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Capstone ministers dvd 5

Capstone ministers dvd 5 write for me stock quote for capstone turbine reportaje casa terelu en ´╗┐hello everybody welcome to the Redmond TV my name is Ben Kelly this is the Liverpool development watch back after a long hiatus it's the first episode of 2018 thank you very very much for staying patient it's been an absolutely nightmare trying to get into record over the last couple of weeks but it is back after a four-week break a lot has happened for the lone players the youth teams while have been away I'm going to try and cover as much of it as I possibly can today and there's a lot to talk about somebody's gonna get straight into it we're gonna start with the loans Ryan Kent had his loan deal at Freiburg terminated last week and he is now on loan at Bristol City where he's made his first appearance on Saturday just a few stats about his time at Freiburg before we move on to talking about that he made just six appearances during his time out there which clearly wasn't good enough that's probably why a Liverpool terminated they wanted him to be having more time on the pitch than that's he had just two hundred forty-five minutes of playing time which is just just isn't anywhere near enough for a play developing of that age but after interest from Sheffield United as well he is now in the championship with Bristol City high-flying Bristol City is worth adding they were could well be in a Capital One Cup final or whatever you call it these days and it comes with one called final in a few weeks time if they do the relatively easy task we found a beat in Manchester City judging on yesterday's performance there were rumors that he could have stayed and perhaps played a part in co-op squad in the back end of the season but that's clearly important bed by the fact that he'd been loaned out again and he made his first appearance on Saturday against Millwall and came on for about half an hour did okay and hopefully in short he will be getting a lot more playing time in the championship even though it's the second tier of English football I think a lot of rules may preferred him to go out to a Premier League side but again like the Bundesliga how much time when he realistically have got playing for somebody like I don't know Newcastle Bournemouth one of them you know teams are in relegation battles and so we'll move on to a player's a plenty of Tyler with on the picture of the Christmas period Shea Ojo who as we all know is on loan at Fulham had a ban injury towards the end of last year didn't let it faze him has got back onto the pitch and his hip form once again he back to go overseas Barnes under 7 for 23rd and has started every league game for Fulham over the festive period he's looking very sharp he was rested for the cup loss versus Southampton on January 6th but he starts to get at the weekend in a one-nil away win at Middlesbrough slumped off after 52 minutes he is getting lots of time on the pitch and is looking like a very very good player that is gonna become very useful maybe next season maybe the season after the Jurgen Klopp just another option and it's good to know that we've got options spread out all over Europe in terms of low knees another big piece of low news is that in that of been will burned potentially moving to Sunderland it's not quite happened yet we're not sure why it was looking like it was all wrapped up prior to the Merseyside derby in the cup however it stalled and we all thought they might been involved in that game turns out he wasn't Chris Coleman though still expects what burns we arrived inside the next seven days and the update on the story that this week has been much like Harry Wilson who I'll talk about later on in a own individual segment and Liverpool want a Ben will burn to sign a contract before yet so the moves out on loan I think this is a very good move that happens you know it's 101 days ago club it's it's well drawn it's had its tough time several times over the last few years but it'll be at a decent club under manager who's familiar with of course also playing on the Chris Coleman during his time as Wales boss let's see how this one develops so after a winter break the Bundesliga returned this weekend just gone and give a curry he played in a nil nil draw at brochure Dortmund they've all played the full 90 Nadal affair really not much to report they never great at the games it looks like you've only seen a few highlights but it wasn't really involved very much there wasn't really that much to get involved in Navigators had a similar rest not obviously there's a lot more to talk about when it comes to navigator he played for the first time since December 17th on Saturday against Schalke scoring the opener 3-1 win at home now obviously there's been so much talk about the future of navigator but ladies and gentlemen I am proud to say that the Kaiser countdown is well and truly still up and running despite some speculation there is only 167 days until navigator puts on that Liverpool shirt we're officially in 2018 lads we are over the hurdle of 2017 the finish line is in sight of course there were rumours that clock wants to bring cater in early wants to bring him in now and to sort of go some way to replace and Fela Kuti no but it appears like sega's still written to do this as they focus on qualifying for next year's Champion's League and of course they are filthy rich there's no money incentive for them to take a premium and let him go now they did tweet yesterday from the RB Leipzig English account that they are confirming that navigator will stay at the club until July 2018 which sounds a lot like clearer than cop saying that Phillip Katina will be fit for Manchester City than me so it's never over until it's over the saga isn't over until that transfer window shuts on February 1st there's a long way to go between now and then so we'll just have to keep an eye on it Danny Murphy though did make hilarious an assessment over him over the over the winter break on the sky spot friendly debate show where we suggested that having a mass karana was a more creative midfielder come on Danny don't be daft and we'll move on to a few more younger players now little bit under 20 degrees captain Korey wheel and centre back was loaned out to Yeovil Town over the Christmas break start to feel a bit sorry for the looms whether he's managing he'll quickly you see in his side sort of torn apart and dismantled they are still top of league but yes Wilin was loaned out to yo really came off the bench for a brief cameo appearance on in the FA Cup game when they beat apparently to nil and there was a bit of an upset obviously lead to side I am personally questioning this move kind of because he is out on the 20 degrees captain he's very commanding sentence about he's had a great season than the 23 and just wondering whether he could have been loaned out to work to a side of a high-caliber really because lead to isn't the best quality we all know that they're in league through for a reason Yeovil Town the match in the the quality of that side is matching the quality of the sides in that league with them I'm just wondering how much of a step up it really is from our on the 23 side Liverpool FC's under 23 side to a league to team it'll get some first-team experience for a Corbin and that's what's important I suppose but for me I would have been looking to learn him out to a championship side looks like we've done with the other fellow who have just talked about who is it who is it most like we've done with Ryan Kent but we'll see how it goes I'll be bringing