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Capstone online course do my capstone simulation marketing drps reports on progress ´╗┐Jennifer Brie Bella has uh severe anxiety and depression and as a result she says that she had a very difficult time passing a nursing class in the college program that she was taking now she is actually opening a federal lawsuit against the professor in the nursing class and the university because she says that they didn't give her the proper accommodations considering her mental health illnesses she says that she was supposed to get accommodations because she has these disabilities and she wasn't given the proper accommodations so she's seeking $75,000 in damages but her attorney Aaron McGrath says she wants to fulfill her nursing dreams as well so not only does she want the $75,000 she also wants another opportunity to take the nursing class again even though she failed it twice with the proper accommodations to prove that she has a fair shot okay now this is really fascinating because a lot of people have anxiety depression so I was wondering whether or not she needed to get some sort of doctors no to prove that she had it and she did in fact get a doctor's note indicating that she had depression and anxiety and that these accommodations were necessary for her to pass the class now here's what happened she would like the ability to take the course under the proper accommodations and become a nurse the lawsuit states that burr Bella was granted disability accommodations midway through the second time she took the class the second semester but then she ran into more problems so what happened she alleges that she was about to take the final exam and that she asked to take the exam in an area that wouldn't cause any disturbances so she apparently gets distracted easily so she has to take the UH final in a different room so the professor of course agreed and set her up in a different room apparently in a different building now that caused anxiety for her she said that well I what if I have a question that I want to ask you and now I'm in a different building it's gonna be really difficult so I need you to put me in a different room but in the same building and apparently the professor did not agree to that and the lawsuit claims that even though burr Bella didn't get that accommodation and other student with a disability got that accommodation and she thought that that was unfair now she also alleges that while she took the UH test she called the professor on the cell phone and the professor did not answer and that led to so much stress and anxiety that she broke down and started crying uh needless to say she didn't pass the final she didn't pass the class the second time and that was what led her to file this lawsuit according to the lawsuit rubella Astor professor Christina Thompkins if she could change the terms of an accommodation that allowed her to take the test in a distraction-free environment so she's saying look I didn't get all the accommodations I I didn't pass the exam didn't pass the class twice and so as a result I should sue what do you guys think uh I think that there are a lot of different moving parts in this I think that uh site t8 classes like we do give accommodations to people based on uh generally it's not anxiety depression it's like a physical handicap that means that either you can't rights you need to have someone else do it for you or that you can right but you can't right as quickly as a normal person as or an able person and she need more time yet and generally that doesn't involve another room it just means more time for the test I think that generally professors will probably not like that but whatever like people sometimes need additional time it doesn't hurt the other students uh to give them that and so you should be very accommodating now whether it needs to be in the same room is that building that I think is is a totally different question I do think though that if you're gonna have so many different room you have to answer your phone if they call you yes and so she would need to establish proof that they that that Christina Thompkins did not answer her phone which I don't think that has been proven in this case uh but overall I would say that if the problem overall is that she wishes she had been able to finish and she couldn't because of this test rather than seventy-five thousand dollars in damages just let her retake give her a month to study with access to the materials let her take it a third time and set up the perfect room with Christina Thompkins standing on the other side of the door and then you don't pay the seventy five thousand dollars she gets to graduate which is what she says she wanted in the first place they move on from there I agree with you 100% the seventy five thousand dollars in damages first of all when you sue for damages you have to prove that there are damages and so I don't know how she twist lated my baby's tuition and so if that's the case how about instead of paying seventy five thousand dollars you just have her retake the class or retake the test free of charge and see whether or not she passes it right I think that's an easy solution but I have I guess a bigger broader statement to make about this and it has to do with people have certain disabilities that might deem them unfit for certain professions so this is just a class that she's having issues with because of her depression and her anxiety I think we should be as accommodating as possible when it comes to those with anxieties whether it's a mental health illness or physical disability but at the same time if you have certain disabilities you're not necessarily the right fit for certain jobs you want to be a nurse but you have severe depression and severe anxiety that could really stand in your way of being a nurse right well I was thinking the same thing nope I just want can I get clarity on this show because it seems like she needed to take the test away from the rest of the class taking the test because taking the class taking the test with the class would distract her because of her anxiety and depression yeah yes okay well let's that doesn't start the tongue did it it doesn't sound good right that doesn't that sounds like she's wrong it sounds like they I could see how some people could could get freaked out like not just the test itself but also like oh my god that one person just finished and then these people they seem like they know what they're doing but I don't like I can understand how you ever get excited from your arm yeah it's life but but lots of moving parts at a hospital so if you are nurse in the ER just a regular nurse in and an on-ear ER setting you're good let's say you're treating someone there's a billion other things happen around you and there's a lot of stress I'm not look I'm not trying to discourage people with anxiety and depression from doing or pursuing a career that they absolutely love but it would be the equivalent of me saying that I want to be a calligrapher but I got both my hands amputated it doesn't make any sense yes well they're you physically can't do the join is she kind of physically can't do it either because their mental health condition prevents her from doing it I don't know I mean I think look I can say for my own personal experience I once I was in as is when I was in graduate school uh I'm saying stats exam uh I was taking stats and I'm not very good at math I must especially not very good at graduate level stats I was not cut out for it and I had I don't know if it was a panic attack because I'm not a diagnostician but I have never felt like that before and I felt like it um I felt like the world was shattering around me and I locked up and eventually I was able to push through it but if if a person like we don't we we would say you know that's life and that's that's how we look at anxiety but people with anxiety disorders they don't feel the same level of anxiety we do they feel a very different level I and if people regularly feel what I felt and that's that's exam they shot me versus maybe I would say I totally understand what you're saying I think that that is a separate thing that hospital the hospital she wants to work at should decide I think maybe I think you might have a point but I don't think it's it's super connected today writing okay go I I've been diagnosed with anxiety disorder and I certainly had a clinical depression and it is horrible and I certainly couldn't have taken a test while I was ill like that but at the same time it's like if I couldn't take a test because I was mentally ill I'll be like wow college isn't for me you know if I can't sit in a classroom and take a test I can't be a student if I can't sit in a classroom and take a test because of my anxiety I can't be a nurse you can't have what if everybody in that class then said I have anxiety too we all need to take our tests in our own apartments and we all need you kid if but anxiety comes in very different it was like like I freaked out in that stats exam right so what if someone was to say well then you probably are not cut out to be a professor you're certainly not cut out to be on a talk show I know but really they're not separating you through it diagnosed with things so but he was a diagnosed with anxiety and he does stand-up comedy which seems to me like one of possibly the most stressful anxiety producing I can't do it I can't you can do it I tried to sue a comedy club by by I need to be doing this show by myself in a room and you need to broadcast it to the crowd I mean that's what this sounds like it's like yet that I would be crazy to say that it's like why would you pick the profession if you can't even sit in a classroom and take a test so that's where I met it's like I'm all about and helping people with mental disabilities and we should help them but to tups to turn up and your society to accommodate people with anxiety and depression it's too much to do and I think she's a hundred percent wrong here are there already accommodating her they're already letting her take to the test somewhere else I disagree you can't take a goddamn test you need to get therapy you don't need to fucking lawsuit I'm not angry at her it sounds like a seven ago I'm not angry to you I'm angry at the whole idea of this litigious society that because she hackus I am angry at her that is crazy that's crazy I'm you to think I'm raging right now at her that day I mean it's that whore of what you're saying it's not even close for me it's like at some point it's like hey why don't I I'm suing the Chicago Cubs because I can't throw our hit and they won't hire me capstone management concepts City College of New York.

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