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Capstone microturbine model 330 order

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DrowzyJ: give it to the girl in the back Raburn: WOMENS LUL BasedKacey: 40k cheetodustcxx: 40K Supergluten: ape gang $ PrincessRonaldReagan: Its Unisex Bruuuh Rulik0: 40k i_like_ice_cream: 40K mira glasses BEZA93: Mjoc boys are models comparing to your 4/10 ass mitchie :) hobbnocker: roughly 200USD fflox: CALL VAMPIRE <3 CALL VAMPIRE <3 CALL VAMPIRE <3 jaco6y: Yooooo hair looking fresh ma dude Drbg17: Lmao guy in the back ChadMcAlphacock: you dont have a feminin face at all lmao sapphiroth: miraWave AndrewMcCarthy: @MitchJones looks like a handshake stardazer: 300 Sleezyfbaby: 100.00 markymark2717: Trap ChickenLP: ????????????? ThePappas: Fresh af actually PogChamp ChickenLP: what was that question ????????? ramlol: LuL LuL Supergluten: i'd rather have ape gang @MitchJones ramlol: ???????????? Raburn: LOL Ruhud: ????????? 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Keenarr: XDDDDD cheetodustcxx: YO WHAT tov78: "ive done that before" LuL Viewbot122: IVE DONE THAT BEFORE cheetodustcxx: LUL kleiklei: MIKE JONES fflox: DansGame Creativly: DansGame MathDK21381: ????? jayhuang123: LMAO AnthonySo1337: LMFAO BEZA93: Would you rather have headmeat or a big dick? πŸ€” wythenshawe_eusebio: LMAOOO Chiyee: smoke DansGame Frosty_Cupcake: forsenDED Vex4ge: DONT ThePappas: DansGame Qwertzuasd: harrassing grandmas FeelsBadMan cheetodustcxx: cringe TriHard_BLACKED: stop SlumpGhost: FOUR EYES LUL Matrix6677: cringe CPU_INTENSIVE: VapeNation Hitzme401: LMAO Free_Brax: HeyGuys TriHard_BLACKED: KKona XvChRoNiiCvX: TriHard TriHard Vex4ge: PagChomp Vyrken: HeyGuys Supergluten: ape gang zootieX: haHAA Caboosed: aww FeelsGoodMan AnthonySo1337: GILF MrTimiiz: haHAA gay Shorty_g: HotPokket stop smoking HotPokket NarutoKakashi: hi there KKona Ergalosyr: haHAA fflox: cmonBruh ? Vyrken: haHAA janitory: haHAA Keenarr: KKona gilf icrapmypants: GILF LUL Frosty_Cupcake: forsenSheffy AnthonySo1337: GILF Chiyee: APE NATION TriHard Jtragic: PogChamp HugeDonger69: BALTIMORE TriHard buhyaka: @MitchJones maybe zoom mira's booty later :) XvChRoNiiCvX: TriHard TriHard TriHard jayhuang123: LMAOOOO TriHard_BLACKED: the fuq thankyou693: grandmas the best he can get LUL w4zerrr: BALTIMORE TriHard Keenarr: XD cheetodustcxx: YES Sirkan95: haHAA Vex4ge: yes it is rude jaco6y: Kind of ryde eMCaLiBeR: mitchLul mitchLul mitchLul mitchLul mitchLul mitchLul MFanth: White genocide SlumpGhost: NOW SHE KNOWS NEVER TO GO TO MARYLAND LUL Chrisianoxx: whos that emo kid Ceribi: WTFFFF MITCH NOT WEARING A HOOD??? Waffleandpancake: okok Raw3st: OOH OOH AH an0therduck : is that jesse wellens? PogChamp reworm: hahahah Vex4ge: LUL retz01: PogChamp Comitatvs: LUL markymark2717: Lol Penguinpower93: LUL LATE Vex4ge: monkaS KILL ? Pronger05: LuL punkey: Sonyd cosplay Supergluten: ape gang btw guys xstat_: NORMAL PogChamp Tobbs941: Looking good Mitch PogChamp Ceribi: FIRST TIME U LOOK NORMAL jacobjones123: take the glasses of though lol SlumpGhost: SCUFFED ALERTS Sirkittensjr: Forgot he changed his hair Pronger05: reckF mitchRat kahunaburg3r: those glasses LUL kleiklei: WHO IS GRILL?? buhyaka: @MitchJones bro u look like haHAA Shorty_g: kraig is nutting right about now LUL TheJohnPanther: W OMEGALUL W Chiyee: NEW LEAF PogChamp Vex4ge: LUL arturpatrao1991: is this mitch Jones stream? he looks good today PogChamp PrinceFranco: !uptime tmanrocks999: NEW BRANCH Herbalhank: New Leafe haHAA punkey: NEW LEAF SlumpGhost: NERD JONES LUL jaco6y: Misha cosplay ghere_: LOL ryzzin96: mitch looks like he is going to get some pussy today the_restless: new stick Supergluten: GivePLZ ape gang TakeNRG VoteYea iShOxX1: FIX THE TEETH AND YOU GOOD Mandible8564: new CiGrip Brudey: looking good bby boy SlumpGhost: NEW TREE JONES ChickenLP: yes ocearoku: HeyGuys 4_Head_: ITS FINE MurlocHunterMVP: CiGrip kahunaburg3r: CiGrip Nirrta: glasses are no good cmonBruh retz01: 8/10 Jones KappaPride Pronger05: PowerUpL TPMagao PowerUpR MrKolers: how tall is the guy in the back? the_restless: hotted Raburn: HODOR iRezite: Boogie Chiyee: OpieOP Underverk: boogie puredize: hagrid pidzzy: BOOGIE GBTW: BOOGIE AnthonySo1337: BOOGIE Raw3st: Boogie C_MPLEX: boogie2988 SlumpGhost: BOOGIE woodf1re: Hurley from lost AnthonySo1337: BOOGIE. Raw3st: Skinnier BOOGIE iRezite: BOOGIE Mandible8564: boogie after the surgery gIbBsJaCoB: boogie LaFlamaBlanca10: Hodor. Brenin: BOOGIE!! ChickenLP: BIG DOINKS eMCaLiBeR: SMOKIN BIG DOINKS IN AMISH the_restless: smoking doitns chunded: BIG OL DOINKS MastadanZxx: LUL buzzmemullat0: LUL Chiyee: LuL MrGazzaPro22: m60 kahunaburg3r: HES LIKE 400 LUL γƒͺクィッド_スネーク: LUL eMCaLiBeR: SMOKIN BIG DOINKS IN AMISHh LaFlamaBlanca10: Hodor swagpumpjr: lets see his abs TORTUGA__: hes a football player janitory: BOOGIE PogChamp LaFlamaBlanca10: Hodor. grizzthebest: Harembe sinisterpiglet: LuL Vex4ge: JACKED LUL Suwz: VOLD bittanza: BOOGIE/CHAD nononplus: his face looks like boogie what the fuck you mean mitch imnotdonald: LuL KartN1: monkaS MurlocHunterMVP: HE LOOKS LIKE BIG DAWS TiltBoys: ur hair is fucking gay w4zerrr: LIVELEAK PogChamp Supergluten: ape gang'd cheetodustcxx: HE LOOKS LIKE A HAMBURGER buzzmemullat0: LUL LUL sycosnipes22: What’s so crazy about this stream? Ruhud: ????? kahunaburg3r: Monkey behind the wheel monkaS Qwertzuasd: ??? Ceribi: NO UGLY HOOD Brudey: You could pull a dime piece right now Kappa Lxmur: lv12paladin_btw KKona <3 zebronation: FEMINAZI GLASSES LUL Besidetheside: you kinda look like ellen degeneres @MitchJones xOver9000: LUL sinisterpiglet: who said it? cmonBruh Da_Poe_Boy: LMAO jaco6y: TRAIN IS A GOD Filtroox: T H I C C woodf1re: POG champion punkey: SONYD COSPLAY. yowutm8: SONY D COSPLAY xstat_: s-s-s--s-s-s C_MPLEX: who's the grill Caboosed: shushshsush arturpatrao1991: u look good bro FINNALY PogChamp Noctem_: LUL THAT CHOKE ReckonTV: S-S--S-S-S-S xer0status: sh sh sh should we? MMaxMersel: THICCC jaco6y: SHSHSHAHSHAHHA BazzieNL: NMP PogChamp Raw3st: hahah Tripp1999: LOL i_like_ice_cream: FAT MIRA IN THE BACK buzzmemullat0: LUL MEYERN3: PogChamp its fandy Sh4rkouu: LOL TiltBoys: @chrisslol dont take it so serious dude and stfu alwayscheeched: do it PogChamp cottoneyej0e: KappaPride mitch KrisWithaK_: LOL Andrex7744: hahah cheetodustcxx: MITCH JONES, APE. THOT, HAMBURGER FelPotato: HIPSTER JONES wythenshawe_eusebio: TRUE PooBlaster: washed up stream LuL CopyrighttheFinn: Yes Keenarr: @nmplol nmp1n nmpW never_grim: chick glasses WutFace reworm: Word TheJohnPanther: OMEGALUL i_like_ice_cream: 40K GLASSES MrKolers: haHAA Raburn: haHAA Raw3st: @Nmplol get ready, youll need some ice for ya dick i_like_ice_cream: MIRAS GLASSES janitory: haHAA namit011: haHAA Non_Social: haHAA TheJohnPanther: OMEGALUL Clap BEZA93: haHAA never_grim: makes us unsure if you're a trap or not punkey: Glasses Alxxy: have guy and girl in back switch seats Mandible8564: nmp cmonBruh PapaSmurf99: flex on the haters haHAA Hunniche: f artainis_: you look gay Salteeee: Librarian Jones CopyrighttheFinn: -3999$ Glasses LuL an0therduck : monkaS kahunaburg3r: monkaS lv12paladin_btw: hitler haircut WutFace Ergalosyr: monkaS DavCev: davcevS dicapriyo: lmao how small is ur car or how tall is that big guy in the back MEYERN3: HotPokket ? Swold1er: FAT DUDE MADE A DENT IN THE ROOF notice_me_OpieOP: @Swank_Hozer cmonBruh / fflox: KKona Qwertzuasd: monkaS ☝ chill BEZA93: Texting ape Im_Saving_the_subtrain: sodaMONK AnthonySo1337: LUL summober: NICE HAIR wickibg: HOW THE ROAD cheetodustcxx: JESSE WELLENS check APE check THOT check HAMBURGER check AveragePolack: @nmplol nmpW Raw3st: APE GANG Mandible8564: everything is coming together then monkaS NoJims: monkaS Alxxy: how tall is that kid? Vex4ge: APE GANG TriHard jacobjones123: trains a good guy Andrex7744: relax monkaS Swank_Hozer: @notice_me_opieop u followin me bruh cmonBruh ChickenLP: LUL xOver9000: LUL Killstreeak: His dick is nice Lxmur: lv12paladin_btw OpieOP namit011: LUL johnny_blazed_: LUL F LUL A LUL G LUL voltickxd: LUL Alxxy: he has arrived, not back Keenarr: XD Lxmur: OpieOP ricintv: LUL Nirrta: exposed Kappa Lxmur: OpieOP 4Hand Sirkan95: @MitchJones your eyebrow my man, what happened?? Vex4ge: TYPICAL MITCH LUL γƒžγƒΌγ‚―γƒ³γƒˆ: WHAT DO YOU MEAN Cx buzzmemullat0: LUL LUL Drbg17: Ape gang Swank_Hozer: LuL MEYERN3: DansGame noo punkey: !uptime tehonlyninja: DansGame im still here Stupidassgame: Squaaaaaaaaad Luddz123: Failfish MurlocHunterMVP: DansGame BEZA93: Mitch always jealous man Stupidassgame: haHAA eMCaLiBeR: DansGame Vyrken: TRAINWRECKS DansGame / Keenarr: DansGame Sirkan95: @MitchJones your eyebrow my man, what happened? notice_me_OpieOP: Kreygasm janitory: HeyGuys keeohd9494: Kreygasm punkey: Lol Qwertzuasd: 🍌 what_it_do_hehehe: T H I C C reworm: Kreygasm Brudey: BrokeBack TheJohnPanther: TRAINWRECKS DansGame TRAINWRECKS DansGame TRAINWRECKS DansGame FlorisLD123: like a normal person? icrapmypants: T H I C C LUL markymark2717: Gurllll vivacee: THICC! kahunaburg3r: Car accident inc monkaS LaFlamaBlanca10: Better than Mira monokitai: SEX HER Ergalosyr: DansGame HOL UP Sirkan95: @MitchJones your eyebrow my man, what happened?? Vex4ge: BLUE DansGame nicksahn: KELSEYWRECKS OMEGALUL lv12paladin_btw: BLUE DansGame SUPLX: Sex her an0therduck : HODOR BibleThump kahunaburg3r: BibleThump ambdoexious : hodor SeniliusOnyxia: HE MIGHT BE AN APE BUT HE MAKES YOUR CONTENT 100% BETTER Im_Saving_the_subtrain: LuL cheetodustcxx: SHES HOT AS FUCK ShrekMinions: hi hi hi hi tehonlyninja: PepeHands Vex4ge: OpieOP mike20170828: tiny car SMOrc namit011: LUL LUL LUL LUL PrincessRonaldReagan: Open the sunroof for the poor guy jesus TriHard_BLACKED: 4Head soapyOP: OpieOP notice_me_OpieOP: OpieOP Clap OpieOP Clap OpieOP Clap OpieOP Clap OpieOP Clap OpieOP Clap MEYERN3: HeyGuys TriHard_BLACKED: so funny looool ShrekMinions: squadSquad squadSquad squadSquad squadSquad squadSquad squadSquad Andrex7744: OpieOP namit011: MingLee MathDK21381: toxic Sirkan95: yeah lets make fun of the guy for content homie 4Head ChickenLP: monkaS Rulik0: Rude :Z namit011: OpieOP FCKING_TRIHARD: OpieOP LinK99191: The law PogChamp MathDK21381: BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump TheJohnPanther: HE'S PROBABLY ROCKING 15 INCHES gachiGASM eMCaLiBeR: mitchLul mitchLul mitchLul mitchLul mitchLul mitchLul mitchLul FelPotato: monkaS icyspike9: LUL Supergluten: @an0therduck ape gang btw kahunaburg3r: PagChomp Killstreeak: PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp Mandible8564: leave hodor alone :c Noctem_: Cx MurlocHunterMVP: OpieOP I'm just big boneded OpieOP Aetax: Cx Caboosed: Cx MrKolers: GIMBALL DOG what_it_do_hehehe: Cx Brudey: TriHard 7 ChickenLP: an0therduck DansGame Andrex7744: Cx Keenarr: TERASHIT XD FelPotato: Gimbal icyspike9: Terashit Nickc1793: Who is the dude sitting directly behind you mitchie? Im_Saving_the_subtrain: Its fine we're used to your scuffed stream @MitchJones ohhmyg: Cx erictheraccoon: Cx imnotdonald: TERADEK LUL γƒͺクィッド_スネーク: terradek homie hehehehe bumpaa: HODOR namit011: KappaPride GaymingHouse: yo nice hair SeemsGood Chiyee: terashit PogChamp shadowofakuma: GUNRUN TriHard Clap ezmodio: 4K terashit punkey: TERASHIT LUL l Wingsonmeth: BYRONI SETUP PagChomp SUPLX: viewtySHEKELS Teradek is good hehehe viewtySHEKELS kahunaburg3r: 9k backpack OMEGALUL Non_Social: TERASHIT Killstreeak: Only a backpack Qwertzuasd: 40k debt btw LuL erictheraccoon: terashit LuL cheetodustcxx: LUL FukSittingAndyCx: SCAM eMCaLiBeR: SODA/RECKFULS SET UP @MitchJones Mandible8564: 10k stream LuL Howtoad: gunruns = sodapoppins setup ezmodio: SCAM liontire: It's different than a teradek its liveU django_unchained_: SCAMAZ eMCaLiBeR: GUNRUN MADE SODA/RECKFULS SETUP @MitchJones Vex4ge: LUL RICH SETUP LUL 4_Head_: its sodas setup Young_Blitz: LMAP Spitwod: $1000 a month data bill LUL Alxxy: forsen is a 9k backpack LuL eMCaLiBeR: SODA SETUP EXPOSED Creativly: SMOrc kahunaburg3r: SMOrc soapyOP: SMOrc Ergalosyr: SMOrc django_unchained_: SMOrc punkey: $40k + $9k wutangforev: $9K when you never stream LUL Chiyee: 1 Ergalosyr: SMOrc Squad Tiga93: u look like a retard LuL icyspike9: SMOrc erictheraccoon: SMORC lime678: @MitchJones Hey Babe ChickenLP: Indym DansGame SwordAkimbo: mitchG ohhmyg: <3 Runaway4Nothing: Reck and Soda have it for free 4head Naytham: looking gay with the glasses shadowofakuma: 50K SET UP LuL Indym: @ChickenLP TriHard jensdk1: celeD celeD celeD celeD celeD celeD celeD celeD celeD MEYERN3: 😑 show fandy ! punkey: $40k + $9k . Ergalosyr: TERASHIT DansGame MurlocHunterMVP: Buy a jetpack with 9k so you can ditch 4Head Doppelson: Indym you still a celeste sub? Suprachiasmatical: @4_Head_ true tehonlyninja: YES Nastychain: EMPTYGESH Indym: celeLUL woodf1re: Buy it from ice for 50% off BEZA93: Mira called she said she wants her money back :) kahunaburg3r: emptygesh OMEGALUL Alxxy: you tehonlyninja: that is him OMEGALUL WipzTV: What are those glasses monkaS zander213: BWJ TheJohnPanther: cmonBruh Onelement: you look so bad monokitai: OpieOP Non_Social: Its me django_unchained_: (puke) Killstreeak: @mitchjones Didn't ICE say he would give u terashit ??? Indym: @Da_Poe_Boy LuL lime678: @MitchJones Who is in the car? Da_Poe_Boy: EMPTYGESH! WipzTV: @Nmplol you feeling better? hariam15: Mitch looking good - spam it the_restless: 6 Ceribi: 10 MurlocHunterMVP: 3 imKroway: 8 sapphiroth: 5 c0nstCS: 7/10' CritiusZero: 999999999 yowutm8: -5 Eviq: 4 thedatisaiah: 8 Nirrta: STOLEN MIRA GLASSES cmonBruh STOLEN MIRA GLASSES cmonBruh Smooth_Dog: 1337 ThingsBojchaDoes: 8 lilyKush: 6 kieroda: Still a 7 hackenberg: 7 clean shave maybe 8-9 Blinkoneightytwo: 8.5 PM_ME_YOUR_CELERY: 4 ocearoku: 1337 halcyonj: 8 punkey: 7/10 watchmebaby1: #miras glasses omer1536: 9/11 Tiga93: using glasses to copy the jew LuL django_unchained_: haircut +1 eseekeeetit: dirty hands Dansgame Andantenna: just greek moe_1995: Cx liontire: Dirty palms DansGame tentcow: DIRTY ASS HANDS PM_ME_YOUR_CELERY: 4 let's be honest and it's generous fuzionz_lul: LUL CreatineFueledPumps: filthy hands never_grim: can't stream with ice morphi10: who is this hipster, where is mitch? cheetodustcxx: ICE HATES TRAINWREKZ LUL R_W_B: GREEK Kreygasm Supergluten: HANDS DansGame Skizzorde: @MitchJones you look like Jonny Depp Brante3: Guy driving is Ice and T1 Mangokush: GREEK FIRST THEN ICE LUL BlastomaHD: ???? FelPotato: ?????????????????????? 300iceman12: Cx Risky__Business: ICE LUL monokitai: LUL xOver9000: LUL TokesTV: YOUR HAND naisu_ow: RAT JONES PogChamp SprangBrake: whats with the haircut? lilyKush: <3 Maideez: ALL GREEK DOES IS SIT ON A COUCH ALL DAY lime678: Dude hes jsut a leech django_unchained_: Cx Maideez: ALL GREEK DOES IS SIT ON A COUCH ALL DAY FailFish BannedByReynadOn7Accounts: Cx Waffleandpancake: Cx 300iceman12: ICE <3 the_restless: i love ice erictheraccoon: Cx Blinkoneightytwo: Reeeeeeeeeeee yowutm8: TWO BROKE STREAMERS 1JOB LUL sycosnipes22: What a duck I ugly rat## Indym: TriHard sc2BARTA: haHAA CX Andrex7744: lol dudewitanattitude: TriHard wythenshawe_eusebio: FAKE STORY Raburn: LOL kahunaburg3r: OMEGALUL MMaxMersel: ICE EVICTED SOON IF MITCH IS COMING TO HIM LUL Caboosed: LuL cheetodustcxx: LOOOOOOOOL Supergluten: d i m i t r i i_like_ice_cream: FAT MIRA IN THE BACK LUL FAT MIRA IN THE BACK LULFAT MIRA IN THE BACK LUL Raburn: TriHard Trihard TriHard BannedByReynadOn7Accounts: TriHard MastadanZxx: loooooooooooooooool k1ash3r: looooooooooooooooooool alwayscheeched: LUL Vex4ge: OMEGALUL Keenarr: triG triO punkey: TRU Indym: Ook ook TriHard にけム尺しエヒ: CUCK yowutm8: BLACKED BlastomaHD: LUL markymark2717: Lol ishida_ow: LOLOLOLOL ghere_: LOL morphi10: thats true lul madsevander: KappaPride lime678: SQUAD sircrocodile163: LUL PapaSmurf99: B=====D 8 inches TriHard BEZA93: I piped mira in dubai ANELE 7 HugeDonger69: DuckerZ Raburn: LuL LuL LuL Cheki926: lel nicksahn: LUL tehonlyninja: haHAA omer1536: PrideKappa hobbnocker: LOOOOOOOOOL MrKolers: PogChamp Brenin: HAHAHAHAHHAJ django_unchained_: DuckerZ Clap XxKoJi: forsenOMEGA omer1536: KappaPride? AnthonySo1337: LMAO eMCaLiBeR: PogChamp kiosugii: PogChamp Filtroox: anomLUL Indym: LuL 0__l: LuL naisu_ow: just 1 time feelsgoodman 0__l: DuckerZ ichangedmynametothis: OUR BOY DID GOOD PogChamp Vex4ge: ONE TIME LUL Tiga93: using glasses to copy the jew LuL . cheetodustcxx: YOU HAVE SHIT ON YOUR FINGERS 0__l: SPACE JAM TriHard Preservekill: thats righjt Raburn: NO WAY OMEGALUL Stupidassgame: plebcentral PogChamp thedeadTking05: Who the fuck is that big ass guy HugeDonger69: KappaPride ? dhnty: LOL kahunaburg3r: OMEGALUL the_restless: im fucking in a game Neutrontwin: KappaPride iShOxX1: hahahah namit011: LUL LUL LUL LUL FCKING_TRIHARD: ?????? WTF merryteemo: OMEGALUL erictheraccoon: LuL FCKING_TRIHARD: THATS FREE PUSSY Non_Social: LUL γƒͺクィッド_スネーク: LUL Rulik0: ThunBeast kawaiNoTBaka: TriHard no she didn't Addyhartman: 1 time? Vayne0000: LUL thedeadTking05: haHAA tehonlyninja: MISHA OMEGALUL kahunaburg3r: SONY TWEET INC OMEGALUL Raburn: LuL TRUE MurlocHunterMVP: LUL xeandresger: LUL PapaSmurf99: lul Woody_Wood_Woods: LUL True TheGambit787 : LUL AnthonySo1337: LOL Maxxsj: she was a keeper IMO Spitwod: Misha LUL jokezorr: still talking about mira OMEGALUL nicksahn: WE HUMBLE PogChamp faizer2016: 8. dirtyanimal_: is that anything5views MurlocHunterMVP: HUMBLE FeelsGoodMan ishida_ow: LUL Supergluten: bitch be humble yo yo yo K1NGER1988: Hahahaha what_it_do_hehehe: OMEGALUL h4ze2904: OMEGALUL Frosty_Cupcake: OMEGALUL c0nstCS: LUL tutrinatrusanusbananus: read a book sure dude Addyhartman: lol MEYERN3: you cant help your self LuL PapaSmurf99: help me get a bigger dick truesadism: cuckjones bergbergen: @Frosty_Cupcake need some help boi SprangBrake: trihard haircut Spitwod: Moved back to Cali Misha LUL stiblee: SO GAY KappaPride Runaway4Nothing: haHAA Nirrta: CLEAN HANDS DansGame TriHard_BLACKED: 16 yo mike20170828: Podcast jones PogChamp 4_Head_: mia jenu2959: pro raper Flashsweeper: @MitchJones Soz bro but those glasses are homo as fuck Whxspxr: shes missing out on the law Nirrta: CLEAN HANDS DansGame CLEAN HANDS DansGame cheetodustcxx: ???????????????????????? 4_Head_: mia is sodas girl punkey: Mia KHALIFA enzierr: MIA KHALIFA nzsalamicake: the giant in the back looks hungry jaco6y: Hipster Jones the_dingus: too big for the car wythenshawe_eusebio: MISSING OUT ON 6/10 paccz: IS THIS JESSE WELLENS? Atlas4999: who she namit011: Mia khalifa LUL Garians: Fandy tehonlyninja: :) thankyou693: She's actually not that fat Pewpewpewdot: ADDERAL JONES PM_ME_YOUR_CELERY: drugs c0nstCS: hot grill??????????????? PogChamp Grubbs89: grill ? PogChamp cheetodustcxx: SCUFFED JESSE WELLENS ezmodio: Mia is sodas LUL ChickenLP: tehonlyninja TriHard never_grim: i think he smashed the girl in the back ksock312: She's hot who dat wythenshawe_eusebio: NO morphi10: hell ya Andantenna: no Kappa Rasco_Fordring: forsen1 forsen2 AlcoholicOstrich: shes hot fo shaw gachiBASS Clap ichangedmynametothis: no Kappa Woody_Wood_Woods: yes cheetodustcxx: ITS FINE Vayne0000: HOLY SHIT THAT GIRL IS SO FUCKING CUTE CopyrighttheFinn: VoteYay Vex4ge: YEAH BUT ITS FINE 0__l: THICC MIRA LuL gyromankappa: no MEYERN3: HeyGuys heey TORTUGA__: we can hear the air but its fine\ Swank_Hozer: LuL cheetodustcxx: LUL heyblaq: Budget MIRA kahunaburg3r: BTW haHAA Clap Spitwod: Misha LUL Belgium_Frag: LuL Vex4ge: LUL erictheraccoon: btw LuL tehonlyninja: btw haHAA FCKING_TRIHARD: BTW Wingsonmeth: btw haHAA Raburn: haHAA btw cheetodustcxx: BTW Roho000: btw Dollheartz: haHAA btw XxKoJi: btw haHAA namit011: it's btw haHAA c0nstCS: btw haHAA ricintv: btw LUL Wimpish: btw ? dirtyanimal_: IS THAT A FUCKING GIRL IN THE BACK WAIT WHAT RC_2: haHAA btw xpopcornboii: BAD BTW Grubbs89: 42 BTW LUL EleGiggle Deleegold: 12 btw haHAA Rasco_Fordring: btw haHAA SodapoppingFanBoy: Blender BTW LuL AlansKane: u look like a homeless sHIT LUL Keenarr: btw haHAA :) c0nstCS: 42 in may btw haHAA hompuu: btw btw haHAA Tiga93: LuL Andantenna: TriHard / punkey: ASK MEXICAN ANDY cheetodustcxx: MEXICAN ANDY haHAAA birdnorris17: @MitchJones TTS way too loud R_W_B: monkaS maraws: 1440p MEXICAN ANDY xpopcornboii: REAL INNOVATOR kahunaburg3r: monkaS Tiga93: haHAA Raburn: monkaS XxKoJi: TTD MrKolers: gang shit TriHard eMCaLiBeR: the law in the chat janitory: monkaS namit011: LUL LUL imKroway: T H I C C MIRA Kreygasm Kreygasm Grubbs89: TTD ohhmyg: lloooooooool Filtroox: Gang shiet TriHard 7 thankyou693: donations gonna go crazy today in cringe spots TheGambit787 : <3 stardazer: lol Indym: D: ZeroGravittyy: <3 Beverlyheals: its literally girl glasses wythenshawe_eusebio: LOL nicksahn: <# buzzmemullat0: LUL jwussow989: <3 Waffleandpancake: <3 Okarinnnn: T H I C C PirrusTv: FAKE MIRA TheYmir: theres a 4th person in the car this whole time ?! monkaS gyromankappa: <3 Krazymensc: <3 <3 <3 <3 Bladest0rm: chad jones LUL TheJohnPanther: OpieOP Indym: LuL KrisWithaK_: lUl Tiga93: again Andantenna: LUL Indym: celeLUL punkey: ASK MEXICAN ANDY FOR GOID QUALITY STREAM LaRivalita: You look so good <3 Blinkoneightytwo: <3 Illmind00: doubt it tehonlyninja: no hes not OMEGALUL XxKoJi: LuL KrisWithaK_: LOL jensdk1: celeLUL celeLUL celeLUL celeLUL celeLUL celeLUL celeLUL celeLUL AlcoholicOstrich: 2 week ago mitch DansGame eMCaLiBeR: no ezmodio: CALL CELESTE xOver9000: Kappa cheetodustcxx: YES fragshottv: LOL Infamous2g: that means no PapaSmurf99: LUL 4_Head_: lol buzzmemullat0: LUL Dollheartz: LUL Raburn: HED HAVE SEX WITH LEA LUL gyromankappa: LUL Keenarr: XD LegionKS: LuL merryteemo: mitch fucked lea confirmed LOL MurlocHunterMVP: LUL tehonlyninja: OMEGALUL xOver9000: LuL Grubbs89: LUL GOOD LOOKING LUL SnapCracklePimp: LEA Kreygasm engulcykel: cuck dropbombsfukmoms: LUL Raburn: FUCKED LEA LUL ichangedmynametothis: GOOD MAN TriHard Mfwautismo: me in the back FeelsBadMan ProfCrow: LEA? DansGame SnapCracklePimp: LEA PogChamp jensdk1: celeWat celeWat celeWat celeWat celeWat celeWat celeWat BotNeil: celeste is ugly af SodapoppingFanBoy: Lucked fea PapaSmurf99: SHE ALSO GOT A FAT ASS ayowhatsupdude: FUCKED LEA?=???? 4_Head_: shit in a shoe FeelsBadMan alwayscheeched: LUL Seal_Seal: FUCKED LEA LUL shadowofakuma: gachiGASM kahunaburg3r: LUL Indym: mitchD <3 celeWat Frosty_Cupcake: forsenE mike20170828: celeWat elcozil: LuL lime678: DRAMA Jones Andrex7744: ew TheJohnPanther: BIGGER THAN FORSEN forsenFeels Tiga93: u look like a retard LuL SurfBrah: on time PogChamp Su_jin: forsen1 forsen2 punkey: FORSEN HIT IT FIRST zootieX: IPHONE CHARGER THEIF LUL ichangedmynametothis: KappaPride Wingsonmeth: SwedSwag b a j s an0therduck : KappaPride twinbladeuk: forsen3 forsen4 punkey: FORSEN HIT IT FIRST, SykaPlyat: forsen1 forsen2 CommandoGman: That Haircut LUL east_la_cx: TriHard Speedyman08: MITCH LOOKS HOT tipW dr_pushups: forsenThink forsenThink forsenThink cogpooper: lmao he is so ugly kahunaburg3r: tip3 tehonlyninja: GO TO GUCCI STORE 😑 ANALyzedx69: COPING RECKFULΒ΄S SWAG F λ°±μΈν•œκ΅­μΈ: tipW jaco6y: Emilycc Speedyman08: Harry potter? XxKoJi: TriHard LOOTING Mawhz: LUL Raburn: LOL Frosty_Cupcake: gachiBASS buzzmemullat0: LUL wythenshawe_eusebio: LMAOOO Whxspxr: is the emjanee dream really dead or just in hibernation? ッロッロ: forsenRP Clap Andrex7744: hahahah tehonlyninja: nice one gachiBASS thankyou693: monday afternoon btw PrincessRonaldReagan: LUL haileon: LUL 4_Head_: its good Whxspxr: F CopyrighttheFinn: Celeste said you fucked Forsen first :thinking: yowutm8: grill in back maraws: f Raburn: SURE LUL OBTU: LuL janitory: LuL east_la_cx: Cx Jahwooblerz: LOL ayowhatsupdude: Why does the girl in back look like fat Mira??? Suchpe: TriHard Sweett_ : Who dat grill cmonBruh ProfessorSpark: THEN MAYBE DONT SCREAM OVER THE DONO Kappa Mezza__: WAIT MITCH NICE HAIR CUT DUDE Wazkyr: Did Mitch get a 2. haircut? SeniliusOnyxia: @Nmplol listen to your sexy voice is the only thing that gets me goin' <3 Ergalosyr: PAUL BLART PepeHands ezmodio: TAKE OFF THOSE UGLY ASS GLASSES Vayne0000: HOLT SHIT SHE IS CUTE AS FUCK Booshami: Cx Big4Hed: yo whos the girl in the back Indym: Replaced Nicky with a fat white dude nmpFeels Pewpewpewdot: fandy PogChamp texans93: YOU LOOK FUCKIN DUMB WITH THOSE GLASSES punkey: SONYD COSPLAY BlastomaHD: whos the grill? tentcow: i remember LuL jeffs_mother: Cx TriHard zootieX: ICE 'PRERECORDED' POSEIDON OMEGALUL abduls_son: DOES SHE HAVE ASS? Big4Hed: mitch your looking cute af dwitsmojo: sony mitchital PogChamp zootieX: ICE 'PRERECORDED' POSEIDON OMEGALUL . PM_ME_YOUR_CELERY: sounds like a total pervert in front of the lady Zytax2417: your hair is scuffed ProfessorSpark: 😑 no im not maxlew099: wait a sec i rekt this chick in csgo LUL never_grim: WutFace :rage: an0therduck : FeelsRageMan REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE arojormand: there is a troll in the house 4_Head_: its good Da_Poe_Boy: fat Roho000: its good Rulik0: @tehonlyninja ThunBeast / east_la_cx: BARS TriHard TokesTV: f PlebCentral: @celeste That user's settings prevent them from receiving this whisper. dewS namit011: f tehonlyninja: Rulik0 :) / Eskomo: stfu its good DavCev: ANELE cogpooper: Mitch u look like sponge bob Su_jin: take off glasses rat stardazer: rip stream FeelsBadMan django_unchained_: normie chat normiesOUT Clap Cromotos: ur good eMCaLiBeR: stream is good zootieX: ITS FINE CHILL PUSSY 0__l: ITS FINE TokesTV: F tehonlyninja: FeelsGoodMan outside kahunaburg3r: 1 TriHard no camera Raburn: haHAA TokesTV: FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF' Big4Hed: ITS FINE ITS NOT EVEN LAGGING Su_jin: look like a dumb bitch with those glasses Sweett_ : PAPA JONES PogChamp Dexter1tyy: @mitchjones TAKE OFF GLASSES AND CUT TOP SHORTER AND U WILL LOOK DECENT sinisterpiglet: FeelsBadMan ScatFetis: that hair Huffmin: LuL KrisWithaK_: LOL Wingsonmeth: twot alwayscheeched: LUL nityme: LUL Indym: eiffel tower fandy 😑 erictheraccoon: LuL axonz: REMOVE GLASSESREMOVE GLASSESREMOVE GLASSESREMOVE GLASSES janitory: LuL Nmplol: I'ma drive to them and take a bat to mitch's knee caps PogChamp dv8_savage: WHAT HAS HE DONE TO HIS HAIR OMEGALUL Bart_Cx: @MitchJones U LOOKS GOOD KappaPride <3 Indym: eiffel tower fandy :rage: eiffel tower fandy :rage: jaco6y: Wtf Audi train rich af Lemonzpenguin: OpieOp Tripp1999: nick ROFL mccool009: He's lookin like idubbz klogger: THICC vivacee: THICC! abduls_son: SHOW HER ASSSS cooter_cummander64_hoorah: Fat guy Needs a BRA risko__: T H I C C gachiGASM Big4Hed: SHOW HER ASS MrKolers: T H I C C Mefiuu: punioTornister Sweett_ : EAT HER ASS 😑 tehonlyninja: show ass OMEGALUL monokitai: there is a ferret on your head ProfCrow: T H I C C C C C C lime678: Is that her BF? punkey: THICC Raburn: Kreygasm Big4Hed: LOOOL GrannysMacNCheeze: LMFAO Filtroox: LUL Jiihno: NO ASS ezmodio: Y show ss MMaxMersel: Kreygasm Schregs: THICCC ChillaxMusic: Is that a new girl streamer? cfgh34: he did it SprangBrake: LUNA V2. Big4Hed: WOW I JUST JIZZED ichangedmynametothis: TITTIES Kreygasm naisu_ow: SHOW ASS 4_Head_: HeyGUys abduls_son: ASS MEYERN3: TriHard THICC naisu_ow: SHOW HER ASS dotanotezztko: T H I CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC 300iceman12: GOOD CAMERA SKILLS Kimack: Kreygasm abduls_son: I WANNA FUCK THAT ASSS JFizzlestein07: lol Hodor skiilz1: AZZ Wazkyr: Asscam for hours Kreygrasm namit011: KonCha xDanthrax: T H I C C rastalia: that girl has the perferc amount of thickness Johnson0207: no microphone = rip MEYERN3: sodaG HELLSOLDIER999: GOOD CAMERA MAN ezmodio: Hodor show ass BlastomaHD: LUL souleksv: SQUAD OMEGALUL SodapoppingFanBoy: Thicc Kreygasm 4_Head_: LuL Francesco8144: DAMN SHE EVEN GOT TITTIES moderntimes: does she powerlift PogChamp MrKolers: WHAT ARE THOSE SHOES WTF 300iceman12: FUCK HER IN THE ASS Eeld: id eat her ass cfgh34: titties dv8_savage: GET A HAIRCUT PogChamp HELLSOLDIER999: DIS CAMERAMAN IS PogChamp markymark2717: Thucc punkey: THICC PM_ME_YOUR_CELERY: haircut from the back.. east_la_cx: SLAP HER ASS PogChamp Endeavorance: LOL THAT HAIRCUT THO 4Head punkey: THICC AF Mahokijin: get mitch some real shoes TheGambit787 : She's so thicc monkaS Schregs: tyler1Bruh tyler1T1 tyler1T2 tyler1T2 tyler1T2 Speedyman08: isnt fandy dating that doge kid abduls_son: SLAP HER ASS NOW pizzy_p: Hodor <3 Sirkan95: whatsup with the scuffed japan crew MJVtheOG: SLAP ASS eMCaLiBeR: T H I C C AnthonySo1337: 😑 EAT HER ASS 😑 GrannysMacNCheeze: SLAP ASS punkey: 😑eat her ass😑 BotNeil: mitch looks KappaPride af paprikaX_: BEST CAMERAMAN AFRICA 300iceman12: EAT HER ASS Big4Hed: ASSSSSSS Raburn: EAT HER ASS 😑 0__l: T H I C C abduls_son: EAT HER ASS HELLSOLDIER999: @sirkan95 LUL johnny_blazed_: ninjaCRINJA YOU WONT EAT HER ASS ninjaCRINJA abduls_son: EAT HER ASS NOW Killstreeak: She's not petite , ew hehehehehehehe jenu2959: eat ass 0__l: EAT 😑 abduls_son: EAT HER ASS kubansky123: EAT HIS ASS thedatisaiah: EAT HER ASS TheGambit787 : IRL Choices matter game PogChamp buhyaka: @MitchJones zoom her booty :) Maideez: CAKE PLAYING IN THE BACKGROUND OpieOP tehonlyninja: forsenOMEGA nityme: LUL stardazer: what u wanna do reworm: LUL emptygesh2: LUL Vyrken: OMEGALUL DavCev: DansGame buzzmemullat0: LUL Rhaedax: LUL foodcookieeaterbakeman: eat ass nzsalamicake: oh she hungry Big4Hed: EAT HER ASS HOMIE TheFlameEd: LUL wickibg: APE GANG BABY cfgh34: eat ass Hazardmate: EAT HER ASS :rage: EAT HER ASS :rage: EAT HER ASS :rage: janitory: 😑 EAT HER ASS 😑 johnny_blazed_: ninjaCRINJA EAT ninjaCRINJA HER ninjaCRINJA ASS ninjaCRINJA an0therduck : ????? BlastomaHD: ResidentSleeper stardazer: LUL CommandoGman: NotLikeThis ravenkettu: EAT HER ASS Wingsonmeth: OMEGALUL NA FCKING_TRIHARD: NotLikeThis leto_at: LOL APE GANG IS SO FUNNY Hiena008: KappaPride jones wythenshawe_eusebio: LMAOO oliveeeer1: NA LuL Wingsonmeth: KKona chu mean rastalia: haHAA namit011: LUL sol1dussnake88: show her pussy leto_at: Are you guys HUNGRYYYYY AnthonySo1337: 😑 EAT HER ASS 😑 ogturbojohnson: haHAA SEX HER haHAA FCKING_TRIHARD: AF BardtG: TriHard cfgh34: eat her ass dude johnny_blazed_: ninjaCRINJA STFU DONO CPU_INTENSIVE: NICE CAMERAMAN DarkRiveeR: BUY SHOES :rage: SurfBrah: PEE IN HER BUTT 😑 ravenkettu: EAT HER ASS! dv8_savage: NORMIE STREAM NOW FeelsBadMan cfgh34: eat her ass now ok cooter_cummander64_hoorah: HODOR MMaxMersel: WHAT ARE THOOOOOSEEE KrisWithaK_: THOSE SHOES LuL alwayscheeched: LUL xciro1001x: WTF IS THAT ogturbojohnson: LUL LUL LUL LUL MrKolers: OMEGALUL janeinvlt: who is this harry potter looking beta? KlemX90: ROFL DavCev: LUL LUL ezmodio: UGLY ASS SHOES Maxxsj: why would anyone eat someone ass on stream... stupid chat klogger: ???????????????????????????????????????? Filtroox: EAT HER ASS jaco6y: Buy him new shoes today yowutm8: WTF LMAO ogturbojohnson: LUL ??? Hazardmate: G U C C I 4_Head_: GET NEW SHOES PLS Jiihno: ICY PogChamp ICY PogChamp ICY PogChamp ICY PogChamp ICY PogChamp ICY PogChamp johnny_blazed_: TriHard monokitai: LUL Keenarr: WHAT ARE THOSE Speedyman08: LOOL alwayscheeched: LOL Bart_Cx: LuL rastalia: GUCCI GANG TriHard Johnson0207: YES lime678: They are kidna bad abduls_son: EAT HER ASS 4_Head_: yes abduls_son: EAT HER ASS PLEASE XxKoJi: <3 AlcoholicOstrich: haHAA chat Big4Hed: BUY SOME JORDANS tehonlyninja: BROKE STREAMER OMEGALUL Mahokijin: LOOKS LIKE THE RAT IS WEARING A PAIR OF RATS yowutm8: THEIR SO BAD DUDE east_la_cx: TriHard FIND SOME SHOES HOMIE abduls_son: EAT HER ASS FreezedDiamond: EVERYONE TYPE LUL IN CHAT ogturbojohnson: PedoBear Hines_Ward: 40k in debt btw haHAA AnthonySo1337: 40k DEBT lv12paladin_btw: what it do ladies haHAA punkey: BROKE JONES twinbladeuk: U ARE SO AWKWARD MurlocHunterMVP: LEAKED Su_jin: haHAA Wingsonmeth: TRYING TO BE ICE 4Head Keenarr: KonCha Dollheartz: OLOL 300iceman12: GIR abduls_son: PEEE IN HER ASSS kampeii: no <3 LUL no <3 LUL no <3 LUL no <3 LUL no <3 LUL no <3 LUL alwayscheeched: LUL Killstreeak: white and Petite hehehehehehehhehe Pewpewpewdot: LMAO Nmplol: PEE IN FANDYS BUTT OR I'M LEAVING ogturbojohnson: DansGame Cromotos: the only girl lol sinisterpiglet: gachiGASM YES ogturbojohnson: DansGame ? Vyrken: CALLERS INC mecabeat: Get some $40 classic Vans Kimack: LUL Vayne0000: LUL jawayo: LuL Dollheartz: ??????????? Filtroox: LUL cfgh34: WTF PM_ME_YOUR_CELERY: SEXUAL PREDATOR stardazer: lol retz01: LUL maraws: LUL TheFlameEd: LUL kahunaburg3r: ACCURATE OMEGALUL wythenshawe_eusebio: LMAOOOOO TRUE 300iceman12: LUL Keenarr: OH MY XD cocolover89: TAKE OFF THE GALSSSES abduls_son: HAHA korrupted_soul: LUL Juzek86: SHAVE HEAD 0__l: WTF MITCH dv8_savage: LEESBIAN HAIRCUT LUL BlastomaHD: camera man 4_Head_: give him Bart_Cx: TRUE LuL jayhuang123: cameraman Anttheon: CAMERA MAN Bringing_Sxxxy_Back: nice glasses glasses nerd paddan4: camera man maraws: CAMERAMAN Creativly: TTours ezmodio: ELLEN LOOKING ASS WIH GRANDMA GLASSES aRealHomie: SPAM SHAVE xpopcornboii: CAMERA MAN SADIKstream: camera man cx soapyOP: cameraman :-) paprikaX_: PunOko CAMERA BAN SADIKstream: DansGame ezmodio: CAMERA MAN 4_Head_: DONT Sxythor: Up nucetti: monkaS ogturbojohnson: OpieOP mamzylul: gachiBASS WHO IS SHE JBtwitchtv: leech kadexxxx: USEFUL PogChamp n9man: no thanks LUL kahunaburg3r: 2 PHONES TriHard Jandari1: 6 SADIKstream: HeyGuys good skiilz1: LOL BasedKacey: good Vyrken: haHAA Neutrontwin: PUT NUMBER IN IT buzzmemullat0: PogChamp / xpopcornboii: TARD abduls_son: SHIT IN HER ASS jawayo: T H I C C mamzylul: LOOKS GOOD PogChamp eMCaLiBeR: SHE GOT THE FATTY ORION_o7 : WHAT ARE THOOOOOOOOOSE BasedKacey: T H I C C C C C C C C mamzylul: cmonBruh punkey: SHOES UGLY east_la_cx: PogChamp HugeDonger69: KKona WHAT\ Saltyfoal412102: Scuffed af Mitch Kappa AlcoholicOstrich: T H I C C xpopcornboii: SCUFFED SHOES TriHard_in_chat_please: THICC Dollheartz: THI C C C CC C Mezza__: damn that fucking ass is legit jayhuang123: HAHAHHAHHA Francesco8144: HAIR RUINED AkaSnake: LOL gapehorn169: I go to church every day Ergalosyr: 6/10 FCKING_TRIHARD: SHE T H I C C C C C AF PogChamp namit011: LUL LUL LUL LUL TheFlameEd: LMAOOOOOO ZeroGravittyy: so feminine Vyrken: TAKE THOSE GLASSES OFF east_la_cx: NO BUT LuL kahunaburg3r: OMEGALUL dhnty: take off glasses monokitai: LUL FCKING_TRIHARD: LEMME TAP THAT ASS PogChamp burning91: LUL KevnWang: LUL HugeDonger69: S T I C C Ergalosyr: EAT MITCH'S ASS 😑 sinisterpiglet: monkaS Collekt: LOL drew_vn: holy FourstarzHS: budget barbie LuL elcozil: LuL 300iceman12: LUL Im_a_mod_in_other_channel: MANLET JONES OMEGALUL nononplus: rude tyler Vyrken: LuL ZeroGravittyy: RUDE PunOko deadboylv: You mean double your size rastalia: girl owns the perfect amount of T H I C C Actttt: why does he still look like that ogturbojohnson: LUL 5'8 JONES LUL Filtroox: those shoes BEZA93: I'll eat her ass punkey: SHES A BASKETBALL PLAYER Pewpewpewdot: ZOOM IN FANDY BUTT PeacefulANELE: LMAOOO arturpatrao1991: haHAA inc ichangedmynametothis: AUTISM FeelsGoodMan SurfBrah: haHAA inc ItsMeChippy: 😑 ogturbojohnson: LUL MANLET JONES LUL Keenarr: oh my lawd 😭 Vyrken: MANLET JONES LuL chrisslol: he did the tone of voice again xpopcornboii: WHAT IT DO Bringing_Sxxxy_Back: SIT AT THEIR TABLE Creativly: FailFish FTii: manlet lesbian LUL Noctem_: HE'S CHOKING LUL ogturbojohnson: LUL YES LUL tehonlyninja: YES lem_on: YOU'RE MITCH JONES, YOU CAN DO WHATEVER THE FUCK SeemsGood monokitai: Kreygasm ZeroGravittyy: manlet lesbo Big4Hed: OMG Jubbeh_: Feed him janitory: T H I C C dirtychurropoo: THICC Big4Hed: ASSS lunnex: Kreygasm sw111Ng: that bubblebut tho SurfBrah: gachiBASS tehonlyninja: damn she thicc af TriHard_BLACKED: GODDAMN THICC AF JustTheJelly: what a terrible ass arturpatrao1991: Kreygasm DavCev: Kreygasm Kreygasm Kreygasm Kreygasm Kreygasm ogturbojohnson: NO LUL tumbro: T H I C C Kreygasm ProfCrow: ANELE punkey: BASKETBALL PLAYER SeQuence_TV: 5.6 LUL μ΄ˆμ›”: PogChamp aBlowfish: thiccsf improvedai: is she a dwarf? Grubbs89: T H I C CC C C C C hobbnocker: tyler1T1 tyler1T2 tyler1T2 tyler1T2 tyler1T2 tyler1T2 Psychh_: T H I C C C C C C C C SlumpGhost: CAKES FOR DAYS monokitai: LUL Semlan03: OMEGALUL SodapoppingFanBoy: LuL Alxxy: I know the reason bro TheIronFister: LuL JustTheJelly: THINNNNNNNN FlackoSDP: THICC dotanotezztko: THICC CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC dotanotezztko: THICC an0therduck : monkaS too tall punkey: LUL Keenarr: XDDDDDDDDDDDDD true_steve: EXPOSED braedosantana: girl on right is more thiccc dramafree1234: WutFace TALL GIRL WutFace tehonlyninja: AMAZONIAN OMEGALUL 777crossfire: Moon boots Creativly: DatSheffy in the chat PogChamp frajaq: TALL liontire: SHE HEARD cocolover89: AAAASSSSSSSS Kreygasm luxortomon: !uptime Im_a_mod_in_other_channel: WTF RUDE OMEGALUL tentcow: LOUD SodapoppingFanBoy: APE GIRL NikkoSuave117: T A L L punkey: Exposed markymark2717: It's trap cocolover89: HER ASSSSSSSSSSS Kreygasm SurfBrah: OMEGALUL liontire: IGNORED LUL onshroomzz: rejected Hydrosquad: 6 Crvnky: 7’q Vyrken: IGNORED OMEGALUL Roho000: ignored kahunaburg3r: haHAA EXPERT BTW east_la_cx: cmonBruh RACIST?? YFRJK: BASKETBALL PLAYER PogChamp FCKING_TRIHARD: monkaS stardazer: FLAT ASS FeelsBadMan ogturbojohnson: ??? mecabeat: 14yr old donator LuL Dollheartz: SHUT UP MITCH ogturbojohnson: haHAA ???? Mahokijin: NO ESE drew_vn: LOLOLOLOLOL Burgerpower: LOL true_steve: LUL Gomary: OMEGALUL Vice_Viscera: MITCH IS SO LOUD LMAO drew_vn: LOLOLOLOLOL RUDDDDDDDEEEEEE iNocturne: i wonder why theflyguy12: SKRILLEX 2.0 kadexxxx: LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL tehonlyninja: listen xpopcornboii: KEEP IT DOWN stavborochov1: LISTEN K1NGER1988: HHaha can you keep to down hahaha omg LiteBotTwitch: LUL yowutm8: they looked at your shoes Kongconvicti: 6 / 10 beesnipe16: Insecurities taking over LUL Sleezyfbaby: llol mamzylul: LUL ogturbojohnson: LUL dramafree1234: LuL hompuu: mitch haHAA TheIronFister: LOL namit011: LUL monokitai: LUL therealDizzel: LOOOL dutchdrunkplayer: I'm a Barbie girl, in a Barbie world Life in plastic, it's fantastic YFRJK: Listen d00d I don't Red your shit retard yehehehehe brOLtore: lol kahunaburg3r: OMEGALUL Rxcc: How tall is mitch, anyone know?? Collekt: LOOOL ogturbojohnson: RETARD LUL RETARD LUL TriHard_in_chat_please: RUDE 😑 RUDE 😑 RUDE 😑 ichangedmynametothis: D: Grubbs89: LUL RETARDED buzzmemullat0: LMAO ZeroGravittyy: SLIGHT LuL thedatisaiah: RUDE LuL SlumpGhost: MITCH IS SO DUMB LUL xueet: LMAO ogturbojohnson: LUL ROASTED LUL KrisWithaK_: LuL lol ROASTED PsiXDreves: oh my god xpopcornboii: RETARDED oliveeeer1: Lu L iNocturne: LMAFO Coconutdt: LOOOL therealDizzel: hey whats my gender ahhahah Gomary: OMEGALUL Evilbudda: word dealerofhappystuff: LuL TriHard_in_chat_please: KappaPride Stop_Drop_Kaboom: LUL punkey: Shoe fund. Gomary: SourPls TriHard_in_chat_please: TriHard DavCev: Roasted TriHard_BLACKED: cmonBruh LiteBotTwitch: OMEGALUL FCKING_TRIHARD: TriHard BotNeil: LOOL Sleezyfbaby: lmao kahunaburg3r: TYKEISHA TriHard Dooplis_: LUL bombskies: LUL xOver9000: LUL Wrutanks: LISTEN TO THE NEANDERTHAL dhnty: OIMNG LOL LiteBotTwitch: TriHard Axelmente: cmonBruh cmonBruh cmonBruh cmonBruh cmonBruh cmonBruh thelordhimselfxd: THE SHOES Edilide: LUL SurfBrah: TriHard Maxmianus: BANG HER Axelmente: cmonBruh cmonBruh alwayscheeched: LUL fuzzysocky: omg what's happened to Mitch guys? korrupted_soul: LUL Big4Hed: OOO HES IN Ruhud: Kreygasm TriHard_BLACKED: PogChamp namit011: lips SlumpGhost: TINY DICK BlastomaHD: WutFace Steelkip: SUCC ProfCrow: TriHard Aimlow_: DSL's xpopcornboii: DSL Axelmente: TriHard TriHard TriHard Sleezyfbaby: SHES TRYNA FUCK timpa92: HAIR IS WEIRD AF cocolover89: BANG HER stfuplzzzz: !uptime alwayscheeched: LOL TriHard_BLACKED: LMFAO AkaSnake: LMFAOOO Burgerpower: LUL squezzito: BANNED Kreygasm debugging: snaggle tooth Gabbih96: HAHAH SprangBrake: trainwrecks would know deadboylv: LMAO Sclawss: LOL 300iceman12: LMFAO PsiXDreves: WHAAAAAAAAAT TriHard_BLACKED: cmonBruh il0v3bigb00bies: LOOOOOOL skiilz1: OFG Brenin: hjahahahahhahahahahah suplexpletive: cmonBruh WTF n9man: thats racist LUL SoapApra: TriHard Andrex7744: FailFish Kerxz: cmonBruh WS_Kappa: TriHard Wimpish: lol samrektchu: cmonBruh tentoes_down: I"M DIEING OMG Acidraiine: cmonBruh hendyy1205: someone clip Jasko_A: cmonBruh cmonBruh cmonBruh cmonBruh klogger: JFC Axelmente: cmonBruh cooter_cummander64_hoorah: LMAO wythenshawe_eusebio: WTF enzierr: LUL ogturbojohnson: RETARD LUL dasmoo62: D: dhnty: LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL ItsMeChippy: cmonBruh Hines_Ward: cmonBruh Clap namit011: lmao Collekt: WutFace WutFace WutFace WutFace WutFace WutFace relaxmeister: sooo cringe JFizzlestein07: APE GANG AMagicTree: jesus christ alphaasfuak: LMAO true_steve: HAHAHAHHA tpk169: WTF LUL LUL LUL LUL Wrutanks: LMAO maraws: cmonBruh rame124: xD beesnipe16: CHILL MITCH TriHard iNocturne: LOOOOL TYPICAL MITCH COMMENT Keenarr: APE GANG samrektchu: the community has decided to close this channel buzzmemullat0: RIP XxKoJi: cmonBruh //. Muamargadafi: PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp FCKING_TRIHARD: FailFish alwayscheeched: LUL NGAFox: LMAOOOOOOO django_unchained_: mitchD Bobbobolob: LuL Trixylol: HAAGGAGAG Invelt: that's offensive too Da_Poe_Boy: victim jones iNocturne: just stfu mitch Logothetis7: 1 CHROMOSOME TOO MANY OMEGALUL Shyran: just stop talking arturpatrao1991: WTF kahunaburg3r: haHAA Clap wythenshawe_eusebio: JUST STOP TALKING AMagicTree: holy shit its getting worse jayhuang123: makes a triangle for the a word FailFish switchbackk: LUL tyler5o2: mitch has man tits zackwine: monkaGun punkey: A word ProfCrow: cmonBruh mickthesteak: CAMERA MAN Shyran: BEZA93 FeelsGoodMan 4Hand MakeMeCrazy123: <3 an0therduck : <3 spilledbooz: stupid lem_on: APEGANG Na1en: dankquanMelon TriHard dankquanBhicken kayxo_tv: AUTISM stardazer: HAHA Waassaabbii: <4 4_Head_: <3 gyromankappa: <3 suchflakez: <3 wythenshawe_eusebio: <3 tezctlipoc: <3 BasedGodTY: <3 TriHard TriHard_BLACKED: TriHard TYKEISHA soapyOP: KonCha ZarandumIMBA: 4Head abed_king: PowerUpR TriHard Chiyee: <3 Krioboly : <3 lampyy_: 4head ezmodio: EAT HER ASS oliveeeer1: TriHard Vyrken: TriHard γƒžγƒΌγ‚―γƒ³γƒˆ: NA TEETH LuL punkey: <3 <3 <3 Keenarr: <3 :) aBlowfish: <3 abduls_son: TEEEEF Im_a_mod_in_other_channel: TriHard Clap ogturbojohnson: EU TEETH LUL Sleezyfbaby: EU TEETH LMAO Roystun: <3 j_daisley: monkaS TriHard_BLACKED: TriHard Collekt: this fucking idiot ray_del_lana: alfalfa WallkingTree1: Eu teeth 0__l: CHAT WTF Rulik0: Buck tooth O_o lime678: CALM DOWN FUCKING APE Bullseiify: LUL aBlowfish: friendly girl <3 eMCaLiBeR: LUL beesnipe16: This anxiety LOL Endeavorance: cmonBruh ogturbojohnson: YEET TriHard Penguinpower93: TriHard TYKEISHA an0therduck : TriHard abed_king: cmonBruh cmonBruh suplexpletive: cmonBruh WTF cmonBruh WTF cmonBruh WTF cmonBruh WTF cmonBruh WTF gyromankappa: yeet! mamzylul: ZULUL TriHard_BLACKED: LMFAO SodapoppingFanBoy: We love u sharquisha TriHard alphaasfuak: LOOLOL Vitaceous: Why is that girl even there FailFish warmsocks_: YAAA YAAA YEET chokeartist57: T H I C abduls_son: CUCKS HIMSELF kahunaburg3r: SELF CUCKED OMEGALUL AkaSnake: LOLL Noctem_: LUL FCKING_TRIHARD: PogChamp voltickxd: SELF CUCKED LUL TriHard_BLACKED: TriHard Clap abed_king: cmonBruh mamzylul: @Vitaceous eye candy, nothing more punkey: BIG DICK JONES twofast2killm: Self check Keenarr: SELF COOKED theflyguy12: True Maxxsj: not bad duo got to admit deadboylv: Damn son Jubbeh_: TRAINWRECK pog Hampus n9man: why do you have an engaged women with you LUL Lehatganer: KKona kadexxxx: BETAWRECKS mike20170828: call me bb celeWat punkey: BIG DICK JONES. Vitaceous: @mamzylul Pretty aids imo eMCaLiBeR: poor fandy lmao abed_king: im thinking it TriHard Celeste: celeWat dutchdrunkplayer: same voice of arnold schwarzenegger tmanrocks999: cmonBruh Wimpish: she liked it Rubapowa: If that girl is engaged he looks for breaking it CLEARLY Frosty_Cupcake: bergbergen forsen1 Wimpish: she liked it....... Speedyman08: mitchW NIELZNtv: celeste a pleb now LUL abduls_son: FACTS Killstreeak: Not that rude thxbro420: @Celeste DA FUQ U DOING HERE LMFAO thedatisaiah: OMEGALUL CELESTEBIS HERE NeverRefresh: is that Mitch with the glasses lul tmanrocks999: APE WallkingTree1: LUL Speedyman08: @Celeste mitchD voldemops: What did he say? punkey: CELESTE IN THE CHt Ruhud: ?????????? ichangedmynametothis: ??????? iNocturne: HIPSTER LADY JONES stardazer: CoolStoryBob abed_king: TriHard fakesgetEXPOSED: @celeste FeelsPumpkinMan Da_Poe_Boy: @Celeste celeWat / theKennyR: @MitchJones looking good man! <3 dutchdrunkplayer: same voice of arnold schwarzenegger Tiga93: THE HAIR LuL dudewitanattitude: @Celeste TriHard / Flaappy: dope haircut HugeDonger69: HeyGuys suplexpletive: that fucking normie haircut fuck off abduls_son: YOU AREEE Krioboly : HeyGuys Speedyman08: haHAA ogturbojohnson: HeyGuys Axelmente: HIPSTER LESBIAN LUL whatalovelynameisback: KappaPride Ruhud: BCWarrior aLAnM6o9: That hair hahahaha Extracupanails: mitchT mitchT mitchT mitchT mitchT mitchT mitchT mitchT mitchT Thefl0xx: HeyGuys At_If_No_DWH_For_Settled: @Celeste abed_king: KFC TriHard abduls_son: SHE WANTS TO FUCK leftyy95: THICC Kerxz: THICC tpk169: gachiBASS cottoneyej0e: gay lookin ass fucktard mitch suplexpletive: SPEAK IT TriHard Knightrain: gachiBASS abed_king: Kreygasm Killstreeak: Rude Jones wegvb: kiss her TriHard_BLACKED: DOESNT NEEED TO TALK WITH THAT THICCCCCC ASSSS Bullseiify: T H I C C gachiBASS cocolover89: TALK DIRTY TO US MathDK21381: thicc tits dramafree1234: JUST FILM HER ASS ITS FINE tehonlyninja: retard ichangedmynametothis: LuL abed_king: TriHard Gomary: JUST SHOW ASS THATS ALL U GOTTA DO ocearoku: <3 Basswater: LO TORTUGA__: she doesnt have to say a thing tyler1T1 tyler1T2 wowgaming206: Hangout with greeeeeeek stardazer: show bobs Pewpewpewdot: SHOW ASS GoeglerenDK: fame hunter fandy. sad Alxxy: KFC Sleezyfbaby: CHINESE Evilbudda: kebab h4ze2904: ASS 😑 abduls_son: EAT HERRRR ASSS iNocturne: KFC LUL wegvb: hooters django_unchained_: K F C TriHard Hydange : MITCH LOOKING GOOD PogChamp Noctem_: KFC TriHard abduls_son: EAT HER ASSSS Filtroox: mitch got so so strange irl Baroo69: KFC iNocturne: KFC MANAGER Adventurously: KFC namit011: KFC Onelement: KFC TriHard cfgh34: KFC ItsMeChippy: EAT HER ASS 😑 @MitchJones ogturbojohnson: @CamelBusBananaWomp VisLaud MathDK21381: Kreygasm Kreygasm Kreygasm lunnex: eat that ass pussy BardtG: kfc jayhuang123: DROPOUT LuL ryanboy08: KFC lampyy_: tyler1BB > NIELZNtv: KFC AND WATERMELON TriHard Suprachiasmatical: tex mex Kerxz: KFC MakeMeCrazy123: TEX MEX jayhuang123: TEX MEX MaximusZzz: eat her ass for lunch m8 CxBlack: Fat tits j_daisley: Tex Mex timpa92: KFC TriHard erwtilos: GREEK TAVERNA SoapApra: DROPOUT BigBrother Speedyman08: KFC TriHard ichangedmynametothis: WutFace BardtG: K F C K F C K F C K F C Bull_run284: EAT ASS 😑 GoeglerenDK: fame girl. so fucking sad thedatisaiah: WutFace dotanotezztko: THICC abduls_son: YES TriHard_in_chat_please: 😑 😑 😑 FlackoSDP: Eat her ass Andrex7744: WutFace xpopcornboii: ASS erwtilos: SOUVLAKI BOYZ Rage1984: kfc abed_king: KFC KFC KFC TriHard TriHard TriHard TriHard TriHard TriHard sasauce321: TEX MEX ogturbojohnson: LUL YFRJK: WHO IS THIS THOT DansGame BE GONE thedatisaiah: DUMBASS LuL Waassaabbii: LUL Lxmur: @emptygesh2 :) enzierr: LuL monokitai: TriHard ON MY WAY emptygesh2: Lxmur :) eMCaLiBeR: CALLERS INC Masskey: LUL FCKING_TRIHARD: BFG TriHard browninthesky: !pd tmanrocks999: TRUE aBlowfish: don't call 😑 abed_king: TriHard Mahokijin: WATCH CALLERS RIGHT WHEN YOU WALK IN FCKING_TRIHARD: BFG TriHard Mmartin_: bald spot ichangedmynametothis: haHAA ☎️ Orichienal: mitchPuff BlastomaHD: SHOW ASS 😑 Lxmur: @emptygesh2 show me them kitty emotes :) CreatineFueledPumps: camera down FreezedDiamond: HE SUCH A APE LuL WallkingTree1: Swat Sclawss: LOL ogturbojohnson: ????????? HugeDonger69: ?????????? ogturbojohnson: ?????????? ??????????? Speedyman08: haHAA BardtG: K F C dropbombsfukmoms: LUL Big4Hed: ????????????????? KartN1: LuL TriHardMadeTwitch: documentary haHAA santio89: ????????????? switchbackk: LUL Andrex7744: ???????? DOZIK_: APE NeverRefresh: liar 4_Head_: stop reading chat browninthesky: haHAA FitzLew: BETA santio89: DOCUMENTARY ON YOUTUBE PogChamp bryster126: APE GOD NeverRefresh: APE LIAR theflyguy12: AUTISM LUL wegvb: good bra beesnipe16: 0 TriHard in that store SlumpGhost: NERD JONES 4_Head_: its good FCKING_TRIHARD: HOW IS SHE THAT THICCCC Big4Hed: ITS FINE 4_Head_: ITS GOOD ... Cherryflava: ITS GOOD TheManCastle: its fine Big4Hed: ITS FINE DUDE 4_Head_: ITS FINE ... aBlowfish: it's fine 4_Head_: STFU Waassaabbii: its good zootieX: ITS FINE U FUCKING PUSSY Theaap: fine Bullseiify: Who is filming? wythenshawe_eusebio: F FF F At_If_No_DWH_For_Settled: good theflyguy12: No an0therduck : f leftyy95: f# shnibbl: wow such crazy stream.. AkizzRs: F Neutrontwin: F Luddz123: F browninthesky: F xWickid33: F Ceribi: NICE BARRS LUL alfonnnz: F Chiyee: scuFFed Big4Hed: SAVED ogturbojohnson: SAVED LUL Kimack: saved TheGambit787 : SAVED django_unchained_: F AGAIN dv8_savage: LEAVE zootieX: SAVED estorarg: SAVED whatalovelynameisback: saved dramafree1234: F wythenshawe_eusebio: FFFFFFFFFFF Bullseiify: THICC browninthesky: Kappa markymark2717: F bigveinyrick: F Sissi420 : FFFFFFFFFFF OBTU: Cx mamzylul: SHIT NET dramafree1234: SAVED zonxowl: F AF zootieX: F Ruhud: F wythenshawe_eusebio: FFFFFFF kayxo_tv: LEAAAVE kayxo_tv: LEAVE Vayne0000: chat is going so fast no one will know i am gay KappaPride namit011: ff beesnipe16: ape shit TriHard hackenberg: SAVED alfonnnz: FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF Crvnky: f kayxo_tv: f Whitesthands: FANDY CAN GET IT kayxo_tv: laag kayxo_tv: F Chiyee: SLIDESHOW FFFFFF Vayne0000: :tf: Varahiilxs: F Butencka: F Tumlok: FFFF browninthesky: FFFFFF Cherryflava: SAVED GodXJ9: F vSlater: FFFFFFFF monokitai: SAVED F kayxo_tv: FFFFFFFF Krioboly : F :tf: curedubs: F seattlesbestchronic: :o Vayne0000: :tf: :tf: :tf: :tf: :tf: :tf: YFRJK: F Kappa lime678: SAVED :tf: Andrex7744: not trolling NotLikeThis Tiga93: πŸ‡ΉπŸ‡« sapphiroth: F ekeimic: WE WOULD NEVER TROLL :tf: jayhuang123: fffff pizzy_p: Fffff santio89: Kappa Claymorefrenzy: f soapyOP: :tf: Clap wythenshawe_eusebio: FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF Deadaspectz: SCUFFED AF Bohdangerous: HARD F dramafree1234: :tf: TheIceCreamDud: F AUDIO Sai_Jager: SCUFFFF Big4Hed: TF bigveinyrick: FF masterpce: f 0__l: SAVED NeverRefresh: SAVED Deadaspectz: NO SOUND Sissi420 : FFFFF zander213: Leave ohhmyg: SAVED NeverRefresh: SAVED!!! mamzylul: SAVED tullius420: HAIRY POTTER LOOKING MF1 420blazzzetime: AIR Deadaspectz: SAVED aRealHomie: GO SHAVE HEAD RIGHT NOW DansGame TheGambit787 : SAVED an0therduck : SAVED lampyy_: no shit Varahiilxs: SAVED anon_blazes_420g: wtf are those glasses u look gay as fuck @MitchJones Yyuwzqt: Saved Kappa youngsachi: SAVED SAVED tullius420: HAIRY POTTER LOOKING MF tyler5o2: nice glasses 4Head XinisterBlade: SAVED cloud1562: overlay is trash browninthesky: LuL stardazer: we good BrentpK: what in the fuck is that haircut...? MMaxMersel: KFC ryzzin96: eat outside mecabeat: Just watch the stream and you wont have to rely on chat 0__l: PogChamp tack595: D: / / tullius420: HAIRY POTTER LOOKING MF00 Brenin: SAVED browninthesky: Saved Rage1984: kfc monokitai: F Johnson0207: eat outside Bullseiify: GET A 4K Satellite santio89: WHY DO YOU HAVE LESBIAN GLASSES Endeavorance: FFFFF ocearoku: saved kayxo_tv: eat outside ffs Crvnky: s a v e d Endeavorance: FFF justpade: KIM JONG UN PogChamp Deadaspectz: SAVED youngsachi: who is this lesbian FitzLew: SAVED tpk169: hairy potter FCKING_TRIHARD: TriHard Cx Butencka: all good stardazer: SAVED JustTheJelly: why does mitch wanna be an irl streamer Nightshadz: yeah CamelBusBananaWomp: Cx TERASHIT ryzzin96: eat outside 0__l: Teradick LuL Lbb_: @ShakoTheWacko kinker911: Cx Bull_run284: Cx yes Artyque: ff JustTheJelly: Ice makes less money than B0aty ShakoTheWacko: @Lbb_ maraws: GET A TERADICK browninthesky: Cx Whitesthands: Cx real_teamleaderna: YES AkizzRs: cX Herbalhank: Cx TriHard aRealHomie: terrorvest yes JustTheJelly: IRL streaming is not a lucrative category Noctem_: Cx kill all Mahokijin: COULD GO TO JAPAN, 1440P 5K BITRATE THERE Kappa twofast2killm: Get a teradick ANELE MathDK21381: do we have a choice? tyler5o2: those glasses give you an unhealthy amount of confidence Tiga93: "we" SurfBrah: terabomb ANELE sectoidkiller: @celeste FeelsOkayMan CamelBusBananaWomp: LuL TERASHIT elcozil: LuL Tiga93: "we" its ur stream FailFish erwtilos: LUL Herbalhank: 10k TERADEK ZeroGravittyy: NO FUCK TERASHIT Rabbe11: LuL voldemops: LF sugardaddy radionjoy: 9/11 ANELE cheetodustcxx: YOU ARE 40K IN DEBT tezctlipoc: 10 naisu_ow: TERASHIT aBlowfish: 6 Sissi420 : TERATRASH IS USELESS Aleksgord: 9 Im_a_mod_in_other_channel: NO DONT DO IT OMEGALUL real_teamleaderna: 9 AidenRiceBall: 9 suplexpletive: @MitchJones ask GunRun to help you Kerxz: 9 TheGambit787 : Just get Mexican Andy's set up LuL KazeYuu: 10 Andrex7744: 9.5 kayxo_tv: teradek is too complicated for you Keenarr: it was scary :'( naisu_ow: TERASHIT LULTERASHIT LULTERASHIT LULTERASHIT LULTERASHIT LULTERASHIT LUL GodXJ9: TERA ISNT SHIT BUT JUST NOT WORTH IT XD xer0status: 7/9 Crvnky: JUST TALK TO GUNRUN Deadaspectz: 9 maraws: talk to mexican andy 4k streamer 4Head Whitesthands: more aids than africa naisu_ow: TERASHIT LUL TERASHIT LUL TERASHIT LUL TERASHIT LUL TERASHIT LUL TERASHIT LUL browninthesky: LuL Big4Hed: DONT GET A TERASHIT PapaSmurf99: JUST A BACKPACK ANELE zelwark: U look cute Boi zootieX: ITS FINE SlumpGhost: YOU LOOK LIKE CLARK KENT LUL miyuki5: jesus christ he looks like shit with that haircut LUL Big4Hed: ITS FINE MORON mamzylul: hopefully its a booming day in town today ANELE tpk169: get what soda has PogChampget what soda has PogChamp Herbalhank: @MitchJones Ice was using Teradek that's why aBlowfish: OpieOP Pixikk: HOT CHICK PogChamp Vyrken: mitch looks like a retarded dybala O_Aft3r_O: LOL look at this circus act ZeroGravittyy: Mitch you look like sam pepper Whitesthands: I'm taking the meanest shit right now Adventurously: Just chill jesus anon_blazes_420g: those glasses gay AF# Syphin3: Thank god he's not wearing a hoodie. FrenkieG: fucking ape.. I hate him.. cya chat maraws: EAT OUTSIDE KrymsonSkyz: DAT WAY MedicinalTea: an ape, a leech and a hooker walking behind a mitch LuL FCKING_TRIHARD: LuL Gomlar: CAMERAMAN adamfrye: LUL facts 00bloodvein00: Whose the fat fuck behind them tpk169: WHO's that OpieOp ? never_grim: cameraman iNi_Dota2: why does he have glasses? did i miss smth? mamzylul: @Syphin3 ikr boogieflower: Yo Skrillex ChickenLP: DAT WAY TriHad namit011: CAMERAMAN Hezra: gay haircut tpk169: WHO's that OpieOP ? Im_a_mod_in_other_channel: OMEGALUL ChickenDipper123: mitch's hair EleGiggle and nice glasses MEYERN3: LuL monokitai: ARIZONA LUL nutriadb: shits good mamzylul: LUL Syphin3: Mira PUKE justpade: SAMSUNG LUL xlauritsen: j radionjoy: Kreygasm kahunaburg3r: monkaS Big4Hed: ITS FINE IDIOT kadexxxx: 436 kilometers mamzylul: ITS FINE hello_nasty_: cameraman bantu88: what are these glases LuL anonymous_cooperation: dat chick pimpinpancakes: i think i fucked the white chick following yall nutriadb: THICC Syphin3: Mitch don't ever wear that hoodie again, you look wayyyy better logouttrs: mira LUL santio89: EAT OUTSIDE ANYWHERE nakedpizzaman: mira thelordhimselfxd: EAT HER ASS JokesterOG: 3 dudes 1 chick Kreygasm Im_a_mod_in_other_channel: MIRA BTW haHAA SunWaysQ: who cares how it looks back TheThing TheThing Sirkittensjr: Wow Mitch looks new erwtilos: @nmplol LUL anonr3vy: @Nmplol <3 hacari2: LOOKS LIKE A NERDY OWEN WILSON santio89: DO A PORN INSTEAD ChickenLP: Nmplol haHAA ezmodio: THROW THOSE GLASSES AWAY hompuu: @ElliotRodger___Cx WutFace JokesterOG: LOL radionjoy: Kreygasm HOT GRILL rykoxd93: Looks like a lesbian lol bantu88: OMEGALUL justpade: LUL Syphin3: stop scruffing your hair up ffs mamzylul: @MitchJones tell the gril to flash azz gonas123: wtf is that glass erwtilos: LUL LUL LUL LUL LUL BLazEDnuGZ: KKona Lemons3_14: OMEGALUL MangoI: KKona Trigstyle: Cx haHAA mamzylul: LUL LUL nutriadb: LUL AkaSnake: LUL potatosheepXD: LOL mecabeat: Why don't you go to the cool part of Austin? sl33pyeyes: LUL ogturbojohnson: LUL TRUE LUL kadexxxx: LMAO Vayne0000: TRUE LUL canuckabroad: LUL ogturbojohnson: LUL TRUE LUL TRUE Keenarr: XDDDD aBlowfish: Cx Coconutdt: Cx justflo1211: Cx Philanthr0pic: HE LOOKS LIKE CARL THE CUCK anonr3vy: CX nutriadb: LMAO kahunaburg3r: KKona WE GOTCHA ItsMeChippy: Cx miyuki5: going haHAA anonr3vy: Cx Speedyman08: XC tmqxd: Cx TriHard cocolover89: DEAD MOOSEMEAT KKona ohhmyg: GOING aBlowfish: going mamzylul: going KingAxzel: Cx i_like_ice_cream: GG gonas123: wf is that glass cottoneyej0e: going? War_Punch: gg = going? ??? ItsMeChippy: going? LUL kahunaburg3r: gg= going πŸ€” Vex4ge: TriHard an0therduck : DuckerZ 4_Head_: gg GodandtheState: Skrillex lmao Kerxz: gg= going? Herbalhank: Cx PipSqueak569: u look haHAA af MEEHOYMIINOY: normie jones Noctem_: TriHard Cx Kill all Aetax: Chowderheads TriHard Cx aBlowfish: Cx TriHard rafaelswt: Cx LSSAH88: Cx TriHard reworm: Cx naisu_ow: Cx TriHard 7 Cx TriHard 7 Cx TriHard 7 Cx TriHard 7 Cx TriHard 7 Cx TriHard 7 brooch_fan: GAY MountainGoat150: Cx TriHard Ballemedkollen: TriHard StoBros: scuffed SonyD tehonlyninja: DuckerZ ? FCKING_TRIHARD: yikes ItsMeChippy: Cx TriHard 7 ezmodio: Cx django_unchained_: TriHard JokesterOG: LOL Herbalhank: TriHard eseekeeetit: gucci hat Poggers Keenarr: DOMAIN XD canuckabroad: LUL Speedyman08: TriHard 7 ogturbojohnson: TooSpicy Aleksgord: who fucks mira atm? Caboosed: 4Head Syphin3: Come on guys, stop...he's gonna put the hoodie back on Rhetoric47: LESBIAN SodapoppingFanBoy: Deport him SwiftRage Altoof: UR GLASSES SlumpGhost: LESBIAN JONES LUL Vex4ge: BITCHELL JONES LUL Roystun: TAKE GLASSES OFF Alp202: Mitchler LUL erwtilos: you are Ballemedkollen: TriHard B1GP1AYS: LUL Syphin3: Anything better that wearing that fucking hoodie everyday Crunch1212: camerman 4_Head_: stfu Crunch1212: CAMERAMAN CKYlunatic: rat timathus: DonaldPls DonaldPls DonaldPls DonaldPls 4_Head_: STFU MOVE ONE Zagool: Its the glasses LuL Indym: go to a dog park to get Fandy in the mood celeLUL mamzylul: NEVER STOP COMPLAINING Pixikk: NO LUL LaFlamaBlanca10: Is this Ellen DeGeneres Alumpymoose: ???? Roeltjaa: its nothing like ices LUL Beverlyheals: u literally have girl glasses on 4_Head_: STFU MOVE ONE .... GodandtheState: No FitzLew: LESBO w4zerrr: Cx cottoneyej0e: nah daddydayani: TriHard TriHard TriHard TriHard TriHard TriHard Crvnky: TriHard 7 SlumpGhost: HE HAS A BIRD NEST Sweet_Gift_Of_Death_: TriHard Noctem_: no LUL lampyy_: not anymore OMEGALU Traktorqq: TriHard SQUAD WorsTToMention: CAN'T EHAR SHIT mamzylul: LUL erwtilos: no Syphin3: he looks decent today Nerffme: WHY DOES MITCH LOOK SO FUCKING RETARDED LUL ????? FitzLew: nOPE rafaelswt: Ice has curvy hair MuggyB: you even lift STEVE_E_GEEE: skrilex monkaS skrilex monkaS skrilex monkaS skrilex monkaS BlastomaHD: SHOW ASS 😑 STEVE_E_GEEE: skrilex monkaS skrilex monkaS skrilex monkaS skrilex monkaS skrilex monkaS mamzylul: first person STEVE_E_GEEE: skrilex monkaS skrilex monkaS skrilex monkaS Ne0ne: walking on the street ? Hockeyislife420: tyler1T1 tyler1T2 tyler1T2 STEVE_E_GEEE: skrilex monkaS skrilex monkaS skrilex monkaS skrilex monkaS skrilex monkaS FrinkerZ: @fil000s Ditch has been live for 51 minutes. abduls_son: MONKEY BOY YourBlues: L O W E R Vex4ge: LUL zelwark: U look boy jayhuang123: LOWER CAMERA thelordhimselfxd: L O W E R mamzylul: MOVE CAMERA LOWER PLS nutriadb: THICC tehonlyninja: SHES RETARDED FeelsBadMan OBTU: @Keenarr TriHard Clap Millehx: boring thelordhimselfxd: T H I C C LaFlamaBlanca10: Nice escort Traktorqq: ASMONMOLD LuL dwaldur: lower camera Philanthr0pic: #APENATION IS RIGHT KrisWithaK_: LuL Maxxsj: haircut again? mamzylul: gachiBASS nutriadb: alulu Kerxz: kreygasm MuggyB: true Syphin3: They're UGLY AF anon_blazes_420g: @MitchJones looking like a gay skrillex mamzylul: Kreygasm Tiga93: DansGame DOZIK_: LOWER potatosheepXD: what a dick Vex4ge: TRU LUL BlastomaHD: listen MedicinalTea: budget scuffed meerkat LUL Noctem_: jay walking LUL PrincessRonaldReagan: this dude is savage LUL HeyItsCaryl: !uptime FrinkerZ: @heyitscaryl Ditch has been live for 51 minutes. MEEHOYMIINOY: TTours WORST CAMERAMAN zootieX: ARM monkaS Hockeyislife420: Camera man do you job and SHOW ASS :rage: sipsfromthebong: THICC Pixikk: WALKING ON ROAD LUL Herbalhank: APE NATION Syphin3: `*~*~*~*~*~* WINTERS DAY!