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Capstone photography hartford marathon

Capstone photography hartford marathon write for me kathy lewis capstone institute need someone to type my term paper on gun control plz ´╗┐toy tractor x is here with belly will Fang who has a great display here at the 2017 national farm toys show belly what can you tell us about this display you brought out this year so I brought out a carrot display from Bayside central Wisconsin diamond P which Argus farms yeah they do 20 100 acres of just carrots not all they do that's very club than seeing pictures for a lot many years of diamond P and it's neat to see that you built a display modeling their care farm yeah it's a complete replica of what their farm looks like so well why don't we take a tour of the display and look at some of the big features out here so one of the things that I think is the coolest part of Diamond P farms in addition to the carrots is that they are true blue Ford and New Holland fans and so I guess we'll start to hear it on the harvest end and talk a little bit about it but we're gonna see a lot of blue tractors equipment yeah that's for sure so they love their blue I mean everything that happens blue so here we have the oz ellipse which is a self-propelled carrot Harvester it pulled six rows I wanted three rows on on a bed so it takes two beds at a time it's made in Denmark all the website of Denmark across one of the real machine costs about a million dollars by the time they ship it here that's a pretty price tag yeah then they got two of them so yeah we got the another one right across the way there and so now this pulls them up out of the ground and I guess it flips off the tops of the green tops of the carrots that puts the greens off the top and then the carrots all down on to compare it moves out awkward and then the the green tops of it come out the back end and are deposited back on the field yep and then they just work it in for the next year so now we've got a couple different belts here but I guess this is just all cleaning the character coming up here yeah so looking our way through you know now one of the things that I like that you've done with your display and I think it's important you're gonna compete in the national or a big contest its detail and every single one of them is seen as its operating whether it's the harvester the tractors you have an operator behind the wheel and that definitely takes some work so what uh what model of your holland tractor is that ta 435 that's the big one yeah that's the second biggest factor they have and what is it what is it boy it's a pall on our crop so 3,600 which means they can all 36 tons of material it's just a crop park you can all really anything with they haven't set up so you can hold rain with it if you want to or beets carrots cucumbers that's a big machine I heard they might use a little bit for corn silage - yeah in a hurry do a lot of things that uses a belted elevator right down here then to offload it into the trucks and then obviously moving this much tonnage you've got a lot of other parts of things going to you so they run for other dump carts to assist they hope to give you another option on the future because they're like ah no so you go you got a Ford Genesis coming up here behind 89 70 sinesses and then again they love their blue so they've painted the Biron part blue we're looking at the carrot beds and carrots have to be bedded up and hild up in the field what did you do to create the the unharvested sections of the field so I used a started with the base foam and they took a quarter inch around a bit and dug out all my to make my beds and then had the individually placed glue with a fine tip applicator like glue down for every road and shook my sighted grass over it looks very realistic so you had mentioned that there were two harvesters and that the real machines cost about a million dollars yes that that sell their machine they don't they rarely do they run both machines at one feel it just goes so much product being moved so this is just kind of sitting here today and would out one of the other tractors uh looks like t7 models yeah so they're three that they just upgraded they got three t-72 60s okay and they all call a fire and Dunkirk so we can see here as we move across the field we've got the floor thump cart unloading the carrots so that's a t-72 60 on that yep and it's got the dump carts rebuilt by great results something into a trinity trailer that they use is an even flow essentially so they can unload into very compares so we can see if coming out of the back because they're a hydraulic pump then that runs that well yeah okay so you got a electric power plant that puts electric to the motor and then runs when's your hydraulics for I just want to point out that like you and have a block of wood here yeah underneath and they can see all the live bottom bolts they're going through I get it you really want to put as much detail in the rest play when you're competing especially here at the national level so what is that Bobcat do just get an extra character so it's there to help with more or less setting out any conveyors in the specific spot that they want it does they get kind of heavy and then I guess the purpose of a bear is to clean the carrots a little bit before they go to the counter here yeah so there's a blower on there just more or less the blah excess dirt that they can there are some slight bubbles or something will be attached to the barrett but usually there isn't too many rocks it's just that we can see some of those bubbles in the beer and sets conveyed off the side and going into a dump truck nice international and then that carrots continue on their way up the conveyor yep they continue on and then double off hollow loads of into the truck like a elbow the Cohens around it yeah now what are these yellow bars that are laying down here so those go in the in the compare in there it'll hold it up when they don't use it so okay when they're dumped for the night they can put those in and compare up for the night now then we've got a getting loaded another live bottom trailer yeah that's in holic okay 42-foot and now the carrots look great what did you use to actually show the carrots out here on the field so those are just sprinkles like you'd use on the cake and then I ball coded them and so you just spray the dull coat onto them and now what is the name of the truck here I see a decal Miss on the Trece it says diamond P produce okay bankrupt discontent all of them how the actual wondering that they're supposed to have very nicely real truck we got a nice big red keep coming in as well yeah and those have flat bottom trailers on them because the cannery that they take to has essentially a don't like a trash dump okay and then you know other accessories you have got a porta potti out here yeah yeah a little mobile office there and then as that trailer just got parts that's their generator okay for electricity for all the bulbs we got some farm trucks very impressive setup a lot of thought has to go into replicating this let's talk a little bit about extra details to look for in this display and the roadside has a lot going on you've got the electric lines and complete with the boxes and support now Barts and that walks right over here so what did you use to make your road so that is a plaster built up a little and then spray-painted lighter gray and then at sponge paint on it like paint and kind of dabbed it on it throughout were two different and then we've got a complete with a sign here that says be prepared to stop any giving people