's a contradiction because I played college athletics and I am retired thank God you know you live and learn you move on but I still love to play basketball um once every year and yeah that's that so I just want to direct you guys you can't really see the photo I mean the portrait but this is my portrait that channels my inner cheetah okay so all of my best friends that know me they know that I love cheetahs I don't know where this obsession came from probably the Cheetah Girls um I don't know I thought I was a Cheetah Girl for life so kudos to them but yeah that's oh I just had this huge portrait in my living room so welcome to my living room a cheetah forest I don't know wherever they live alright so let's get to talking about law school I'm the last video that I made we talked about the whole law school journey and talking about the application process and all the components in the application process and how we date schools right and so right now it's January and I have come up with a set time frame that I will choose the law school that I want to go to right and so that time frame is early March and why because for the most part that's what I'll have back all of the decisions from the schools that I applied to and when I'll hear back from scholarships right and so uh what what I'm going to be doing I don't know how everyone else does it but what I'm gonna be doing is I'm gonna be taking all the schools that I got accepted to all of the offers that I've received and I'm going to put them against one another and what I mean by that is by looking at the cost of living because you know some places they give you these they might give you large scholarship amounts but the cost of living there is like catastrophic like it's hugest guy jag antic for um you know not having a job the first year of law school so that's not good but um you know at the same time depending on the ranking of the school and how much you're you're willing to take out in student loans for me that that's a big thing I'm not trying to take out 50 million loans so you know if you don't have a problem with that then that's totally fine you know at the end of the day everyone has different vices so you know that's one of the things I'm gonna be looking at I'm gonna take all the schools take all the scholarship offers and kind of put them against one another and then I do have a family and so you know what would be the most logical step or the most practical step in the right direction for me and my family and so a lot of you don't have a family you have that freedom to just kind of you know wherever it is that you want to go you just pick up and you move and that's great like that'sthat's awesome right but I know a lot of people with families or a lot of people who are a bit older and you know or a lot of people who want to stay near to their family then that's that's a big thing right so that's how you narrow down your school list based off of location which is I mean my thing is is if it's a school that you're invested in and they're invested and you go in there and it's in the location that you want it doesn't really matter what rankings if that's the best fit for you right or it doesn't matter what scholarships if that is where you want to go and they want you to be there then by all means go but you know you do want to sit down and kind of go over the pros and the cons of each school that you're looking at right and so for me some of the things that I was looking at I actually shared this with one of my new mentees yay and I always I always take on mentees right even though I I don't really have much experience I do have life experience and I did have great mentors take me in and like that is just invaluable guys is getting people who have already done what you're trying to do and who are open to giving you advice and talking to you and just making this whole process so much easier right and you need you know during this process it's a long process the LSAT I I had people pray on me at the altar for the LSAT so I totally get it like in hindsight you know I had so many great women of God and my pastor and all these people who are rallying together my parents oh my god my parents are amazing like I have the best parents in the world like I swear I do and you know I just had all these people who were praying on my behalf and I think that you know no matter what it is what religion that you believe in you need a good support system right you need that you absolutely need that and not only do you need it for taking the LSAT and for parent for preparing your applications but you need that to continue on your journey regardless you know whether you go to law school or whether you don't support system is imperative to your success so you got to get your people together right now like get them together get them together and hold them accountable so you know if you if you need a good mentor you know once I get there I am totally down but anything that I can help with right now please please please reach out to me I've already talked to several people and it's been so awesome so yeah that's what you're doing so enduring the LSAT process during an application after you turn in your applications you're getting all these acceptance letters back speak it over your lives don't have no doubts you're gonna get you septons letters back you're getting scholarship information back you want to sit down you want to go over your options and then move forward with with whatever option is best for you and so another thing that was important to me is that you know as a african-american woman I was looking at law schools who take different positions on social issues so as lawyers you're kind of like social engineers in the community right so every time that an event happens people look to pastors and they look to lawyers those are the two professions that people look to well the government but you know yeah anyway so the three I'll say three professions that they look to and so you know if lawyers are supposed to be social engineers in the community I want to know is the law school lukewarm on different social issues or what what type of positions do they take what type of initiatives are they starting to adjust different things that are happening in the community and that might not be important to you all right so you know some of you might not have to look for that but me that's what I was looking for so the school is that I even applied to I agreed with the different types of I might not have agreed with the stance that they had taken but the fact that they were take stands and they weren't lukewarm on different social issues was very important to me and so that's one thing that I was looking at right and then um another thing that I was looking for was the different professor so for me I'm very interested well I won't say what I'm interesting because I'm kind of open to what I want to practice but I was definitely I'm definitely interested in a certain type of law right and so for me I want to learn under the best professors in that profession so in law school a lot of your professors they'll have went into law and they practice for years and years and years in this one area right and they've kind of become like the gurus in that area well I'm