~*~*~**~**~ MountainGoat150: Wtf is this guy sayin?? LUL CKYlunatic: cam on her butt plox TriHard abduls_son: FACTSSSSSSSSSSSSS 420blazzzetime: ROFL JokesterOG: LUL ShakoTheWacko: APE NATION luckfore: new mira? PogChamp chaplin__: PedoBear Joep4441: is that dankquan ? SodapoppingFanBoy: Ape gang TriHard Noctem_: LUL JAY WALKING NA BRAIN mamzylul: Kreygasm Syphin3: GO GET SOME VANS Ne0ne: you fucktards are walking on the street mamzylul: @naisu_ow cmonBruh Syphin3: Some simple black/white vans ZDub95: yep Herbalhank: @MitchJones APE NATION quiteunaverage: Chill out dude holy shit lmfao Bullseiify: DAMN that ass radionjoy: A S S Kreygasm NewGuyTy: aim the camera lower wtf ZeroGravittyy: 😑 ZOOM IN ON HER ASS 😑 real_teamleaderna: The Ape and the Rat bout to cuck some dudes fiance Jiipo: Kreygasm MEYERN3: sodaC ogturbojohnson: Kreygasm Jukemasterhey: Syphin3: Some simple black/white vans mamzylul: gachiBASS venomsneaks: mitches shoes loool Noctem_: JAYWALKING LUL ezmodio: UGLY ASS GLASSES RHA3G4R: why the fuck are they walking in the middle of the street? xD zinetone: Cx TriHard ? ?? ? Speedyman08: thicc Pewpewpewdot: SHOW ASS Vesitge: LOL mamzylul: Kreygasm hogort: GAHAHAHAHAHAH JokesterOG: LOOOOOL Pixikk: LUL therealdonnietrump: CDEW OMEGALUL FCKING_TRIHARD: OMEGALUL tehonlyninja: REALLY HIM OMEGALUL Syphin3: Cdew= Square youngsachi: T H I C C amisnaru: scuffed Liquid Twistzz OMEGALUL aqrocksyeah: Sea Doo SlumpGhost: LUL Collekt: LOL chrisslol: LuL Tiga93: haHAA MangoI: cmonBruh mamzylul: HAHAHAHAHAHHA kahunaburg3r: ResidentSleeper Clap east_la_cx: CDEW PogChamp ogturbojohnson: LUL naisu_ow: ROFL Bullseiify: LUL chokeartist57: lmao Jiipo: OH LAWD radionjoy: WTF ? lunnex: LUL Okarinnnn: Kreygasm Joep4441: MITCH LOOKS HOT PogChamp BlitzcrankGrowtopia: she's actually niceeee radionjoy: WAS THAT CDEW ? Syphin3: Jesus, have you guys never seen a girl before? ZfeeTV: Grill Kreygasm peeri: SILICON ASS LMAO halos97: i like dew FeelsBadMan dramafree1234: 4Hand ShaggyJr: drama inc youngsachi: T H I CC C MEEHOYMIINOY: F A T sipsfromthebong: THICCED therealdonnietrump: Ape nation? cmonBruh Philanthr0pic: @Ne0ne JUST THE BIG ASS WALK I THINK zinetone: vERY Very scuffed kylie jenner FCKING_TRIHARD: @TriHard_BLACKED TriHard 7 SUP CUH TriHard 7 Liquidasss: mitch looking good ItsMeChippy: PULL HER PANTS DOWN 😑 potatosheepXD: thot LUL BlitzcrankGrowtopia: @Syphin3 she has a nice bod man chill wtfwhydoiplaywow: monkey see monkey do quimtostaslikeyou: Give sme bugrs to te fat lady therealdonnietrump: @TriHard_BLACKED cmonBruh whatchu sayin LegionKS: LMAO naisu_ow: thot patrol Shorty_g: chat contain your thirst WutFace NewGuyTy: ditch the thot CKYlunatic: cam on her butt plox TriHard JokesterOG: LUL FANDY HAS NO ASS LUL nakedpizzaman: fat guy shouldnt be walking this much kenshinhype: That Grill is walking weird lacQ MuggyB: that mitchs new girl? FCKING_TRIHARD: @TriHard_BLACKED CHU cmonBruh ING ME ???? LegionKS: passive aggresive Penguinpower93: stream w/ trainwrecks LUL abinator7: !uptime FrinkerZ: @abinator7 Ditch has been live for 53 minutes. 4_Head_: HeyGuys ShakoTheWacko: sub only ShakoTheWacko: DansGame Herbalhank: FREE THE PLEBS Orichienal: EZ ShakoTheWacko: free plebs dotanotezztko: T H I C C django_unchained_: later plebs mitchHey eMCaLiBeR: ayyy Killstreeak: mitchG Herbalhank: SUB ONLY DansGame Broboring: mitchHey mitchHey mitchHey mitchHey Da_Poe_Boy: celeWat Axter666: sup with the new gay look for mitch? ShakoTheWacko: yee pwcd: mitchPeep GBTW: FREE THE PLEBS mitchRat an0therduck : HeyGuys Indym: celeWat Speedyman08: bye plebs mitchHey Da_Poe_Boy: celeWat celeWat celeWat Luddz123: sub mode mitchPuke Nmplol: just wanted to say reading the nonsubs comments legit gave me aids Broboring: LATERRRRR PLEBS mitchHey mitchHey Pewpewpewdot: fat guy is already done walking Trashcantunacan: mitchRat mitchRat mitchRat mitchRat ShakoTheWacko: HELLO SUBS wutangforev: LUL ShakoTheWacko: HOW ARE YOU klogger: mitchMitchBRUH an0therduck : reading chat LUL Indym: Nick you already had aids 4_Head_: @Nmplol hey nick <3 xWickid33: Be real, you already had aids nick Qwertzuasd: why submode ? emptygesh2: Indym stfu ! Trashcantunacan: AYYYY SUBMODE OBTU: DonaldPls emptygesh2: ban Indym Nmplol: i dont know how Indym: @emptygesh2 D: MEEHOYMIINOY: SELLOUT 😑 Warlics: @Nmplol hey nig <3 0__l: PogChamp Aetax: D: RC_2: Manny will PEE ON THE APE Zoophorous: FREEEDOM VonTawast: nmpw Bullseiify: Arcane dream PogChamp tehonlyninja: YAHTZEE MODS 😑 turdmann: reeeeeeeeeee Mahokijin: camera man MangoI: WE FREE TriHard Sweett_ : FURRY Da_Poe_Boy: indym beat josh up thedatisaiah: Great Mahokijin: CAMERA MAN MuggyB: nmp1n nmp1n nmp1n therealdonnietrump: FREE MODE AGAIN TriHard MEEHOYMIINOY: @Nmplol nick 😑 Alasper1: @Nmplol stream when Evilbudda: 5/10 γƒžγƒΌγ‚―γƒ³γƒˆ: FANDY THE DOG FrankerZ therealdonnietrump: SUBMODE DansGame BeWiseOpenEyes: Hodor on the show has a huge penis no lie STRAIGHTNUTTY: NMP BTW TriHard naisu_ow: SUPATEASE LOL Shiviee: LMFAOFOOOFOOOO naisu_ow: HAHAHAHAHAH therealdonnietrump: NPM BTW haHAA MangoI: cmonBruh Varahiilxs: HODOR LUL ogturbojohnson: LUL SHITTY MOD eMCaLiBeR: @Brian8781 otherway was a small streamer then mitch blew him up ShakoTheWacko: submde cmonBruh BradFPS: F CKYlunatic: TriHard Fingim12: swifty TriHard_KFC_DodgeCharger: f mamzylul: NO ezmodio: TriHard therealdonnietrump: TriHard DINDU NUFFIN east_la_cx: TriHard NO RULES kinker911: f 4_Head_: F lime678: F SAVED ogturbojohnson: TriHard CKYlunatic: cam on her butt plox TriHard Vayne0000: f chaplin__: LEAKED Syv11: Cc haHAA Vayne0000: F Vayne0000: FF kahunaburg3r: TriHard FREE MY HOMIE SlumpGhost: FIND MEXICAN ANDY TriHard Logan76mv: LUL LaFlamaBlanca10: Whose the lesbians Syv11: Cx HAHAA 4_Head_: give the cam back dalichkoba: Hitler did nothing wrong riPepperonis MangoI: TriHard ExtraPickles69: u see me trollin Ballemedkollen: Cx Logan76mv: yes Pixikk: F kinker911: DDDDDDDDD MEEHOYMIINOY: F NewGuyTy: its not f'ing bantu88: 144p Kongconvicti: 13k a month btw LUL b3ard13: Leaked btw LUL TerrellChestnut: f Syv11: Cx haHAA cloud1562: Kappa closed zootieX: f QcGold10: its fine Herbalhank: 360p Kappa dramafree1234: :tf: haydena98: ITS NOT LAGGING B1GP1AYS: LUL BradFPS: f turdmann: 😑 EAT HER ASS 😑 Da_Poe_Boy: LuL Traktorqq: 2P ShaggyJr: D: maraws: Cx quality P nutriadb: BasedGod maballs14: haHAA Aquagasm: :rage: Deadaspectz: @Nmplol GO LIVW Derael: LOL tack595: D: LaFlamaBlanca10: Call Fleming’s kahunaburg3r: CLOSED BTW LUL mamzylul: D: Meg94: stop showing her LuL Herbalhank: $80 Salad ItsMeChippy: @MitchJones BibleThump MountainGoat150: F mamzylul: CREEP lingerx: WTF IS THAT HAIR LuL cloud1562: Rude LUL Relax94: who's the hot leech girl them11ke: LUL VisualRyuu: IS THAT A TRAP? twinbladeuk: F Soda_love_you_KappaPride: KIM KARDASHIAN PORN 144P LUL KartN1: LuL TYLER1_HAS_AUTISM: TriHard kahunaburg3r: Jebaited BlastomaHD: LUL summober: mitch is beta an0therduck : REKT LUL zootieX: F MountainGoat150: JeBaited Aquagasm: OMEGALUL tehonlyninja: failed dono haHAA therealdonnietrump: OMEGALUL Mahokijin: bUrself Grim1369: Who is the hottie? yowutm8: TOO LATW Wingsonmeth: πŸ’ hogort: LuL nothingheresir: wasted dono OMEGALUL ghere_: NICE DONO haHAA NewGuyTy: LUL eMCaLiBeR: @Brian8781 find a well and fall in it maraws: @Fandy KrisWithaK_: LMFAO UniverSebas: FAIL kahunaburg3r: NICE TRY haHAA ogturbojohnson: LUL TOO LATE LUL Guidozam: LMFAO Resynthesis: :) Randy_27: They should’ve stayed 0__l: :) 4_Head_: LuL mamzylul: haHAA GOOD TRY :) summober: DAT ASS Orichienal: jebaited jaco6y: :) MakeMeCrazy123: :) ogturbojohnson: haHAA NICE ONE Fnatic5play: :) mamzylul: :) aBlowfish: :) 0__l: :) Clap them11ke: haHAA JokesterOG: haHAA btw MEEHOYMIINOY: cmonBruh lCLipZ: :) theflyguy12: PogChamp DOZIK_: AWWWW Syphin3: normie shit lime678: got em haHAA Wingsonmeth: FeelsGoodMan thanks man JokesterOG: 50 CENT TriHard Da_Poe_Boy: haHAA mamzylul: TriHard HOW MANY? Joep4441: content haHAA Aetax: TriHard zootieX: haHAA radionjoy: hahAA mamzylul: IDIOT Roho000: TriHard 50c Basswater: LMFAO radionjoy: haHAA dv8_savage: ENABLING TriHard an0therduck : KKona 🍌 Ballemedkollen: MY KIND OF FOOD TriHard alfonnnz: that walk twinbladeuk: so haHAA hogort: NO cocolover89: BARRY BibleThump NewGuyTy: whos berry hompuu: FeelsBadMan / JBtwitchtv: kn dirtyanimal_: wild hair bois CKYlunatic: its my banana now TriHard thelordhimselfxd: BACK SWEAT MITCH MomoMonies: "HOTTIE" LuL an0therduck : HANDS UP \o/ k1ash3r: SwiftRage Vayne0000: thank you <3 aBlowfish: yup maraws: T H I C C Berkoklu: i missed barry i missed ethan Herbalhank: BROKEN RECORD ResidentSleeper Indym: nmpFeels DOZIK_: LOWER MORE Guidozam: Where is Barry, where does he live? Anyone know? ItsMeChippy: NO LUL cocolover89: TRAINWRECKZ HIT BARRY BibleThump ValidK: LUL jenu2959: ya i miss bary Grim1369: @emcaliber ty Speedyman08: mitchRat therealdonnietrump: Barry FeelsBadMan JokesterOG: LUL BULLY NyZtan0: LuL Poiuykk66: WE ALL MISS BARRY SlumpGhost: LUL brooch_fan: reckC GodandtheState: Bully therealdonnietrump: FREE B A R R Y BibleThump dv8_savage: LUL jaco6y: Ape lampyy_: OMEGALUL w4zerrr: TRAINWRECKS BTW haHAA B1GP1AYS: LUL jaco6y: Squad Streamerrecap: LuL Joep4441: Kreygasm erwtilos: DRAMA QUEEN jtmadden61: is that mira? radionjoy: T H I C C brooch_fan: CUCKER OF CONTENT LUL tokenblck: lmao SlumpGhost: CUCK JONES LUL MountainGoat150: ???????????? kyle__ww: no sasauce321: lol mitch cant have friends Bigkilla456: ???????????????? MEEHOYMIINOY: OMEGALUL therealdonnietrump: CONTENTCUCKER OMEGALUL Clap 0__l: RICE GUM LuL monokitai: THICCC GodandtheState: Autistic skrillex tpk169: CUCKER OF CONTENT LUL nikiaszotos: true anonr3vy: he lives off drama what do you expect Joep4441: hair finally looking good* naisu_ow: ROFL uber3verywhere: RICEGUM FANS ARE 14 Killstreeak: sneak diss nothingheresir: cause idubbbz is a god TriHard sipsfromthebong: GO TO BEACH WITH THICCC NewGuyTy: who is idubs them11ke: youtube LUL qtzie: Because he’s a god RyzeLux: he did fight back Trashcantunacan: LUL h4ze2904: mitch jones content cop soon SS_Nolimit: Cx Lawlach: cause he is right giannisTW: BUDGET SODA LUL tehonlyninja: youtube drama haHAA n9man: cause he is god SlumpGhost: MITCH JONES CONTENT COP MangoI: youtube haHAA ForStevieWondersEyesOnly: youtube haHAA KrymsonSkyz: Only literally Tweens care about YouTube drama w4zerrr: IDUBBZ haHAA MEEHOYMIINOY: LOL tehonlyninja: haHAA talking to old people DethRowe: trainwrecks DansGame tbabyfriedman: Damnm inobri9: who is the grill masterpce: idubbbz is the truth Sudonyms: youtube ResidentSleeper SlumpGhost: MITCH IS SCUFFED IDUBBBZ an0therduck : GILFS Kreygasm JokesterOG: gachiBASS sinisterpiglet: LuL Joep4441: LMAO LUL east_la_cx: LuL how2max: MILF mamzylul: LUL Norrik: LUL RyzeLux: idubbz btw haHAA Streamerrecap: PogChamp we in Joep4441: DOMESTIC LUL mamzylul: Kreygasm Collekt: LUL Indym: MILF Ahdharr: EleGiggle EleGiggle EleGiggle EleGiggle EleGiggle EleGiggle EleGiggle EleGiggle Alumpymoose: They like to feel young Joep4441: gachiBASS Logan76mv: just stop haHAA Luddz123: mitchT mamzylul: GILF gachiBASS NewGuyTy: LUL lime678: omg WorsTToMention: LUL JokesterOG: LOL BULLY LUL BULLY Joep4441: LUL LUL LUL LUL an0therduck : LUL MEEHOYMIINOY: LOOOL ogturbojohnson: LUL ? TheFlameEd: BANNED Traktorqq: LuL Endeavorance: mmmmmm Soda_love_you_KappaPride: KappaPride BlastomaHD: LUL NyZtan0: HAHAHAAH Faceleslol: Scripted btw haHAA ShaggyJr: self harm monkaS Guidozam: OMG east_la_cx: KappaPride Joep4441: WTF LUL ? Syphin3: Let's all LAUGH togethert mjgamer2: haHAA Bigkilla456: haHAA Rkzzv2: wtf is that look hitler Ahdharr: ape eescape LiciousOG: Good content lol mamzylul: haHAA ROASTED ogturbojohnson: LUL LUL LUL naisu_ow: ?????????????????????????????????? Arvin_OG: lol dirtyanimal_: LUL Bohdangerous: FINALLYY aBlowfish: LUL Meg94: WutFace them11ke: hamburgers lunnex: harry potter beesnipe16: Public humiliation TriHard j_p_93_: Harry Potter Jones PogChamp Trashcantunacan: LUL theflyguy12: LUL Endeavorance: gud joke haHAA SurfBrah: haHAA funny abduls_son: PUBLIC HUMILIATION GodandtheState: Eat her ass MEEHOYMIINOY: PedoBear bantu88: PedoBear curedubs: LUL Joep4441: PogChamp LAYING IT ON THICK JakeCali5: !followage sipsfromthebong: EAT HER ASS ezmodio: SHES HOT Ergalosyr: btw haHAA bantu88: monkaS notfaketaco: LOL Roeltjaa: gachiGASM wumbotastic: that chick looks like she is 12 Ahdharr: CRINGE nakedpizzaman: shes 14 Aetax: PedoBear zootieX: PedoBear kahunaburg3r: JAILBAIT TriHard nzsalamicake: 16 btw 4_Head_: PedoBear MEYERN3: PedoBear ? fREAST: PedoBear / Aetax: ALISON QUINN OMEGALUL AkaSnake: F sasauce321: mitch want a GF OBTU: alison quinn LuL 4_Head_: QUEST PedoBear AkaSnake: FF Joep4441: LUL Joep4441: LUL LUL LUL MEEHOYMIINOY: BRUH GarbagePlayers: ?????????? maraws: PedoBear SurfBrah: PedoBear Clap oh yeah white_shepherd6: haHAA Joep4441: OH GODDDDDDDD LUL LUL Lemons3_14: Kappa Myronlafleur: ?????????????? Roeltjaa: haHAA πŸ”« Joep4441: OH GOD LMFAO LUL LUL Finn311: wow thats creepy beesnipe16: wtf? lol brooch_fan: PEDO Traktorqq: ???? Liquidasss: LUL TORTUGA__: W T F Collekt: LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLL ButterflyMornings: HOL UP jaco6y: Dude wtf TORTUGA__: what are youdfoing br4nd0nh347: NotLikeThis YourBlues: haHAA Larken69: WTF MangoI: LUL alphaasfuak: LOL? Im_a_mod_in_other_channel: monkaS SurfBrah: haHAA STOP beautybunni: lOl ogturbojohnson: haHAA shykes91: Lmao beesnipe16: THANK YOU TriHard 7 promotius: PEDOBEAR canuckabroad: ROFL NikkoSuave117: LUL Ergalosyr: NotLikeThis STFU APE SlumpGhost: MITCH FailFish radionjoy: PedoBear exdeexd_: LUL Rejoiner: LUL MEEHOYMIINOY: RAT ogturbojohnson: LUL APE GOD Soda_love_you_KappaPride: KappaPride chickenFPS: LUL maraws: PedoBear jayhuang123: LOOOOL mamzylul: LEGAL IN EU :) dv8_savage: LEGAL CamelBusBananaWomp: LuL C4_Assassin_: TriHard greekTRUE radionjoy: FCKING IDIOTS ItsMeChippy: Legal PogChamp django_unchained_: LuL Okarinnnn: LUL VitaminCereal: are nation mamzylul: LAHQEWHEEHADHYDAHS WetDookie: PedoBear JUST 1 MORE YEAR Trixylol: HAHHA radionjoy: DELETE TWITCH Killstreeak: 17 is legal... ButterflyMornings: rick and morty haHAA Joep4441: LUL LUL LUL SlumpGhost: LUL Aquagasm: LuL snipersaito: Cx zelwark: LUL Myronlafleur: LUL Joep4441: LUL LUL LUL LUL omer1536: LuL C4_Assassin_: TriHard fREAST: PedoBear // Ludefice: SQUAD TriHard ValidK: LUL lunnex: LEGAL IN EU SurfBrah: ????????????? Aquagasm: LUL LUL LUL hHmEE: LOLΓ– Kerxz: Fucking Ape MangoI: haHAA SodapoppingFanBoy: LuL Joep4441: LUL バカバカバカ: LUL DanoHeh: OMEGALUL zootieX: FANDY RUN ogturbojohnson: haHAA ??? SurfBrah: OMEGALUL AkaSnake: LMAO TheIronFister: LuL Guidozam: RAT AND APE shykes91: PedoBear aBlowfish: what LUL Endeavorance: content btw haHAA m tokenblck: ROFL Mfwautismo: PICKE RICK PogChamp Im_a_mod_in_other_channel: Cx monkaS Cx monkaS Cx monkaS Cx monkaS Cx monkaS Cx monkaS Cx monkaS Cx monkaS jaco6y: LOOOOOOL Toalett_Monstret: HAHA east_la_cx: CARTOONS EleGiggle zootieX: FANDY RUN monkaS FANDY RUN monkaS ButterflyMornings: LuL MingLee Meg94: racist Jebaited Aquagasm: RACIST LUL Myronlafleur: LUL lunnex: LEGAL IN EU Pewpewpewdot: HAHHAHAHA KyosukeiRyuji: ROFL whitefoxreal: ahahahahahahaha sipsfromthebong: APE GANG Bigkilla456: RACIST LuL Picsaul: RACIST? creativepsychopath: cmonBruh ButterflyMornings: THATS LACIST HotPokket dv8_savage: LUL JanCarlo: cmonBruh efeff: ha ha haHAA Ballemedkollen: NEXT BLACK PERSON LOOKS LIKE STEVIE WONDER cmonBruh ? ItsMeChippy: RICEGUM LUL RenoSampson: MingLee erictheraccoon: racist LUL tokenblck: WOW imthabeast: noooooooooooooo notice_me_OpieOP: MingLee LACIST MingLee dirtyanimal_: omg Coconutdt: ASIAN = RICEGUM ???????? Traktorqq: ADOLF MITCHLER DatSheffy / lime678: RICE DanoHeh: He actually did look like Ricegum, not lacist LuL Jtk133: MingLee LACIST dirtyanimal_: rude shit streamer = content Indym: They all look the same MingLee Joep4441: T H I C C Kreygasm Shiny127: rude LuL aBlowfish: RUDE RACIST PEDO JONES 😑 ocearoku: monkaS Pewpewpewdot: ANELE erictheraccoon: Kreygasm Rkzzv2: LUL HITLER HAIR LUL LUL HITLER HAIR LUL Joep4441: LUL LUL LUL Rkzzv2: LUL NyZtan0: OMEGALUL OMEGALUL dirtyanimal_: LUL Rkzzv2: CRINGEEEEEEEEEEEEE Fnatic5play: THICC exdeexd_: youtubers LUL KyosukeiRyuji: ROFL Big4Hed: shes cute Joep4441: TRAINWRECKS LMFAO LUL BlastomaHD: ???? Guidozam: Streamers Bigkilla456: LOL Bigkilla456: WTF Trashcantunacan: ???????? artainis_: RETARDS LuL Jiipo: Kreygasm SlumpGhost: NIPS Shrivel: !dork Preservekill: LOL Spam_Cx: HITLER DID 9/11 ANELE easy44444: Ape game Im_a_mod_in_other_channel: LUNA TWEET INC LuL junpeey3: LUL kahunaburg3r: YOUTUBERS BTW haHAA Shrivel: !manycorrecton Okarinnnn: APE NATION TriHard dv8_savage: NIPS ArithmeticBot: MATH: 819 + 413 = ??? Aquagasm: cmonBruh dudewitanattitude: TriHard Clap ItsMeChippy: πŸ€” hmmmmmmm ButterflyMornings: cmonBruh erwtilos: LUL LUL LUL Jtk133: LANA TWEET INC radionjoy: ChuMean mamzylul: LUL serendipity1234: LUL an0therduck : cmonBruh abinator7: cmonBruh cmonBruh cmonBruh cmonBruh Molotovh: HYPERBRUH MEEHOYMIINOY: cmonBruh mjgamer2: HYPERBRUH ZeroGravittyy: cmonBruh πŸ”ͺ Coconutdt: cmonBruh radionjoy: cmonBruh kahunaburg3r: cmonBruh CamelBusBananaWomp: cmonBruh HOL' UP RyzeLux: ?????? ArithmeticBot: MATH: 819 + 413 = ?? notice_me_OpieOP: cmonBruh cmonBruh cmonBruh Splinku: cmonBruh BrawlyDor: LuL Directlol: cmonBruh 4_Head_: beta jones Indym: LuL Jtk133: cmonBruh ogturbojohnson: cmonBruh AY kahunaburg3r: HYBERBRUH πŸ—‘ Roeltjaa: LuL FriendlyTacoMan: !math SlumpGhost: LMAO Joep4441: LUL LUL LUL Speedyman08: haHAA RACIST kahunaburg3r: HYPERBRUH nicolette926: he has no idea mamzylul: LUL nutriadb: LMAO dv8_savage: LuL ArithmeticBot: MATH: 819 + 413 = ??? Trashcantunacan: LUL fREAST: PedoBear // PedoBear // Mfwautismo: THATS WHAT A SEX OFFENDER WOULD SAY PedoBear notfaketaco: SourPls JakeCali5: Who the chick? tycezinha: Who's the girl? mamzylul: LMFAO Rkzzv2: LUL HITLER HAIR LUL WodenGames: T H I C C theflyguy12: Cx an0therduck : KKona cloutdrank: KKona stainless4: !uptime FrinkerZ: @stainless4 Ditch has been live for 1 hour and 5 minutes. ArithmeticBot: shrivel got the correct answer: 1232 β–ˆ MATH: 579 + 350 = ?? pyroscar92: SourPls BlastomaHD: SourPls cocolover89: 4Head nutriadb: THIC Astro_Bean: Those type of donations are so autistic its not even funny monkaS M3H4: LUL alwayscheeched: LUL hompuu: AngelThump voice 21chromez: monkaS maltose86: lol SlumpGhost: KappaPride Edilide: LUL OBTU: LuL Poiuykk66: FREE ICE BOYZ Meg94: AngelThump Magrelo12: LMFAO kahunaburg3r: ???????????? Crvnky: haHAA Ludefice: mitchRat btw Krioboly : haHAA SodapoppingFanBoy: LUL PixelCarnage: LUL chokeartist57: lmao DanoHeh: LuL gIbBsJaCoB: haHAA nzsalamicake: Triharder lampyy_: AngelThump shykes91: haHAA Herbalhank: haHAA aBlowfish: AngelThump haHAA Hahaxd1801: haHAA funny donations btw Coconutdt: haHAA mamzylul: haHAA FriendlyTacoMan: !math aztromint : AngelThump an0therduck : haHAA Clap Renzir: haHAA Jaegarn_: Mira LUL kahunaburg3r: OUT OF CONTENT ResidentSleeper Pewpewpewdot: haHHA hogort: haHAA Clap jaco6y: Here we go afain lampyy_: mira haHAA SurfBrah: QTIP JONES Ahdharr: APE ESCAPE GIT A NET Pewpewpewdot: haHAA 4_Head_: mira btw Mrompan: NEW MITCH LUL voltickxd: haHAA turkeymuffin: wtf he actually looks good? SodapoppingFanBoy: Mira BTW Joep4441: CORNER LUL BETA LUL nutriadb: QTIP TriHard GodandtheState: Scuffed skrillex exdeexd_: 10k LUL uber3verywhere: only here for that fat ass ItsMeChippy: mira monkaS liontire: 10k viewers LUL lampyy_: TRIBE TriHard i_like_ice_cream: MIRA <3 MIRA <3 kadox_: 10k LUL ACViperPRO: 10K OMEGALUL pyroscar92: 10k Naytham: lul BeardMonkeyQc: LUL Rkzzv2: LUL LUL LUL LUL Daurennn: TriHard SirHerpyDerpy: 10k LUL DixonCider_123: 10k LUL BlastomaHD: ?????????? Trashcantunacan: 10k Myronlafleur: 10k LUL Zakkuo: 10k LUL draggonx: 1 OMEGALUL k? 4_Head_: LuL Aquagasm: 10k LUL Saganakicheese: Incoming dono richeyjr: 10k BTW Endeavorance: ☎️ 21chromez: 10k LuL snoopdouggg: 10k loool MrKolers: 10k LUL aBlowfish: 3.9k actually πŸ€“ FinnaBustAllKindzOfNuts: OMEGALUL junpeey3: finally Seroxen: 10K LUL CoffeeCupsTV: he has a 10k pennis liontire: 10k viewers maybe in 2015 ricintv: this girl is T H I CC thankyou693: at least 8k for sure tycezinha: WHO'S THE GIRL? soapyOP: 3k OpieOP Mfwautismo: 10K BTW LUL YOUTUBE LUL LaFlamaBlanca10: 10 with Mira sheriffTHUMP HarryCrumb: beeker? Catbus420: broly? notfaketaco: T H I C C FriendlyTacoMan: mitch went here with mira LuL Konijn246: the sonic dude? Twerkfuriously: Crash tyler5o2: the girl is just another jersey shore wannabe thot stokley272: Riger frin Doug Wintero00: Solbadguy? ogturbojohnson: cmonBruh DanoHeh: If only Ice knew how to explain situations LuL tentcow: knucklez wtfwhydoiplaywow: still fake stuttering Suprachiasmatical: muppets inobri9: who is the thicc jukeboxhero16: LUL ONLY 3k VIEWERS LUL DYING STREAMER LUL PixelCarnage: a a a a a and Suprachiasmatical: muppets LUL imthabeast: gara PatMaclive: woody PatMaclive: the woopdpecker kahunaburg3r: gachiBASS theguygaiden: what up papa idiot SodapoppingFanBoy: Elmo ZeroGravittyy: DansGame Suprachiasmatical: beaker from the muppets LUL watchmegetcuckdbymira1: autism richeyjr: FAKE GLASSES LUL Killstreeak: Mods ???? MangoI: LUL Jaegarn_: DansGame SurfBrah: RUDE 😑 Myronlafleur: Is that boogie2988???? Bigkilla456: LOL drew_vn: CmojnBRuh buhyaka: DansGame snoopdouggg: Mitch looks so weird now Bigkilla456: WTF Jullex: who is the KKona MLGheisenberg420: stud LUL EternalBlueSkye: this guy The_Chunks: 10k viewrs btw MEYERN3: LuL uber3verywhere: GIVE US FAP MATERIAL naisu_ow: @MitchJones why you hanging out with supatease? nighthawklol: david jones Wintero00: Solbadguy StrongFlow: @MitchJones beaker theguygaiden: Out of date Normie gangstagabe916: woody woodpecker? VitaminCereal: she not asking tokenblck: lmao thelordhimselfxd: FFFFFFFFFF SaltyBeren: you look like shit!!! Suprachiasmatical: @MitchJones BEAKER FROM THE MUPPETS jayhuang123: ELMO b_aDDERALL: RAT JONES 4Head boellehalm: elmo?????????? theguygaiden: ernie? MEEHOYMIINOY: BERT SodapoppingFanBoy: Elmo sipsfromthebong: WHAT UP HITLER The_Chunks: BEAKER NyZtan0: OMEGALUL OMEGALUL Herbalhank: @MitchJones sitting at same table as mira Indym: @Da_Poe_Boy cmonBruh curedubs: LUL Bringing_Sxxxy_Back: elmo? ItsMeChippy: Elmo NyZtan0: OMEGALUL MrKolers: wtf i_like_ice_cream: ELMO SurfBrah: STICK IT IN HER NOW 😑 FriendlyTacoMan: yep it's beaker the scientist Three_Putt: ANIMAL AllMight6: Beaker inobri9: who is the thicc aBlowfish: beaker TokesTV: BERT AND EARNIE eMCaLiBeR: BERT AND ERNIE Drumm0nd: beaker SlumpGhost: ANIMAL Larza94: HARRY POTTER LMAO 0__l: ELMO OMEGALUL Crazie_Jester: !uptime FrinkerZ: @crazie_jester Ditch has been live for 1 hour and 8 minutes. lCLipZ: HI kyle__ww: HeyGuys chrisslol: KappaPride Resynthesis: OpieOP richeyjr: Hi Matt SlumpGhost: BEAKER LUL Joep4441: HeyGuys hey Matt Orichienal: HP ghibli_cx: KKona HEY THERE BROTHER them11ke: matt appreciation KKona fleshgodt: HeyGuys east_la_cx: HeyGuys ZeroGravittyy: BigBrother django_unchained_: mitchHey 21chromez: HeyGuys Baldful in 10 years warmsocks_: HeyGuys exdeexd_: LUL ogturbojohnson: BALD LUL real_teamleaderna: ARSON WAITER Larza94: HeyGuys ZarandumIMBA: LUL WorsTToMention: CDEW LUL janitory: FUNgineer snipersaito: STFU Saganakicheese: FUNgineer FUNgineer FUNgineer FUNgineer FUNgineer FUNgineer FUNgineer SlumpGhost: ITS CDEW logouttrs: LOLOL Bollistic_: PogChamp HEY ELMO TICKLE THIS swiftySTARE MangoI: PogChamp Pewpewpewdot: LOOOL Liquidasss: LUL Meg94: OW haHAA ZarandumIMBA: PogChamp dealerofhappystuff: LuL Roho000: twitcher ForStevieWondersEyesOnly: twitcher BrokeBack Kerxz: haHAA BTW ogturbojohnson: FUNgineer ? shykes91: PogChamp 0ffensive : Gaymer KappaPride easy44444: Gamer them11ke: TIM GPills: OVERWATCH LMAO Eskomo: FUNgineer CtrlSoul: ?????????? east_la_cx: TIM deadspacecat_: TIM Drumm0nd: ONE OF US FeelsGoodMan djpatis: TIM Edilide: im great pksalsa: LuL ogturbojohnson: FUNgineer GAMER BTW LUL dimagz: gale DansGame jayhuang123: tim 0__l: GAMER Cx zootieX: TIM STRAIGHTNUTTY: SEAGULL LOL RyzeMeUp: DEAD GAME WOW ResidentSleeper Edilide: Cx east_la_cx: LuL MOUTH_FEEL: moon22 moon22 naisu_ow: GALE LUL pyroscar92: 1.6 east_la_cx: WASHED UP LuL snipersaito: WOWERS ogturbojohnson: DEAD GAME LUL NewGuyTy: GOOD WAITER PogChamp Kermit_le_Frog: LUL watchmegetcuckdbymira1: LIE Spam_Cx: TriHard ENZO DENINO TriHard jayhuang123: 1.6 SlumpGhost: 300$ TIP kahunaburg3r: DEAD GAME BTW OMEGALUL pleb_____: LIAR OMEGALUL koomster: "USED TO" LUL amisnaru: 1.6 PogChamp GodandtheState: 1.6 Kreygasm stardazer: mitch jones? Herbalhank: liar SoapApra: SELLOUT lCLipZ: 300$ tip MangoI: SELLOUT easy44444: Sure oliveeeer1: 1.6 PogChamp what_it_do_hehehe: DansGame 4_Head_: you did tolhoko_: n0thing16 n0thing16 n0thing16 n0thing16 davbs: THIS GUY PogChamp KURTHZ: LMAO STRAIGHTNUTTY: PogChamp snipersaito: DansGame Suprachiasmatical: look up beaker from the muppets masterpce: cool waiter MEEHOYMIINOY: RUDE SlumpGhost: TIP HIM 300 NewGuyTy: gordon ramsey would be pproud AspenNorth: ignored LuL Da_Poe_Boy: white sauce celeMelk Daurennn: Potatoes LUL kahunaburg3r: 5 STARS PagChomp fug1t: cmonBruh Joep4441: PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp VitaminCereal: fail fish stensopp: PogChamp Saganakicheese: White sauce Kreygasm shykes91: PogChamp Horler98: mitch is a fake gamer LUL shanevapid: spinach and potatoes?????? FriendlyHansen: KappaPride skwuahd: straight from the commercial soapyOP: :-O exdeexd_: cata LUL Spam_Cx: TriHard ENZO DENINO TriHard SlumpGhost: PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp Syphin3: ok he's pogchamp, knows his shit ZarandumIMBA: PogChamp franciscog30: LUL MLGheisenberg420: goblin TriHard davbs: PLAYED A LITTLE BIT LuL zootieX: CASUAL easy44444: Nintendo LinK99191: PogChamp Pohja: LUL kahunaburg3r: PagChomp Da_Poe_Boy: cata LuL ogturbojohnson: haHAA PrincessRonaldReagan: Blood Elf DansGame Crvnky: PogChampion SurfBrah: ORDER SOMETHING 😑 Twerkfuriously: ATEEN shykes91: LUL ItsMeChippy: DansGames Speedyman08: DansGame ROUGE profetengbg: NOOB NOOB NOOB alrealre: Water LuL snipersaito: LUL ghere_: LOL KURTHZ: PEPSI LUL monokitai: WATER AND COKE LUL SlumpGhost: WATER LUL PUSSY M3H4: LUL ElliotRodger___Cx: graphL TriHard graphR Sudonyms: PEPSI (puke) Squachtastic: haHAA alrealre: Pepsi WutFace MiracoliMike: PEPSI OMEGALUL Larza94: PEPSI LUL Daurennn: water LUL Bollistic_: WATER AND YAYO watchmegetcuckdbymira1: haHAA GaymingHouse: NOT OK deadspacecat_: PEPESI ISNT COKE DansGame 0__l: BEPSI OMEGALUL KingAxzel: Pepsi > Coke 😑 Pepsi > Coke 😑 Pepsi > Coke 😑 MemphoProdigyx: MUTE THE NAME OF THE RESTAURANT Hunniche: IS PEPSI OKAY OMEGALUL SlumpGhost: BEAKER JONES LUL Guidozam: Damn she actually look good Saganakicheese: Pepsi haHAA Larza94: FUCK PEPSI ITS SHIT LUL django_unchained_: TENDIES TriHard Exstreamest: MEEP MEEP aBlowfish: is pepsi ok meme haHAA πŸ‘Œ Kermit_le_Frog: LOL wtf MemphoProdigyx: DON'T SHOW RESTAURANT imthabeast: @mamzylul I wouldn't know I didnt play cuz the xpac was dog shit Bollistic_: COKE>METH Nightshadz: LU LUL WorsTToMention: LUL MyAnacondaDOPE: EMINEM LUL turkeymuffin: LEAKED an0therduck : KKona 7 VitaminCereal: kids meal jwussow989: Beaker Jones TriHard tycezinha: PEPSI TASTES THE SAME AS COKE OMEGALUL CHAT cheetodustcxx: FAT ASS EATING A SALAD LUL Suprachiasmatical: beaker boysss MangoI: LUL kahunaburg3r: KKona 7 alwayscheeched: LUL Wimpish: pay attention cuck Juzek86: CHILD SurfBrah: KKona 7 Taake666: KKona 7 Mfwautismo: TriHard NAAH HOMIE WE TAKING OVER TriHard mecabeat: weak RacerBunny: cool 0__l: KKona 7 MangoI: cmonBruh KNEEL cottoneyej0e: IGNORED LUL Saganakicheese: KKona 7 them11ke: ESEs lampyy_: national anthem btw 4_Head_: LuL zootieX: 25 BTW watchmegetcuckdbymira1: lmao ghere_: OH MY GOD Zeekey: BOWL OF KNEES erwtilos: LUL kahunaburg3r: Bowlanese OMEGALUL zootieX: 25 BTW cant order BTW trivium159: BOWL AND A's Polarcloud: MOMS SPAGHETTI Ienjoitop: hahahhaha fylie: CS ItsMeChippy: BibleThump 7 django_unchained_: MOMS SPAGHETTI Illmind00: baiting donations bleen0710: LUL InnerHarmony: LUL Mfwautismo: πŸ”ͺ TriHard cheetodustcxx: BONE YOUR BITCH Ienjoitop: strum life KURTHZ: WOW Vitaceous: CAMGIRL BTW LUL Indym: Both Meg94: wow MEEHOYMIINOY: WOW iLucky12: wow Naytham: wow NewGuyTy: wow ll_irogue: wow MEYERN3: wow Coconutdt: WoW 100% KaxCZ: CS:GO zootieX: wow the_dingus: wow Aetax: wow SodapoppingFanBoy: Wow Steelkip: wow Evilbudda: 100% wow nilledj: Wow anonymous_cooperation: boobs Kermit_le_Frog: sad af lewis_s18: WOW profetengbg: WOW chickenFPS: wtf was tath tmqxd: WoW lampyy_: W OMEGALUL W Joep4441: BOTH LUL xOver9000: LUL FreezedDiamond: bro shes amazing blackmobile: cs ImAfricanJesus: wow x 100 Andrex7744: lol Trixylol: NOTHING IS DEAD STFU buzzmemullat0: LUL chirvsy: SCAMMED Berkoklu: sponsored btw Daurennn: LUL xonikee: "unbelievable" trivium159: %? secret_weeb: SCAMAZ WutFace Enjoibez: Mitchhhhhhhh SomboLoL: mitchP Mfwautismo: not gambling btw haHAA AnthonySo1337: %? Larza94: NICE HAIRSTYLE BUD Acolina87: HAHAAAHAHA tycezinha: %? conqoror: ok phantoml0rd AnthonySo1337: %?? kahunaburg3r: %?%?%?% Pewpewpewdot: LUL them11ke: LUL ItsMeChippy: SHE WANTS THE APE PogChamp AnthonySo1337: %?? voltickxd: %? ZarandumIMBA: CUCKED MangoI: TriHard 7 trivium159: Cx MemphoProdigyx: YOU LEAKED THE RESTAURANT YOU IDIOT Themessias1001: EXPOSED LUL Daurennn: Cx Japracaps: @Phrotohtv nice tits Kreygasm Chester342: when you think she's laughing at you BibleThump qtzie: Cx canuckabroad: LUL django_unchained_: Cx Saganakicheese: TriHard 7 Herbalhank: Cx fug1t: Cx Menza_: MOVE TO LA CamelBusBananaWomp: Cx julianlmao: 480p what kinda fucking scuffed stream is this buhyaka: @MitchJones zoom her boobies maybe :) cheetodustcxx: Cx Herbalhank: TriHard Cx MEEHOYMIINOY: OTHER WAY AROUND XxKoJi: jealous LuL Larza94: GO TO JAPAN !!!! b3ard13: Cx MEEHOYMIINOY: LuL KyosukeiRyuji: LOL watchmegetcuckdbymira1: LMFAO Randomjulio: TriHard Cx Squachtastic: horrible Spam_Cx: TriHard MaskedGnome: SCUFFED AF real_teamleaderna: RUN TO LA 0ffensive : LuL MemphoProdigyx: LEAKED RESTAURANT Myronlafleur: EAT WHAT LUL watchmegetcuckdbymira1: GET A FKING FADE FFS Larza94: IM MISSING U AND RECK TOGETHER :( Noctem_: monkaS Parasinus47: ok LuL boellehalm: ITS GOOD Astro_Bean: yo mitch looking good PogChamp MEEHOYMIINOY: haHAA alpha Mfwautismo: ZULUL VAVE 1 ZULUL j_daisley: CUT MORE frederik1723: IT LOOKS GOOD Vex4ge: CUT IT AGAIN dv8_savage: HITLER HAIR LUL 4_Head_: cut it watchmegetcuckdbymira1: CUT MORE AND FADE SomboLoL: CUT AGAIN j_daisley: CUT MOREEEEE Shagbrew: GO VIN DIESEL LUL high5guy: !shave it Saganakicheese: GET A BUZZCUT Larza94: GO TO JAPAN WITH RECK I MISS U GUYS :/ ItsMeChippy: Kappa shykes91: U for sure need it fixed how2max: its not bad, use some fucking hair paste shankslay: Jebaited frederik1723: LOOKS GOOD Myronlafleur: LUL Vayne0000: cut it frederik1723: ITS FINE MasomanUK: you look like a jispster but it works theguygaiden: BALD high5guy: shave it Nmplol: i'll donate 1k if mitch goes 1 full stream and doesnt mention his hair WasabiQT: LOOKS FINE MangoI: cmonBruh Mfwautismo: SHAVE IT OFF 😑 high5guy: just shave it aBlowfish: TOP WILL LOOK BETTER SHORTER MayorMB: cmonBruh high5guy: shave it sasauce321: dirty hands shykes91: cmonBruh Ienjoitop: hahahhaha Mfwautismo: HYPERBRUH junpeey3: cut more on top trivium159: cmonBruh Iucs9: WASH YOUR DIRTY HANDS crezzTV: @Nmplol +1 snoopdouggg: TOP DEF NEEDS TO BE SHORTER SlumpGhost: OOK OOK FEED ME TriHard lime678: @MitchJones Ask FAndy InnerHarmony: 🍌 dirtydaemons: look he looks malnourished, feed him Larza94: @nmplol cmonBruh chickenFPS: you did FailFish ghos7dog: 🍌 ElliotRodger___Cx: graphFGM graphFGM graphFGM graphFGM graphFGM graphFGM graphFGM SodapoppingFanBoy: LuL Mfwautismo: oooooooooooooooooook Suprachiasmatical: BEAKER @MitchJones Parasinus47: FOR ONE STREAM NOT THE REST OF THE STREAM ItsMeChippy: LUL SlumpGhost: YOU DID tentcow: LOL lv12paladin_btw: cmonBruh imthabeast: rip Wimpish: lol TheSkuggi: CUT IT an0therduck : what happens when nick wins LUL jaco6y: 🍌 Nightshadz: LUL warmsocks_: LuL InnerHarmony: 🍌 🍌 SomboLoL: ALREADY LOST Traktorqq: LOST LUL breadf1sh1: LMFAO InnerHarmony: 🍌 🍌 🍌 ll_irogue: lost already lmao sleikT: Lol Menza_: 30MIN STREAM INC pickleme7: nope LOST kayxo_tv: Lost ArthurLion: yes thelordhimselfxd: LOST. jeffs_mother: cmonBruh voltickxd: FAILED ALREADY an0therduck : she is a talk show host ??? AnthonySo1337: ELLEN DEJONES LUL ELLEN DEJONES LUL ELLEN DEJONES LUL DagOgNatt: YES ItsMeChippy: LOST Indym: ??????? Mfwautismo: ???????????????????????? MangoI: cmonBruh gr8_dank_m8: failed already LUL WasabiQT: LFMAO TheGambit787 : ????? Coconutdt: TRUE tentoes_down: yes STRAIGHTNUTTY: YES liontire: SHE MARKETS THE PEOPLE ON HER SHOW snoopdouggg: She was a actor SaltyBeren: LuL dudewitanattitude: Y E S Themessias1001: :thinking: Wazkyr: no Hunniche: LIKE YOU OMEGALUL qtzie: True Killstreeak: Tru Deadaspectz: Who's the big guy Juzek86: THATS EXPLOITING Kermit_le_Frog: its leeches all the way down an0therduck : ITS HER JOB ??? Logan76mv: mitch is reatarded amzkeh: Ellen btw Larza94: UR A LEECH TOO NotVanetti: LUL Gomary: U SO UGLY qvineamon: shes not famous for the talkshow idiot tycezinha: ?????????????????? Chaz1492: SHE'S DORY THOUGH Vex4ge: LUL n9man: its leeching LUL Sirkan95: LIKE YOU LUL SurfBrah: WHAT LOL BeWiseOpenEyes: Anyone here related to any celebrities γƒžγƒΌγ‚―γƒ³γƒˆ: OMEGALUL BALLSY01: Also 1k for not touching the glasses. GaryC_: Andre Drummond Ienjoitop: lol Trixylol: lmao MEEHOYMIINOY: OMEGALUL snoopdouggg: Andre Drummond qtzie: Wtf? thankyou693: ???????? SteveJohnsonMclark: Danquan DanoHeh: ????????????? jaco6y: ????? f00d0: miranda cosgrove n9man: Mitch have to interview regular people too. so you are similiar LUL lampyy_: jenette mccurdy ? monokitai: Paul Denino an0therduck : ANDRE DRUMMOND TriHard ImAfricanJesus: no jaco6y: ?????????? watchmegetcuckdbymira1: enza ItsMeChippy: SAM Ragnar___: ANDREW NIGMOND twofast2killm: Andre Drummond TriHard Racthoh: b-squad irl team LuL Aetax: petite white girl Cx NotVanetti: LMAO noControlDesu: Miranda Cosgrove Burstatily: disney channel and icarly? what Noctem_: Dr. Dre TriHard Astro_Bean: DISNEY? LMAO Vayne0000: DISNEY LUL snoopdouggg: It was on nick :( SlumpGhost: ANDRE DRUMMOND TriHard an0therduck : ANDRE DRUMMOND TriHard uber3verywhere: Andre Drummond tullius420: youre talking about someone differeant? PrincessRonaldReagan: The Brunette erwtilos: LUL LUL LUL LUL LUL Kripp_mod_me_plz: LUL Zeekey: NICOLE ALEXANDER jwussow989: Andre Drummond TriHard Ronsou: Andre Drummond ENNETTE MCCURDY SomboLoL: arent we all? Larza94: ANY 1 KNOW WHY HOWEH DELETED HIS RAPS BY MITCH? Drumm0nd: LUL' trivium159: LUL Chester342: ???????? ENGLISH? kahunaburg3r: ??????? RyzeLux: Jennette McCurdy GaryC_: ???????????????????????????? Kermit879: Jenette McCurdy liontire: JANETTE MCCURDY LudoVidya: salad FeelsKCHHHH snoopdouggg: JEANTUTSS mondaris: ANDRE DRUMMAND AND JANETTE MCURDY DansGame SlumpGhost: LMAO U SO DUMB thankyou693: LOL monokitai: MEGAN ? LUL Herbalhank: @Raariston what is that? Drumm0nd: DRUMMOND Chiefingtons: what an idiot MEEHOYMIINOY: Jennette McCurdy aBlowfish: I want a salad OpieOP Themessias1001: Jenette McCurdy ferrynice: no grorgon: drake and josh OMEGALUL Vitaceous: bored. davbs: yes Aerozep24: jenette Exstreamest: Miranda Cosgrove NotVanetti: ARIANA CARLY LUL Ienjoitop: hahahhaha monokitai: HUG ME BROTHER snipersaito: boring jeffs_mother: Janette Prodeus132: Jennette McCurdy chrisslol: nice hair Jebaited Polarcloud: Ashley Tisdale? cheetodustcxx: good TORTUGA__: mediocre day alrealre: ice callers INC Witlesswarrior7: Jennette McCurdy Fnatic5play: GOOD TriHard Moneus: jennette McCurdy SlumpGhost: THANKSGIVING IN CANADA TriHard ItsMeChippy: No FeelsBadMan mondaris: BAITING DONATIONS WITH QUESTIONS LuL Methayyne: i like the new haircut Carpetscrub: easy44444: Ape likes salad v__e__k: k Tanonn: DANK LUL SomboLoL: Gorilla manners Zeekey: NICOLE ALEXANDER Imjustheretofap: Rosie O'Donnell? Roho000: SUN DRIED TOMATO BUTTER Noctem_: LUL masterpce: u better tip this guy afterwards ludda1: LuL WorsTToMention: LUL NotVanetti: LMAO Soda_love_you_KappaPride: THICCS aBlowfish: good ass waiter wumbotastic: Janette McCurdy jedicontrol: LUL an0therduck : ANDRE DRUMMOND TriHard BlastomaHD: LUL MEEHOYMIINOY: JENNETTE MCCURDY FFS HyperAdam05: Jenette McCurdy Nskav: JENETTE MCCURDY Darthzilla13: how about demi levato?? rushmeplsnow: nice chick mamzylul: Jennete McCurdy we've been saying it for 3min fsgpubstomper: it wasnt her tho curedubs: Jennette McCurdy MangoI: ANDRE DRUMMOND TriHard Speedyman08: read the fucking chat Ienjoitop: lets get to the bottom of this Kermit879: Jennette McCurdy! TORTUGA__: janette mccrudy qtzie: Jennette McCurdy Prodeus132: Jennette McCurdy DefiantSou2: has straw, still drinks from cup trivium159: cmonBruh crocstop: GIRL HOT cfgh34: PRERECORDED jedicontrol: LOL sasauce321: Jennette McCurdy monokitai: cmonBruh Theonemanny: 😑 go ape on her ass Ronsou: Andre Drummon CvyL: Nmplol: EAT FANDYS ASS OR I'M OUTTA HERE PogChamp Pisquared: 2014 LUL jedicontrol: BBC lime678: @Nmplol haHAA helloboat: JEN ETT MCURDY iLLYANG_AlphaGangg: It wasn't her in that meme NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis Noctem_: CHUI TRYNA SAY DAWG cmonBruh Da_Poe_Boy: WutFace twofast2killm: Andre Drummond is the guy gvbuy: um ludda1: LuL Mfwautismo: BURN THE COAL TriHard mrnoobplayer: @Nmplol I WEAR NICKERS TriHard lv12paladin_btw: TriHard ricintv: SELENA GOMEZ EveryoneDiesAlone: Jake paul secret_weeb: PedoBear Magrelo12: TriHard Hydange : lmfao Pezcore68: lol mondaris: MILEY CYRUS PedoBear ozzyoo: SELENA GOMEZ them11ke: amanda Saganakicheese: Disney LUL Xyptern1: TriHard fsgpubstomper: LOL kahunaburg3r: TriHard B L A C K E D Ienjoitop: jesus iLucky12: LuL 0__l: HOW DOES THAT FIT Jebaited cheetodustcxx: selena gomez Dovetail1: TriHard Big4Hed: ariana grande McCain98: Selena Gomez THICCJAWNS: LUL chrisslol: "lebron james" LuL DarkRiveeR: victoria justice TipsyMcMegaPlum: Selena Gomez eMCaLiBeR: Miley Cyrus burning91: BLACKED TriHard Tobbs941: Hillary duff for sure snipersaito: BLACKED KrymsonSkyz: Demi Lovato is ufly as fuck CristiYellow: SMAL D LUL real_teamleaderna: SHACKS WIFE IS NOT THAT SMALL WOMEN ricintv: BLACKED.COM franciscog30: LUL lem_on: BLACKED TriHard MEEHOYMIINOY: SHE THICC AF jenu2959: pedobear THICCJAWNS: LOL Vitaceous: RABBIT FOOD LUL naisu_ow: demi is bae them11ke: hillary duff Pezcore68: FeelsKCHHHH NotVanetti: ???????????????? Xyptern1: WutFace Noctem_: KappaPride tsquaredx: average size dick Larza94: SMALL DICK HE TOOK STEREOIDS Howtoad: one upper btw losooooooo: @MitchJones tell tyler that i have a fetish on him and im a man them11ke: duff <3 Chiefingtons: duff with the caaaaakeeeee VitaminCereal: Selena has nothing on vennesa's Hudgens Da_Poe_Boy: <3 f00d0: HAHAHAHHAHA chickenFPS: LUL Picsaul: HE KNOWS THE SONG LMFAP mrnoobplayer: there is a straw for a reason FailFish jaco6y: I haven't heard your name in so long... KyosukeiRyuji: LOL Whxspxr: she is a milf. J0elN: MIDGET BigBrother Traktorqq: LITERALLY A PEDO LuL Nmplol: @Theonemanny go save FANDY Xyptern1: BBC TriHard anonr3vy: SHE T H I C C JustinGamez: lol DarcyTheKid: how dare you snipersaito: BLACKED MayorMB: monkaS aBlowfish: LUL lampyy_: OMEGALUL SteveJohnsonMclark: LUL BLACKED TriHard Myronlafleur: LMAO WTF DanoHeh: LuL ItsMeChippy: monkaS NotVanetti: BigBrother qtzie: LUL Wingsonmeth: BIG SHAQ TriHard dasmoo62: PUMPKIN FROM FLAVOR OF LOVE LuL IFBANIVINZULUL: BigBrother Clap Ragnar___: AY, LEAVE TYLUH ALONE :rage: ludda1: Once you go TriHard We don't want you back Larza94: HE TOOK STEREOIDS HE HAVE SMALL DICK ogturbojohnson: LUL BLACKED BlastomaHD: BigBrother ltsbreeze: SHITTED TriHard SHITTED TriHard qtzie: BigBrother 0__l: BigBrother Whxspxr: big shaq, skraaaa tentcow: LOL django_unchained_: BigBrother PrincessRonaldReagan: LUL radionjoy: LUL RNGesuus: OMEGALUL ricintv: AFTER TWITCH CON RyzeLux: #FREETYLER1 RNGesuus: LUL bantu88: after twitchcon snazzer420: Greek 0__l: AFTER TWITCHCON Xyptern1: GREEK IS WITH ICE TriHard Cx dragonsvk8: after twitchcon WorsTToMention: SHE IS TALLER THAN MMCRUDY tentcow: HOMUNCULUS BigBrother KyosukeiRyuji: he goes back the day after twitchcon 0__l: AFTER THE 31ST Gomary: STOP TALK FFS Pezcore68: tyler1Chair tyler1Chair tyler1Chair jedicontrol: He's staying v__e__k: he's in LA for 3 more weeks Herbalhank: TriHard 7 keeohd9494: KKona biocab: 24 MORE DAYS TILL HE LEAVES KazeYuu: LuL Indym: cmonBruhh mamzylul: LUL 0__l: LuL Mistbeaver: LIL OBTU: greekTilt aBlowfish: thank waiter Taake666: nice fat shaming 0__l: FeelsBadMan LuL Taake666: :z Picsaul: LuL qtzie: Rude DansGame Evilbudda: dick IFBANIVINZULUL: OpieOP Kermit879: asshole Da_Poe_Boy: sneak diss Laypack: !uptime Herbalhank: SNEAK DISS LUL Indym: Thats not nice 😑 secret_weeb: BAD MITCHIE LUL Imjustheretofap: Back for a half hour maybe Pezcore68: wait, greeks fat ??!! King_Keelan: nice hair :) aBlowfish: bully as mf LUL MEEHOYMIINOY: MITCH YOUR HAIR browninthesky: TriHard Speedyman08: @Fandy TriHard MEEHOYMIINOY: YOUR HAIR MITCH RyzeLux: he wont sleep on that anyway LUL abinator7: @fandy say what cmonBruh AnthonySo1337: GERNADE CamelBusBananaWomp: cmonBruh @Fandy Soda_love_you_KappaPride: KappaPride notice_me_OpieOP: @Fandy cmonBruh King_Keelan: lookin smart :) Crunch1212: S U C C Indym: Grenades celeLUL trivium159: I MEMBER FeelsGoodMan Dovetail1: LMAOO losooooooo: ANDRE THE GIANT PogChamp browninthesky: SAY IT TriHard NotVanetti: LUL Aetax: grenade monkaS Nightshadz: GRENADES ludda1: FailFish Djray454: broken record ItsMeChippy: Anele Shrivel: can we say brokenπŸ’”record erwtilos: LUL LUL LUL LUL Moneus: GRENADES 4_Head_: @Fandy say it TriHard Theonemanny: 😑 give the woman a breadstick M3H4: LUL shykes91: Lmao ItsMeChippy: D: IFBANIVINZULUL: who's the big boned guy ? VonTawast: @sodapoppin sodaW Vex4ge: SODA PogChamp Witlesswarrior7: SODA Whitesthands: soda!!!! hunkeymonkey123: POON radionjoy: LUL SykaPlyat: @sodapoppin clintHey 4_Head_: @sodapoppin HeyGuys nothingheresir: @sodapoppin PogChamp IamAdamP: sodaPT Picsaul: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA smaugiee: SODA CRIES ALOT browninthesky: @sodapoppin how r u still awake??? dollategn: LUL cheesleychester: LOL NAUGHTIER: @sodapoppin Roho000: @sodapoppin haHAA Vex4ge: PINK TWINK PogChamp AnthonySo1337: SODAPOPPINNNN BazzieNL: @sodapoppin HeyGuys MyAnacondaDOPE: @sodapoppin PINK TWINK an0therduck : HODOR BibleThump twofast2killm: @sodapoppin how's Japan KonCha Renzir: @sodapoppin hi trivium159: OpieOP ZarandumIMBA: sodaW sodaC sodaS KazeYuu: HODOR secret_weeb: CHUNK PogChamp Picsaul: @sodapoppin PogChamp // kahunaburg3r: DIKE JONES OMEGALUL ludda1: 😑 django_unchained_: @sodapoppin TriHard / Siryjak: @sodapoppin sodaL ChillaxMusic: Go to bed soda Ragnar___: @sodapoppin NotVanetti: SODAPOPPIN LUL voltickxd: sodaW Aquagasm: gachiBASS Speedyman08: IN JAPAN BTW haHAA 0__l: PogChamp ZDub95: truuuuuuu Theonemanny: gachiGASM 0__l: LuL IFBANIVINZULUL: S OMEGALUL D A P OMEGALUL P P IN Casdjin: sodapoppin: u look a million times better no joke. Vex4ge: JAPAN BTW haHAA Clap 0__l: LuL LuL namibi: @sodapoppin 5 AM LuL Mahokijin: HeyGuys Drunkpoppin Larza94: @sodapoppin get this boy to japan pls Rejoiner: u look a million times better no joke. fsgpubstomper: lmaooo Vaca10034: LUL KURTHZ: @sodapoppin did not sleep yet? zoticxx: @sodapoppin PogChamp Zakkyu: Moderatorsodapoppin: u look a million times better no joke. trivium159: gachiBASS Bodarian: LUL SurfBrah: sodapoppin: u look a million times better no joke. . zootieX: drunk SODA LUL shykes91: @sodapoppin LUL SurfBrah: sodapoppin: u look a million times better no joke. notice_me_OpieOP: dansgameboys snazzer420: LUL Domstermonster: @sodapoppin KappaPride? FrinkerZ: @delz0rr Ditch has been live for 1 hour and 23 minutes. jake_gyllenballs: @sodapoppin he's gone lol Naytham: i member an0therduck : LUL lCLipZ: LUL sodapoppin: only problem is when u look like that u gotta talk smart snd shit Ragnar___: LUL Newname_5: @sodapoppin 2 shots LUL Siryjak: LuL semyon0: @sodapoppin my shot now TriHard Volleychris2906: @sodapoppin Are you still awake man? Ludefice: @sodapoppin watching so reck can touch himself to mitch Kappa Bigkilla456: LuL NotVanetti: LUL Larza94: GO TO JAPAN WITH SODA CornyD: ???? NyZtan0: ALPHA PogChamp zootieX: LUL 0__l: @sodapoppin like that is possible LuL shakmanne: LUL aBlowfish: LUL canuckabroad: LUL dicapriyo: cmonBruh bantu88: say it TriHard Theonemanny: Say it out loud TriHard tmanrocks999: @sodapoppin TriHard ofarrow: APE GANG skwuahd: TriHard GAYNG Waassaabbii: @sodapoppin :O PlebsHasFeelings: @sodapoppin so the exact opposite of you? LUL eMCaLiBeR: @sodapoppin THE GOAT OF STREAMING SODA! Listenbub: APE GANG Taake666: rape gang TriHard LinK99191: @sodapoppin Psychiclel: ape gang bro Ienjoitop: ape lord Sleezyfbaby: RAPE GANG shykes91: TriHard Dovetail1: TriHard ape jones 4_Head_: @sodapoppin eat RINS ASS 😑 poisoned_blueberry: APE GANG TriHard SQUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD SoapApra: Cx VonTawast: RAPE GANG TriHard notice_me_OpieOP: GANG GANG TriHard Saganakicheese: TriHard 7 Taake666: gang ape ANELE FCKING_TRIHARD: OhMyDog soapyOP: Wowee TheHonorBrigade: APE TriHard sipsfromthebong: @sodapoppin didnt get your fix of autism in japan? jake_gyllenballs: @sodapoppin ape gang! Avoid that guy Triharc losooooooo: ANDRE THE GIANT PogChamp Bobbycuto: lol ItsMeChippy: 180 GANG TriHard trivium159: Wowee SaltyBeren: APE IS GONE FUCK YOU ASS crispndry87: VapeNation APE VapenNation NAYSH VapeNation Xymos: !logs sodapoppin Theonemanny: haHAA Zakkyu: 1k challenge failed LuL wtfwhydoiplaywow: its nmp on sodas account baiting you to tlak about hair OMEGALUL Indym: LLuL notice_me_OpieOP: GANG SHIT TriHard erwtilos: LUL LUL LUL crispndry87: VapeNation APE VapeNation NAYSH VapeNation ogturbojohnson: LUL WOW Myronlafleur: LUL fsgpubstomper: OMEGALUL Pezcore68: lol oxitofin: OMEGALUL Spart0n: LuL Norrik: LUL tycezinha: LUL Bigkilla456: LuL Kn1ghtm4rez: LUL Sleezyfbaby: lol Ienjoitop: leaked Rulik0: LUL browninthesky: LuL Bigkilla456: LOL Tynpx: LUL Pewpewpewdot: LUL WodenGames: LUL dv8_savage: LuL jedicontrol: LUL LUL Liquidasss: I MEMBER LUL Viewerzz: LUL jedicontrol: LUL LUL LUL LUL LUL Pisquared: LEAKED buzzmemullat0: LMAO sasauce321: lul jedicontrol: LUL LUL LUL LUL WtfaLobster: LuL shykes91: hahahahahaha Sleezyfbaby: lol PelicanRockin: :tf: :tf: Renzir: LUL Waassaabbii: HAHAHAAH Whxspxr: thats troll af. real_teamleaderna: 4 reworm: Hahahah Latepoppins: LMAO crispndry87: OMEGALUL ValidK: LuL MangoI: LUL WLP_ : OMEGALUL PelicanRockin: :tf: them11ke: lmfao Moneus: LUL Indym: celeLUL bzkrpanda: thats vandalism sophisticatedgaming291a11: LOL Norrik: :tf: kahunaburg3r: monkaS watchmegetcuckdbymira1: me cuckoldwhiteknight: say it TriHard Laypack: monkaS SirHaaze: mitchLul ButterflyMornings: FailFish IamAdamP: thats fucked up Khray: monkas Orichienal: mitchRat RC_2: πŸ€ VentiWhiteMocha: STOP RUINING YOUR HAIR Chokie97: POEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE JBtwitchtv: IT IS WHAT IT IS 0__l: cmonBruh γƒžγƒΌγ‚―γƒ³γƒˆ: NA TEETH Bodarian: DOG LOOKIN ASS Killstreeak: @mitchjones Would u fuck Kaceytron Sleezyfbaby: DOG LOOKING ASS nothingheresir: Wowee Theonemanny: SHAVE IT OhMyDog qtzie: LUL jedicontrol: LOL Picsaul: GET EM BOYS PelicanRockin: Kreygasm XxKoJi: SCUFFED Ienjoitop: hipster restuarnt retgektm8: theonecucked KlienLL: @Theonemanny PogChamp beta_sausage_fest: ITS A COMBOVER. It reeks of insecurity. buzz it potatosheepXD: @Theonemanny nice hair line LUL Kn1ghtm4rez: OpieOP IFBANIVINZULUL: CHICKEN TriHard losooooooo: ANDRE THE GIANT PogChamp ButterflyMornings: D: H WORD Da_Poe_Boy: @Nmplol cmonBruh ButterflyMornings: KKona Themessias1001: @Nmplol lost the bet talked about hair FCKING_TRIHARD: wait Vex4ge: monkaS ButterflyMornings: YALL KKona crispndry87: KKona Aquagasm: @Nmplol cmonBruh t3official: YALL ghos7dog: yall KKona Horler98: cmonBruh keeohd9494: KKona SaltyBeren: APE IS GONE FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hunkeymonkey123: pink twnk PraiaMeco: pepsi :puke: ludda1: @Nmplol cmonBruh PutMeInCoachPls: @Nmplol sup my knickers TriHard nothingheresir: TriHard Krayder: cut ur mop plz Zakkyu: h word lul Vetras92: Y'ALL Kkona GashedGuts: FeelsBadMan J0elN: Y'all watchmegetcuckdbymira1: y'all'd've'f'ld've KKona 4_Head_: rly ? Feaxes: Tip him later pls SteveJohnsonMclark: LUL GROW THE FUCK UP Blast_FX: ellen degeneres hair cut 4_Head_: ah never mind nothingheresir: Knickerbocker hotel Cx TriHard losooooooo: ANDRE THE GIANT PogChamp snazzer420: MEAT Traktorqq: KKona MY CAR NOW YOINK semyon0: EAT TriHard CHICKEN ogturbojohnson: DansGame immortalxl: WHAT HAPPENED TO CDEW? Saganakicheese: "How do I eat" Kn1ghtm4rez: OpieOP django_unchained_: KKona 7 GARY JONES NotVanetti: HOW DO I EAT LUL King_Keelan: ? Fnuxti: nmplol bitch TheHonorBrigade: TriHard EAT Dan_Gugly: tyler1BB tyler1BB tyler1BB tyler1BB tyler1BB tyler1BB Larza94: HOW DO I EAT LUL poisoned_blueberry: cmonBruh jaco6y: "We got some beef, he wouldn't pay my 8 grand in tolls" Ergalosyr: eating monkaS J0elN: APE GANG TriHard YourBlues: BigBrother VisualRyuu: OpieOP EATING SALAD NElN11: sitting mitch deepspace9000: IS THAT CHICKEN TriHard Marrin505: rip 1k Ienjoitop: life coaching mitch Ergalosyr: TOO MUCH monkaS notice_me_OpieOP: GANG SHIT cmonBruh ZeroGravittyy: RAT EATING LuL MEEHOYMIINOY: he's been here with his gf... ex FeelsBadMan easy44444: Learning to eat zootieX: FAILED 1K CHALLENGE LUL FAILED 1K CHALLENGE LUL FAILED 1K CHALLENGE LUL them11ke: bet lost Bohdangerous: rip 1k zootieX: FAILED 1K CHALLENGE LUL FAILED 1K CHALLENGE LUL zhirro: @QUOTE_ME_IF_ACTUAL_LESBIAN fsgpubstomper: bet lost ButterflyMornings: cmonBruh YuraniTV: TriHard wythenshawe_eusebio: nmplol xd Metroboominx: TriHard ? fsgpubstomper: rip 1k PeacefulANELE: Im_a_mod_in_other_channel: HYPERBRUH SzGamerr: RIP 1k GusseTheBeast: Nmplol: bet = LOST Roeltjaa: HOL UP cmonBruh ☝ Suprachiasmatical: elmar fudd Logan76mv: cmonBruh lv12paladin_btw: DansGame NMPfan: 🐷 CamelBusBananaWomp: cmonBruh A WHAT COSTUME? fsgpubstomper: hahhhaha nmp watchmegetcuckdbymira1: OMEGALUL YuraniTV: TriHard Cx Metroboominx: TriHard ?? 