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Capstone project cybersecurity order

Capstone project cybersecurity order write for me outline of capstone on format access report filter ´╗┐that's a number of critical challenges that we're facing environmental problems overcrowding in the cities congestion energy we have to secure our energy future all of these challenges are pretty much in the field of civil and environmental engineering new challenges of our time that have huge scales and they require a very new approach and thinking across disciplines if you want to make better cities if you want to make healthier environments for cities you need science you need engineering you need design and so the problems don't really respect traditional boundaries in the department of civil and environmental engineering we are developing a new educational program which we call one inch one inch is a way of reorganizing education to meet the 21st century demands of what it means to be an engineer today they're really exciting moments begin when students start to ask what is my ideal undergraduate program that I want to build around my interests and part of our role as faculty members is helping students to discover and develop their own dreams and visions for what they would like to work on to me I feel like I'm on the forefront to what you know new education in America will look like in the future what Angelo's you to choose a topic that you're passionate about and choose a topic that is really relevant and applicable to these real world problems so Tricks stands for a traveling research environmental experience and the purpose of it is to give students experience in fieldwork in environmental science and engineering we take a group of undergraduates out to do real field work I find it really exciting to have Drex as part of the 1-inch curriculum because fieldwork really is so central to what we as environmental scientists and environment engineers actually do one thing that I really like about the department it is small which means that you get a lot of contact with the professors being able she kind of have that kind of community is amazing he you're surrounded by professors and students who are just doing amazing work that is already having such a large impact on the global scale so when I'm sitting in lecture and a professor is lecturing me I am aware of the research they're doing the conference's they're speaking at and sort of the technologies and the projects that they're working on now that's having such an impact it's all about what you want from your life and what you want to achieve you have the ability to actually make a profound impact because you are poised to be a leader in your field so who are you not to make a difference in the world when I teach classes I have no on the order of ten students but which is great you know I know everyone by name you get to know them over the semester you can actually have a conversation in class about the topics that you're teaching and that's a really engaging wave be a teacher and also for people to be learning from everything what's exciting is the definition of what is a civil engineer is basically up to you as a student so you can say for me it's about public health and air quality and at MIT I'm gonna become an expert in that by the time I graduate I think people would be surprised how much creativity and innovation is going on in course one as far as it pertains to creating new companies and new ventures being a civil engineering student like this sort of exposure and like academic training that we get like really like all doors are open so like whenever you sort of like apply to a job like you really felt confident that what you're learning and all the skills that you're you're trained to have within civil engineering really gives you so many possibilities I think with civil environmental engineering we attract students that want to save the world the impact an individual student can have in innovating in this field is in north that is one of the exciting opportunities in big engineering we can have a significant impact greater than almost any other fear of the world we live in a thirsty world sometimes we have too little sometimes too much here in course one at MIT our research group tries to understand the connections between people and nature then and there are the resources right for agriculture to make food the main ingredients are large and water however these are not always in the right place at the right time we collect data on the water cycle and land use when the data does not make sense we use physical laws of land and water balances to better approximate reality with this understanding we can explore the limits of the system how can we better provide reliable hydropower and flows are uncertain to make hydro energy the main ingredients of potential head and flowing water however the river flows are random we optimize the reservoir performance for different future scenarios the objective is to achieve a reliable power production by releasing flow not too much that it would flood and not too little that it would triple how can multiple users share water sustainably the challenge of sustainability is to leave this planet better than we received it this requires planning using game theory via Basin parties reacting to each other's decisions the economic changes and to environmental uncertainty the goal is to develop management strategies at a more realistic as a small part of the larger one at MIT we are passionate about understanding people's connection with resources in our research we imagine different worlds with the hopes of finding new ways to make our world better less thirsty you you throughout course 1 we felt like there was a disconnect between the research happening in the labs and what we were learning as undergraduates and only through research did we find out what exactly course one meant so we thought it was really important to introduce freshmen to course one research before they decided what major to be it's kind of a crash course Europe focused on developing or looking in depth into one project like a regular Europe but the difference is that we also pair the research with social events every week where the freshmen get to learn about each other's urops and the different research also happening I guess what we ultimately trying to do is to model the flow of a certain chemical I call PCB through the Duwamish River in Seattle and there's a lot of steps to that starting from the sampling phase which is kind of taking care care of by someone else but then what we're mostly doing is working like they compete the model kind of in order to understand everything that's going on with that River so we're working on a video that is in the style of it's called MIT blossoms and they're educational videos that have short segments and activities for the teacher and the students in between and this video will be about sediment transport and why it's important I definitely think having a hands-on component makes theory more accessible it makes you feel like what you're studying through papers actually matters it's been a really good opportunity to meet other freshmen who are interested in coarse wine just a really nice way to have a short introduction to something and then potentially go into it more in spring semester and see if that's really what they want to do you to me course one means teamwork doing something meaningful and doing something tangible the undergraduate course tracks wins at that welcome to traveling research environmental experience there's a massive volcanic vent on Hawaii that burps up up to 2,000 tons of so2 per day and exposure to that leads to health effects Trek's 2015 wanted to study aspects of the so2 plume how can we measure it portably and what are its effects on soil we were doing fieldwork we're talking doing science in a backyard as well as hours of troubleshooting hardware issues and designing code to make our data pretty we need each other for that there were 30 students and staff ah we lived in two different houses we had a sensor team soils team and lab equipment team we had two different presentation teams and honestly a lot of the impact of our research was on us the large team aspect made us better students the chaos of fieldwork made us better scientists how real and local our problem was constantly challenged us to think about our impact and our role as students and scientists so what are the impacts of our work for science one thing is we're designing and testing new ways to sense personal chemical exposure that's a big deal but we also engaged the public by presenting our work at a local school community engagement leaves a huge impact residents love telling their stories on experiencing the volcanic smog and they have tons of questions about the implications of this vent they really appreciated our presence and the information we had to share even if we're just scratching the surface and doing a pilot project our impact is large but has only just begun it's a very large and strange kind of family in our department but if ohana means family ohana means course one what defines research and course one at MIT my definition stems from the story of my own scientific endeavor I'm a biologist I love thinking about genes and proteins and the important roles they play in the himself when I met my advisor at Roman he got me thinking about fluence how differently they appear when we zoom into the micro scale and just like that mines are standing up factorial lives completely changed bacteria grow and they're really good at it they don't just grow they grow at an incredible and unpredictable world how do they do it and does it amount to anything these questions were swirling around my hood until my blood mates peers and colleagues taught me about their work of ecology and biogeochemical cycling a chemistry of the ocean atmosphere and soil really sunk in then just how interconnected all of Earth's systems are and I realized that I was touching all of it all by looking into a tiny little flow chip a bacteria and growing and changing environments how do you bacteria grow in changing environments when first faced with this question I found it absolutely beautiful and with the support inspiration of those around me I watched it grow into something grander more impactful and more creative than I could have previously imagined to me one at MIT is a style of research an approach to science and global issues sure some days are better than others for really it is a dream come true to every day explore the world with such a warm and diverse community together as one also just to throw it in there microbes are awesome do my what is capstone means Cooper Union, East Village, Manhattan.

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