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Capstone microturbine price for money

Capstone microturbine price for money examples of senior capstone projects looking for someone to make essay on economics now ´╗┐well good afternoon six and a half years ago plan YC the city's sustainability agenda that we launched set out the goal of making New York a greater greener city and today we're releasing a study showing our impressive strides towards one of its top objectives now you can say how we use the word impressive when you see this presentation you will realize just how lucky we are to have started this process and to have the cooperation of everybody in this city New York has the cleanest air now of any major American city today our air is the cleanest it's been in almost 50 years and that cleaner air is saving nearly 800 lives a year in our city now our new york community ere survey based on results from a hundred monitoring sites around the city shows that between one 2008 and 2012 we reduced the amount of sulfur dioxide a major lung irritant linked to serious respiratory diseases in our air by sixty nine percent there is also twenty three percent less particular particle particulate matter the toxic soot in our air that is so harmful and in many cases deadly than there was five years ago and three years ago New York ranked seventh among major American cities in the level are particulate matter in our air and today we've moved up to fourth place so just think about that in just three years we've plugged three cities and air quality and we're continuing to outpace most other American US cities in improving air quality and showing the way for cities around the world facing a often horrendous air pollution problems as you've seen on television particularly on the Weather Channel shameless plug the greatest process progress in improving air quality has incurred in what have long been some of the most polluted parts of our city in the Bronx and in manhattan and the animated maps were about to display show just how dramatic that progress has been q animation there we go now this is calves you want to talk about this short go back to the other one there we go this is the map as it appeared in two thousand microphone this is the map of sulfur concentration parts per billion as it appeared in 2008-2009 based on the first community ere survey which was conceived and then funded through plan YC and you can see that it shows that dirty air does not discriminate you have high concentrations now we just did the second round of this survey and based on the initiatives that the mayor's about to talk about this is what the map looks like now and then we go back and forth and one and the new one and so the results mayor you will explain we've largely accomplished this because of a set of actions we've taken in the past few years and that included ordering the phase-out of the most heavily polluting heating fuels in our city which are known as number six and number four oil which many buildings in these areas have traditionally used we've also it's true it's because of working with the City Council and state officials to reduce sulfur content in number four and number two heating oil and to introduce two percent renewable biodiesel in all heating oils and also providing building owners with the help they need to convert to cleaner burning heating fuels now in the coming years the continued health benefits of this conversion to clean a heating fuels will make it the single biggest step we have taken to save lives since we began our comprehensive smoking control program including passing the smoke-free air act because just consider this the approximately 10,000 buildings that we're using the most polluting grades of fuel oil when we issued our new regulations in 2011 make up less than 1% of all the buildings in the city yet they were putting out more soot in our air than all the cars and trucks on city streets and highways combined to address that problem if remember we didn't just issue regulations telling building owners thou shalt not we also said we can help you do the right thing and so we coupled our regulations with assistance and incentives and we recruited real estate industry leaders including a major figure Douglas Duras the chairman of the Durst organization as well as coned National Grid the New York heating oil Association and also the Environmental Defense Fund to help launch an initiative that initiative is called clean heat and is directed by the city's office of long-term planning and sustainability it provides technical assistance and we're needed cost-effective financing through the New York City energy efficiency corporation to help in conversions from number six oil the most polluting grades of heating oil to cleaner alternatives and the result is that today more than 2,700 buildings of the roughly 10,000 that's a little greater than a quarter that we're using heavily polluting oil fuels have made the switch and the vast majority these cases they're now using for cleaner burning natural gas all for a low sulfur fuel oil and biodiesel fuel and they've done that even though they and other buildings aren't legally required to make such conversions until a year 2030 so they've gone ahead and they've made an enormous difference and that shows up in the life expectancy of people living in the city and the professionals estimate that because of the cleaner air 800 fewer people will die every single year in New York now here's what the improved air quality that we've achieved means in human terms improvements that the clean heat program has contributed significantly to there has been an approximately twenty five percent drop and pollution related deaths emergency room visits and hospital admissions in our city in the past five years our success in cleaning the area just said saves the lives of close to 800 New Yorkers every year it means that every year we have some two thousand fewer emergency room visits and hospital admissions resulting from lung disease like diseases like asthma and from cardiovascular diseases and that's reducing suffering for the very young the very old or the already ill especially in low income communities now city governments number one responsibility I've always thought is protecting the health and safety of our people and when you look at the results like that at the lives being saved and the illnesses being prevented it tells you that we're definitely doing something right in addition to saving lives the clean heat steps that would take in to reduce greenhouse gas admissions by something like four hundred and seventy thousand metric tons every year or nearly one percent of our total admissions and every time we eliminate it's one less ton of heat-trapping gases in our atmosphere now right after this announcement I'll join whether company CEO David Kenny for a climate week conversation that will further detail the progress that we're making but suffice it to say that because of the administration the City Council the taxpayers the voters the building owners all the people in the city have gotten together and whether they really thought about it or not collectively they have made a real difference in the stuff we're putting into the air and really made a big difference in saving lives before introducing our list speakers let me just add that earlier this week the city's Department of Environmental Protection sent a riposte update of the Seas air code to the City Council if enacted it will be the first major revision of the code in 38 years it will simplify compliance requirements and streamline the permitting process