21chromez: @nmplol LUL MurlocHunterMVP: OpieOP MangoI: cmonBruh ??? biomechanoidd: ELMERFUDD ISNT THE RABBIT YOU IDIOTS 4_Head_: @Nmplol same maraws: TriHard Metroboominx: TriHard ? Darthzilla13: why is the ape pretending he needs to dress up to be an ape??? crispndry87: APE NATION VapeNation immortalxl: TriHard cmonBrug SlumpGhost: ELMER FUDD VitaminCereal: MITCH AS A BANANA Im_a_mod_in_other_channel: HUNTING THE APE? HYPERBRUH twofast2killm: cmonBruh neistopegejomfru: cmonBruh Parasinus47: WHY IS THAT cmonBruh Shagbrew: Harambe BibleThump ACViperPRO: cmonBruh / RACIST THICCJAWNS: do it Bodarian: ?? EveryoneDiesAlone: Lana is bae elcozil: cmonBruh triiifinityproject: asmonGASM asmonGASM asmonGASM asmonGASM asmonGASM asmonGASM asmonGASM dikmike: Harambe RyzeLux: TriHard drstiffy: mannys irrelevent ass ErraProxy : this isnt youtube cameraman J0elN: t 4_Head_: 7k ? SurfBrah: SCAM OG Myronlafleur: LUL Edisaso: Gonna get shot KKona TheHonorBrigade: TriHard EAST Ienjoitop: dammit makes me want pasta King_Keelan: cmonBruh Metroboominx: TriHard ? Pisquared: cmonBruh OLDpeculiar21: view bot LuL Im_a_mod_in_other_channel: HYPERBRUH Wazkyr: casually "yeah properly" scary shit DansGame MangoI: cmonBruh ??? trivium159: cmonBruh EveryoneDiesAlone: asmonL 21chromez: cmonBruh pleb_____: asmongold? LUL abinator7: cmonBruh huddle12: cmonBruh cmonBruh cmonBruh OBTU: cmonBruh tentcow: cmonBruh browninthesky: cmonBruh SykaPlyat: cmonBruh MEEHOYMIINOY: HYPERBRUH ☝ steven_senegal: nymnHands nymnGun TheHonorBrigade: TriHard BLACK Roeltjaa: NOW HOL UP JUST A MINUTE cmonBruh shykes91: cmonBruh Triksenlol: Yo whatchu mean abinator7: cmonBruh ☝️ cheesleychester: ?????????????? Aquagasm: ENABLER cmonBruh Crvnky: cmonBruh fsgpubstomper: cmonBruh hol up them11ke: cmonBruh villain Myronlafleur: LUL lv12paladin_btw: cmonBruh Shagbrew: ??????????????????????????? browninthesky: ??? CHEATTZ: cmonBruh ☝ zootieX: GET FANDY REAL FOOD 😑 GET FANDY REAL FOOD 😑 😑 Myronlafleur: ???????????? Bek_HS: say what Cmonbruh RC_2: wtf Indym: TriHard hakim096: ?????????????????????????????? n9man: YES 2017 is fucked up Metroboominx: TriHard Pisquared: NO BALLS matthewsrage: cmonBruh chusay fidd1: cmonBruh HOL UP brooch_fan: cmonBruh imnotdonald: cmonBruh cmonBruh cmonBruh mentalreset: πŸ€“ Sleezyfbaby: lol Dollar2001: cmonBruh erwtilos: TriHard ludda1: cmonBruh ??????? kahunaburg3r: cmonBruh IFBANIVINZULUL: WTF cmonBruh wonkd: 3 curedubs: LOL Ergalosyr: 3 ? LUL steven_senegal: nymnHands nymnGun Picsaul: LOOOOOOOOOOOOL deepinthots: TriHard THICCJAWNS: ??????????? Myronlafleur: WORLD WAR 3 LUL Vyrken: HYPERBRUH ofarrow: WW3? Say_Tin: for Halloween retard an0therduck : mitchA abinator7: Nick? SoBayed lampyy_: HYPERBRUH SAYS WHO ? Erixp: ww3 LUL Logan76mv: ww3 monkaS TheManWithNoName123: WW3 lime678: KKona :gun: TriHard Crvnky: FeelsBadMan REBELLlOUS: didnt say TY qtzie: Nick zzKupo: ??????????????? Larza94: cmonBruh Xyptern1: TriHard xueet: YALLLLL Meg94: LuL kappapotapac: KKona yall ludda1: NO BIGGIE LuL lampyy_: cmonBruh dont say it xcr_: nick called out jedicontrol: Kkona Ergalosyr: HES GOING TO YELL IT TriHard ghos7dog: KKona πŸ”« cmonBruh lime678: WW3 ? Adventurously: @halcyonj WHAT IS A JOKE? haHAA retard Freakafond: @Nmplol yo you banned me in ur chat 3 years ago. I swear I changed Kappa ogturbojohnson: GET NEW SHOES Crvnky: GIMME GIMME TriHard soundofs: my cum also taste really good playdanksouls: asmonM Ergalosyr: he hosted you 21chromez: @nmplol TriHard DO IT OR NO BALLS FlippinChipz: TriHard Renzir: GO VISIT THEM @Nmplol Oro_Senpai: @Nmplol Do IT LuL Whxspxr: its good Y'all Kkona wutangforev: pick your nose at the table DansGame MomoMonies: Follow black nicker TriHard maraws: ASMON Triksenlol: @mitchjones Holy shit mitch you dont look 12 nice hair punkey: ASMONGOLD HOSTED YOU playdanksouls: asmonL Oredon: AYEEEEE ikonvect: asmonL fsgpubstomper: HE SAID IT tentcow: greekHa ikonvect: asmonW punkey: ASMONGOLD HOSTED YOU, Burstatily: asmonLove IFBANIVINZULUL: he said it OMEGALUL Nskav: asmon: xPILLZx: TriHard Metroboominx: \TriHard 7 Swankboi: forsenS Nskav: asmonL Metroboominx: TriHard 7 Phizler_Inc: KKona Schoolist: TriHard TriHard TriHard TriHard TriHard TriHard TriHard TriHard chirvsy: celeWat IFBANIVINZULUL: TriHard playdanksouls: asmonL asmonL asmonL asmonL asmonL asmonL ι»‘εœŸθ±† : asmonD Rzxr: ICE MADE U TriHard ChillaxMusic: amiloCallers Metroboominx: TriHard 7 aBlowfish: TriHard Steelkip: TriHard xkoopa69: gggBad NewGuyTy: OSsloth Schoolist: TriHard TriHard TriHard TriHard TriHard TriHard TriHard TriHard IFBANIVINZULUL: TriHard lampyy_: tyler1B1 TriHard tyler1B2 Larza94: TriHard qtzie: TriHard TriHard TriHard Ergalosyr: OSsloth OSsloth OSsloth OSsloth OSsloth OSsloth datdudedallas: shroud4Head shroud4Head shroud4Head shroud4Head shroud4Head lampyy_: tyler1B1 TriHard tyler1B2 YUH YUH Ienjoitop: hahahha ogturbojohnson: LUL Domstermonster: Cx emptygesh2: like u NickJSCS: Like you? LuL iLucky12: tyler1H1 tyler1H2 Djray454: LIKE YOU ludda1: <3 FCKING_TRIHARD: TriHard 7 TriHard 7 TriHard 7 TriHard 7 TriHard 7 TriHard 7 Kn1ghtm4rez: TriHard TriHard TriHard TriHard Dovetail1: asmonL ty ChickenDipper123: TriHard punkey: 7 k VIEWERS BTW, LogiiX_EU: <3 soundofs: KappaPride dollategn: BlessRNG asmon the fucking home mecabeat: cpaxLove django_unchained_: <3 MEEHOYMIINOY: DansGame arminsltu: <3 manofthedank: <3 Skratch480: <3 eMCaLiBeR: <3 Newname_5: LUL xxxexile: HUMBLE NotVanetti: LUL reworm: <3 Sleezyfbaby: LOL bantu88: OMEGALUL Broboring: <3 asmin <3 IFBANIVINZULUL: MY SHIRT NOW TriHard FreezedDiamond: MALIKA YOU BOOSTED ANIMAL SwiftRage Gomary: EAT LIKE CHILD Nid_Cx: MINE MathDK21381: NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis Shiny127: cant even eat Ergalosyr: cmonBruh Hudyn123: dankquanMelon dankquanBiHard dankquanBhicken Full_Auto_77: TriHard xPILLZx: TriHard TriHard TriHard TriHard TriHard TriHard TriHard Metroboominx: TriHard ChickenDipper123: Kreygasm Zeekey: cmonBruh cuckoldwhiteknight: TriHard Shinobixxx: LUL punkey: TriHard TriHard TriHard TriHard TriHard LUL kappapotapac: TriHard Pewpewpewdot: LUL datdudedallas: shroudW shroudW shroudW shroudW shroudW shroudW shroudW shroudW shroudW twofast2killm: Bad mitchie RNGesuus: LUL soundofs: TriHard B L A C K E D deepspace9000: ICE MADE YOU TriHard Laypack: TriHard B L A C K TriHard Swisherrx: Your hair punkey: TriHard TriHard TriHard TriHard TriHard TriHard TriHard MEEHOYMIINOY: Clap erwtilos: MANCHILD Ienjoitop: thanks dad IFBANIVINZULUL: APE GANG vocalist5: WHO'S THE GRILL realm2nine: lol Ienjoitop: andre the giant xRich_Rich: IS that boogie behind you Knightrain: TriHard Clap jaco6y: 25 year old Fucking child kahunaburg3r: tip4 tip1 MEEHOYMIINOY: LOL mackave: cmonBruh 0__l: LuL Roeltjaa: ANDRE THE GIANT OMEGALUL WoWMarketeer: TIP THE WAITER ALL THE DONATIONS YOU MAKE WHILE YOURE EATING iEvenLift: LUL Rzxr: LUL RyzeLux: SMOrc iLucky12: LUL Saganakicheese: LUL lv12paladin_btw: LuL smaugiee: LUL FlippinChipz: @an0therduck MY NIPPLES ARE SO HARD TriHard iEvenLift: LUL LUL rgbv: HGH LUL Ienjoitop: crying lol smithyboy287: LuL leto_at: FeelsBadMan aBlowfish: LUL f00d0: ANDRE THE GIANT LazyBunnyCx: LUL 0__l: FeelsBadMan NO BULLY Sleezyfbaby: FeelsBadMan burning91: FeelsBadMan ikonvect: LuL SteveJohnsonMclark: HGH LIFE LUL PrincessRonaldReagan: LUL holy shit cant unseen now Intensive_RN: triggered raekanlol: OpieOP lceBear_EUW: FeelsBadMan Hudyn123: dankquanMelon dankquanBiHard dankquanBhicken NewGuyTy: FeelsBadMan 0__l: FeelsBadMan ANDRE TRIGGERED xkoopa69: LuL aBlowfish: FeelsBadMan Ienjoitop: that zoom f00d0: SHES MARRIED?> deepspace9000: Kreygasm ludda1: gachiBASS YQQDRASlL: Kreygasm Ienjoitop: pressure kahunaburg3r: tip2 lceBear_EUW: DansGame alexwa_: FAT MIRA LuL Whxspxr: MOUNT APE MORE LOOKIN HEAD ASS ludda1: LuL King_Keelan: DansGame wKRY: LOL real_teamleaderna: LIL zootieX: Kreygasm IFBANIVINZULUL: HYPERBRUH Logan76mv: gachiBASS erwtilos: LUL kahunaburg3r: tip1 ikonvect: aaaaaaah Larza94: Kreygasm Ienjoitop: andre the giant tentoes_down: LuL boellehalm: A PEPSI????????? Khray: LUL 0__l: SCUFFED KITTYPLAYSGAMES OMEGALUL Pewpewpewdot: LUL CHEATTZ: PEPSI LUL Kn1ghtm4rez: DatSheffy buzzmemullat0: LUL RC_2: Wowee FlippinChipz: FUCK ME DADDY real_teamleaderna: Soda has health insurance thats how Ahdharr: APE ESCAPE Ienjoitop: 500 of those LiciousOG: ITS A FUCKING PEPSI.. Larza94: PEPSI LUL Laypack: LuL punkey: SONYD COSPLAY erwtilos: @real_teamleaderna LUL LUL LUL LUL LUL TheHonorBrigade: TriHard CHICKEN twofast2killm: It's a Pepsi LUL Calypso4cro: 1 cock gachiGASM MrPenta: those shits Ienjoitop: they did take our spicy nuggets from wendys チーズ: ape ResidentSleeper FlippinChipz: VEGGIES LUL Logan76mv: chicken tendies LUL 0__l: NO kdub2190: vegetables FeelsGoodMan Metroboominx: LuL ogturbojohnson: LUL fsgpubstomper: lmao Lemons3_14: Kappa 123 aBlowfish: no way LUL Meg94: LUL reydedark: OMEGALUL arminsltu: LUL 0__l: LuL Drumm0nd: LUL contemporan: other guy already finished LUL SteveJohnsonMclark: LUL bleen0710: LUL boellehalm: LUL Viewerzz: LUL Khray: LUL King_Keelan: LuL steven_senegal: tru manofthedank: LUL watchmegetcuckdbymira1: LUL King_Keelan: LUL Ergalosyr: REAL ogturbojohnson: LUL tentoes_down: real iLucky12: LuL Pewpewpewdot: LUL kdub2190: tyler1HA phanDAR: emo hair gone PogChamp kiosugii: 4Head MathDK21381: asmonW asmonW asmonW AspenNorth: VIN DIESEL Trixylol: asmond 4 lyfe Nmplol: press 1 if you want a 30 sec commercial Strandz: haHAA ogturbojohnson: nice one mitch haHAA tentoes_down: 2 wKRY: LUL DarkRiveeR: 1 Flaming_Shirukn: 1 spoydr: 1. KURTHZ: 1 Meg94: 11111 FelPotato: 1 aBlowfish: 1 ValidK: LuL MrKolers: 1 Ienjoitop: bill nye is not even a scientist mamzylul: 111 opjordan_: 1 ItsMeChippy: 1 eKoyz: LuL NotVanetti: LUL Collekt: LOL WoWMarketeer: 1 mamzylul: 11 jayhuang123: mitosis Metroboominx: ???????????? punkey: 1 Shiviee: osmosis jones forsenhasahardon: 1 NotVanetti: LMAOO Raburn: OSMOSIS JONES LUL Newname_5: LUL ValidK: ??????? dansgameboys: Water filtration mamzylul: 1 notice_me_OpieOP: BILL THE PROPAGANDA GUY LUL AnthonySo1337: LUL Sprskimacak: 1. Gleucks: ??????????????? NotVanetti: OSMOSIS JONES BTW LUL WtfaLobster: ??????????????????????? poisoned_blueberry: ?????????????????????? Gleucks: ????????????????????????? 0__l: Kaiochi cuck u boellehalm: ????????????????? jaco6y: ??? MayorMB: ???????? dudewitanattitude: In a world MEEHOYMIINOY: tyler1IQ ??? reydedark: @nmplol, sneakers TriHard KingAxzel: OpieOP Ergalosyr: ??????????? kyle__ww: no chirvsy: DansGame Chester342: haHAA TheFlameEd: D: IFBANIVINZULUL: FeelsAmazingMan nothingheresir: disgusting DansGame p0larcsgo: looks good as fuck honestly Tha_Riddler: LUL hair jayhuang123: DansGame froostiee: Sick glasses bro! janitory: FeelsAmazingMan lv12paladin_btw: THE POINT IS OpieOP 0__l: Kaiochi ignored me in Dusty's chat Skratch480: FeelsAmazingMan RyzeLux: Kreygasm zootieX: GET FANDY REAL FOOD 😑 GET FANDY REAL FOOD 😑 GET FANDY REAL FOOD 😑 them11ke: yes Knightrain: mhmhhhhm Ienjoitop: hipster jones Kaiochi: 0__l no FeelsBadMan BeardMonkeyQc: Kreygasm Listenbub: what did they do to your hair? nothingheresir: Looks like hes eating in the garden center in walmart LuL d0mr: gachiGASM Ienjoitop: lil beef lil cheese here Kn1ghtm4rez: gimme gimme OpieOP alphaasfuak: ADS SneezelPWNS: LUL ADD Bohdangerous: rip 1k ToEden: ADS DansGame 0__l: Kaiochi FeelsBirthdayMan its ok i forgive u MEEHOYMIINOY: 1K Whitesthands: adblock gang Casdjin: HAIR TALK OMEGALUL big_black_sleek_clock: BALD GUY THOUGHT HE WAS TALKIN ABOUT HIM LUL OldDraenor: ADS?? ValidK: LUL boellehalm: HAHHAHAHA punkey: Ads DansGame Magrelo12: ADDDDDDDDDDDDDS 420ducktape: GLASSESS?!!?!? reydedark: EZ junpeey3: gotem Kaiochi: 0__l i made him lose 1k DuckerZ MEEHOYMIINOY: YAH Meg94: Jebaited MORE ADS 420ducktape: GLASSESS?!?!?!?! punkey: ADS DansGame DansGame i_like_ice_cream: -1K Pewpewpewdot: EZ reworm: Lesbian? eMCaLiBeR: boooo FlippinChipz: D: CUSS WORDS WtfaLobster: Ads DansGame Magrelo12: I FEEL GLORIOUS TheFlameEd: LUL nicolette926: LOST BET dansgameboys: cmonBruh soundofs: NOW U LOOK LIKE LESBIAN SODA Siryjak: LOST luckfore: monkaS Viewerzz: LOST Juzek86: YALL Spanker6666: LOL Woody_Wood_Woods: monkaS Raburn: LOL Metroboominx: 😑 😑 😑 😑 😑 real_teamleaderna: UGA BYGA kappapotapac: monkaS Ergalosyr: ALREADY LOST OMEGALUL Laypack: monkaS what_it_do_hehehe: monkaS NotVanetti: OMG ambdoexious : wtf SteveJohnsonMclark: APE LUL Dan_Gugly: tyler1BB tyler1BB tyler1BB tyler1BB tyler1BB BakBakBok: HELL IS NOT A SWEAR WORD LUL Pisquared: EZ Metroboominx: OOK OOK TriHard aBlowfish: monkaS WorsTToMention: LUL Spanker6666: lol Famuzie: OMEGALUL Listenbub: EZ lv12paladin_btw: WutFace janitory: LUL Viewerzz: LUL Magrelo12: TriHard abinator7: dont get andre the giant mad 4Head them11ke: roid rage an0therduck : LUL MangoI: cmonBruh Woody_Wood_Woods: TriHard cheese1511: LuL lceBear_EUW: πŸ’ 🍌 BakBakBok: cmonBruh BANANA? ValidK: TriHard OasisDesert: TriHard Faceleslol: $15 Raburn: LOL what_it_do_hehehe: TriHard 🍌 Ienjoitop: locker room talk leto_at: cmonBruh HOL UP Metroboominx: TriHard Clap Uhzova: KELSEY LUL aBlowfish: mitch lost first Listenbub: TriHard 7 an0therduck : $10 Jullex: TriHard SAME diendah: wait til he finds out she has genital warts 420ducktape: GLASSESS?!?!!?!?!?1 them11ke: and roids Shinobixxx: TriHard Nemenon: is that beanslayer? ambdoexious : it doesnt Mathisen_97: WHO IS THE CHICK NotVanetti: LMAO kahunaburg3r: LUL Varahiilxs: LUL Myronlafleur: LUL Jiipo: LUL ToEden: LUL Kn1ghtm4rez: LUL 0__l: DuckerZ Clap ambdoexious : SHOES an0therduck : NEW GLASSES 😑 ikonvect: quinPalm Aquagasm: LuL ikonvect: quinRat soulknight_tv: Squid1 Squid2 Squid3 Squid2 Squid4 mamzylul: LOL Ronsou: EWW LOL erwtilos: LOOOOOL LOOOOOOOOOOL kiosugii: REAL SasnoBIR: LUL BobSaggyBallz: SAVAGE xodas7845: RIP MITCH xodas7845: REKT 300iceman12: YOU JUST GOT ONE CornyD: Soo.. he needs to pay about 60 - 70 to each.. Shagbrew: alpha redprotocol: LuL NotVanetti: #3 BTW LUL SteveJohnsonMclark: LUL TRUE YungFloPo: www Dinosauer: wewewewwwewewewew LazyBunnyCx: LUL lime678: WHAT ARE THOSE Shagbrew: W-W-W-W-W-W-W-W-W- NotVanetti: WWWWWWWWW LUL Chiyee: 60$ SoapApra: W W W W W W W W W W W W NElN11: BigBrother Clap Ludefice: wwwwwwwwwwwwwww BigBrother NotVanetti: ???????????????????? radionjoy: WWWWWWWWWWWWW Raburn: wwww www ww w w w w w w w w Smurfars: WWWWWWWWW 420ducktape: TAKE OFF THOSE GLASSES LOL wKRY: LOOOOL semyon0: ook ook TriHard radionjoy: wwwwwwwwwwwww VZGEZA: wwwwwwwwww junpeey3: ewewewewewewewewew 300iceman12: w-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-w--w dansgameboys: KappaPride KappaPride KappaPride KappaPride Juzek86: WOW MangoI: cmonBruh WasabiQT: wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Laypack: that was good ass content MEEHOYMIINOY: HYPERBRUH them11ke: stutter back Exidore: WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW Dovetail1: TriHard ? Metroboominx: TriHard ? django_unchained_: TriHard Raburn: cmonBruh HOL UP high5guy: shave it off Roeltjaa: essay shit? cmonBruh Cokus_12: show tits Lowriderer: wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww kappapotapac: cmonBruh TriHard TriHard forsenhasahardon: Ghetto cmonBruh luckfore: LUL Mahokijin: $55 train $20 mitch Pisquared: LUL Pixikk: LOOOOOOOOL uhrick234: LUL rgbv: GAY wKRY: LOL Bosin1325: is that bean? 420ducktape: ETHAN GOT SWOLL YO ghos7dog: LUL Aquagasm: We didn't want it LUL IFBANIVINZULUL: 🀑 Clap junk97654: bitchell uckraider: DansGame SNITCH Kaiochi: 🀑 Clap 🀑 Clap 🀑 Clap Roho000: IRLTempo Storm 6,03319,433,868Share LoserVirgin123: LUL lceBear_EUW: wewewewewe ambdoexious : WEWEWEWEW Bren_Gaming: w wwwm w w w w ww Viewerzz: wwwwwwwwwwwwwww# Metroboominx: WEWEWEWE ToEden: WE WE WE WE ControlledMadnesss: WEWEWEWEWEWEWEWEWWEW lCLipZ: WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW dv8_savage: WWWWEEEEE radionjoy: wewewewewewewew Pixikk: LOLOLOLO WonderfulDeath: autism ape LuL MEEHOYMIINOY: LOOOOOOOL arminsltu: LUL RNGesuus: CHAT SLAVE v__e__k: ............ Ienjoitop: finish it bitch diendah: no looks like shit Viewerzz: EAT them11ke: wwwwwwwwww ikonvect: EAT IT 😑 Raikah_: autistic ape Renzir: WWEEEE WEEEE WEEEEE Ruhud: weweweweweewewewewe Imjustheretofap: AUTISM Dovetail1: PunOko SteveJohnsonMclark: ICE POSEIDON APETITE LUL Shyran: eat it 😑 BlitzcrankGrowtopia: i'll eat it Coconutdt: EAT IT :rage: luckfore: TriHard Kaiochi: LOOKS GROSS Fe elsKCHHHH LOOKS GROSS Fe elsKCHHHH LOOKS GROSS Fe elsKCHHHH maraws: cmonBruh vers3s: TriHard kappapotapac: TriHard TriHard aBlowfish: EAT IT wutangforev: cmonBruh Kaiochi: FeelsKCHHHH GROSS FeelsKCHHHH GROSS Aetax: TriHard Listenbub: 😑 go to africa and eat it 4_Head_: wtf Raburn: cmonbruh MEEHOYMIINOY: HYPERBRUH ☝ HOL UP shykes91: cmonBruh SteveJohnsonMclark: EAT IT PUSSY Zorkwins: 😑 EAT HIS ASS 😑 Koraxx: cmonBruh 0__l: PogChamp kazenex: DONT WASTE IT :rage: BE A GOOD BOY Dovetail1: CHARITY FOR APES an0therduck : ??? Ienjoitop: cherry t stream dogerus_: ????????????????????????????????? modronkovich: HELP AFRICA TriHard Kaiochi: D: Abtein: he's retarded haeg_r: WTF Meg94: ???????????????????????? ikonvect: ???? abinator7: HELP AFRICA TriHard mondaris: HELP THE TriHard s Y4nkes: ??? klogger: FailFish maraws: LUL vandarmia: ?????????? basedsoulja: LM FAOOOOO MrMySmallsack: LUL lithanesc: wow, pathetic Therane__: this neanderthal is so annoying lceBear_EUW: LuL Spanker6666: Lul soapyOP: FeelsBadMan JoJoJoris93: Jeus curedubs: LUL Fryum: LAS VAGAS Kn1ghtm4rez: BibleThump Spanker6666: APE CHARITY Stop_Drop_Kaboom: TriHard Deltharis: ZULUL radionjoy: ???????????????? Rzxr: HELP AFRICATriHard Metroboominx: TriHard OOK OOK Zorkwins: ??? Im_a_mod_in_other_channel: ZULUL Nmplol: Should I go find them and beat mitch with a pillow ? Gleucks: LUL Dollar2001: TriHard Dovetail1: 0 BARS LUL Meg94: LOOL Logan76mv: cmonBruh Lemons3_14: cmonBruh Gleucks: APE TOWN LUL Tiga93: thats not true BotNeil: AFRICA IS MY CITY TriHard Comitatvs: cmonBruh BoerseunMG: Come to Cape Town South Africa BigShade420: false namibi: @Nmplol YES Mandible8564: whatchu mean 0 bars cmonBruh skatejawn92: NO cuppycake88: wow strider114: TERRASHIT hoje_tv: noooooooo SoapApra: @Nmplol BEAT HIM TriHard Metroboominx: Cx J0elN: ZULUL BoroJesus: TriHard Clap TriHard Clap TriHard Clap arminsltu: bo junpeey3: nah Metroboominx: Cx TriHard Luddz123: ZULUL ACViperPRO: Cx Quality LuL VZGEZA: APE NATION Calypso4cro: ZULUL LSSAH88: yes them11ke: no Robobz: no Myronlafleur: YOU WOULD GET SHOT LUL loluwildfam: THIS GUY IS SO FUCKING DUMB LuL mecabeat: cmonBruh We got more bars than you, poindexter Traktorqq: ZULUL monokitai: zoo LUL Trixylol: hahahaha mechmed: Tigers ? Orichienal: THE ZU VI ZULUL Ergalosyr: bearS πŸ€” dikmike: U will get robbed raped and murdered they don't like lesbians there Shyran: bears? Harlyquin69: is he wearing a toupee??? africanamericanswampman: all the animals are dead Leinder: VI VON ZULUL Suprachiasmatical: bears LUL VZGEZA: CUT CUT CUT CUT Xyptern1: TriHard Tiga93: looking good Kappa Finn311: because you wont have any left soon sneaky9000: Harry potter junpeey3: SOUTH AFRICA FFlexin: DONT CUTT IT Tommekas: barber BARBER barber Barber vandarmia: YES semyon0: WHAT HAIR LUL punkey: Yes Flagman3: PogChamp HARRY POTTER Rzxr: TRU LUL yowutm8: CUT IT CUNT >( atracylul: no man keep the hair and the glasses HoldenMyD: The zoo? In Africa? shadowofakuma: PedoBear Gleucks: TRUE LUL Horler98: becase u make a big deal about it marksniper: rip 1k Jubbeh_: YOURE SELF CONSCIOUS Zingwing13: LuL ikonvect: PedoBear 21chromez: Kappa Snouk24: LUL 4_Head_: Kappa ValidK: LuL Gleucks: LUL TRUE BjpwzTV: hotted? ezmodio: Still stuck in high school rgbv: HE WAS A SKATER BOY KappaPride iLucky12: Kappa BjpwzTV: HOTTED?????????????????????????????? Ienjoitop: lol ikonvect: KKona diendah: bad mitchie 21chromez: MITCHIE LUL MIRA VZGEZA: SKATER BOI EMO JUSTIN Vex4ge: IT WAS MIRA LUL icred72: <3 CornyD: <3 i_like_ice_cream: MIRA Maxirein: <3 kazenex: BAD MITCHIE LUL WetDookie: HIDING THAT RECEDING HAIRLINE OMEGALUL reworm: lied Gleucks: <3 <3 <3 <3 ShaggyJr: YeahBoys Lxmur: @notice_me_OpieOP love you homie <3 TriHard chaplin__: APE GANG TheFriendlyPeon: <3 loluwildfam: VEGAS monkaS shykes91: TriHard Drparkhoon: APE SQUAD an0therduck : monkaS TheFlameEd: in Vayne0000: inininin mamzylul: cmon Zorkwins: NoBoys kahunaburg3r: YeahBoys poisoned_blueberry: inininininin ludda1: IN IN IN IN IN IN Zorkwins: NoBoys Clap TheFriendlyPeon: IN IN IN IN kazenex: IN IN IN MEEHOYMIINOY: tyler1Stutter Metroboominx: monkaS NiegrFiegr0: stop monkaS MathDK21381: Where is brain Traktorqq: monkaS zululshaman: LuL punkey: In in in in in ludda1: monkaS STOp dalsone: monkaS ocearoku: monkaS Tiga93: sure WhackASmack1: Angelthump vers3s: Kappa kappapotapac: TriHard TriHard TriHard Kaiochi: monkaS Soda_love_you_KappaPride: SODA LUL lceBear_EUW: monkaS Lec0n: TriHard Luddz123: mitchS 0__l: monkaS loluwildfam: NO lime678: GOOD CONTNET HOMIE Cx boellehalm: no diendah: monkaS Xyptern1: TriHard ohhmyg: no ChaosSaberX: no Netwear: smh ItsMeChippy: death FeelsBadMan kahunaburg3r: FeelsBadMan eMCaLiBeR: hotted isnt even here Metroboominx: OpieOP j0o0e04: 😑 WorsTToMention: Hottted89: NO ezmodio: HOTTED NO biomechanoidd: she loves him so much you can tell by how looks at him Lowriderer: NO shadowofakuma: NO Lemons3_14: BroBalt ofarrow: no LUL MuggyB: i like her Tiess2: nmpT DwenyP: Kreygasm TheFriendlyPeon: LUL nzsalamicake: grandma jones is so pretty Robobz: no thx NickJSCS: Yeah I wanna jerk off Jimentoon: FANNY? Chopper_97: LUL DubstepAerobics: LEECH Nmplol: FANDY IS MY BEST FRIEND bantu88: LEECH TheFriendlyPeon: LUL LEECH Tumlok: an0therduck : Fandy FeelsPumpkinMan πŸ‘‰ πŸ‘Œ ❓ AYDRIAN_: W H OMEGALUL - Tumlok: NickJSCS: LEECH OMEGALUL LEECH OMEGALUL LEECH OMEGALUL LEECH OMEGALUL LEECH OMEGALUL Full_Auto_77: <3 Aquagasm: LEECH ResidentSleeper 4_Head_: LEECH LUL wutangforev: <3 django_unchained_: FANDY gachiBASS Clap FANDY gachiBASS Clap an0therduck : Fandy FeelsPumpkinMan πŸ‘‰ πŸ‘Œ ❓ Nmplol: FANDY IS MY BEST FRIEND Nmplol: FANDY IS MY BEST FRIEND Broboring: <3 Nmplol: FANDY IS MY BEST FRIEND Nmplol: FANDY IS MY BEST FRIEND Nmplol: FANDY IS MY BEST FRIEND Tumlok: check her out :) DeYada: LUL Castuh: Squid4 Tiess2: nmpT nmpT nmpT nmpT nmpT ikonvect: @Nmplol TriHard OOK OOK Sintox77: 2 Uhzova: 69 tsidle_: 5 Kimack: 8 tycezinha: 10 DubstepAerobics: 10 CallingThePlug: 3 TimedOutForTenMinutes: 0 thedatisaiah: STFU APE, YOUR AN APE Gomary: 1 sasauce321: lier verraderr: normies Pixikk: LOOOOOOOOL Kaiochi: WutFace diendah: not bad γ…œγ€‡δΉ‚ε·₯γ„· : LOL LSSAH88: 3 Ienjoitop: savage Carkin_123: gachiBASS sasauce321: 1 wKRY: LIL Chaduu: LuL loluwildfam: LuL LewLamTV: LUL Listenbub: LUL MuggyB: dadaddaad Mitsuray: LUL Bluetindol: TH-TH-TH-TH- modronkovich: monkaS ovdovovac: @fandy FeelsPumpkinMan schiotis: DDDDDDDDOOOO Chiyee: 11 junpeey3: RUDE animo8: LUL Kaiochi: 0 Dinosauer: ttttt today junior Getdunkedirl: LOOOOOOOOOL RC_2: so rude Mandible8564: BigBrother Norrik: LUL chaosblade13: WHO IS THIS DUDE wKRY: ???????????? Blitzkragen: DIDUDUDUDUDUDUDUDU MiyaYuie: 1-10 he's an APE reecezs: LMAO AnthonySo1337: LUL Renzir: ththththththththt secret_weeb: SHALLO LUL Sintox77: LUL Tumlok: ?????? naryuiswaifu: HIS FACE LOL Gleucks: TRUE Eradivyn: <3 wKRY: LOL anonymous_cooperation: wtf xD stugez123: ????????????????? Chester342: ?????????????????????????????? stugez123: ?????????????????????????????????????? gvbuy: alpha af stugez123: ??????????????????????????????? ohhmyg: Prestige2464: is this guy really this dumb? whoknocks69: 200IQ JoJoJoris93: LUL TheFriendlyPeon: RUDE erwtilos: AN AUTISTIC APE IN AUSTIN LUL Zorkwins: ???????? eMCaLiBeR: ????????????????????????????????? DignityxD2: hes for the boys 2l8iwon: BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump anonr3vy: Mitch too dumb Zorkwins: ????????? oliveeeer1: ?????????????????????????? badseedz3: DOPE GLASSES WhackASmack1: KappaPride lampyy_: we are ? OMEGALUL Renzir: ???????????? kazenex: KappaPride do it SlumpGhost: CLARK KENT cocolover89: CAVEMAN LOGIC 4Head Woody_Wood_Woods: D: G wKRY: LUL shadowofakuma: gachiGASM KyosukeiRyuji: ?????????????????? AnthonySo1337: yes joeydelac: damn ethan got fat anonymous_cooperation: post Tumlok: check her out :) Tumlok: check her out :) Tumlok: check her out :) spam123s: HeyGuys GashedGuts: HeyGuys maybe Zorkwins: HeyGuys AnthonySo1337: because youre autistic Kermit879: HeyGuys nothingheresir: HeyGuys show bobs Jtragic: CS LUL NElN11: LEECH LOL Coconutdt: HeyGuys skwuahd: yoink TriHard WorsTToMention: CS LUL FlavoredShotgun: KonCha shykes91: HeyGuys <3 ChickenDipper123: HeyGuys Robsturthelobster: HeyGuys Nightshadz: LMAOOO MEEHOYMIINOY: LOL JoJoJoris93: He meant the ape them11ke: HeyGuys watchmegetcuckdbymira1: ANDRE THE GIANT alex_silver333: GO IN MOSCOW!!! GO IN MOSCOW!!! GO IN MOSCOW!!! just0ut: KonCha Laypack: LuL jrew_: TriHard YOINK Mitartesio: You look fly as fk Mitch PogChamp alex_silver333: GO IN MOSCOW!!! GO IN MOSCOW!!! dikmike: So do they have healers in counter strike ? How do grills play it ItsMeChippy: TIM SlumpGhost: APE GANG TriHard goddmnbstrd: HE KNOWS his 10 VIEWERS abinator7: my viewers now TriHard alex_silver333: GO IN MOSCOW!!! GO IN MOSCOW!!! GO IN MOSCOW!!! GO IN MOSCOW!!! aBlowfish: LEECHING TRAINWRECKZ OMEGALUL Vex4ge: LEECHING TRAINWRECKZ LUL animo8: LUL mamzylul: @MiracoliMike nope she has a fiance lmao idk why shes with them donut_2121: GRANNY GLASSES Latepoppins: TriHard Zorkwins: cmonBruh kappapotapac: TriHard TriHard TriHard 7_years_: TriHard acidicbrain: GLASS TICK LUL gregbutlr: @BugsyJiggles DanoHeh: @BugsyJiggles You his boy or nah? Trihard sneaky9000: True nickor1488: haHAA glasses dimensjon: TRUE an0therduck : TRUE Pixikk: LUL 7_years_: LUL yongeaffe: LUL Ienjoitop: true dimensjon: GRANNY GLASSES OMEGALUL johnnnnny2: POMADE CallingThePlug: TRUE digbickwarrior: wax Kn1ghtm4rez: LUL SteveJohnsonMclark: LUL TRUE Romanzes: Bleach Roystun: WAX FujiFires: POMADE ezmodio: LUBE 0__l: Kaiochi he lookin trap af Latepoppins: LUL Norrik: WAX Laypack: gel in 2017 LuL semyon0: LAIR johnnnnny2: POMADE Latepoppins: haHAA Paikos45: wax thankyou693: good attitude NicodemiusX: haHAA BAITING DONATIONS Romanzes: BigBrother Hehehehehe APE GANG an0therduck : KappaPride radionjoy: haHAA Deadlymofo034: What you need is some BRACES frajaq: KappaPride Raburn: haHAA Clap WhackASmack1: JIZZ FOR HAIR MITCH GashedGuts: KappaPride Zorkwins: SURE KappaPride crocstop: DITCH FAT GUY PrincessRonaldReagan: you look like a cracked out mad scientist Romanzes: BigBrother APE GANG BigBrother APE GANG NolanThaLaw: squadW squadW squadW squadW IamAdamP: you kiss guys Spam_Cx: How tall are you?5'6'' or 169cm wKRY: 1% Kappa njuten18: no BannedByReynadOn7Accounts: KappaPride Planetrox: no Myronlafleur: NO ItsMeChippy: KappaPride Jtragic: LOOOOOOOOOL ezmodio: No IFBANIVINZULUL: KappaPride WhackASmack1: <3 PM_ME_YOUR_CELERY: they are just there to hide your awful eyebrow Zorkwins: 😑 EAT IT 😑 AlexxxSly: BCWarrior django_unchained_: GabeN alex_silver333: KappaPride KappaPride KappaPride ka0z92: <3 Roystun: DUDE HOW MANY TIMES DO WE SAY DONT USE GEL FlackoSDP: EAT IT wKRY: WASTED TheFriendlyPeon: WASTING FOOD FailFish Killstreeak: Waste anonymous_cooperation: wtf Speedyman08: wasted ImJustAnnoyed: gay an0therduck : yes 😑 Aquagasm: WASTE :rage: wKRY: FUCKING WASTE boellehalm: FUCK YOU xJir: <3 <3 <3 0__l: wasted FeelsBadMan 7_years_: waste Drumm0nd: WASTE MiracoliMike: gimme dat bowl TriHard SoapApra: YES 😑 chirvsy: ZULUL MY PEOPLES COULD HAVE EATEN IT MangoI: cmonBruh Dearlove1: FAT CHAT OpieOP anonymous_cooperation: WASTE aBlowfish: YES 7_years_: gimme the bowl TriHard unnortonsnooze: PEOPLE DYING OF HUNGER IN AFRICA AND YOU WASTING FOOD. SHAME TheFriendlyPeon: PRIVILEGED CHILD FailFish wKRY: WASTED FOOD zeff97: D: Romanzes: gachiGASM Could Send that To AFrica Garcia98: 😑 EAT HER ASS 😑 Lowriderer: wasted Non_Social: Hearts in the chat boys haHAA ItsMeChippy: 😑 YES KIDS IN AFRICA COULD OF ATE THAT abinator7: 😑 EAT THE FOOD THE EAT FANDYS ASS 😑 trivium159: CHILDREN IN AFRICA COULD'VE EATEN THAT BOWL diendah: to the sub map happylittlepleb: dog btw haHAA lexolino: THATS MY BOY ToEden: MITCH MY MOM HAS THOSE GLASSES PogChamp erwtilos: LUL an0therduck : @Fandy FeelsPumpkinMan πŸ‘‰ πŸ‘Œ ❓ Theonemanny: Mandy LUL Toothyorc95: !uptime TriHardMadeTwitch: haHAA punkey: Meanwhile in Africa Lowriderer: Mandy Zeekey: MANDY LUL dotanotezztko: T H I C C ikonvect: cmonBruh LewLamTV: MANDY LUL Myronlafleur: MANDY LUL wKRY: LUL Lxmur: tip4 tip1 tip4 tip1 xWickid33: Mandy lul mortredf: boobs PogChamp MathDK21381: Thicc kahunaburg3r: tipW Lxmur: tip2 tip3 Ienjoitop: thicc AbusiveBullfrog: tip4 oldage: BROFIST MathDK21381: Grab her tits Lxmur: @an0therduck TriHard HipsterDan: get a tattoo for every sub MathDK21381: Grab the tits CallingThePlug: GET HER TOO BEND OVER LUL WhackASmack1: ResidentSleeper an0therduck : tip subs in 2016 LuL Lemons3_14: whiteboard ofc OMEGALUL kazenex: KappaPrider kahunaburg3r: tip3 MathDK21381: Grab her orbs Ienjoitop: lol MiyaYuie: get a blackboard mitch, support the homies TriHard TheMaleNurseLIVE: PETER PARKER Sicdanne: Stop touching your glasses WhackASmack1: SAY ILL EAT YOUR ASS xer0status: sumBuhblam welcome to the FAM! :D tentcow: NICKERS? cmonBruh deepinthots: ENGAGED ghos7dog: F WORD D: deepinthots: LuL ItsMeChippy: BROFIST FeelsGoodMan m anonymous_cooperation: like this guy TheHonorBrigade: TriHard HOMEWRECKER JONES TriHardStoleMyScooter: cmonBruh reworm: Shave that hair!!!! Bringing_Sxxxy_Back: HOW ABOUT YOU BUY SOME NEW SHOES Meg94: LUL Speedyman08: tip2 tip3 ControlledMadnesss: SAYS YOU OMEGALUL Coconutdt: "welcome to the alpha squad brofist" haHAA m Ienjoitop: sex it ToEden: TRUE an0therduck : TRUE LUL radionjoy: haHAA Planetrox: LESBIAN JONES ControlledMadnesss: 'THINK BEFORE U SPEAK' - MITCH OMEGALUL InBloomTwitch: kvasDobik6 wKRY: @Laypack HeyGuys jrew_: RAT PACK RAT PACKRAT PACK RAT PACKRAT PACK RAT PACKRAT PACK RAT PACK PM_ME_YOUR_CELERY: what was that little smile LoserVirgin123: monkaS TheHonorBrigade: TriHard NICKER chaplin__: haHAA MEEHOYMIINOY: REEEEEEEEEEE radionjoy: KILL ME ControlledMadnesss: 'THINK BEFORE U SPEAK' - MITCH OMEGALUL vvthraxvv: tendies FeelsGoodMan ControlledMadnesss: 'THINK BEFORE U SPEAK' - MITCH OMEGALUL - 0__l: FeelsBirthdayMan πŸ”« ToEden: FeelsBadMan an0therduck : W OMEGALUL W MEEHOYMIINOY: normiesOUT Latepoppins: FeelsBadMan TOO REAL WhackASmack1: FeelsGoodMan hobbnocker: isnt that you? MuggyB: the life Fandy: @tumlok tummy PogChamp Da_Poe_Boy: thats you LuL AYDRIAN_: LIKE YOU OMEGALUL ControlledMadnesss: 'THINK BEFORE U SPEAK' - MITCH OMEGALUL TheFriendlyPeon: DansGame ControlledMadnesss: 'THINK BEFORE U SPEAK' - MITCH OMEGALUL - Tumlok: Fandy :) TheGambit787 : ????????????? hogort: DansGame TheHonorBrigade: TriHard NICCER burning91: ????????????? Spam_Cx: TriHard ENZO DENINO TriHard aBlowfish: DansGame KrymsonSkyz: people are eating BannedByReynadOn7Accounts: Kreygasm Dearlove1: tip4 tip1 AbusiveBullfrog: tipS shykes91: DansGame μ—”μ €λ¦­: ME TOO TheGambit787 : ???????????????? ibeenting: cmonBro cowCOWcow: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: raekanlol: DansGame ItsPandee: h e r p e s MuggyB: heat rash WhackASmack1: MOLESTATION DansGame StalePancakeMix: cubic hair? JoJoJoris93: DansGame modronkovich: LUL Lemons3_14: im eating DansGame suitlol: genital crabs 4_Head_: STOP ... Lowriderer: gross shanevapid: puberty j_daisley: Wtf cowCOWcow: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: Zorkwins: PedoBear StalePancakeMix: CoolStoryBob eMCaLiBeR: mitchLul mitchLul mitchLul mitchLul mitchLul mitchLul mitchLul mitchLul skwuahd: i lost it at 7 Theonemanny: still havent LUL wiktoree: 14 Listenbub: LUL suitlol: i was 69 Joompa123: 14 Spam_Cx: 12 Kerxz: 14 Shrenko: I'm still a virgin TheHonorBrigade: FeelsBadMan never will Guidozam: 21 1awrence: 49 caboossee: im still a virgin FeelsBadMan xenyl: 8./ Listenbub: KappaPride wKRY: 0 anonymous_cooperation: 62 monokitai: NEVER HAPPENED BTW Nmplol: 30 Horler98: 14 LUL Apo2g: DADDY LOVE KappaPride magoop: THINK BEFORE U SPEAK???? REALITY CHECK???????? ibeenting: OpieOp ltsbreeze: FeelsBadMan BlackMood92: FeelsBadMan WISHED I NEVER DID IT TBH Gomary: IS THE OTHER GUY WITHOUT VOICE? LUL IS THE OTHER GUY WITHOUT VOICE? LUL Pixikk: 47 boellehalm: VIRGIN HODOR LUL zander213: 19 MuggyB: whos the big guys spam123s: @Nmplol Kappa shanevapid: I haven't lost my virginity FeelsBadMan :gun: anonymous_cooperation: 76 Jullex: KappaPride Kraig Spinale an0therduck : FeelsBadMan im just saying myself for marriage twilightg35: KappaPride wutangforev: POOR HODOR FeelsBadMan TheHonorBrigade: TriHard NO ONE CAN STEAL MY VIRGINITY Zomow: LuL ibeenting: Ape Gang monokitai: NEVER Seroxen: Sure Kappa Schmoc123: 20 egichigo13: NEVER d0mr: FeelsBadMan NEVER thiimuu: 16 ibeenting: cock nose django_unchained_: CoolStoryBob cocolover89: 19 to a hooker manofthedank: LUL crocstop: 61 Newname_5: WTF MuggyB: i lost mine at 17 wKRY: LMAO Theonemanny: WutFace Meg94: 14 FeelsBadMan Planetrox: LIAR Ragnar___: 12 MajorLeeConfused: ∞ shykes91: WutFace SoapApra: LIES Schmoc123: 13 Lowriderer: 6 lime678: 5 Bollistic_: 2 ItsMeChippy: Never FeelsBadMan jenu2959: im still a vergin at aego of 40 Joey_Kromostone: 13 year old sex WutFace Jimentoon: 13???? DansGame Bluetindol: FAKE LUL Lowriderer: 3 FlackoSDP: 5 VanDash14: FAKE d0mr: FAKE LUL cowCOWcow: LUL 300iceman12: LOL Listenbub: LIMEWIRE LUL Coconutdt: FAKE LuL MEEHOYMIINOY: LOOOL reworm: 7 xodas7845: LUL JoJoJoris93: ??????? BlackMood92: LIMEWIRE LuL gorillabrillin: so full of shit monkey shut up TheFriendlyPeon: DISGUSTING DansGame SoapApra: LIMEWIRE LUL 7_years_: LIAR LUL thankyou693: LOL Crvnky: CNN FAKE NEWS Derael: LIMEWIRE Bugz500: limewire SoapApra: WTF LIMEWARE LUL Menza_: LIMEWIRE QUOTE_IF_BROKEN_RECORD: HAND MOTION IN 6 GRADE??????? anonr3vy: LIMEWIRE <3 Kryzyk: FAKE NEWS Vaca10034: DansGame NeyoPRO: Limewire pedo Kappa Listenbub: LIMEWIRE PORN LUL Wazkyr: IM SCARED CHAT Menza_: LIMEWIRE SAME LUL NewGuyTy: i didnty even jerk off my first time, i just came in my pants Lawlach: Porn on limewire LOL Nightshadz: LMAOO Theonemanny: LUL Da_Poe_Boy: LOL Myronlafleur: LMAO WTF TheFriendlyPeon: LMAO LUL RyzeLux: LUL Romanzes: BigBrother BigBrother Traktorqq: LuL SAME wKRY: LUL Danneborger: Kreygasm Pixikk: LUL Comitatvs: LUL eMCaLiBeR: mitchLul mitchLul mitchLul mitchLul mitchLul mitchLul mitchLul mitchLul Killstreeak: Fake MangoI: DansGame Shrenko: dude Raburn: LOL Carkin_123: DansGame smootieh: LUL soundofs: FAKE AND GAY radionjoy: LUL Planetrox: FAKE Raburn: FAKE LUL WtfaLobster: FAKE CoolStoryBob MEEHOYMIINOY: NO dicath: CoolStoryBob MightyWolf7: FAKE LUL darkvenomm: real story Sharanza: CoolStoryBob Traktorqq: cmonBruh CHU SAY Losin_Control: LUL Pixikk: FAKE LUL Myronlafleur: FAKE AND GAY Raburn: LOL happylittlepleb: PedoBear Nightshadz: i remember that story LUL Carkin_123: PedoBear Clap Seahiga: FAKE LUL ItsMeChippy: NO we dont Pixikk: FUCKIN FAKE JONES LUL FlackoSDP: I fucked this girl when I was 7 Danneborger: TriHard Myronlafleur: FAKE LUL Lethly: fake jones digbickwarrior: in 7th grade ? MathDK21381: wtf gorillabrillin: why are you telling this story NotLikeThis vocalist5: FAKE SoapApra: LUL LUL LUL LUL Raikah_: fake LUL imnotdonald: FAKE LUL LewLamTV: LUL sneaky9000: LOL Gleucks: LOL NickJSCS: LuL loser Non_Social: LMAO IForgot2Wipe: Fake LuL watchmegetcuckdbymira1: lmfao SeQuence_TV: FAKE LUL punkey: LUL sasauce321: ugly hair lol WhackASmack1: OMEGALUL ! NickJSCS: LuL SykaPlyat: forsenGASM imnotdonald: FAKE LuL Vaca10034: LUL Listenbub: LUL logouttrs: LMFAO erictheraccoon: FAKE Non_Social: LUL jedicontrol: LMAOOOOOOO Joey_Kromostone: EW WTF MrMySmallsack: LUL jedicontrol: LOLOLOLOL tyler5o2: so sad TheAlmightyPleb: scuffed haircut wtf Rhobor: FAKE Zeekey: BENCHED LUL Vaca10034: FAKE LUL Varahiilxs: LUL Ebbiin: LMFAO MEEHOYMIINOY: LOL ZeroGravittyy: ????? MangoI: DansGame Gleucks: LUL EveryoneDiesAlone: lmfaoo Knightrain: πŸ˜‚ lexolino: LOOOOOOOL LazyBunnyCx: TriHard Clap Lemons3_14: Kappa WhackASmack1: LMAO GBTW: LUL Lowriderer: lmao Spam_Cx: FAKE Raburn: LOL imnotdonald: FAKE AF LUL ghos7dog: LEECH LUL MuggyB: relax Sleezyfbaby: GANG an0therduck : GANG SHIT TriHard Big4Hed: LOL Non_Social: MY BOY kappapotapac: TriHard TriHard TriHard DanoHeh: LuL Full_Auto_77: DansGame punkey: STEALING SUB Full_Auto_77: Kreygasm eseekeeetit: ape gang TriHard Legend420: RETARD GANG 4Head Eyther72: LuL maltose86: what the fuck are we talking about. This shit is making me uncomfortable lolol THICCJAWNS: haHAA WorsTToMention: PedoBear BannedByReynadOn7Accounts: APE THINKING Myronlafleur: LUL MEEHOYMIINOY: LOL Pixikk: LOL NickJSCS: Rude as usual haHAA Rude as usual haHAA Rude as usual haHAA Rude as usual haHAA Kryzyk: LUL an0therduck : FishMoley Raburn: LOL arminsltu: LUL MuggyB: dede CamelBusBananaWomp: DDOS LuL Metroboominx: LOL Millehx: Im stuttering dude, give me a sec - LOOL Blitzkragen: LMAO lexolino: LOL aBlowfish: LUL Alumpymoose: I love the ape MrN4r4nd4: TriHard punkey: Dddddddd kappapotapac: TriHard TriHard madsevander: :monkey: epiqueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee: tyler1Stutter BlastomaHD: d-d-d-d-d- wKRY: No MEEHOYMIINOY: tyler1Stutter VanDash14: yes Planetrox: ASK FANDY WHEN HER LOST janitory: cmonBruh Dankxyz: apes ready to S U C C qtzie: No caboossee: YES IT WAS AMAZING frajaq: LMAO Lowriderer: NO BlastomaHD: yes chirvsy: no FlavoredShotgun: I don't remember ken_combo: no SykaPlyat: no egichigo13: NO ferluno01: no Kryzyk: No impres5: no Non_Social: No eras25: no Latepoppins: yes maraws: ask fandy DarkRiveeR: yea kharr: LOL n1ckke: me Kappa Joey_Kromostone: nope 7_years_: ME ItsMeChippy: whats a nut? FeelsGoodMan kadexxxx: no LogiiX_EU: Kappa / monokitai: STILL VIRGIN HERE UniverSebas: mine was to Selena Gomez stugez123: NOPE qtzie: No FeelsBadMan SoapApra: nope DarkRiveeR: no Bugz500: nope Kermit879: no one saplol69: What the fuck is that haircut Mitch @MitchJones junpeey3: with a boy KappaPride MrAlexLP: monkaS G-G-Girls? NickJSCS: My 1,000th nut was to Mira :) narmis7: Kappa Sleezyfbaby: FeelsBadMan HugeDonger69: me Kappa xPhlair: KappaPride Maxxsj: me Nosferatuu666: ALMOST 18 YR OLD VIRGIN HERE Mfwautismo: g---girl ??? FeelsBadMan TheHonorBrigade: IM 62 YRS OLD STILL VIRGIN FeelsBadMan wKRY: KappaPride Menza_: OFC IT IS Ienjoitop: hahaha Zorkwins: WutFace ghos7dog: whats a girl? FeelsBadMan spam123s: LIES Thekillerbumpkin: LuL Danneborger: monkaS Fredde253: LuL ToEden: LUL Seahiga: ???????? Myronlafleur: LUL wKRY: NotLikeThis faarrgo: LIAR lCLipZ: LUL thedatisaiah: LUL radionjoy: LUL punkey: ??????????? MEEHOYMIINOY: HOLD IN POPCORN GarbagePlayers: LuL jedicontrol: LOL coholy: @TheHonorBrigade So you're a wizard? williambehrens: FAKE t1tz0r: FeelsBadMan still a kissless virgin MEEHOYMIINOY: HOLE IN POPCORN BOX Killstreeak: Streamer pays aBlowfish: fake iLucky12: STREAMER PAYS Bugz500: back seats TheMaleNurseLIVE: PETER PARKER Pyaks: Streamer pays LOL andpaacoke: PETER PARKER sasauce321: fake an0therduck : STREAMER PAYS 😑 Planetrox: STREAMER PAYS Nosferatuu666: @t1tz0r i feel you TheHonorBrigade: @coholy far surpassed wizard status a long time ago friend ButterflyMornings: KKona Hasardu: does mitch actually need glasses? ShaggyJr: YALL KKona Non_Social: STREAMER PAYS THIS DICK Havergoe: Jew Jones sasauce321: mitch pays Joep4441: BYE HeyGuys IGonzalez_: KonCha γ…œγ€‡δΉ‚ε·₯γ„· : o/ Rulik0: Streamer pays :Z Jackystoxx: ask him about his nut YungMustafa: pne of us sneaky9000: ju-ju-ju-juju-just dogerus_: o/ Aquagasm: I I I I I I mamzylul: KKona see ya next time bud MangoI: PogChamp t3official: there it is YALL WorsTToMention: HE IS IN FOR A RIDE LUL Joey_Kromostone: what a nice kkona 7_years_: YALL NickJSCS: What a nice guy :) anonr3vy: TIP HIM sikk444: ??? Peatross: who cut his hair? imnotdonald: normiefag LuL Aquagasm: LuL Lowriderer: who is a wizard type 1!! alrealre: MATT FrinkerZ: @absalol Ditch has been live for 1 hour and 56 minutes. Ienjoitop: leaked digbickwarrior: LOL NyZtan0: AWESOME WEIGTHER PogChamp imnotdonald: DOESNT KNOW MITH LUL NORMIE kahunaburg3r: MATT LUL Latepoppins: lol asian_candy: KYS UGLY MONKEY Raburn: TODD JIMMY Mfwautismo: ASSUMING HIS NAME HotPokket j_daisley: It's matt Zorkwins: DID YOU JUST ASSUME??? HotPokket xer0status: REKT NyZtan0: sodapoppin: u look a million times better no joke. - aleksso: AUTISM aBlowfish: matt KillerPreztail: @MitchJones Would you ever go to Japan? GORILLA_MUSHROOM_TIP: TriHard TheMaleNurseLIVE: TODDJIMMY Pisquared: LOL Ienjoitop: autism ghos7dog: ASSUMING HotPokket xer0status: OMFG Losin_Control: LUL Latepoppins: LUL KrymsonSkyz: yes you have noticed the stutter retard Listenbub: LUL alrealre: WutFace UniverSebas: you dont notice? wtfff bantu88: OMEGALUL notfaketaco: l0l Schoolist: TriHard TriHard TriHard TriHard TriHard Gomary: AUTISM APE valyxx: LUL FujiFires: WutFace Aquagasm: TriHard t3official: high af dimensjon: LEAFY 7_years_: KILLER EYES sikk444: LUL Joep4441: FeelsBadMan BULLY ButterflyMornings: O . O monkaS naryuiswaifu: lmao Raburn: WutFace Swampfox0492: tim the trash can? LUL CallingThePlug: LOOKS FUCKING CRAZY anonymous_cooperation: call the police Joep4441: FeelsBadMan BULLY FeelsBadMan BULLY FeelsBadMan BULLY FeelsBadMan BULLY shorizor: bully FeelsBadMan JayDavid77: LUL bomb__dude12: D: 10x D: LewLamTV: LUL NeyoPRO: ALMOST AS BIG AS ICES NOSE BlackMood92: LUL Trixylol: HAHAHAHAHAA wutangforev: LOL jvstheace: EZ SoapApra: LOL Alumpymoose: LUL TheFlameEd: IM DEAD lampyy_: fjdka;fjdka; IamAdamP: ???? BannedByReynadOn7Accounts: APE NATION PasghettiHoops: ???????? rct33: ?????????? sneaky9000: BrokeBack madsevander: :monkey: chirvsy: blblb Eatwhales777norway: Sniper Lemons3_14: BrokeBack Kapodi2: AHAHAH CamboSliice: BigBrother xer0status: adsfagadefhsdfhadfhagashahjadfghdh Saint_Ice: zoom the girl coholy: D: WorsTToMention: NOSE CONTENT LUL janitory: Roadman Shaq 4Head NAPK1NS: Kkona bomb__dude12: PogChamp Tiny_dK: Mitch looks like Athene now? Vesitge: LuL BeardMonkeyQc: BrokeBack t3official: YALL Planetrox: LUL aBlowfish: matt Ienjoitop: ok no waters theflyguy12: PogChamp nothingheresir: KKona CLG_TAYLORSWIFT: Shortened the top of his hair? thank god looks way better now LewLamTV: YALL KKona SmokesEverthing: yall KKona PasghettiHoops: TIP HIM FFS DwenyP: KKona bratne: APE BRAIN TriHard ItsMeChippy: that nose is like a gas tank Ienjoitop: hey yall ghos7dog: yall KKona Zorkwins: KKona Pisquared: KKona nothingheresir: KKona 7 Bluetindol: KKona phlie: KKona rapha3st: KKona MK677: KKona 7 Lofty916: KKona Adamsmobile: KKona radionjoy: KKona Pixikk: LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL Aquagasm: LuL tentoes_down: KKona punisherzqc: KKona Havergoe: KKona Blankmp4: KKona Chiyee: KKona YALL grorgon: KKona ll_irogue: LUL Vexolzz: kkk Spam_Cx: KKona Joep4441: KKona Clap FrinkerZ: @jcong21 Ditch has been live for 1 hour and 58 minutes. CamelBusBananaWomp: KKona Clap d0mr: KKonaKonaD an0therduck : ape1 ElRusoSupremo: KKona kharr: LOL reworm: MIRA!!!! madsevander: :monkey: youngsachi: KKona pogchamp_guy: KKool Clap Seahiga: cmonBruh MEEHOYMIINOY: APE1 tyler1BB mamzylul: BigBrother Phott0n: ape1kanobe kharr: APE NATION KoolAidGang: squadNation squadNation squadNation squadNation IFBANIVINZULUL: BigBrother 🦍 1 Shinobixxx: LUL phlie: monkaS ButterflyMornings: HOL UP imnotdonald: NORMIE LUL NORMIE LUL NORMIE LUL NORMIE LUL Brenin: RUDEEEEEE :rage: Traktorqq: RUDE 😑 Aquagasm: ??????? Pisquared: RUDE bomb__dude12: 😑 rude :rage: Seahiga: RUDE PunOko IFBANIVINZULUL: RUDE OMEGALUL potatosheepXD: OH OK LUL MangoI: ASSHOLE LUL Myronlafleur: LUL ReallyDK: LuL Crvnky: ???????????? PasghettiHoops: RUDE AF cruneacx: Actually rude lol Ludefice: LuL sandjer: apenasjon Nosferatuu666: WHATS HIS TWITCH NAME Traktorqq: RUDE 😑 RUDE 😑 RUDE 😑 RUDE 😑 RUDE 😑 RUDE 😑 Brenin: BYE RUDE dvevajcia: so fucking rude DONKEY KONG ASS 0__l: FeelsBadMan ShaggyJr: KKona Clap punkey: RUDE AF MiddleLeg: ??????????? darthkong_: Kkhona Saganakicheese: Ape being rude 😑 Jtragic: LURKER TotoFeo: NORMIE kharr: THAT GIRL IS HOT AF asmonGASM Lemons3_14: actual rude FeelsBadMan Roeltjaa: BIG UP DA LURKAS Joep4441: DOESN'T HAVE AN ACCOUNT FeelsBadMan ButterflyMornings: NORMIE 😑 NicodemiusX: NEWFAG sophisticatedgaming291a11: FeelsBadMan anonymous_cooperation: sex this guy Famuzie: LURKER DansGame ezmodio: RUDE AF Buliarz: LUL NyZtan0: LURKERS OMEGALUL PpPpPpPpPpPpPpPpPpPpOpO: PogChamp MitchPls kahunaburg3r: tipW bomb__dude12: Normie KKona imnotdonald: NORMIES REEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Joey_Kromostone: SO RUDE SHUT UP Joep4441: FeelsBadMan STILL A NORMIE CallingThePlug: LURKER ItsMeChippy: NEW F WORD LUL Buliarz: KKona been an honor KKona AbusiveBullfrog: tipW Non_Social: NORMIE WhackASmack1: NORMIE KKona Orichienal: APE GANG d0mr: LuL Pisquared: $20 NicodemiusX: LUL theflyguy12: LUL Ludefice: LURKERS IN 2K17 LuL 4_Head_: LuL boellehalm: LOL Dovetail1: APEGANG TheHonorBrigade: TriHard GANG GANG punkey: Stream dying WhackASmack1: APE GANG lexolino: ????????????????? NyZtan0: haHAA Aquagasm: Sure LuL diendah: Kappa Buliarz: dennis forjat19: LuL Bluetindol: DENTIST LUL BRACES LUL punkey: STREAM DYING LUL Philanthr0pic: HE IS NOT GONNA GIVE THE WAITER THE $20 forsenhasahardon: GIVE 20 DOLLAR FOR THE WAITER Zomow: LuL Ludefice: 4Head IFBANIVINZULUL: OMEGALUL darkvenomm: LOL CallingThePlug: LMFAO oldage: GIVE IT TO HIM SteveJohnsonMclark: TIP YOU IDIOT VanDash14: NO NicodemiusX: STILL NOT LEGAL LUL NyZtan0: LuL PUBG_SoundGuy: !uptime bomb__dude12: MitchPls PHOENIX MitchPls hogort: SCAMMED WAITER DONATION LUL ItsMeChippy: D: TheHonorBrigade: MrDestructoid Zeekey: TIP WAITER THE $20 antrill: NO OMEGALUL Skratch480: GIVE THE WAITER THE 20 vocalist5: No Bluetindol: DYING STREAM LUL BlackMood92: No fflox: already muted haHAA manofthedank: aight hiimrodgod: TIP WAITER Vyrken: no SoapApra: you're not worth the internet soapyOP: sodaMicMuted FeelsGoodMan aBlowfish: no MathDK21381: Np KyboshXD: give him 20 ohhmyg: MOD US AND WE'L DO IT Pisquared: $20 sneaky9000: Tip Bringing_Sxxxy_Back: suck my dick and i mightt zflare3: LuL LuL Lul 5hifted: move the decimal and double it FailFish leftyy95: TIP WAITER 20 IForgot2Wipe: MrDestructoid Phott0n: GIVE HIM 20 Villar0: why does mitch copy ever other irl streamer lol 209_Hype: Already Muted XD CxBlack: Fuck her tits Phott0n: YOU HAVE TO TIP 20 kavkavdk: give him 20 majin_loli: LUL Directlol: TIP HIM MEEHOYMIINOY: *Looks up* πŸ€” i dont know math thankyou693: how about rule 69 tho XBrandonX420: nymnREE ValidK: LUL vocalist5: TIP WTF Zomow: 48 fflox: πŸ€” potatosheepXD: 8 toasteeXD: 8.80 fflox: 11+4 Lemons3_14: tip 20 CallingThePlug: 8 hogort: 8 The_alter: 9 SeemsGood Aquagasm: LUL sasauce321: cheap jones caboossee: 8 django_unchained_: 8 sikk444: PogChamp Dungeon_Master_German: give him 20 Swampfox0492: sodaFF 4_Head_: give him 20 kdub2190: 20 DOLLARS FOR WAITER YES Fredde253: LuL PpPpPpPpPpPpPpPpPpPpOpO: PogChamp ChaseeK: !uptime FrinkerZ: @chaseek Ditch has been live for 2 hours and 1 minute. Kermit879: he just said it b4 kavkavdk: 20 tip Juzek86: PogChamp IForgot2Wipe: Kappa Clap Z0rXD: tip him the 20 dvevajcia: GIVE HIM THE 20 YOU CUCKING BEGGAR FUCK reydedark: 8*5 = 40 πŸ€” ImWatchingUBro: DO METH Kappa LuukSwifteh: quick maths TriHard Clap KoziRekt: TriHard XBrandonX420: 20 scammed LUL Drbg17: Give 20 feg darvenzz: QUICK MAFFS TriHard chirvsy: 2+2=4 -3 QUICK MATHS ButterflyMornings: O - O MangoI: looks like werdum LUL punkey: Missmeiwster Orichienal: APE GANG TriHard bomb__dude12: mitchS 2smooth: MonkaS Z0rXD: 20 for the waiter 😑 Meg94: LOL leto_at: On purpose Bluetindol: monkaS Listenbub: monkaS IFBANIVINZULUL: monkaS watchmegetcuckdbymira1: OMEGALULLL summober: haHAA TheFlameEd: monkaS Ienjoitop: he looks scared Aquagasm: monkaS digbickwarrior: lol Kazmurak: monkaS BlackMood92: LUL LUL LUL LUL deadmonka5: LMAO LUL PpPpPpPpPpPpPpPpPpPpOpO: lul Alumpymoose: NEW EMOTE. Steelkip: monkaS thankyou693: staring contest lol DavCev: davcevS davcevS davcevS davcevS davcevS davcevS watchmegetcuckdbymira1: OHH MYYY PasghettiHoops: <3 ofarrow: NEW EMOTE Saganakicheese: Ape Runaway4Nothing: GIVE HIM THE 20$ HE DONATED + the tip u jew wave305: VAMPIRE <3 DavCev: davcevS davcevS davcevS davcevS davcevS davcevS davcevS MEEHOYMIINOY: monkaS BannedByReynadOn7Accounts: VAMPIRE SoapApra: KappaPride SeQuence_TV: LMAOOOOOOOOOO kiosugii: gachiGASM junpeey3: EMOTE ValidK: LUL LUL Pisquared: TIP THE $20 ItsMeChippy: haHAA ShaggyJr: mitchOne Metroboominx: haHAA Carkin_123: gachiBASS notfaketaco: FART MangoI: KappaPride MorberBot: pokketS ValidK: LUL NicodemiusX: LUL watchmegetcuckdbymira1: LMFAO 7_years_: LUL Broboring: vampire LUL Gleucks: LUL dimensjon: ????????????? WorsTToMention: ABUSE thankyou693: no foreplay like ice yesterday gorillabrillin: mitch you look like you watch greys anatomy mitchF ogturbojohnson: LUL watchmebaitsubs1: Give the waiter the 20 dollars rat Laypack: nice Blitzkragen: GIVE HIM THE FKING 20 ogturbojohnson: LUL JEW TIP LUL Listenbub: SCAMMED p0larcsgo: LUL sneaky9000: 20% TopKleare: TIPS NA LUL zeromous84: JEW TIP tumbro: JEW TIP LMAO LUL dragonsvk8: @MitchJones you look like scuffed athene lmao TheFlameEd: GIVE HIM THE20 FROM DONO TheHonorBrigade: TIPS LuL POTATO_B0Y: jew ogturbojohnson: LUL JEW TIP 4_Head_: NO TIP TriHard TheGaang: AMERICANS LUL fr3queNce: GIVE HIM THE 20 oldage: JEW TIP OMEGALUL Buliarz: THE DONATION DansGame ASeaTurtle: yeah u did zeromous84: JEW TIP JEW TIP JEW TIP Beardislife: standard 20, good is 30 Say_Tin: 20 ogturbojohnson: LUL Ienjoitop: lol ValidK: LUL IamAdamP: ??? kdub2190: NAH TIP ANYWAY Pisquared: SOMEONE DONATED $20 Lowriderer: why 20?? Clustyz: Standard is 15% shat reydedark: na and their tipping bullshit CallingThePlug: SCAMMED LUL forsenhasahardon: YOU GOT A 20 DOLLAR DONATION FOR HIM TopKleare: is this the star wars kid ? Menza_: SOMEONE DONATED 20 FOR THE WAITER TotoFeo: 20$ + 20% peppelepeu909: cover the jewish nose? Listenbub: DENTIST DONATION for watier tip $20 Lowriderer: why 20% zeromous84: JEW TIP APE K_F_C__M_A_N_A_G_E_R: WTF DUDE cmonBruh yowutm8: sup APE bomb__dude12: fucktard kahunaburg3r: monkaS Mind_ifi_roll_weed: TriHard BlastomaHD: WutFace Ocyex: FUCKTARD APE kharr: LOL Dearlove1: FUCKTARD LUL itsCamsoda: pussc fuktard DjRio: Fucktard Adventurously: fucktard Menza_: OMEGALUL fadedRob: FUCKTARD WasabiQT: FUCKTARD soundofs: LIDL TYLER1 Yoshei22: EleGiggle K_F_C__M_A_N_A_G_E_R: BIG HEAD TriHard dekappatater92: Fucktard 300iceman12: DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD Kalka22: we hate u train rekts bomb__dude12: D-D-D-D BrokeBack Menza_: AHHAAHHAHAHAHAHA MuggyB: <3 WodenGames: FUCKTARD REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE TotoFeo: BigBrother D-d-d-D_d-d-d--d-d 5hifted: yes CallingThePlug: SHES LAUGHING AT YOU LUL LaFlamaBlanca10: Fucktard ape KushCity816: LUL Comitatvs: YESSS 0__l: monkaS monkaS monkaS monkaS monkaS monkaS monkaS monkaS Spanker6666: YES ValidK: LUL BlastomaHD: YES Krynexx: monkaS Spam_Cx: ANELE ItsMeChippy: DDDD DD DDDDDD 7_years_: U LOOK RETARDED WOOH_: FUCK TARD wave305: trainwreckz ResidentSleeper Mandible8564: ;) TheGambit787 : o.O wonky eye Raburn: WHICH WAY YOU LOOKIN??? Aquagasm: D-D-d-d-d-d-d-d--d- Pisquared: YES punkey: Cross eyed NyZtan0: yy-y-y-y-y-y-y-es 300iceman12: LUL 0__l: Lazy eye Raburn: WHICH WAY YOU LOOKIN? bossmagnet: NO LUL 4_Head_: lazy Aquagasm: LuLLuLLuL Pixikk: YES Finn311: no you're fine bomb__dude12: OMEGALUL Andrex7744: yes Bluetindol: LUL darthkong_: You hairy ape ch1tj91: LOL TheIronFister: LuL nefos33: one eye to the mich one to the camera Yoshei22: LUL reydedark: OMEGALUL maltose86: lol icelatte1212: ONE IF UR EYES IS BIGGER MEEHOYMIINOY: (◐‿◑)ο»Ώ??? (◐‿◑)ο»Ώ??? K_F_C__M_A_N_A_G_E_R: Clap cmonBruh SupDeejay: WHICH WAY YOUR LOOKING BRO over here Gromidon: ;| Hunter7777_: you look both ways before crossing the street all the time kharr: LOOOL Bluetindol: AB-AB-A-BA-B-AB Breadbird: FeelsGoodMan Supergluten: AB-AB-AB-AB-A-B-AB-A-BA-B lexolino: LAZY EYE ProfCrow: WHICH EYE DO I LOOK AT ? jayhuang123: FeelsBadMan FelPotato: You just noticed? LUL 3 Xredbow: BA-B-A--BAB-A-BA-B-A-BAB lv12paladin_btw: O_o Blitzkragen: DDDDDDDSSS Vayne0000: ABABABABAB notice_me_OpieOP: FeelsBadMan Clap FeelsBadMan Clap FeelsBadMan Clap FeelsBadMan Clap stardazer: i feel better wave305: @pleb_____ sorry i was ResidentSleeper what did u say lycianshadow: yo this chat is harsh af Spanker6666: WAIT UR ACTUALLY CROSSEYED Killstreeak: BigBrother ItsMeChippy: abababababa Lemons3_14: ABABABAB BrokeBack tokenblck: LUL Breadbird: TriHard Kirknes: 20 ON TOP FailFish Menza_: APE GANG TopKleare: NO CASH lul xWickid33: Not fixing fucktard kiosugii: TriHard kharr: haHAA Laypack: haHAA Thrumming: 18+20 ape Imtruozy: haHAA Lowriderer: haHAA ezmodio: Cant Tell IF ur looking at chat NyZtan0: LuL luke____1998: cmonBruh MiyaYuie: Mitch how was the death note ending?? @MitchJones LaFlamaBlanca10: Haha OasisDesert: TriHard Esoterikk: haHAA Bluetindol: w-w-w-w--w Skkception: breath bossmagnet: haHAA Mandible8564: BigBrother NicodemiusX: LMAOOOO BoskoSLO123: LUL tack595: w-w-w-w-w-w-what 5hifted: first drop out ever bossmagnet: BigBrother T1 Pisquared: ????????? unnortonsnooze: haHAA Saint_Ice: w-w-w-w-was up train NicodemiusX: SPEECHER Chaduu: ??????????????? SupDeejay: WHICH WAY YOU LOOKING BRO?? xer0status: inininninininininininin tokenblck: LUL lycianshadow: speecher