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Capstone oncology nursing

Capstone oncology nursing capstone project oviedo high school for money top 10 washing machines consumer reports I know that we still have some people filtering back but we are gonna kick off with the afternoon session thank you again I hope you enjoyed lunch I would like to introduce a student of ours Sara nollette who's going to introduce our afternoon speaker good afternoon and welcome back from lunch my name is Sarah Nolet and I'm a first year SDM student my career before MIT was relatively standard I have a Bachelors of Science in engineering psychology and computer science I've worked in product development and system design and I have leadership experience but there are two things that are a bit less standard the first is that I played three varsity sports in college meaning that I often found myself in the computer science department with muddy knees and bruises that got me lots of strange looks the second is that before coming to MIT I spent eight months hitchhiking and farming around South America this gets me strange looks from pretty much everyone I tell that to today's next speaker followed an even more unusual path to MIT he's from New Hampshire he is a semi professional mountain biker an elite cyclist he designed and built his own house where he lives with his wife and two daughters he's a serial entrepreneur and the first time I met him he told me that he's never really gone to work for anyone ever he doesn't have a master's PhD or any other engineering degree but rather a BFA in industrial design now does that sound like a senior lecturer at the world's best engineering school to you well Matt Krusty most certainly is today he's going to tell us about the new integrated design and management program a team-based studio format prototype like crazy fail early and often track for artists engineers and managers when I talked to Matt I told him that I'm glad this program didn't exist last year because I would have torn my hair out trying to decide between it and SDM it sounds that cool Matt's career and life embody the spirit of this program I can't wait to hear him tell us more about it please help me welcome senior lecturer Matt Chrissy Thank You Sara hello everyone thank you for that wonderful introduction had I known it was gonna be that good I should have had you just do the whole the whole thing and thank you guys for showing up it's a beautiful day out there I don't know if I would have come in for this so this is a very exciting time for me you know beating the odds as Sara kind of alluded to and ending up here as a senior lecturer and also being kind of the creator of this new program it's really a dream come true and on top of that I really believe that it's going to make a significant contribution to the world in terms of what we what we bring to it so I'm going to tell you a little bit about the program this I finished this presentation literally 30 minutes ago and so bear with me it's a little rough around the edges so we're calling it integrated design and management that's a Ferrari 458 it's a wonderful kind of representation of you know the product excellence that we're going to strive to achieve in the program one of the things we worked really hard on was developing a mission for the program and so after you know eight months of sweating and crying and laughing and working with other people we came up with this enable the learning and development of extraordinary innovative leaders that will bring new levels of creativity vision and integrity to business and society so it's fairly lofty but you know what we're doing is very new and it integrates I think the best of all the kind of worlds of design engineering and business as well as I'll get to in a moment and so you know we hope our graduates kind of like following these footsteps we set the bar low and you probably know most of them the ones you don't know are probably Charles and Ray Eames here who are my personal heroes because not only were they designers but they also invented new manufacturing process disease and new kind of scientific methods for production these are some of the products that resulted from those folks you know all different kind of mediums from different business models like PayPal to you know complete products like a Tesla Model S obviously Apple and Eames the Eames lounge chair and some of the first composites ever manufactured so new technologies new business paradigms but overall just great products that we love to have and so the question really is how do we accomplish this and we've been working at doing that here at MIT for forever and also at schools where I went to school right on a school design how do we create these great products and it ends up you really can't do it in these sort of siloed environments you have to combine them you have to have an integrated approach and coupled with that we are in a very exciting time right now where really we can do whatever we imagine so we have these amazing design tools amazing prototyping tools fantastic materials and instant supply chain so what I mean by that is in the lower right hand corner so I I manufacture products in China and we will actually ramp up a production line as needed for one production run and then we'll break it down it's that quick you don't keep a factory in place running in perpetuity on one product or one business so we have this amazing sort of set of tools to enable ourselves to accomplish whatever we can imagine the other thing that's going on right now is that we have a really great understanding and emphasis on user experience and finally you know we we're creating products that are not only technically you know robust and and and invigorating and not only are they profitable but there are amazing experience for the user like the products you see in the background the process that we teach and this is to an arts school as well as here is basically we do some research we go understand the user needs we understand the market intellectual property we try to compile all that information and then we start building some represent patience of concepts of these things you know they could be two-dimensional prototypes renderings they could be three-dimensional prototypes and then we test them and usually what we find out from that test is that we didn't do it well enough so let's improve it so it becomes a iterative process and this is sort of another up in the upper right hand corner here there's another sort of representation of that the the blue line being time and you know you're passing through these three phases research build prototype tests in reality it looks more like that right you have people building prototypes that are maybe comprehensive in nature looks like works like prototypes or something of that nature but also in parallel you have part of your business working on engineering new technologies new mechanisms new designs and similarly you'll have your business team working on new business models and as these folks are all developing these various prototypes they'll start talking to each other and say hey you can't use stainless steel that's too expensive find a different material and all of a sudden the designers have a new challenge so this interaction and the integration of these disciplines is again what we're really trying to get at so it's just very complicated very messy poorly defined kind of experience you know and it merges analytics with intuition with trial and error and it's hard to do in a lecture hall we call the design process so this is Venn diagram I think