researching those professors and I I'm interested in that type of law I want to make sure that the law school has a professor that can kind of take me under their wing because not only will you be able to learn so much under those professors but they'll also have a network in that area of law and so that's very important when it comes to getting internships and jobs and different things of that nature and so you know that was another thing that was very important to me and also just how how much freedom the student groups have and did this little ask we'll have clinics right so I do want to I do think about going into litigation and so a trial advocacy team and a good one that was a big thing to me or just having a clinic where each student has the opportunity to represent real-life clients their second or third year and um second or third year in law school that was super important to me right because I feel like that's the best way that you can get practical experience not saying that you'll ever be prepared to graduate and just go straight into the law into the legal field which some people do and that's great but I know that the odds of that happening is very slim I slimming and um none really but um you know I just found that to be very important to meet get some type of practical experience while I'm in law school to kind of tackle on some of those things another thing that you should look for is the programs right so if saying that you're interested in tax law well if you're if you have a type of person who are looking at rankings while a school might not be highly ranked overall sometimes they have the best pro like program so like they might have the number one tax law program but being ranked very low well now that's something to look at because if you're interested in tax law and they're the number one tax law right school in the nation then that kind of outweighs what you know their overall ranking if that's important to you so you know those were some of the things that I was looking at when I put a list together and obviously I got great mentors who helped me along the way shout-out to Nina Spears and shout out to jazz jazz talks blah that's her channel her YouTube channel and uh she has an awesome coaching service like I totally support everything that she's doing and although I didn't use it she you know even at the at the end of the day like she was always open to taking me under her wing and if I needed to talk if I was you know concerned about something she definitely was like no girl you're brilliant you're gonna get in like you know and then she was realistic so you know Nina Nina is just like that oh my goodness Nina is great guys it's absolutely great absolutely so you know those are my two people kind of helped me along the way and I mean honestly there were so many more people who have helped me and it's been like invaluable but it was my two rock-hard studies thank you thank you so right now I'm in the process um I got great news and I received a full well full scholarship tuition scholarship offer from a law school and I won't share who because I don't know if I'm going there and that's just kind of private no offense but I I'm telling you when I got that letter y'all it just confirmed all of my fear God promised this vision to me and you know it just really confirmed all of my fears about anything that he has ever promised me in my life and you know I'm sharing this and I hate to get too preachy but you guys like literally I can remember going to the altar the day before I was taking the LSAT and I'm gonna share my law school testimony real quick and then on the end the video cuz I'm talking too much but um you know I can remember the day before the LSAT I was super nervous guys like so nervous I mean I've never experienced anxiety in my life and this is the first I guess there's a first for everything but um I went to the altar and I was crying and people were wondering like what's going on in her life no I'm just taking the LSAT that's why I'm crying I'm scared so literally I had people praying over me at the altar for this vision that God had given me because I didn't believe within myself that I could achieve this level you know I didn't feel that I could you know obtain what God had promised me but I got there and you know I got to the hotel cuz I said no hotel the night before and um you know I took the LSAT at 8 o'clock in the morning and when I tell you that God sent a woman in the hotel it was it was the craziest thing I had met this woman the night before and she just had like a mother spirit and I was in the hotel and my dad and my grandma came and my dad was coming out of the hotel to drop me off at the lsat Center and we ran into this woman and when I tell you that she prayed over me before and this is random woman like I it was hi bye we kind of had small conversation and she prayed over me before I went in there and I took that LSAT like ya'll God provides if if he put a vision in your heart he provides for you to obtain that vision okay because it's not by anything that you did you've done that's why I give so much glory to him because I may have worked hard but at the end of the day people work hard all the time and don't get the things that they're working towards because it's not in the will of God and so God has put that desire in you to go to law school then that's exactly what you'll be doing now at the end of it you know I still feel like at the end of the day he gives you wisdom to know which law schools to apply to he gives you wisdom to know what law schools are realistic for you to get into at the end of the day though I would still apply to those reach schools because you don't know what God has in store for you I've gotten into several reach schools like several with scholarships with a full scholarship that was a reach school like super reach so you know at the end of the day I just feel like um you know put put your vision in his hands and watch it unfold okay research what is that you want to do research you know how your how you want to go about doing it I mean don't get yourself in tons of debt to do something watch him open up the doors pray over the schools that you want to go to pray over every application that you send in and the doors that he opens he will provide for you to walk through them and so you know I'm at the point right now where I'm looking back and I'm saying wow I was scared for nothing like you guys got this okay if you have any questions I'll talk more I'll try to upload videos as stuff happens but I just want to encourage you guys because I could not let another day go by without me saying glory be to God guys glory be to God and I don't know what y'all spiritual what you believe in spiritually but you know me I know that it was nothing but God the the reason why I am where I am today so all right y'all peace out I love y'all and if you have any questions you know comment below share with anybody who you feel needs encouragement right now and I'll start to share a little bit more of my testimony later as the months go by and as I choose the school that I'm gonna go to which I'll share with you guys so uh all right capstone in thesis for money Ithaca College.

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