xD what_it_do_hehehe: SPEECHER OMEGALUL ishyboy3: abababab xer0status: wwwwwwwwwww get_rekt_materino: I I I I I hunkeymonkey123: FIGHT TYLER AT TWITCHCON 5hifted: LuL Lowriderer: ababababababaa SykaPlyat: BABOTHUMP ozwiz99: still do get made fun of tehonlyninja: BBBBibleThump BannedByReynadOn7Accounts: BBBB django_unchained_: LuL MakeMeCrazy123: BibleThump zqtwitch: BibleThump Zorkwins: BibleThump LaFlamaBlanca10: Nose so big SykaPlyat: BibleThump VZGEZA: H H H H H H H A AHA HAHA biomechanoidd: BibleThump Mitsuray: BibleThump lycianshadow: lmao vocalist5: BibleThump schuriklive: fake tyler1 bomb__dude12: B-B-B-B BibleThump B-B-B-B BibleThump Carkin_123: TriHard diendah: fuckin t-t-t TheCollectiveDay: asmonG 7_years_: RETARD ownzuqtx: t-t-t-t-t-t-take it unnortonsnooze: YAYO JONES MangoI: TriHard GIMMIE gorillabrillin: YAYO JONES Wazkyr: Making fun of stutter FeelsBadMan LaFlamaBlanca10: Pppppppp poor ape dealerofhappystuff: YAYO YAYO oliveeeer1: BBBBBBB BibleThump JustinGamez: rape gang bomb__dude12: B-B-B-B BibleThump B-B-B-B BibleThump B-B-B-B BibleThump dekappatater92: B-B-B-BibleThump tehonlyninja: KKona PpPpPpPpPpPpPpPpPpPpOpO: LuL 7_years_: LUL ogturbojohnson: LUL rapha3st: OMEGALUL Coconutdt: LuL snipersaito: FeelsBadMan GulatiTV: b-b-b-b- BibleThump K_F_C__M_A_N_A_G_E_R: DansGame Raburn: LUL faarrgo: ttttttttttttttttttttt voltickxd: B-B-B-B-B-B BbleThump NyZtan0: OMEGALUl wKRY: I I I IF IF immortalxl: C-C-C--C-C-C-C-CCOMBO BREAKER NyZtan0: OMEGALUL Bluetindol: I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I StrangeZak: monkaS Pisquared: LUL LUL; forjat19: monkaS what gantonko: I I I I IF Lemons3_14: B-B-B-B- BibleThump WorsTToMention: B-B-B-B-B BibleThump telemuuu: iiiii PpPpPpPpPpPpPpPpPpPpOpO: LUL LUL LUL Theonemanny: Y-y-y-y-your lagging Lowriderer: Brain laggggg Meg94: LuL Norrik: LUL kahunaburg3r: MANUAL BREATHING monkaS Zorkwins: monkaS Raburn: YYYYYY YOUR youngsachi: yyyyyyyyy j_daisley: Lmaooooo bantu88: STUTTER JONES LuL ibeenting: blackpeoplemeet dot com Blitzkragen: YYYYYY YOUR LAGGINF n0sou1: Lol DarcyTheKid: about twitch chat Trixylol: HAHAHAHA Wazkyr: RIP MITCH Ienjoitop: twich chat is important because TopKleare: Brainlag shadowofakuma: IRL DDOS monkaS mecabeat: Mentally dis-APE-aled east_la_cx: HOTTED STAHP DDOS'ing HIS BRAIN WutFace ErlacherPit: when did mitch become a hipster monkaS Zomow: @Xymos monkaS timbergstrom: Nice seeing you hanging out with the homies LewLamTV: LUL Mind_ifi_roll_weed: SHOW THE GIRLS PUSSY :rage: 300iceman12: TriHard Aquagasm: LuL MangoI: cmonBruh amzkeh: TriHard 🍌 qlimax36: TriHard Yoshei22: TriHard janitory: haHAA digbickwarrior: TriHard WhackASmack1: TriHard Lowriderer: you were talking how good the chat issss OasisDesert: TriHard ape NyZtan0: cmonBruh east_la_cx: TriHard swang tehonlyninja: hottedPls Ienjoitop: it was about twitch chat Dearlove1: TriHard πŸ— bossmagnet: FUCKED ME gachiBASS Carkin_123: cmonBruh Gleucks: idk TopKleare: chubby grill Bluetindol: SCUFFED BRAIN LUL ofarrow: LUL LaFlamaBlanca10: Tell him he’s cross eyed wKRY: LOL b3ard13: T,,T,,T,,,TODAY JUNIOR! LyleVDR: autistic Bluetindol: AUTISM east_la_cx: chu mean cmonBruh?? unnortonsnooze: AUTISM VanDash14: SNEAK DISS shadowofakuma: hotted ddos monkaS madsevander: w.w.w..www.w..www when Hibarfoqe: MMMMMM YungMustafa: YOU WERE SAYING SOMETHINH ABOUT TWITCH STAFF youngsachi: OpieOP sneaky9000: MMMMMMMMMMM Aquagasm: PYAH gorillabrillin: ddosing his brain stutter BrokeBack dumb monkey CallingThePlug: LUL sycosnipes22: TWITCH chat is good when you have a proble@ Mind_ifi_roll_weed: EAT HER ASS :rage: NMPfan: amina amina amina bantu88: AMINA Khray: amina amina Bluetindol: AMINA aLAnM6o9: Whos the fat guy ya_boi_cman: haHAA Jones Pleb_Queen: amina kiosugii: AMINA AMINA AMINA Saganakicheese: Amina Amina NicodemiusX: ITS NOT FAKE Mind_ifi_roll_weed: :nerd_face: Saint_Ice: AMINA 7_years_: It was fake ElSenorPogChampo: What's with the hipster look? east_la_cx: monkaS Aquagasm: NO LUL WhackASmack1: AMINA Five_Head_xD: ITS REAL junpeey3: iiiiii itagas: yes boellehalm: yes 4_Head_: he-he-he Ezlex21: yes lv12paladin_btw: LuL Falqon0ne: LUL 4_Head_: yes Comitatvs: YES LIKE CRAZY ezmodio: Yes Da_Poe_Boy: expose him KingAxzel: d: ToEden: D: Aquagasm: monkaS CallingThePlug: ? Nyalol: dont.. ya_boi_cman: D: Falqon0ne: DO IT Vayne0000: D: ControlledMadnesss: - asshole mitch as usual 4_Head_: DONT Pisquared: DRAMA iLucky12: DO IT Andrex7744: mitch drama now! Weaklysuper: EXPOSE HIM sodaW GodlikeForehead: DRAMA PLEASE CLG_TAYLORSWIFT: DO IT YOU ALREADY STARTED CONTENT HOMIE 300iceman12: SAY IT PUSSY MuggyB: too late say it ToEden: SAY IT 😑 Famuzie: EXPOSE HIM FeelsGoodMan kiosugii: D: Rhaedax: monkaS voltickxd: DRAMA JONES amzkeh: SAY IT TriHard Spanker6666: SAY IT NicodemiusX: TriHard Gleucks: say it kahunaburg3r: SAY IT DansGame SHADOW_RAPTOR_: D: 7_years_: SAY IT TriHard BoskoSLO123: TriHard bossmagnet: LUL Zeekey: SAY IT SAY IT SAY IT SAY IT Bahabe1: cmonBruh Mind_ifi_roll_weed: SAY IT TriHard Clap NicodemiusX: Kappa ItsMeChippy: Funny btw haHAA BannedByReynadOn7Accounts: TriHard SAY IT madsevander: SAY IT TriHard MuggyB: sodaW sodaW sodaW wKRY: FUCK TARD Nyalol: D R A M A radicatex: WAIT WorsTToMention: SMALL DICK D: Whxspxr: NEW LEAF JONES Bluetindol: KKona r_a_r_e: ol harry potter lookin ass Mind_ifi_roll_weed: SAY IT FOR CONTENT TriHard Clap qlimax36: KKona Markisador: v reworm: S-S-s-s-s-ay it lv12paladin_btw: LuL MorberBot: LUL Beardislife: it looks so good youngsachi: say it TriHard FrinkerZ: @linuxnick Ditch has been live for 2 hours and 9 minutes. Mind_ifi_roll_weed: FOOTLOCKER TriHard Menza_: YOU LOOK FINE tehonlyninja: GET SOME YEEZYS KKona FCKING_TRIHARD: TriHard 7 TriHard 7 TriHard 7 wutangforev: shoes first DansGame amzkeh: HES GONNA SAY IT TriHard KushCity816: LuL The_Oceana: Your hair looks good. You are an idiot NicodemiusX: SaltyCorn Skazzie: sodaW Joochy: MITCH LOOKS GOOD NOW PogChamp ezmodio: GLASSES OFF sasauce321: SHOES east_la_cx: PogChamp Daniel_Hoops: YOU NEED JORDANS tyler1O Bluetindol: DansGame Pisquared: DansGame Falqon0ne: LOL Listenbub: he shit his pants earlier today LUL Zorkwins: gachiGASM tehonlyninja: (puke) BlackMood92: LUL diendah: smell his ass 😑 sarcasticlol: EN ENNENENENE ToEden: EXPOSED D: MEEHOYMIINOY: LOL γƒ˜γƒ©γ‚Έγ‚«θ‚‰: LuL MorberBot: sodaKKona Skazzie: sodaBB 7 Falqon0ne: DRAMA LUL kharr: LOL gorillabrillin: D: Full_Auto_77: D: Norrik: DansGame MEEHOYMIINOY: EXPOSED VonTawast: no shit LUL ibeenting: harry potter voltickxd: D: EXPOSED ezmodio: DRAMA JONES an0therduck : D: EXPOSED Carkin_123: D: Clap 0__l: EXPOSED D: Killstreeak: RIP sodas Career shadowofakuma: FAKE AND GAY KappaPride Lemons3_14: D: Aquagasm: EXPOSED D: FCKING_TRIHARD: EXPOSED D: EXPOSED D: EXPOSED D: EXPOSED D: EXPOSED D: EXPOSED D: EXPOSED D: WhackASmack1: D: gorillabrillin: D: D: D: theflyguy12: LUL Nirrta: I WATCHING HIM AND HE DIDN'T SHIT HIMSELF? UNSUBBED CallingThePlug: ???? WHO CARES BRUH LUL MarKsMaN91: gg Lowriderer: D: DystopianVillian : HERE WE GO AGAIN 7_years_: DRAMA LUL MorberBot: sodaPUKE nzsalamicake: wow shots fired - lets hug MangoI: DansGame NewGuyTy: so fucking what, he faked shitting himself? thats it? FailFish Andrex7744: drama drama drama woooo Konijn246: MITCH JONES EXPOSED LIAR! Fingim12: Start this Zorkwins: HotPokket faarrgo: exposed Imjustheretofap: BAG SHITTER CONFIRMED HorseBanker: DRAMA JONES Frostyworgz: Why is he with trainwreckz Ienjoitop: exposed peppelepeu909: yeah, you're definitely a boy MiyaYuie: D: exposed - unsubbed, undonated, unfollowed soda's fake kahunaburg3r: OMEGALUL Planetrox: SODAPOPPIN bomb__dude12: WHAT A RAT mitchRat mitchRat twofast2killm: Drama jones Konijn246: MITCH JONES EXPOSED LIAR!!!! darkvenomm: lol ToEden: ????? bossmagnet: LUL Lemons3_14: amazing Kappa Ienjoitop: soda poopin xJir: GRASSY KNOLL monkaS manofthedank: LUNA TWEET INC Lowriderer: Oswald holymacaroniii: flashing that ring Rulik0: LUL clogbloc: TriHard amzkeh: TriHard JFK PpPpPpPpPpPpPpPpPpPpOpO: LuL Demioch: TriHard Konijn246: MITCH JONES EXPOSED LIAR!!! Gentleman_Scrub: noun LUL Carkin_123: JFK'd TriHard sneaky9000: noun kek CKYlunatic: DID U SHIT IN A BAG? MorberBot: BUT NOW THAT LIE WAS FOR NOTHING ezmodio: NEW DRAMA Ienjoitop: lol NyZtan0: RAT JONES telemuuu: JFK TriHard Zombyx: What happened i just tuned in bossmagnet: JFK TriHard MorberBot: LUL Falqon0ne: fuck no Ienjoitop: theeeeeeeeeey best pres IFBANIVINZULUL: SNITCH HYPERBRUH caTaLdi1337: JFK WAS A DRUG ADDICT Trixylol: SHE ASKED, DID U SHIT IN BAG LMAO BannedByReynadOn7Accounts: JJJJ gorillabrillin: DONT HANG WITH NO SNITCHES OR RATS DatSheffy Lowriderer: RIP clogbloc: JFK ambdoexious : JFKd TriHard 7 MorberBot: TriHard Spanker6666: KEEP STUTTERING MITCH RETARD ibeenting: MingLee MingLee MingLee MingLee MingLee OpieOP OpieOP OpieOP OpieOP snipersaito: HE WAS ALPHA tentcow: EXPLAIN WHY YOU THINK HE IS ONE OF THE BEST PRESIDENTS @MitchJones clogbloc: D: shadowofakuma: monkaS ToEden: D: ItsMeChippy: JFK BibleThump iLucky12: D: ezmodio: DID U SHIT IN BAG? youngsachi: D: Carkin_123: LuL Boonting: D: cheese1511: greekBrow greekBrow greekBrow greekBrow greekBrow greekBrow greekBrow Falqon0ne: LOL stardazer: jfk got alot of pussy Ienjoitop: you got jfked OBTU: greekDiet greekDiet greekDiet greekDiet kahunaburg3r: ?????????? Carkin_123: D: dogerus_: ??????????????????????? Endoplasm: monkaS NicodemiusX: DONKEY KONG ARE YOU OK boellehalm: no Norrik: ???????????? ll_irogue: ?????? MuggyB: you got trumped Listenbub: SITTING ANDY LUL forsenhasahardon: ?????? MiyaYuie: sneak diss SpencerBtw: G-G-G-GREEKGODDED PogChamp ghos7dog: ?????????? ambdoexious : andy? Killstreeak: Sneak Diss Planetrox: LUL γƒ˜γƒ©γ‚Έγ‚«θ‚‰: LuL Mitz_DK: No it doesnt LOL Zomow: LuL Metroboominx: LuL Zoophorous: yes BannedByReynadOn7Accounts: SNEAK DISS JONES kahunaburg3r: SNEK DISSIN LUL faarrgo: fuktar 4_Head_: SHOTS ezmodio: SNEAK DISSING Daniel_Hoops: greekPride tyler1Pride Pisquared: SNEAK DISS TopKleare: grab tits uber3verywhere: EXPOSED MangoI: cmonBruh ? ToEden: TELL US 000000000000000000000cuck: I SAY IT TriHard unnortonsnooze: DRAMA JONES ezmodio: DRAMA JONES clogbloc: SAY WHAT cmonBruh Reippailija: ?????????? Falqon0ne: LUL Leinder: LULK Pixikk: IIIIIIIIII Metroboominx: ITITITTITITIT KalecTV: IT IT IT IT IT WAS Andrex7744: drama jones FeelsGoodMan Hibarfoqe: IIUUUUUT Roeltjaa: it it it it it it was vocalist5: EXOOSED aLAnM6o9: HAHAHAHHA i miss tyler1 Falqon0ne: Y I K E S saitoshinsengumi: that girl wants your D just ditch everyone else ya_boi_cman: Andy is like 60 and still having drama LUL dasmoo62: it it it it it it Carkin_123: LuL xJir: LuL kray101: whos teh girl with them? wKRY: LUL MorberBot: PogChamp Da_Poe_Boy: celeWat notice_me_OpieOP: ZULUL ZULUL ZULUL ZULUL chirvsy: celeWat owjestic: ST ST ST FujiFires: LuL basketjake: STARTING DRAMA AGAIN LUL faarrgo: iiiiiiii iii i i i ii i i i iii i i i iii iamuser17: WHALE kahunaburg3r: OMEGALUL MangoI: LUL ambdoexious : LUL CPU_INTENSIVE: OMEGALUL iLucky12: LUL immortalxl: LUL xJir: SAVAGE LuL KalecTV: WHERE WHERE WHERE Pisquared: D R A M A ChadMcAlphacock: analogy? cmonBruh django_unchained_: ?????? Mind_ifi_roll_weed: NIP SLIP gachiBASS TopKleare: crack ajr_tv: BRAIN SPLATTER ToEden: SNEAK DISS Blvdz: where where where? clogbloc: KKona RasseDaSmellin1: LUL kahunaburg3r: DUDE SUH CiGrip NetworkingGodx: haHAA MangoI: haHAA phrmxs: hahaha he lit Aetax: FUCKING NORMIES REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE naryuiswaifu: LOL Pewpewpewdot: lul PpPpPpPpPpPpPpPpPpPpOpO: LuL django_unchained_: KKona 's son MorberBot: sodaG sodaG sodaG Mind_ifi_roll_weed: NICE MULLET BROTHER KKona RasseDaSmellin1: KKona skwuahd: LOL kahunaburg3r: PogChamp ValidK: LUL ogturbojohnson: KKona Falqon0ne: ??????? TheFlameEd: LUL clogbloc: PedoBear Norrik: KKona Whxspxr: Kkona y'all MEEHOYMIINOY: tyler1IQ γƒ˜γƒ©γ‚Έγ‚«θ‚‰: 🐍 issa_ben: LMFAO kray101: WHOS TEH GIIIIRL? Dearlove1: PEDO JONES LUL immortalxl: THICC Mind_ifi_roll_weed: SHOW HER ASS :rage: Bluetindol: 17 legal in texas Legend420: RETARD SQUAD LUL ghos7dog: PedoBear Planetrox: THICC notoriousone991: hodor RasseDaSmellin1: H O D O R b_aDDERALL: 4Head 4Head 4Head Z0rXD: HODOR <3 vocalist5: Thik rngrngrng: PedoBear digbickwarrior: HODOR xKiki: HOOOODOOOOOOOOOR! POTATO_B0Y: THICC stensopp: LUL SurfBrah: WWWWWW ninosaur: Ape immortalxl: STUDERING LUL 7_years_: MingLee majin_loli: tyler not 6'1 confirmed LUL dbsniperog: damn this girl tho Mind_ifi_roll_weed: WHO DAT Kreygasm eseekeeetit: ape cucking Wowee monkaS MorberBot: LIES POTATO_B0Y: THICC / Ienjoitop: thicc Imjustheretofap: Damn tits MangoI: cmonBruh amzkeh: BigBrother an0therduck : BigBrother Aquagasm: BigBrother wKRY: TYLER1 Metroboominx: TYLER1 qlimax36: TYLER1 Imjustheretofap: Mira Xendri: OMEGALUL PpPpPpPpPpPpPpPpPpPpOpO: LuL ItsMeChippy: HODOR SHOW HER ASS 😑 janitory: LuL cowCOWcow: D: D: D: Mind_ifi_roll_weed: WHO IS THE GIRL? Kreygasm nothingheresir: BigBrother 7 IamAdamP: tyler1H1 tyler1H2 snipersaito: BETA Non_Social: Tyler1 WorsTToMention: LOL watchmegetcuckdbymira1: LMFAO east_la_cx: BigBrother ?? based_nicky: tyler1H1 tyler1H2 Ienjoitop: lol NyZtan0: SAVED Kappa anonr3vy: tyler SupDeejay: No lat syndrome Ahdharr: LUL Dan_Gugly: Cx wKRY: Cx Mind_ifi_roll_weed: CHOLOS filip3lop3s: is that mira? RasseDaSmellin1: T H I C C wKRY: ARM THING Cx ofarrow: Cx janitory: monkaS Daftpunk420: cx MrKennz: PedoBear Metroboominx: Cx ofarrow: monkaS Ahdharr: squadW squadW squadW squadW squadW squadW immortalxl: thicc lCLipZ: MILF Finn311: THICC Bodarian: T H I C C 0__l: alexU_U hella thicc Kreygasm Planetrox: Cx Carkin_123: ANELE kReEdZaa: Cx shadowofakuma: LEECH <3 Parasinus47: FUCKING HELL Pixikk: THIC triggidy1: why get a haircut, you hair looks good Fcuks1: N-N-N-n i g Mind_ifi_roll_weed: WHATS HER INSTA? Kreygasm treadstoneopzzz: T H I C C notmyfirst: G R O S S Eyther72: BACK ARCH, ASS OUT Kreygasm Pewpewpewdot: THICC macna1: BUDGET KYLIE LuL Watersmith: BRODOR PogChamp Ambron13: THICCCCCC Bringing_Sxxxy_Back: BIG KNOCKERS BlackMood92: LORDOSIS monkaS kReEdZaa: F A T T kussssin: IM LATE WHO IS THE BITCH dasmoo62: FAT TITS Kreygasm FAT ASS Kreygasm issa_ben: mitch actually lookin good Menza_: WHOS THE GIRL? smknbroccoli: f g t Vayne0000: HOLY SHIT SHE IS BAD majin_loli: USA body fat % LUL cheese1511: B U T T E R F A C E MrKennz: KappaPride vocalist5: Dance baby MangoI: KappaPride Non_Social: Big kahooters uhhgrim: Shes fine af notice_me_OpieOP: APPLE ZULUL buttsteak123: LMAO THIS GUY CallingThePlug: WTF Soda_love_you_KappaPride: THICCS KappaPride notice_me_OpieOP: APPLE ZULUL APPLE ZULUL APPLE ZULUL APPLE ZULUL Falqon0ne: ????? Danneborger: KappaPride FleetwoodVibe: KappaPride McCormickk: KappaPride east_la_cx: MingLee Robobz: KappaPride cordibiss: D: πŸ’¨ PpPpPpPpPpPpPpPpPpPpOpO: KappaPride ReaLqxz: KappaPride MEEHOYMIINOY: monkaS DJ_Y4SSIN: LuL eras25: KappaPride Leinder: WutFace Bufnug: ??? d0mr: normie DansGame alrealre: no video games ? hypermatic: 21 SAVAGE Laypack: NORMIEEEEEEEEEEE majin_loli: what a fucking loser LUL owjestic: 21 TriHard Hibarfoqe: KappaPride KappaPride antrill: NORMIE DansGame RestInPizzuh: When did Mitch get a haircut Planetrox: YES east_la_cx: KappaPride MangoI: KappaPride MEEHOYMIINOY: KappaPride Metroboominx: LOOOL Youpist: LuL vvthraxvv: looked at his dick LuL MrKennz: LUL east_la_cx: D: Crvnky: KappaPride SaltyShanker: KappaPride ezmodio: KappaPride MangoI: SCRIPTED KappaPride Calypso4cro: KappaPride LOL rapha3st: KappaPride TUUBAFTW: LUL Robobz: KappaPride Clap ambdoexious : KISS HIM scatman93: HAHAHHAHAHA alrealre: EYES LuL PpPpPpPpPpPpPpPpPpPpOpO: HAHAHAHA digbickwarrior: LUL ambdoexious : KISSS HIM SupDeejay: 10 seconds boellehalm: LOL KoziRekt: LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL BlastomaHD: KappaPride Robobz: gachiBASS NyZtan0: KappaPride Zeekey: KappaPride Warogency: KappaPride af Myronlafleur: LUL cordibiss: ??????????????????????? rapha3st: LMAO KappaPride MangoI: KappaPride PpPpPpPpPpPpPpPpPpPpOpO: LuL Motherfunked: SO KappaPride LUL γ…œγ€‡δΉ‚ε·₯γ„· : LMAOO wKRY: LOL Whxspxr: lmao.... ub1_: KappaPride scrapir: cringe Madsdensejehomie: LUL wet_meme: PogChamp maybe Alumpymoose: PogChamp vocalist5: KISSSSSS LuciferSpirt: gachiBASS Brenin: MAYBE PogChamp Metroboominx: KappaPride django_unchained_: KappaPride Clap scrapir: lol Z0rXD: xD MrKennz: ITS KRAIG LUL tov78: PogChamp imnotdonald: KappaPride an0therduck : LUL Pewpewpewdot: LOL WhackASmack1: WALK gvbuy: CONFIDENCE BOOST Jeffro876: half a mile uber??? faarrgo: WTF pomfnyan: LUL Go7denheart: Mitch just gave that dude his number LUL LUL LUL escorpiao1999: gay magnet hoodedpriest: THATS NORMAL IN NA NotVanetti: LUL leftyy95: brownshirts LUL Parasinus47: LOUDER PLEASE NickJSCS: cmonBruh Joelyboyy: craig Asum? Carkin_123: cmonBruh ambdoexious : cmonBruh Mind_ifi_roll_weed: TriHard IS NOW BANNED Ienjoitop: he was gay yeah i know haha NotVanetti: FINGER BLASTER LUL KrisWithaK_: LuL Wazkyr: 800 meters needs a cab LuL americans Flappell: Craig PogChamp wKRY: LOL Tha_Riddler: Looking good = gay LUL eu plebs nothingheresir: TriHard ? theflyguy12: LUL amzkeh: cmonBruh Crvnky: g-g-g-g-g-g-g-gi-give wKRY: Bald spot Kappa Mind_ifi_roll_weed: LOL fabsmoggy: NORMIE MITCH amzkeh: graphBruh HOL UP.. pomfnyan: rude 😑 IGonzalez_: cmonBruh an0therduck : dont say it chat TriHard KrisWithaK_: cmonBruh I SAW IT Hoodoo420: BALD SPOT Blvdz: Zelda PogChamp amzkeh: I SEEN THAT graphBruh shadowofakuma: LEECH <3 kahunaburg3r: cmonBruh NotVanetti: LUL RenoSampson: TriHard Vex4ge: monkaS LegionKS: lmao connect4god: yo what was that cmonBruh TeeZeEeee: andre the giant amzkeh: STOP @ ING IT graphBruh Talason: ape nation cordibiss: LMFAO Mind_ifi_roll_weed: 1 alrealre: 1 MuggyB: 1 Vex4ge: haHAA Clap qtzie: 2 Haydal: 2 an0therduck : JUST CLEAN IT UP IFBANIVINZULUL: 2 SteveJohnsonMclark: 1 Shyran: 1 BlackMood92: 1 LewLamTV: 111 Pixikk: 1 MaxJorgen: 1 narmis7: 1 1 Deltharis: 2 Fixxine: 2 LSSAH88: 111111111111 dealerofhappystuff: 11 j_daisley: 1 Bringing_Sxxxy_Back: 1 Mitzki: 22222222222 LSSAH88: 111111111111111111111111111111111111 thelordhimselfxd: 11111111111111111111111111111111111 Menza_: 222222 LewLamTV: 111111111111 ambdoexious : LOL richestmaninla22: 22222222222222222222222222 ChickenLP: monkaS Joep4441: LUL LUL LUL UL NickJSCS: 1111111111111111111111 unnortonsnooze: 22222222222222 vandarmia: 1 Ahdharr: 2222222222 7_years_: LUL qlimax36: LuL jacobjones123: 1111111111111111111111 richestmaninla22: 2222222222222222222222222222 hoje_tv: 222 Vex4ge: WTF monkaS BlackMood92: 11111111111111111 masterpce: 111111111111111111111 Feels_Birthday_Man: walk???? MiyaYuie: walk reworm: 22222222222222222222 macna1: ??? CallingThePlug: THICCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC NotVanetti: WALKING LUL Vex4ge: WALK RETARDED KID johnnnnny2: BARBER SHOP Mind_ifi_roll_weed: WHATS HER INSTA I NEED TO MASTURBATE :rage: amzkeh: HALF A MILE???? LUL LAZY FUCK LUL hiitsnick1: HALF A MILE!?!?! Epiffanie: Rofl rapha3st: SourPls KanjAQ: Half a mile is nothing Ryutt: Β²2222Β²Β²Β²Β²22222222Β²Β²Β²Β²Β²2Β²Β²2222 reimmi2012: WutFace mamzylul: its half a mile cordibiss: GAY MUSIC IamAdamP: llike a 5 minute walk LuL skwuahd: hottedPls hottedPls hottedPls hottedPls hottedPls hottedPls ninosaur: SourPls Fredde253: MitchPls Falqon0ne: KKona Clap badseedz3: That’s like 4 blocks lol an0therduck : KKona richestmaninla22: GAY MUSIC KrisWithaK_: KKona CallingThePlug: ????? adoaihoif: half a mile take a car thats so far away :o ItsMeChippy: PETA BibleThump Kimack: 1mile is like 12mins theflyguy12: KKona Vex4ge: monkaS chirvsy: KKona get in the back brother ChickenDipper123: this music (puke) fabsmoggy: BALDING petrocky: !uptime FrinkerZ: @petrocky Ditch has been live for 2 hours and 19 minutes. Vex4ge: BALD LUL BEZA93: HEADMEAT GANG TheSummonedLemon: ape is here bye ResidentSleeper lexolino: 2 eseekeeetit: haircut :rage: 300iceman12: ResidentSleeper Hesston911: LUL cordibiss: rap EleGiggle J0J0M0J0: both LUL Blvdz: U NotVanetti: NA LUL bomb__dude12: jay walking D: Lemons3_14: both OMEGALUL Xendri: both ilovetoy: Who is this girl Falqon0ne: OMEGALUL theflyguy12: Both LUL Tommekas: Dirty glasses RestInPizzuh: @AYDRIAN_ haHAA shadowofakuma: haHAA Aquagasm: LEECH Xymos: haHAA bantu88: PedoBear ambdoexious : 15 Boonting: PedoBear Zeekey: wasssup Eyther72: monkaS Losin_Control: RUN Coconutdt: RUN TORTUGA__: 15 Witch_King_of_Angmar_: WTF Lowriderer: pussy qlimax36: PedoBear Joep4441: HEY GIRLS PedoBear Clap Mathisen_97: LOOOL Jukemasterhey: dude ther 15 them11ke: LUL uhhgrim: RUBNNNNNN tpk169: PedoBear vocalist5: PEDO buttsteak123: LMAO WTF WhackASmack1: PEDO Vex4ge: RUN monkaS JBtwitchtv: u fucking mongoloid Tobbs941: FailFish bomb__dude12: WutFace ambdoexious : WTFF TheIronFister: LOL LazyBunnyCx: LUL Mitzki: monkaS faarrgo: PEDOBEARR MTheGuy: screaming haHAA NyZtan0: LuL apichumain: haHAA 0__l: monkaS WOAH PedoBear monkaS WOAH PedoBear notfaketaco: LOL WarDevotion: LOL Penguinpower93: LUL MorberBot: sodaC Themessias1001: monkaS rngrngrng: PedoBear Clap PedoBear Clap PedoBear Clap PedoBear Clap Falqon0ne: KappaPride coholy: LUL Laypack: LuL Newname_5: LUL 21chromez: PedoBear Liqweedy: mitch is such a bitch lol Vex4ge: LUL Comitatvs: LOOOOOL Rulik0: WutFace WutFace WutFace phrmxs: TRUE Romanzes: W OMEGALUL A H TORTUGA__: yikes kharr: LOL bomb__dude12: she actually did look like kelsey LuL kharr: LOOOOL buttsteak123: THIS GUY Daurennn: LUUUUUUUUUUUUUL bicboiiLUL: OMEGALUL ambdoexious : LOLL lunnex: retard Tiga93: you suck LuL Rhaedax: PEDO JONES STRIKES AGAIN LUL NotVanetti: LMASO kahunaburg3r: haHAA Clap INC wet_meme: 69 BrokeBack Laypack: what's 10 + 10? haHAA Blvdz: LOOOOOL Vex4ge: monkaS CALLERS monkaS MrKennz: NO LUL east_la_cx: KASS Kreygasm MangoI: cmonBruh bomb__dude12: KASSI 😑 Lemons3_14: Kappa // wet_meme: lol theflyguy12: LUL Planetrox: KASSI retgektm8: STOP SAYING PEOPLE LOOK LIKE OTHER PEOPLE shadowofakuma: VLOG haHAA narmis7: monkaS monkaS monkaS OT9LoL: haHAA TRAINWRECKZ haHAA TRAINWRECKZ vhaHAA TRAINWRECKZhaHAA TRAINWRECKZ haHAA imnotdonald: SCRIPTED LUL SCRIPTED LUL SCRIPTED LUL SCRIPTED LUL SCRIPTED LUL EveryoneDiesAlone: LOL snipersaito: TRIGGERED Zeekey: have a good vlog LUL aleksso: MORE AUTISTIC THAN TYLER1 LUL MrKennz: y-y-y-y-y Rasco_Fordring: forsenGun haHAA BTW DarcyTheKid: whats with comparing every single girl LUL DrowzyJ: I saw it Rasco_Fordring: forsenGun haHAA BTW . missedlethalatblizzcon: PEDO JONES guro22: yyyyy Rasco_Fordring: forsenGun haHAA BTW . SmygeMannen: mitchBarry BEZA93: Assburgers ghos7dog: LUL bicboiiLUL: D: NickJSCS: @kray101 k dood we get it haHAA ItsMeChippy: VLOG NORMIE REEEEEEEEE ambdoexious : she did xJir: Kreygasm KELSEY Kreygasm Vex4ge: LUL iLucky12: she did Tiga93: she did LuL kahunaburg3r: LUL waveyLive: OMEGALUL shadowofakuma: PedoBear bape_ruth: Who's the fat boy SteveJohnsonMclark: SHE DID LUL nokutous: she did Zorkwins: PedoBear HypaholicUK: who is the girl in the back? LuciferSpirt: PedoBear 300iceman12: Cx SykaPlyat: forsenD MuggyB: gg\ rapha3st: LMAO what_it_do_hehehe: TriHard Clap jayhuang123: LMAO qlimax36: PedoBear Pixikk: LUL tha_wicked: whos the fat pig in the back SteveJohnsonMclark: 60 LUL phanDAR: KappaPride brickface1: gachiBASS JAIL aqua_a2: TriHard RenoSampson: Cx TheWipp_: you'd get so raped in jail jesus christ SoapApra: TriHard Coconutdt: you two are a good combo Hibarfoqe: what a dumbfuck LUL xJir: she did Kreygasm Vex4ge: monkaS shadowofakuma: TriHard HugeDonger69: PedoBear Clap majin_loli: TriHard immortalxl: Trihard Bluetindol: HeyGuys what_it_do_hehehe: TriHard MingLee Andrex7744: WutFace TENMINUTEDAYS: cmonBruh Ienjoitop: bastard LewLamTV: TriHard MingLee burning91: OH SHIET TriHard kharr: LOLOLOLOLOL PpPpPpPpPpPpPpPpPpPpOpO: LuL Dearlove1: RACIST JONES LUL vocalist5: Cute NewMarketingAdvisor: LUL diendah: oh no Carkin_123: cmonBruh MangoI: cmonBruh vocalist5: Racist nothingheresir: PedoBear Daurennn: LUL Ezlex21: TriHard MorberBot: KAWAII Pasloo: cmonBruh poisoned_blueberry: ttttttt TheIronFister: LOL watchmegetcuckdbymira1: LMFAO Joep4441: TriHard Clap buttsteak123: LOOOOOOOOL MuggyB: scam Carkin_123: LuL LazyBunnyCx: TriHard Hesston911: HeyGuys notice_me_OpieOP: HeyGuys phrmxs: 12 btw horros27: KIRI LUL janitory: PedoBear Mfwautismo: DITCH TAYKEESHA TriHard lexolino: ???????????? shadowofakuma: PedoBear BlackMood92: TriHard MingLee Dearlove1: PedoBear Planetrox: DAMN nbpeu: TriHard TriHard TriHard TriHard TriHard ghos7dog: PedoBear Clap MorberBot: PunOko Mandible8564: BigBrother cordibiss: cmonBruh BlastomaHD: ?????????? hiimchrislol: RUN Joep4441: haHAA ninosaur: VoHiYo Joep4441: haHAA OMG rapha3st: LMAO J0J0M0J0: TYLER ACTAULLY A PedoBear L O l theflyguy12: MingLee TriHard darkvenomm: OMG LOL FreeStylerFC: TRAINWRECKS KYS Buliarz: haHAA sneaky9000: W-W-W- We are not creeps rawtaco69: THEY ARE SO EMBARASSING Novath_Cx: NOOO WorsTToMention: LEECH Lawrieee: uh no digbickwarrior: LEECH sunflowers__: LOOL sarcasticlol: TriHard FCK NO MATE SzGamerr: NORMIE REEEEEEEEEEE Yoshei22: Nooooo kiosugii: TriHard ? Fptlol: TriHard ogturbojohnson: LUL no LUL anonr3vy: 14 btw conqoror: lets go boys TriHard MEEHOYMIINOY: tyler1Toxic Theawesomepossum3: LEECH LuL vocalist5: NO Bluetindol: GAYMERS linkmax25: Cx Lemons3_14: NotLikeThis Zorkwins: LOL TwaT Losin_Control: TriHard issa_ben: ??????????? Vyrken: haHAA Ryuze: wtf Liquidasss: LUL punkey: GAYMER HappyEggrollTV: LUL Ahdharr: CRINGE bicboiiLUL: TriHard Clap aLAnM6o9: agreed Rasco_Fordring: forsenGun haHAA BTW forsenGun haHAA BTW forsenGun haHAA BTW MorberBot: rippppppp ninosaur: TRUE leto_at: TriHard YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO BOYS the_real_razen: We hate LEECHES cordibiss: SHREKT Ezlex21: f wKRY: TRU NotVanetti: GAMERS LUL Falqon0ne: LOL Aquagasm: PedoBear POLITE_UGANDAN_WITH_AK47: GIVE CAMERA TO DR HEADMEAT :rage: rage Psycho_Babydoll: i found waldo! notfaketaco: l0l cordibiss: PogChamp MangoI: LUL Aquagasm: LuL MrKennz: PAUL BLART punkey: TRU Hoodoo420: THE LAW rngrngrng: KKona Clap bicboiiLUL: MALL COPS KKona Vex4ge: monkaS snipersaito: RUN logouttrs: LOL MorberBot: lmfao guro22: FAT GUY HASNT SPOKEN IN TWO HOURS ListeningDreams: Who is the girl with Mitch ? bomb__dude12: ??? POLITE_UGANDAN_WITH_AK47: GIVE CAMERA TO DR HEADMEAT cordibiss: SHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA leftyy95: STAR TORY LMAO xxxexile: STAR TORY ambdoexious : STOY TORY midnightslip: STAR TORY viiliaivo: i FocaliseD: AUTIST wet_meme: Star Wars? NotVanetti: OMFG lv12paladin_btw: KKona watchmegetcuckdbymira1: LMFAOOO STAR TORY AlexMilonas1211: LUL WorsTToMention: STOY TORY LUL Ahdharr: STOY TORY looooooool bicboiiLUL: Cx TriHard Willectro: STAR TORY sunflowers__: yup MorberBot: sodaC uhhgrim: cx Paddy2910: Cx Willectro: Cx ListeningDreams: fucking in your car? WorsTToMention: STOY ROY WhackASmack1: Cx PAUL_SHEKELSTEIN_DENINO: YES Bluetindol: fuckin in my car KappaPride them11ke: yep Aetax: yep TriHard Cx MK677: KappaPride YEEAEAA Stydevz: Cx HappyEggrollTV: CONTENT HOMIE bicboiiLUL: I MEMBER PepeHands macna1: Cx PUBG_SoundGuy: CX MorberBot: content Eviq: Cx T3kn1k4L: Cx MrKennz: LUL Novath_Cx: rip chat monkaS WorsTToMention: UNDERBOOB JONES MK677: KappaPride MAKING OUT WITH ICE IN THE CAR TheFlameEd: monkaS Knightrain: gachiBASS Legend420: RETARD SQUAD LUL klogger: 3rd floor YO mall cop ambdoexious : boob stream bicboiiLUL: monkaSSS XxKoJi: KISSED ICE KappaPride uhhgrim: WE ARE ACTUALLY KIND OF STUPID LUL ninosaur: <3 basketjake: Moobs Jones LUL Paddy2910: <3 lycianshadow: <3 WhackASmack1: <3 HypaholicUK: whos the girl? IamAdamP: <3 Mylo4th: Skrillex jones LUL digbickwarrior: <3 MakeMeCrazy123: <3 Kerxz: <3 Maxirein: <3 kussssin: IM LATE WHO IS THE GIRL WhackASmack1: <3 .. an0therduck : <3 Crvnky: <3 nothingheresir: PAUL DENINO TriHard ghos7dog: <3 stensopp: <3 Falqon0ne: LUL Ienjoitop: HAHHAHAHA MrKennz: LOL VitaminCereal: he hasn't said a word NotVanetti: OMFG Metroboominx: LOL TENMINUTEDAYS: OMEGALUL wKRY: LOL bicboiiLUL: monkaS maraws: LUL shadowofakuma: LuL bicboiiLUL: monkaOMEGA Coconutdt: LuL FlavoredShotgun: LuL LazyBunnyCx: LUL AnthonySo1337: ok sorry xJir: ALPHA AF LuL sophisticatedgaming291a11: LOL Fptlol: LUYL YatokamiSenpai: WHOOOO IS THIS GIRL niNjaCooK1e: is that fandy ? reckW forsenSheffy Crvnky: haHAA coolio231: ALPHA OBTU: @ListeningDreams fandy bicboiiLUL: GUCCI PagChomp Clap sapphiroth: shoes DoVoN: @ListeningDreams fandy Mylo4th: Skrillex Jones LUL Skrillex Jones LUL Shinobixxx: LUL Poprox1: I remember PpPpPpPpPpPpPpPpPpPpOpO: LuL Stydevz: Cx TriHard Mylo4th: Skrillex Jones LUL Skrillex Jones LUL Skrillex Jones LUL shanevapid: this girl is fkn fine nothingheresir: PvP in 2017 LuL the_real_razen: GUCCI PogChamp soulknight_tv: LuL aLAnM6o9: lol Zorkwins: LOL Fcuks1: THESE NERDS THINKING ASKING A QUESTION AND BEING LOUD MAKES YOU ALPHA LuL TENMINUTEDAYS: BETA OMEGALUL soulknight_tv: LuL LuL LuL LuL LuL LuL LuL LuL taxi_jimmy: LUL Thybain: FUCK YOU TRAINWRECKZ APE Bluetindol: BETA JONES TENMINUTEDAYS: forsen1 forsen2 JBtwitchtv: beta btw FROSS8: forsenD Mind_ifi_roll_weed: FREEDOM TriHard vocalist5: CALLERS soulknight_tv: SPAM TriHard HypaholicUK: whos the girl chat? Thybain: TRAINWRECKZ BETA APE Anatrus: forsenD rngrngrng: ANELE ? Onyd243: Mitch calls pika washed but Mitch hasn't been glad or r1 since cata linkmax25: 😑 EAT HER ASS 😑 TENMINUTEDAYS: forsenD django_unchained_: 😑 nomanz is only good rogue 😑 7tenCx: @Thybain you ok there bud cmonBruh MrKennz: HODOR TheJohnPanther: forsen1 ScottyLJn: monkaSSS FROSS8: forsen3 forsen4 Zorkwins: HE TALKS D: xJir: <3 ambdoexious : hodor is dead sneaky9000: Stealin FlavoredShotgun: mitch fix scuffed hair hotpissX: PAN ON HER THICC ASS yowutm8: SHOESSSS Roeltjaa: he does care FeelsBadMan ShuriStr: forsen1 forsen2 Falqon0ne: THICC Havaalanina: HODOR <3 boellehalm: FILM HER ASS WhackASmack1: Kreygasm soapyOP: HODOR FeelsGoodMan Clap Floooofi: HODOR IS BRODOR CallingThePlug: THIIIICCCCC J0J0M0J0: respect for Hodor TriHard 7 WhackASmack1: gachiBASS Zeekey: SIDE BOOB PogChamp Whxspxr: hodor is the mvp aBlowfish: hold the door Trixylol: LMAO Theawesomepossum3: 😑 EAT HER ASS 😑 Lawrieee: j o b d Waybastion: more to the left gachiGASM Lemons3_14: back WutFace MorberBot: sodaHi FeelsBadManRIP: T H I C C gachiBASS Clap CHEATTZ: forsenEmote Vex4ge: direnanil Clap ν˜•μ‚¬: DansGame sneaky9000: Low shot hodor sawy3r1: WutFace Coconutdt: BLUE DansGame CHEATTZ: forsenEmote <3 xJir: DansGame alrealre: HotPocket voltickxd: BLUE DansGame Falqon0ne: 4Head thelordhimselfxd: LESBIAN STREAMER shadowofakuma: KappaPride an0therduck : BLUE BibleThump πŸ’™ Mind_ifi_roll_weed: :nerd_face: Superherobear: LuL NormiesOut: 4Head Clap oh_okayy: Ohhh lookin good today mitch StrangeZak: I WAS EATING DansGame the_real_razen: i was eating DansGame Vex4ge: direnanil normiesOUT MrKennz: D: TENMINUTEDAYS: forsenE FeelsBadManRIP: SAW ASS IN MIRROR gachiBASS Clap TheJohnPanther: ALL MALE SECTION gachiBASS rapha3st: OMEGALUL WaterMelonKing_: YES Bluetindol: KappaPride NormiesOut: @Vex4ge cmonBruh Mind_ifi_roll_weed: monniScam ambdoexious : D: MrKennz: SCAMAZ what_it_do_hehehe: KappaPride Chaduu: WutFace Comitatvs: WutFace dbsniperog: RUDE sailhatan321: ????????????????? Vex4ge: buy it Dogsarecool698: LUL maraws: LUL MorberBot: steal it TriHard BEZA93: Buy it Hoodoo420: SLIPPERS LUL soulknight_tv: MoP MrKennz: RICEGUM LUL an0therduck : LUL TENMINUTEDAYS: OMEGALUL Erazu: LuL sneaky9000: LuL Comitatvs: LUL Carkin_123: LuL AnthonySo1337: LMFAO linkmax25: MINE NOW KalecTV: VOLDEMORT BlackMood92: LUL LULUL LUL LUL LUL the_real_razen: shots fired lul jorvelitso: rude jones Pisquared: D R A M A django_unchained_: LuL dealerofhappystuff: WITH CHANCE MONEY LUL KingAImond: WHOSE THE GIRL 7_years_: thats why its empty aqua_a2: Not anymore LuL nononplus: It was made by school kids for charity FeelsBadMan Ryuze: you could make that lol amzkeh: True LUL Coconutdt: LuL alrealre: scammaz Rhaedax: MONEYS TIGHT LUL WorsTToMention: 90.0 LUL 07mobile: Someone chargin 900 TheJohnPanther: FREE IN MY MIND TriHard Clap cmiplays: RICEGUM LUL PantyHuffer: DUDE IS WORSE THAN BURGERPLANET..... cmonBruh TriHard Falqon0ne: TriHard PantyHuffer: DUDE IS WORSE THAN BURGERPLANET..... cmonBruh Stydevz: BLACK? cmonBruh Honzaik: MingLee NotVanetti: cmonBruh bomb__dude12: D: MarrymeOpticJewel: whos the girl J0J0M0J0: W O A H Caprious: OH SHIT PantyHuffer: DUDE IS WORSE THAN BURGERPLANET..... cmonBruh cmonBruh CallingThePlug: LMFAO majin_loli: roasted SaltyShanker: MingLee SHIEEEET NIBA ogturbojohnson: haHAA tentcow: SNEAK DISS JONES spilledbooz: WOW Milchvogel: :( Hoodoo420: LUL Lowriderer: irrelevanttttr ninosaur: THAT MALL IS SICK kn0ble: PogChamp SteveJohnsonMclark: Sneak diss Pixikk: LUL Jullex: good angle Kreygasm Ahlick: DRAMA amzkeh: YOUTUBERS haHAA ICE BTW haHAA django_unchained_: Cx linkmax25: Kreygasm Dogsarecool698: Cx Killstreeak: Sneak Dissing ICE Picsaul: MITCHJONES DISSTRACK PogChamp Ienjoitop: SNEAK DISSIN MEEHOYMIINOY: SCRIPTED CONFIRMED shadowofakuma: ANELE an0therduck : SNEAK DISS LUL SaltyShanker: MingLee LACIST NIBA MangoI: TriHard FindTheArise: how is she walking with those MEEHOYMIINOY: "SKIT" CONFIRMED SCRIPTED Lawrieee: SNEAK DISS reckW Daurennn: Cx Jullex: 😑 SHOW ASS 😑 😑 SHOW ASS 😑 😑 SHOW ASS 😑 larsN_tv: jeaolus LUL nononplus: Yes man Losin_Control: lol WorsTToMention: AHAHA shadowofakuma: LuL Caprious: LUL Stydevz: gachiBASS Caprious: gachiBASS macna1: Cx Liquidasss: LUL xJir: SHE TURNED OMEGALUL FujiFires: ISN'T THAT THE STORE MITCH SKATEBOARDED THROUGH? bicboiiLUL: gachiGASM sneaky9000: Grab that booty TriHard ItsMeChippy: THICCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC 07mobile: She lolled soundofs: TriHard Enchili: forsen3 forsen4 QUOTE_IF_BROKEN_RECORD: why does her asscrack go so high bicboiiLUL: forsen1 forsen2 TENMINUTEDAYS: forsen1 forsen2 ninosaur: shes still cute richeyjr: @FujiFires yea on his stomache bicboiiLUL: forsen3 forsen4 tpk169: fandy @ Danielkonoha: SHOPPING STREAM :( 7_years_: STFU huntrenn: @Immortal Thank you orgest: @immortal cmonBruh ReaLqxz: @QUOTE_IF_BROKEN_RECORD ASSCRACK XDD LuL Danielkonoha: CUT IT SHORTER FlavoredShotgun: buy jeans already PantyHuffer: DUDE IS WORSE THAN BURGERPLANET..... cmonBruh cmonBruh Dearlove1: @Immortal LUL Tha_Riddler: LUL chat thinking thats her ass crack PantyHuffer: DUDE IS WORSE THAN BURGERPLANET..... cmonBruh Recinius: this isnt japan LUL FeelsBadManRIP: LOAFERS PagChomp Burstatily: atleast she looks better than asian girls Discohorse_: his hair look good now Latepoppins: LOWER ninosaur: good soundofs: SHOW ASS Falqon0ne: YES fabsmoggy: Cx digbickwarrior: @marrymeopticjewel fandy ambdoexious : yes BlackMood92: FILM ASS TAYLOR yowutm8: APE WALS LIKE APE Danielkonoha: SHORTER engulcykel: short hair jones KappaPride MarrymeOpticJewel: @digbickwarrior ??? punkey: SONYD COSPLAY Eyther72: NEW SHOES 😑 vocalist5: BALD Khray: new shoes Jemsoun: wtf is wrong with her back LUL Danielkonoha: TOP NEEDS TO BE SHORTER tentoes_down: Chat dont be rude :rage: hsh1337: Γ‚SSHOLE IN BACK LUL Lemons3_14: whats wrong with her back WutFace alexU_U: Immortal how you get that name wutangforev Maxed_Poopsie: WHATS WITH THER BACK monkaS SteveJohnsonMclark: TAKE HIM TO BUY SHOES ninosaur: theres a chick behind you digbickwarrior: @marrymeopticjewel her name os fandy xplo_it: BALD SPOT rngrngrng: @Jemsoun fat iamuser17: ASS BACK ASS.BACK ASS BACK Dearlove1: @Immortal you shouldnt have backtracked LUL Andrex7744: WutFace CallingThePlug: DAT BACKCRACK LUL madynio: back crack LUL klown_act: WHY HER BACK LOOK LIKE THAT DansGame kiosugii: howSmug LUL ItsMeChippy: Get a new hair do FeelsGoodMan RyanAlwaysWins: TTD SMOrc immortalxl: LUL JamieGB: cady got a hole in her back SteveJohnsonMclark: NEW SHOES THOES ARE SLIPPERS Stydevz: Kappa snipersaito: LUL SAVAGE rapha3st: i think and hope its a tattoo StrawberryFlavorBleach: Mitch looks truly autistic now. mortredf: Kappa ambdoexious : VAMPIRE Kryzyk: BACK CRACK ambdoexious : quest vampire MarrymeOpticJewel: @digbickwarrior which is her BF??? DMiJET: QUEST COP Metroboominx: haHAA WaterMelonKing_: TriHard Frosty_Cupcake: forsenH Vlog shadowofakuma: VLOG haHAA Haraheta2: haHAA TENMINUTEDAYS: haHAA naryuiswaifu: That's what a back looks like you fucking virgins Imag1narySoldier: haHAA an0therduck : GOOD VIBES :) qlimax36: haHAA Laypack: vlog Crvnky: haHAA bomb__dude12: stream connect4god: vlog btw haHAA ninosaur: SAY VLOG nothingheresir: vlog haHAA Vex4ge: SEX TAPE Superherobear: SEX TAPE SmygeMannen: KappaPride snipersaito: youtuber soapyOP: D: ll_irogue: STREAM NotVanetti: say famous utouba ItsMeChippy: FeelsRageMan REEEEEEEEEE ark_lives_matter: mitch is such a closet case dbsniperog: LUL :D StrawberryFlavorBleach: D: oldage: documentary LUL MrKennz: Kappa Lawrieee: SAY YOU ARE FACE TIMING YOUR MUM gamblermast: @MitchJones 'private video for later review' xJir: DatSheffy / Aquagasm: LuL Fptlol: KappaPridew engulcykel: BETA Shorty_g: Kappa Danielkonoha: ??????????? StrawberryFlavorBleach: Kreygasm Imag1narySoldier: HOL UP cmonBruh ninosaur: haHAA Crvnky: ??????????????????? SmygeMannen: 4Head Frosty_Cupcake: forsenH django_unchained_: LuL Bluetindol: ANELE ANELE ambdoexious : haHAA ninosaur: dont walk away wKRY: haHAA Tobbs941: My name is mitch haHAA Pisquared: haHAA b_aDDERALL: haHAA the_real_razen: haHAA youngsachi: LIT haHAA wKRY: LIT haHAA CallingThePlug: LIT Bluetindol: WALKING LLU kev2319: KappaPride Chu say? ninosaur: walking away when you introduce yourself danLUL kahunaburg3r: ANELE Clap Mahehahe: ANELE TENMINUTEDAYS: ANELE send2nik: ANELE NicodemiusX: A NEIL EE StrawberryFlavorBleach: YOU LOOK FUCKING RETARDED LUL linkmax25: ANELE Clap rngrngrng: ANELE Clap ANELE Clap ANELE Clap ANELE Clap ANELE Clap ANELE Clap NyZtan0: ANELE Clap DON'T ninosaur: ANELLY ghos7dog: ANELE Clap SteveJohnsonMclark: haHAA skateboard rngrngrng: ANELE Clap ANELE Clap ItsMeChippy: LIT HAHAAAAAAAAAAAA rngrngrng: ANELE Clap ANELE Clap ANELE Clap ANELE Clap ANELE Clap Pisquared: cmonBruh fabsmoggy: Cx linkmax25: cmonBruh SpookeySkeletons: ANELE WTF Skyman747: LUL Coconutdt: cmonBruh qlimax36: cmonBruh narmis7: cmonBruh Wattanabeoutto: LMAO Blvdz: haHAAA Waybastion: cmonBruh ninosaur: HOW DO YOU KNOw Vex4ge: monkaS Fptlol: so loud punkey: RACIST AF xJir: APE LAUGH WutFace RACISM_FREE_STREAM_Cx: ANELE ark_lives_matter: SAND APES Mind_ifi_roll_weed: RELIGION OF PEACE ANELE PantyHuffer: DUDE IS WORSE THAN BURGERPLANET..... cmonBruh cmonBruh Zorkwins: ?????? you_x_mind: YO WE COO? cmonBruh AlexMilonas1211: they were indian Paddy2910: TriHard NotVanetti: AUTISM ninosaur: ignorant rngrngrng: ANELE Clap ANELE Clap ANELE Clap ANELE Clap Sudonyms: LUL ark_lives_matter: ish? monokitai: TRUE 5hifted: it's stupid because people are pansies narmis7: cmonBruh Kerxz: IT'S JUST A CLOCK ANELE notice_me_OpieOP: CHU MEAN WHITE cmonBruh xJir: MITCHLER DatSheffy / Dogsarecool698: TRUE ambdoexious : cmonBruh easy44444: its just color shadowofakuma: TRUE LuL NotVanetti: WHITEISH BTW ambdoexious : REPORT STREAM>? cmonBruh engulcykel: not color, DIFFRENT PEOPLE dirrent races mayhawx: wtf am i watching django_unchained_: ADOLF JONES DatSheffy RagnarRedbeard: JEWISH cxkkona: cmonBruh check ur privlege sneaky9000: Yellow CaptainMittensTV: RAT issa_ben: Jew amisnaru: rat slothtooth: CHU MEAN COLORED cmonBruh wKRY: BLACK TriHard darkvenomm: real talk Latepoppins: ANELE ? Hairyblakfartbox: CRINGE stream is stream notice_me_OpieOP: cmonBruh Vex4ge: FAKE TAN LUL Hibarfoqe: ANELE MangoI: CHU MEAN? cmonBruh Mfwautismo: White people trying to be non-white LUL Paddy2910: ANELE LOOKING ASS snipersaito: RAT GREY lunnex: Jew ambdoexious : ??? 7_years_: A WHAT cmonBruh Pewpewpewdot: rat Garcia98: GECKO FeelsGoodMan SteveJohnsonMclark: We COO StrawberryFlavorBleach: Autism slothtooth: racist confirmed Dovetail1: KappaClaus JBtwitchtv: lizard person orcky99: LUL send2nik: gachiGASM UniverSebas: you have a fake tan FujiFires: LOL RagnarRedbeard: ......... linkmax25: HYPERBRUH uhhgrim: PAPA SMURF Enchili: forsen1 forsen the_real_razen: ???????? brickface1: DansGame blue Onyd243: who is slut in back dbsniperog: blue??? punkey: BUST A NUT Lemons3_14: good? monkaS an0therduck : BLUE BibleThump πŸ’™ rngrngrng: monkaS slothtooth: f ScottyLJn: monkaSSS MangoI: monkaS Fcuks1: F hacari2: ffff mamzylul: F b_aDDERALL: FFFFFFFFFFFF Khray: wat orcky99: monkaS lycianshadow: f rngrngrng: monkaS monkaS an0therduck : mitchS FeelsBadManRIP: SHOW BUTTCRACK ON BACK 4Head dbsniperog: ???? WaterMelonKing_: gachiBASS OK b_aDDERALL: F ASS ON BACK an0therduck : BLUE BibleThump πŸ’™ Coconutdt: HAVE SOMEONE WALK IN FRONT bartecki24: Blue :puke: ItsMeChippy: 1 bar :P Whxspxr: F 0__l: FeelsBadMan NormiesOut: FeelsBadMan Killstreeak: Mitch watches Smurf porn LUL DaChozz: BLUE DansGame potatosheepXD: LUL BEZA93: Ugly ass 4/10 πŸ˜’ mamzylul: saved Knightrain: ???? b_aDDERALL: SAVED Metroboominx: F punkey: Saved alominus: it never disconnected its just the wind Falqon0ne: NEVAH LEFT WaterMelonKing_: FeelsBadManRIP martoastin: FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF django_unchained_: F Mfwautismo: FEED THE FATTY 😑 rilkepoo: WACK GLASSES AND U CANT TRE FLIP Anttheon: @an0therduck you like blue? Wtf DansGame agnostickhorse: 😑 eat her ass 😑 Saint_Ice: WE GUCCI Onyd243: who is slut in backmm Apo2g: :storm: sneaky9000: hodor in the back like a og 0__l: IT NEVER CUT OUT FeelsAmazingMan FeelsBadManRIP: @QUOTE_ME_IF_FORSEN_LOST ZULUL ninosaur: WOAH SpookeySkeletons: PedoBear an0therduck : D: MangoI: LUL orcky99: LUL Latepoppins: D: Coconutdt: D: an0therduck : D: agnostickhorse: D: F word Vyrken: D: an0therduck : D: oliversbrevkasse: forsenOMEGA swiftysmothersfood: D: dbsniperog: D: 0__l: W D: A H Anthraxxlol: banned ken_combo: LuL zootieX: D: MITCH unnortonsnooze: BANNED d: slothtooth: sorry Mitch I had to report you :) Floooofi: D: them11ke: LOL Buggezzz: D: D: Vex4ge: REPORTED D: Pewpewpewdot: LUL easy44444: BANNED shadowofakuma: EXPOSED KappaPride pomfnyan: BANNED :D Meg94: INB4 TriHard NEXT ninosaur: @MitchJones YOU LOOK BAAAAD Slootana: D: Mind_ifi_roll_weed: LIKE A KappaPride BoltActionMike: D: snipersaito: F WORD cxkkona: HotPokket 0__l: :(\ Floooofi: SHOW THE MILF Tobbs941: CHU SAY KappaPride TheGambit787 : D: Meg94: LUL mortredf: GINGER KIDS WutFace Bluetindol: GINGER LUL Zomow: GINGERS nothingheresir: PedoBear xJir: LuL LuL ηˆͺ丹尺尺口山: Ginger LuL <3 connect4god: LuL nicopelico: LuL MorberBot: He's gunna pull a PewDiePie TriHard TriHard TriHard TriHard TriHard TriHard darkkmoon: PedoBear Gleucks: LUL dordon604: LUL StrawberryFlavorBleach: haHAA Myronlafleur: LUL BALLSY01: What chu say darlin’ KappaPride klown_act: REPORTED TriHard LUL kiosugii: TriHard MorberBot: PULL A PEWDIEPIE TriHard TriHard TriHard bucc0: PedoBear ScottyLJn: OMEGALUL ItsMeChippy: REAL LUL Floooofi: GINGER gachiBASS_ZULUL: ????????? Garcia98: haHAA Lemons3_14: ok Kappa KrisWithaK_: LuL Halucination: wtf Keenarr: APE NATION ValidK: D: AMagicTree: lul Xuriss: f word is even a thing DansGame MrKaltaan: Don't be sorry for a fucking word Gomlar: JUST GET OVER BITCH FailFish DaChozz: NO ONE CARES LUL Danielkonoha: STOP BEING SO PC Meg94: FeelsBadMan Deepaaah: can someone report this tard ? LUL Pewpewpewdot: LUL StrawberryFlavorBleach: lolololol BrawlyDor: LOOK US IN THE EYE BUT YOU CAN'T LuL ValidK: TriHard Dogsarecool698: JUST A WORD WHO CARES Adventurously: POLITICALLY CORRECT MITCH BTW haHAA Mfwautismo: THIS IS WORSE THAN PEWDIE 😑 Garcia98: BigBrother Imag1narySoldier: Stop jacking the camera NoahBorel: PC WEBSITE LUL Anatrus: KKona Andrex7744: who cares PantyHuffer: DUDE IS WORSE THAN BURGERPLANET..... cmonBruh NormiesOut: KKona Clap tulis34: GINGERS WaterMelonKing_: LUL Dovetail1: LUL Nekedgurls: TRAIN IS FAT AND UGLY MOW WHAT HAPPEM AlcoholicOstrich: D: Erazu: FailFish Lemons3_14: OMEGALUL aLAnM6o9: this website got bitches worried about sayin the most basic shit wKRY: FailFish shadowofakuma: SURE KappaPride Zeekey: T H I C C XBLA: ,,, XBLA: LOL Danielkonoha: IRL Hibarfoqe: RIGHT? LUL 0__l: BrokeBack PantyHuffer: DUDE IS WORSE THAN BURGERPLANET..... cmonBruh cmonBruh SteveJohnsonMclark: FailFish DrezaR: IS MITCH RETARDED ? shadowofakuma: PC MITCH haHAA Demitrius24: Cx amzkeh: LUL klown_act: SHOW BUTTCRACK ON HER BACK 4Head Garcia98: Cx PutMeInCoachPls: Cx Maxed_Poopsie: Cx wKRY: Cx bantu88: Keenarr cmonBruh triHarder m4ssiii: Cx XxKoJi: FUCK BURGER Cx garrhead1: Cx Blvdz: BURGER IS COMING cfgh34: Cx snibbelz: Cx nate004: FUCK BURGER Cx klown_act: FUCK BURGER django_unchained_: FUCK BURGER TTD matthewsrage: Cx Cydinlol: Cx StrawberryFlavorBleach: XC BirdyShirty: ο·½ο·½ο·½ NaM Herbalhank: BURGER PLANET IS A CUCK Cx nothingheresir: Hodor BibleThump StrawberryFlavorBleach: xC thankyou693: timing rngrngrng: BrokeBack UNRRATED: FUCK BURGER! TTD GANG babyspoot: FUCK BURGER Cx Blvdz: monkaS bratne: BibleThump tdnew: BibleThump nzsalamicake: hold the door lv12paladin_btw: BibleThump Herbalhank: FUCK BURGER Cx Garcia98: TUCK BURGER Cx ItsMeChippy: FeelsBadMan big_black_sleek_clock: ILY HODOR Paddy2910: Fuck Burger Cx richeyjr: Burger IS A CUCK Aetax: BURGER ANDY OMEGALUL agnostickhorse: BibleThump Ho BibleThump dor Danielkonoha: PC JONES MorberBot: TriHard TriHard TriHard TriHard Non_Social: FUCK BURGER AIexJones: Cx TENMINUTEDAYS: Cx MorberBot: He said it TriHard Metroboominx: Cx stalys_: Cx Dinosauer: burger andy patelabhi616: Cx ColeWorId: cx Panzedx: Cx Cx Cx theflyguy12: Cx Danielkonoha: CX SteveJohnsonMclark: YOUR FITURE SELF LUL nothingheresir: APE DRIVING TriHard APE DRIVING TriHard APE DRIVING TriHard Herbalhank: Cx Cx yowutm8: FAT CUNT hawkeye2017: You really shouldn't be out in public. ColeWorId: Fuck BURGER Gleucks: FUCK BURGER Dogsarecool698: Cx crunkberrykush: SHE GOT TOG OL BITTIES PantyHuffer: DUDE IS WORSE THAN BURGERPLANET..... cmonBruh fabsmoggy: Leech agnostickhorse: 😑 eat her ass 😑 Non_Social: He's a youtube streamer 07mobile: Another ice poseidon leech rngrngrng: ANELE ? Daftpunk420: @MitchJones some loser on youtube KrisWithaK_: LuL Vyrken: to leech LiteBotTwitch: FUCK BURGER PantyHuffer: DUDE IS WORSE THAN BURGERPLANET..... cmonBruh cmonBruh linkmax25: Kreygasm BEZA93: You guys didn't do anything wtf maltose86: Burger planet is a youtube streamer who has beef with ice poseidon or something send2nik: LUL TRUE Maxed_Poopsie: Cx cxkkona: VANDY ItsMeChippy: @MitchJones BURGER IS A STREAM SNIPER ON ICE STREAMS Logothetis7: BURGER PLANET IS A CUCK Dovetail1: CXNETWORK LazyBunnyCx: Cx oliversbrevkasse: forsenH Cx snipersaito: KFCx Metroboominx: LOL imKroway: K F C karunponnada: CX qlimax36: LuL ohdrewski01: lul MorberBot: shellHaHAA shellHaHAA shellHaHAA shellHaHAA shellHaHAA Sukz2beyou: Cx Jkfaked: EVERY LEECH MAKES THEIR OWN CHANNEL LUL ITS PATHETIC Jiihno: WE CAN ninosaur: COOL OFF CPU_INTENSIVE: WE CAN HEAR Poprox1: @mitchjonez Streamer that snipes ice and lives in a van BoyNextDoorKreygasm: harry potter WutFace FeelsBadManRIP: MILKERS FeelsGoodMan . T3kn1k4L: Cx qlimax36: HOT AS DICK KappaPride rektbud: lol TheSkuggi: UNDER SEAT send2nik: TAKE TOP OFF gachiGASM nothingheresir: its fine OBTU: we can hear linkmax25: gachiBASS technomafia420: the fucking glasses are for chicks rektbud: lookin good mitch REBELLlOUS: Whos the grill? RedHairsOfScumpii : monkaS MILKERS dreamsHD: WHOS THAT BABE xDanthrax: ITS FINE mortredf: gachiBASS nothingheresir: CoolCat Captainohya: MIRA PLANET MIRA PLANET MIRA PLANET MIRA PLANET MIRA PLANET MIRA PLANET SunnshineGreen: Cx Hibarfoqe: GLASSES DansGame SteveJohnsonMclark: WOMEN GLASSE LUL shadowofakuma: Cx shawnconnery: like supermen wKRY: LOL rektbud: it looks good Danielkonoha: YOURE TO SCHOOL FOR COOL crunkberrykush: SJW FEMENIST GLASSES richeyjr: \ lv12paladin_btw: WutFace Captainohya: MIRA PLANET MIRA PLANET MIRA PLANET MIRA PLANET MIRA PLANET MIRA PLANET . Latepoppins: baby Jkfaked: YOU LOOK GOOD MAN BoyNextDoorKreygasm: nice glasses haHAA Hibarfoqe: FUCK GLASSES DansGame richeyjr: GLASSES WITH FAKE LENSES LUL lv12paladin_btw: autism yawn WutFace immortalxl: WITH ICE ninosaur: THOSE ARE WOMANS GLASSES danLUL macna1: FUCK BURGER Keenarr: triGasm it's ok Mitchie I like them BoyNextDoorKreygasm: Cx 21chromez: LEECH LUL Hibarfoqe: Cx lv12paladin_btw: ANELE linkmax25: ICE Cx Maxed_Poopsie: Cx Dogsarecool698: Cx Herbalhank: YES Cx an0therduck : haHAA django_unchained_: DO IT PogChamp Danielkonoha: NO KISSING TENMINUTEDAYS: OMEGALUL cordibiss: LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BoyNextDoorKreygasm: u do Dogsarecool698: ANDY DansGame 300iceman12: ICE PLEASE BEZA93: That's not gonna happen LUL guccijoja: TRUE LUL MorberBot: ANELE zeinksoulz: true Coltrae: LMAO f1ttsker: OpieOP basketjake: NOT GONNA HAPPEN LUL them11ke: LUL gingeralehs: Hairy Potter FAST_UH_UHS_TRIHARD: TRUE LUL rektbud: lool immortalxl: ICE ICE kussssin: WINGARDIUM LEVIOSA ηˆͺ丹尺尺口山: @MitchJones You look good today tbh hompuu: andy <3 Garcia98: SITTING ANDY LuL r_a_r_e: GREEKGOD ninosaur: no FeelsBadManRIP: MILKERS FeelsGoodMan monokitai: KappaPride Danielkonoha: NOW THEYRE GOING TO START SAYING IT NOW vocalist5: LIAR ninosaur: HES TOXIC Benny88999: 4some cocolover97: ANDY MILONAKIS DansGamr NotVanetti: LMAO XBLA: LOLOLOL SUP_MY_UH_UHS_TRIHARD: LUL delightly__: He does cheese1511: haHAA ninosaur: LUL wKRY: TRU wKRY: LOOOL StrawberryFlavorBleach: ??????? skwuahd: LOl darkvenomm: thats greek Sudonyms: LOL ToEden: D: ogturbojohnson: LUL ηˆͺ丹尺尺口山: FUCK THAT GUY MangoI: cmonBruh rngrngrng: OpieOP OpieOP SUP_MY_UH_UHS_TRIHARD: LUL ItsMeChippy: andy Dansgame Gomary: LOLOL SUP_MY_UH_UHS_TRIHARD: LUL SUP_MY_UH_UHS_TRIHARD: LUL LUL WorsTToMention: 12 BTW haHAA Ahdharr: WTD LUL kiosugii: FeelsBadMan peanutheadtrailer1: FeelsBadMan SUP_MY_UH_UHS_TRIHARD: LUL unnortonsnooze: THATS NOT FUNNY LOOL macna1: LuL cuppycake88: wow Pewpewpewdot: LOL xJir: FeelsBadMan SUP_MY_UH_UHS_TRIHARD: LUL LUL tpk169: LUL Garcia98: HODOR OMEGALUL SUP_MY_UH_UHS_TRIHARD: LUL LUL RedHairsOfScumpii : LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL ValidK: LUL LUL Herbalhank: Cx Cx Cx Cx SUP_MY_UH_UHS_TRIHARD: LUL LUL ItsMeChippy: RUDE SUP_MY_UH_UHS_TRIHARD: LUL phrmxs: you're a fucking asshole for letting someone 300 pounds in the back lol Bringing_Sxxxy_Back: lul FAST_UH_UHS_TRIHARD: @sup_my_uh_uhs_trihard TriHard peanutheadtrailer1: NO BOOLY BibleThump Mfwautismo: FeelsBadMan hehe funny FeelsBadMan mamzylul: SITTING BESIDE FANDY PogChamp lv12paladin_btw: WutFace oliversbrevkasse: PedoBear BEZA93: Pipe the chick ScottyLJn: PedoBear Khray: PedoBear MTheGuy: PedoBear StrawberryFlavorBleach: PedoBear cordibiss: wtf man PedoBear Raburn: PedoBear rektbud: LOL Benny88999: PedoBear peanutheadtrailer1: gachiBASS youngsachi: PedoBear SUP_MY_UH_UHS_TRIHARD: LUL LUL punkey: PEDOBEAR rngrngrng: PedoBear Clap Danneborger: monkaS BlastomaHD: PedoBear ItsMeChippy: LUL SunnshineGreen: Cx rektbud: lol FAST_UH_UHS_TRIHARD: PedoBear Zorkwins: TOO OLD PedoBear nothingheresir: 12 haHAA ValidK: TriHard 26 SUP_MY_UH_UHS_TRIHARD: TriHard TriHard klown_act: PedoBear Frosty3215: those glasses didnt even recognize ekeimic: PedoBear Clap PedoBear Clap StrawberryFlavorBleach: 69 here kiosugii: 22 PogChamp SUP_MY_UH_UHS_TRIHARD: @feelsbadmanrip cmonBruh ekeimic: PedoBear Clap PedoBear Clap PedoBear Clap PedoBear Clap PedoBear Clap SteveJohnsonMclark: STUPID ASS MITCH LUL HypaholicUK: SEAT BELT Zorkwins: ?????? ekeimic: PedoBear Clap amisnaru: she's only 44? PogChamp ninosaur: COOL Wazkyr: ... MneGG: lol FINNERSz: CoolStoryBob Too_Busy_Dying: NA MATH PogChamp send2nik: PogChamp zipzo989: LUL Ewwwwik: HES ACTUALLY AUTISTIC nothingheresir: SAGA 4Head SUP_MY_UH_UHS_TRIHARD: TriHard TriHard oliversbrevkasse: ICE forsenH theflyguy12: DONT CALL HIM HODOR ScottyLJn: OMEGALUL linkmax25: Cx SUP_MY_UH_UHS_TRIHARD: TriHard TriHard BasedKacey: real SUP_MY_UH_UHS_TRIHARD: TriHard tentcow: ICE SAGA LOL macna1: LuL Herbalhank: Cx Cx ItsMeChippy: NA ark_lives_matter: MITCH AND TYLER MAKE A CUTE COUPLE an0therduck : Cx WorsTToMention: LOL ninosaur: SEATBELT 😑 SEATBELT 😑 SEATBELT 😑 SEATBELT 😑 KharusCarlos: CONTENT HOMIE Dovetail1: content homie fanda94: #findhodoradate SUP_MY_UH_UHS_TRIHARD: TriHard 300iceman12: Cx Nisemonogatarii: cx Herbalhank: Cx Cx Cx Burstatily: I HOPE HE GETS SHOT ninosaur: SEATBELT 😑 SEATBELT 😑 SEATBELT 😑 send2nik: WATCHU MEAN CONTENT HOMIE TriHard SUP_MY_UH_UHS_TRIHARD: TriHard TriHard TheDirtyBurger45: HAMPTON BRANDON IS THE CONTENT KING Dogsarecool698: TriHard CONTENT HOMIE Suwz: conteent ItsMeChippy: LUL Frosty_Cupcake: TriHard ItsMeChippy: Cx Buggezzz: seatbelts FeelsBadManRIP: MILKERS FeelsGoodMan tpk169: LuL notice_me_OpieOP: GANG SHIT cmonBruh SUP_MY_UH_UHS_TRIHARD: TriHard linkmax25: TriHard 4Hand SUP_MY_UH_UHS_TRIHARD: TriHard TriHard hiitsnick1: SEATBELT issa_ben: SEAT BELT BANNED karunponnada: TEN SOAPS DOWN BTW chillybirds: Mitch sees all the shit spam but no seatbelts Dogsarecool698: MOFUCKIN ASS TriHard SUP_MY_UH_UHS_TRIHARD: TriHard TriHard TriHard TriHard bigchunkson: PUT ON UR SEATBELT WutFace xJir: SEATBELT monkaS rektbud: no seat belt 😑 pepper592: MITCH JONES IS A TriHard XxKoJi: TEN TOES DOWN TriHard fabsmoggy: He got banned RedHairsOfScumpii : Hampton Brandon haHAA hehe___xd: STUPID APE FailFish HypaholicUK: SEATBELT BANNED 😑 ninosaur: danS SUP_MY_UH_UHS_TRIHARD: TriHard TriHard TriHard TriHard TriHard TriHard Hibarfoqe: THE SLUT WANTS THE D LUL Lemons3_14: OMEGALUL HypaholicUK: BANNED D: Ahlick: WHAT THE FUCK Zorkwins: monkaS Jiihno: DRUGS dbsniperog: SEATBELT linkmax25: 😑 SEATBELT😑 qlimax36: SEATBELT 😑 ValidK: LUL Zorkwins: SEATBELT 😑 SEATBELT 😑 SEATBELT 😑 SEATBELT 😑 WorsTToMention: STEROIDS LUL vocalist5: Holy shIt BlastomaHD: DansGame nothingheresir: coke nose LuL Anacondaswaglord420blaze: Oh my god mitch stay calm but there is a gorilla right next to you ninosaur: LUL Jiihno: LOL phrmxs: LMAO f1ttsker: PartyTime rngrngrng: LUL LUL Bonjwaaa: LOL masterylol: LuL caboossee: LUL Zorkwins: LuL winrawr_xd: LUL Stormycide: TriHard IN PRISON TriHard IN PRISON TriHard IN PRISON TriHard IN PRISON zeromous84: LMAOOOOOOOOOOO NotVanetti: LUL fanda94: chat help me, lets find hodor a date SUP_MY_UH_UHS_TRIHARD: TriHard TriHard TriHard TriHard TriHard TriHard ContentNotFound: LuL cordibiss: PogChamp hehe___xd: stfu ape Stormycide: LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO kahunaburg3r: LUL Metroboominx: LOOOOOL MorberBot: PogChamp FINNERSz: TRUE LUL MorberBot: DUMBASS NicodemiusX: DONKEY KONG ninosaur: HES SAFE NOW FeelsGoodMan MattjaxMusic: WASHED UP STREAM LUL ButterflyMornings: 4Head Garcia98: APE RAGE monkaS FeelsBadManRIP: MILKERS FeelsGoodMan rektbud: HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA StrawberryFlavorBleach: YOU'RE THE IDIOT LUL ninosaur: monkaS