warning if someone's pulling out on the road watch what's going on we've got another big tractor and a Lumpkin going by for tillage someone going through now yeah this is kind of cool it took a lot of research a lot of photographing watching the farm I'll do this yeah so that's a that's Pierce Johnson called Moore that's a replica of what they look like while we were out taking pictures one day just something detail that very good detail it's a always neat to watch this bigger cooking out in the field yeah so in addition to the big field you have the diamond P farm shop here yeah so this this party sign comes three wrestled up with the real shop days but something I actually started before I started to this flight and I wanted to show off the overhead door door so it just kind of fit in with the display let me show off some of the other pieces that wouldn't necessarily be on it this time of year what uh what models we're tracking we have in the art 8730 that's a really nice looking forward yeah so they have a real on this completely restored so I kind of wanted to showcase a brand new track to essentially and then since again they're all about they're blue that's a wishart then they shipped down and paid in new home blue that's really dedicated school on a farm does that and we got a truck out here with a 5th wheel trailer you know and now there's a pretty cool equipment here in the storage side of the building so the farmer is very dedicated to blue and tell us a little bit about their sprayer so that's a case 44:10 sprayer some pump sprayer and yeah like you said the dead keep you there blue so they stripped it down and painted a new hole in colors and they love the black top so they got the black black top of a the cap there it's got Boyd 150-foot completely adjustable boosts boom they are telescoping so something outside there's can you swing the broom Albert and then we'll steal the Patriots prayer it's not every day you see a case I'd sprayer and blew it I guess that's their farm logo on the side there the tank yes that says American farmer proud to do both and we got the 44:10 decal SPX they had decals made up for it and everything so it was so it's accurate that's really now we've got some other equipment in here what is this village implement that's sitting here in there so that's a limpkin Ruben 12 it's a 25 foot model it's a high speed disc is that their primary tillage implement so it's like some it just replaced the wishing this okay it's something new that they're trying to see if they like it that has just hold up or is that yeah so this just kind of trying to show the detail to people it doesn't front part doesn't probably like to stay out very narrow transport machine yeah Caesar made in Germany so they're all about being narrow then the other implements sitting here is also blue yeah that's so unique so this is a their bed former which is what they make their beds for the carrots give you three beds at a time it's got a blue jet ripper on the front to break up the ground and then it's got a candy box on it to put cover crop in right as they make those and why do they have to apply that cover drop so they apply the cover crop because where they're at is all sands and they want something to help establish the soil before the carrots come out while they grow so then we've also got the looks like chemical tender truck for the sprayer yeah so that's what they used to do the chemical so with carrots they follow the fumigation schedule as the same as potatoes so they spray a weekly basis so they have to move a lot of product through imagine that's the reason for the hundred fifty foot boom yeah so here's the farm shop side of the building and me with 3d printing now there's just so much detail and you can put her in a shop what do you want to tell us about this so there's a lot of things here I mean a lot of them I've done I got all the Vengeance ins things in here things I've just kind of randomly found on cheap ways but this I don't know I've tried to do everything I could to make it look look like a real shop we've got a kitchen and break room feeling chairs yeah it's got a stove sink frigerator it's got a pizza oven little Pete's up in there microwave all in 1:64 scale no we come downstairs and see the full bench and he's like air compressor shot back some stools chairs try to put everything I could a little portable air compressor there got over here swivel chair so 10 in the back those the 1:64 scale display of this 164 that's awesome so something you do with 3d printers I would say that is the first time I've seen this boy in a display you know land all too long that's what they use to keep their Enders looking nice out the summer since they don't find in rows okay and I guess we even got the work lights over the work bench you swing around this way to see the far wall where I guess this parts and metal and things like that yeah it's got a pallet racking there just kind of miscellaneous things that we can put away for a while and it was we drop outside and we got a power washer sitting here yep landscaping landscaping out on a table picnic table and barbecue so this must be the big tractor on the farm yeah so they they love that thing they completely restored it to 94 84 full drive they did their black top with the fenders gonna block - we got the clear cab detail on custom tractor yeah that's Jason's ironmans print that he's doing and then you've got the moldboard plow yep bottom plow at Gordy's Schultz special to make that for me so does that a BMI or is it something they painted blue it's something they painted blue I can't remember what what brand it is and it's got the drags on the other side to smooth out the furrow yeah that's a great tool itself so how many farms is always a fence row stuff parked off the side so we've got two tanks here what do they carry in these so that would be just water to get to the chemical truck there okay that's it thing is you're trying to age like that and there's a couple of guys something being on summer looks like we've got a pivot tillage item knocked up it attracts out from irrigation they don't have to use it too much since it's and it usually smooths over for the Aussie but yeah always helps yeah you always have this spots where you need it so and then it looks like you got to some metal and things stacked up here just kind of a junk rack to your line let's just take a look at the tree line and notice you've got the trees and you know the taller unmown grass same thing on the ditch bank over here so how do you decide to do that is just from observation I'm looking everything out in the field the way things sit and grow as in just you know decided like having the taller grass the mowing grass yeah I mean under most trees you know a lot of people don't get too carried away with them and like in the tree line you know people get lazy but yeah just write the kind of show what it would look like in Wisconsin Meli thank you very much for bringing out the diamond P here at harvest display it's an awesome display did a great job and I think that's the best thing about the show is learn about other kinds of crops we enjoyed your mint display last year what do you have coming up what's your next show I don't know I got to talk to some houses so that's right now but we're gonna see you at another show with this doing plant out I'll be in st. Louis with the planning side of this so very good well we can't wait to see it and we'll see you out from st. Louis yeah thanks [Music] Oh [Music] example of capstone paper outline for money Columbia University.

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