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Capstone pr inc write for me capstone exam 1 quizlet reportaje al peru tingo maria 310 ´╗┐solution is never a full solution right or a full answer then some specific campaign the Charter a part of right now as members of pictured are homeless that address this issue of homelessness and what are some of the demands that are y'all are engaging in for these campaigns I'm involved with civil rights in our own house what we're trying to we're trying to push you have people that are on lease and you have people that are being housed by Department of homeless services living in one building in Harvard conditions I mean absolutely horrible where we're trying to get those buildings taken from DHS controlled and put back in the rent stabilized apartments and that would help alleviate some of the homelessness there was one building that went up down in Midtown and they had one door for the rich and one door for the poor on the side street that ain't right I'm not racist you know I don't want to say you know this is just for the black and the brown people up here in Harlem cuz that's not true because we we live in predominantly white neighborhoods they may not want us able with it so that's that's what I see for Harlem you know where's where's for everyone a lot of these vacant lots should be turned into permanent housing for a lot of these homeless people not just homeless people those who can't afford it you know affordable housing not shelters which are pretty much slow security presence we need affordable housing in Harlem not just focus on one race or where it's equality for all but I meet a Pathmark recently sold to developers as planning to build three high-rise luxury buildings let's go talk to the people of the neighborhood tell us what they think about these new developments people in the area about how they feel about the Pathmark being sold any comment there's gonna be a high-rise development you know I work here thanks like why not luxury high-rise developments good or bad thing put it for the community but with the help going shopping again they can't go to the bigger boat bigger name or EBT memory thing my high school then you won't have people moving in a bowl where they go and shop I also you're gonna be having the travel coming on warm on that their pocket it's a bad thing it's a good environment you know for the people right here to come and get they food in the semester that's cheaper you know and it's good for our community no that's bad for community but the bad part about it is that the government or they're gonna put these buildings in and they just won't get money and only serve you know I think it hurts the wind as far as employment a lot of you is gonna lose their jobs and once they close this down and then when they open up the new buildings a lot of people's not gonna have jobs to afford the rent that's gonna be coming up now and we're not gonna be able to live in them building so she wouldn't be happy with it right did she shop at the frat mark you can't take down something that's been up here for so long and then you I mean putting up a condominium it's not gonna make anything any better still I understand it's wrong it's great what they're gonna build is to high-rise luxury buildings good or bad people be able to afford to it so what we do is move upstate water brings cheap get a good gun killing man next one icky lilac that's what they're gonna be building that stuff people this community should be five or six or eight there metro-north right there and everybody want they made you up and downtown right here you talk about reverse my flight like they coming back to the city that's what people go to shop see we run a business over we usually buy stuff from Pat mugs but they shutting it down so now we I thought basically you know I'm saying this shit is infected with fucking crackheads and all that you know saying like so they gotta clean it up put it in a way is good a ways back then the majority ain't gonna be able get jobs and nothing you know say seems like that's the trend I don't know if it's good or bad I mean I hope there'll be another grocery store though this is a big one close to me so why would I want to shut this down first of all this is what supermarket in every that everybody needs to get to I mean that's why they should've started not at all I don't like this path my language but I used to go here they didn't nobody used to give me money for groceries so I already like shit but the pad my raikou hey fellas what's up we're talking to people in the area how'd it feel about the path marketing sold for luxury high-rises any comments alrighty thanks thanks here yeah how do you feel about the path part getting sold for luxury high-rise developments Thanks hey we're talking to the people in the area want to ask them about the path marketing so we're talking to people in the area asking the thank you any opinion okay thanks have a good one how you doing sir we're talking to the people in the neighborhood how you feel about the paper all right thank you would you say to the phones that from the neighborhood that they like you know we want to see our clean neighborhood we want to see a neighborhood that's that's healthy but we don't want to see displacement how you say about I thought about that well for the people who are longtime residents who