django_unchained_: TRIGGERED LuL sodamop: is the fandy? Dukiepie: mitchBarry resttNO Jkfaked: Who's the girl yo? shadowofakuma: LEECH <3 HypaholicUK: gachiBASS cordibiss: girl wants attention 😑 lv12paladin_btw: sex grill Sebbs525: who is this guy flippinDough: Why do you keep making those faces MorberBot: leaS leaS leaS ATLien26: TRAP IN BACK east_la_cx: Ape subs LuL Coconutdt: you look way better TundraMike: does she take the dick Stydevz: MrDestructoid twinbladeuk: haHAA NickJSCS: MY BOY TriHard pepper592: APE GANG TriHard Mind_ifi_roll_weed: TriHard intothevice: APE GANG NicodemiusX: APE bomb__dude12: New leaf jones mitchBr mitchBr mitchBr mitchBr amzkeh: APE GANG TriHard 🍌 Mind_ifi_roll_weed: mitchBarry Garcia98: TriHard rngrngrng: APE GANG TriHard Beaten_by_TriHard: APE GANG TriHard Ahdharr: squadW squadW squadW squadSquad squadSquad squadSquad squadNation squadNation burning91: APE GANG TriHard punkey: APE Gng FINNERSz: APE GANG TriHard Xyptern1: TriHard APE GANG Braddical90: @MitchJones WTF YOU WEARING linkmax25: chat we aight? cmonBruh Mind_ifi_roll_weed: FREE BARRY mitchBarry Xyptern1: TriHard unnortonsnooze: APE GANG TriHard APE GANG TriHard APE GANG TriHard APE GANG TriHard RedHairsOfScumpii : TriHard dankquanBhicken east_la_cx: TriHard GANG GANG Logothetis7: ape gaaaang django_unchained_: TriHard Clap Johnsoned: walmart Mira in the back LuL Jkfaked: WHO'S THAT GIRL ttylertt: IITIITIIIITTIT east_la_cx: TriHard OI Hibarfoqe: DDDDDDD TENMINUTEDAYS: KappaPride RedHairsOfScumpii : dankquanMelon TriHard dankquanBhicken punkey: Eeeeeeeee nakedpizzaman: i miss mira SteveJohnsonMclark: IIIIII RedHairsOfScumpii : dankquanMelon TriHard dankquanBhicken MuggyB: same shit ymixorp: BigBrother Latepoppins: KappaPride Demitrius24: APE TriHard StrawberryFlavorBleach: EXPENSIVE LUL NickJSCS: ??????????? KrisWithaK_: LuL LOL' Crvnky: i-i-i-i-i-i-i-it-it-its Andrex7744: KappaPride qlimax36: LuL ScottyLJn: OMEGALUL Garcia98: KappaPride Khray: lul xWickid33: I miss mira BibleThump Pasloo: Foot job gachiBASS Sammy97gg: true DystopianVillian : TRUE vocalist5: Lmfao WorsTToMention: LOL SteveJohnsonMclark: SALON Wimpish: lol 300iceman12: LOL cordibiss: CoolStoryBob 7_years_: TRUE LUL Bufnug: sounds nice :) east_la_cx: gachiGASM Bart_Cx: TriHard ValidK: LuL xJir: sounds nice :) punkey: TRU,. Demitrius24: APE KNOWS TriHard StrawberryFlavorBleach: SO SCUFFED ηˆͺ丹尺尺口山: HE NEEDS A HAIRDRESSER punkey: TRUE BEZA93: I'll take it :) alominus: barber way to go if you want a jacked up cut Ewwwwik: WHO IS THIS GUY Demitrius24: SO BAD OMEGALUL FINNERSz: LOL ThatOneGuy380: LMFAOOO cuda: Lolol FeelsBadManRIP: 140 IQ GRILL PagCHomp Zorkwins: LOOKS OKAY lithanesc: Buzzzcut Soda_love_you_KappaPride: KappaPride ν˜•μ‚¬: cuda rub me shadowofakuma: monkaS hehe___xd: STFU STUPID APE NotVanetti: OMG immortalxl: LUL KoziRekt: LOOOL Metroboominx: LOOOOOOOOL zeromous84: B0sskit: LUL Dogsarecool698: SHAVE HEAD Latepoppins: SCUFFED LUL esqwared: LUL Benny88999: LuL MrKolers: LUL wKRY: LUL rektbud: ROFL WTF basketjake: HANDICAPPED TOO MneGG: AHAHAHAHA dasanifresh: i cant SteveJohnsonMclark: LOL Zorkwins: BULLY FeelsBadMan JoJoJoris93: LUL Blvdz: REAL Courduroy: Scuffed Jesse wellins hawkeye2017: Reid rage MrKolers: CONTENT Gomary: APEGANG ThaEggY: was that cringe? Herbalhank: LOL beta_sausage_fest: anyway.. amisnaru: kek rage is fun 4Head AlcoholicOstrich: TOO REAL haHAA Mahokijin: THAT FUCKING PARKING JOB Ahdharr: harrrsh ogturbojohnson: LUL TRUE 4headmlg: loΓΆooiil ItsMeChippy: haHAA funny one LoserVirgin123: LuL ν˜•μ‚¬: TriHard Gubmint: forsenOMEGA ThatOneGuy380: OMEGALUL MorberBot: Angry ape LazyBunnyCx: LUL ragna_lothbrok: SCUFFED HIPSTER amzkeh: TriHard SteveJohnsonMclark: TriHard DarcyTheKid: SPINAL reversegoat: BrokeBack amzkeh: TriHard Mike Tyson AlcoholicOstrich: haHAA funny joke blad ogturbojohnson: LUL animo8: monkaS maraws: ANDRE THE GIANT TriHard DystopianVillian : tyson memes phrmxs: legendary mike tyson quote punkey: SPINAL Xyptern1: KKona Jthexman91: THAT GIRL IS GONNA CHEAT ON HER BF Backgard: nmpW klown_act: UR GIrl look LIKE AHE BROKE HER BACK Aelyyn: IT'S 10 TIMES BETTER THAN BEFORE ninosaur: HER PANTS ARE TOO HIGH AND HER SHIRT IS TOO SHORT danLUL narmis7: I'LL F U TILL U LOVE ME F WORD 300iceman12: Cx DarcyTheKid: ITH SPINAL Ewwwwik: WHO IS THIS GUY The_alter: one man spam ResidentSleeper Whxspxr: sthpinal zipzo989: 1 MAN SPAM haHAA ninosaur: no Herbalhank: Cx Cx cordibiss: im coming bomb__dude12: ME Kappa Latepoppins: haHAA sneaky9000: rip hair now cfgh34: Cx Dogsarecool698: Cx ninosaur: LUL vocalist5: Me Biston1: LIL cordibiss: LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO immortalxl: LUL punkey: Me PamitoWoW: Yo is that my Ape Train PogChamp rektbud: LOL narmis7: monkaS rngrngrng: TriHard rafaelswt: FAt Guy FeelsBadMan poisoned_blueberry: TriHard Cx mortredf: do you miss mira RedHairsOfScumpii : TriHard Cx TheSkuggi: Cx youngsachi: TriHard xFloty: Cx TriHard Immortal: Cx based_nicky: Cx TriHard Stormycide: LUL SaltyShanker: Kkona babyspoot: TriHard Clap TriHard Clap TriHard Clap TriHard Clap TriHard Clap TriHard Clap narmis7: D: Mind_ifi_roll_weed: TriHard Clap Bart_Cx: TriHard RedHairsOfScumpii : TriHard Cx A3R0XX92: Where's Mira? LuL RedHairsOfScumpii : TriHard Cx . Xyptern1: TriHard TriHard TriHard TriHard TriHard TriHard TriHard TriHard TriHard lol420xxx420xxx420: TriHard Cx narmis7: monkaS rektbud: ROFL KharusCarlos: ROFL aLAnM6o9: lolllllllllll chirvsy: ???????????? Sheibani: ohdrewski01: ????????????? chirvsy: ?????????????? WorsTToMention: LOL Ewwwwik: THATS A YES LMAO skwuahd: whoaaaa... schuriklive: ???????????????????????? rngrngrng: KKona Clap notice_me_OpieOP: KKona Clap Krioboly : DAESuppy ToEden: KKona Krioboly : DansGame FINNERSz: DansGame red_eyes47: ay bruh do you miss mira @MitchJones Andrex7744: ew ItsMeChippy: wtf Latepoppins: TriHard cxkkona: WINCEST JONES ItsMeChippy: W T F Falqon0ne: Y I K E S TheDirtyBurger45: NICE HAIR HOMO richestmaninla22: WTF IS THAT LINE OVERLAY NotLikeThis WTF IS THAT LINE OVERLAY NotLikeThis bomb__dude12: WTF monokitai: WTF skwuahd: DansGame .....? Sheibani: 33 Zorkwins: KKona hehe___xd: WTF ninosaur: no Rkzzv2: ?Xd rngrngrng: KKona Clap KKona Clap KKona Clap KKona Clap KKona Clap KKona Clap KKona Clap ninosaur: so fake Zorkwins: KKona Clap Kenniholm: We miss mom <3 Jthexman91: wtf punkey: WTF Dan_Gugly: ??????????????????????? tolhoko_: DansGame Zomow: KKona Clap Rkzzv2: WTF WTF WTF Kole998: LUL WhackASmack1: OMEGALUL ! BeniaminC: WHAT THE FUCK zeromous84: INCEST JONES StrawberryFlavorBleach: KKona TEXAS BOYS SaltyShanker: Kreygasm Fryum: LUL narmis7: ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ Andrex7744: WutFace EugenePrime: OMEGALUL Buggezzz: LUL figjam_x: lol send2nik: ????????????????????? GodlikeForehead: wtfff imnotdonald: KKona TheDirtyBurger45: SICK FUCK an0therduck : LUL Mind_ifi_roll_weed: LOL TENMINUTEDAYS: Wowee Lemons3_14: no Kappa WhackASmack1: KKona Clap A3R0XX92: fat guy laughinh OMEGALUL Dogsarecool698: monkaS Herbalhank: WOAHHHHH LUL rektbud: LOL an0therduck : KKona Clap mamzylul: Wowee ? BeniaminC: WutFace PORN ADDICT WutFace PORN ADDICT cordibiss: ..... HotPokket DISGUSTING HotPokket Garcia98: KKona Clap Wassah: WOKE ScottyLJn: OMEGALUL StrawberryFlavorBleach: BANNED monkaS Andrex7744: austin is liberal ATLien26: I BANGED MIRA BUTTHOLE XBLA: LOLOLOL janitory: LUL WhackASmack1: OMEGALUL Boonting: LuL mamzylul: LUL PpPpPpPpPpPpPpPpPpPpOpO: LMAO larsN_tv: LOL Rkzzv2: LUL LUL SasnoBIR: OMEGALUL dbsniperog: Leaked already lol MntBrryCrnch: LEAKED dbsniperog: so dumb lol rektbud: HAHAHAHAHA ScottyLJn: OMEGALUL Clap Rkzzv2: LUL LUL LUL xFloty: haHAA cordibiss: ruined already LuL kahunaburg3r: LUL Rkzzv2: LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO StrawberryFlavorBleach: LMAO hehe___xd: HAHAA tolandyo: WTF Alumpymoose: LUL jake2400: LUL γ„γŸγ γγΎγ™: nice Buggezzz: Fucking idiot LUL rapha3st: OMEGALUL Clap Immortal: HODOR Legend420: RETARD SQUAD LUL snipersaito: WTF Volnam: he is just a clown ItsMeChippy: xDXCXCXCXCXCXCXCXCXCXCXCXCXCXCXC fabsmoggy: Callers kahunaburg3r: MY SON OMEGALUL send2nik: SON LUL MTheGuy: LUL ThatOneGuy380: OMEGALUL IamAdamP: LuL MTheGuy: im dying rngrngrng: LUL richestmaninla22: WTF IS THAT LINE OVERLAY NotLikeThis WTF IS THAT LINE OVERLAY NotLikeThis WorsTToMention: AHAHAHA Pewpewpewdot: OMG$* ninosaur: danLUL Pewpewpewdot: LUUUUUUUUUUL Hairyblakfartbox: CRINGE Volnam: this guy is the biggest leach ffs Mind_ifi_roll_weed: LOL mecabeat: Who cares about the overlay, the quality is too shitty for it to matter? esqwared: LUL aLAnM6o9: HAHAHHA Zarcyon1: LOL ninosaur: LUL dbsniperog: hahahaha Millehx: Hahahahahhaa 7_years_: LUL Andrex7744: hahahah winghavenHD: hahahaha TheGambit787 : LuL Mind_ifi_roll_weed: MY STREAM NOW TriHard Bart_Cx: TriHard ItsMeChippy: FeelsClownMan ninosaur: tyler how is managing him ToEden: BOOLY FeelsBadMan sipsfromthebong: BALD SPOT Volnam: this isnt your streamput the cam down NetworkingGodx: APE GANG TriHard f1ttsker: SwiftRage Sheibani: 4 kahunaburg3r: OMEGALUL kiosugii: nb3LUL nb3LUL Kappa Bufnug: .... Danneborger: LuL SaltyShanker: LMAO Vyrken: OMEGALUL Xyptern1: LuL Fallx: OMEGALUL Icekraem: T WRECKZ PogChamp ThatOneGuy380: LMFAOOOOOOOO cordibiss: zelda shirt LuL qlimax36: BRIBE LUL Alkariusz: LuL badseedz3: Hahahaha snipersaito: DENIED bomb__dude12: FeelsBadMan Bentothejo: 50$ Ienjoitop: REKT Jthexman91: lol kahunaburg3r: LUL ifakeit: LMAO send2nik: LuL Alkariusz: REAL LuL Viewerzz: LUL kahunaburg3r: SHOTS OMEGALUL Lemons3_14: OMEGALUL StrawberryFlavorBleach: LUL BlastomaHD: LUL Themessias1001: SHOTS Metroboominx: LOL vocalist5: Busy af Permafade: Hahahaha A3R0XX92: LUL pleb_____: THIS GUY LUL alexklauseusa: LMAOOOOOOOOO StrawberryFlavorBleach: FUCK THEM 😑 ninosaur: MY STREAM NOW SteveJohnsonMclark: TRU LUL Jthexman91: THIS GUY IS LEGIT FUNNY AF omgthismusicslays: DansGame LoserVirgin123: DansGame Latepoppins: DansGame Dearlove1: DansGame AlexMilonas1211: rude MrKolers: ditched mitch Dwitsy: FORGOT MITCH BlastomaHD: $Head ThatOneGuy380: DansGame alominus: Ditch him Myronlafleur: DansGame youngsachi: DansGame The_alter: DansGame khiZnasty: DONT SPIT ON US YOU APE imnotdonald: APE GANG Superherobear: Cx NicodemiusX: ???????????? Jubbeh_: ALPHA BigBrother Dearlove1: tipGimme tipVenom tipVenom tipVenom Paikos45: ???????????? AlcoholicOstrich: haHAA Latepoppins: APE NATION TriHard chickenFPS: do it PantyHuffer: DUDE IS WORSE THAN BURGERPLANET..... cmonBruh virusDOTca: sssssssss xJir: SSSSSEEEEEEEEEEE PUBG_SoundGuy: SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS Demitrius24: AMINA CosmosisJones_: LuL YatokamiSenpai: HAHAHAHA agnostickhorse: SSSSSSS 🐍 POLITE_UGANDAN_WITH_AK47: ssssss Snoopyoggy: STOP SPITTING ON THE CAMERA YOU DISGUSTING HUMAN/APE HYBRID zootieX: ssssssssssss Logothetis7: 1 sssssssstar Dearlove1: SSSsss cordibiss: 🐍 バカバカバカ: SSSsss DystopianVillian : SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS dasmoo62: see-se-see-see Jthexman91: omg lmao punkey: ITS PACKED Falqon0ne: LUL A3R0XX92: SSSSSSSSSSSSSS LUL Volnam: we dont want this guy ν˜•μ‚¬: TriHard Metroboominx: LOL Bluetindol: TRIED TO HUSSLE HER LUL Haymitch___: he spat SLAYERKNOWN: spat on us PpPpPpPpPpPpPpPpPpPpOpO: LuL Mind_ifi_roll_weed: HE SAID IT TriHard copy_pastas: HE SAID IT TriHard dasmoo62: sssee-see-sseee-ssee-see-see Bart_Cx: TriHard Scramble_This: TriHard Novizy: HE SAID IT TriHard Leinder: he said it TriHard Lemons3_14: halo haHAA Vyrken: hello haHAA AlcoholicOstrich: haHAA punkey: HE SAID IT qtzie: HE SAID IT TriHard 4headmlg: is this guy buffed steel LUL @mitchjones agnostickhorse: hey haHAA elcozil: TriHard HE SAID IT TriHard Deray22: just keep the hair Bratsatani: MIRA <3 punkey: IGNORED StinkyFrog: TriHard ttylertt: HE SPAT ON US Brutaling: HE SAID IT TriHard cordibiss: IT cmonBruh ir0nm1k3 : TriHard TundraMike: bite her butt oldage: TriHard Clap Metroboominx: TriHard 7 babyspoot: HE SAID IT TriHard FAST_UH_UHS_TRIHARD: TriHard TriHard TriHard TriHard SLAYERKNOWN: TryHard TryHard TryHard TryHard TryHard TryHard TryHard TryHard TryHard TryHard narmis7: HE SAID IT D: DoctaPvP: He said it Bart_Cx: TriHard Clap xJir: TriHard HE SAID IT TriHard cordibiss: calm down bruh cmonBruh TheJohnPanther: CHUCK KKona richeyjr: TriHard Dogsarecool698: TriHard HE SAID IT pepper592: HE SAID IT TriHard zzKupo: TriHard snipersaito: cdoooooooo ninosaur: ?????????? 7_years_: HE DID NotVanetti: FOUNDATION LUL cordibiss: ??????????????????????????? xJir: FOUNDATION LuL django_unchained_: HE DID TriHard Garcia98: OMEGALUL BannedByReynadOn7Accounts: haHAA J0rbe: haHAA SippyCupMcJr: CAT CALLING LuL Pewpewpewdot: CDEWWW Robobz: haHAA LIVE BTW Gubmint: PUT A DICK IN IT Epiffanie: haHAA intothevice: cringe nothingheresir: PedoBear kharr: lol NicodemiusX: DansGame HeartFull9: HAhaa Zorkwins: Kreygasm zzKupo: haHAA Falqon0ne: LUL hehe___xd: FOLLOW HER narmis7: >?????????????????? Eyther72: OH MY GOOOOOD Kreygasm Ienjoitop: lol AlcoholicOstrich: haHAA Laypack: she fucks Volnam: this guy ffs StrawberryFlavorBleach: rude 😑 monokitai: LMAO dasmoo62: SHE IS HOT I_Is_Cheesy: LUL sniglets: LUL dealerofhappystuff: RETARDED BlastomaHD: WTF LUL γ„γŸγ γγΎγ™: THAT WAS TAYLOR SWIFT SmygeMannen: 😑 EAT HER ASS 😑 sniglets: that was fso fucking funny NormiesOut: LUL dealerofhappystuff: SHE WAS ACTUALLY HOT darkstarrz: Idiot peanutheadtrailer1: TITS Kreygasm cxkkona: :rage: FOLLOW HER Andrex7744: stupid ape lmao Imjustheretofap: SHE WAS HIT NOXITEZ: LOOLOL Epiffanie: she was hot as f Zakkuo: andre the giant fucked it up ninosaur: LUL 00bloodvein00: who is the fat guy Gubmint: LUL TJ427: hotttt Andrex7744: she was hot Mind_ifi_roll_weed: CUCK JONES LuL MrTeddyBearrr: WE BOUTTA HAVE A KING KONG 3 StrawberryFlavorBleach: TRUE LUL Stormycide: LMAO bomb__dude12: Finally find a hot girl and scare he away LuL kahunaburg3r: PepeHands phrmxs: REKT LMFAO klown_act: TriHard DoctaPvP: TRUE peanutheadtrailer1: PepeHands 0__l: COCKBLOCK JONES LuL notice_me_OpieOP: TRU ZULUL TRU ZULUL TRU ZULUL TRU ZULUL Xjumper1212: CIV SHIT beta_sausage_fest: cuck of everything LUL StrawberryFlavorBleach: MORE LIKE PRIUS LUL MK677: ANDRE THE STUTTERING GIANT PogChamp DystopianVillian : CIVIC JONES cordibiss: so shrekt PogChamp ZHEJ: LUL Lolynw: LUL an0therduck : LUL OriginalGaijin: OMEGALUL Ahlick: LOOOL kiosugii: β™Ώ DISABLED APE COMING THRU β™Ώ kahunaburg3r: OMEGALUL Bart_Cx: TriHard bullet_0: LUL LUL LUL LUL Chillest_Bread: leakled] AnthonySo1337: CIVIC JONES LUL CIVIC JONES LUL CIVIC JONES LUL . Mysticlol: LUL LUL LUL LUL SteveJohnsonMclark: LUL Mahokijin: THAT PARKING JOB Jthexman91: MIRA REKT ScottyLJn: OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL DarkTFM: FeelsBadMan punkey: LUL. MK677: EleGiggle AnthonySo1337: CIVIC JONES LUL CIVIC JONES LUL CIVIC JONES LUL CIVIC JONES LUL CIVIC JONES LUL punkey: LUL hehe___xd: SNEEK DISSING narmis7: monkaS qtzie: TRUE LUL Xuriss: LuL NormiesOut: LUL ItsMeChippy: Im a normie Try hard haHAA Big4Hed: LUL sneak dissing chirvsy: i love russia monkaS Weavs8844: no bumber = illegal dbsniperog: awww sadjones MTheGuy: some people have to work to pay things.. FeelsBadMan 00bloodvein00: who is the fat fuck AnthonySo1337: CIVIC JONES LUL CIVIC JONES LUL CIVIC JONES LUL CIVIC JONES LUL jeremytru: SeemsGood red_eyes47: FeelsBadMan intothevice: back seat Zomow: BACK SEAT cordibiss: still made him sit in the back LuL 1awrence: LUL Buggezzz: BACK SEAT DUDE γ„γŸγ γγΎγ™: SIT IN THE BACK SteveJohnsonMclark: BACKSEAT Zurpax: BACK SEAT NERD red_eyes47: SIT IN THE BACK NanZaTV: SEAT The_Yellow_Bubblezzz: SIT IN BACK Higgs22: MITCH LOOKS LIKE ELLEN LUL Coconutdt: OMEGA LOL Pogchampion in the chat boys Imjustheretofap: Back seat Renzir: Sit in the back Ienjoitop: ture JoJoJoris93: BACK SEAT rngrngrng: LET HODOR FRONT SEAT 😑 LET HODOR FRONT SEAT 😑 LET HODOR FRONT SEAT 😑 Zomow: BACK SEAT JONES Mind_ifi_roll_weed: TriHard Clap Volnam: he messed it up mitch youd have better luck with out him kappapotapac: TriHard NormiesOut: cmonBruh peanutheadtrailer1: LET HIM SIT FRONT BibleThump BibleThump AnthonySo1337: CIVIC JONES LUL CIVIC JONES LUL CIVIC JONES LUL CIVIC JONES LUL CIVIC JONES LUL yowutm8: SIT BACK SteveJohnsonMclark: SIT IN THE BACK AnthonySo1337: CIVIC JONES LUL CIVIC JONES LUL CIVIC JONES LUL CIVIC JONES LUL boellehalm: TOOK THE FRONT SEAT Kappa Mind_ifi_roll_weed: FIGHT HIM mortredf: monkaS NormiesOut: monkaS RedHairsOfScumpii : LUL NormiesOut: monkaS Clap TundraMike: TriHard 7 send2nik: monkaS SteveJohnsonMclark: BACKSEAT DUMBASS Zarcyon1: LOL Zomow: cmonBruh VanDash14: NATZI MODS MrKaltaan: Gonna get shot on stream LodaBull: LUL Buggezzz: BACK SEAT 😑 RedHairsOfScumpii : TriHard nothingheresir: LET HIM SIT IN FRONT :RAGE: j_daisley: HODOR IN THE FRONT Lemons3_14: Kappa peanutheadtrailer1: TriHard MuggyB: seatbelt RagnarRedbeard: YES IT IS pepper592: TriHard TriHard TriHard TriHard potatosheepXD: ya it is qlimax36: cmonBruh MrKolers: TriHard captainmello1: TriHard AnthonySo1337: TriHard TriHard TriHard TriHard TriHard TriHard TriHard TriHard TriHard vocalist5: It's serious TriHard cfgh34: Cx ScottyLJn: gachiBASS Frosty_Cupcake: SJW JONES OMEGALUL peanutheadtrailer1: TriHard Clap Zorkwins: FUCK YOU gachiGASM Bringing_Sxxxy_Back: Cx SteveJohnsonMclark: BACKSEAT FOR HODOR rythven: SEAT JONES ninosaur: lol reversegoat: FUCK YOU gachiBASS WorsTToMention: cmonBruh dimagz: FUCK YOU YOU FUCKING APWE luckfore: @MitchJones we know u still miss her :( DaChozz: FUCK HIM gachiBASS Mind_ifi_roll_weed: DansGame ninosaur: monkaS zootieX: STOP TOUCHING YOUR FUCKING GLASSES STOP TOUCHING YOUR FUCKING GLASSES ! immortalxl: LOLOL AiimHawkx: LOL Blvdz: LOOOOOOL reydedark: DansGame Clap Rkzzv2: LUL Kenniholm: LUL QUOTE_ME_IF_FORSEN_LOST: DansGame Clap Danneborger: DansGame nefastooo: DansGame easy44444: SHIT YOURSELF based_nicky: DansGame kahunaburg3r: DUTCH OVEN monkaS them11ke: let it go δΉƒγƒ’δΈΉγ‘εŒ•ε„ : DansGame MangoI: LUL . an0therduck : ???? kahunaburg3r: ??????????????? StinkyFrog: KappaPride fart Zarcyon1: ???????????????????? vocalist5: HAHAHAHA agnostickhorse: ?????????????? youngsachi: ??????????????? seattlesbestchronic: sharted Da_Poe_Boy: ???????????? dxplicit: ?????????????????????????????? ZHEJ: haHAA Castuh: LOL AnthonySo1337: haHAA stalys_: haHAA NICE JOKE Blvdz: haHAAA Daftpunk420: ??????????? Gubmint: TriHard <----- forsenWhip forsenSheffy promotius: ???????? Bart_Cx: WaitWhat mamzylul: hAHAA exzoticdruid: TriHard CIGNEL: APE HEAD Crvnky: ??????????????? Ienjoitop: such a bad joke its good Bart_Cx: TriHard rythven: haHAA s mellefade: mitch what happend?! PogChamp peanutheadtrailer1: AngelThump Biston1: TriHard POPO kahunaburg3r: monkaSSS them11ke: LUL Varahiilxs: haHAA NormiesOut: TriHard Bjorn__Thorn: monkaS COPS SlimeySailor: DOES THE FAT GUY SAY ANYTHING? :thinking: wanna_kreygasm_all_over_u: no an0therduck : gachiGASM Stydevz: gachiBASS rngrngrng: BBW TriHard Biston1: gachiBASS MangoI: monkaS δΉƒγƒ’δΈΉγ‘εŒ•ε„ : gachiBASS rythven: mitchTyrone rngrngrng: BBW TriHard BBW TriHard BBW TriHard BBW TriHard ninosaur: you dont even pay attention to us Gubmint: LUL Rawb_Dawg: who is the guy in the back seat ikonvect: gachiBASS hsh1337: LUL Bjorn__Thorn: VapeNation ikonvect: TriHard FrinkerZ: @itagas Ditch has been live for 2 hours and 56 minutes. Bart_Cx: CONTENT red_eyes47: SWITCH IN BACK SEAT Bart_Cx: TriHard Buggezzz: FRONT SEAT JONES 😑 realjuicyj55: TriHard TriHard AYY APE GANG TriHard TriHard kingsbluedeep: APE GANG ninosaur: no punkey: APE GANG cordibiss: no kitchens2010: 480 wtf valuesize_: That dude is small af LoserVirgin123: NaM NormiesOut: YES LUL immortalxl: RACIST LOL send2nik: LUL 7_years_: RACIST peanutheadtrailer1: MingLee Pixikk: LUL γƒͺクィッド_スネーク: MingLee Twitchswag2k15: Fake Tyler1 FailFish Fake Tyler1 FailFish Fake Tyler1 FailFish Fptlol: MingLee Resynthesis: OMEGALUL agnostickhorse: MingLee ching chong shroud4Head: LuL ofarrow: LUL kingsbluedeep: not racist btw haHAA Mind_ifi_roll_weed: DOG SUSHI MingLee punkey: CHING CHINH CHOU CHOU Fabushki: ZULUL ikonvect: haHAA MLG EveryoneDiesAlone: MLG af haHAA Lawlach: AND THE MILF MTheGuy: not racist btw haHAA darkarn0ld: HAHA NormiesOut: MLG haHAA Panerit: clip? BlackMood92: LUL Ahdharr: MLG haHAA rngrngrng: KKona OPLIX: @MitchJones mitch why are you wearing women's glasses? kappapotapac: asmonL Ienjoitop: lol monokitai: HITMAN darkarn0ld: "OH SHIT!" Nothing.... logouttrs: ??????? kahunaburg3r: KKona Clap an0therduck : KKona xFloty: ________ Nskav: ITS ROLLED DOWN 7_years_: THATS MY DAD SykaPlyat: KKona ikonvect: KKona Clap Coconutdt: LuL vocalist5: Lmfao serendipity1234: ULLUL ReaLqxz: LuL nothingheresir: Doxxed 4Head Weavs8844: That is the blackest looking white dude NickJSCS: Literally a fucking retard it rolls down ValidK: LUL logouttrs: TriHard Higgs22: SOME BACK WINDOWS GO DOWN horros27: haHAA Funny btw haHAA Demitrius24: ZULUL VI VON ZULUL alominus: actually retarded ikonvect: Bully FeelsBadMan Pewpewpewdot: mira took it LUL γˆγ‚Šγ‚“: MINE NOW TriHard gachiBASS_ZULUL: ???????????? MangoI: LUL . Pisquared: LEAKED AiimHawkx: LUL Latepoppins: SCUFFED KKona Clap hehe___xd: LEAKED StronkBulk: He want the wind in hes hair u know Kappa nefastooo: LEAked NormiesOut: FeelsBadMan Resynthesis: OMEGALUL Clap sniglets: 5 minutes into Mira and chill Garcia98: LEAKED peanutheadtrailer1: BOOLIES BibleThump Biston1: FeelsBadMan Soda_love_you_KappaPride: DarkMode TotinosRing KappaPride Todehh: Mitch lookin nice PogChamp klown_act: DO U MISS MIRA j_daisley: oatsC stalys_: yes i have a 4runner.. the back window rolls down FailFish ToEden: THATS MY DAD FeelsBadMan Streetnoodle: FeelsBadMan KhristophesaurusDinosarus: MIRA FeelsBadMan Imjustheretofap: STOP MEMTIONING THAT UNEVEN BITCH Pewpewpewdot: FeelsBadMan nefastooo: ????? peanutheadtrailer1: BibleThump Biston1: TriHard WHAT DAD Herobouncer: what the fuck is that haircut ikonvect: haHAA ?? Weavs8844: They roll down... idiots OPLIX: @MitchJones mitch you should get some MEN'S glasses AiimHawkx: days without mentioning mira : 0 LUL Scramble_This: nadedSad Clap Pasloo: You must miss mira if you still keep talking about her Weavs8844: 4Runners back window roll down Pizarnik_: Who's the Fat Mira? 0__l: FeelsBadMan Clap FeelsBadMan Clap Ahlick: LUL babyspoot: TriHard ? qlimax36: FeelsBadMan kthxxoxo: mitch looking super gay today muhammadallah1: LOL Garcia98: FeelsBadMan django_unchained_: LuL Alllprimer: towHi wnightkhite: oh yeah, im a sub Pdiddy82800: FeelsBadMan xJir: @MitchJones RAM FANDY'S BUMPER PogChamp Gnompig: Ditch this backseat Bitch! karunponnada: haHAA narmis7: FeelsBadMan xHuruka: FeelsBadMan logouttrs: LOL J0rbe: dad? TriHard Whitesthands: GIRL IN BACKSEAT HAS SOME NICE MILKERS stalys_: RACISM ISN'T FUNNY BTW haHAA MaxJorgen: FeelsBadMan ValidK: LUL Tehduckeggs: @MitchJones wtf did you do to your hair dude? NicodemiusX: haHAA Garcia98: BigBrother δΉƒγƒ’δΈΉγ‘εŒ•ε„ : its fine waveyLive: ITS EVERYDAY BRO haHAA rythven: mitchStud easy44444: EVERYDAY GAY Snave779: < haHAA / Zer0NoiZe: That line on the side is horrible who did that sinzorn: big ape Zebhrishkii: littely StronkBulk: Fix teeth Fix teeth Fix teeth Fix teeth Fix teeth Fix teeth Fix teeth SlimeySailor: WHO IS THE QUIET GUY? The_JayRodTodd: It's the hipster hair Alkariusz: EVERYDAY BROOOO AiimHawkx: BigBrother homunculus BigBrother Mind_ifi_roll_weed: YES Imjustheretofap: TALK TO FANDY HANDY 0__l: UHH monkaS Streetnoodle: HeyGuys REBELLlOUS: Kreygasm Robobz: HeyGuys Ahlick: Kreygasm monokitai: BOOBS Kreygasm Wattanabeoutto: HeyGuys Ienjoitop: dat spotlight on me TheJohnPanther: HeyGuys narmis7: THICCC SteveJohnsonMclark: FailFish hehe___xd: 7/10 SmygeMannen: show bobs an vagene BlastomaHD: <3 Harmayyne: SHOW FEET Krayder: open bob kahunaburg3r: FeelsGoodMan Clap Imjustheretofap: SHOW BOBS Buggezzz: Dont be shy Kreygasm Kappa Wattanabeoutto: SHOW TITS HeyGuys Taake666: BUTTERFACE mitchPuke BannedByReynadOn7Accounts: SAY IT TriHard Snoopdoggxd: BOBS zzKupo: HeyGuys crunkberrykush: ISSA TRAP Sterrum: SHOW BOBS AND VAGENE Zeekey: GIVE MILK johnnnnny2: get a fade Wazkyr: UPGRADE MIRA Kreygasm xRich_Rich: peter griffen chin martoastin: WEEZER Ienjoitop: we gone piple up and burn up iiiiiiiiitiiiiiiii: GREASY :puke: YatokamiSenpai: ASS haiz55: YeahBoys YeahBoys YeahBoys anonr3vy: <3 7_years_: LOL xFloty: ???? VanDash14: v linkmax25: OMEGALUL VanDash14: MILK BabyRage MILK BabyRage MILK BabyRage MILK BabyRage MILK BabyRage Anthraxxlol: SHOW MILK Soda_love_you_KappaPride: LUL WorsTToMention: TOP SO LONG IT BECOMES SIDES LUL SeQuence_TV: Can i have Sex with you CarlSmile SammyRM2: SHOW VAGINE exzoticdruid: show me your pussy Gomary: EATS ASS ThatOneGuy380: Kreygasm Kreygasm rngrngrng: TriHard Clap TriHard Clap TriHard Clap TriHard Clap Roystun: HI Pasloo: TriHard Clap trivium159: monkaS nothingheresir: LET HIM SIT IN FRONT 😑 LET HIM SIT IN FRONT 😑 LET HIM SIT IN FRONT 😑 shykes91: TriHard Burzout: THICC Mira?!?!?!?!?!? Wattanabeoutto: LMAO dimagz: TRUE LUL django_unchained_: Kreygasm stefanxxd: LuL LewLamTV: MILK TRUCK kussssin: SCUFFED TEETH Gnompig: VAMPIRE TEETH SmygeMannen: too long on the top RyannCx: πŸ‘‰ πŸ‘Œ ❓ πŸ‘‰ πŸ‘Œ ❓ πŸ‘‰ πŸ‘Œ ❓ kthxxoxo: girl can you mute monkey man hehe___xd: ??? stiblee: ITS MUCH MUCH BETTER send2nik: SHORT SIDES IS GOOD 😑 Clap xalekx: LLOLOLOL Duardo1: TriHard ma wings Buggezzz: Cuz it's ugly af Mind_ifi_roll_weed: LOL shykes91: LUL bullet_0: LUL TBABYTHEKING: ??????? xFloty: LUL Latepoppins: LUL MiyaYuie: lol reworm: Shave that hair! BabyRage cordibiss: EleGiggle haiz55: haHAA δΉƒγƒ’δΈΉγ‘εŒ•ε„ : use wax and style it properly and its gonna look great LoserVirgin123: wold of wocwaft sneaky9000: show her your bbc hodor Biston1: OMEGALUL Mind_ifi_roll_weed: SHE KNOWS PogChamp Ahdharr: MITCHLER YUGEN 7_years_: lul Yogglol: IS HE STILL PRETENDING TO BE A TEENAGER CHASING GIRLS AND STUFF? FujiFires: LuL\ Laypack: treemor Aetax: tremor Ienjoitop: hols on tight boys AiimHawkx: CLOAK PogChamp DeYada: potatoneck LUL Burzout: TREMOR TOTEM karunponnada: TREMOR taiexpress: IS THAT BSW Gnompig: lol Mysticlol: TREMOR DRAGONSLAYERIRL: grounding spell consume tremor is fear immune a_z1: LUL Burzout: TREMOR TOTEM FFSs cordibiss: WRONG LuL r_a_r_e: GIVE THE CAM TO FRED FATSTONE Daftpunk420: lmao Wazkyr: GHETTO HAIRCUT under the highway LuL WorsTToMention: GROUNDING STOPS NEXT SPELL Lemons3_14: grounding is magic deflect? MntBrryCrnch: grounding stops casts xFloty: SwiftRage Ahlick: haHAA 0__l: broke SoCalWolfgang: mitch is right Tumlok: Grounding is only for HOJ FailFish MangoI: haHAA nothingheresir: BabyRage easy44444: APE KNOWLEDGE Collekt: LUL Zorc1: WHY IS BOOOGIE SO QUIET?????? Tanonn: LUL LazyBunnyCx: wow haHAA 0__l: haHAA Burzout: haHAA Norrik: haHAA δΉƒγƒ’δΈΉγ‘εŒ•ε„ : LuL Fabushki: monkaS Collekt: haHAA OLDpeculiar21: haHAA EugenePrime: ???????????? Biston1: haHAA Clap TheJohnPanther: OMEGALUL ZeroGravittyy: haHAA Clap record broken hehe___xd: TRUE Daftpunk420: haHaa django_unchained_: SMOrc 0__l: haHAA haHAA Fabushki: SMOrc Bratsatani: Worked with Mira aswell. ItsMeChippy: ok guys I have to go bye FeelsGoodMan Nirrta: BLACK HANDS cmonBruh qtzie: Mira Twitchswag2k15: Fake Tyler1 FailFish Fake Tyler1 FailFish Fake Tyler1 FailFish waveyLive: Arrogant broken record OMEGALUL xFloty: EXPOSED LUL Biston1: gachiBASS Ahdharr: ASK HODOR? ThatOneGuy380: TriHard GIMME kappapotapac: TriHard TriHard TriHard Chillest_Bread: gimmie gimmie TriHard taolinos: gimme gimme BranDadddy: GIMMIE GIMMIE TriHard cordibiss: typical LuL soapyOP: gachiGASM AiimHawkx: PogChamp show Bluetindol: SHOW NUDES PogChamp MangoI: LUL 1CertZoom: why is he wearing women's glasses... Latepoppins: LUL Bjorn__Thorn: I have KappaPride TheJohnPanther: FeelsBadMan taolinos: SEND NOOTS StronkBulk: Fix teeth Fix teeth Fix teeth Fix teeth jedicontrol: Lol xFloty: FeelsBadMan Biston1: OMEGALUL BURN_EVERYTHING: HOW COULD IT BE ANYONE ELSE'S FAULT LMAO Buggezzz: How is it not your fault? Rkzzv2: LUL tdnew: monkaS east_la_cx: monkaS calm down macna1: LuL hotpotato15: SabaPing SigBean: ITS YOUR FAULT Volnam: its your fault becuase you hangout with agegang dude makes pussy run away crunkberrykush: YOU CANT SEE IT YOURSELF CUZ ITS SMALL @MitchJones erafor9: ITS YOUR FAULT RETARD HOLY SHIT Zarcyon1: say it TriHard Ewwwwik: AUTISTIC BranDadddy: YOUR FAULT MarqLloyd: mira 2.0 mira 2.0 Herobouncer: SAY IT WE WONT SWAT AlcoholicOstrich: WHATS HER INSTAGRAM Mind_ifi_roll_weed: @scuffed_ice_cubes TriHard monniG ibeenting: WoW nerds dont go in the real world so your cred is useless jackadinboys: Hipster Jones xFloty: LUL VanDash14: DALARAN IS MY CITY BuckSandwich: Tru LuL 7_years_: ResidentSleeper east_la_cx: Old Jones FeelsBadMan Buggezzz: Dalaran jones ResidentSleeper Dearlove1: BROKEN RECORD LUL Comitatvs: LUL Latepoppins: ResidentSleeper scuffed_ice_cubes: TriHard jedicontrol: It's your fault ηˆͺ丹尺尺口山: BROKEN JONES, TALKING ABOUT THE PAST Mind_ifi_roll_weed: Kreygasm dogerus_: LOL Biston1: gachiBASS NickJSCS: Kreygasm east_la_cx: gachiGASM Panerit: @MitchJones buff us pls dady jedicontrol: ITS YOUR FAULT ToEden: D: SmygeMannen: The Law goes in RAW immortalxl: MITCHIE IS A VIRGIN LOL Viewerzz: LUL ThatOneGuy380: LUL cordibiss: that explanation EleGiggle BrokeBack J0rbe: broken record jones django_unchained_: FELL IN LOVE WITH THE CONTENT HOMIE FeelsBadMan Biston1: Kappa TBABYTHEKING: LUL Streetnoodle: Kappa ScottyLJn: OMEGALUL Ienjoitop: lol ferluno01: LUL kharr: LOL innamind: Virgin Lul Metroboominx: LOOOOL ToEden: RAPE monkaS Buggezzz: LUL shykes91: Hahaha Ahdharr: 6.5K CONSISTENT PogChamp MrKolers: LUL SoCalWolfgang: WutFace red_eyes47: WutFace Lawlach: NO BRO Thor_L: Virgin btw TriHard hummingbirdheartbeatt: LOL squab_rl: fuuuuuu Lawlach: PLEASE kebob_: WutFace immortalxl: MIRA LUL Fabushki: WutFace WutFace Beefy_TV: DansGame rythven: monkaS innamind: VIRGIN LUL punkey: Ouchhhh cordibiss: SNAP DICK LMFAO Liverlips69: FUCK COWGIRL WutFace a_z1: MIRA QueVivaFidel: Abella Anderson LUL karunponnada: WutFace Swold1er: SNAPDICK Floooofi: HODOR FeelsBadMan SteveJohnsonMclark: MIRA LUL Latepoppins: LUL hehe___xd: LOL Alkariusz: LUL DarcyTheKid: LUL east_la_cx: KKona I feel ya taolinos: LuL amzkeh: TriHard REAL FeelsBadMan RaagnarLothbrook: cmonBruh CaptainAsianGuy: LuL klown_act: CHAT IS ALL VIRGINS STFU LUL RagnarRedbeard: I'm white and im huge stfu idiot kray101: Chumean 7_years_: SMALL DICK JONES Jthexman91: mira like to ride hard innamind: LuO Wattanabeoutto: MIRA THE DICK BREAKER LUL bratne: porch TriHard 00bloodvein00: TriHard TriHard TriHard Pixikk: SMALL PENIS CONFIRMED LUL Killstreeak: Iv seen videos WutFace Joep4441: LUL xKiki: Hodor Andy Buggezzz: losooooooo SPERG Ahdharr: MIRA THE DICKBREAKER xFloty: doesnt matter, they will find you monkaS vowehr: haHAA Lemons3_14: haHAA Hawlk : POOLS CLOSED TriHard WorsTToMention: haHAA PpPpPpPpPpPpPpPpPpPpOpO: haHAA Danneborger: 4Head Aetax: 4Head Erazu: haHAA ShuriStr: 4Head Streetnoodle: HAHAHA KKona chubs23: literally BlastomaHD: haHAA shykes91: 4Head Mafeiu: LEAKED BNECUASE ITS WATDFETR AHAHAHAHA ekeimic: haHAA williambehrens: haHAA pls no BoltharHS: haHAA and this guy has a girlfriend ekeimic: haHAA Clap macna1: haHAA CALLERS INC Burstatily: its its its MK677: LEAAAAAAAAAAAAAKED 21chromez: Forsens apartment in Spain got leaked by a pool LUL hompuu: LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL 4HEad Alumpymoose: His face LUL Ahdharr: MIRA RIDES HARD? GIT IN DAT SHIT TriHard narmis7: whre are u guys going Shroom1e: @Killstreeak omg that ones awful darkarn0ld: "The white house" XBLA: LOOOOL Bjorn__Thorn: LuL Fabushki: monkaS Susta88: ANELE MK677: LEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKED LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL 4Head MrKolers: LEAKED bomb__dude12: no LuciferSpirt: LEAKED east_la_cx: LEAKED TriHard uncurledsun: no Paikos45: yes NOXITEZ: yes 21chromez: YES Hazzarri: yes Mafeiu: literally LEAAAAAAAAAAAAKED hehe___xd: NO MrKaltaan: Capital One boys east_la_cx: %? Vayne0000: Its fine Snave779: ASMR gachiBASS klown_act: LEAKED red_eyes47: it feels good zoticxx: Fandy is T H I C C AF Gubmint: it hurts my feet BoltActionMike: Its fine Lofty916: Yes rellmz: sounds like we are 100 ft away a waterfall klown_act: HEARD IT ALL RawrCalcos: AVOY asmonG vowehr: haHAA FukSittingAndyCx: what got leak pm Ienjoitop: dadding you up cordibiss: DAD ME HARDER Kreygasm YatokamiSenpai: FUCK ME FANDY SLAYERKNOWN: SKRILLIX JONEZ δΉƒγƒ’δΈΉγ‘εŒ•ε„ : dabbing? Zuriq: sounds like asmr ac Ahdharr: tbh i like new chcik, but she married DeYada: MonkeyaS Ienjoitop: dad the fuck out of me OLDpeculiar21: skrillex jones LUL nothingheresir: Leaking 4Head Buggezzz: FailFish albin_h96: LEAKED Bjorn__Thorn: FeelsBadman magikarpzzzz: OMEGALUL BuckSandwich: haHAA Cant let go leto_at: MIRA STILL A MOD BTW haHAA vowehr: @FANDY tyler1Hey easy44444: MIRA GLASSES LMAO Hawlk : "IF" LUL just0ut: Is that the new Mira @mitchjones jackadinboys: you miss mira confirmed Novizy: LOLOLOLLOLLOLLOOLL Dearlove1: LUL innamind: SKRILLEX LOOKING ASS KhristophesaurusDinosarus: sjowPride SteveJohnsonMclark: OVER HER LUL klown_act: I MISS MIRA bomb__dude12: DansGame Ahdharr: WHAT ARE THOOOOOOSE MEYERN3: DansGame ugly Norrik: SCUFFED SHOES Falqon0ne: true monokitai: LUL MiyaYuie: lol MrCupcakeHD_101: LOOK AT THE TriHard BY MITCH MrKaltaan: Crushed ToEden: FANDY > MIRA erwtilos: LUL GeneralKKona: monkaS punkey: LUL anonr3vy: TAKE FANDY TO GYM ozzir43: he's getting another haircut?????? nothingheresir: WutFace 10000 bomb__dude12: OMG 10000__l: wtf monkaS 10002 SmygeMannen: LuL 10003 Ahlick: WHAT THE FUCK 10004 γƒͺクィッド_スネーク: monkaS 10005 PpPpPpPpPpPpPpPpPpPpOpO: monkaS 10006 Danneborger: monkaS 10007 MrKolers: monkaS 10008 sniglets: LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL 10009 easy44444: DUMBASSSSS 10010 NewGuyTy: monkaS 1001rythven: holy shit 10012 BjpwzTV: idiot 10013 Rollin70s: WutFace 10014 Joep4441: monkaS monkaS monkaS monkaS monkaS monkaS monkaS 10015 Lokisza: KARMA LUL 10016 ChillaxMusic: KILLED SOMEONE 10017 Iorrekk: monkaS 10018 Johnsoned: LuL 10019 La_big_baguette: KARMA LUL 10020 Andrex7744: monkaS call cops 1002BoltActionMike: monkaS 10022 punkey: WTF, 10023 phrmxs: LMFAO 10024 IGonzalez_: lol 10025 bicboiiLUL: CONTENT HOMIE 10026 Lawrieee: OMEGALUL 10027 Liquidasss: LUL CONTENT 10028 mousepad27: scripted LUL 10029 Wowderoes1: I MISSED IT 10030 Lokisza: CIVIC KARMA LuL 1003MEYERN3: 4Head 10032 jedicontrol: RIP 10033 LuciferSpirt: CONTENT 10034 BALLSY01: Livestreamfail 10035 cordibiss: KARMA IS REAL D: πŸ’¨ 10036 Fabushki: monkaS monkaS monkaS monkaS monkaS 10037 Latepoppins: CONTENT 10038 innamind: SKRILLEX LOOKIN ASS 10039 Whxspxr: clip it 10040 fuzzysocky: KARMA 1004SigBean: LUL 10042 kharr: LOOOOOOOOL 10043 MaxJorgen: BLAMED THE CURB LUL 10044 MiyaYuie: CONTENT PogChamp I'M PROUD OF U MITCH PogChamp 10045 Lichlings: LuL 10046 DystopianVillian : CIVIC WRECKS 10047 nothingheresir: CALIFORNIA DRIVER LUL 10048 Buggezzz: CONTENT LUL 10049 django_unchained_: KARMA LuL 10050 RedHairsOfScumpii : ANELE 1005r_a_r_e: YOU DRIVE LIKE A CIVIC 10052 jiggel_x: LUL 10053 rythven: CONTENT Cx 10054 OriginalGaijin: APE DRIVERS LuL 10055 Bjorn__Thorn: 10056 easy44444: APE DRIVING 10057 aceado: 10058 hehe___xd: MEDIUM? 10059 MrCupcakeHD_101: LUL LUL LUL LUL LUL LUL LUL LUL 10060 Norrik: NotLikeThis 1006Torrestin: LIVESTREAMFAILS 10062 BranDadddy: APE GANG BABY 10063 Ahdharr: APE DRIVING SIM 2017 10064 MrKolers: Cx 10065 gvbuy: GTA STYLE 10066 AidenRiceBall: who would evwr put a median in the middle of the road?! 10067 SoCalWolfgang: @jefferyhamilton he hit the middle thing 10068 StrawberryFlavorBleach: LSF/r 10069 Directlol: FILM IT 10070 BoltActionMike: Ook OOK 1007Dabbernaut: LUL 10072 MEYERN3: LuL 10073 SoCalWolfgang: @jefferyhamilton something fell off 10074 BlastomaHD: with 4 people too LUL 10075 red_eyes47: R I P 10076 r_a_r_e: DRIVING LIKE A CIVIC 10077 kahunaburg3r: LUL 10078 beta_sausage_fest: TOO BUSY TALKING TO DRIVE LUL 10079 Metroboominx: LOL 10080 DontTreadOnMe556: cracked oil pan 1008J0rbe: f 10082 loktarn: civic karma 10083 jaydog916: GTA ,,,,,BABY!!!! 10084 FujiFires: APE NATION BABY APE GANG 10085 sapphiroth: 10086 nothingheresir: LUL 10087 KhristophesaurusDinosarus: forsenOMEGA 10088 Ienjoitop: lul 10089 NOXITEZ: LuL 10090 them11ke: rip bumper 1009SirDomtheFirst: underneath is the problem though 10092 Johnsoned: leaked LuL 10093 punkey: MIRA STRIKES AGAIN 10094 mario2252: Leaked 10095 phrmxs: HAHAHAHAHAHA 10096 Iorrekk: A4 LUL 10097 Tiga93: LEAKED 10098 VonTawast: AUDI Kreygasm 10099 Snave779: ANELE 10100 CPU_INTENSIVE: ANELE inc 1010migjmz: oil pan 10102 Lemons3_14: NotLikeThis 10103 Kalka22: LEAKED AF 10104 kharr: LMAOOO 10105 ttylertt: that is fuel 10106 MangoI: LUL 10107 MaxJorgen: monkS 10108 jtwizzle : FUEL TANK 10109 MaxJorgen: LMFAOOOO 10110 Mfwautismo: RUN ANELE 1011MrCupcakeHD_101: ANELE Clap 10112 klown_act: LUL 10113 FlavoredShotgun: ANELE Clap 10114 karunponnada: LMAO GAS TANK LEAKING 10115 Waffleandpancake: omg leaked u dummyy fuck 10116 inobri9: leaked plate 10117 Danneborger: ANELE monkaS 10118 rr00: he leaking 10119 dealerofhappystuff: OIL LEAKING, GTFO 10120 AiimHawkx: IM JUST LUL ng I ACTUALLY HAVE NO IDEA ABOUT CARS LUL 1012Wimpish: DONT DRIVE 10122 an0therduck : f 10123 Zeekey: OIL PAN LUL 10124 jagerma_ : F 10125 Blameful: F 10126 issa_ben: f 10127 an0therduck : f 10128 MK677: F (puke) 10129 uncurledsun: F 10130 Orlaglol: F 1013BakonBro: F 10132 SHADOW_RAPTOR_: F 10133 bomb__dude12: f for FeelsBadMan 10134 AidenRiceBall: f 10135 Warogency: R 10136 POLITE_UGANDAN_WITH_AK47: ANELE GOT HIM 10137 MrKolers: saved 10138 r_a_r_e: SAVED 10139 R_W_B: CAR FIXING STREAM PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp 10140 NitroPally: saved PogChamp 1014iLucky12: saved 10142 StrawberryFlavorBleach: monkaS stop 10143 punkey: Saved 10144 Sleepyflow: saved 10145 bomb__dude12: saved PogChamp 10146 Mitzki: LuL 10147 Trixylol: nothing happend lmao 10148 StreetMagiQ: NEED BANANA MECHANIC 10149 an0therduck : SAVED 10150 an0therduck : SAVED 1015SLAYERKNOWN: CAR TOTALED 10152 easy44444: ITLL BE AIGHT 10153 Soda_love_you_KappaPride: RIP 10154 Daftpunk420: saved 10155 SLAYERKNOWN: DONT DRIVE 10156 cartographist_: it was just a plastic guard 10157 MrCupcakeHD_101: ANELE INC 10158 rythven: ANELE 10159 cordibiss: lol what LuL 10160 TheSkuggi: Just sound isolation foam, nothing to worry about 1016Zeekey: ENGINE SEIZED NEXT LUL 10162 R_W_B: FeelsBadMan 10163 r_a_r_e: YOUR BLINKER FLUID IS LEAKING 10164 KhristophesaurusDinosarus: FeelsBadMan Clap 10165 rythven: FUCK MY SHIT UP SENPAI 10166 Mfwautismo: I SAW FIRE monkaMEGA 10167 KingAxzel: FeelsGoodMan Clap 10168 django_unchained_: FeelsGoodMan Clap 10169 Aquagasm: FeelsBadMan 10170 a_z1: RIP ALIGNMENT LUL 1017KingAxzel: FeelsGoodMan Clap fucked up 10172 ScottyLJn: monkaS 10173 sinzorn: CONTENT HOMIE 10174 Fallx: ONLY GONNA COST U 800 TO FIX OMEGALUL 10175 nigerianziqo: S T U C C 10176 MrCupcakeHD_101: FeelsAmazingMan Clap 10177 DontTreadOnMe556: LUL 10178 SLAYERKNOWN: DRIVE = DEATH 10179 MorberBot: Leaking could be the AC 10180 SoCalWolfgang: the cars fine 1018retgektm8: CLIP? 10182 send2nik: 200$ LUL 10183 FujiFires: AUDI LuL 10184 Aiko_Scarlet: DONT DRIVE IF IT IS OIL LEAK 10185 SLAYERKNOWN: CAR TOTALED 10186 sparkolul: LEAKED PLATE LUL 10187 Kebyn27: RIP ENGINE LUL 10188 linkmax25: remember when he was making fun of that jacked up car? OMEGALUL OMEGALUL 10189 DystopianVillian : GEICO LuL 10190 KingAxzel: FeelsGoodMan Clap 1019kahunaburg3r: 🦎 Clap 10192 Liquidshot: SEATBELT 10193 Jermasdd: clip? 10194 GUMBO_HOE: SEATBELT 10195 MrKolers: seatbelt 10196 Pixikk: F 10197 Ahdharr: f 10198 NOXITEZ: f 10199 JKGrowlingHS: monkaS 10200 CHEATTZ: 🌞 Clap 1020jagerma_ : saved 10202 yungg_hentai: streaming insurance fraud nice 10203 MrKolers: save 10204 ScottyLJn: monkaS ? 10205 γˆγ‚Šγ‚“: F 10206 Holyfriez: F 10207 soulknight_tv: SAVED SAVED 10208 soulknight_tv: F 10209 PUBG_SoundGuy: It happens when apes driving LUL 10210 bomb__dude12: 😑 HANDS ON THE WHEEL 😑 1021chubs23: good thing its not donkeys car. its his uncles 10212 Latepoppins: monkaS 10213 Permafade: F atpFeelsBeardMan 10214 PurpleJamSir: monkaS 10215 00bloodvein00: that trainwrecks beer gut 10216 melvinhans_: dead 10217 Malfureous: cause most people wear SUNglasses not poofter fake glasses 10218 Bjorn__Thorn: Still less scuffed than Ice Poseidon PogChamp 10219 MEYERN3: again? 4Head 10220 punkey: monkaS 1022linkmax25: THATS KARMA FOR MAKING FUN OF CAR OMEGALUL 10222 Resynthesis: monkaSSS 10223 hehe___xd: LIVELEAK INC 10224 plyre: AUDI OMEGALUL 10225 ElSenorPogChampo: monkaS 10226 zipzo989: monkaS 10227 Biston1: Kappa 10228 Blvdz: Watch him do it again LUL 10229 MrCupcakeHD_101: ANELE CAR BOMB 10230 vivid86: lol 1023NicodemiusX: SPEED UP ANELE 10232 erwtilos: LUL 10233 RpHunnid: ANELE 10234 TOMMYB200: lix 10235 amisnaru: ???? 10236 Ienjoitop: come smoke in ca 10237 BoltharHS: he looks like a rat 10238 Simplydad: ENGINE SOUNDS BF 10239 aLAnM6o9: BOOM 10240 yowutm8: ENGINE SOUNDS BAD monkaS 1024The0gge: TriHard 10242 Biston1: MONKEY BEHIND THE WHEEL TriHard 10243 Ahdharr: APE DRIVING LIKE HES IN PUBG 10244 rellmz: whos the cutie in the back? 10245 MrCupcakeHD_101: monkaS APEWRECKS DRIVING 10246 EatPills: fucking retards 10247 rngrngrng: TriHard Clap 10248 Stydevz: Cx TriHard 10249 MrCupcakeHD_101: TriHard 10250 Nightbiter: who is the hotty in a back 1025FAST_UH_UHS_TRIHARD: TriHard 10252 guccijoja: TriHard 10253 MEYERN3: TriHard 10254 Havazzz: god damn that monkey is ugly 10255 easy44444: CAR DYING 10256 Latepoppins: DO IT 10257 7_years_: 🍌 🍌 🍌 10258 Holyfriez: casualsBan casualsBan 10259 ScottyLJn: OMEGALUL 10260 Snave779: cmonBruh 1026MEYERN3: LuL 10262 zujitv: ???????? 10263 0__l: gachiBASS gachiBASS gachiBASS gachiBASS gachiBASS gachiBASS 10264 sinzorn: YES 10265 ZarandumIMBA: LUL 10266 anonr3vy: MAKE IT HAPPEN manny 10267 Crvnky: ???????????????????? 10268 Papryk_: gachiBASS 10269 django_unchained_: HotPokket 10270 nitehawk1401: Lush 1027Dabbernaut: LUL 10272 OLDpeculiar21: LUL 10273 Mind_ifi_roll_weed: LOL 10274 johnnnnny2: OHMYVOD 10275 wKRY: LUL 10276 rr00: BAHAHAHAH 10277 RedHairsOfScumpii : LUL 10278 Epiffanie: OMEGALUL 10279 dbsniperog: YES Lol 10280 stavborochov1: MFC IN A NUTSHELL 1028StrawberryFlavorBleach: FACTS LUL 10282 KhristophesaurusDinosarus: HotPokket 10283 Ienjoitop: super lol 10284 send2nik: OMEGALUL 10285 flippinDough: That shit is gimmicky af 10286 haydena98: chaturbate LUL 10287 BlastomaHD: camgirl things 10288 CodyGGh: Mitch dont lie bub 10289 Immortal: ITS WIRELESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS 10290 rektbud: SYBIAN 1029Jthexman91: lol real 10292 Joep4441: LUL 10293 rektbud: LOL 10294 skwuahd: LOOOOOOOOL 10295 ibeenting: ice poseidon waiting room 10296 Latepoppins: LOOOOL 10297 kharr: LOL 10298 Aquagasm: LuL 10299 connect4god: 1 IN THE CHAT IF YOU KNOW 10300 TENMINUTEDAYS: OMEGALUL 1030ZarandumIMBA: OMEGALUL 10302 BlastomaHD: LUL 10303 cordibiss: πŸ€” 10304 Joep4441: LMAO LUL 10305 The0gge: OMEGALUL 10306 snipersaito: FAKE 10307 flippinDough: He knows LUL 10308 Zakkyu: LUL 10309 chadashcroft22: it's an egg 10310 Immortal: ITS WIRELESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS] 1031django_unchained_: gachiBASS 10312 Panerit: Π°Ρ…Ρ…Π°Ρ…Π°Ρ…Π° ΠΎΠ½ΠΈ ΠΏΡ€ΠΎ ΠšΠ°Ρ‚ΡŽ) 10313 SomboLoL: Kreygasm i like that 10314 Biston1: gachiBASS Clap 10315 shorizor: ITS CALLED LUSH OR OMNIBOT 10316 Laypack: ME TOO LuL 10317 StrawberryFlavorBleach: Kreygasm 10318 Swold1er: WHO ISNT 10319 eXiLe4: OHMIBOD OHMIBOD OHMIBOD OHMIBOD OHMIBOD OHMIBOD 10320 easy44444: CHATURBATE EXPERT 1032sneaky9000: ?????????? 10322 hehe___xd: ??? 10323 0__l: Jebaited 10324 istibok: i love this guy lmao 10325 kahunaburg3r: LUL 10326 Qwahzi: LOL 10327 dbsniperog: LUL 10328 Aquagasm: LuL 10329 0__l: Jebaited Clap 10330 hoje_tv: WHO THE FUCK DECIDED TO LET THE MONKEY DRIVE 1033Bjorn__Thorn: LuL 10332 ZeroGravittyy: PTSD 10333 cordibiss: NaM 10334 Vitaceous: Chaturbate = IRL 10335 Zeekey: LUL 10336 Ahlick: :rage: 10337 MEYERN3: 4Head 10338 Bjorn__Thorn: LMAOOO 10339 hoje_tv: WHO THE FUCK DECIDED TO LET THE MONKEY DRIVE 10340 TheJohnPanther: PTSD monkaS 1034Daftpunk420: @MitchJones staff in the chat 10342 MK677: ROASTED LuL 10343 ScottyLJn: TriHard 10344 StrawberryFlavorBleach: trap DansGame 10345 beta_sausage_fest: savage 10346 qlimax36: TriHar 10347 ArthurLion: LUL 10348 melvinhans_: two hands 10349 MrCupcakeHD_101: TriHard 10350 JustHereToLurk: God u look like a rar 1035aqua_a2: TriHard 10352 Derelicht: tyler1Monk 10353 Fabushki: monkaS 10354 ComfyIrelia: TriHard Clap 10355 Nanopico1: cmonBruh 10356 stugez123: OOOOOKKK TriHard 10357 Bart_Cx: cmonBruh 10358 Permafade: atpCarl 10359 agnostickhorse: cmonBruh 10360 scrubnubslulz: PogChamp HAIRCUT 1036FrinkerZ: @punkey Ditch has been live for 3 hours and 13 minutes. 10362 Malfureous: "OH the Sun" cause most people wear SUNglasses not poofter fake glasses 10363 AlcoholicOstrich: haHAA 10364 scrubnubslulz: PogChamp // HAIRCUT 10365 AMDAFC: TriHard 10366 Kaizyn: HUB ASSEMBLY 10367 nothingheresir: WutFace 10368 TheOfficialBaconGamer: LuL 10369 zoef1e: why ur hair is not so bad xD 10370 Stenenwastaken: SURE Kappa 1037residentsleeper_in: OKA BONKA 10372 Drumm0nd: MORE THAN 500 10373 KharusCarlos: LUL 10374 AMDAFC: Lol 10375 Bjorn__Thorn: ☝ cmonBruh wait a minute 10376 MrCupcakeHD_101: Kappa 10377 7_years_: sure LUL 10378 MrMySmallsack: NOT MY FAULT BTW 10379 Killstreeak: Karma 10380 sniglets: Kappa 1038easy44444: IT WAS YOUR FAULT 10382 rektbud: lol 10383 logan3g: Kappa 10384 SykaPlyat: Kappa 10385 hoje_tv: WHO THE FUCK DECIDED TO LET THE MONKEY DRIVE ................. 10386 StrawberryFlavorBleach: :) 10387 taolinos: ok 10388 Penguinpower93: get ur ook on TriHard 10389 rektbud: thank you 10390 cordibiss: already have :) 1039ken_combo: Kappa 10392 NOXITEZ: AngelThump 10393 Laypack: LOL 10394 Pizarnik_: LuL 10395 Epiffanie: LuL 10396 DontTreadOnMe556: cmonBruh 10397 liontire: TEXAS 10398 Biston1: KKona 10399 Aquagasm: ANOTHER U turn LUL 10400 rngrngrng: KKona 1040AMDAFC: DUMB APE 10402 Dabbernaut: KKona 10403 rektbud: lol 10404 DJ_Chodestep: TrumpSmugs 10405 sneaky9000: PogChamp 10406 Stenenwastaken: NO 10407 Bjorn__Thorn: KKona 🌽 10408 vocalist5: lies 10409 monokitai: WHO CARES 10410 guccijoja: PogChamp 1041Extracupanails: Kappa 10412 zephiK: ENGAGED LUL 10413 erwtilos: PogChamp 10414 StompingBox: asmonL 10415 Yoyiin: SURE 10416 Redvinez: nathanD 10417 MrKaltaan: PogChamp 10418 The0gge: OMEGALUL 10419 Daftpunk420: PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp 10420 kappapotapac: asmonL asmonL asmonL asmonL asmonL 1042ZarandumIMBA: CREDIBLE LUL 10422 ScottyLJn: OMEGALUL 10423 MMaxMersel: i would Kappa 10424 BannedByReynadOn7Accounts: K BEAR 10425 The0gge: PICKLE RIIIIIIIICK haHAA 10426 shorizor: PogChamp 10427 Flexatron: Latestagecapitalism 10428 punkey: CREDIBLE 10429 eseekeeetit: if she wasnt engaged tho gachiBass 10430 send2nik: OMEGALUL 1043bomb__dude12: leaked LuL 10432 Stenenwastaken: PICKLE RICK haHAA 10433 Killstreeak: @mitchjones Karma 4 makin fun of people's cars 10434 Watchson: Im a pickle morty haHAA 10435 punkey: PICKLE RESEARCH 10436 red_eyes47: KappaPride 10437 SoCalWolfgang: KKona 10438 Morgunball123: PIKCLE RICK 10439 WorsTToMention: LEAKED LUL 10440 Mangrab: PICKLE RIIIIIIIIIIIIICK OMEGALUL 1044StompingBox: Pickle rick asmonL 10442 lv12paladin_btw: 2 10443 PizzaRollSamurai: haHAA 10444 Ahdharr: THATSTHE DUCKES NAME 10445 Spinatotato: PICKLE RICK haHAA 10446 YesImSavage: haHAA 10447 Resynthesis: haHAA 10448 KharusCarlos: haHAA 10449 Folius: to be fair... 10450 hoje_tv: WHO THE FUCK DECIDED TO LET THE MONKEY DRIVE ................. 1045dbsniperog: yes 10452 NicodemiusX: haHAA END MY LIFE 10453 Divipoot: pickle rick XDDDDD 10454 whoknvws_: RICH AND MORTY haHAA haHAA haHAA 10455 zzKupo: haHAA 10456 m4ssiii: Vinegar TriHard 10457 Vyrken: haHAA 10458 ThatOneGuy380: haHAA 10459 dimensjon: Rick and normie ResidentSleeper 10460 7_years_: RICk and morty haHAA 1046them11ke: yes 10462 Parasinus47: 350 IQ 10463 δΉƒγƒ’δΈΉγ‘εŒ•ε„ : the fanbase is cancer but its a good cartoon 10464 nbpeu: normie shit 10465 kappapotapac: asmonL asmonL asmonL asmonL asmonL asmonL asmonL asmonL asmonL 10466 warsock104: trainwrecks got fat 10467 agnostickhorse: FeelsNeatMan 10468 PIYTEQ: true 10469 7_years_: rick and morty haHAA 10470 rektbud: he's right LUL 10470__l: FeelsNeatMan 10472 nbpeu: NORMIE SHIT 10473 shakmanne: 10474 ScottyLJn: 2 10475 melvinhans_: its a preferred taste 10476 Cydinlol: 2 10477 m4ssiii: 2 f 10478 richestmaninla22: 22222222 10479 pelo177: 10480 Kulphate: 2 1048CaptainMittensTV: 22222 10482 PPyrar: 10483 richestmaninla22: 2 10484 boellehalm: 10485 masterofsiver: 2222222222 10486 Sammy97gg: 10487 masterpce: 1111111111110488 TotoFeo: 1 10489 masterpce: 1110490 zootieX: haHAA 1049SemiCheeks: 22222222222222222222 10492 imnotdonald: rick and morty is scuffed big bang theory 10493 Dabossx: 2 bullsheet 10494 Swedishouse: jeff said 2.1 Kappa 10495 richestmaninla22: 2 10496 masterpce: 1111111110497 Ahdharr: 2222222222222222 10498 Ahdharr: 22222 10499 fREAST: < haHAA / 10500 Mfwautismo: PICKLE RIIIIIIIIIICK haHAA too smart for me 1050Ahdharr: 22222222222222 10502 Totodile12: the glasses are a good look man, new cut fresh too 10503 xFloty: FeelsGoodMan 10504 Ahdharr: 22222 10505 ζ©˜θ‰²ηš„ζ©™ζ©™: PepeHands ANYWAYS 10506 Packette: agreed 10507 shanevapid: Rick and Morty has a shit fandom 10508 mecabeat: You actually have to have a high IQ to watch Rick & Morty 10509 p0larcsgo: ASMON WAS TALKING ABOUT THE FANBASE WITH THE SZECHWAN SAUCE SHIT 10510 TheJohnPanther: FeelsGoodMan Clap 1051Gomary: EAT ASS NOW 10512 kezwichx: whos that girl 10513 Ienjoitop: best show beyond shouth park 10514 Pewpewpewdot: LUL 10515 Biston1: KKona 10516 notice_me_OpieOP: 2 10517 MEYERN3: sodaTHINKING 10518 Permafade: Season 3 of rick and morty was garbage 10519 Ienjoitop: portal 10520 xFloty: chat FailFish 1052punkey: LUL 10522 flippinDough: New south park sucks because creators are cucked and old 10523 Ahdharr: HARSH 10524 StompingBox: asmon1 asmon2 10525 MiyaYuie: oh so it's like south park humor? probably DansGame 10526 IFBANIVINZULUL: U TURN ZULUL 10527 send2nik: NA DRIVING LUL 10528 tullion: LUL 10529 StompingBox: gachiBASS 10530 rektbud: lol 1053Lemons3_14: Kappa 10532 SirDomtheFirst: who is that random fet in the back 10533 Jiipo: APE DRIVING 10534 Andrex7744: dumbass :D 10535 Ienjoitop: ahhahhaa 10536 Ienjoitop: ahjahahhaha 10537 Bjorn__Thorn: LMAOO 10538 BannedByReynadOn7Accounts: gachiGASM 10539 Flexatron: OMEGALUL 10540 Mangrab: OMEGALUL 1054Ienjoitop: ahhahahha 10542 veeps0: spit on us DansGame 10543 Sh4rkouu: SPITTTTTTTTTTTTTTT 10544 Mahkah01: FAT APE 10545 ReaLqxz: YOU NEED A DEGREE IN ROCKET SCIENCE TO UNDERSTAND RICK AND MORTY 10546 zujitv: LOL 10547 Lawrieee: M I S H A LiL 10548 DumbMemeName: spit 10549 erwtilos: LMAOOOOOO 10550 The0gge: monkaMEGA 1055BlazeIt1: Roid RAGE 10552 xDevator: LUL 10553 jtwizzle : LOL 10554 cRYZ_sc: FAAAAAT 10555 MangoI: cmonBruh 10556 MomoMonies: LUL STFU PUSSY 10557 Blvdz: SPIT WutFace 10558 melvinhans_: thats why his mic is nasty lol 10559 rythven: MEESH 10560 Stenenwastaken: WTF TriHard 1056Sammy97gg: ROIDRAGE 10562 xyz: spit DansGame 10563 Drumm0nd: dankquanMonkas 10564 kappas_father: MAD AS FUCK 10565 diendah: bananadickswrecktv 10566 Lokisza: BANANADICKWRECKSTV 10567 Rkzzv2: LUL LUL 10568 MiyaYuie: roids again 10569 kiosugii: β™Ώ DISABLED APE COMING THRU β™Ώ 10570 warsock104: why is that fat guy so angry? 1057SoCalWolfgang: HE CHANGED IT 10572 yogifdrop: cmonBruh 10573 QuinnR03: he changed it to michaelsherman 10574 Erazu: misha KappaPride 10575 Zakkyu: MISHA OMEGALUL 10576 Viewerzz: Misha SMOrc 10577 rektbud: lol 10578 safetyboss: WHAT IS THAT HAIR 10579 StinkyFrog: Yes 10580 REBELLlOUS: MISHA BTW haHAA 1058MEYERN3: sonyD Kreygasm 10582 ButterflyMornings: MISHA SAN haHAA 10583 KingAxzel: Misha haHAA 10584 send2nik: LUL 10585 youngsachi: misha haHAA 10586 Vyrken: MISHA haHAA 10587 kahunaburg3r: haHAA Clap 10588 rngrngrng: haHAA 10589 pleb_____: watchmeblink1 haHAA 10590 Yoshei22: LUL 1059millioti: LUL 10592 Zomow: LuL 10593 snipersaito: ? 10594 Lemons3_14: misha san Kappa 10595 MiyaYuie: MISHA, show some respect Mitch 10596 Pewpewpewdot: LUL 10597 OBTU: LuL 10598 Mind_ifi_roll_weed: TRUE TriHard 10599 Joep4441: HAHAAHAHHAH LUL 10600 ButtBoop: !uptime 1060erwtilos: LUL LUL LUL LUL LUL 10602 TundraMike: Cx in the chat 10603 BoltharHS: LUL 10604 MrCupcakeHD_101: TriHard TRUE 10605 ScottyLJn: monkaSSS 10606 Stompdaroach: KELSEY 10607 RaekwonThyChef: KELSEY 10608 carlbirger: LUL 10609 RedHairsOfScumpii : KELSEY 10610 TrueDemonzu: monkaS 1061Zarcyon1: KELSEY 10612 chubs23: kelsey 10613 Erazu: monkaS 10614 Bavne: OMEGALUL 10615 NitroPally: kelsey 10616 potatosheepXD: DansGame spit 10617 SnufkinJoxaren: LuL 10618 burning91: BANNED 10619 Drumm0nd: SPIT DansGame 10620 pleb_____: monkaS 1062Watchson: split gachiGASM 10622 ButterflyMornings: 4Had 10623 792x: APEWRECKS TriHard 10624 Ienjoitop: ape driving 10625 jedicontrol: LUL 10626 Immortal: KELSEY 10627 shorizor: monkaS 10628 coolmusicguy: KELSEY 10629 Latepoppins: APE TriHard Clap 10630 Escobar470277: Come to The Hood TriHard TriHard TriHard TriHard TriHard TriHard 1063YatokamiSenpai: SPITWRECKSTV 10632 bass9589: this guy tyler2? 10633 Mahkah01: MICHEAL BTW 10634 Norrik: LMAO 10635 AYDRIAN_: ITS ALREADY FUCKED OMEGALUL 10636 Metroboominx: 10637 Lemons3_14: Kappa 10638 WorsTToMention: SURE LUL 10639 MrCupcakeHD_101: Kappa 10640 drstiffy: ban one man spam 1064dbsniperog: LOL SURE 10642 7_years_: LEGAL U TURN EleGiggle 10643 BlazeIt1: BANNED LUL 10644 Brutaling: HEADMEAT 10645 chubs23: its also illegal for apes to drive.... 10646 BranDadddy: APE HAS TITS LUL 10647 CreatineFueledPumps: never seen someone make driving somewhere so much fun 10648 Escobar470277: I gonna say iT TriHard 10649 Stompdaroach: OpieOP 10650 CPU_INTENSIVE: BODYGUARD 1065cordibiss: LUL ? 