and we expect that it's its enactment will take us even further towards helping all New Yorkers to breathe easy so on that note let's me ask our city health commissioner dr. Tom Farley to elaborate on this big improvement in our public health Tom thank you it's worth pointing out to start that we all breathe in on average about 15 times a minute we do that every minute of every hour of every day across a lifespan and that means that the quality of the air that we breathe over the course of a lifespan can have a big impact on our health if the air has chemicals or has fine particles that can get into the lung that can irritate the lungs and it can exacerbate health problems like asthma and emphysema and the chemicals can also get into the bloodstream and lead to other health problems or exacerbate other health problems like heart disease now no one has the ability to choose what air to breathe and what air not to breathe that means it's government's responsibility to keep the air as clean as possible now it's unavoidable to have some amount of air pollution because almost everything we do from heating buildings to driving cars generate some amount of pollutants but we can minimize the amount of pollutants that we put out and if we do because we all breathe that air all the time we can make big strides and health by doing so now the health department's role in the announcement that we're talking about today mainly was in putting together first-of-a-kind air quality monitoring system that no other city that we know of has we call this the new york city community ere survey this gives us detailed information at the neighborhood level that we might measure on a continuous basis and enables us to produce maps like those it this survey also helped us identify and quantify the sources of pollution that we're most contributing to our sources that are most contributing to our city wide air pollution now then that then feeds into our policy changes and the programs that you're going to hear more about in a minute we expected when we did the improvements in reductions of combustion of home heating oils that we would have improvements in air quality at the city level but the results are even better than we expected I would say the results are stunning the mayor said them but it's they're worth reiterating so our wintertime levels of sulfur dioxide in the air sulfur dioxide can exacerbate asthma have been reduced by sixty-nine percent our city wide levels of fine particles what we call PM 2.5 or what you might call suit which exacerbate heart disease and lung disease have been reduced by twenty three percent now we know that those PM 2.5 particles increase your risk of dying of a variety of illnesses in particular cardiovascular disease so based upon that we can estimate how many deaths we are preventing by that twenty three percent reduction in PM 2.5 and it's eight hundred deaths per year so aside from lowering the smoking rates that the city has done since 2002 this better air quality is preventing more deaths than any other changes happen in New York City over the last decade what gets even better is that these health improvements are just beginning now because we've only got about a third of the buildings that have converted that cleaner fuels now more of them will convert in future years so our health benefits are only going to grow now much more needs to be done your pollution continues to be a major health problem but now we know more how to do it we measure carefully where the pollution sources are coming from we do what we can to reduce emissions from those sources and we have improvement citywide so today that we can celebrate the fact that our air is cleaner than ever in New York City residents are living longer than ever and it's not a coincidence Tom thank you and I should point out that douglas durst the CEO of Durst organization has just arrived and I talked about you before in glowing terms you should know the Environmental Defense Fund has played a big part in the success of our clean heat initiative and I would like to thank their new york regional director Andy Durrell Andy wanna say a few words thank you Thanks this is a huge win for anybody who breathes the air in New York City a sixty-nine percent reduction in sulfur dioxide pollution over a four-year period I don't think there's any program anywhere in the world that can beat that level of success in that time frame I just want to point out one of the things that I think was key to that success and that is the partnership that is exemplified by the clean heat program but by plan why see generally between the public sector and the private sector and communities to make this happen this is not a result that happened only because of advocacy only because of policy only because of Finance and private capital it happened because all these things were deployed together with the real estate community finance community organizations government at all levels stepping up to the table and staying focused on a goal that we knew was an important goal because the data was there to tell us this is where we need to focus it's that partnership that made it possible to have the clean air and that we're breathing here right now and I want to thank the mayor and his team for sticking with that partnership and making it possible making the space within government for that partnership to be born and to work together and achieve the kind of results that we see on the map here today so thank you anything finally I'd like to ask the executive director of the New York environmental justice Alliance who's also an alumnus I'm happy to say of our administration Eddie Batista to comment on today's announcement Eddie thanks mayor um when the mayor said that his administration was going to work until the very last day he just wasn't whistling Dixie what do we got like ninety six days left is that right and I would argue that this is among the most important announcements that have been made twenty years ago the South brought in the South Bronx Hunts Point had a childhood hospitalization asthma rate well've times the national average 15 years ago I remember organizations started pushing for a community air monitoring program because as the mayor often says you can't measure it you can't really fix it and as you can see from them from the images shown before this is exactly what we had hoped that if you measure the particulate emissions if you measure the air pollution load pockets in our communities that action like the clean heat program could be taken to relieve this disproportionate burden and we're talking about for example East Harlem in the South Bronx they're among the top 15 communities that are benefiting from the I will say that not only is the mayor's administration and their partners in environments of the fence to be commended but I want to remind everyone that there's nothing more fundamental than the right to breathe so again mayor congratulations Thank You Eddie thank you i should point out that standing behind me you've heard from cows holloway but also our environmental protection commissioner Carter Strickland junya and Sergei minovsky director of the city's office of long-term planning and sustainability and the others you've heard from let me just summarize for the spanish-speaking audience before we take questions estamos mirando la calidad de ayer a que respiro mohsin no esta ciudad y esto no pseudo Salva acasio chanta otro sientas vitas cada ano and with that would be happy to take some questions on do my capstone builders flagstaff az Ursulines.

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