think that this is gonna get clean for them they have for a rude awakening because they're not gonna be able to afford this neighborhood when it's all gender fine when you got a luxury condo here it's not for you when you got police running around here throwing people in jail that's gonna be you one day so if you think it's gonna be good for you your ass not gonna be here when there's all said it all said and done so they don't know I mean I know a kid stands for something you didn't mean I'm and tell us a bit about you know how you got involved with a motor technique and rebel arms and that whole crew and how y'all you know saying it got down with that well for those who don't know a kid is acronym for always keep it real my website is the same always keep it real calm basically with with tech you know we grew up together that's my that's my childhood friend so you know we're in the same crew together I actually met southpaw first I had the pleasure going to private school my family sent me a private school and I meant I meant sound for up there and on our chests back to New York we hang out with all these knuckleheads and tech happen to be one of the knuckleheads you feel me and you know we run up in all these parties and whatnot and you know we would be we would be the ones like in the corner having our own little personal size every time we see each other we got a new verse for each other we freestyling about the party or whatnot and it just happened to happen to grow collectively at a park because I went down to Howard University in DC and and he went up to Pennsylvania and so you know we were working on a craft separately as well but every time we got together we just figure out you know where we are together and then as a progressed you know when we got older we were able to come together and bring significant more significant things professionally and talent-wise together and then I mean we were able to get up with Vicryl records via my man Kerry Stewart and his family and the rest is history this one's called control yours truly a care I'll tell baby shot two weps to you brother shit power bunkers are hung over town we'll get tried on several fix playing the trumpet I stare the garbled by the sponsors ancestors suppressor my presence in abundance of all to pay hundreds of Texas industries handcuffs fatigue Sally st. Louis Pontius punch fought in a row like a shell into the Seas they see us as the fetus don't leave the fetus city streets I see this even genius why got home theater piece everything that delicious don't they it can't be vicious my nigga I say it proudly to my teeth get right no matter how hard I'm still deep in the fight right wrong question this shit is all I see so I fucking my stretchy content when it's all perfected the issue that we face pulls all the Bloods to wait till you turn me gay this face create the path to your face hey people like the treatments to respond with no reason they said Oh Jose they'll go now I don't so I'll be here see every time that I said it niggas noted our record so Franky down give a fuck about the strength keep your hands in the sky put your hands up come to charge if you lose out on the road are you gonna wear the clothes trust yourself to each other jump keeping its motherfucking lover cheated or abused loved ones depart from the season or fuel the bill star Palin results offer fewer health status is critical these oughta move on oh my goal but my soul should be learn from experience build my resistance the source for the sauce I'm forced to let go the mash on the gas and laugh it's off the line because the client sometimes they say it's not excited for the vibra so when they say go but the sounds of you'll find lost my control team and the Speed Racer be y'all bar control suite bigger a rental pool bar go smoke skunk drunk fuck fun and role switching my aim haja playing the lane figured my position cuz all I have was going so I made my decision a couple from our predicament met with the Kings I wonder where all my niggas win bet with the businessman frigate for benefit mature like a bootable fun and left the ignorant if the continent to trapped I'm blinking remember beat Kennedy what he was thinking who's it all the way to judge this with a chauffeur call be like archetypically the cold race just go what you lose out on the road to visit funny thing about Patrol molester fit you try water ball your hole in the chair look to the sky for this is where the girl event is faster than the current page don't chase and hesitate slow and steady wins the race just in case you're sick filling the bus here the sole of your fishing the best shit off your chest screaming out loud I let you in the voice manifests if you see it wouldn't achieve it pictured you at your best right you suggest multiple choice cause you can't get but I rather give it and try to simply be incorrect but you expect sometimes we intersect with respect but usually the insecurities fulfill this so I check the chili doing a verse with energy will make a short stay connected fucker enemies fill mensuration competition liking shows on TV confident through all of it nobody could beat me patrol farther than just like dawn when you lose sign in a row you don't know where to go trust your soul take your child Thanks do my capstone hotel ua Modern Orthodox Judaism.

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