10652 fidd1: HODOR 10653 Swagboi90: <3 10654 BlipHub: Someone please ban this cunt Kray1o10655 qlimax36: <3 10656 ScottyLJn: OpieOP <3 10657 CPU_INTENSIVE: <3 OpieOP Clap 10658 Ienjoitop: hodor 10659 Alllprimer: HE TALKS 10660 HipsterDan: <3 1066KhristophesaurusDinosarus: <3 10662 strider114: <3 10663 ButterflyMornings: <3 10664 MEYERN3: <3 10665 kahunaburg3r: monkaSSS 10666 Listenbub: HODOR 10667 WorsTToMention: <3 10668 easy44444: TAYLOR CANT MOVE LOL 10669 Escobar470277: Come Hood i Steal your car TriHard TriHard TriHard TriHard 10670 Orichienal: <3 1067Lemons3_14: OMEGALUL 10672 RedHairsOfScumpii : Kreygasm 10673 Jullex: <3 10674 i_like_ice_cream: FAT MIRA 10675 nakedpizzaman: i just seen Kelsey in downtown Fullerton on sat 10676 Ahdharr: TAYLOR <3 10677 jake_gyllenballs: He's Jiren 10678 rektbud: gachiBASS 10679 Soda_love_you_KappaPride: THICC 10680 Hydrixi: PogChamp LUL 1068MrMySmallsack: PogChamp 10682 Biston1: ANELE Cla 10683 BARREL42O: ANELE 10684 MangoI: cmonBruh 10685 StrawberryFlavorBleach: MILKERS FeelsGoodMan 10686 FujiFires: ANELE Clap 10687 ToEden: ANELE 10688 kingsbluedeep: MILKERS 10689 fREAST: PedoBear / 10690 Ahlick: LOOOOOOOOOL 1069django_unchained_: BabyRage 10692 punkey: LUL 10693 MrCupcakeHD_101: ANELE Clap 10694 Aquagasm: LuL 10695 erwtilos: LUL LUL LUL 10696 Latepoppins: monkaS 10697 Andrex7744: WutFace 10698 jedicontrol: LMFAIOOOOO 10699 Joep4441: haHAA 10700 Hydrixi: LUL 1070DontTreadOnMe556: AUTISM 10702 strider114: wtf LuL 10703 Dabossx: oh shiii 10704 kahunaburg3r: tipS 10705 MEYERN3: BabyRage mom gimme milkers 10706 narmis7: haHAA haHAA 10707 yowutm8: APE IS FUNNY 10708 Lemons3_14: Kappa 10709 ButterflyMornings: OneHand 10710 safetyboss: DEJAVU 1071StompingBox: TOE PogChamp 10712 Ahlick: funny ape 10713 yogifdrop: MOMMY MILK BabyRage 10714 ButterflyMornings: OneHand TOE SUBS 10715 bomb__dude12: TOES PogChamp 10716 Jrock_Est91: @mitchjones does trainwreck still have a gf??? 10717 SirWilliamXII: STIFFLER 10718 AlcoholicOstrich: haHAA mitch die 10719 Joep4441: TOEZ LUL 10720 rektbud: BROTHER TOE PogChamp 1072an0therduck : OneHand TOE SUBS UNITE 10722 Ahdharr: I KNOW WHERE WE IS 10723 an0therduck : OneHand TOE SUBS UNITE 10724 Metroboominx: FeelsBadMan 10725 amisnaru: CREEPY IDIOT LUL 10726 an0therduck : OneHand TOE SUBS UNITE 10727 pleb_____: LEECH TOE OMEGALUL 10728 piesmacker: moneys tight 10729 SomboLoL: ACTUALLY NOT LOST FOR ONCE PogChamp 10730 django_unchained_: BRO TOE FeelsBadMan 1073kingsbluedeep: @brutaling nope 10732 Stydevz: LIDL OMEGALUL 10733 MEYERN3: OneHand 10734 NotTheus: OneHand TOE SUBS UNITE 10735 Joep4441: T O E Z LUL 10736 7_years_: JAYS 10737 rythven: ADIDAS 10738 ValidK: LUL 10739 AlcoholicOstrich: :gun: haHAA 10740 Maideez: TOEZ DIED FeelsBadMan 1074Mind_ifi_roll_weed: JAAAAAAAYS TriHard 10742 fabsmoggy: stifler ape 10743 BannedByReynadOn7Accounts: TriHard 10744 Mfwautismo: SCUFFED JAYYYYYYYYYYYYYS TriHard 10745 Big_Poppa_Q: TIMBZ 10746 Brudey: Sketchers OpieOP 10747 ElSenorPogChampo: THE BROTHER TOE THAT STABBED YOU IN THE BACK? LuL 10748 Toothyorc95: tyler looks like shane from the walking dead a bit doesnt he 10749 Killstreeak: ultraboosts 10750 an0therduck : ???? 1075Rzxr: SCUFFED JAYS TriHard 10752 punkey: LUL 10753 rilkepoo: Y-3 10754 erwtilos: @elsenorpogchampo LUL 10755 ValidK: LUL 10756 Maideez: ???????? 10757 The0gge: TriHard 10758 MrCupcakeHD_101: LUL 10759 UFhyponikz: SCUFFED JAYS 10760 Big_Poppa_Q: work boots 1076Tiga93: LuL 10762 Ienjoitop: this is like the new work a holics 10763 7_years_: Chuck taylor is for girls 10764 Beemo_Chop: Shoes that aren't those fucking slippers he's wearing 10765 ValidK: TriHard 10766 jedicontrol: CONVERSE 10767 rektbud: TriHard 10768 rngrngrng: TriHard Clap 10769 lCLipZ: yezzzys 10770 ezpzn: YEEZYS 1077ohMistico: D: 10772 cordibiss: D: ? 10773 east_la_cx: cmonBruh 10774 Twenty2over7: RAPPERS TALK ABOUT CHUCK TAYLORS HES LYING FOR STREAM 10775 ValidK: LUL 10776 Zelris: LUL 10777 TheJohnPanther: gachiBASS 10778 Immortal: WE SLAVS WEAR ADIDAS 10779 Bakerrboi: LUL 10780 koerv: LUL LUL 1078Ahlick: LOOOOOOOOOL 10782 MrCupcakeHD_101: B A R R Y 10783 7_years_: wtf 10784 TENMINUTEDAYS: OMEGALUL 10785 SoCalWolfgang: dude 10786 DontTreadOnMe556: LUL 10787 rngrngrng: haHAA 10788 shadowofakuma: YOINK TriHard 10789 Maideez: INC TriHard 10790 Joep4441: haHAAA 1079erwtilos: LUL LUL LUL LUL 10792 MEYERN3: BibleThump ? 10793 Rhaedax: LMAO 10794 kiosugii: TriHard STEAL 10795 BannedByReynadOn7Accounts: monkaS 10796 StompingBox: PedoBear 10797 Drumm0nd: PogChamp 10798 kahunaburg3r: NaM Clap 10799 MrCupcakeHD_101: TriHard INC 10800 Joep4441: Kreygasm Kreygasm ASIAN Kreygasm Kreygasm 1080beesnipe16: "I'm not gonna steal you" LOL 10802 SomboLoL: KAWAII GIRLS? 10803 Erazu: Kreygasm 10804 Zelris: LuL 10805 Adventurously: OMEGALUL 10806 bdog_cx: LUL 10807 Ienjoitop: pedi bear 10808 UFhyponikz: haHAA 10809 rngrngrng: LUL 10810 Norrik: Kreygasm 1081yogifdrop: LuL 10812 MsTr_Grimm: LUL 10813 7_years_: LMAOOOOOOOO 10814 Fptlol: LUL 10815 M3H4: LUL 10816 Yoshei22: LUL 10817 luckfore: h h h h h h h h h h 10818 Buliarz: LUL 10819 Resynthesis: OMEGALUL Clap 10820 watchmegetcuckdbymira1: ALPHA 1082shadowofakuma: LuL 10822 Pizarnik_: LOOOOOOOOOL 10823 rektbud: AAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA 10824 Bocloc: LUL 10825 Metroboominx: HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH 10826 poisoned_blueberry: hhhhhhhhhhhhhh 10827 Mandible8564: BigBrother 10828 kahunaburg3r: ZULUL 10829 MrCupcakeHD_101: HHHHHHHHHHHHH 10830 Joep4441: LUL LUL LUL 1083Erazu: AMINA AMINA 10832 PpPpPpPpPpPpPpPpPpPpOpO: LuLuLul 10833 Stormycide: LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOO 10834 Immortal: HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH 10835 Holyfriez: LOL 10836 deepinthots: TriHard TriHard TriHard TriHard TriHard TriHard TriHard TriHard TriHard 10837 slothtooth: hhhhhhh hhhhaa haha haaavbee a good day 10838 r_a_r_e: H H H H H HH H H H AVE A GOD DAY 10839 ttylertt: hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 10840 Zorc1: Damn she was jelly 1084beesnipe16: IM TAKING NOTES 10842 kilos__: dddddd 10843 Wattanabeoutto: H H H HH H H H H 10844 ttylertt: ddddddddd 10845 PpPpPpPpPpPpPpPpPpPpOpO: d-d-d-d-d- 10846 kharr: lol 10847 Ienjoitop: hahhahaha 10848 Falqon0ne: LUL 10849 Listenbub: LUL 10850 koerv: LUL LUL 1085agnostickhorse: dick LuL 10852 rektbud: ROFL 10853 Deathblossoming: train LEECH 10854 east_la_cx: PogChamp 10855 7_years_: Harassment 10856 aleksso: LEECH 10857 StrawberryFlavorBleach: FeelsGoodMan 10858 slothtooth: 😑 10859 ethelden_13: serious Kappa 10860 Pelegolas_br: APE NATION 1086SoCalWolfgang: PogChamp 10862 Ahlick: PedoBear 10863 Falqon0ne: monkaS 10864 MEYERN3: PogChamp 10865 Didums22: PogChamp 10866 Dearlove1: PedoBear 10867 McShadyGaming: PedoBear 10868 kray101: LEAKED 10869 Philanthr0pic: black son? 10870 ken_combo: πŸ€ 1087DystopianVillian : D: 10872 rngrngrng: TriHard 10873 Dabbernaut: PedoBear 10874 StrawberryFlavorBleach: cmonBruh language 10875 BannedByReynadOn7Accounts: PedoBear Clap 10876 jedicontrol: LOL 10877 shakmanne: GO IN 10878 Immortal: FFFFFFFFFFF 10879 Didums22: CONTENT PogChamp 10880 BranDadddy: GO CONTENT 1088DontTreadOnMe556: LUL 10882 ltsbreeze: TriHard 10883 SoCalWolfgang: you can't go in dude 10884 Elizahbeth: forsenThink 10885 fREAST: cmonBruh /\ PedoBear 10886 punkey: D d d d d 10887 Ayyyzen: NO 10888 Ienjoitop: go content 10889 Killstreeak: mitchG 10890 Tasman1anDevil: f f f f f 1089Norrik: RAT BASE 10892 Trahviz: ITS REQUIRED YOU HAVE A KID 10893 Peezo425: get mitch some timberlands 10894 django_unchained_: mitchG Clap mitchG Clap mitchG Clap mitchG Clap 10895 Maizuk: i want to suck fandys tits 10896 Adorabell1: no swearing in Chuck E Cheese Mitchie 10897 thedatisaiah: YOU NEED A KID FOR CHUCK E CHEESE 10898 Dethlock32: HOOTERS 10899 DontTreadOnMe556: HIS HOME LUL 10900 ShakoTheWacko: @zhirro emoneyW 1090strider114: THEY SERVE BEER PogChamp mitchS 10902 TheLastWTF: monkaS 10903 Stompdaroach: monkaS 10904 Kebyn27: WHOS THE GRIL 10905 koerv: monkaS 10906 bomb__dude12: monkaS 10907 Resynthesis: monkaSSS 10908 kharr: LOL 10909 strider114: mitchS 10910 Lemons3_14: monkaS 1091rngrngrng: monkaS 10912 StrawberryFlavorBleach: FEMALE DRIVERS 😑 10913 MEYERN3: LUL wimmen 10914 cordibiss: :O 10915 Metroboominx: LOL 10916 kharr: ROFL 10917 SomboLoL: monkaS 10918 coolmusicguy: RAT KINGDOM #WINTERISHERE 10919 Boothx: PogChamp 10920 mikeylikesu: dam you twitter 1092Stydevz: SCRIPT LUL SCRIPT LUL SCRIPT LUL SCRIPT LUL SCRIPT LUL 10922 kharr: LOL 10923 NicodemiusX: PogChamp 10924 KingAxzel: DODGE??? TriHard 10925 Falqon0ne: TriHard Clap 10926 zipzo989: APE GANG APE GANG 10927 kappas_father: NA driving 10928 punkey: Wtf . 10929 PraiaMeco: almost died again monkaS 10930 yogifdrop: TriHard 1093Maideez: HOOD SKILLZ TriHard / 10932 beesnipe16: LMAO 10933 Implection: DODGED CHARGER\ 10934 slothtooth: TriHard 10935 Aquagasm: DODGE CHARGER TriHard 10936 MrCupcakeHD_101: TriHard DODGE 10937 MasterJoaoPT: fandy 4Hand 10938 Zuriq: mario cart baby 10939 Zuriq: lmao 10940 kahunaburg3r: OneHand Clap 1094TheLastWTF: cmonBruh 10942 bdog_cx: cmonBruh 10943 Maizuk: MARIO KART LUL 10944 django_unchained_: 1 year ago 10945 MrCupcakeHD_101: TriHard 10946 AlcoholicOstrich: TriHard 10947 HeartFull9: cmonBruh 10948 WallyWebber: 5? 10949 east_la_cx: LuL 10950 Beaten_by_TriHard: cmonBruh ? 1095istibok: monkaS 10952 koomens: TriHard 10953 east_la_cx: WHITE DUDE LuL 10954 MrCupcakeHD_101: TriHard OOK OOK 10955 slothtooth: OneHand brotoe subs unite 10956 KhristophesaurusDinosarus: 4Head 10957 FujiFires: LuL 10958 dbsniperog: LOL 10959 Ahlick: D: 10960 xDevator: mitchD 1096Ienjoitop: lol 10962 Shrenko: monkaS 10963 ηˆͺ丹尺尺口山: D: 10964 cordibiss: D: WHAT 10965 ohMistico: R-WORD D: 10966 Mfwautismo: CONFUSED TriHard 10967 Devilqt: your hair looks like shit 10968 shouldahadaV9: mitch :puke: 10969 punkey: LUL 10970 jorvelitso: kripp LuL 1097Booshami: D: 10972 Brudey: cmonBruh 10973 Teqnkka: D: 10974 7_years_: TriHard 10975 gimme_the_booty: R WORD D: 10976 TheLastWTF: gachiGASM 10977 rythven: Cx 10978 BlazeIt1: Nice hair Mitch LUL 10979 summober: D: 10980 Latepoppins: dddddddd 1098kahunaburg3r: D: 10982 NicodemiusX: D; 10983 OBTU: D: 10984 Meg94: D: 10985 IGonzalez_: notsquishY 10986 rngrngrng: D: D: 10987 c_h_i_c_k_e_n_: where is mira?? 10988 youngsachi: D 10989 rngrngrng: D: 10990 Mmartin_: D: 1099warsock104: OpieOP OpieOP OpieOP OpieOP OpieOP 10992 rngrngrng: D: D: D: 10993 Frosty_Cupcake: gachiBASS Clap RAILED 10994 Andrex7744: D: 10995 Say_Tin: D: 10996 Sammy97gg: R WROD 10997 MardecXD: :D 10998 pogchampguy: D: 10999 bape_ruth: R WORD 11000 Joep4441: :D :D :D 1100TheIceCreamDud: D D D D D D D gachiBASS 11002 MardecXD: D: 11003 ShakoTheWacko: D: Clap D: Clap D: Clap D: Clap D: Clap D: Clap D: Clap D: Clap 11004 cloud1562: D: newfag 11005 BoltharHS: R WORD D: 11006 ReloadedHD: where is manny? 11007 wilczun: what happened? clip anyone? 11008 BoltActionMike: D: R WORD 11009 chancesmith1010: would have paid for that dmg to the undercarriage lmao 11010 Flexatron: wobbly 1101Maideez: JAIL HYPERBRUH 11012 zeinksoulz: scuffed camera 11013 Lemons3_14: monkaS 11014 Storming_Zeus: TriHard 11015 send2nik: monkaS 11016 digbickwarrior: TriHard 11017 fuzzysocky: @mitchjones can I sit on your face? 11018 Flexatron: you want shampoo 11019 R_W_B: TriHard 11020 chong049: @MitchJones Go to LA and Hang with Ice 1102Hootzin: you need shampoo 11022 punkey: Shampoos 11023 WorsTToMention: GET SHAMPOO 11024 NicodemiusX: chat so slow DansGame 11025 Dabbernaut: MANCHILD 11026 TheLastWTF: monkaS 11027 TheIceCreamDud: gachiGASM c===3 11028 punkey: Shampoo 11029 StreetMagiQ: those milkers look lit af 11030 ChaseeK: You need shampoo 1103not_exalt: Get shampoo dirty 11032 WoWMarketeer: 11033 KingAxzel: D: 11034 snipersaito: SHAMPOO THE RAT 11035 hehe___xd: calling now 11036 Nirrta: you have to get shampoo it's disgusting 11037 stalys_: HAIRCUT ANDY 11038 Lokisza: LEAKED 11039 beesnipe16: lmao 11040 shanevapid: M I R A is in Dubai banging ANELE's LUL 1104Stop_Drop_Kaboom: LEAKED ROFL 11042 AYDRIAN_: SourPls 11043 TheSkuggi: LEAKED 11044 GUMBO_HOE: LEAKED LOL 11045 BergDK81: filthy shirt 11046 Soda_love_you_KappaPride: BONER 11047 steem99: leaked 11048 ηˆͺ丹尺尺口山: Leaked right away 11049 snipersaito: YO SHAMPOO THE RAT 11050 Rollin70s: LEAKED ALREADY FailFish 1105safetyboss: trainwrex is going to make them fuk u up fam 11052 MrCupcakeHD_101: TriHard Clap 11053 Skyman747: ????????? 11054 hehe___xd: LEAKED FailFish 11055 kiosugii: LEAKED D: 11056 Taake666: TriHard 11057 Maideez: TriHard 11058 MrCupcakeHD_101: LEAKED 11059 coolmusicguy: leaked lol 11060 schiotis: EZ trim 1106StrawberryFlavorBleach: no trim 11062 jaco6y: already leaked dubass 11063 rngrngrng: EZ 11064 taolinos: sodaEZ 11065 narmis7: EZ 11066 Bocloc: EZ trim 11067 DontTreadOnMe556: EZ LUL 11068 NickJSCS: TRIM????? 11069 rythven: TALK TO GRILL 11070 Booshami: EZ 1107Flexatron: Destiny?????? 11072 ValidK: LUL 11073 ScottyLJn: OMEGALUL 11074 blairzey: Destiny LUL 11075 koerv: DESTINY LUL 11076 shiver2: GODSTINY 11077 rngrngrng: LUL 11078 Metroboominx: LuL 11079 qlimax36: LUL 11080 ShakoTheWacko: 15 mins LUL 1108steem99: yes u did 11082 punkey: Destiny 11083 R_W_B: LUL 11084 RACISM_IS_NOT_FUNNY_Cx: LUL 11085 ReloadedHD: where is manny? 11086 KhristophesaurusDinosarus: DESTINY LuL 11087 ReckonTV: Lul 11088 Ienjoitop: lol 11089 Brutaling: EbZ trim TriHard 11090 TheLastWTF: Leaked 1109youngsachi: LUL LUL LUL 11092 7_years_: LEAKED 11093 ReckonTV: LuL 11094 MrCupcakeHD_101: CALL DESTINY 11095 NickJSCS: @MitchJones Rude as fuck sticking a camera in everyone's face LuL 11096 Kujaxle: NotLikeThis 11097 Hydrixi: LUL LEAKED 11098 fREAST: LEAKED OMEGALUL 11099 Swiftar: LEAKED FLOYDS 11100 γ„γŸγ γγΎγ™: LEAKED LOL 1110GUMBO_HOE: C-305 11102 blairzey: LEAKED 11103 Falqon0ne: LEAKED LOL 11104 BannedByReynadOn7Accounts: FLOYDS 11105 sickboyridden: C305 huh 11106 Jubbeh_: UR ACTUALLY RETARDED 11107 Elitepete24: ur dumb 11108 munchysz: yo they have a floyds in arizona too lol 11109 Lawrieee: leaked idiot lul 11110 MUTE_2D: FLOYDS 1111Elizahbeth: derp jones LUL 11112 Maideez: OpieOP 11113 Parasinus47: CALLING BTW haHAA 11114 bomb__dude12: WATER 11115 cvb0081: LUL 11116 Phizler_Inc: water 11117 Jiipo: FUCKING DUBMASS 11118 WhenIRideThroughIt: Water PogCHamp 11119 Lokisza: FLOYDS BARBERSHOP 11120 Wazkyr: VODKA 1112γ„γŸγ γγΎγ™: YOU LLEAKED IT XD 11122 Drumm0nd: MILK 11123 tittyterrorist: FLOYDS 11124 Hydrixi: DUMB ASS ROFL 11125 TurkeyLegJoe: YOU DID LEAK IT IDIOT 11126 NOXITEZ: you did you idiot 11127 XxKoJi: EVERCLEAR 11128 hehe___xd: EW 11129 kubansky123: FLOYD BARBERSHOP 11130 chon_chon: Potbellys LUL 1113WallyWebber: FLOYDS 11132 DarkWelm_: floyd barberhop 11133 ScottyLJn: OMEGALUL 11134 coolmusicguy: leaked LOL 11135 ValidK: LuL 11136 Oozlong: FRIDGE OPEN LUL 11137 Trahviz: floyd 11138 SemiCheeks: floyd floyds 11139 geomap: FLOYDS 11140 MEYERN3: SeemsGood 1114ark_lives_matter: lolol 11142 StrawberryFlavorBleach: LEAKED BTW 11143 MrCupcakeHD_101: LUL 11144 Elizahbeth: forsenOMEGA LEAKED forsenOMEGA LEAKED 11145 Brutaling: lol 11146 skijackson: ye sure Kappa 11147 KhristophesaurusDinosarus: LuL 11148 punkey: You did 11149 watchmegetcuckdbymira1: RETARD 11150 Flexatron: ""ACCIDENT"" Kappa ""ACCIDENT"" Kappa 1115MorberBot: LUL LUL LUL LUL LUL LUL 11152 jedicontrol: FLOYDS BARBER 11153 mikeylikesu: who cares i missed it anyhow 11154 mecabeat: Why is so hard not to leak? Just think about what you're doing. 11155 Jthexman91: WHATS THAT GUYS NAME 11156 MrGazzaPro22: LEAKED 11157 Watchson: CALLERS INC haHAA Clap 11158 TwoThirtyTwo: you walked past the sign 11159 Justice739: @MitchJones It was on the door. 11160 Lemons3_14: didnt mean to Kappa 1116Hydrixi: LUL 11162 LimitzDK: stupid fuck LuL 11163 SoCalWolfgang: you did LuL 11164 TundraMike: You did it tho 11165 Myronlafleur: You dont remember because you have autism 11166 Storming_Zeus: HeyGuys 11167 ReaLqxz: lol 11168 BeardMonkeyQc: CALLERS INC 11169 coolmusicguy: IT'S JUST A RAT LIFE 11170 trivium159: OpieOP 7 1117pogchampguy: @MitchJones nice neck 4Hand 11172 aleksso: <3 11173 Resynthesis: DuckerZ 11174 Mistbeaver: HeyGuys 11175 wKRY: HeyGuys 11176 sinzorn: HODOR LUL 11177 mikeylikesu: hey guy 11178 TopKleare: STAR WARS KID 11179 XxKoJi: OpieOP 11180 fleshgodt: <3 1118Pisquared: <3 11182 Latepoppins: OpieOP 11183 coolmusicguy: <3 11184 Z0rXD: <3 11185 ryukhtv: <3 11186 NotVanetti: <3 11187 Crazie_Jester: <3 11188 HeartFull9: OpieOP FAT FUCK OpieOP 11189 TundraMike: Boogie 11190 Vecint: <3 1119django_unchained_: <3 11192 Oozlong: HODOR THE GOD PogChamp 11193 hobbnocker: NOT LEECH!! 11194 ηˆͺ丹尺尺口山: <3 11195 Hydrixi: <3 11196 Ienjoitop: hodor pog champ 11197 punkey: HODOR 11198 OGPETET: THICC 11199 PraiaMeco: HeyGuys HODOR <3 11200 xmasc: LEAKED 1120Immortal: HODOR IS AWESOME 11202 KyledishGambino_: THICC 11203 zeinksoulz: lol 11204 ScottyLJn: OMEGALUL 11205 Vecint: Not leech <3 11206 ValidK: LUL 11207 cordibiss: SHOW ASS HODOR 11208 Steevus: LOL 11209 MangoI: LUL 11210 MrCupcakeHD_101: LOWER 1121kilos__: FailFish 11212 Horler98: hodor is huge 11213 jedicontrol: TriHard TriHard 11214 Courduroy: LUL 11215 Keadda: cmon 11216 ZeroGravittyy: FailFish 11217 rak526: its hold the door, NOT HOLD THE CAMERA 11218 SemiCheeks: lower 11219 Yoshei22: LUL 11220 erwtilos: LUL 1122StompingBox: callers haHAA 11222 dbsniperog: dont leak the cards 11223 LiteBotTwitch: SHOW ASS 😠 11224 Meg94: phone # LuL 11225 Alasper1: ZOOM IN 11226 istibok: LOWER 11227 MrRobotPapa: Eat her ass :rage: 11228 Lowriderer: LEAKED 11229 east_la_cx: monkaS RUN 11230 Keadda: show girl ass Dx 1123cloud1562: LEAKED CARD FailFish 11232 luckfore: LEAKED AGAIN LUL LEAKED AGAIN LUL LEAKED AGAIN LUL 11233 pogchampguy: LOWER CAMERA 11234 Storming_Zeus: 😑 show ass 11235 rak526: hocam 11236 Stompdaroach: haHAA 11237 ValidK: LUL 11238 MrRobotPapa: EAT HER ASS 😠 11239 LoserVirgin123: 4Head 11240 qlimax36: LEAKED AGAIN LUL 1124NotVanetti: LMAO 11242 pogchampguy: haHAA 11243 Latepoppins: HAHHAHAHAHA 11244 Lemons3_14: OMEGALUL 11245 SykaPlyat: 4Head 11246 Norrik: haHAA 11247 Ienjoitop: so dumb but so good 11248 gorillabrillin: good camera man SeemsGood 11249 shiver2: 6,666 viewers 11250 Permafade: haHAA 1125Ienjoitop: so dumb but so great 11252 Maideez: Whatta 11253 Ienjoitop: ahhahahahhah 11254 VNIMAL: not what ironic means.... 11255 BobbyRed123: Cx TriHard 11256 Ienjoitop: ahahhahah 11257 oDieN1: Camera man??? NEW HIRE PLZ 11258 Metroboominx: CX 11259 fREAST: Calling haHAA 11260 BannedByReynadOn7Accounts: Cx 1126oDieN1: NEW CAMERA MAN 11262 ValidK: Cx 11263 coolmusicguy: PIGS ON PIGS PogChamp 11264 ScottyLJn: LMFAO 11265 Zeekey: LUL 11266 StinkyFrog: Cx 11267 koerv: LUL 11268 Orichienal: LUL I WONDER WHICH BARBER SHOP THEY AT Kappa 11269 ohMistico: PAUL DENINO 11270 Waffleandpancake: Cx 1127MMaxMersel: TOO SMALL NOSE 11272 MrCupcakeHD_101: TriHard Cx 11273 7_years_: NO 11274 Maideez: PAUL ? PogChamp TriHard 11275 Meg94: NO 11276 beta_sausage_fest: nose too small LUL 11277 deadboylv: I kinda see it 11278 dutchdrunkplayer: Cx 11279 Sleepyflow: no 11280 mentalreset: ask him to do the arm thing 1128MorberBot: ANELE ice 11282 Brutaling: NO 11283 punkey: That’s ice 11284 Bart_Cx: ANELE 11285 jaydog916: CX, 11286 Trixylol: hes gonna blow u up lmao 11287 nigerianziqo: BANNED 11288 MrMySmallsack: Cx 11289 immortalxl: THATS PSHERO LOL 11290 Arcstrider: Cx TriHard 1129MrCupcakeHD_101: Cx TriHard 11292 punkey: That’s ice Poseidon., 11293 Ienjoitop: trainwreck has become a stream celeb 11294 wKRY: @Laypack HARU INTE JOBB IMORRN? 11295 reljus_lamartist: Cx 11296 Aquagasm: TriHard Cx 11297 xDevator: 2 11298 Furholt: 11299 DaveSoDave: 11300 easy44444: DIRTY EYE 1130PpPpPpPpPpPpPpPpPpPpOpO: HAHAHAHAHA 11302 gorillabrillin: 11303 ThatOneGuy380: 11304 GoldenGun85: 11305 TurkeyLegJoe: 11306 Sleepyflow: 11307 cartographist_: 2 11308 MiyaYuie: 11309 thatguy1632: 11310 DatGangsta305: leaked again wtf 1131abduls_son: 1 idiot 11312 Brutaling: 11313 immortalxl: LEAKED LUL 11314 Brutaling: 1111315 cordibiss: hi fuccboi :) 11316 RC_2: why cant you not leak 11317 ethelden_13: 17$ LUL 11318 Bratsatani: CALL MIRA ON STREAM. 11319 faustus186: GIRL GLASSES 11320 Kebyn27: SHOW ASS 1132soundofs: PowerUpL TriHard PowerUpR 11322 Mischaking100: WHO IS THE LEECH WITH THEM?? 11323 adamfrye: maybe not 11324 itspreach: show grill 11325 δΉƒγƒ’δΈΉγ‘εŒ•ε„ : wherever they go it always gets leaked, you cant prevent it 11326 Z0rXD: !uptime 11327 FrinkerZ: @z0rxd Ditch has been live for 3 hours and 31 minutes. 11328 Knishmas : @MitchJones You actually look pretty goood right now 11329 Gnompig: Cx 11330 mecabeat: All you have to do is pay attention to what you're doing, why is that so hard? 1133StreetMagiQ: SHOW GRILL 11332 hamcrab: TALK TO FANDY 11333 xDevator: GYM STREAM PogChamp 11334 trivium159: Kreygasm 11335 Felaart: what the fuck did i miss when did this fucking ape get on the stream ?? 11336 NotVanetti: GYM BTW LUL 11337 OGPETET: THICC 11338 Zyinxlol: <3 11339 reljus_lamartist: Kreygasm MIRA 2.0 11340 Viewerzz: Kreygasm 1134east_la_cx: SHOW ASS :rage: 11342 Twitchswag2k15: Fake Alpha FeelsRageMan Fake Alpha FeelsRageMan Fake Alpha FeelsRageMan 11343 wKRY: Kreygasm 11344 Ienjoitop: hahhahah 11345 Frosty_Cupcake: FeelsGoodMan grill 11346 Stompdaroach: FAT MIRA LuL 11347 StrawberryFlavorBleach: THICC MIRA 11348 youngsachi: Kreygasm 11349 narmis7: new mom ? 11350 Metroboominx: gachiBASS 1135ofarrow: LUL 11352 agnostickhorse: 😑 eat her ass 😑 11353 Hydrixi: PogChamp 11354 ValidK: LUL 11355 reljus_lamartist: :thinking: 11356 coolmusicguy: PogChamp 11357 Elizahbeth: forsen11358 J0J0M0J0: L O L 11359 kilos__: gachiBASS 11360 qlimax36: gachiBASS 1136BobbyRed123: LuL 11362 trivium159: LUL 11363 an0therduck : LUL 11364 MrCupcakeHD_101: PogChamp 11365 δΉƒγƒ’δΈΉγ‘εŒ•ε„ : gachiBASS Clap 11366 sch00lboy_qiu: PogChamp 11367 rngrngrng: TriHard Clap 11368 ι»‘εœŸθ±† : Kreygasm 11369 MEEHOYMIINOY: PogChamp he can move his titties 11370 Zeekey: TRY LUL 1137pogchampguy: PogChamp 11372 Ienjoitop: ahahhahha 11373 OT9LoL: gachiBASS LIRIK gachiBASS LIRIK gachiBASS LIRIK gachiBASS LIRIK gachiBASS LIRIK 11374 Hydrixi: ALMOST 11375 vpazi: Who is this girl ??? 11376 SomboLoL: gachiBASS 11377 RACISM_IS_NOT_FUNNY_Cx: LUL 11378 tokenblck: hahaha 11379 jtwizzle : LOL 11380 Skan68: lul 1138Ryuze: LUL 11382 imnotdonald: LUL 11383 scrubnubslulz: LuL 11384 Pisquared: LUL 11385 FeelsBadManRIP: LuL 11386 MorberBot: LUL LUL LUL LUL LUL 11387 γ„γŸγ γγΎγ™: KLOOOOOOOOOOOOL 11388 BobbyRed123: BETA LuL 11389 warsock104: fat 11390 deepinthots: LuL 1139django_unchained_: LuL 11392 winghavenHD: lol 11393 MEEHOYMIINOY: LOL 11394 ScottyLJn: OMEGALUL 11395 fREAST: BETA OMEGALUL 11396 Laypack: lmao 11397 WonOneWun: whats up with this dudes haircut 11398 FeelsBadManRIP: OMEGALUK 11399 Mangrab: OMEGALUL 11400 safetyboss: OMEGALUL 1140sinzorn: LULULULUULULULU 11402 cordibiss: APE 11403 wKRY: LOL 11404 sinzorn: UGAHAHHAAHAHAHAAHAHAJAJAJAJ 11405 Ahdharr: LOOOL 11406 sinzorn: OMG 11407 wKRY: SPIT 11408 Vayne0000: DansGame 11409 ethelden_13: WutFace 11410 moderntimes: YOOOO 1141Maizuk: DROOOOOOOOOOOL 11412 Fillelit: this is so cringy hahaha 11413 warsock104: OpieOP 11414 kingsbluedeep: DansGame 11415 Hugecrit: AUTISM OMEGALUL 11416 wKRY: APE DROOL 11417 StrawberryFlavorBleach: HE SAID 4 DAYS EleGiggle 11418 7_years_: DROOLING BABBOON 11419 sinzorn: APE CANT DO PEC DANCE WTFFFFF 11420 punkey: Ape gang 1142C4_Assassin_: TriHard 11422 Zakkuo: ape gang 11423 MrCupcakeHD_101: LUL LUL LUL LUL 11424 Ienjoitop: shit is funny af 11425 ValidK: LuL 11426 DWeekend: whos the fat scuffed steel guy? 11427 LazyBunnyCx: DansGame APE DROOL 11428 soundofs: TriHard TriHard TriHard TriHard TriHard TriHard TriHard 11429 rngrngrng: MINE TriHard 11430 Flexatron: LUL 1143rr00: no alpha 11432 Vanrit: whens soda live 11433 Lokisza: THATS MINE TriHard 11434 FoxUniChaSie: AUTRAINTIST 11435 Ienjoitop: lol 11436 xFloty: Kappa 11437 NotVanetti: LUL 11438 Lemons3_14: Kappa 11439 StrawberryFlavorBleach: LUL 11440 Ahdharr: HE FAT RN 1144Bart_Cx: YUP Kappa 11442 lemon_wedge: this dudes fucken annoying 11443 StompingBox: Kreygasm 11444 ofarrow: Kappa 11445 eth0x_: Banned 11446 REBELLlOUS: MILK 11447 narmis7: do it 11448 sinz_777: THAT WAS SOME CHATURBATE SHIT WHEN TRAIN DROOLED ON HIS TITTY 11449 guccijoja: T H I C C 11450 MangoI: TriHard 1145cartographist_: LOOKIN SMOLL 11452 MEYERN3: LuL 11453 hamcrab: HELP HER 11454 reljus_lamartist: HELP HER PogChamp 11455 Ienjoitop: thicc 11456 crunkberrykush: Kreygasm 11457 django_unchained_: Kreygasm 11458 rambomamboo: THICC 11459 MorberBot: LUL LUL LUL LUL LUL LUL 11460 mellefade: WHATS HER NAME? Kreygasm 1146nothingheresir: Jebaited 11462 Knightrain: TriHard Clap 11463 Frosty_Cupcake: 😑 11464 FoxUniChaSie: :Rage: 11465 an0therduck : 😑 show milkers 😑 11466 ohMistico: "it's a muscle" tits are not muscle 11467 agnostickhorse: 😑 eat her ass 😑 11468 ReaLqxz: 😑 11469 Knightrain: gachiBASS 11470 xFloty: Kappa 1147J0J0M0J0: EAT HER ASS 11472 Shrenko: SURE LUL 11473 Hydrixi: LUL 11474 vocalist5: GAY 11475 seems_fishyy: PogChamp 11476 TheFlameEd: LUL 11477 DyrudeSaltyStorm: Keepo 11478 baysick: :rage: EAT HIS ASS :rage: 11479 agnostickhorse: 😑 eat her ass 😑 😑 eat her ass 😑 11480 fREAST: Personality Kappa 1148ThatOneGuy380: 😑 EAT HER ASS NOW 😑 11482 Andrex7744: sure Kappa 11483 ZeroGravittyy: bucket boys 11484 Ahdharr: squadW squadW squadW squadW 11485 Deathblossoming: yeah sure stfu 11486 randomtonttu: LIAR LuL 11487 Theonemanny: 😑 respect her chat or i will be very mad 😑 11488 CamelBusBananaWomp: 😑 OPEN BOBS 😑 OPEN BOBS 😑 OPEN BOBS 😑 OPEN BOBS 11489 Arcstrider: LUL 11490 TheFlameEd: ddddd 1149the_restless: lol 11492 knave504: th-th-th-th-ht-hth-thth 11493 Latepoppins: dddddd 11494 Elizahbeth: show tits 😑 11495 Brawsabi: ththththththththhththt 11496 cordibiss: DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD 11497 stepawayfromthe: thots 11498 holymacaroniii: nice pair of personality right there 11499 Keadda: big personality :rage: 11500 DyrudeSaltyStorm: TriHard TriHard TriHard 1150punkey: Dddddddddddd 11502 Zeekey: PERSONALITITTIES Kappa 11503 M1zka: t t t t tt t t tthe stripper 11504 cloutdrank: wtf 11505 django_unchained_: SHOW TITS 11506 TopKleare: hahah 11507 agnostickhorse: LuL 11508 xFloty: FeelsBadMan 11509 knave504: WEAK 11510 Ienjoitop: THE CHAT CAN ACTUALLY INFLUENCE THINGS LOL 1151NotVanetti: HAHAHA 11512 Booshami: jjjjjj 11513 UFhyponikz: J J J J J J J J JJ 11514 Sterrum: JJJJJJJ 11515 j_daisley: JJJJJ. 11516 DyrudeSaltyStorm: JJJJJJJJJJJJJ[ 11517 silverian95: LOW ON WATER LuL 11518 Latepoppins: LOL 11519 Menza_: JJJJJJJJJJJJ 11520 dbsniperog: JJJJJJJJJJJJ 1152PhucPaul: jjjjju st 11522 Deathblossoming: jujujujujust 11523 MorberBot: Jjjjjjjjjj 11524 Elizahbeth: @whiteknight69696969696969 😑 Clap 11525 ShakoTheWacko: JJJJJJJJ 11526 punkey: Jjjjjjjjjjjjjj 11527 emkram: fake stutter 11528 LimaWinslow: his stutter is comedy 11529 whiteknight69696969696969: @Elizahbeth 😑 Clap 11530 ph10m: LUL 1153Hydrixi: LUL 11532 coolmusicguy: GORILLA PECS 11533 StrawberryFlavorBleach: Kreygasm 11534 GUMBO_HOE: LMAO 11535 ShakoTheWacko: tyler1Stutter tyler1Stutter tyler1Stutter tyler1Stutter tyler1Stutter 11536 Kermun: 480p nice 11537 Malfureous: LOL 11538 Caprious: LUL 11539 TheMaloneMan: cadyH 11540 MrCupcakeHD_101: @whiteknight69696969696969 😑 show tits 😑 1154chadbutler: H H H H H H H H HAVE A NICE DAY 11542 ohMistico: j's? 11543 punkey: ADS DansGame 11544 the_restless: y not 11545 Parasinus47: T-T-T-TODAY JUNIOR 11546 east_la_cx: WE GONNA SPAM TriHard 11547 whiteknight69696969696969: 😑 im not going there 11548 blueskull6: Kappa 11549 bantu88: white knight DansGame 11550 Theonemanny: LUL Going to get so much hate 1155StrawberryFlavorBleach: nah 😑 11552 BannedByReynadOn7Accounts: TriHard 11553 NickJSCS: YES WE ARE LuL 11554 Epikin: THOT THOT THOT THOT THOT THOT THOT THOT THOT THOT THOT THOT 11555 Mr_Turban: Kappa 11556 ronerick7: haHAA 11557 terrxrs: LEECH 11558 Sammy97gg: ok Kappa 11559 MTheGuy: LUL sure Kappa 11560 TopKleare: TITS 1156dbsniperog: <3 11562 Ahdharr: bleedPurple OhMyDog OhMyDog OhMyDog OhMyDog OhMyDog 11563 MrCupcakeHD_101: TriHard INC 11564 HugeDonger69: 😑 11565 Nubdroppers: <3 <3 11566 Cold_Phoenix: cadyH cadyH cadyH cadyH cadyH cadyH cadyH 11567 cartographist_: <3 :) 11568 shakmanne: why is she on stream? 11569 Ienjoitop: HOSTED 11570 Evio1998: <3 1157rocknrollgoerge: F 11572 Stydevz: 😑 EAT ASS 😑 11573 ethelden_13: < .I. 3 11574 feliy305: DansGame 11575 ToEden: DansGame 11576 Biston1: gachiBASS 11577 ValidK: LUL 11578 qlimax36: DansGame 11579 junpeey3: show titties <3 11580 americaana: unfollow 1158Stydevz: 😑 EAT ASS 😑 EAT ASS 😑 EAT ASS 😑 11582 PpPpPpPpPpPpPpPpPpPpOpO: DansGame 11583 Hydange : CELESTES ASS DansGame 11584 reljus_lamartist: I WAS EATING DnasGame 11585 WorsTToMention: MIRA BTW 11586 StrawberryFlavorBleach: FIX HER BACK 😑 11587 punkey: 😑EAT HER ASS😑 11588 HugeDonger69: Wowee Clap 11589 deadboylv: LUL 11590 Falqon0ne: LOL 1159Ahdharr: SHOW DxCat 11592 thankyou693: Tyler carrying the stream again 11593 Jthexman91: lol 11594 Theonemanny: gachiGASM IM READY 11595 nick27nd: OhMyDog 11596 bossmagnet: 😑 EAT THE DOGS ASS 😑 11597 BobbyRed123: TALK TO ICE Cx 11598 Dethlock32: @MitchJones HOOTERS Kreygasm 11599 MrCupcakeHD_101: Cx 11600 StrawberryFlavorBleach: PogChamp ? 1160PsychoticPolska: <3 <3 <3 eat her ass <3 <3 <3 11602 TheMaloneMan: @Theonemanny gachiBASS 11603 Metroboominx: Wowee 11604 Frosty_Cupcake: Wowee Clap 11605 SilphCoe: Wowee Clap 11606 Fandy: I'll eat your ass @theonemanny 11607 fflox: Wowee 11608 zzthejimzz: WHy does that guy spit?? 11609 Buggezzz: Wowee 11610 ThatOneGuy380: Wowee 1161NaviJ: CONVERSE ARE CHUCK TAYLOR @MitchJones 11612 Cold_Phoenix: Mitch ask cady about chicken and watermelon TriHard 11613 cordibiss: fandy gachiGASM 11614 whiteknight69696969696969: @MrCupcakeHD_101 show tits 😑 11615 rilkepoo: GOLLY 11616 Resynthesis: Wowee 11617 Ienjoitop: GO GET DRINKS 11618 cartographist_: people just call them converse in texas 11619 Newname_5: gachiGasm 11620 Utahdolphin: Cx 1162MrCupcakeHD_101: 😑 11622 an0therduck : PUBG STREAM PogChamp 11623 wutangforev: @Fandy DansGame 11624 terrxrs: 3 HOUR PUB G STREAMS LUL 11625 sinisterpiglet: i did FeelsBadMan 11626 RACISM_IS_NOT_FUNNY_Cx: LUL 11627 ValidK: LUL 11628 maraws: TriHard 11629 Latepoppins: LUL 11630 dutchdrunkplayer: Ice Fight now 2girlz1twitch 1163RACISM_IS_NOT_FUNNY_Cx: cmonBruh WTF 11632 STEVE_E_GEEE: LUL LUL 11633 TheMaloneMan: @Fandy cadyW 11634 GHostAarOn13: Cx 11635 BillytheMormon: go bar hopping 11636 SnufkinJoxaren: cmonBruh 11637 Menza_: 3K NOBODY WATCHES BTW LUL 11638 Faithdimmer: banned' 11639 whiteknight69696969696969: @Frosty_Cupcake @MrCupcakeHD_101 hello 😑 11640 Stormycide: TriHard ICE Cx 1164BobbyRed123: LuL LuL 11642 Garians: LuL 11643 Stormycide: Cx 11644 MorberBot: TriHard TriHard TriHard TriHard TriHard TriHard TriHard 11645 StrawberryFlavorBleach: cmonBruh huh????????? 11646 GHostAarOn13: LUL 11647 RedHairsOfScumpii : dankquanMelon TriHard dankquanBhicken . 11648 StompingBox: exposed Cx 11649 CamelBusBananaWomp: cmonBruh HOL' UP 11650 RedHairsOfScumpii : dankquanMelon TriHard dankquanBhicken . 1165cordibiss: D: 11652 Oktron: Cx 11653 Danneborger: dis yo shit cmonBruh 11654 BannedByReynadOn7Accounts: DIS YO SHIT TriHard 11655 send2nik: this yo shit cmonBruh πŸ‘‰ πŸ“· 11656 RedHairsOfScumpii : dankquanMelon TriHard dankquanBhicken 11657 eNastyyy: @theonemanny ur girl has hugeeeee knockers 11658 Metroboominx: TriHard 11659 δΉƒγƒ’δΈΉγ‘εŒ•ε„ : should have smashed terakek instead 11660 StreetMagiQ: SHOW THAT THICC BUTT 1166SlimeySailor: NO 11662 Killstreeak: wtf her fault 11663 TriHardMadeTwitch: no 11664 Frosty_Cupcake: TriHard QUAN 11665 ofarrow: TriHard 11666 Frosty_Cupcake: TriHard Clap 11667 radmartin: NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis 11668 LoserVirgin123: cmonBruh 11669 ofarrow: NO 11670 MrCupcakeHD_101: TriHard Clap 1167Ienjoitop: GET THAT ASSHOLE OUT HERE 11672 SomboLoL: TriHard 11673 Theonemanny: a funny what cmonBruh 11674 Alumpymoose: Goon cmonBruh 11675 Elizahbeth: KappaPride KappaPride KappaPride KappaPride KappaPride KappaPride KappaPride 11676 Na1en: dankquanMelon TriHard dankquanBhicken 11677 Latepoppins: KappaPride 11678 send2nik: KappaPride 11679 yogifdrop: TriHard TriHard TriHard 11680 boxxxxxxxxxxx: cmonBruh 1168ColeWorId: coon??? 11682 imnotdonald: DANKQUAN TriHard 11683 punkey: HES KISSING DUDE NOW 11684 Faithdimmer: gay for pay? 11685 Stydevz: gachiBASS 11686 qlimax36: LUL 11687 Ienjoitop: WHAT IS GOING ON 11688 xFloty: we gay KappaPride 11689 send2nik: Cx 11690 MrCupcakeHD_101: WutFace 1169cordibiss: thats gay 11692 never_grim: its content homie heheheheheheh 11693 shadowofakuma: GAY CONTENT IS STILL CONTENT KappaPride 11694 BasedKacey: hundreds 11695 WhackASmack1: SUS GAYNG!!!! 11696 MaxJorgen: KappaPride 11697 bossmagnet: 69 sodaC 11698 an0therduck : 20 dudes KappaPride 11699 Adventurously: 100 LUL 11700 Liquidshot: too many bro 1170BobbyRed123: 1000 11702 youngsachi: 11703 TheMaloneMan: @Fandy cadyH 11704 digbickwarrior: 5 11705 dimensjon: too many 11706 sleikT: 38 of them are dudes LUL 11707 jaco6y: his gf the alien actually has herpes so u might dude 11708 RedHairsOfScumpii : dankquanMelon TriHard dankquanBhicken 11709 Jaiven10: KappaPride LUL 11710 IGonzalez_: TrumpSmugs 1171Projectdota: 7 11712 whiteknight69696969696969: 😑 11713 Anatrus: EZ 11714 BasedKacey: 20 ish dudes couple girls 11715 zzthejimzz: Wonder 11716 Jaiven10: TrumpSmugs 11717 Gabubadebu: and a trap 11718 BulletIsUp: 30k dudes lul 11719 Spectets: ice left humanity behind 11720 Big4Hed: 99% guys 1172Ahdharr: check time 11722 Spectets: looooool 11723 rawtaco69: ........ 11724 Tobbs941: Chu say its gross ? KappaPride 11725 Ienjoitop: APE SHIT 11726 Latepoppins: LOL 11727 zurva_tv: 6666 11728 NotVanetti: LMAOO 11729 soundofs: haHAA 11730 Keadda: lmaoooooo 1173erwtilos: LUL LUL LUL LUL 11732 HypaholicUK: monkaS 11733 Ahdharr: HEYYY 11734 Ahdharr: LUL 11735 Sharkkingpin: NOW IMAGINE MIRA ITS WORST THAN CX LUL 11736 MEYERN3: πŸ’ 11737 FeelsBadManRIP: APE GANG TriHard 11738 2high2aim: 7 dudes 2 were midgets 11739 Ienjoitop: FUCK LIBERAL TEXAS 11740 MeowImACow_: APE GAYNG TriHard 1174Wolf42o: piss war 11742 Ahdharr: HEYYY squadW squadW squadW 11743 Aquulas: APE NATION GANG GANG 11744 strongasfack: its FUCKIGN WINTER IN EUROPE WTF 11745 Ienjoitop: FUCK LIBERAL GAY ASS TEXAS 11746 PantyHuffer: DANKQUISHA 11747 coolmusicguy: APE GANG GANG 11748 HypaholicUK: 4Head 11749 cordibiss: CoolStoryBob hell no 11750 norcalnative5300: sexist 1175NotVanetti: LMAO 11752 xFloty: smart LUL 11753 MEYERN3: LuL 11754 CAMNEWTON__GOAT: cmonBruh 11755 feliy305: WutFace 11756 zzthejimzz: Is that guy still spitting? 11757 QUOTE_ME_IF_FORSEN_LOST: DansGame 11758 TopKleare: salong 11759 nawtlikethis: WutFace 11760 ValidK: LUL 1176BobbyRed123: APEEE 11762 BillytheMormon: who's the thot 11763 dutchdrunkplayer: Ice Fight now 2girlz1twitch 11764 Theonemanny: Skrillex LUL 11765 QUOTE_ME_IF_FORSEN_LOST: monkaS 11766 Ahdharr: HODOR BUZZ 11767 crispndry87: monkaS 11768 deadboylv: LUL a line in ur head 11769 never_grim: monkaS 11770 Latepoppins: monkaS 1177mikeylikesu: looks like they used a ruler though 11772 MrCupcakeHD_101: WutFace 11773 DaveSoDave: HEADMEAT 11774 MEYERN3: SwiftRage fight me monkey 11775 wutangforev: monkaS 11776 Eyther72: monkaS 11777 Tanonn: monkaS 11778 ValidK: LUL LUL 11779 AwakentheFaken: monkaS 11780 Arcstrider: monkaS 1178diendah: where is he looking 11782 chadbutler: probWhat probWhat probWhat probWhat probWhat probWhat probWhat probWhat 11783 wKRY: LOL 11784 0__l: monkaS u-uh hello 11785 wKRY: LMFAO 11786 zzthejimzz: HYPERGACHI 11787 powerfulRichard: OMG HE IS 11788 wKRY: LUL 11789 rocknrollgoerge: mitch kalifa 11790 TheIceCreamDud: COCK gachiBASS 1179punkey: COCK EYED 11792 BillytheMormon: emoneyW 11793 Smurfars: OMG HE IS 11794 J0J0M0J0: naw he doesnt 11795 TopKleare: kack ei 11796 MorberBot: 0-o 11797 creampie_eli: how much coke is sweaty on today 11798 east_la_cx: DansGame ? 11799 ark_lives_matter: MITCH HAS A LAZY TESTICLE 11800 aleksso: whos that guy with the glass eye next to you 1180Flexatron: OMEGALUL 11802 qlimax36: LUL 11803 Ienjoitop: dan 11804 biglollol: OMEGALUL 11805 Danneborger: LuL 11806 Ienjoitop: dan is the real one 11807 PpPpPpPpPpPpPpPpPpPpOpO: LuL lUl 11808 KoziRekt: LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL 11809 KyledishGambino_: DO THE ARM THING 11810 TundraMike: he has lazy teeth 1181ZeroGravittyy: destiny 4Head 11812 bomb__dude12: HAHA 11813 RedHairsOfScumpii : LUL 11814 NotVanetti: MIDGET LUL 11815 triiifinityproject: asmonW 11816 δΉƒγƒ’δΈΉγ‘εŒ•ε„ : manlet LuL 11817 StompingBox: 4Head 11818 Erazu: LuL 11819 Flexatron: Destiny is taller than Tyler OMEGALUL 11820 ltsbreeze: midget LuL 1182kappapotapac: asmonL asmonL asmonL asmonL asmonL 11822 Aggies0816: nathanGodstiny 11823 IFBANIVINZULUL: HE SAID DESTINY 4Head 11824 Jaiven10: LUL 11825 Latepoppins: KKona 11826 fREAST: DONT LOOK THAT SHORT OMGEALUL 11827 whiteknight69696969696969: 😑 11828 prisonpriestpucci: nathanGodstiny 11829 rngrngrng: KKona Clap 11830 bannoobz3: ugly looking hair 1183whiteknight69696969696969: 😑 Clap 11832 Booshami: milf 11833 east_la_cx: HeyGuys 11834 fREAST: Calling haHAA 11835 BeardMonkeyQc: GILF 11836 istibok: KKona HeyGuys 11837 TopKleare: RUN 11838 Walkingtowtruck: HeyGuys 11839 rngrngrng: HOWDY KKona Clap HOWDY KKona Clap HOWDY KKona Clap HOWDY KKona Clap 11840 TwoThirtyTwo: LuL 1184karus93: gilf 11842 xFloty: artism 11843 WorsTToMention: SON 11844 Ahlick: LOL 11845 AlcoholicOstrich: haHAA 11846 Dwitsy: EAT HER ASS 11847 Liquidshot: ghetto ass barber LUL 11848 NiegrFiegr0: SUMTIN KKona 11849 StrawberryFlavorBleach: RETARDATION D: 11850 cordibiss: SUM SUM 1185xmasc: LuL 11852 Bluetindol: cmonBruh 11853 bannoobz3: mild balding 11854 xFloty: cmonBruh 11855 Jaiven10: LUL 11856 ark_lives_matter: HAHHAAHAH 11857 MehReg: cmonBruh 11858 Watchson: LUL 11859 0__l: OMEGALUL 11860 Permafade: atpCarl atpCarl atpCarl atpCarl atpCarl atpCarl 1186HipsterDan: hard part WutFace 11862 Beaten_by_TriHard: TriHard 11863 Blvdz: LOOOL 11864 BobbyRed123: DATTT ASSSSSSSSSSSSSSS 11865 StrawberryFlavorBleach: just FUCK his shit up PogChamp 11866 cordibiss: gachiGASM 11867 ninosaur: SHIT HAIR 11868 soundofs: I hate nickers 11869 ninosaur: YES 11870 BoltharHS: F 1187illiteracy_will_prevail: LUL 11872 trihard_btw: LuL 11873 wonkd: roasted 11874 Metroboominx: LOL 11875 Sharkkingpin: KISS MIRA IS WORST THAN KISS CX LUL 11876 Flexatron: hehe 11877 Soda_love_you_KappaPride: KappaPride KappaPride 11878 BergDK81: LuL 11879 sparkolul: LUL 11880 xFloty: PogChamp 1188Rocketpie: Just go Bald 11882 Bluetindol: you thought it looked good 11883 Arcstrider: lmao 11884 TwoThirtyTwo: LuL 11885 bannoobz3: high fade 11886 J0J0M0J0: L O L 11887 ηˆͺ丹尺尺口山: remove the backs 11888 BillytheMormon: ape no think 11889 γ„γŸγ γγΎγ™: OK 11890 qlimax36: fuqqboi LUL 1189Zomow: LuL 11892 ZeroGravittyy: f u c c b o i 11893 TrueDemonzu: ROFL 11894 Jaiven10: LMAOOOOOOOOOOOO 11895 Watchson: LUL 11896 Dirtydan007: lul 11897 Jthexman91: lmao 11898 Stydevz: FUCKBOI LUL 11899 steampunkzal: lol 11900 sikk444: ohh okay LUL 1190ScottyLJn: OMEGALUL 11902 Viewerzz: DONT CUSS 11903 ohMistico: LMAO 11904 triiifinityproject: SOLDER BOY HIS HAIR!!! 11905 jaco6y: FRAT BOY JONES 11906 IamAdamP: "OH OK" LuL 11907 liontire: BALD 11908 junpeey3: OMEGALUL 11909 Skyman747: LUL 11910 7_years_: Kreygasm 1191kharr: LMAO 11912 0__l: fuck boy cut yes yes :) 11913 Matt322: LuL 11914 Zomow: DAD 11915 smurfx10: LUL 11916 a_z1: BALD 11917 ηˆͺ丹尺尺口山: NOOO 11918 Aetax: OMEGALUL 11919 sitandrotate: LUL 11920 TriHard_BLACKED: LUL HEY 1192jagerma_ : LOL 11922 kharr: LOL 11923 MrTrivium22: ALPHA 11924 dragonsvk8: LOL 11925 sparkolul: LOLOL 11926 hompuu: LOOOL 11927 a_z1: BALD LIKE A RODENT @MitchJones 11928 MorberBot: DADDY 11929 Latepoppins: Kreygasm 11930 striveinspire: DADDY 1193diendah: gachiBASS 11932 Eyther72: DADDY gachiBASS 11933 LoserVirgin123: DADWRECKSTV gachiGASM 11934 Blvdz: DADDY PogChamp 11935 BobbyRed123: DADDY 11936 Warogency: 2 11937 Bluetindol: APE RAGE LUL 11938 TriHard_BLACKED: 3? 11939 Juzek86: The thinks they are gay 11940 SirDomtheFirst: shes mad now 1194KyledishGambino_: LUL 11942 CamelBusBananaWomp: monkaS 11943 LewLamTV: FADE IT 11944 whizGARD: ALL THE WAY UP TriHard 11945 Stydevz: DO FADE 11946 ChadMcAlphacock: FAAAAAAAAADEEEEEEE 11947 Latepoppins: IM ALL THE WAY UP TriHard 11948 Zakkuo: get a fade 11949 eazyecoli: GAY BOIS KappaPride 11950 Escobar470277: Show boobs TriHard 1195zoef1e: HODOR 11952 koerv: LUL 11953 TENMINUTEDAYS: OMEGALUL 11954 ninosaur: LUL 11955 Johnsoned: fade you idiot 11956 texasbreakfast: LMFAOOO 11957 Arcstrider: LUL 11958 Stenenwastaken: OMEGALUL 11959 JBtwitchtv: lol 11960 0__l: OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL 1196BobbyRed123: LuL Lul LuL 11962 Zyinxlol: LFMAO 11963 Mangrab: OMEGALUL 11964 realjuicyj55: TriHard TriHard NOTHIN CAN STOP ME TriHard TriHard IM ALL THE WAY UPPPP 11965 HypaholicUK: LUL 11966 fflox: DansGame 11967 wKRY: FailFish 11968 Watchson: LIDL FADE LUL 11969 zujitv: LMAO 11970 shadowofakuma: LuL 1197Valqore: what he say 11972 Ienjoitop: lolololol 11973 Steevus: scissor it 11974 mikeylikesu: hope the shampoo is free 11975 ThatOneGuy380: LMAOOOOOOOOOOO 11976 StrawberryFlavorBleach: BUZZ THAT SHIT 11977 dollategn: SEX HER 11978 fragshottv: LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLL 11979 kharr: LMAO 11980 Ienjoitop: amazing 1198ZarandumIMBA: LOL 11982 ninosaur: LUL 11983 nygromancer: BALD INC LUL 11984 Blvdz: SCISSOR IT LOOL 11985 ninosaur: SHE KNOWs 11986 ηˆͺ丹尺尺口山: MORE 11987 N4drox: monkaS 11988 ηˆͺ丹尺尺口山: TAKE OFF MORE 11989 ninosaur: LET HER DO HER THING 11990 Spectets: soo much fuckign nfoo 1199chadbutler: 3 INCHER 11992 MEYERN3: sodaPUKE yes 11993 NiegrFiegr0: JUST LET HER DO THE WORK OMEGALUL 11994 emkram: greasy ass hair DansGame 11995 ninosaur: cmonBruh 11996 nigerianziqo: ??????????????????????? 11997 ButterflyMornings: LuL 11998 Yrmyli: LUL 11999 Ceribi: WTF 12000 LoserVirgin123: cmonBruh 1200Hydrixi: RACISM DansGame 12002 immortalxl: RACIST LOL 12003 NormiesOut: KKona Clap 12004 crispndry87: cmonBruh 12005 PraiaMeco: KKona 12006 potatosheepXD: LOL 12007 theLoneCannon: cmonBruh 12008 istibok: KKona 12009 trihard_btw: haHAA 12010 stardazer: she cant do it FeelsBadMan 1201notice_me_OpieOP: chu mean cmonBruh 12012 kharr: LOL 12013 iRezite: Jody btw haHAA 12014 scrubnubslulz: KKona 🍺 12015 jedicontrol: Kkona 12016 tentoes_down: KKona Clap 12017 ι»‘εœŸθ±† : jody btw 12018 kharr: LMAOO 12019 LoserVirgin123: LuL 12020 Fellorn: LUL 1202NormiesOut: LUL 12022 Crvnky: Clap 12023 HypaholicUK: LUL 12024 qlimax36: BACK IN MY DAYS KKona 12025 ymixorp: she racist 12026 xFloty: SHE SAID IT 12027 zewkz: LMFAO WUT 12028 ninosaur: WTF IS HAPPENING BEHIND 12029 BobbyRed123: DOGGY LuL 12030 Ebay_Kresh: WHAT? cmonBruh WHAT? cmonBruh WHAT? cmonBruh 1203xyz: she freaky af 12032 NormiesOut: LUL Clap 12033 ninosaur: WTF IS HAPPENING BEHIND danS 12034 KaxCZ: OMEGALUL 12035 oddbaconstrip: LUL 12036 sikk444: lMAO LUL 12037 NitroPally: Wowee 12038 SYHZ: lol 12039 MTheGuy: she is nice :D 12040 Permafade: THATS A HARD NO 1204BranDadddy: WOOF 12042 ninosaur: THATS RIGHT 12043 xFloty: LUL 12044 RpHunnid: so fucking cringe 12045 Matt322: LuL 12046 wKRY: WHERE MY DOGS AT 12047 jaygreenbean: LOLOLOLOLOLo 12048 snipersaito: RIP 12049 Holyfriez: ALPHA 12050 R_W_B: monkaS 1205dicath: LUL 12052 ScottyLJn: OMEGALUL 12053 fluxxin: literally ass they have to do is shorten the top and its fine. 12054 Cold_Phoenix: pupperHeck CUT IT ALL OFF 12055 wutangforev: monkaS 12056 ThatOneGuy380: LOL 12057 Warogency: BEHAVE LFMAO 12058 cyberbunny69: monkaS 12059 PpPpPpPpPpPpPpPpPpPpOpO: lUl 12060 Diggleburry21: behave yourself 1206SLAYERKNOWN: LOL NO FAITH 12062 FelPotato: LUL 12063 Fandy: @immortal <3 12064 Snup78: KKONA 12065 Finn311: great tits 12066 rngrngrng: DatSheffy 12067 Killstreeak: those tits Kreygasm 12068 Kebyn27: cut it all off 12069 Latepoppins: OL TIG BITTIES Kreygasm 12070 MaxJorgen: NOTHING SHE CAN DO LuL 1207faancyyy: fandy plz notice me <3 12072 Fabushki: NOTHING I CAN DO FeelsBadMan 12073 flippinDough: tfw those titties touch your face while she cuts gachiBASS 12074 taolinos: LuL 12075 TopKleare: SHORT SHORT ! 12076 ninosaur: SHGORT 12077 HS_MoNsTeR: UNFIXABLE 12078 Bluetindol: blenders 12079 Fabushki: UNFIXABLE LuL 12080 eNastyyy: OH GD 1208Tasman1anDevil: shave front 12082 Sysopz007: his hair looks great why fuck with it? 12083 ninosaur: BALD LUL 12084 StrawberryFlavorBleach: GO SHORT 😑 12085 narmis7: haircut stream PogChamp 12086 aleksso: BALD 12087 ReallyDK: LuL 12088 wutangforev: LUL 12089 Jiipo: ITS FUCKED 100% LUL 12090 ninosaur: RELAC 1209hompuu: 5 STARS FOR DEALING WITH THESE FUCKTARDS OMEGALUL 12092 an0therduck : THATS TOO SHORT 12093 aleksso: GO BALD PogChamp 12094 Herostrat_x: FADE 😑 FADE 😑 FADE 😑 FADE 12095 jedicontrol: LMAOOOOO 12096 xImNight: KonCha KonCha KonCha KonCha 12097 diendah: buzz it off pussy 12098 Brutaling: HIM TELLING HER HIS HAIRCUT LOL 12099 Viewerzz: poor lady 12100 Zarcyon1: STFU MITCH 1210emkram: @texasbreakfast LUL 12102 fREAST: STFU MITCH OMEGALUL 12103 luckfore: f 12104 Flexatron: whose the barber OMEGALUL 12105 ninosaur: BACK OFFFF 12106 Sammy97gg: NotLikeThis 12107 FeelsBadManRIP: APE STFU AND LET HER DO HER THANG 12108 Zomow: BACK OFF 12109 Seahiga: HotPokket 12110 mxns: KappaPride 1211jedicontrol: BUZZ CUTT 12112 dbsniperog: YOU GUYS BETTER TIP THISLADY WELL FOR BEING ANNOYING 12113 NiegrFiegr0: SOMEONE GET THE APE 12114 Watchson: BACK OFF LUL 12115 qlimax36: BACK OFF LUL 12116 Streetnoodle: BACK OFF 12117 zoef1e: let her do the cut xD 12118 mecabeat: No, Just let her clean it up, dont go short 12119 JayDavid77: LET HER DO IT 12120 schn1tzel__: KappaPride 1212Ienjoitop: hahhahhahahahha 12122 lunnex: LUL 12123 Jkfaked: OCD TRAINWRECKS LUL 12124 Pizarnik_: BACK OFF 12125 ZarandumIMBA: LUL 12126 SirDomtheFirst: Just give him the mr clean. EZ 12127 ninosaur: LET HER WORK 😑 LET HER WORK 😑 LET HER WORK 😑 LET HER WORK 😑 12128 ark_lives_matter: SHAVE HIS HEAD 12129 zootieX: FUCK OFF 12130 mxns: BALD LUL 1213timpa92: HITLER LUL 12132 EpShade: STFU APE 12133 NiegrFiegr0: RUDE APE DansGame 12134 jedicontrol: LET HER CUT IT 12135 hiitsnick1: HIS HAIR IS FUCKED 12136 RedHairsOfScumpii : BASED GILF . 12137 ninosaur: @0__l cx 12138 ninosaur: LET HER WORK 😑 12139 HGScoldhearted: ITS NOT ABOUT YOU 😑 ITS NOT ABOUT YOU 😑 ITS NOT ABOUT YOU 😑 12140 PraiaMeco: LUL 1214albin_h96: FUCKING RUDE 12142 nononplus: Chill Tyler please 12143 whiteknight69696969696969: 😑 12144 ronerick7: FUCK OFF APE 12145 Foian_: OMEGALUL 12146 Thesaloon: cage the ape 12147 nigerianziqo: LUL im done 12148 sparkolul: LOLOLOLOL 12149 wutangforev: LUL 12150 Ahlick: LOOOOOOOOOOOL 1215ark_lives_matter: CRY BITCH JONES 12152 Metroboominx: gachiBASS 12153 Ceribi: SUBSOUND 12154 chirvsy: OMEGALUL 12155 Danneborger: Kreygasm 12156 jaygreenbean: DADDDDDDDDDDDDDDY 12157 AnthonySo1337: LMFAO 12158 brobika: LuL 12159 sikk444: daddy Kreygasm 12160 Blvdz: DADDY LOOOOOOOL 1216BobbyRed123: DADDDYYYYY 12162 jagerma_ : LOL 12163 zoef1e: HE IS IN 12164 Fryum: DADDY] 12165 StronkBulk: LUL 12166 Keadda: oh shit 12167 Frosty_Cupcake: gachiBASS 12168 B0sskit: gachiBASSA 12169 stiblee: STOP 12170 ninosaur: LET HER WORK 😑 LET HER WORK 😑 LET HER WORK 😑 1217B0sskit: gachiBASS gachiBASS gachiBASS 12172 Gubmint: gachiBASS 12173 KlienLL: LMFAOOOO 12174 realjuicyj55: DADDY 12175 xFloty: Kappa 12176 imnotdonald: LUL 12177 nigerianziqo: MITCHLER 12178 EvaldasX: EAT HER ASA 12179 Frosty_Cupcake: gachiBASS WOOP 12180 vocalist5: kiss her 1218xueet: LOOOOL 12182 Frosty_Cupcake: gachiBASS WOOP WOOP 12183 TrueDemonzu: <3 DADDY 12184 ninosaur: BALD JONES 12185 xImNight: GILF GILF GILF GILF 12186 Zeekey: NOT LONG 12187 harshaw151: DatSheffy / 12188 snipersaito: STFU 12189 NickJSCS: Fucked it up LuL 12190 Fabushki: HE KEEPS RUINING IT WITH HIS HANDS LUL 1219shadowofakuma: 4Head 12192 T3J0X: DatSheffy 7 12193 xOver9000: HEIL MITCHLER 12194 soundofs: MILF 12195 Booshami: those tits 12196 fREAST: cmonBruh 12197 Jkfaked: THIS IS HILLARIOUS LUL 12198 COOKIENIBBLETS: get closer so we can hear them better 12199 nononplus: Put your dick away please trainwreckz tv :) 12200 HeartFull9: cmonBruh 1220snipersaito: TAPE HIS MOUTH 12202 FujiFires: He looks like a little Hitler from the side 12203 Sammy97gg: JUST SHAVE IT OF BUZZCUT 12204 kingsbluedeep: KappaPride 12205 AIKSvartGul: TriHard 12206 reydedark: mitch getting a boner touching those boobs 12207 ninosaur: ? 12208 XanBof: LUL 12209 vocalist5: CUT SOMETHING 12210 thatguy1632: FailFish holy fuck mitch is retarded 1221ninosaur: HITLER LUL 12212 snipersaito: JUST TAPE HIS MOUTH 12213 TopKleare: uhhh not to short 12214 ichangedmynametothis: LuL 12215 Stydevz: JUST FADE AND SHORTEN TOP FailFish 12216 TheFlameEd: LUL 12217 sapphiroth: young hitler )) 12218 YOL0SWAG: DatSheffy 12219 TENMINUTEDAYS: forsenSheffy / 12220 WorsTToMention: AHAHA 1222MEYERN3: DatSheffy / heil 12222 Tequatll: DatSheffy 7 haircut DatSheffy 7 haircut DatSheffy 7 haircut DatSheffy 7 haircut 12223 AnthonySo1337: DatSheffy 7 DatSheffy 7 DatSheffy 7 DatSheffy 7 DatSheffy 7 DatSheffy 7 12224 RedHairsOfScumpii : DatSheffy / . 12225 GodandtheState: BANNNED LuL 12226 BobbyRed123: HITTTLER HEILL MITCHLER 12227 AnthonySo1337: DatSheffy 7 DatSheffy 7 DatSheffy 7 DatSheffy 7 12228 trihard_btw: LMAOOO 12229 RedHairsOfScumpii : DatSheffy / . 12230 punkey: MITCHLER LUL 1223crispndry87: LUL 12232 Spectets: LMAOOOOOOOO 12233 the_restless: LuL 12234 JKGrowlingHS: LOL 12235 hompuu: NIRVANA SwiftRage 12236 WhipWhopTV: let her cut!!!! 12237 Erazu: SMOL AZN 12238 rambomamboo: LUL 12239 MaxJorgen: gachiGASM 12240 immortalxl: IM DADDY LOLOL 1224slickelf: BrainSlug ONLY REAL OGS REMEMBER BigNig TriHard 12242 Mindblaster8690: Let her cut it 12243 erwtilos: LUL LUL LUL 12244 guccijoja: JUST LET HER FUCKING DO HER JOB 12245 mecabeat: ANNOYING AS FUCK DUDE STAY OUT OF THE BARBERS AREA, LET HER CLEAN HIM UP 12246 agnostickhorse: FeelsRageMan reeeeeeeeeeeee 12247 sinzorn: HAHAHAHAHAH 12248 Kebyn27: JUST LEAVE 12249 Ahdharr: APE STAHP 12250 snipersaito: STFU 1225bomb__dude12: DansGame 12252 TENMINUTEDAYS: OMEGALUL 12253 xFloty: LUL 12254 Maxed_Poopsie: TUNE 12255 sinzorn: OAUIWHDOAWIDIOAWJDOAWIJDIOAWJDOIAWDW 12256 CeroFITz: hahahahahaha 12257 SteveBean: hahaha 12258 sinzorn: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA 12259 cordibiss: LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL 12260 wKRY: LMFAO 1226bomb__dude12: SHHH KKona 12262 PraiaMeco: GOD DAMN IT LUL 12263 stugez123: LUL 12264 PpPpPpPpPpPpPpPpPpPpOpO: 2 days LUL 12265 Oozlong: LMAO 12266 mxns: 2 DAYS LUL 12267 METHORAAA: LOL WTF 12268 Angeroth99: SourPls SourPls 12269 NotVanetti: TRUE LUL 12270 mecabeat: ANNOYING AS FUCK DUDE STAY OUT OF THE BARBERS AREA, LET HER CLEAN HIM UP. 1227sinzorn: LUL 12272 Bringing_Sxxxy_Back: HAHA ITS TRU JE IS A DIRTY RAT 12273 jedicontrol: JESUS CHRIST 12274 ηˆͺ丹尺尺口山: THIS IS SO FUCKED 12275 xMoney_B: LUL 12276 coolmusicguy: PogChamp 12277 i_like_ice_cream: 2 DAYS AGO LUL 12278 jacobjones123: that barber behind is laughing hard lool 12279 Tobbs941: Hello HeyGuys Hello 12280 FeelsBadManRIP: SourPls 1228jackadinboys: HELLO HELLO 12282 Fallx: dat old lady seems cool as fuck playing along with all ur shit 12283 Enuhgee: hello 12284 Killstreeak: Let do her thing now 12285 Nolan5011: Just leave you are so fucking annoying 12286 ηˆͺ丹尺尺口山: Just fucking cut it short, and throw some WAX in it 12287 kharr: LOL 12288 the_restless: yes 12289 istibok: YES LUL 12290 limbovos: YES 1229BjpwzTV: Skin Fade PogChamp 12292 PraiaMeco: YES LUL 12293 NotVanetti: RECEDING LMAO 12294 5murfThis: LOLL 12295 maw123: nirvana <3 12296 T3J0X: LUL 12297 cloud1562: YES VoteYea 12298 ToFiz: SPECIAL LUL 12299 Collekt: LOOOL 12300 Novath_Cx: LOL 1230i_like_ice_cream: LUL 12302 Resynthesis: OMEGALUL 12303 XBLA: LOL 12304 Permafade: Hahahahhaha 12305 klown_act: 4Head 12306 Konstantinos88Cx: THINING HAIR 12307 FujiFires: CONFIRMED 12308 NormiesOut: LUL 12309 Wimpish: lol 12310 safetyboss: HES GANNE GET PUNCHED BY A SJW LuL 1231Jkfaked: SIT UP STRAIGHT YOUNG MAN KKona 12312 profetengbg: UNIQUENESS LUL 12313 OBTU: LuL Mitchler 12314 taolinos: FeelsBadMan FeelsBadMan FeelsBadMan FeelsBadMan FeelsBadMan FeelsBadMan 12315 ichangedmynametothis: LuL 12316 Fallx: lmaooooooooooooooooooooooo 12317 xueet: LMAO 12318 BobbyRed123: MITCHLERR MITCHLLERRR 12319 kingsbluedeep: DatSheffy 12320 deadboylv: AHAHAHA 1232LazyBunnyCx: LUL 12322 BobbyRed123: CHARACTER LuL 12323 Didums22: WHAT DOES THAT MEAN LUL 12324 tyler5o2: ROFL 12325 zephobia: FeelsGoodMan 12326 liontire: BALD JONES LUL 12327 crunkberrykush: IT MEANS JUST KYS 12328 StinkyFrog: Mitchler DatSheffy / 12329 Sosakeef3hunna: Blink 182 PogChamp 12330 NotVanetti: EMO JONES LUL 1233realjuicyj55: HEIL DatSheffy / 12332 Ceribi: LUL SHES NOT CUTTING OFF ANYTHING LUL 12333 bomb__dude12: Spike DansGame 12334 ronerick7: BigBrother Jones 12335 StrawberryFlavorBleach: NAH 12336 KahnorKatz: reach around?!? 12337 FuzionsFan: WTF IS SHE DOING LOL 12338 Gamingllamas2: LET HER CUT THE HAIR DansGame 12339 cordibiss: REACH AROUND 12340 ηˆͺ丹尺尺口山: Not Like THis 1234what_it_do_hehehe: just let her cut it. 12342 fREAST: SHUT UP LuL 12343 DontTreadOnMe556: LUL 12344 Fryum: listen to her 12345 Jaiven10: LUL 12346 Andantenna: EMO JONES 12347 ark_lives_matter: BURN 12348 Zeekey: GIVE HIM THE FASHY SIDE PART 12349 indisponlvel: Ok 12350 HovMaster: OMEGALUL IT IS HIM 1235fluxxin: JUST CUT 1.5 INCH OFF TOP 12352 MangoI: cmonBruh 12353 Mind_ifi_roll_weed: DatSheffy / 12354 realjuicyj55: LOL 12355 ThatOneGuy380: LOOOOL 12356 RedHairsOfScumpii : DatSheffy / DatSheffy / 12357 coolmusicguy: BUZZ IT ARMY STYLE U PUSSY 12358 Gamingllamas2: LET HER CUT THE HAIR DansGame 12359 RedHairsOfScumpii : 88 DatSheffy / 12360 Booshami: DatSheffy / 1236disimhi: its not blink u dumb fuck 12362 xRich_Rich: MALICE 12363 AIKSvartGul: DatSheffy / 12364 harshaw151: ADOLF JONES LUL 12365 Discohorse_: SHUT THE FUCK UP APE 12366 RedHairsOfScumpii : 88 DatSheffy / . 12367 thankyou693: 6969 viewers PogChamp 12368 SomboLoL: NO HITLER 😑 12369 crispndry87: SwiftRage 12370 eiidor: BLINK 1488 PogChamp BLINK 1488 PogChamp BLINK 1488 PogChamp 1237MarrymeOpticJewel: t h I ccc 12372 headstoneflowerr: DONT LOL 12373 klown_act: GET A FADE 12374 Discohorse_: SHUT UP U APE UR SO CRINGY I SWEAR 12375 BranDadddy: BALD 12376 KyledishGambino_: THICCCC 12377 radmartin: OOOOOO 12378 KanT1pur: nirvana Kreygasm 12379 potatosheepXD: 69 69 12380 MaxJorgen: NERVANA LuL 1238minkus_: CAGE THE APE 12382 brobika: THICC 12383 kharr: lol 12384 Ahdharr: APE PLZ STAHP 12385 Andantenna: BALD LUL 12386 headstoneflowerr: that guy in the back LOL 12387 SomboLoL: NICKELBACK PogChamp 12388 NormiesOut: LUL 12389 zootieX: 😑 GET A FADE 😑 😑 GET A FADE 😑 😑 GET A FADE 😑 12390 immortalxl: BALD SPOT LOL 1239east_la_cx: BATTLE RES PogChamp 12392 thekarni: BALD LUL 12393 Ahdharr: APE STAHP 12394 hintlw: @jaco6y, no shit you retard cunt thats the joke 12395 KyledishGambino_: HITLER YOUTH. 12396 andennn: A-A-A-A-AAAAA-A-PE 12397 YOL0SWAG: LUL 12398 Pixikk: LUL 12399 Pachiefico: ITS BAD Your natural hair is best 12400 Rei616: LUL 1240Imnotgandalf : i am 12402 TBABYTHEKING: wooooow 12403 LazyBunnyCx: LUL 12404 Sleepyflow: shots 12405 Ahdharr: APE STAHP 12406 snipersaito: SCUFFED LINE 12407 Ryuze: true LUL 12408 xmasc: DERMATOLOGIST LuL 12409 XanBof: dermatologist?????????? 