encapsulates our program real well and in the center you know with the heart that is where we are going to live and breathe and teach and learn our student body is going to be comprised of equal parts engineering design and business students our backgrounds therein another common denominator will be that they're going to be very passionate we're going to be looking for very passionate students that are driven and entrepreneurial entrepreneurial meaning that they make it happen no matter what not necessarily that they're in business this is actually a student team from one of the courses I've been teaching for I think 15 years now here and they developed this beautiful snowboard binding and there's two industrial designers from RISD a couple of engineers from the engineering school and a couple of business students from Sloan and they only together could they have come up with this complete solution and we're gonna do all of this in what we're calling the integrated design lab in that so and that bat lab will be the core curriculum for the program this I should also mention is a sister program to SDM so we were kind of partners and we're system design is more system design and management is more emphasis on the system we're looking at systems that people experience so we're looking for that user experience part as a topic for our for our projects and so the activities that will take place in this are you know faculty lecturers obviously will have hopefully a very robust and vibrant guest lecture series we'll have the students actually give lectures because we expect our students to be so unique and passionate that they're gonna have a unique voice and story to tell to the rest of the cohort so we're gonna have them do that we're gonna have a huge emphasis on stakeholder research user needs and values research ethnography observational research you know all that great stuff we're going to have a huge emphasis on building and just taking action making doing and then the electives will be shared with SDM so we have a pool of electives that SDM students can take IDM students will take the same electives or have the choice of the same electives so here are some pictures of the integrated design lab we were very fortunate one of the huge hurdles we had to get over to make this program come to fruition was finding a space because you know the business model is not so good for a studio space where you have 15 people in this one space in perpetuity for a semester or two right it's not like a lecture hall you can cycle through 75 people and you know it's much better business model so we are very lucky we have what's called the International Design Center here at MIT and we got space in there for our little cohort and surrounding them our state-of-the-art tools from SL A's to F DMS to machine tools to hand tools just a great great place with lots of energy and and lots of people there so you know it's a place that you want to be you'll be able to call it their own the students are going to shack up there they're gonna have their own space that no one can disturb so as they build prototypes and they pin up you know you know image boards and and mood boards and things like that they're permanently located so that when they walk into this space and resume work on their prototypes or their projects they're instantly immersed and they're ready to go and they're inspired and they were and they remember their vision and can move towards that this is actually a slide of RISD but this is the energy that we we plan to have in in this in this place a place to share we'll have design reviews you know so is the students work we could we could have a day where the students are are working away and I or the faculty may say you know what it's we need to all share what we're doing so let's just have a quick design review and all the teams will get up and give a presentation that's what happened here we have this you know amazing tools there is robotic arm that you actually have to be a genius to use but we got plenty of those around here so and then you know it's a place where we'll celebrate failure and that's something I also think is counter-intuitive in in places like this so we'll encourage them to fail make mistakes and learn from those and that all results in in a usually a breakthrough and then a place to celebrate and this is a team actually that came out of that product development class and that's their product there they've just launched that product now it's this team is called or the business is called Offit and it's a very innovative Avalanche detection system where you push that pole down into the snow and it will give give you feedback on the layers and different density layers as you push it down the projects in IDL will be student generated and industry-sponsored we hope to have some industry sponsors and some of the products that they'll be working on will be three-dimensional some will be two-dimensional some will be just user experiences it could be apps and we also hope that the students will focus on societal problems and apply this process to solving you know human problems that maybe don't have any kind of visual representation and I hope to partner with the city of Cambridge or the city of Boston where we they can give us sort of you know maybe rich topics to work on we're thinking also that these projects will become the thesis for the students and then we're hoping that the program has some sponsors and those sponsors will not only give us some some money but they'll also provide this intimate ongoing relationship where their sensibilities and perspectives on product development and innovation can be disseminated to the students and vice versa students to them will give them in return write a first offer on a lot of the intellectual property that comes out the students own it but if this if the sponsor wants to buy it from the students they'll be allowed to do that at fair market rates and we also hope that the sponsors would provide employment opportunities or maybe just invest in an entrepreneurial team like avataq so in summary we have this integrated student body you know with design students for the first time here at MIT we'll have integrated faculty you know business engineering and design me teaching and we'll have integrated curriculum all together in an based immersive environment in the IDL and we hope that that pumps out some very very innovative people and our website this is my final slide just went live this morning and that's the URL for it and I think I have a minute and 25 seconds for questions if anyone has me great thank you so the program kicks off next fall we are going to start taking applications I would say in the next week or two so we're hoping to fill a cohort of maybe 15 to 20 so it's very small but that's that's the timeframe yes everyone great question what's the innovative admission criteria great question every candidate has to submit a portfolio so including the business folks that means that they're gonna have to like think oh my god what do I have to show what's tangible what can I present visually and we think that's going to be great exercise for them another question anywhere yes not yet yeah yes one more question yes yep absolutely yeah we they do that pretty well already most of them but and that's the way I work you know with all my manufacturing my teams are globally distributed so that's those those elements will definitely be fostered in the program all right thank you very much enterprise risk management workshop 2016 order New York School of Interior Design.

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