you updates on him every week with how he's doing good look Cory Whelan at Yeovil Town and we'll move on to slightly older than 23 snooze but I do think it's still worth reporting it's been reported over Christmas the Harry Wilson has rejected a new contract at the club basically due to his lack of first-team opportunities this will be a massive shame if he goes because he is such a prolific goalscorer and has proven that time time again for Neil critics in the under-23 for me the problem is he hasn't much luck this season as far as Liverpool's courtrooms have been concerned obviously he perhaps should have got a chance in the last game in the FL Cup but to be expected to be brought in in a Merseyside derby for the FA Cup float around it is unrealistic it'd be very interested to see if he gets a chance against West Brom but again it's Premier League opposition the athlete coffee's a cup that I want to see the Liverpool going for this season because I think we're in two Cup competitions why not go and win them if we're not going to go and win the league so be difficult to see where he's gonna get his opportunity unless we beat West Brom and we draw a lower leading opposition in round five of the FA Cup however then you're getting closer and closer to the final you don't want it potentially jeopardize your chance of winning that competition so chances very Wilson arguably few and far between and as much as it would be a disappointment if he chooses to go I won't be able to blame him because the EE is struggling and he is a developing plane and he needs more time on the pitch at a first-team level he's good enough to do it he's definitely definitely good enough to do it let's just hope the Liverpool and him can resolve this situation he is looking for some time out on loan but like I said before like we been Wilburn Liverpool and wanted him to commit to his future and sign a contract before they sought out a loan move for him so be interested to see how this saga ends if you can call it a saga it might turn into a saga if he continues to reject a contract he'll be very interested to see where he ends up at the end of the transfer window there are some other Academy players and players knocking on the first-team door that had been linked with moves away from the club at the moment all of these are temporary so for example Danny ings has been like with Newcastle if he's going to go it has to be Premier League club is absolutely no doubt about it Marko brew which has been longing to brighten his agent did suggest in 2017 that they will be looking for a loan move for him in this window it a forgotten man at the moment really marker grew it's obviously young clots actually his first sign in for Liverpool came in looked to be doing okay and it just kind of disappeared I think he's had a couple of injuries he's made a couple of hundred 23's appearances but again like a lot of these players that were talking about right now he needs first team minutes at any club he needs to go out and be doing it and really proven to you in club that he can do it a record sufficient level well that's a championship Club or a club like Brighton who are fighting for her a really survival that's what I prefer I think he would thrive in that bright inside and you know good he's a man mountain marker which there's no doubt about it and I think that if you can put him in a side like Brighton who need a bit more battle you know you watch the West Ham game at the weekend where they seem to be lacking a little bit of strength in the middle of the park maybe Markovic is the man who can provide that for them overage area has been linked to leads and again this would be a good move it's a good solid English club we know it's a very very big club and it'd be quite a good move for him to go there I don't really know if we get time in the picture on the Premier League is very very talented player and you know critically has already revealed that the plan is to let him go in January onload just so we can get a bit more tougher and a bit more streetwise which I can perfectly understand you know I feel like I'm repeating myself but he does need time on the pitch if he's ever gonna compete for a solid starting place in the Liverpool starting 11 or on the Liverpool map in the Liverpool matchday squad then he needs time on the pitch elsewhere doesn't he so fairing off if we're gonna loan him out Kevin Brannigan secured a permanent move to Oxford United this week and I've never really raised him to be honest I think this is probably the right move for him I don't mean to be harsh but I just don't think he's good enough I think he was going off it had been banging on the door of the first-team a lot more by now so hopefully managed to kick-start his career with Oxford good luck to you my friend so now we'll actually move on and take a look at how the under-23 side have been doing well they only play for the first time this weekend since December 19th they played Manchester City just as the first team did it was Friday night and they would use play Arsenal last Sunday president Park but it was postponed due to a frozen pitch and sometimes even sat at and in the Man City game however was that they lost 3-2 but also the bigger news of the game was that Ryan Brewster was stretchered off with a really bad ankle injury no break apparently but Liverpool still are waiting to a discover full extent of the damage we don't really know how long he's gonna be out for yet fingers crossed and it's such a good player don't want something like this to be holes in his progress at this point obviously there's been a lot of whispers they could end up participating for a first team place this season which I would love to say if and that'd be absolutely brilliant for him again fingers crossed we can only hope that it's not as bad as first feared although it did walk quite quite a bad injury at the time and next look for them is Charlton in the Premier League Cup on Sunday and so move on to steam Jared's on their 18 side who have got back into the swing of things since the Christmas break but it's been a mixed arts 2018 for them they started with a fix from January 6th away at Blackburn in the under-18s premier league they will 6-1 it was a very very comfortable when people then went on to sort of that first loss of the season away it's hot in them in the Premier League Cup on Saturday it was over the weekend they lost fallen I think it was Saturday the loss for nail in a pretty crushing loss in the quarterfinals and their next game is against Arsenal in the FA Youth Cup this coming Saturday which that's the Anfield if you want to get yourselves down there and they're opening the Kop end it's a good opportunity to see some youth players and to see the roar attacking power the steam girls and the rate teens have I'll tell you what anything is guarantee in that game its goals tickets are really cheap three pounds for adults two pound for children and absolutely free if you ever seen tickets or one of these things which the Liverpool FC members card like myself I'll be going down should be good out in for Steven Gerrard's Reds and that ladies and gentlemen concludes the first development watch or 2018 thank you very very much for watching and it's been a little bit longer than usual but we've had all sorts to cover I'll be back next week as usual subscribe to the channel leave a comment leave a like for me on Twitter at be Kelly 776 and I will see you next week bye bye capstone logistics jonesville sc number Kingsborough Community College, Manhattan Beach, Brooklyn.

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