12410 Derood: LUL 1241VivifyErratica: dermatologist LUL 12412 Birthday_HS: Dermatologist LUL 12413 EzEzGG: LuL 12414 FAST_UH_UHS_TRIHARD: D: 12415 brobika: <3 12416 klown_act: LMAO 12417 Stenenwastaken: haHAA 12418 TheFlameEd: <3 12419 sinz_777: dermatologist.. LUL idiot 12420 MaxJorgen: dermatologist ???? 1242Lemons3_14: Kappa 12422 StinkyFrog: <3 12423 Cartlord57: <3 12424 WorsTToMention: SHE IS 25 YEARS OLDER LUL 12425 Ahdharr: <3 12426 taolinos: SAVED 12427 Maizuk: Arm fat DansGame 12428 JBtwitchtv: LOL 12429 antish47: sex her :rage: 12430 Blvdz: KURT COBAIN 1243BouncyLlama: LUL 12432 schleem123: LOL 12433 ninosaur: SHUSH 😑 12434 LoserVirgin123: LuL 12435 Andantenna: GivePLZ 12436 tomx_tv: LOL 12437 ninosaur: LUL 12438 sparkolul: LOL 12439 TENMINUTEDAYS: OMEGALUL SHHHHHHH 12440 dvevajcia: FUCCBOI JONES WutFace 1244headstoneflowerr: SHHH 12442 east_la_cx: THATS RACIST cmonBruh 12443 wKRY: LOL 12444 schleem123: still cursing lmao 12445 Pachiefico: boobie touching back monkaS 12446 WhipWhopTV: shhhhhh 12447 potatosheepXD: RACIST 12448 Oozlong: LMAOOOOO 12449 Ahdharr: APE STAHP 12450 zeromous84: DOUBLE MOW THE LAWN 1245TriHard_BLACKED: LuL 12452 zootieX: 😑 GET A FADE 😑 😑 GET A FADE 😑 😑 GET A FADE 😑 12453 PpPpPpPpPpPpPpPpPpPpOpO: LMAO 12454 ToEden: cmonBruh 12455 HS_MoNsTeR: cmonBruh 12456 bunchiee: D: 12457 Booshami: cmonBruh 12458 SoCalWolfgang: STOP SWEARING JESUS 12459 CamelBusBananaWomp: cmonBruh 12460 PraiaMeco: ELDER LUL 1246ninosaur: tru 12462 wKRY: LUL 12463 jagerma_ : LuL 12464 REBELLlOUS: TriHard' 12465 crispndry87: LUL 12466 iEvenLift: NotLikethis 12467 Stenenwastaken: ??????????????? 12468 koerv: LUL 12469 Danneborger: LuL 12470 Tequatll: HE IS IN LUL 1247MangoI: SHUT UP NotLikeThis 12472 Stenenwastaken: LuL ??????????????????????????? 12473 Menza_: LOOKS GOOD LIKE THAT 12474 brobika: LuL 12475 HS_MoNsTeR: ZULUL 12476 JTRego: oh 12477 ZarandumIMBA: SAVED 12478 tokenblck: LUL 12479 Pachiefico: TPcrunchyroll LOOK LIKE THIS 12480 BlastomaHD: LUL 1248Klindfire1: FFS lol 12482 SYHZ: He actually looks good lol 12483 NotVanetti: SAVED 12484 Jthexman91: MITCH SHOULD COMB HIS HAIR MORE OFTEN 12485 majin_loli: SEX HER LUL 12486 Eyther72: SAVED 12487 meganinja: LOOKS GOOD PogChamp 12488 Garcia98: PogChamp 12489 Buliarz: PogChamp ? 12490 RareNyrop: A DENIAL 1249terrxrs: gachiGASM FOR NO REASON gachiGASM 12492 punkey: Watch your language 12493 Jkfaked: LOOKS GOOD MAN 12494 Havaalanina: SAVED 12495 reydedark: giving the good boy look 12496 sheepy111: MITCHLER YOUTH PogChamp 12497 TriHard_BLACKED: LMFAO 12498 Sleepyflow: SAVED 12499 east_la_cx: FeelsGoodMan 12500 Andantenna: OMEGALUL 1250Killstreeak: Looks good 12502 Ziwawow: Older mitch behind him LUL 12503 koerv: LUL 12504 Ahdharr: CLASSY JONES NEEDS A SUIT 12505 R_W_B: PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp 12506 ηˆͺ丹尺尺口山: YOU LOOK GOOD 12507 XBLA: LMAO 12508 Garcia98: OMEGALUL 12509 Tequatll: LUL 12510 Fryum: LUL 1251MaxJorgen: LuL 12512 SirDomtheFirst: Kevin 12513 Skill_Cylinder: saving PogChamp 12514 Sprskimacak: LMAO 12515 iLucky12: LuL 12516 przemys66: what's the name of the song? CAN SOMEONE ANSWE ME PLS? PogChamp on Private m 12517 ScottyLJn: PogChamp 12518 wKRY: LOL 12519 Packette: the rock johnson 12520 brobika: LOL 1252what_it_do_hehehe: TriHard TriHard 12522 reversegoat: YES 12523 7_years_: you look ight 12524 liontire: HE IS HANDSOME 12525 DudGuyver: B L A C K E D 12526 SlumpGhost: ACTUALLY LOOKS GOOD 12527 guccijoja: LOOKS FUCKING GOOD RN 12528 Spectets: JJ JJJJ NETWORK ERROR 12529 punkey: THE OFFICE 12530 nikiaszotos: FUCK BOY PogChamp 1253safetyboss: SAVED 12532 Pixikk: LUL 12533 Booshami: CONTENT 12534 Robbertss: SSSHH 12535 CornyD: SHHH 12536 crispndry87: LUL 12537 punkey: THE OFFICE LUL 12538 Sosakeef3hunna: D: 12539 CamelBusBananaWomp: Cx 12540 Erazu: Cx 1254chancesmith1010: cut the top lmao 12542 paryll: lol 12543 Danneborger: monkaS 12544 an0therduck : D: 12545 StrawberryFlavorBleach: 😑 12546 Ahlick: LOOOOOOOOL 12547 erwtilos: LUL LUL LUL 12548 Sprskimacak: LMAO 12549 ToEden: D: 12550 theLoneCannon: LUL 1255fragshottv: LMFAOOOOOOOOOO 12552 Buliarz: haHAA 12553 strongasfack: MURICA 12554 rambomamboo: bald jones LUL 12555 alexklauseusa: LOOOOOOOL 12556 Sammy97gg: DONT 12557 ηˆͺ丹尺尺口山: GO SHORTER 12558 Sammy97gg: ITS DONE 12559 Fryum: YES SHORTER ON TOP 12560 Juzek86: WAAAAAY shoter 1256BillytheMormon: BALD JONES 12562 pekzarn: YALL KKona 12563 BranDadddy: SHORTER 12564 PraiaMeco: SHORTER LUL 12565 dekkersm8: half inch shorter 12566 Zakkuo: shorter 12567 Zeekey: SHE HASNT DONE ANYTHING LUL 12568 ToEden: LISTEN TO HER 12569 Spectets: MONKEY LET HER DO HER THING 12570 Valqore: Just fade it holy fuck 1257yowutm8: SHORTER 12572 terrxrs: SHES MAD LUL 12573 Booshami: lmao 12574 koerv: LUL LUL 12575 StrawberryFlavorBleach: Did mitch raise himself LUL 12576 Lemons3_14: go shorter OMEGALUL 12577 Norrik: SHORTER ON TOP 12578 NotVanetti: LMAOOOOOOOOO 12579 Watchson: LUL 12580 ColeWorId: she didn't do anything lmao 1258django_unchained_: LET HER CUT HIS HAIR FFS 12582 Fryum: SHORTER SwiftRage SHORTER SwiftRage SHORTER SwiftRage SHORTER SwiftRage 12583 vitonus: ??????????? 12584 DontTreadOnMe556: LUL 12585 snipersaito: SCAMMED 12586 skylarklul: L:LLOLOLL 12587 Steevus: I I I I I I I 12588 Dirtydan007: LUL 12589 koerv: WTF LUL 12590 xmasc: STOP 1259DystopianVillian : FUCKIN T WRECKS OFFENDING PPL 12592 liontire: OMG WTF 12593 cordibiss: gachiGASM JUST FUCKING BUZZ IT YOU FUCKING IDIOTS AHHHHHHHHHHH gachiGASM 12594 Nerd689: jesus 12595 Newname_5: >??????????????????????? 12596 django_unchained_: FUCKING APE 12597 Listenbub: just fade that shit 12598 dpolar: GONNA KILL HIM OMEGALUL 12599 bomb__dude12: 😑 RUDE 😑 12600 RC_2: I KNEW IT 1260FindTheArise: looool 12602 Kylejames92: LOOOOL 12603 chirvsy: RUDE 12604 istibok: L M F A O 12605 Imnotgandalf : kicked out 12606 SYHZ: idiot 12607 shadowofakuma: HotPokket 12608 Whxspxr: Lmao. Pissed her off 12609 an0therduck : 😑 12610 koerv: HAHAHAHA OMEGALUL 1261TwoThirtyTwo: LOL 12612 TBABYTHEKING: tyler fuckin dumbass 12613 DontTreadOnMe556: KICKED OUT 12614 iLucky12: LUL 12615 TimedOutForTenMinutes: BANNED LUL BANNED LUL BANNED LUL BANNED LUL BANNED LUL BANNED LUL BANNED LUL 12616 Missuff: LuL 12617 RedHairsOfScumpii : LUL KICKED OUT LUL 12618 Fabushki: LuL 12619 rellmz: Generation gap was uncalled for 12620 VentiWhiteMocha: SOOO RUDE 1262kronicHawk: LEAKED 12622 Onlyjzes: APE YOU ARE A FUCKING IDIOT 12623 Yelloise: RAGE QUIT eloiseLUL 12624 the_restless: lmfaoo the chick 12625 xlussion: "i dont mean to be rude" u are rude u dumb fuck 12626 SurfBrah: LEAKED 12627 Owwwwwwwwwww: SO CRINGE, GET ME OUT 12628 Pixikk: LUL 12629 ThatOneGuy380: KICKED OUT LUL 12630 ηˆͺ丹尺尺口山: YOU'RE A FUCKING IDIOT TYLER 1263azza0023: DICK 12632 ScottyLJn: OMEGALUL 12633 BannedByReynadOn7Accounts: RUDE APE 12634 Horler98: rude af LUL 12635 Flexatron: OMEGALUL 12636 Cosmoswright: RUDE AF 12637 hall606: WOWOWOW 12638 Arcstrider: 1 star this hoe 12639 KoziRekt: L0000000000000000000L 12640 snipersaito: APE 1264reversegoat: RUDE AF 12642 albin_h96: RUDE APE 12643 Macfeesh: good job ape 12644 NickJSCS: YOU ARE DUMB AS FUCK 12645 Sammy97gg: RUDE 12646 rastalia: lievestream fails HeyGuys 12647 Willsey_Is_A_Pussey: "GENERATION GAP" LUL 12648 maraws: CONTENT HOMIE 12649 EugenePrime: AUTISM CAMP LUL AUTISM CAMP LUL 12650 Skill_Cylinder: got us kicked out FeelsBadMan 1265afker1: U MONKEY 12652 headstoneflowerr: TRUE BUT STILLL RUDE 12653 TriHard_BLACKED: HAHAHHAHAHAHA 12654 hugh_jedik: U R AUTISTIC 12655 skijackson: 1 STAR LUL 12656 Meg94: SO RUDE 12657 GulatiTV: she is a dumbass 12658 TurkeyLegJoe: RETARD 12659 beta_sausage_fest: YA DONE SON LUL 12660 iNocturne: you ruined mitch 1266Valqore: ITS CALLED A FADE U MORON 12662 TENMINUTEDAYS: OMEGALUL 12663 reydedark: actually an ape 12664 jacobjones123: shes not rude 12665 DaveSoDave: RUDE 12666 smilingdinosaurlive: U PUT HER DOWN 12667 sparkolul: CONTENT LUL CONTENT LUL CONTENT LUL CONTENT LUL CONTENT LUL CONTENT LUL 12668 Smokeys_forest: Rude 12669 Flexatron: LOL 12670 huntermaslowsky: SHE IS TOO OLD LUL 1267Squirtinq: SHUT THE FUCK UP 12672 IGonzalez_: STFU 12673 afker1: YOU IDIOT 12674 Smokeys_forest: Scuffed 12675 dimensjon: LuL 12676 Steevus: you're a literal retard lol 12677 Da_Poe_Boy: LMAO 12678 Kebyn27: RUDE 12679 theLoneCannon: STAFF monkaS 12680 the_restless: xD 1268Havaalanina: RUDE 😑 12682 NickJSCS: SHUT UP ALREADY 12683 dpolar: u need to apologize to her OMEGALUL 12684 Menza_: "GENERATION GAP" LUL 12685 Danneborger: APE NATION LuL 12686 patiencemyson: loonaCringe 12687 TriHard_BLACKED: YES LUL 12688 Rhinown: TriHard 12689 Discohorse_: ur hair is trash as fuck 12690 Xnzi: dont alk you're a fucking dick 1269HovMaster: OMEGALUL THIS UHUH RETARTED 12692 Blvdz: DUMB APE 12693 Mind_ifi_roll_weed: BEAT HER ASS TriHard 12694 cordibiss: ...... BrokeBack you need to lay off the roids :D :D 12695 Viewerzz: YOU ARE SOCIALLY RETARDED 12696 punkey: GENERATION GAP 12697 WhipWhopTV: go say you're sorry 12698 jaco6y: YOU"RE SO DUMB 12699 Spectets: THIS IS FUCKING HILARIOUS 12700 smilingdinosaurlive: LUL U STAY QUIET 1270koerv: LUL LUL 12702 Pachiefico: NICE HAIR XD 12703 fREAST: OMEGALUL 12704 Collekt: LOOOL 12705 PpPpPpPpPpPpPpPpPpPpOpO: LMAO 12706 cuppycake88: IDIOT 12707 jacobjones123: that wasnt rude 12708 soulknight_tv: that bitch was fucking retarded 12709 Macfeesh: you implied that shes old 12710 huntermaslowsky: 12 YEAR OLD HAIR CUT LUL 1271Pixikk: ANOTHER LOOOOOOOOOOL 12712 Flexatron: LOL 12713 SirDomtheFirst: LOL 12714 Fleurzor: looks like ricegum 12715 the_restless: lmfao your hair is so ugly now LuL 12716 wKRY: SHAVE IT 12717 JBtwitchtv: LUL 12718 zerodeda: IT LOOKS GOOD 12719 erwtilos: LOOOOOL LOOOOOOOOOOL 12720 wKRY: TRIM IT ALL 1272Zakkuo: still too long LUL 12722 Keadda: ur hair is fucked regardless 12723 NormiesOut: D: 12724 nigerianziqo: ANOTHER PLACE 12725 Whxspxr: She did fix it though 12726 BillytheMormon: LOL 12727 7_years_: LUL LUL LUL 12728 maraws: 1 STAR Kappa 12729 KalecTV: D: 12730 snipersaito: LOOOOOOOOL 1273zipzo989: LOL 12732 imnotdonald: she fucked it up LUL 12733 BobbyRed123: SCAMMMED LuL] 12734 bomb__dude12: 😑 RUDE 😑 12735 LazyBunnyCx: LUL 12736 TENMINUTEDAYS: OMEGALUL 12737 Gomary: LOOOOOOOL 12738 Oozlong: SHE DID NOTHING LMAOOO 12739 brobika: LOL 12740 wutangforev: WHAT LOL 1274Smokeys_forest: Scammmmmmmmmm 12742 Killstreeak: Content homie 12743 NotVanetti: LMAO 12744 rambomamboo: STFU 12745 gulligullo: STFU 12746 punkey: GENERATION GAP LUL 12747 Bringing_Sxxxy_Back: 35 DOLLAR COMB OVER 12748 headstoneflowerr: MONEY FOR WASTING HER TIME THO 12749 migjmz: EleGiggle 12750 Jkfaked: IM DONE 1275RedHairsOfScumpii : LUL DUMB APE LUL 12752 playdanksouls: MISHA haHAA 12753 justchillin5: ROIDS 12754 beta_sausage_fest: LUL 35. TARDS. LUL 12755 hall606: SCAMMED 12756 cuppycake88: TRYING TO HELP MITCH? Seriously??? Train you need help!!!! 12757 Klindfire1: THIS IS FUCKING HAIR WE'RE TALKING ABOUT! 12758 mecabeat: YOU DONT KNOW WHAT THE FUCK YOURE TALKING ABOUT. 12759 Cipero: David Beckham 12760 RC_2: ITS NOT ABOUT THE HAIR DUMMY YOU CALLED HER OLD 1276davyjones464: its MishaSanTV haHAA 12762 maraws: ANELE 12763 Themessias1001: SHOW HER PIC 12764 Seahiga: ANELE monkaS ANELE monkaS ANELE monkaS ANELE monkaS 12765 TimedOutForTenMinutes: ANELE 12766 punkey: MISHA 12767 Viewerzz: APE YOU NEED A FILTER 12768 falconheavy: HE WENT THERE OMEGALUL 12769 Tobbs941: GIVE HIM A BANANA ALREADY TriHard 12770 ScottyLJn: OMEGALUL 1277Resynthesis: monkaS 12772 an0therduck : ANELE 12773 Lohtric: monkaS 12774 dicapriyo: monkaMEGA 12775 TimedOutForTenMinutes: ANELE Clap ANELE Clap ANELE Clap ANELE Clap ANELE Clap 12776 rngrngrng: ANELE Clap 12777 Mangrab: OMEGALUL 12778 bape_ruth: MISHA IS THE GAYEST NAME IVE EVER HEARD OF 12779 Zakkyu: LUL 12780 yanzen7: ANELE ANELE 1278iNocturne: SJW JONES 12782 theLoneCannon: ABOUT TO DIE monkaS 12783 MK677: DONT START monkaS DONT START monkaS DONT START monkaS DONT START monkaS 12784 TriHard_BLACKED: dont drive monkaS 12785 fabsmoggy: karma 12786 Gimolek: RUN 12787 mellefade: LMAO IT EVEN SCARED ME LUL 12788 rngrngrng: ANELE Clap ANELE Clap ANELE Clap ANELE Clap ANELE Clap 12789 midnightslip: TIME TO DIE 12790 R_W_B: Cx STREAM LUL 1279kharr: UP 12792 NotVanetti: GENERATION OF GAP BTW 12793 SmokesEverthing: ALLLLAAAAAAAHHHH 12794 jiggel_x: RUDE 12795 COOKIENIBBLETS: \That was legit funny AF 12796 beta_sausage_fest: ANELE SOON 12797 arcoasis: RUDE AS FUCK 12798 ηˆͺ丹尺尺口山: RUDE AF 12799 StinkyFrog: Rude 12800 ArcturusO_O: CLIP? 1280beta_sausage_fest: ANELE SOON ANELE 12802 imnotdonald: ANELE πŸ’£ 12803 Ceribi: NO 12804 WhenIRideThroughIt: :RAGE: 12805 h4ze2904: NO 12806 Willsey_Is_A_Pussey: WORSE LUL 12807 iRezite: No 12808 LasekPL: NO 12809 ZeroGravittyy: NO 12810 Jaiven10: LUL 1281Crvnky: NO 12812 erwtilos: NO 12813 axonz: NOOOOO 12814 eseekeeetit: the same LuL 12815 Vwaldi: NO 12816 Kerxz: No 12817 RC_2: YOU CALLED HER OLD ENOUGH 12818 TopKleare: HE MADE IT WET NOTHING MORE ! 12819 darkvenomm: A LITTLE BIT 12820 Youre_My_Boy_Blue: NO 1282Seahiga: OMEGALUL 12822 CornyD: RUDE AF 12823 WhackASmack1: LMAO 12824 HairVisionary: He is right man 12825 Kylejames92: CUT IT SHORTER YOU IDIOT 12826 jaco6y: DUDE STFU 12827 WhackASmack1: SCAMMED OMEGALUL 12828 Klindfire1: So dumb 12829 Rzxr: LUL 12830 qlimax36: LUL 1283arcoasis: LUL 12832 EvaldasX: DITCH THIS GUY 12833 NotVanetti: LKMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO 12834 neistopegejomfru: JUSTIN BIEBER IS BALD NOW LUL 12835 mentalreset: REAL 12836 Hedman93: Let it go monkey pls 12837 KoziRekt: LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL 12838 0__l: get a haircut without tyler 12839 safetyboss: LMAO 12840 TriHard_BLACKED: LMAOOOO 1284Waffleandpancake: LMAO 12842 ThaEggY: no its not 12843 NotVanetti: OPMFg 12844 rak526: you're an idiot 12845 ohhdots22: hhahahahahahahahahahaha 12846 TopKleare: GO REAL BARBER 12847 Thatonedude97: Damn LMFAO 12848 souleksv: apenation TriHard 12849 Newname_5: NOPE 12850 azza0023: mitch looks like a lesbian 1285BobbyRed123: 1 STARRR 12852 snipersaito: YOU GOT SCAMMED 12853 ImMRB: OMEGALUL 12854 BobbyRed123: 1 STAR LuL 12855 AnthonySo1337: TRU LUL 12856 koerv: TRU LUL 12857 Bluetindol: GOOD IDEA LUL 12858 swiftysmothersfood: 1 STAR 12859 xWickid33: SHE DID NOTHING LUL 12860 django_unchained_: -50 LuL 1286diendah: BudStar 12862 Zakkyu: 1 STAR 12863 punkey: GENERATION GAP 12864 arcoasis: OMFG 12865 xKiki: 1star 12866 Yoshei22: LUL 12867 brobika: LOOOOL 12868 TGSN_: LMAOOO 12869 NotVanetti: OMFG 12870 LiteBotTwitch: πŸ’£ ANELE soon 1287Kipsawesome: TV? what a loser this guy is 12872 Keenarr: XD 12873 snipersaito: TIP LUL 12874 Smokeys_forest: LoooooooL 12875 Owwwwwwwwwww: IM DONE LUL 12876 the_restless: monkaS 12877 DystopianVillian : 1 STAR ⭐ 12878 Latepoppins: LUL 12879 TopKleare: HAHAHA 12880 NotVanetti: LMAOO 1288AngellaMarie: YOU YELLED ABOUT NOT GETTING PUSSY YOU WERE RUDE TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 12882 nothingheresir: WutFace 12883 morpheoM: hahahhah 12884 γ„γŸγ γγΎγ™: SHIT HAPPENS 12885 DannyBeeNZ: Leak 12886 indisponlvel: LEAKED 12887 bomb__dude12: monkaS road rage monkaS 12888 TimedOutForTenMinutes: LEAKED monkaS 12889 Trihards_Never_Sub: FREE MA TriHard NELLY 12890 punkey: TV FUND 1289BobbyRed123: LuL LuL LuL LuL LuL 12892 PpPpPpPpPpPpPpPpPpPpOpO: GHAHAHAHAHAHA 12893 RC_2: DONT DO THAT ITS DOXING 12894 Lemons3_14: monkaS 12895 Nightshadz: so dumb LUL 12896 sinzorn: FOLLLW HIM' 12897 Mind_ifi_roll_weed: FILM THE ROAD MORE 12898 cyberbunny69: monkaS 12899 ZarandumIMBA: LUL 12900 beta_sausage_fest: TARDS LUL 1290ya_boy_alvin: 🌟 12902 koerv: LUL 12903 huntermaslowsky: LUL 12904 Losin_Control: LUL 12905 J0J0M0J0: LMAOOOOO 12906 T3J0X: LUL 12907 AngellaMarie: YOU YELLED ABOUT NOT GETTING PUSSY YOU WERE RUDE TOO MITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!! 12908 TGSN_: LUL LUL 12909 Sammy97gg: LUL 12910 send2nik: IT IS LUL 1291headstoneflowerr: YOU ASKED LOL 12912 agnostickhorse: :'( 12913 AnthonySo1337: TRU LUL . 12914 tokenblck: lul 12915 FlavoredShotgun: It is receding LuL 12916 Collekt: LUL 12917 ηˆͺ丹尺尺口山: WTF 12918 rastalia: L E A C H 12919 Flexatron: LOL 12920 azza0023: go to the dermotologist mitch LOLL 1292TopKleare: TITS 12922 γ„γŸγ γγΎγ™: TRUE 12923 snipersaito: LOOOOOOOL 12924 spazzy204: TRUE TRUE TRUE!!!!!!!!!!! 12925 spazzy204: TRUE 12926 Mind_ifi_roll_weed: 1 STAR OLD AS FUCK TriHard 12927 Matciej: haHAA haHAA 12928 Comitatvs: LOOOOOOOOL 12929 Metroboominx: LOOOOOL 12930 sinzorn: HAHAHAHAAHA 1293SirDomtheFirst: If a 60 year old woman tilts you, LuL 12932 Lemons3_14: OMEGALUL OMEGALUL 12933 nothingheresir: 4Head 12934 Jkfaked: LOOOOOOOOOL 12935 NoxiumHD: she was clueless, apes right 12936 cordibiss: DO YOU EVER SHUT UP LUL 12937 A3R0XX92: AUTISTIC SPASTIC NOT EVEN FUNNY FailFish 12938 TimedOutForTenMinutes: DENIAL LUL 12939 Buggezzz: LUL 12940 Dovetail1: PunOko 1294VivifyErratica: OH OH AH AH MOTHERFUCKER APES IN TOWN 12942 NicodemiusX: LUL 12943 FlavoredShotgun: IN DENIAL LuL 12944 pelicant: it works better when youre younger 12945 Buggezzz: DENIAL JONES LUL 12946 headstoneflowerr: LOL 12947 Garcia98: BALDJONES OMEGALUL 12948 Civzs: @MitchJones wtf I didnt even recognize you. What the fuck happened to you? 12949 PpPpPpPpPpPpPpPpPpPpOpO: OMEGALUL 12950 MTheGuy: 😑 just shave this shit out 😑 1295mecabeat: YOU DON'T GET IT, SHE WAS SHOWING THAT YOUR HAIRLINE WAS FINE. 12952 snipersaito: WOMEN BARBER LUL 12953 AngellaMarie: THEY BOTH WERE YELLING THE WHOLE FUCKING TIME LOL 12954 holymacaroniii: generational gap 12955 IFBANIVINZULUL: :) 12956 headstoneflowerr: YEP HE WAS RIGHT BUT RUDE 12957 Smokeys_forest: Lol 12958 ajr_tv: his hair is fucked tho LOL 12959 Ballswagger: holy fuck how tall is that guy in the back? 12960 BannerBomb: CRINGE 1296γ„γŸγ γγΎγ™: HER 12962 Lemons3_14: Kappa 12963 ShinyHypno: ape 12964 MUTE_2D: APES FAULT 12965 Whxspxr: Trains for sure 12966 Garcia98: WOMEN Kappa 12967 ThatOneGuy380: APE 12968 arcoasis: THE APES FAULT 12969 γ„γŸγ γγΎγ™: SHE'S SENSITIVE 12970 Brutaling: HERS HERS 1297Dinohorde: his 12972 yungnipple: HER 12973 WorsTToMention: LUL 12974 sapphiroth: both 12975 snipersaito: BOTH LUL 12976 MyTriggersStuck: His 12977 TBABYTHEKING: ape 12978 SillyReturns: Her 12979 Xanistus: ape 12980 arcoasis: APE OR SURE 1298Squirtinq: APE 12982 CornyD: HIM 12983 megami_s: His 12984 Menza_: APE 12985 Discohorse_: APE IS FUCKING AUTISTIC 12986 xFloty: NotLikeThis 12987 Deadleee: your fault. you guys were so crass. 12988 Smokey_T_: APE BOI 12989 Raw3st: idk 12990 smilingdinosaurlive: GENERATION GAP IS JUST SENSITIVE SUBJECT 1299jefferyhamilton: APE RAGE 12992 punkey: HIS😑 12993 skwuahd: BBW warehouse 12994 Pachiefico: GIRL IN THE BACK WHATSUP 12995 NotVanetti: LUL 12996 hamcrab: DESTINY DEBATING HAIRDRESSER 12997 DontTreadOnMe556: Cracked gas tank 12998 ichangedmynametothis: LuL 12999 snipersaito: SCAMMED 13000 kahunaburg3r: monkaSSS 1300smilingdinosaurlive: OLD WORKING WOMEN ARE SENSITIVE TOo 13002 what_it_do_hehehe: TriHard 13003 lithanesc: Looks like there's a black squirrel living on Mitch's head 13004 BEZA93: YeahBoys 13005 cloud1562: ANELE CurseLit 13006 kahunaburg3r: hotted Pls 13007 7_years_: boom 13008 aBlowfish: YOU DO LOOK SLIGHTLY BETTER THO SeemsGood 13009 rr00: wooo 13010 LiteBotTwitch: ANELE πŸ’£ 1301punkey: DW 13012 erwtilos: LUL LUL 13013 NicodemiusX: FeelsBadMan 13014 TimedOutForTenMinutes: hottedPls 13015 Killstreeak: speed 13016 Lemons3_14: FeelsGoodMan 13017 mellefade: FeelsBadMan 13018 Flexatron: NoBoys 13019 addyz0r: HOTTED 13020 reydedark: was ? 1302Havaalanina: FeelsBadMan 13022 chirvsy: NoBoys mitch 13023 stugez123: hotted OpOpie 13024 Owwwwwwwwwww: ARTHUR 13025 jayhuang123: AUTHOR 13026 shadowofakuma: CAGE THE APE 13027 immortalxl: LEAKED LUL 13028 DrowzyJ: ditch me again and i'l not your router hottedPls 13029 MyTriggersStuck: The ape can’t drive for shit 13030 Mind_ifi_roll_weed: ARTHUR TriHard 1303mellefade: @teh1tehONLY LUL Fail 13032 bomb__dude12: ???????????? 13033 BlazeIt1: Car Leaked haHAA 13034 EU_STUCK_IN_GROUPS_4HEAD_: KappaPride 13035 JoeW1991: HEy 13036 feliy305: haHAA 13037 xFloty: PogChamp 13038 Zeekey: HEY ARNOLD 13039 NotVanetti: LMAO 13040 Watchson: another haircut 1304Kylejames92: Cx 13042 Robbertss: ???? 13043 Tequatll: Cx 13044 trivium159: LUL 13045 DrowzyJ: ditch me again and i'l knock your router hottedPls 13046 cordibiss: so mad over nothing LuL 13047 NickJSCS: Cx 13048 bro20: lol 13049 Adroxis: HELGA 13050 bomb__dude12: 😑 ITS HEY ARNOLD 😑 1305NicodemiusX: LUL 13052 bro20: fucking retard 13053 Erazu: LuL 13054 riceboul: Ape isnt even swole he just has a big ass head 13055 TBABYTHEKING: OMEGALUL 13056 Kylejames92: dd dd dd 13057 RACISM_IS_NOT_FUNNY_Cx: LUL 13058 Metroboominx: LOOOOL 13059 NotVanetti: DDD D DDD 13060 send2nik: LUL 1306dimagz: D D D D D DATS ALL FOLKS 13062 NicodemiusX: THE FUCKIN PIG 13063 wKRY: LOL 13064 7_years_: LUL 13065 punkey: Hey Arnold 13066 luis7323: WHOS THE WHORE? 13067 EU_STUCK_IN_GROUPS_4HEAD_: LUL 13068 ofarrow: LUL 13069 Bringing_Sxxxy_Back: OWWWWW 13070 bomb__dude12: OMEGALUL 1307wackson97: LUL 13072 NotVanetti: omfg 13073 schn1tzel__: LUL 13074 LiteBotTwitch: LUL 13075 Reckone21: LUL 13076 Seahiga: D: 13077 Ahdharr: lul 13078 SykaPlyat: OMEGALUL 13079 zipzo989: IM SERIOUSLY DIEING HAHA 13080 fflox: 4Head 1308send2nik: GOTEM LUL 13082 Smokeys_forest: Lol 13083 luis7323: WHOS THE SLUT IN THE BACK??? 13084 NicodemiusX: cmonBruh pewdiepie 13085 shorizor: LUL 13086 LazyBunnyCx: 4Head 13087 koerv: LUL 13088 TimedOutForTenMinutes: OMEGALUL 13089 cordibiss: 🐷 13090 Fryum: 4Head 1309austindrag1: oink oink oink oink :pig: 13092 OT9LoL: OMEGALUL 13093 TheMaloneMan: FeelsNeatMan 13094 TheFlameEd: D: 13095 Dovetail1: OINK OINK 13096 OBTU: D: 13097 sikk444: monkaS 13098 KingAxzel: D: DEATH THREATS 13099 Klassy_Enigma : wtf monkaS 13100 wKRY: LUL 131024sept: :pig: Clap :pig: Clap :pig: Clap :pig: Clap :pig: Clap :pig: Clap 13102 TimedOutForTenMinutes: D: death threat 13103 Rulik0: D: 13104 watsdota: monkaS 13105 treadstoneopzzz: D: 13106 Latepoppins: LUL 13107 Keenarr: XD 13108 TheMaloneMan: D: 13109 ozwiz99: prolly 13110 BEZA93: SJW SHOES LuL 1311Losin_Control: lo 13112 Aleksgord: mira 2 13113 SlumpGhost: MINE TriHard 13114 ichangedmynametothis: LEAKED LuL 13115 Mistbeaver: SHE IS LUL 13116 Burstatily: WHATS THAT BLACK LINE AT THE BOTTOM OF SCREEN? LUL 13117 TimedOutForTenMinutes: LEAKED LUL 13118 Huffmin: cmonBruh 13119 aBlowfish: She's right here me TriHard 13120 Lazyhumor: whats this guys name 1312Full_Auto_77: DSW DansGame 13122 ark_lives_matter: SWAT INCOMING 13123 NomAnor: FailFish 13124 Whxspxr: Remember when she was at 10 dicks? Probably at 30 now 13125 TurkeyLegJoe: APE BRAIN 13126 Kylejames92: yes LUL 13127 Bluetindol: BERGISON LUL 13128 Mind_ifi_roll_weed: LOL 13129 BannedByReynadOn7Accounts: BURGERSON 13130 potatosheepXD: TRUE 1313Ahdharr: KEL-SUUU-WEEE 13132 klown_act: MITCH DO U MISS MIRA 13133 jefferyhamilton: sorta 13134 cordibiss: BURGERSON LUL 13135 snipersaito: yes 13136 LoserVirgin123: cmonBruh 13137 Maideez: BJERG OMEGALUL 13138 zipzo989: BUY HEELERS 13139 BIackwoods: A LIL 13140 Nskav: haHAA 1314zipzo989: BUY HEELEYS 13142 harshaw151: LUL 13143 lakrisens: SKRILLEX JONES 13144 S0_Bayed: YES 13145 Garcia98: OMEGALUL 13146 TBABYTHEKING: yes plz wtf 13147 what_it_do_hehehe: yes 13148 JoeyTheBrave: haHAA JONES 13149 headstoneflowerr: HEELYS PLS 13150 TheMaloneMan: Look like tucker 1315snipersaito: YES 13152 Legacytko: BJERGSENS D5 AUTIST BROTHER 13153 Jubbeh_: UR HAIR WAS PISS 13154 Veletix: SKRILLEX πŸ‘… 13155 Coldturtlesoup: I'm done moon2WAH 13156 Tumlok: than before 13157 DontTreadOnMe556: LUL 13158 NoxiumHD: u look like a nerd, might be the girl glasses 13159 swiftysmothersfood: ight 13160 iNocturne: LUL ROASTED 1316J0J0M0J0: L O l 13162 hariam15: ROASTED 13163 cordibiss: ROASTED 13164 jiggel_x: TRIGGERED LUL 13165 Bluetindol: MITCHY 13166 Carkin_123: LuL 13167 UNRRATED: LuL 13168 austindrag1: hehe xD 13169 S0_Bayed: M I R A LUL 13170 BonerBob123: LUL 1317AngellaMarie: DONT YELL 13172 immortalxl: MICHIE 13173 Juzek86: JUST DITCH THE GLASSES 13174 FAST_UH_UHS_TRIHARD: LUL 13175 BonerBob123: @nmplol LUL 13176 VivifyErratica: @Nmplol thats why u look like a bowl of noodles 13177 NotVanetti: MIRA AGAIN LUL 13178 immortalxl: SHE MISSES MIRA 13179 an0therduck : LUL 13180 Juzek86: DITCH GLASSES 1318playdanksouls: 2K BAG CONFIRMED 13182 HenryTheHoneyBadger: reckfull hello? 13183 hariam15: BANNED 13184 rilkepoo: DONT YOU OWE MIRA LIKE 40K 13185 SubDemon: Czx 13186 migjmz: banned 13187 ajr_tv: sad to say it, h e looks like an adult 13188 OLDpeculiar21: fake breakup 13189 leto_at: CALLERS LuL 13190 smilingdinosaurlive: jew mitchler 1319teh1tehONLY: CALLERS 13192 riceboul: Banned 13193 tyler5o2: bullshit 13194 i_like_ice_cream: MIRA <3 <3 13195 BannedByReynadOn7Accounts: and she bought you a car 13196 RagnarRedbeard: JEWS WutFace 13197 soulrx: She brags about money she can pay 13198 WhackASmack1: TriHard 13199 Whxspxr: Hair actually looks good. 13200 BEZA93: GUCCI BELT 1320ichangedmynametothis: LOL 13202 SC_Quisk: @MitchJones NOW SHES TAKING DICK FROM SOMEWHERE ELSE 13203 NotVanetti: 40k BTW 13204 i_like_ice_cream: MIRA BOUGHT YOU 40K CAR LUL 13205 Tequatll: BEWBS Kreygasm 13206 Ahdharr: JOOO BAN INCOMING 13207 Bright_tv: nmpC 13208 hyziks: @Nmplol sodaL 13209 Newname_5: Kreygasm 13210 FarewellTransmission: haHAA 1321vitonus: haHAA 13212 REBELLlOUS: MILKERS 13213 BEZA93: HEADMEAT GANG 13214 istibok: TriHard 13215 VitaminCereal: please slap him 13216 Aquulas: APE GANG 13217 safetyboss: cmonBruh ? 13218 NotVanetti: TriHard 13219 austindrag1: GANG 13220 potatosheepXD: OBLOCK 1322EU_STUCK_IN_GROUPS_4HEAD_: TriHard 13222 ofarrow: LUL 13223 Mind_ifi_roll_weed: APES TriHard 13224 shadowofakuma: APE NATION TriHard 13225 Bluetindol: vans 13226 WhackASmack1: cmonBruh 13227 hariam15: ALL BLACK 13228 bomb__dude12: VANS 13229 MMXVII_Vraxx: BUY NIKE AIR FORCE 1'S RED 13230 WhackASmack1: APE GANG 1323Ahdharr: squadNation squadNation squadNation 13232 DJnasuirl: ugly ass basic shoes 13233 hariam15: BLACK 13234 haileon: black 13235 Big4Hed: jays bruh 13236 Eyther72: BLUE AND WHITE 13237 iNocturne: HIPSTER WARNING 13238 Big4Hed: GET JORDANS 13239 BEZA93: GO TO FLIGHT CLUB AND GET SOME REAL SHIT 13240 bape_ruth: Then hoes ugly 1324Lemons3_14: cmonBruh 13242 SlumpGhost: JAYS TriHard 13243 PapaSmurf99: jays TriHard 13244 shadowofakuma: B L A C K E D TriHard 13245 Norrik: NO 13246 easy44444: eh 13247 koerv: NO 13248 ezpzn: YEZZYS 13249 feliy305: DansGame 13250 wKRY: NO 1325Listenbub: slip ons 13252 Owwwwwwwwwww: NOO 13253 BEZA93: ugly af 13254 dynekdesigns: SO UGLY 13255 MEYERN3: noo 13256 kadexxxx: NO 13257 YatokamiSenpai: THOSE ARE SO UGLY 13258 Kerxz: No 13259 sheiscourtney: NO 13260 send2nik: SOME WHAT cmonBruh 1326rilkepoo: RAF SIMONS RICK OWENS 13262 Listenbub: get some scuffed jay's 13263 wKRY: DO VANS 13264 MiyaYuie: no 13265 JoeW1991: LUL 13266 TopKleare: SEX HER ! 13267 BillytheMormon: LOL 13268 BradFPS: GET SOME SOCKS 13269 EugenePrime: ???????????? 13270 Bigkilla456: LOL 1327Sleezyfbaby: lol 13272 Norrik: Kreygasm 13273 Grimm00: "MAN" 13274 Big4Hed: buy jays 13275 BEZA93: LuL 13276 send2nik: MAN Kappa 13277 BillytheMormon: LUL 13278 SlumpGhost: SCUFFED JAYS TriHard 13279 hariam15: buy some men shoes 13280 EugenePrime: ?????????????????????????????? 1328Keenarr: XDDDDD 13282 BobbyRed123: SEXXX HERRRR SEXX HERRRR 13283 Tiga93: DITCH THE APE haHAA 13284 Erazu: SCUFFED HAIR LuL 13285 BEZA93: haHAA 13286 1ts4b: THE APE HAS NO CLUE GET ULTRA BOOST 13287 ScottyLJn: FeelsBadMan 13288 KalecTV: chucks 13289 XBLA: goldHAA 13290 headstoneflowerr: SURE 1329Killstreeak: Sex her 13292 indisponlvel: FeelsBadMan 13293 austindrag1: FeelsBadMan im used to it 13294 jedicontrol: LOL 13295 willwonkaa: LUL LUL 13296 TimedOutForTenMinutes: PepeHands 13297 StompingBox: FeelsBadMan πŸ”« 13298 Gleucks: BUY NMDs PogChamp BUY NMDs PogChamp BUY NMDs PogChamp BUY NMDs PogChamp 13299 OBTU: FeelsBadMan 13300 Juzek86: VLOGGER LUL 1330indisponlvel: FeelsBadMan :gun: 13302 ScottyLJn: monkaSSS 13303 Seahiga: monkaS 13304 PuddingTits: FeelsBadMan πŸ”« 13305 vasinsavin: FeelsBadMan 13306 sophisticatedgaming291a11: vlog 13307 diendah: FeelsBadMan 13308 telemuuu: monkaS 13309 R_W_B: monkaS 13310 iNocturne: I miss solo mitch 1331luis7323: CUCK HIM 13312 Danneborger: monkaS 13313 Jthexman91: LOL 13314 Ogy_FTG: GET NIKES YOU IDIOT 13315 Drakilaroth: alkXD 13316 klown_act: APE IS hahAA 13317 Zeekey: PUSSY LUL 13318 0__l: why would u say that Mitch LUL vlogging btw haHAA 13319 ezpzn: BUY NMD OR YEEZYS 13320 Tehpawnzertv: Lmfao 1332headstoneflowerr: WE'RE HATED WOW 13322 stugez123: JAY 13323 CamelBusBananaWomp: Cx 13324 Penguinpower93: TriHard Cx 13325 BobbyRed123: Cx 13326 c_h_i_c_k_e_n_: kill the ape 13327 Big_Poppa_Q: sagging? 13328 OT9LoL: cX 13329 xyz: monkaX gonna get shot by some mad KKona husband 13330 fug1t: FeelsOldMan 1333smilingdinosaurlive: Cx 13332 telemuuu: HODOR 13333 Pixikk: GET A SHOES MITCH 13334 iNocturne: FAKE HOTTED LUL FAKE HOTTED LUL FAKE HOTTED LUL 13335 Garcia98: HODOR FeelsGoodMan 13336 Bluetindol: YEAH 13337 hariam15: NO 13338 h4ze2904: yes 13339 kadexxxx: NO 13340 wKRY: YES 1334immortalxl: yes 13342 hariam15: UGLY 13343 MrBalloonking: yes 13344 bomb__dude12: GET WHITE VANS 13345 KanT1pur: YES 13346 Jthexman91: GAY GAY GAY 13347 Rejoiner: BUY VANS 13348 TOMMYB200: yeeeess 13349 PashaIGN: No 13350 iLLYANG_AlphaGangg: NO LUL NO LUL NO LUL 1335Forspara: Buy those rn 13352 Carkin_123: LuL 13353 Veletix: GRAY AND BLACK 13354 Mahokijin: GET MITCH A BELT BEFORE HIS PANTS FALL OFF HIS DUMB ASS 13355 Ogy_FTG: OLDSCHOOL VANS OLDSCHOOL VANS OLDSCHOOL VANS OLDSCHOOL VANS OLDSCHOOL VANS 13356 TimedOutForTenMinutes: TriHard 13357 xueet: SAVED 13358 tpcjohn: kid shoes 13359 bomb__dude12: PogChamp 13360 OBTU: PogChamp 1336spazzy204: VANS 13362 indisponlvel: Cx 13363 kahunaburg3r: Cx TriHard 13364 VivifyErratica: LUL 13365 Foian_: Cx 13366 send2nik: gachiGASM 13367 Garcia98: T H I C C 13368 Stormycide: LOOOOOOOL 13369 Erazu: Cx 13370 teh1tehONLY: Cx 1337koerv: 4Head 13372 Comitatvs: LOOOL Cx 13373 Stormycide: LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL 13374 fanb000y: Cx 13375 darkvenomm: mitch is stuttering so bad 13376 Lathyra: shekkelgod 13377 theLoneCannon: Cx 13378 FAST_UH_UHS_TRIHARD: Cx 13379 spazzy204: GREY ONES 13380 TriHard_in_chat_please: TriHard Clap 1338Toothyorc95: @billythemormon thats my boi 13382 leto_at: TriHard cmonBruh 13383 SteezyGG: TriHard VANS 13384 Rejoiner: DONT TAKE THOSE 13385 ezpzn: ADIDAS 13386 SlumpGhost: FREE ICE TriHard 13387 fluxxin: THOSE ARE 14 YEAR OLD SHOES 13388 Maideez: HYPERBRUH 13389 cordibiss: BLACKED 13390 Zeekey: cmonBruh VAN 1339wKRY: NOT BLACK 13392 Killstreeak: ultraboosts 13393 vasinsavin: cmonBruh why not all black 13394 immortalxl: NOT BLACK 13395 MntBrryCrnch: WHITE CHUCKS 13396 huntermaslowsky: WHOLE LOTTA GANG SHIT TriHard . 13397 MuggyB: 10 13398 cordibiss: my favorite number ANELE 13399 Sleaybey: WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK ARE THOSE 13400 zipzo989: what are THOSEEEEEE 1340vasinsavin: cmonBruh why not all black mitchy cmonBruh 13402 django_unchained_: Kreygasm 13403 huntermaslowsky: THIS CHICK HAS CAKE. 13404 crunkberrykush: DAT ASZZZ 13405 chirvsy: T H I C C 13406 5Vale: NMDs 13407 7_years_: BIG THICC MILKERS 13408 spazzy204: UGLY SHOES 13409 PapaSmurf99: 1 iq 13410 immortalxl: UGLY 1341headstoneflowerr: BLACK SHOES ON BLACK JEANS = NO 13412 bomb__dude12: GET WHITE VANS 13413 Bluetindol: YES 13414 wKRY: VANS 13415 Sleaybey: WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK ARE THOSE 13416 indisponlvel: PERFECT 13417 lewis_s18: LUL 13418 γ„γŸγ γγΎγ™: LOL 13419 MEYERN3: noo 13420 theflyguy12: Yes 1342RedHairsOfScumpii : YES 13422 EzEzGG: YES 13423 safetyboss: YES OMEGALUL 13424 punkey: Yes 13425 ezpzn: YEEZYS 13426 seattlesbestchronic: it's one guy spamming LuL 13427 fluxxin: NO 13428 BonerBob123: YES 13429 xyz: get mitchie some kawaii sketchers 13430 falconheavy: NIKE VOMERO 1343SoCalWolfgang: fuck yea 13432 DannyBeeNZ: Damn the are all purpose 13433 Pewpewpewdot: GET NIKE 13434 mecabeat: VANS ARE THE BEST CHAT IS JUST TRASHY 13435 Zakkuo: yes 13436 Garcia98: YES FeelsGoodMan Clap 13437 LazyBunnyCx: TriHard 13438 madtimez: GET EM 13439 zipzo989: WTF IS THAT SHIT 13440 c0nstCS: LUL 1344Feignn: 100% 13442 DaveSoDave: YES 13443 EU_STUCK_IN_GROUPS_4HEAD_: Yes PogChamp 13444 issa_ben: YES 13445 ltsbreeze: scuffed jays TriHard 13446 Whxspxr: Mitch taking style advice from an ape in a zelda t shirt with a gshock watch 13447 Didums22: ADIDAS PogChamp 13448 Metroboominx: 4Head HAHAHAAH 13449 send2nik: ZULUL LIDL SHOES 13450 justchillin5: perfect natural distater looting shoes 1345zipzo989: MITCH WOULD PROBLY PICK THOSE 13452 huntermaslowsky: I WEAR THOSE FeelsBadMan 13453 Garcia98: ADIDAS PogChamp 13454 HoldenMyD: @MitchJones check out a real sneaker store 13455 logouttrs: I HAVE THOSE 13456 easy44444: adidas 13457 EugenePrime: LUL 13458 TheOfficialBaconGamer: LuL 13459 NotVanetti: LMAO 13460 Nezpah: Wutface 1346austindrag1: DansGame slippers 13462 Pixikk: PogChamp 13463 Willsey_Is_A_Pussey: PERFECT LUL 13464 R_W_B: PogChamp BEAUTIFUL PogChamp 13465 Mafeiu: PogChamp 13466 NotVanetti: LUL THOSE SLIPPERS 13467 DaveSoDave: EWWWW 13468 Dogsarecool698: PogChamp BUY THEM 13469 Sjolundman: DansGame 13470 eiidor: LEVEL 70 GEAR PogChamp 1347WorsTToMention: LOOKS GOOD 13472 JTRego: fresh af 13473 skwuahd: FRESH JEEZYS PogChamp 13474 WhackASmack1: YES1!! 13475 SlumpGhost: AMZING PogChamp 13476 420blazzzetime: DOPE AS FUCK 13477 froostiee: PogChamp 13478 jacobjones123: PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp 13479 Bluetindol: SMOrc 13480 Shyran: DansGame 1348d3rwen: EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEW 13482 Youre_My_Boy_Blue: PogChamp 13483 WorsTToMention: WTF 13484 TriHard_BLACKED: DansGame wtf 13485 kharr: LMAOOO 13486 aBlowfish: DansGame 13487 nothingheresir: DansGame 13488 an0therduck : PogChamp C L E A N 13489 nothingheresir: :puke: 13490 fleurire: STOP SHOWING IT !! 1349stugez123: DansGame 13492 gachiBASS_ZULUL: TriHard 13493 JTRego: THE FRESHIST 13494 django_unchained_: FUCKING BALLING PogChamp 13495 wet_meme: PogChamp sick haHAA 13496 chrishomie: BUY YEEZYS 13497 Ahdharr: DansGame DansGame DansGame DansGame DansGame DansGame DansGame DansGame 13498 BradFPS: NOOOOO 13499 axonz: no 13500 WhackASmack1: DansGame 1350zxmm3: HELL NO THOSE SHOES ARE WACK 13502 headstoneflowerr: LITERALLY ATHLETES FOOT 13503 SoCalWolfgang: FeelsBadMan 13504 Pisquared: PogChamp 13505 ElSenorPogChampo: RUN AWAY TO TRY THEM TriHard 13506 shadowofakuma: LuL 13507 Caspartius: I'm eating here dude 13508 Tequatll: BabyRage MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM 13509 SirDomtheFirst: how does that happen unless you step in shet and not wash your feet 13510 chadbutler: PogChamp 1351NitroPally: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: 13512 DontTreadOnMe556: LUL 13513 EldurThulhu: BUY A BELT!!!!! 13514 nothingheresir: ALLISON QUINN 13515 TopKleare: steve oerkel 13516 chirvsy: haHAA 13517 justflo1211: haHAA 13518 Juzek86: lol; 13519 TopKleare: steve 13520 Ophencie21: LMAO 1352indisponlvel: haHAA 13522 BPwastaken: HARRY POTTER JONES 13523 send2nik: haHA 13524 Nskav: haHAA 13525 xFloty: LUL 13526 issa_ben: haHAA 13527 PpPpPpPpPpPpPpPpPpPpOpO: haHAA haHAA 13528 immortalxl: NERD LUL 13529 Caprious: haHAA 13530 headstoneflowerr: LIGHT UP HEELYS OR RIOT 1353safetyboss: NEW LOOK PogChamp 13532 Xanith88: @Shyran FeelsPumpkinMan πŸ‘‰ πŸ‘Œ ❓ 13533 Keadda: that actually fits u too well 13534 spazzy204: GREY VANS 13535 Mind_ifi_roll_weed: :nerd_face: 13536 SlumpGhost: JORDAN 1’s TriHard 13537 BEZA93: haHAA 13538 Local_Native: FeelsNeatMan 13539 MajorLeeConfused: CAMERA MAN 13540 EldurThulhu: Do Squats or BUY a BELT 1354notice_me_OpieOP: πŸ€“ Clap πŸ€“ Clap πŸ€“ Clap πŸ€“ Clap πŸ€“ Clap πŸ€“ Clap 13542 CaptainAsianGuy: FeelsBadMan 13543 SLAYERKNOWN: LOL\ 13544 potatosheepXD: LOL 13545 rektbud: ROFL 13546 immortalxl: LUL 13547 BEZA93: haHAA haHAA haHAA 13548 bomb__dude12: LuL 13549 GulatiTV: LUL 13550 S0_Bayed: haHAA 1355Gamingllamas2: LUL 13552 theflyguy12: ARM THING 13553 SteezyGG: FeelsBadMan 13554 haileon: haHAA // 13555 Tasman1anDevil: true 13556 SirDomtheFirst: Dissed his donators LuL 13557 WhackASmack1: PogChamp ! 13558 Wolf42o: LuL true 13559 MK677: WHO?WHO?WHO?WHO?WHO?WHO? 13560 an0therduck : haHAA Clap 1356zephobia: True FeelsGoodMan 13562 VeXX99: REAL LUL 13563 summober: haHAA 13564 Skkception: ive been exposed 13565 Flexatron: Roasted half of your subscribers 13566 ImMRB: gachiBASS_ZULUL 13567 retz01: :) :) 13568 telemuuu: e d g y 13569 ImMRB: gachiBASS 13570 justflo1211: gachiBASS 1357xEpic_GER: Clap 13572 NotVanetti: Kreygasm 13573 headstoneflowerr: WOW TRIGGERED MITCH 13574 MyNameIsLoid: FeelsBadMan 13575 Mind_ifi_roll_weed: :nerd_face: 13576 BobbyRed123: THICC 13577 vasinsavin: Kreygasm 13578 Menza_: ASK THE GIRL 13579 feliy305: TPMagao 13580 DystopianVillian : THICCC 1358justflo1211: T H I C C gachiBASS 13582 Bavne: THICC Kreygasm 13583 Ghost_gaming_: Thicv 13584 smilingdinosaurlive: PogChamp IM TOO COOL 4 SCHOOL 13585 punkey: THICC. 13586 not_exalt: THICC 13587 morpheoM: that ass 13588 Immortal: HODOR <3 13589 Theonemanny: all good we happy boys 13590 Cardenarcc: T H I C C 1359Permafade: THICCCC CCCCCCCCCCXX 13592 punkey: THICC AF 13593 strongasfack: THAT ASS 13594 colddayinhell: cmonBruh 13595 huntermaslowsky: KKona 13596 mcfunkface: CmonBruh 13597 Bluetindol: KKona too white 13598 Krad11429: :) 13599 TimedOutForTenMinutes: cmonBruh 13600 MrRobotPapa: cmionBruh 1360cuppycake88: HODOR <3 13602 cordibiss: WHITES DansGame 13603 Zeekey: THEM 13604 Fabushki: FIX IT DansGame 13605 justchillin5: manni has that, im out 13606 kharr: LOL 13607 Sammy97gg: WHITE VANS WAS GOOD 13608 Didums22: BLACK TriHard 13609 potatosheepXD: CHUCK TAYLORS ARE CLOWN SHOES 13610 SomboLoL: TOO WHITE cmonBruh 1361bro20: Buy some rick owens 13612 vicedvick: GET SOME BLACK VANS YOU TERRIBLE DRESSING SPERG 13613 Fabushki: FIX IT DansGame FIX IT DansGame 13614 mecabeat: BLACK VANS = CLASSY 13615 rektbud: lol 13616 iLLYANG_AlphaGangg: OMEGALUL 13617 MangoI: DansGame 13618 MntBrryCrnch: WHITE LOW CHUCKS 13619 NoxiumHD: NO 13620 SmygeMannen: Chuck Taymoo 1362δΉƒγƒ’δΈΉγ‘εŒ•ε„ : those would match mitch perfectly 13622 h4ze2904: true 13623 bomb__dude12: get janoskis 13624 IcedTRex: you're wrong 13625 TheOfficialBaconGamer: @Theonemanny eyyyy sup manny 13626 juliuscaesarxoxo: JORDANS 13627 Havel_The_Sock: ????????? 13628 PeacefulANELE: JAYS AND JORDANS TriHard 13629 summober: 13630 Lemons3_14: Kappa 1363Big4Hed: BUY JAYS DUDE 13632 Cardenarcc: Just go Black on Black Nikes 13633 tomymorrison: get him ultra boosts 13634 IcedTRex: Ultra boosts are great 13635 cordibiss: ??????????? who the fuck cares 13636 ThePlebmaster: .. 13637 Jaiven10: LUL 13638 potatosheepXD: ADIDAS 13639 BIackwoods: nike sb 13640 leftyy95: NIKE SB 1364wutangforev: @Theonemanny do that ass smell like fresh roses or? :thinking: 13642 Frosty_Cupcake: STAN SMITH'S WOULD WORK 13643 Jkfaked: No he cantg 13644 jwussow989: Nike SB SwiftRage 13645 feliy305: DansGame 13646 TheBirdman69: STAN SMITH OR ULTRABOOSTS 13647 Dathuran: STAN SMITH SUPERSTARS 13648 cartographist_: get those 13649 BIackwoods: NIKE SB 13650 zxmm3: MITCH SHOULD GET NMDS 1365ThePlebmaster: . 13652 bomb__dude12: NIKE JANOSKI NIKE SB 13653 ThePlebmaster: .. 13654 shadowofakuma: DansGame 13655 spazzy204: GET NIKE SB 13656 Turbogang4hed: NOT THEM HAHAHA 13657 masterMP9: 13658 immortalxl: get thOSE 13659 dailybaked: get those boi 13660 HypaholicUK: NICE 1366TBABYTHEKING: ADDIDAS 13662 cordibiss: grey = comfortable ?? BrokeBack 13663 Lemons3_14: Kappa // 13664 kharr: GET SOME ADIDAS BOOSTS! 13665 NRGScout: ADIDAS SUPERSTAR 13666 SoCalWolfgang: STEPH CURRY 13667 headstoneflowerr: WOW 13668 drydxn : NIKE SB JANOSKI 13669 TheRealWackDaddy: ULTRA BOOSTS EZ PZ 13670 Shagbrew: zoomies 1367rngrngrng: BigBrother SHOES 13672 maxbcastin: get him Black airmax get him Black airmax 13673 ThePlebmaster: ASS 13674 SoCalWolfgang: I SAW NIKE SB 13675 Nubdroppers: Underarmour started as shoes lol 13676 lakrisens: ULTRA BOOST PogChamp 13677 crunkberrykush: NORMIE STORES REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE 13678 xFloty: Tilly's PogChamp 13679 SlumpGhost: BLACK JAYS TriHard 13680 BEZA93: GET AIR PRESTO NIKES 1368MESchneider96: STEFAN JANOSKIS 13682 django_unchained_: KKomrade 13683 Realz5882: Zumies is where i go. 13684 blackcammy: lmfao 13685 juliuscaesarxoxo: LOL NO 13686 Killstreeak: Chat spam Ultra Boosts 13687 immortalxl: ULTRA BOOST 13688 TheOfficialBaconGamer: OUTKA ASKTNII 13689 punkey: BUY ULTRA BOOST 13690 ZamBlargoo: Feelsbadman 1369bomb__dude12: LuL 13692 blackcammy: WURR U ATTTT 13693 Speedyman08: ULTRA BOOSTS 13694 MEYERN3: DansGame 13695 Dogsarecool698: ME 13696 stunmvp: ME 13697 colddayinhell: TriHard 13698 leftyy95: KSWISS OMEGALUL 13699 MangoI: TriHard 13700 TrippyJerms: THE POWER OF THE TIMS 1370smilingdinosaurlive: trash 13702 juliuscaesarxoxo: PUMA ROFL 13703 Pheonixjames: take him to urban outfitters 13704 ezpzn: ULTRABOOST 13705 TheOfficialBaconGamer: TriHard . 13706 SoCalWolfgang: THEY DO I SAW THEM 13707 xFloty: PogChamp 13708 lakrisens: ULTRA BOOST 13709 safetyboss: LIGHT cmonBruh ? 13710 Mikeamoondo: that's actually dope 1371TimedOutForTenMinutes: PUMA TriHard 13712 SoCalWolfgang: THEY ARE THE LIGHT BLUE BOXES 13713 profetengbg: deadass 13714 Ogy_FTG: hardly 13715 jwussow989: they don't 13716 Frosty_Cupcake: TriHard 13717 lordbenediction: new balance 13718 huntermaslowsky: TriHard 13719 Kaiochi: cmonBruh 13720 Speedyman08: cmonBruh huh? 1372Buttersz: TriHard 13722 rngrngrng: TriHard 13723 aythatsshizzle: cmonBruh 13724 digbickwarrior: TriHard 13725 QuinnR03: New balance PogChamp 13726 MrRobotPapa: RACIST cmonBruh 13727 leto_at: cmonBruh CHU SAY? 13728 Pretty_Mother_of_4: g 13729 koerv: i 13730 Local_Native: MitchPls 1373Erazu: TriHard 13732 TGSN_: 90$ FOR SOME NEWBALANACES FOH 13733 AnthonySo1337: cmonBruh cmonBruh cmonBruh 13734 Kaiochi: G 13735 DystopianVillian : cmonBruh 13736 profetengbg: NAUTICA OMEGALUL 13737 NormiesOut: cmonBruh WTF 13738 basketjake: G 13739 django_unchained_: TriHard 13740 StompingBox: cmonBruh 1374ofarrow: LUL 13742 SlumpGhost: TriHard TriHard TriHard TriHard TriHard 13743 NormiesOut: LUL 13744 whiteknight69696969696969: TriHard 13745 Keenarr: triHarder 13746 leto_at: TriHard 13747 Coldturtlesoup: TriHard 13748 Dogsarecool698: TriHard TriHard TriHard TriHard TriHard 13749 ImMRB: TriHard TriHard TriHard TriHard TriHard TriHard 13750 bomb__dude12: HeyGuys 1375smilingdinosaurlive: TriHard 13752 AnthonySo1337: cmonBruh 13753 punkey: TriHard TriHard 13754 Metroboominx: TriHard TriHard TriHard TriHard TriHard TriHard TriHard TriHard TriHard TriHard 13755 LiteBotTwitch: TriHard 13756 not_exalt: TriHard TriHard TriHard 13757 rngrngrng: TriHard TriHard TriHard TriHard 13758 ImMRB: TriHard TriHard TriHard TriHard 13759 Mind_ifi_roll_weed: TriHard 13760 squirrel_cake: TriHard TriHard 1376vasinsavin: TriHard 13762 LiteBotTwitch: cmonBruh 13763 Mind_ifi_roll_weed: TriHard monniG 13764 Sloth_Face: TriHard 13765 what_it_do_hehehe: TriHard TriHard TriHard TriHard TriHard 13766 SmygeMannen: TriHard 13767 Waffleandpancake: TriHard 13768 Yoghurtys: TriHard 13769 basketjake: TriHard 13770 Wazkyr: Kappa 1377Oozlong: TriHard 13772 LiteBotTwitch: TriHard TriHard TriHard TriHard TriHard TriHard TriHard 13773 R_W_B: cmonBruh 13774 Metroboominx: TriHard TriHard TriHard TriHard TriHard TriHard TriHard TriHard TriHard TriHard 13775 MyTriggersStuck: TriHard TriHard TriHard TriHard TriHard 13776 Pixikk: TriHard 13777 Debodan2120x: KappaPride 13778 leto_at: DansGame 13779 squirrel_cake: Kappa 13780 rngrngrng: TriHard TriHard TriHard TriHard TriHard TriHard TriHard 1378wKRY: KappaPride 13782 immortalxl: HEHE CUM OVER 13783 huntermaslowsky: CELESTE (puke) 13784 TriHard_BLACKED: ?????????? 13785 AnthonySo1337: LMFAO 13786 Runaway4Nothing: haHAA 13787 NomaticK: lesbian? 13788 zander213: Clipped 13789 tyler5o2: jesus 13790 squirrel_cake: Kappa 1379Whxspxr: Not good. 13792 stugez123: CLIPPED ALREADY LUL 13793 SubDemon: LUL 13794 Fptlol: LUL 13795 TheOfficialBaconGamer: LuL 13796 EzEzGG: fix your hair first LUL 13797 Skyman747: LUL 13798 punkey: CELESTE LUL 13799 EugenePrime: TRUE AF LUL 13800 jjd663: is this real life 1380Maulez: @mira HeyGuys @mira HeyGuys @mira HeyGuys @mira HeyGuys 13802 send2nik: LUL 13803 squirrel_cake: LUL 13804 MrRobotPapa: OMEGALUL 13805 yazafam: LUL 13806 zilant_: LUL 13807 django_unchained_: OMEGALUL 13808 wKRY: TO BANG 13809 istibok: LUL 13810 γƒ˜γƒ©γ‚Έγ‚«θ‚‰: blue DansGame 1381lewis_s18: NO 13812 Kaiochi: SCUFFED HARRY POTTER LUL SCUFFED HARRY POTTER LUL SCUFFED HARRY POTTER LUL 13813 WorsTToMention: LUL 13814 SlumpGhost: LIES LUL 13815 Shyran: i was eating ass DansGame 13816 Skyman747: BLUE DansGame 13817 ToEden: DansGame 13818 wKRY: DansGame 13819 fflox: MIRA LuL ? 13820 EpicLegendMomo: LUL 1382Neddus_: LUNA BLUE WTF DansGame 13822 Speedyman08: DansGame BLUE? 13823 TheTechzilla: BLUE DansGame 13824 Famuzie: RECKFUL? BibleThump 13825 cordibiss: EWWWWWWWWWW 13826 stugez123: YONI 13827 Caspartius: LUNA INC 13828 tpcjohn: SELF CUCKED 13829 wythenshawe_eusebio: LIES 13830 TimedOutForTenMinutes: BETA JONES LUL 1383bongjovii: lol 13832 lcabbage: frens 13833 huntermaslowsky: LUNA FLIGHT TICKET INC LUL 13834 MrRobotPapa: LUL 13835 headstoneflowerr: LOL 13836 NormiesOut: LUL 13837 bape_ruth: YONI 13838 MEYERN3: LUL 13839 huntermaslowsky: LOL 13840 Killstreeak: Not kidding PogChamp 1384playdanksouls: LUL 13842 rilkepoo: MAYBE MIRA WILL FUCK YOU NOW THAT YOU LOOKED LIKE A SCUFFED DMITRI SHOSTAKOVICH 13843 MrRobotPapa: EMILYCC Kreygasm 13844 U_Will_Remember_This_Name: LEA 13845 Sjolundman: LUL 13846 WorsTToMention: JUST FRIENDS ONLY MENTIONS GIRLS LUL 13847 StompingBox: Bong shoe 13848 NomaticK: PUT EM ON 13849 immortalxl: PUT THEM OF 13850 Zax39: LUNA PogChamp 1385Flexatron: GET SOME BOOTS KKona 13852 taco_friday_: Mira 13853 PpPpPpPpPpPpPpPpPpPpOpO: LUL 13854 SirDomtheFirst: 🚬 13855 Caspartius: LEA BOOTS 13856 immortalxl: PUT THEM ON 13857 Lokisza: TRY THEM LuL 13858 huntermaslowsky: WHAT ARE THOSE???? PogChamp 13859 cordibiss: ........ CALL LEA 13860 the_restless: LuL 1386diendah: they're perfect 13862 Kerxz: Get vans 13863 Spectets: LOOOOOOl 13864 hunkeymonkey123: legendry lea 13865 django_unchained_: FeelsGoodMan 13866 xyz: heels Kreygasm 13867 TheOfficialBaconGamer: FINALLY FOUND SOMETHING THAT CAN FIT MY GIANT DICK 13868 Tealpoopnugz: tube shoe? 13869 BobbyRed123: BUY IT FOR HER LuL 13870 Spectets: LOL CLASSIC FEMALE 1387an0therduck : INVITE Y Kreygasm NI 13872 crunkberrykush: HEELIES PogChamp 13873 BobbyRed123: BJERGSEN 13874 mithirar: STEAL TriHard Clap 13875 DJ_Y4SSIN: BJERG PogChamp 13876 kharr: LOOOOOL 13877 Bringing_Sxxxy_Back: classic 13878 Pewpewpewdot: CLASSIC FEMALE 13879 TimedOutForTenMinutes: LUL 13880 Skyman747: SCUFFED BJERG LUL 1388zipzo989: GET SOME HEELEES 13882 SoulEatha: you do tho 13883 wKRY: LUL 13884 dailybaked: tipWhat tipWhat 13885 Pisquared: haHAA 13886 ReaLqxz: BJERGSEN PogChamp 13887 NicodemiusX: BEE JERD I SIN 13888 BEZA93: ITS A GOOD HAIRCUT SHUT UP 13889 WhackASmack1: NOOOO 13890 MehReg: true 1389MEYERN3: BabyRage 13892 WhackASmack1: NO! 13893 smilingdinosaurlive: JEW <3 DoritosChip 13894 Whxspxr: Fandy found shoes before mitch jesus 13895 shakmanne: you look hobbit long hair 13896 Lemons3_14: Kappa Kappa 13897 0__l: ofc not 13898 headstoneflowerr: LOOKS BETTER 13899 Klindfire1: So fucking cringy. 13900 zzKupo: TriHard 1390TopKleare: SHORT 13902 bornwize: those are Roberta Hoods boots for sheriffwood 13903 Hibarfoqe: 0 13904 an0therduck : THIS IS BETTER 13905 bape_ruth: It looks good now 13906 Blooiskoo: IT DOESNT MATTER WHAT SHE THINKS 13907 SoCalWolfgang: YOU GET THE WORSE HAIRCUTS DUDE 13908 cordibiss: not bad = bad 13909 TimedOutForTenMinutes: LUL 13910 TheTechzilla: HER OPINION DOESNT MATTER 1391Flexatron: LOL 13912 shorizor: IT LOOKS BETTER 13913 CaptainAsianGuy: Pedo 13914 JoeyTheBrave: LuL 13915 lilrigsteve: short is much better are you retarded 13916 BEZA93: YOU ARE 25 pedo fuck 13917 Willsey_Is_A_Pussey: GLORY DAYS LUL 13918 Andynson321: LMAOOOOOO 13919 BjpwzTV: EMO 13920 EugenePrime: haHAA HIGH SCHOOL JONES 1392zipzo989: BROKEN RECORD 13922 cartographist_: GROW THE FUCK UP 13923 PillarOfFrost: Peaked in high school LUL 13924 LazyBunnyCx: LUL 13925 GodandtheState: manchild 13926 WorsTToMention: BROKEN RECORD 13927 django_unchained_: APE LuL 13928 zipzo989: BROKEN RECORD LUL 13929 kimbrin: LOL THAT BLACK GUY 13930 zander213: 25 yo stuck in the past 1393SmygeMannen: TRU LuL 13932 aythatsshizzle: LUL 13933 radmartin: That’s fucking sad 13934 squirrel_cake: TriHard 13935 Beeeeryan: @quote_me_if_broken_record :) 13936 Juzek86: MANCHILD 13937 smilingdinosaurlive: he acts like hes on crack someetimes 13938 ezpzn: ADIDAS 13939 LazyBunnyCx: TriHard 13940 Cajun_Friess: TriHard 1394cordibiss: LuL tired of raging LuL 13942 Beginning_: TriHard NNNNNNNNNN 13943 luis7323: Kreygasm 13944 Kylejames92: look down 13945 nothingheresir: 🍌 13946 dbsniperog: GIVE HIM WATER 13947 SlumpGhost: GET BANANAS TriHard 13948 justflo1211: T H I C C 13949 Honkery: OpieOP 13950 minkus_: LOWER 1395Menza_: ASK THE FUCKING GIRL 13952 Kylejames92: THICCC 13953 BobbyRed123: THICC THICC THICCC THICC THICC THICCC 13954 Kerxz: Vans 13955 feliy305: PogChamp 13956 dailybaked: boss shit 13957 MEYERN3: LuL 13958 what_it_do_hehehe: T H I C C 13959 DaFuego: is that trainwrecks? 13960 Zomow: KKona 1396itsmorphintime1: LUL 13962 send2nik: LUL 13963 shadowofakuma: T H I C C C 13964 Garcia98: gachiBASS 13965 Kenniholm: Asss TriHard GIMME GIMME TriHard 13966 mithirar: KKona Clap 13967 vicedvick: LOL 13968 nothingheresir: LUL 13969 justflo1211: DAMN SHE T H I C C TriHard 13970 MrRobotPapa: FOURSOME Kreygasm 1397ImPhame: tyler1T1 tyler1T2 13972 Joshhgaming: haHAA 13973 TimedOutForTenMinutes: BUY THEM 13974 katakurix: FANDY T H I C C Kreygasm 13975 TheOfficialBaconGamer: LuL 13976 Kenniholm: Asss TriHard GIMME GIMMeE TriHard 13977 TopKleare: ass ass ass ass 13978 Smokeys_forest: Andys on 13979 dailybaked: too real FeelsBadMan 13980 DJ_Y4SSIN: TriHard 7 1398BobbyRed123: THE GREY AND BLACK VANS 13982 WhackASmack1: LET US STRAW POLL 13983 AnthonySo1337: BLACKEd 13984 TheOfficialBaconGamer: TriHard 13985 xyz: B L A C C 13986 minkus_: LOWER 13987 cordibiss: YES. 13988 radmartin: NotLikeThis 13989 MuggyB: vanss 13990 koerv: LUL 1399Xanith88: cmonBruh 13992 Mari_GTV: BLACK TriHard 13993 WhackASmack1: STRAW POLL MITCH 13994 brisk14: i wanna sniff the thicc gurls butt 13995 Numie: GET VANS 13996 tokenblck: LMAO 13997 hunkeymonkey123: VANS 13998 MrRobotPapa: PIPE HER MITCH 😑 13999 punkey: The janitor 14000 Joshhgaming: LUL 1400Anacondaswaglord420blaze: cmonBruh COME ON BRUH 14002 Kaiochi: ??????? 14003 OBTU: ??????????? 14004 Smoothey: SLIP RESISTANCE Kreygasm 14005 SmygeMannen: braeed 14006 Kaiochi: ??????????????? 14007 cordibiss: ??????????????????? 14008 MissToriMay: HOT AF 14009 StrawberryFlavorBleach: you let him LUL 14010 youngsachi: ??????????'' 1401NotVanetti: 1920 WAR LUL 14012 wKRY: VAAANS 14013 justflo1211: gachiBASS Clap 14014 stugez123: ASSSSSSSS 14015 TopKleare: ass 14016 itsmorphintime1: GET DAT GIRL LUL 14017 picklewhip: timbs TriHard 14018 scumbae: Gay 14019 oliveeeer1: T H I C C 14020 MuggyB: camera man 1402spazzy204: BLACK VANS 14022 shadowofakuma: gachiGASM 14023 Lemons3_14: Kappa 14024 lilrigsteve: true 14025 Haazer: SCUFFED HARRY POTTER 14026 tpcjohn: LOL 14027 smilingdinosaurlive: 1 IS A GOOD GOAL PogChamp 14028 rektbud: loool 14029 Kenniholm: LUL 14030 WhackASmack1: TRU 1403NotVanetti: HEY AM I UGLY LUL 14032 EU_STUCK_IN_GROUPS_4HEAD_: LUL 14033 MMaxMersel: REAL 14034 NotVanetti: LMAO TRUE 14035 NicodemiusX: haHAA 14036 chirvsy: REAL 14037 BobbyRed123: WTF 14038 OasisDesert: LUL 14039 cuppycake88: HAIR JONES 14040 Smooneylol: GET VANS 1404h4ze2904: ???? 14042 ezpzn: BUY ADIDAS 14043 drew_vn: ????? 14044 AidenRiceBall: VAAAANS 14045 TedoHD: GET THE VANS 14046 mithirar: gachiBASS Clap 14047 ImMRB: T H I C C 14048 an0therduck : GET SHOES 😑 14049 an0therduck : GET SHOES 😑 14050 StrawberryFlavorBleach: Kreygasm 1405django_unchained_: T H I C C 14052 nothingheresir: GET VANS 14053 δΉƒγƒ’δΈΉγ‘εŒ•ε„ : GET VANS !!1114054 PpPpPpPpPpPpPpPpPpPpOpO: Kreygasm 14055 junk97654: fucking moron 14056 Norrik: GET SHOES 14057 TENMINUTEDAYS: T H I C C 14058 BranDadddy: BabyRage 14059 SippyCupMcJr: WHAT ARE THOSE 14060 cuppycake88: GET SHOES 1406masterMP9: T H I C C a f 14062 mecabeat: GET THE VANS, THEY'RE WHAT CLASSY CITY DUDES WHO GET LAID WEAR. 14063 vicedvick: YES 14064 GodofFyre: @WhackASmack1 NOTICE ME dankquanMelon dankquanBiHard dankquanBhicken 14065 GodofFyre: @WhackASmack1 NOTICE ME dankquanMelon dankquanBiHard dankquanBhicken 14066 Booshami: lmao 14067 ImMRB: LuL 14068 KoziRekt: LUL 14069 TedoHD: LUL 14070 MEYERN3: 4Head 1407juliuscaesarxoxo: LOL 14072 hariam15: HAHA 14073 GodofFyre: @WhackASmack1 NOTICE ME dankquanMelon dankquanBiHard dankquanBhicken 14074 rektbud: HAHAHAHAHAHHA 14075 TriHard_BLACKED: LMFAO 14076 Caprious: HAHAAHAAHAHA 14077 StrawberryFlavorBleach: LMAO 14078 FelruneLIVE: WHITE 14079 Keenarr: omg 😭 14080 T3J0X: asmonL 1408MEYERN3: LuL 14082 send2nik: LUL 14083 δΉƒγƒ’δΈΉγ‘εŒ•ε„ : asmonL 14084 StrawberryFlavorBleach: true LUL 14085 evanc713: (puke) (puke) (puke) (puke) (puke) (puke) 14086 VeaZasT: BUY THE WHTIE VANS FFS 14087 Novath_Cx: asmonL asmonL 14088 mooganfox: roasted 14089 AnthonySo1337: CRAWLIE BOYS. 14090 Soda_love_you_KappaPride: BIG DansGame 1409evanc713: (puke) (puke) (puke) (puke) 14092 Didums22: THOSE ONES 14093 EveryoneDiesAlone: asmonG crawly boy 14094 Seahiga: (puke) 14095 juliuscaesarxoxo: GREEEEEEY 14096 Flexatron: BLUE DansGame 14097 patiencemyson: LMAO 14098 headstoneflowerr: HEELYS 14099 Garcia98: BLUE DansGame 14100 CanielD: asmonGet 1410hall606: blue ones~ 14102 KoziRekt: GET THE WHITE Kreygasm 14103 mecabeat: BLACK AND GREY VANS 14104 SLAYERKNOWN: ]\APEEEEEEEEE 14105 TimedOutForTenMinutes: BLUE DansGame 14106 Garcia98: BLUE DansGame I WAS EATING DansGame 14107 nigerianziqo: not Bllue DansGame 14108 StompingBox: asmon3 asmon4 14109 SLAYERKNOWN: WHERES MY APE GANG SHIT 14110 Epiic9026: asmon1 asmon2 1411cordibiss: BLUE DansGame Kappa 14112 nothingheresir: MANCHILD LuL 14113 katakurix: get the black ones 14114 FelruneLIVE: omfg 14115 SlumpGhost: GET JORDANS TriHard 14116 Jkfaked: GREY VANS 14117 lakrisens: ULTRA BOOST PogChamp 14118 pogchampguy: get white shoes 14119 WhackASmack1: GET HIGH TOPS @MitchJones 14120 Pachiefico: BUY LOAFERS AGAIN 1412Kaiochi: pepe 14122 ezpzn: ULTRABOOST 14123 shadowofakuma: 11 INCHES gachiGASM 14124 Garcia98: MANCHILD LuL 14125 ASeaTurtle: ultra boost or bust 14126 headstoneflowerr: WEAR SOCKS THEN IDIOT 14127 what_it_do_hehehe: T H I C C 14128 ohhdots22: put shoes on like a fucking normal person and it wont hurt ur foot 14129 Legacytko: DONT GET VANS ITS NOT 2006 14130 Cody_LMC18: GET THE GREY ONES 1413Scarmarkz: what happen to his hair wtf 14132 minkus_: LOWER 14133 thePunkMonk: FailFish ANYTHING YOU GET WILL HURT UNTILL YOU BREAK IT IN 14134 Willsey_Is_A_Pussey: HURT MY FEET BabyRage 14135 cartographist_: clarks desert boots 14136 MangoI: LUL 14137 SoCalWolfgang: DUNKS PogChamp 14138 Zomow: TriHard 14139 WhackASmack1: UGLYYY 14140 Pewpewpewdot: PogChamp 1414SoCalWolfgang: BREDS 14142 koerv: NotLikeThis 14143 eseekeeetit: SBS PogChamp 14144 lunnex: NO 14145 SlumpGhost: JAYS TriHard 14146 Simonizzle_: yeah delta force 14147 Pagen: YES 14148 drydxn : NO 14149 MissToriMay: GAY 14150 mithirar: KappaPride 1415madtimez: WTF 14152 smurfx10: LUL 14153 fleurire: NO LUL 14154 WhackASmack1: NO FUCC NO 14155 METHORAAA: DansGame 14156 The_Yellow_Bubblezzz: GayPride 14157 koerv: UGLY AF OMEGALUL 14158 NicodemiusX: GAY 14159 zipzo989: CLOWN SHOES LUL 14160 brobika: NO 1416WhackASmack1: NO SBS 14162 aLAnM6o9: Af14163 jorvelitso: fuck sb's 14164 kirk669: lmao clown shoe 14165 WhackASmack1: NOOOO 14166 Gleucks: UGLY AF UGLY AF UGLY AF UGLY AF 14167 mecabeat: NOOOO FUCKING NORMIE JOCK SHOES 14168 ZarandumIMBA: SNORT GLUE 14169 cuppycake88: OMG NO 14170 tehonlyninja: WACK ASS SHOES OMEGALUL 1417MntBrryCrnch: THOSE ARE ALL UGLY 14172 Epiic9026: asmonTiger 14173 Flagman3: NotLikeThis 14174 coolmusicguy: ULTRA BOOST 14175 BobbyRed123: btw haHAA 14176 WhackASmack1: STOPPPPP 14177 SirDomtheFirst: derp 14178 punkrockposer: get blue 14179 juliuscaesarxoxo: GREY 14180 Kaiochi: WHY IS HE SO RETARDED 1418ZarandumIMBA: LUL 14182 aLAnM6o9: Get af1s they finish the hs look 14183 wKRY: FailFish 14184 WhackASmack1: VANSVANSCANS 14185 Toothyorc95: get black vans, theres no better shoes here 14186 Ahdharr: ASK 14187 chrishomie: BUY YEEZYS 14188 Vayne0000: she cute 14189 StinkyFrog: ASK STAFF 14190 ryjax11: WHAT IN THE FK GO TO A SK8 SHOP YOU POSER FK 1419immortalxl: ASK OMG 14192 Eyther72: PLEASE ALL FALL LUL 14193 FelruneLIVE: SEX CAMERA GIRL 14194 minkus_: NEW MOM 14195 TheFlameEd: monkaS 14196 ninosaur: 11 LUL 14197 SippyCupMcJr: READ LMAO LuL 14198 cordibiss: manchild shopping EleGiggle 14199 MntBrryCrnch: WHITE CHUCKS 14200 Joshhgaming: ???? 1420Flexatron: shoe autism 14202 cuppycake88: THANK YOU FANDY LOL 14203 EU_STUCK_IN_GROUPS_4HEAD_: ManChild LUL 14204 ChronicHeadshots: look at these viewers fucking APE NATION 14205 jedicontrol: JUST GO TO A TILLYS 14206 potatosheepXD: MANCHILD 14207 austindrag1: NotLikeThis shoephobia 14208 0__l: manchild LUL 14209 terrxrs: Busty Kreygasm 14210 Wimpish: SIX JONES 14210__l: man child LuL 14212 tehonlyninja: OMEGALUL 14213 Flexatron: LOL 14214 immortalxl: ASK ASK 14215 bomb__dude12: go ask an employee 14216 jiggel_x: MANCHILD 14217 Zomow: LuL 14218 BEZA93: SCRIPTED 14219 tehonlyninja: OMEGALUL WTF 14220 ogturbojohnson: LUL 1422EU_STUCK_IN_GROUPS_4HEAD_: AUTIST LUL 14222 Rulik0: Why are you so mad :Z 14223 Latepoppins: LUL 14224 tosh441: LuL 14225 SlumpGhost: WE WANT JAYS TriHard 14226 rngrngrng: APE LuL APE LuL APE LuL APE LuL APE LuL APE LuL APE LuL APE LuL 14227 ofarrow: LUL 14228 BobbyRed123: FAKE FAKE FAKE 14229 Swold1er: you should get like 10 shoes 14230 huntermaslowsky: VANS 1423Smooneylol: VANS 14232 ezpzn: ADIDAS 14233 cordibiss: DO IT PUSSY 14234 austindrag1: KKona boat shoes 14235 Cajun_Friess: TriHard 14236 Wingsonmeth: Just get some vans dude 14237 Vinny200: lol 14238 cuppycake88: lmao 14239 Blurzyz: good 14240 1ts4b: ULTRA. OOST 1424chrishomie: buy yeezys 14242 wKRY: NO WTF 14243 EpicLegendMomo: BOAT SHOES Pogchamp 14244 Gabubadebu: YES 14245 StompingBox: DansGame wtf 14246 kirk669: ew 14247 hall606: blue vans! no boat shoes! 14248 SurfBrah: YES 14249 Kerxz: VANS 14250 youngsachi: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO 1425issa_ben: nooooooooooooooo 14252 NOXITEZ: FUCK NO 14253 koerv: LUL 14254 DemSmellsYo: Sperrys are tite 14255 Killstreeak: @mitchjones Ultraboosts 14256 ASeaTurtle: (puke) 14257 zipzo989: LUL 14258 Maideez: UGLY AF JESUS 14259 hoje_tv: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO 14260 fflox: DDDDDDDD 1426sefty123: ddddd 14262 FelruneLIVE: D: 14263 Tom231223: Typing β€œxD” doesn’t make you cool FailFish 14264 Cold_Phoenix: LMAO 14265 itsmorphintime1: LUL WHO CARES ABOUT SHOES 14266 VivifyErratica: th-th-th-th-th-th-th-th 14267 rektbud: lol 14268 Jkfaked: THTHTT 14269 raulo1987: ddddddddddddddddddddddd 14270 WhackASmack1: NOOOO 1427squirrel_cake: TriHard BUY SOME JAYS 14272 ofarrow: D: 14273 ImMRB: TriHard 14274 TheSkuggi: get the red black SB's 14275 TimedOutForTenMinutes: TriHard 14276 Mind_ifi_roll_weed: FOOTLOCKER TriHard 14277 Garcia98: TriHard 14278 hiitsnick1: NIKE SBS OR VANS 14279 wKRY: MINE NOW TriHard 14280 indisponlvel: TriHard 1428squirrel_cake: TriHard 14282 tehonlyninja: GO TO FOOTLOCKER 😑 14283 terpenes: ASMON EMBRACES IT 14284 aleksso: 4Head 14285 zxmm3: get the sb's 14286 24sept: get me this BabyRage 14287 SlumpGhost: @mitchjones WE WANT BLACK JAYS TriHard 14288 SoCalWolfgang: such a baby 14289 immortalxl: ASK FOR THE SBS YOU FUCK 14290 RylanSykes: BUY CHUCK 2'S 1429Cody_LMC18: GET THE SPERRYS 14292 MuggyB: sb 14293 Saganakicheese: TriHard MY JAYS 14294 Flexatron: actual shoephopia OMEGALUL 14295 StreetMagiQ: THEY ARE CALLED TOPSIDERS 14296 rektbud: looool 14297 Casdjin: YOU SHOULD PICK IDIOT 14298 nothingheresir: haHAA 14299 Kebyn27: YOU PICK YOU MANCHILD 14300 Tiga93: YOU ARE 1430ezmodio: MANCHILD 14302 Latepoppins: FailFish FailFish FailFish FailFish 14303 Big4Hed: lol daddy 14304 Big4Hed: manchild 14305 Cliving: 😑 14306 theREtartedDUCK: ULTRA BOOSTS 😑 ! 14307 mike20170828: get jays TriHard 14308 MEYERN3: cdew Kappa ? 14309 Whxspxr: Pick some shit yourself you man child 14310 Novizy: NO RED 1431iRezite: LOL 14312 TimedOutForTenMinutes: TriHard 14313 snipersaito: NO 14314 huntermaslowsky: BIGGEST fucking man child i can't deal with this 14315 Local_Native: mitchBarry 14316 feliy305: TriHard 14317 rngrngrng: TriHard 14318 LazyBunnyCx: TriHard 14319 wKRY: LMFAO 14320 immortalxl: LUL 1432LordSeshamaru: CALM THE FUCK DOWN 14322 FelruneLIVE: ??? 14323 rektbud: YOU LOOK HOT 14324 QUOTE_ME_IF_FORSEN_LOST: ????????????? 14325 Garcia98: OMEGALUL OMEGALUL 14326 what_it_do_hehehe: OMEGALUL 14327 StompingBox: Hodor holding everything LUL 14328 VivifyErratica: monkaS 14329 playdanksouls: haHAA INC 14330 U_Will_Remember_This_Name: LOOL 1433Willsey_Is_A_Pussey: OMEGALUL 14332 EU_STUCK_IN_GROUPS_4HEAD_: haHAA 14333 γˆγ‚Šγ‚“: WTF 14334 radmartin: Jesus christ 14335 TimedOutForTenMinutes: MILF PogChamp 14336 elcozil: PedoBear 14337 cartographist_: haHAA 16 14338 YOL0SWAG: PedoBear ? 14339 kamenos80: PedoBear 14340 scrubnubslulz: PedoBear 1434zxmm3: How can he accept that his High School days were the best? 14342 MntBrryCrnch: WHITE CHUCKS :rage: WHITE CHUCKS :rage: WHITE CHUCKS :rage: 14343 Flexatron: PedoBear 14344 Wingsonmeth: Adopted mom 14345 extai: is that bean lul 14346 Tuskk15: DONT 14347 WorsTToMention: LUL 14348 Ahdharr: PEDOBEAR 14349 Sclawss: LOL 14350 1ts4b: CANT EVEN PICK SHOES WITHOUT MIRA LUL 1435manofthedank: young and petite 14352 rngrngrng: PedoBear Clap PedoBear Clap PedoBear Clap PedoBear Clap PedoBear Clap 14353 ogturbojohnson: haHAA INC haHAA INC 14354 ZarandumIMBA: ABORT 14355 klown_act: SHOW 14356 Rulik0: WutFace WutFace WutFace WutFace 14357 midnightslip: RETARD APE 14358 ofarrow: PedoBear 14359 Wooozzie: CRINGE CRINGE CRINGE CRINGE CRINGE 14360 Maideez: Jesus mitch you look like a train wreck 1436Rulik0: WutFace WutFace 14362 terpenes: PedoBear 14363 NotVanetti: LUL 14364 ogturbojohnson: haHAA BRACE UP 14365 NotVanetti: CREEPFUL 14366 MangoI: IN B4 DONATION LUL 14367 VisualRyuu: BETA 14368 koerv: LUL 14369 RedObaka: FOLLOW THEM 14370 huntermaslowsky: KKona // 1437AnthonySo1337: BETA 14372 Atrixdelta: HerbPerve 14373 Seahiga: cmonBruh 14374 AkaSnake: SLAVE 14375 BobbyRed123: WHITE KNIGHT SLAVE LuL 14376 Flexatron: SHES A LADY 14377 ezmodio: SLAVE LUL 14378 crunkberrykush: WHITE KNIGHT BETA 14379 ninosaur: literally 14380 Garcia98: gachiBASS 1438TimedOutForTenMinutes: OMEGALUL 14382 qlimax36: LuL 14383 PuddingTits: HOSHOE 14384 what_it_do_hehehe: gachiBASS 14385 Willsey_Is_A_Pussey: HODOR 14386 Ahdharr: HOLD EVERYTHINGF 14387 luis7323: NICE GUY haHAA 14388 NickJSCS: She didn't say no FeelsGoodMan 14389 Viewerzz: LUL 14390 east_la_cx: cmonBruh give him dat dome homie 1439coolmusicguy: ATLEAST CUM IN MY MOUTH 14392 tehonlyninja: haHAA 14393 Tiga93: she didnt say no PogChamp 14394 hariam15: HODOR so wholesome 14395 NotVanetti: WTF LUL 14396 lerrtv: Snoopy woopy LUL 14397 Ahdharr: HOLD-ALL 14398 FelruneLIVE: OLOLOL 14399 Swold1er: BlowieJoey 14400 hariam15: hodor is such a sweetheart 1440huntermaslowsky: BLUMPKIN LUL BLUMPKIN LUL BLUMPKIN LUL 14402 StrawberryFlavorBleach: SLOPPY TOPPY Kreygasm 14403 ohhdots22: dicky licky 14404 Garcia98: HODOR <3 14405 Rektiw0w: lmao dicky licky 14406 Seahiga: cmonBruh 14407 TimedOutForTenMinutes: TriHard 14408 MrRobotPapa: TriHard 14409 Metroboominx: TriHard 14410 Flexatron: OMEGALUL 1441Nanopico1: T H I C C 14412 Andrew1798: TriHard 14413 TheMidgetDies: TriHard 7 14414 kadexxxx: WTF 14415 terpenes: BasedGod 14416 ninosaur: NERD 14417 TriHard_BLACKED: TriHard TYKEISHA 14418 Wazza_H: TriHard 14419 Big4Hed: lmfao 14420 Tequatll: SUGAH SUGAH LUL 1442lerrtv: LUL LUL 14422 ButterflyMornings: RlyTho 14423 Saganakicheese: TriHard 14424 SlumpGhost: TriHard 14425 tehonlyninja: OMEGALUL MADE HER GET THAT 14426 rektbud: LOL 14427 Fptlol: cmonBruh 14428 terrxrs: im cringing super hard 14429 thePunkMonk: cmonBruh 14430 ButterflyMornings: TriHard TriHard 1443jacobjones123: you got your hair combed thats it lol 14432 thatguy1632: STOP MITCH 14433 punkey: SUGA SUGA 14434 rektbud: SUGA TriHard 14435 TimedOutForTenMinutes: LUL 14436 MochizukiNinja: GOOPY DROOPY GOOPY DROOPY GOOPY DROOPY GOOPY DROOPY GOOPY DROOPY 14437 ogturbojohnson: LUL ? 14438 Penguinpower93: TriHard SUGAR 14439 wonkd: black voice 14440 MangoI: THICC TriHard 1444clitaurus1738: Lol she dark AF 14442 thePunkMonk: PATRONIZING FUCK cmonBruh 14443 rektbud: LuL 14444 rr00: no sense 14445 RC_2: you sounded dummy m 14446 ACKeis: THATS NOT A GRENADE BOIS. THATS A NUKE 14447 Imag1narySoldier: TriHard Clap 14448 chadbutler: T H I C C 14449 ZarandumIMBA: YOU'RE NOT BLACK YOU DUMBASS 14450 MEYERN3: @Theonemanny which one? 1445rektbud: LOL 14452 hawkeye2017: Go to a real store 14453 MrRobotPapa: LUL 14454 TimedOutForTenMinutes: LUL LUL 14455 mkiva: ape has more control of his life than mira LUL 14456 S0_Bayed: FeelsBadMan 14457 what_it_do_hehehe: OMEGALUL 14458 Elizahbeth: forsenPuke4 14459 rektbud: loool 14460 TimedOutForTenMinutes: KappaPride 1446FelruneLIVE: ???????? 14462 TheMidgetDies: ICE CAN MOVE HIS BOOBS LMAO 14463 capcom_sys: HYPERBRUH 14464 lerrtv: YES LOL 14465 Cliving: triGasm 14466 BergDK81: yes 14467 Shinobixxx: LUal 14468 kingsbluedeep: YES 14469 LowlyCrusader: YEs bigger tan him 14470 rushy_tv: yes 1447RC_2: sure 14472 Imag1narySoldier: LUL 14473 MrRobotPapa: STUTTER 14474 Dmxlolkk: YES 14475 dbsniperog: yea 14476 Flexatron: he was all pump and fluff 14477 0__l: yes FeelsBadMan FeelsBadMan 14478 MEYERN3: dddd 14479 wKRY: D D D D D DD D D 14480 immortalxl: -D-D-D-D--D-D-D- 1448Elizahbeth: D: 14482 aythatsshizzle: DDDDDDDD 14483 MEYERN3: LuL D D D mitch 14484 Ahdharr: TRAIN STOP 14485 stugez123: DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD 14486 ogturbojohnson: MANLET JONES 14487 punkey: D D D D D D D 14488 S0_Bayed: D: Ape 14489 Mahokijin: GET MITCH A BELT BEFORE HIS PANTS FALL OFF HIS DUMB ASS 14490 CoheedZ: dddddddddddddddddddddd 1449ZeroGravittyy: APE 14492 MrRobotPapa: LUL 14493 Foian_: OMEGALUL 14494 playdanksouls: OMEGALUL 14495 Kaiochi: DONKEY KONG 14496 SirDomtheFirst: and he was ANELE too 14497 StrawberryFlavorBleach: LOL 14498 BergDK81: LuL 14499 rektbud: LOL 14500 tokenblck: LMAO 1450n1ckke: LUL 14502 StompingBox: APE nation TriHard 14503 Dovetail1: SCUFFEED 14504 jenu2959: fapfap 14505 TriHard_BLACKED: LMFAO 14506 radmartin: Lol 14507 LazyBunnyCx: LUL 14508 Elizahbeth: forsenT 14509 rektbud: AHAHHAHA TWITCHIN 14510 StompingBox: APE 1451cowCOWcow: D: D: 14512 TedoHD: PogChamp 14513 wKRY: PogChamp 14514 Pantheaa: LuL 14515 Epiffanie: PogChamp 14516 wKRY: PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp 14517 Jaiven10: PogChamp 14518 AnthonySo1337: PogChamp PogChamp 14519 NicodemiusX: PogChamp 14520 cowCOWcow: PogChamp PogChamp 1452ogturbojohnson: I I I I I I 14522 ToEden: FAKE 14523 elcozil: PogChamp 14524 PpPpPpPpPpPpPpPpPpPpOpO: OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL 14525 Newname_5: PogChamp 14526 ninosaur: I DONT SEE SHIT 14527 tokenblck: LMAO 14528 Adacal94: !uptime 14529 VitaminCereal: tweaking 14530 albin_h96: I I II I II I 1453what_it_do_hehehe: i-i-i-i-i-i-i 14532 issa_ben: LOL 14533 Flexatron: NO LOL 14534 punkey: A a a a a 14535 raulo1987: iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii 14536 TimedOutForTenMinutes: LUL 14537 ToEden: USING HANDS 14538 anonr3vy: EZ 14539 kkaqt: DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD 14540 MrRobotPapa: AUTISM LUL 1454lerrtv: THE SELF HANDJOB LOL 14542 Turbogang4hed: DDDDDD 14543 guccijoja: TTTTTTT 14544 Bladestep: d-d-dd- 14545 Cardenarcc: d-d-d-d-dd-d 14546 BasedTrevor_: FAKE STUTTERING 14547 AkaSnake: DDD 14548 scrubnubslulz: LuL 14549 Fabushki: Dddddddddddd 14550 ScottyLJn: monkaS 1455Turbogang4hed: DDDDDDDDD 14552 Snouk24: RETARDWRECKS 14553 Artifex1: LOOOOOOOOL 14554 narmis7: RAP GOD 14555 jenu2959: autisto 14556 Elizahbeth: autismwreckz forsenOMEGA 14557 MrRobotPapa: cmonBruh 14558 SirDomtheFirst: DO IT 14559 theLoneCannon: monkaS 14560 nroe1337: what am i watching 1456Vinny200: Hodgetwin mixed with Tyler14562 MrRobotPapa: I HEARD IT cmonBruh 14563 0__l: OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL 14564 Kazmurak: LuL 14565 Conventualiu: @MitchJones i can go faster then the ape and the guy you saw tittty dance 14566 wKRY: LMFAO 14567 whiteknight69696969696969: @Cliving 😑 / 🌹 14568 Garcia98: monkaS 14569 BobbyRed123: ALPHA ANDY PogChamp 14570 Seahiga: cmonBruh 1457terrxrs: haHAA 14572 gachiBASS_ZULUL: gachiBASS 14573 nykolas_the_great: @its_mrq πŸ”« TriHard πŸ”« 6 14574 Jtragic: cmonBruh 14575 falconheavy: gachiGASM FUCK YOU gachiBASS gachiGASM FUCK YOU gachiBASS 14576 ImMRB: IM THINKING IT TriHard 14577 MangoI: cmonBruh 14578 RC_2: stop saying that 14579 zipzo989: WTF 14580 Anasaria: BLACKED 1458Xyptern1: TriHard SUAH 14582 aythatsshizzle: THICCCC 14583 ezpzn: THE BLUE 14584 KartN1: ???????? 14585 zoopers_: cmonBruh 14586 punkey: SUP SUGA 14587 zxmm3: LUL WALKING HOME WITH SLIPPERS 14588 StrawberryFlavorBleach: can I have a hug haHAA 14589 ark_lives_matter: EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW 14590 ninosaur: NICe 1459LowlyCrusader: Gym everyday btw! 14592 Garcia98: OMEGALUL 14593 potatosheepXD: TRUE 14594 vicedvick: cringeeeeeeeee 14595 BobbyRed123: TriHard 14596 Nazarein: lol 14597 DystopianVillian : RAPE JONES 14598 Youre_My_Boy_Blue: CREEP 14599 KennyLivee: gamf\ 14600 lerrtv: steel tits 1460Whxspxr: Creep 14602 Mind_ifi_roll_weed: SHE WAS A HUGGER TriHard 14603 Vyrken: RAPE JONES 14604 SoCalWolfgang: that's creepy 14605 SlumpGhost: KappaPride KappaPride KappaPride KappaPride KappaPride 14606 rr00: this LOL 14607 ark_lives_matter: RAPIST 14608 rngrngrng: TriHard Clap TriHard Clap TriHard Clap TriHard Clap 14609 an0therduck : BUY SHOES 😑 14610 Shinobixxx: ???????? 1461sapphiroth: buy shoes 14612 Elizahbeth: forsenD 14613 Pewpewpewdot: SEXUAL PRETADOR JONES 14614 koerv: LUL 14615 punkey: Aaaaaaa 14616 telemuuu: CREEP JONES 14617 flippinDough: Being this desperate LUL 14618 Big_Poppa_Q: mitchPeep mitchPeep mitchPeep mitchPeep mitchPeep 14619 Elizahbeth: forsen1 forsen2 14620 rngrngrng: TriHard Clap TriHard Clap TriHard Clap TriHard Clap TriHard Clap 1462sapphiroth: BUY SHOES 14622 tehonlyninja: DITCHED HER LuL 14623 Andrew1798: u were just trying to grab some tit 14624 Ahdharr: DansGame DansGame DansGame DansGame 14625 NotVanetti: IM TIRED LUL 14626 zxmm3: LUL WALKING HOME WITH SLIPPERS 14627 junpeey3: hhug girl 14628 Anatrus: forsenD THIS IS OUR CHAT NOW forsenD 14629 SzGamerr: BUY THE FUCKING VANS 14630 Ahdharr: STOP 1463Garcia98: FANDY BibleThump 14632 eseekeeetit: BUY SHOES :rage: 14633 MEYERN3: @Fandy they wait 14634 eseekeeetit: BUY SHOES :rage: BUY SHOES :rage: BUY SHOES :rage: BUY SHOES :rage: 14635 AnthonySo1337: @Fandy F 14636 Cardenarcc: BUY SHOES 14637 tehonlyninja: yes you are OMEGALUL 14638 Local_Native: MitchPls WeinerPls 14639 zxmm3: THEY LEFT FANDY 14640 an0therduck : BUY SHOES 😑 1464elcozil: LuL 14642 yudai95: release the cringes chat haHAA 14643 dnpii: @Fandy F 14644 Smooneylol: VANS 14645 Imag1narySoldier: DSW LMAO LUL 14646 fuzzysocky: be a freaking gentleman and wait at the door for the lady!!!! 14647 tehonlyninja: OMEGALUL SHIT SHOE STORE 14648 Andrew1798: yes 14649 rushy_tv: FANDDDDYYY 14650 Garcia98: THEY LEFT FANDY BibleThump 1465shiver2: @Fandy they are waiting 14652 terrxrs: NO YOU DONT LUL 14653 Turbogang4hed: MUMMMMMMMMMMM 14654 mecabeat: LEFT FANDY 14655 Turbogang4hed: MUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM 14656 Tha_Riddler: @Fandy LUL 14657 gachiBASS_ZULUL: TriHard ? 14658 zoopers_: BibleThump 14659 teh1tehONLY: Cx 14660 Bringing_Sxxxy_Back: GET DESIGNER SHOES 1466east_la_cx: DODGE CHARGER TriHard 14662 ezmodio: No you dont LUL 14663 seattlesbestchronic: chuck e cheese 14664 smilingdinosaurlive: BibleThump 14665 HugeDonger69: Trihard 14666 majin_loli: LUL 14667 Elizahbeth: TriHard 14668 nothingheresir: @Fandy cmonBruh enabler 14669 tentoes_down: @fandy Looks like your ubering home LuL 14670 tehonlyninja: haHAA 1467NiegrFiegr0: who's enablin cmonBruh 14672 Imag1narySoldier: DasnGame 14673 Xyptern1: gachiBASS 14674 StompingBox: Enabled TriHard 14675 Local_Native: DansGame 14676 Xyptern1: DansGame 14677 Maideez: FANDYYYYYYYYYYYY 14678 Andrew1798: DansGame 14679 Imag1narySoldier: DansGame WTF 14680 huntermaslowsky: just have her give you head 1468Eyther72: TriHard Clap 14682 Speedyman08: TriHard fandy enabling TriHard 14683 ZeroGravittyy: Fandy enabled TriHard 14684 TENMINUTEDAYS: OMEGALUL 14685 flippinDough: Go to another store FailFish Go to another store FailFish 14686 MrRobotPapa: WHERE THE GIRL 😑 14687 BobbyRed123: NOOO 14688 Flexatron: GET SPONSORED 14689 what_it_do_hehehe: @Fandy STEAL THE SHOES TriHard 14690 Kaiochi: TERADEK LUL 1469Skyman747: LUL 14692 siscothekid: teradei strash 14693 neistopegejomfru: TERASHIT 14694 send2nik: Cx 14695 ozwiz99: nho 14696 Tiga93: "we" 14697 ozwiz99: no 14698 TTriHard: DONT ITS TRASH 14699 diendah: here we go 14700 Phott0n: TERASHIT 1470OBTU: NO TERASHIT 14702 luis7323: SHOW 14703 TENMINUTEDAYS: TERASHIT OMEGALUL 14704 BjpwzTV: where is fandy 14705 luis7323: SHOW WTF 14706 gachiBASS_ZULUL: LMFAO 14707 ImMRB: TERASHIT OMEGALUL 14708 luis7323: SHOW U FUCKER 14709 TimedOutForTenMinutes: LUL LUL 14710 yowutm8: GET SHOES WTF 1471TriHard_BLACKED: LMAO 14712 huntermaslowsky: LUL 14713 zoopers_: cmonBruh 14714 cedicol: WEARING GLASSES LIKE RECKFÜL OMEGALUL 14715 Keenarr: MILKERS PogChamp 14716 TimedOutForTenMinutes: cmonBruh 14717 kharr: LOL 14718 OBTU: wew LuL 14719 MEYERN3: LuL 14720 TENMINUTEDAYS: OMEGALUL 1472Killstreeak: fucking show 14722 jagerma_ : cmonBruh 14723 ZarandumIMBA: LUL 14724 StrawberryFlavorBleach: TRUE LUL 14725 MrRobotPapa: JUGS LUL 14726 NicodemiusX: LUL 14727 rektbud: LOL IDIOT 14728 FelruneLIVE: TriHard im hungry 14729 LazyBunnyCx: LUL 14730 Yoshei22: LUL 1473telemuuu: LUL 14732 narmis7: chu say cmonBruh 14733 dbsniperog: hahaha 14734 capcom_sys: HYPERBRUH 14735 huntermaslowsky: LUL LUL LUL 14736 terrxrs: NO LUL 14737 Tequatll: LUL 14738 stepawayfromthe: no 14739 Lathyra: ??????? 14740 NoMediocre__: ????????????? 1474ZeroGravittyy: no 14742 ifakeit: voteNay 14743 jagerma_ : no 14744 akm420: no 14745 U_Will_Remember_This_Name: no 14746 Moohthebooh: NO 14747 zipzo989: NO WASTE OF MONEY 14748 Flyinghigh42: no 14749 Apo2g: no 14750 huntermaslowsky: ABSOULTELY NOT LULL 1475ImMRB: LuL 14752 Ahdharr: NOPE 14753 VanilllaThunder: never 14754 Turbogang4hed: STOP U R WORDS 14755 TimedOutForTenMinutes: NEVER SUB TriHard NEVER DONATE TriHard 14756 PixGlaceon: ALERTS NOT WORKING I DONATED BUT NOTHING SHOWED 14757 RACISM_IS_NOT_FUNNY_Cx: MITCH SUBS LUL 14758 Sandrikor: Unfollowed 14759 LoserVirgin123: money maybe πŸ€” 14760 Xanith88: LUL 1476AlphawiZ: OMEGALUL 14762 jefferyhamilton: IM ALREADY SUBBED LUL 14763 ajr_tv: ROFL 14764 yudai95: OMEGALUL 14765 Stenenwastaken: I WILL NEVER SUBSCRIBE 14766 punkrockposer: seatbelt 14767 Zerimar4657: fake and gay LUL 14768 tehonlyninja: working hard OMEGALUL 14769 colep313: unsubbed 14770 ark_lives_matter: 'WORKING" 1477TrueDemonzu: W OMEGALUL R K 14772 Ahdharr: HARSH TRAIN 14773 FlavoredShotgun: W OMEGALUL R K 14774 TheSkuggi: LIAR LIAR LIAR 14775 StrawberryFlavorBleach: cmonBruh 14776 punkey: SUBS DISABLED 14777 majin_loli: SOLAR ENERGY 14778 ken_combo: Working LuL 14779 TimedOutForTenMinutes: WORKING LUL 14780 coolbeans____: WORKING LUL 1478TedoHD: Walkin around xD 14782 EU_STUCK_IN_GROUPS_4HEAD_: W OMEGALUL R K 14783 narmis7: NO ALERTS LuL 14784 Tiga93: he0s doing everything 14785 zappygirl: !uptime 14786 kayxo_tv: working OMEGALUL 14787 zander213: Hard fot you 14788 tehonlyninja: btw haHAA 14789 P1xlrd: W OMEGALUL RKING 14790 BEZA93: btw haHAA 1479feliy305: :) 14792 east_la_cx: LuL 14793 Dovetail1: TehePelo 14794 koerv: LUL 14795 gachiBASS_ZULUL: LOL 14796 tehonlyninja: OMEGALUL 14797 the_restless: lol 14798 OBTU: what am I doing? I worked a real job today, now I'm watching your dumbass 14799 cowCOWcow: D: D: 14800 smilingdinosaurlive: 2 PPL JUST SUBBED NO CALLOUT 1480BergDK81: LuL 14802 TENMINUTEDAYS: OMEGALUL 14803 MEYERN3: LuL 14804 capcom_sys: CoolStoryBob 14805 Erazu: LuL 14806 jagerma_ : LuL 14807 huntermaslowsky: LMAO 14808 Swisherrx: SIT IN BACK 14809 StompingBox: LUL 14810 NicodemiusX: LMAOOO 1481Bufnug: ???????????????? 14812 superduperstorms: PUSSY LUL 14813 Austinato18 : LuL 14814 Flurry_1234: ???????????? 14815 dizaster0: its a gecko pussy Lu: 14816 rr00: LOL 14817 Lathyra: wow a gecko.... scary 14818 huntermaslowsky: ME LUL . ME LUL . 14819 fadedqt: GEICO? 14820 DekaDz: w0w 1482Klassy_Enigma : scammer 14822 xFloty: I have geckos at my house 14823 Blooiskoo: SCAMMED 14824 GBTW: LuL 14825 rectumflute: they're harmless pussies LuL 14826 Eyther72: lul 14827 JiNxSkiLz: LUL 14828 cowCOWcow: LUL LUL LUL 14829 SoulEatha: LuL beta 14830 Axle_Bro: LUL RETARD 1483MastadanZxx: LUL 14832 Lemons3_14: Jebaited 14833 an0therduck : KlienLL just subscribed with a $24.99 sub! PogChamp 14834 StompingBox: $25 scammed 14835 an0therduck : KlienLL just subscribed with a $24.99 sub! PogChamp 14836 koerv: OMEGALUL 14837 immortalxl: SOMEBODY DONATE TriHard 14838 Yoghurtys: LUL 14839 cowCOWcow: D: 14840 Nanopico1: OMEGALUL 1484sleikT: SCAMMEd LUL 14842 east_la_cx: D" 14843 smilingdinosaurlive: LUL U SCAMMER 14844 koerv: D: 14845 Seahiga: D: 14846 BEZA93: SUB TRAIN OMG 14847 TheFlameEd: D: 14848 narmis7: SCAMAZ 14849 CallMeLee: D: 14850 WallyWebber: scam 1485IcyDoes: D: Rword 14852 Fellion: YES YOU ARE 14853 Pixikk: YES U ARE LUL 14854 tehonlyninja: 25$ sub 😑 25$ sub 😑 25$ sub 😑 25$ sub 😑 25$ sub 😑 25$ sub 😑 14855 cowCOWcow: D: D: 14856 rektbud: lol 14857 SammyRM2: @Garrhead1 SCAMMED 14858 Flexatron: we know 14859 seems_fishyy: "anymore" 14860 Maideez: BitStream 1486Andrew1798: ez scam LUL 14862 RobTheSauce: D: D; 14863 Lemons3_14: Kappa 14864 Jaiven10: 2 LUL 14865 redalex457: @MitchJones fan of the glasses 14866 junpeey3: u are PogChamp 14867 garrhead1: @SammyRM2 whatchu mean homie cmonBruh 14868 Axle_Bro: REFUND 14869 FelruneLIVE: TRASHCAN 14870 RobTheSauce: D: D: D: D: D: 1487stugez123: 25 BUCK SUBS 14872 chiliplant: was better without notifications 14873 smilingdinosaurlive: feel; so bad LUL 14874 OBTU: PROFESSIONAL STREAMER 14875 Fryum: Kappa 14876 Andrew1798: D: 14877 badluckbarry7: wheres the woman 14878 nothingheresir: D: 14879 flippinDough: Almost as bad as pearl harbor 14880 dividy1: if my sub doesnt pop up, im pissed 1488XBLA: D: 14882 Scramble_This: D: 14883 redalex457: D: 14884 stalys_: SURE LUL 14885 teh1tehONLY: <3 14886 VivifyErratica: Sure Kappa 14887 ImMRB: LuL 14888 NapkinWasTaken: 4Head 14889 gyromankappa: <3 14890 Snup78: LUL 1489PuddingTits: D: R WORD 14892 Jaiven10: LUL 14893 Mind_ifi_roll_weed: HODOR <3 14894 redalex457: LUL 14895 Speedyman08: Ok Kappa 14896 Turbogang4hed: BOOTY INC 14897 Bavne: PogChamp 14898 immortalxl: FANDY PASSED BY LUL 14899 Bluetindol: austin is lit fuck you 14900 Sammy97gg: LOL SHE WALKED BY 1490turkeymuffin: FANDY BEHIND YOU 14902 ark_lives_matter: NASHVILLE 14903 tehonlyninja: japan 14904 badluckbarry7: JAPAN 14905 MEYERN3: @fandy buy faster NotLikeThis 14906 tentoes_down: GO TO MEXICO 14907 Aetax: LA 14908 Belligerence: VapeNation 14909 Ghostfuse: she lost lmao 14910 Ambitious_Lizard: MEET GREEK PogChamp 1491SnapCracklePimp: FANDY WALKED BY 14912 austindrag1: \//\ VapeNation 14913 rr00: WHAT A TWAT MITCH YOU RETARD 14914 EveryoneDiesAlone: She walked passed lmao 14915 wackson97: VapeNation 14916 shiver2: fandy just walked by LOL 14917 yudai95: vapist LUL 14918 GulaPantern11: FANDY WALKED BY 14919 hoje_tv: fancy passed you .................................... 14920 Mind_ifi_roll_weed: BERNIE THE RAPIST TriHard 1492SeQuence_TV: LOL SHE DIDNT SEE THE CAR 14922 Seahiga: cmonBruh 14923 hoje_tv: fancy passed you ................................... 14924 Moohthebooh: japan PogChamp 14925 Br0serk: FANDY IS WAITING 14926 huntermaslowsky: IN THE FRONT IDIOT @Fandy 14927 hoje_tv: fancy passed you .............................. 14928 stavborochov1: I-I-I-I-I-I-I 14929 Menza_: FANDY CANT FIND THE CAR LUL 14930 immortalxl: @Fandy FRONT OF STORE 1493tehonlyninja: FANDY RETARD OMEGALUL 14932 MMaxMersel: FANDY IS LOST 14933 RobTheSauce: @Fandy out front of the store 14934 Sharkkingpin: dddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd 14935 capcom_sys: EXHAUSTING OMEGALUL 14936 Dogsarecool698: DETROIT TriHard 14937 SlumpGhost: 60 DAYS DOING YOUR JOB LUL 14938 Garcia98: HODOR <3 14939 AlphawiZ: HODOR LUL 14940 GulaPantern11: FANDY WALKED BYYYY 1494Mind_ifi_roll_weed: @Fandy UR FINE AS HELL Kreygasm 14942 HS_MoNsTeR: EAST ATLANTA TriHard 14943 SirDomtheFirst: Breh his head is through the roof 14944 yudai95: HOLD THE DOOR 14945 Sammy97gg: LUL 14946 Cold_Phoenix: Fandy they waiting outside 14947 MrRobotPapa: BJ gachIGASM 14948 nothingheresir: @Fandy SHES STEALING TriHard 14949 SammyRM2: OBVIOUSLY HES TIRED LOOK AT HIM OMEGALUL 14950 send2nik: gachiBASS 1495TimedOutForTenMinutes: Big T TriHard 14952 scrapir: I subbed 14953 SlumpGhost: EAST LA TriHard TriHard 14954 DankPier: SODAPOPPIN STREAMS 12H IRL EVERYDAY OMEGALUL 14955 tehonlyninja: haHAA 14956 Speedyman08: mitchTyrone BIG T TriHard 14957 KelseyDream1: those glssses 14958 kahunaburg3r: SQUAD TriHard 14959 HS_MoNsTeR: APE GANG 14960 BlackMood92: HE DOESNT LUL 1496MaIek_: LuL 14962 MEYERN3: sodaBLIND ? 14963 Pretty_Mother_of_4: GO TO DETROIT 14964 east_la_cx: EAST LA TriHard 14965 Menza_: YES 14966 TimedOutForTenMinutes: TriHard DO IT 14967 Local_Native: monkaS 14968 HugeDonger69: DETROIT TriHard 14969 dansgameboys: F 14970 john_cider: cmonBruh 1497zoopers_: sodaBLIND sodaBLIND sodaBLIND ?? 14972 Coldturtlesoup: HYPERBRUH 14973 NicodemiusX: cmonBruh 14974 fREAST: GO TO JAPAN PogChamp GO TO JAPAN PogChamp 14975 Nanopico1: Go TriHard 14976 Lemons3_14: ? 14977 AlphawiZ: WH OMEGALUL THE FUCK IS THAT 14978 cloud1562: cmonBruh why killed? 14979 Arotashi: ??????????? 14980 Ahdharr: EVERYTHIGN IS WRONG WITH DETROIT 1498tehonlyninja: NO 14982 SlumpGhost: HODOR TriHard 14983 NoMediocre__: ??????????????????? 14984 A_SASSY_BLACK_WOMAN: drama jones here again LUL 14985 BoneShards: Yoink Greek TriHard 14986 scrapir: and drunk stream 14987 MEYERN3: no 4Head 14988 ofarrow: YES 14989 Borninsane0: he does lmao 14990 Ahdharr: sub 1499an0therduck : yes he just chills 14992 shroud4Head: yes 14993 capcom_sys: THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT YOU'RE DOING OMEGALUL 14994 tehonlyninja: OMEGALUL TRU 14995 indisponlvel: LUL 14996 TwoThirtyTwo: OMEGALUL 14997 MMaxMersel: LUL Nothing LUL 14998 Anvand: More interaction that you 14999 gyromankappa: thats what u do? 15000 Mind_ifi_roll_weed: TriHard ? 1500send2nik: LUL 15002 Latepoppins: LUL 15003 Belligerence: Ignored 15004 Silverwolf801: Did nothing 15005 tehonlyninja: NO SHOES OMEGALUL NO CLOTHES OMEGALUL NO HAIRCUT OMEGALUL 15006 Tiga93: UR STREAM SUCKS COMPARED TO SODA 15007 Borninsane0: what 15008 ramirx: WTF are you doing lol 15009 the_sills: <3 15010 Zeekey: YOU HAD A PLAN AND DIDNT DO ANY OF IT 1501SlumpGhost: GO TO EAST LA TriHard 15012 Havaalanina: NO SHOES NO CLOTHES NO HAIRCUT 15013 punkey: Soda doing it right 15014 Fabushki: IGNORED LUL IGNORED LUL 15015 ImMRB: gachiBASS 15016 Seahiga: KappaPride 15017 XxKoJi: KappaPride 15018 Frosty_Cupcake: FunRun 15019 Whitesthands: FUCKING SHIT ASS BITCH 15020 Frosty_Cupcake: FunRun Clap 1502Frosty_Cupcake: FunRun 15022 Frosty_Cupcake: FunRun Clap 15023 what_it_do_hehehe: FunRun 15024 SoCalWolfgang: the backpack 15025 CPU_INTENSIVE: FunRun 15026 tehonlyninja: FunRun 15027 Seahiga: FunRun 15028 Xyptern1: tRIhARD 15029 terpenes: APE GANG 15030 summober: APE GANG BITCH 1503Ahdharr: IF MITCH WAS IN WISCO ID BE ABLE TO SET HIM UP WITH A GOOD HAIRCUT 15032 MuggyB: same as ice's 15033 Stenenwastaken: GANG GANG 15034 scrapir: ApE 15035 PuddingTits: TriHard APE GANG 15036 karunponnada: TriHard 15037 TheMrDarkness: TriHard TriHard TriHard 15038 terpenes: LUL 15039 Fabushki: NEW TREE LUL 15040 Bavne: LUL 1504zelwark: LUL 15042 punkey: NEW TREE JONES 15043 νŒŒμ½”λ“œλ¦Ό: NO SHOES LUL NO CLOTHES LUL NO HAIRCUT LUL 15044 majin_loli: LUL 15045 Bluetindol: APE NATION 15046 FeelsBadManRIP: LuL 15047 fadedqt: NUTRI-JONES? 15048 tehonlyninja: haHAA cringe 15049 Theonemanny: nmpW 15050 Xyptern1: TriHard APE GANG TriHard 1505Ahdharr: NUUUU TREEE ANTS 15052 SlumpGhost: GO TO EAST LA TriHard 15053 Nmplol: nmpW nmpW nmpW nmpW nmpW nmpW nmpW nmpW nmpW nmpW nmpW nmpW nmpW nmpW nmpW nmpW 15054 tolandyo: TEN GORILLAS DOWN 15055 MrRobotPapa: RACIST cmonBruh 15056 Comitatvs: APE GANGG TriHard 15057 Dovetail1: APE GANG 15058 PuddingTits: TriHard APE GANG TriHard 15059 teh1tehONLY: @Nmplol eyyyy my dude 15060 EugenePrime: APE GANG TriHard 1506SlumpGhost: TriHard TriHard TriHard TriHard TriHard 15062 rektbud: lool 15063 punkey: APE GANG 15064 ninosaur: no 15065 huntermaslowsky: Her in the back 15066 Scrubzzy: 15067 tehonlyninja: gachiBASS gachiBASS 15068 midnightslip: LUL 15069 an0therduck : LUL 15070 yudai95: gachiBASS 1507thatkekistaniguyluey: LOL 15072 huntermaslowsky: the one in the back, get it out 15073 rektbud: looool 15074 MrRobotPapa: GIRL RIGHT NEXT TO U 15075 Lemons3_14: OMEGALUL // 15076 Bluetindol: DOCKY LUL 15077 Da_Poe_Boy: LuL 15078 MEYERN3: LuL 15079 TimedOutForTenMinutes: DOCKY LUL 15080 scrapir: These better then ice's stream bro 1508tehonlyninja: :) 15082 Lemons3_14: YAYAYAYAYAYA 15083 Zady5: doctorYAYA doctorYAYA doctorYAYA 15084 dbsniperog: doc is that you 15085 rektbud: LUL 15086 kiosugii: β™Ώ DISABLED APE COMING THRU β™Ώ 15087 migjmz: FeelsRageMan 15088 FelruneLIVE: haHAA 15089 trihard_btw: haHAA 15090 theLoneCannon: haHAA 1509Scramble_This: haHAA 15092 midgetgonewild: haHAA 15093 gyromankappa: haHAA 15094 Bluetindol: BERGISON LUL 15095 Seahiga: YES haHAA 15096 Nosonbrah: haHAA 15097 the_sills: Yes Bjerg 15098 koerv: NO 15099 Wealthytramp: haHAA 15100 Foian_: no 1510TimedOutForTenMinutes: BJERGSION LUL 15102 ReallyDK: no 15103 Novizy: YES 15104 cartographist_: scuffed 15105 Kaiochi: LUL 15106 yudai95: LMAO 15107 feliy305: LUL 15108 Jaiven10: LUL 15109 MrRobotPapa: LUL LUL 15110 redalex457: IT'S THE BLACK/WHITE SHIRT 1511bro20: U are wayy too fat 15112 Viewerzz: LUL 15113 Kaiochi: SKRILLEX LUL SKRILLEX LUL SKRILLEX LUL SKRILLEX LUL SKRILLEX LUL SKRILLEX LUL 15114 aythatsshizzle: LUL 15115 django_unchained_: BJERGSENS D5 AUTIST BROTHER LMAO 15116 rushy_tv: LMAO 15117 BoxOfGizmos: @girl in back show cleavage 15118 zipzo989: RAT TAIL 15119 Erazu: LMAO 15120 Lemons3_14: antenna OMEGALUL 1512ImMRB: FeelsAmazingMan 15122 kahunaburg3r: FeelsAmazingMan 15123 terpenes: PogChamp 15124 what_it_do_hehehe: APE GANG TriHard 15125 jwussow989: Jesse wellens LUL 15126 TimedOutForTenMinutes: LUL LUL 15127 Stenenwastaken: APE APE 15128 MrRobotPapa: tyler1Hey 15129 tolandyo: LIMITS CM BOY 15130 Dovetail1: APE GANG 1513bomb__dude12: limitz <3 15132 RC_2: rat tail 15133 Zeekey: APE GANG TriHard 15134 TimedOutForTenMinutes: OMEGALUL 15135 Stenenwastaken: GANG GANG GANG GANG GANG 15136 ogturbojohnson: LUL 15137 Garcia98: OMEGALUL 15138 Reckone21: ape gang 15139 playdanksouls: OMEGALUL 15140 Anasaria: WoW LuL 1514Lemons3_14: Kappa 15142 scrapir: rat tail 15143 jeka_cherep: Cx 15144 zeromous84: RAT TAIL BITCH JONES 15145 TimedOutForTenMinutes: ???????????????? 15146 Warg85: 1993! 1994 Two time Blockbuster world champion. Back to Back! 15147 chrickzz: Cx 15148 TheFlameEd: Cx 15149 Tealpoopnugz: wowowowowowowow 15150 Khray: CX 1515PpPpPpPpPpPpPpPpPpPpOpO: πŸ€” 15152 Ambitious_Lizard: cx 15153 MakerBaker: RETARD APE 15154 wKRY: TRU 15155 Jkfaked: noooo 15156 eazyecoli: go pink 15157 nakedpizzaman: look like a broke harry potter 15158 Baroo69: Cx 15159 FelruneLIVE: Cx 15160 wKRY: DO IT 1516Comitatvs: NO 15162 Bavne: DON*T SHAVE FFS 15163 MEYERN3: do it Kappa 15164 digitalsong: GIRL IS HOT 15165 wKRY: SHAAAAVE 15166 mamzylul: LUL 15167 kahunaburg3r: OMEGALUL 15168 Cold_Phoenix: GO BALD 15169 scrapir: Lul 15170 Bluetindol: LUL 1517huntermaslowsky: LOL 15172 Sammy97gg: LUL 15173 ImMRB: LuL 15174 Kaiochi: ???????? 15175 XxKoJi: LuL .4 15176 H3llzrazor: LUL 15177 stugez123: LUL 15178 Local_Native: monkaS 15179 send2nik: LUL 15180 Havaalanina: LUL 1518Bratsatani: mitchA 15182 zeromous84: ROFLMAOOOOOOOOOOO 15183 whiteknight69696969696969: haHAA 15184 dbsniperog: so true lol 15185 terpenes: PogChamp 15186 n1ur0: HAHAHAHHAHAHAAH 15187 Weaklysuper: LuL 15188 Spectets: WHITE KNIGHT LMAO 15189 xyz: whiteknight mod haHAA m 15190 kahunaburg3r: tipWhiteknight 1519coolbeans____: white knight LUL 15192 Spectets: WHITE KNIGHT LOSER LOL 15193 kahunaburg3r: tipWhiteKnight 15194 narmis7: bruh dis guy gonna pop a blood vessel 15195 Zeekey: FINDY IS FINE <3 15196 digitalsong: WHITEKNIGHT LOL 15197 Maideez: MODS OMEGALUL 15198 Lathyra: highfive whiteknight 15199 Cold_Phoenix: LMAO 15200 Dogsarecool698: haHAA 1520Permafade: PowerUpL HotPokket PowerUpR 15202 Vezorak: monkaS 15203 Imag1narySoldier: TriHard 15204 0__l: 4head 15205 tehonlyninja: SKRT HYPERBRUH 15206 Bluetindol: APE GANG 15207 what_it_do_hehehe: APE GANG TriHard 15208 xFloty: wait what is her stream name? gachiBASS 15209 justwalkz: TriHard gang 15210 Bluetindol: monkaS 15210__l: monkaS u-uh hello 15212 Theonemanny: beckw1n bail fast 15213 XxKoJi: cmonBruh 15214 Mind_ifi_roll_weed: TriHard GANG 15215 zipzo989: APE GANG APE GANG APE BABY 15216 Danneborger: monkaS 15217 Stenenwastaken: APE GANG PogChamp 15218 mamzylul: LUL 15219 beckw1n: @Theonemanny Abort. Abort. 15220 telemuuu: @whiteknight69696969696969 1522Local_Native: monkaS monkaS 15222 kharr: LOL 15223 jeka_cherep: Cx 15224 send2nik: LUL 15225 WOLVESpls: LUL 15226 Frosty_Cupcake: TriHard 15227 FlavoredShotgun: TriHard 15228 TimedOutForTenMinutes: TriHard 15229 davyjones464: πŸ’ gang 15230 gyromankappa: LUL 1523CamelBusBananaWomp: Cx 15232 γƒ˜γƒ©γ‚Έγ‚«θ‚‰: TriHard 15233 send2nik: OMEGALUL 15234 Logan76mv: cmonBruh 15235 jeka_cherep: TriHard 15236 rngrngrng: TriHard 15237 Zeekey: TriHard 15238 capcom_sys: ape driving a 4 ton weapon monkaS 15239 Cold_Phoenix: TriHard 15240 notice_me_OpieOP: cmonBruh 1524MEEHOYMIINOY: HYPERBRUH 15242 νŒŒμ½”λ“œλ¦Ό: APE GANG TriHard 7 15243 rngrngrng: TriHard Cx TriHard Cx TriHard Cx TriHard Cx TriHard Cx 15244 theyseemeshroomin: Cx 15245 WOLVESpls: YALL NEIGHBORS HIRING TriHard 15246 BoltActionMike: Cx 15247 MEYERN3: you do it Kappa 15248 Ophencie21: Cx 15249 zipzo989: APE GANG BABY APE GANG 15250 Jkfaked: LOL 1525kingsbluedeep: pee on yee 15252 TimedOutForTenMinutes: cmonBruh 15253 Mind_ifi_roll_weed: THAT WAS HAMPTON BRANDON TriHard 15254 Kaiochi: cmonBruh 15255 capcom_sys: HYPERBRUH 15256 Vezorak: cmonBruh hol up 15257 the_sills: He Said it 15258 mithirar: HYPERBRUH HYPERBRUH 15259 kayxo_tv: banned 15260 ButterflyMornings: cmonBruh 1526lightbane123: HYPERBRUH 15262 slothtooth: TriHard 15263 rawradinx: LOL 15264 soccerkickmodsinface: neighbor 15265 illiteracy_will_prevail: LUL 15266 CamelBusBananaWomp: cmonBruh HOL' UP 15267 TheMrDarkness: cmonBruh cmonBruh cmonBruh cmonBruh cmonBruh 15268 c0nstCS: LUL 15269 Aetax: TriHard 15270 MrFunnyWuggins: NEIGHBOR WITH A HARD R' 1527OBTU: cmonBruh 15272 RACISM_IS_NOT_FUNNY_Cx: LUL 15273 TimedOutForTenMinutes: LUL 15274 Vezorak: ANELE 15275 SubDemon: monkaS 15276 rngrngrng: TriHard Cx 15277 luis7323: LOOOL 15278 what_it_do_hehehe: TriHard πŸ‰ 15279 wKRY: LOL 15280 KyosukeiRyuji: mitchLul 1528nofriendscrew: cx 15282 0__l: OMEGALUL 15283 Khray: LUL 15284 dorp4: LUL 15285 stalys_: Cx TriHard 15286 StrawberryFlavorBleach: SHOTS 3x today FeelsGoodMan 15287 rngrngrng: TriHard Cx πŸ‰ TriHard Cx πŸ‰ TriHard Cx πŸ‰ TriHard Cx πŸ‰ 15288 Bluetindol: APE NATION 15289 richeyjr: Cx 15290 Aceuseme50: who's the chick monkaS 1529xmasc: LuL 15292 TimedOutForTenMinutes: LUL LUL 15293 PamitoWoW: @MitchJones can we get an Ape Nation Speech PogChamp 15294 γγ‚Œγ―η³–θœœγ§γ‚γ‚ŠγΎγ™: Cx 15295 Chilshots: xD 15296 ogturbojohnson: LUL 15297 Mind_ifi_roll_weed: BRANDON? TriHard 15298 cordibiss: RAT SAC 15299 Jkfaked: LOL 15300 γƒ˜γƒ©γ‚Έγ‚«θ‚‰: rat sack LuL 1530zipzo989: MITCH WAS BOOSTED 15302 zipzo989: MITCH YOUR BOOSTED 15303 SirDomtheFirst: moron logic 15304 the_sills: Pillar of flameeeee 15305 playdanksouls: haHAA 15306 Ahdharr: LEAGUE STREAM TONIGHT 15307 Borninsane0: haHAA 15308 darkvenomm: Cx ice the true irl pioneer 15309 godsavedaqueen: haHAA 15310 Zelris: taunt?? 1531Lathyra: LUL 15312 dogerus_: ???????????????????????????? 15313 Local_Native: PogChamp AMAZING PLAYS 15314 scuffedlife7: taunt ????????????????? 15315 Da_Poe_Boy: ? 15316 NicodemiusX: TriHard 15317 zipzo989: BOOSTED MITCH JONES haHAA 15318 Kipsawesome: idiot 15319 WorsTToMention: OK 15320 Vezorak: FeelsBadMan 1532Fabushki: HE KNOWS THE NAME OF THE ABILITIES monkaS 15322 Vezorak: LUL 15323 Garcia98: ???????? 15324 jrov13: first blood with ulti LuL 15325 playdanksouls: LUL 15326 Jaiven10: LUL 15327 γ„γŸγ γγΎγ™: REAL 15328 Borninsane0: LUL 15329 BannedByReynadOn7Accounts: monkaS 15330 AnthonySo1337: LUL 1533Fabushki: monkaS HE KNOWS THE NAME OF THE ABILITIES monkaS 15332 Khray: REAL 15333 nofriendscrew: 60 and out 15334 Local_Native: MitchPls 60 days 15335 zipzo989: CAN TRAIN STREAM SO I SUB TO HIM 15336 xFloty: WHO IS SHE? 15337 Imag1narySoldier: ANYONE KNOW WHO THE GIRL'S STREAM IS 15338 koerv: "JOKE" LUL 15339 riceboul: Who is she 15340 squirrel_cake: TriHard 1534Bluetindol: APE GANG TriHard 15342 justwalkz: Ape ganggg 15343 sparkolul: whats the grills stream 15344 jeka_cherep: TriHard APE GANG 15345 νŒŒμ½”λ“œλ¦Ό: APE GANG TriHard 7 15346 cxkkona: 60 DAYS 15347 Vezorak: KKona 15348 γ„γŸγ γγΎγ™: LOL 15349 zipzo989: U STREAMING TONIGHT TYLER ? 15350 Willsey_Is_A_Pussey: 60 DAYS BTW 1535Zelris: KKona 15352 kayxo_tv: lol 15353 squirrel_cake: TriHard GANG GANG 15354 shorizor: KKona 15355 vanshire: Alpha 15356 notice_me_OpieOP: KKona / 15357 tehonlyninja: monkaS 15358 Garcia98: KKona 7 15359 R_W_B: monkaS 15360 Lathyra: monkaS 1536mike20170828: monkaS 15362 immortalxl: LUL 15363 Fandy: NotLikeThis 15364 lightbane123: monkaS 15365 icyspike9: monkaS 15366 Maideez: Don't disrespect the ones that serve the country 15367 send2nik: monkaS 15368 Bavne: FeelsBadMan 15369 jeka_cherep: KKona 15370 BlackMood92: monkaS 1537Didums22: monkaS 15372 Viewerzz: LUL 15373 kharr: lmao 15374 fungod_pewbah: Respect the cock and tame the cunt!! 15375 an0therduck : mitchS 15376 terpenes: LUL 15377 Ryett: TAKE A KNEE 15378 an0therduck : KKona 7 15379 xFloty: wasnt born yet but ok 15380 prettybasedlife: boom 1538Imag1narySoldier: monkaS 15382 Vezorak: ANELE Clap 15383 Getsouped: ANELE 15384 Pachiefico: Yeah respected? 15385 MrRobotPapa: ANELE EZ 15386 midgetgonewild: ANELE ? 15387 SambaXota: HYPERBRUh 15388 Bluetindol: no 15389 jayhuang123: me 15390 zipzo989: ANELE 1539coolmusicguy: TRAIN REX APE GANG GORILA NATION 15392 Deadaspectz: Yes 15393 cronicc : no 15394 Fedor_limit: NO 15395 Fabushki: monkaS ARMY SHIT monkaS 15396 BlackMood92: NO 15397 Scramble_This: NaM 15398 Mistbeaver: YES 15399 an0therduck : NO LUL 15400 Andrex7744: fkin middle east :D 1540Pizarnik_: no 15402 squirrel_cake: TriHard 15403 CPU_INTENSIVE: YES THEY ARE GREAT . 15404 leto_at: TriHard NEVER SUBBED TriHard NEVER DONATED 15405 BlipHub: I subbed from PUBG 15406 CPU_INTENSIVE: YES THEY ARE GREAT 15407 RACISM_IS_NOT_FUNNY_Cx: TriHard / 15408 koerv: D: 15409 Viewerzz: TriHard 15410 beesnipe16: TriHard TRUE 1541AnthonySo1337: NO LUL 15412 Aetax: no LUL 15413 Yoghurtys: YES 15414 veeps0: yep 15415 huntermaslowsky: NO LUL . 15416 thatguy1632: NO 15417 iLucky12: no 15418 IZIRaffles: NO 15419 ajr_tv: andre has a massive head 15420 whiteknight69696969696969: FORSEN ONLY 😑 1542Picsaul: fuck no 15422 γ„γŸγ γγΎγ™: PUBG IS BORING AS FUCK 15423 Honkery: SHROUD IS LIVE PogChamp 15424 bomb__dude12: NO ONLY YOU MITCHIE Kreygasm 15425 zzKupo: NO ResidentSleeper 15426 Axelmente: PLAY WOW BITCHELL 15427 MagicFlightLunchBox: FeelsPumpkinMan πŸ‘‰ πŸ‘Œ 15428 what_it_do_hehehe: HYPERBRUH 15429 Bluetindol: LUL LMAO 15430 XxKoJi: LuL 1543squirrel_cake: TriHard 15432 Bluetindol: LUL LUL LUL 15433 MrRobotPapa: cmonBruh 15434 SlumpGhost: LUL 15435 tehonlyninja: HYPERBRUH 15436 Lathyra: LUL 15437 Youre_My_Boy_Blue: LOOOOOL 15438 PuddingTits: Who is the girl in the back? 15439 Stenenwastaken: OH SHIT 15440 R_W_B: LUL 1544huntermaslowsky: LMAO 15442 nwez: LUL 15443 SlumpGhost: TriHard 15444 diendah: LuL 15445 TheKrapix: TriHard 15446 Bavne: LuL 15447 redalex457: TriHard 15448 imKroway: OH SHIT LUL 15449 AMDAFC: cmonBruh 15450 Axelmente: LUL LUL 1545squirrel_cake: TriHard stare off 15452 Metroboominx: TriHard 15453 mysickduck: LUL 15454 νŒŒμ½”λ“œλ¦Ό: LUL 15455 Bluetindol: APE GANG 15456 shorizor: monkaS 15457 leto_at: WITH CONSENT 15458 ScottyLJn: gachiBASS 15459 qlimax36: TriHard 15460 LoserVirgin123: GANG SHIT BABY 1546Andrex7744: hahaha 15462 ShadowOfEarth: haircut LUL NA haircut LUL NA haircut LUL NA haircut LUL 15463 send2nik: OMEGALUL 15464 U_Will_Remember_This_Name: LOL 15465 vanshire: Lol 15466 notice_me_OpieOP: cmonBruh cmonBruh cmonBruh cmonBruh cmonBruh cmonBruh cmonBruh 15467 MEYERN3: 4Haed 15468 NoMediocre__: -haHAA haHAA haHAA haHAA 15469 albin_h96: durte dom 15470 coolmusicguy: APE GANG GANG 1547ELENA836713591: OOK OOK TriHard 15472 Ryett: TONY ROBBINS IS APE KING 15473 boxxxxxxxxxxx: LOL 15474 Flexatron: quin69 15475 Xyptern1: TriHard 15476 badassmotha4000: QUIN 15477 huntermaslowsky: plenty 15478 Metroboominx: ASMON 15479 NotVanetti: TRUE LUL 15480 PakaluPap1to: QTPIE LUL 1548Deadaspectz: ice is on youtube 15482 Kripple69 : QUINN OMEGALUL 15483 U_Will_Remember_This_Name: quin 15484 punkey: RATS 15485 Ahdharr: squadW squadW squadW squadW squadW squadW 15486 sapphiroth: quin69 15487 Jackystoxx: Quinn 15488 dbsniperog: quin 15489 Kripple69 : QUIN69 IS A RAT OMEGALUL 15490 ForSeriousNow: cant get over the scuffed ass hair 1549Zebhrishkii: quinn 15492 FelruneLIVE: ?????????? 15493 keinusernamefrei: RATSMAH 15494 an0therduck : LUL 15495 1000minus7: πŸ‘ƒ 15496 CaptainAsianGuy: Quin LuL 15497 mamzylul: PogChamp 15498 Bandit_TV: Skrillex 15499 Mind_ifi_roll_weed: DansGame 15500 cronicc : fauxLuL fauxATK 1550RpHunnid: RATIRL ratirlW ratirlLUL ratirlHey ratirlFail ratirlXD 15502 SeQuence_TV: ME LUL 15503 SlumpGhost: LMAO TriHard APE GANG 15504 Mind_ifi_roll_weed: SHES A SOLID 2/10 DansGame 15505 RC_2: she wont 15506 Hines_Ward: PogChamp 15507 cronicc : fauxLuL fauxATK fauxLuL fauxATK fauxLuL fauxATK fauxLuL fauxATK 15508 Myronlafleur: @RATIFYGG LUL 15509 Menza_: YOU HAVE A CHILL AS GIRL BEHIND YOU RETARD 15510 FrinkerZ: @django_unchained_ Ditch has been live for 4 hours and 45 minutes. 1551cloutdrank: CUM 15512 bomb__dude12: Celeste FeelsGoodMan SQUACKK FeelsGoodMan 15513 ScottyLJn: OMEGALUL 15514 Jkfaked: LUUL 15515 Link_Loewenherz: celeste EleGiggle 15516 Twitch_Makes_You_Rich: holy shit i didnt see that fat dude in th ebackseat 15517 CamelBusBananaWomp: LuL 15518 squirrel_cake: Kappa 15519 bomb__dude12: AGAIN ? D: 15520 quickactionjack: K-BEAR 1552Chilshots: Kappa 15522 leto_at: TRU 15523 amzkeh: REAL AF 15524 Killstreeak: call Kaceytron 15525 Seahiga: cmonBruh 15526 Vezorak: cmonBruh 15527 misternef: celeD celeMelk celeMelk celeMelk celeMelk celeMelk 15528 scuffedlife7: cmonBruh 15529 xDarknessx94: FeelsBadMan 15530 mentalreset: cmonBruh 1553Danneborger: TriHard 15532 Ahlick: LPOL 15533 Mind_ifi_roll_weed: TriHard 15534 Aceuseme50: LUL 15535 mamzylul: cmonBruh gachiBASS 15536 MEYERN3: WutFace wimmen 15537 Axelmente: cmonBruh cmonBruh cmonBruh cmonBruh 15538 Warg85: LUL 15539 Mangrab: REAL 15540 Hippysmasher: ????? 1554Flexatron: deep 15542 luis7323: LOOOL 15543 Comitatvs: TRUE LUL 15544 Dogsarecool698: TriHard TriHard TriHard 15545 Frosty_Cupcake: nymnEmote Clap 15546 SirDirk_: LOOOL 15547 Andrex7744: monkaS 15548 Pixikk: LUL 15549 Flexatron: LOL 15550 Vezorak: SURE Kappa 1555Kripple69 : PowerUpL TriHard PowerUpR BLACK MAGIC. 15552 misternef: celeLUL celeLUL celeLUL celeLUL celeLUL 15553 Axelmente: LUL 15554 kayxo_tv: MIRA ALREADY TOKE YOURS 15555 ButterflyMornings: L L L L L 15556 EugenePrime: SURE LUL 15557 Zakkyu: LUL 15558 Andrew1798: Sure LUL 15559 H3llzrazor: LUL 15560 Cofic: CoolStoryBob 1556NotVanetti: TOO LATE 15562 CreatineFueledPumps: already said this 15563 django_unchained_: LMAO 15564 AnthonySo1337: OMEGALUL 15565 Dinosauer: not intentionally 15566 ThatOneGuy380: D: 15567 Garcia98: LuL 15568 TENMINUTEDAYS: OMEGALUL 15569 scuffedlife7: LUL 15570 LordSeshamaru: BROKEN RECORD 1557ogturbojohnson: LUL 15572 AnthonySo1337: OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL 15573 NotVanetti: HIT AND STAY IN IT LUL 15574 cordibiss: EleGiggle 15575 mithirar: ZULUL 15576 EugenePrime: ???????? 15577 Menza_: VICTIM JONES 15578 SubDemon: lOOOOOOL 15579 sinisterpiglet: LuL 15580 AnthonySo1337: OMEGALUL OMEGALUL 1558Aetax: fake as shit 15582 jayhuang123: M WORD 15583 000000000000000000000cuck: BJ MACHINE MrDestructoid 15584 PpPpPpPpPpPpPpPpPpPpOpO: CELESTE LUL 15585 iNocturne: SHES SMILING 15586 taco_friday_: Mira <3 15587 XxKoJi: Kappa 15588 prettybasedlife: cucked LUL 15589 Speedyman08: MIRA ? LUL 15590 Ahdharr: Squid1 TearGlove Squid2 TehePelo Squid2 Squid4 1559punkey: SURE Kappa 15592 ChronicHeadshots: still cucked 15593 madynio: you hair is so fucked 15594 KartN1: sure LuL 15595 ZarandumIMBA: LUL 15596 Andrew1798: ok sure Kappa 15597 BjpwzTV: OINK OINK KELSEY 15598 hoje_tv: ONLY MIRA 15599 sapphiroth: miraWave 15600 ConnectQ: MIRA VERTEX 1560redalex457: PogChamp 15602 ValidK: LUL 15603 Ienjoitop: dude 21 savage got cucked 15604 tentoes_down: i followed fandy 15605 ohhdots22: Fandy could steal u for sure 15606 zxmm3: LUL PEANUT GALLERY IN THE BACK 15607 Belligerence: ? 15608 TheFlameEd: WE ALL FOLLOWED 15609 squirrel_cake: TriHard 15610 Lemons3_14: Kappa 1561MEYERN3: sub to her DansGame 15612 ipkpjersi: go to a doctor? 15613 Ahdharr: PogChamp Squid1 TearGlove Squid2 TehePelo Squid2 Squid4 15614 Link_Loewenherz: only mira can BibleThump 15615 MEYERN3: PogChamp now 15616 Gabrielhdco: I followed someone and got a candy 15617 BIackwoods: THEIRS ONLY 15618 Xyptern1: PogChamp 15619 Chilshots: duel me noob 15620 ichangedmynametothis: monkaS 1562an0therduck : mitchS 15622 Vezorak: monkaS 15623 Frosty_Cupcake: forsenS 15624 Garcia98: monkaMEGA 15625 AnthonySo1337: OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL 15626 AnthonySo1337: OMEGALUL 15627 Pig_lord99: monkaS 15628 thedatisaiah: Kappa 15629 CamelBusBananaWomp: monkaS 15630 TimedOutForTenMinutes: monkaS . 1563mamzylul: monkaS 15632 R_W_B: monkaS 15633 redalex457: monkaS 15634 flippinDough: You cuck yourself 15635 NotVanetti: LUL HODOR BibleThump 15636 ValidK: TriHard 15637 ichangedmynametothis: LuL 15638 wet_meme: lol 15639 send2nik: LUL 15640 iwanttowatchstreams: LMFAO 1564morpheoM: haahahahh 15642 Kappa123TriHard: LUL 15643 tentoes_down: EXPOSED 15644 Comitatvs: LOOOL 15645 Inaccurate_: R-eckful glasses? TheThing 15646 Lemons3_14: OMEGALUL 15647 pressrmang: CALL COPS 15648 wKRY: LUL 15649 dicath: LUL 15650 emkram: LUL 1565issa_ben: lol 15652 Liquidasss: LUL 15653 Lokisza: LuL 15654 Ztreyer1: LMAO LuL 15655 OBTU: don't lie, apes don't have licenses 15656 phiLiSamazinG: LuL 15657 jeka_cherep: EXPOSED 15658 coolmusicguy: DUMB RAT RAT JONES 15659 ryukhtv: LOOL 15660 REBELLlOUS: monkaS 1566zeromous84: LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOO 15662 Mistbeaver: LUL LUL 15663 Andrex7744: exposed 15664 DoWorx: Grow House?????????????? 15665 rngrngrng: LuL LuL LuL LuL LuL 15666 Belligerence: LMAOOO 15667 kharr: LOL 15668 ogturbojohnson: SNITCH JONES LUL 15669 rngrngrng: LuL LuL LuL 15670 NotVanetti: HAHAHHA 1567MrRobotPapa: BANNED WTF RETARD LUL 15672 redalex457: monkaS FEDS 15673 Comitatvs: LOOOOOL 15674 Vitaceous: STOP FailFish 15675 Viewerzz: SORRY APE I HAD TO REPORT YOU 15676 jaygreenbean: ROFLROFL 15677 send2nik: LUL 15678 Zeb2607: LEAKED 15679 Nanopico1: LUL 15680 Myronlafleur: OMEGALUL 1568Gomary: REPORTED 15682 hobbnocker: LMFAO 15683 JTRego: OMG 15684 zelwark: LOOOOOOOOOOOOL 15685 KennyLivee: sniychhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 15686 zipzo989: UR AN IDIOT MITCH 15687 Ahdharr: lul 15688 Garcia98: OMEGALUL COPS INC OMEGALUL 15689 AveragePolack: nmpFeels swat raid inc nmpFeels 15690 Kripple69 : CANT TRUST A RAT OMEGALUL 1569SlumpGhost: SMOKIN BIG DOINKS LUL 15692 whiteknight69696969696969: D: D: D: 15693 Yoboygandalf: LUL actual rat 15694 Frosty_Cupcake: D: D: 15695 Jewishrambo: Content bte 15696 ηˆͺ丹尺尺口山: SNEAK DISS JONES, I'D PUNCH YOU 15697 Inaccurate_: swatted lol 15698 speed_runs: haHAA 15699 taking_donations: God damn frandy is sexy AF 15700 Garcia98: SURE Kappa 1570melvinhans_: no it wasnt 15702 SubDemon: Kappa 15703 LiLTommyTucker: Kappa 15704 NicodemiusX: Kappa 15705 300iceman12: Cx 15706 Khray: Kappa 15707 xplo_it: Kappa 15708 EveryoneDiesAlone: LUL 15709 morpheoM: hahahhahh 15710 Honkery: FBI RAID PogChamp 1571boooonez: ahahahahahahhaahah 15712 WorsTToMention: AHAHAH 15713 sinisterpiglet: LuL 15714 R_W_B: monkaS 15715 Norrik: LUL 15716 boooonez: gotta love ape bby 15717 LegionKS: truelmao 15718 Stormycide: LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL 15719 zipzo989: DUMB ASS 15720 GBLucky25: squadSquad squadSquad squadSquad squadSquad squadSquad 1572stensopp: LUL 15722 cowCOWcow: monkaS 15723 Garcia98: monkaS 15724 Lathyra: rat thinks snitching is funny . 15725 Imag1narySoldier: JUST FUCK EACH OTHER ALREADY 15726 0__l: Jebaited Clap Jebaited Clap 15727 QUOTE_ME_IF_GAY_LAUGHING: t15728 xFloty: LUL 15729 Axelmente: KappaPride KappaPride KappaPride 15730 kahunaburg3r: monkaS ELBOW 1573send2nik: monkaS Clap 15732 cordibiss: PUSSY 15733 Bluetindol: monkaS fucking with him on the freeway 15734 telemuuu: Calling the cops as you read this 15735 Aquagasm: KappaPride 15736 WorsTToMention: monkaS 15737 JTRego: YYYYYYYYYYYY 15738 Too_Busy_Dying: KappaPride 15739 Menza_: yyyyyyyyy 15740 Imag1narySoldier: KappaPride 1574redalex457: YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY 15742 SambaXota: HYPERBRUH 15743 an0therduck : mitchS πŸ‘‰ squadRage 15744 themafia22: BigBrother 15745 nitehawk1401: This mandy girl is a twitch streamer? 15746 Onyd243: just get grill in back to show milkers once 15747 Spectets: uyuyuyuuyuyuyuyuyuyuyu losing conenction 15748 R_W_B: BigBrother 15749 Penguinpower93: TYLER2 LUL 15750 Andrex7744: fkin clown 1575Chilshots: yyyyyyyyy 15752 thatkekistaniguyluey: Tyler live bye 15753 Suprachiasmatical: llllllllllllllll 15754 newbyart: IS THAT MIRE ? LUL 15755 Nskav: monkaSSS 15756 SeQuence_TV: Yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy 15757 ajr_tv: they hate each other rofl 15758 FrinkerZ: @realterror Ditch has been live for 4 hours and 49 minutes. 15759 Suprachiasmatical: l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l 15760 evanc713: gachiGASM 1576NickJSCS: TYLER LIVE LATA BITCH 15762 kingsbluedeep: eeeeeeeeeeu llllllllll 15763 BlackMood92: tyler1Hey 15764 Bluetindol: Wowee 15765 Frosty_Cupcake: Wowee Manny 15766 ogturbojohnson: Wowee 15767 kahunaburg3r: BRING haHAA 15768 ogturbojohnson: Wowee ? 15769 Axelmente: LUL 15770 Ahlick: LOL 1577Garcia98: gachiBASS 15772 send2nik: Wowee 15773 Theonemanny: haHAA 15774 Stenenwastaken: WTF????? 15775 Casual_XO : tyler1Hey tyler1Hey 15776 sneaky9000: LUL 15777 FelruneLIVE: LOOOOOOL 15778 YatokamiSenpai: haHAA 15779 koerv: haHAA 15780 Youre_My_Boy_Blue: haHAA 1578theawes0meone: haHAA 15782 ι»‘εœŸθ±† : 4Head 15783 WorsTToMention: LOL 15784 zipzo989: haHAA 15785 CamelBusBananaWomp: haHAA Clap 15786 Cajun_Friess: 4Hand 15787 Stormycide: LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL 15788 Andrex7744: haha so funny...... 15789 zipzo989: haHAA haHAA 15790 lem_on: haHAA 1579ι»‘εœŸθ±† : 4Head / 15792 SoCalWolfgang: gachiGASM 15793 tolandyo: NO 15794 bomb__dude12: ? 15795 jedicontrol: HAha 15796 BranDadddy: NO 15797 tolandyo: NO TERRASHIT 15798 evanc713: HYPERBRUH THOT DETECTED BACK SEAT 15799 0__l: gachiBASS gachiBASS gachiBASS gachiBASS gachiBASS gachiBASS gachiBASS gachiBASS 15800 kahunaburg3r: TYLER LIVE TriHard 1580mamzylul: monkaS 15802 Belligerence: Holy shit Tyler is hilarious 15803 wKRY: LUL 15804 SlumpGhost: TERASHIT LUL 15805 Jaiven10: LUL 15806 maraws: 1080p mexican andy 15807 Bluetindol: ANELE ANELE 15808 theawes0meone: LUL 15809 ι»‘εœŸθ±† : 4Head 15810 Aetax: Cx 1581punkey: # 15812 MasterMark1028: Hey Tai! Nice stream! 15813 IZIRaffles: LUL 15814 send2nik: ANELE 15815 scuffedlife7: BigBrother 15816 SirDomtheFirst: Persian aka middle eastern 15817 deemonsss: c 15818 Honkery: COPYCCAT PogChamp 15819 an0therduck : ITS A DIFFERENT COMPANY 15820 darkvenomm: lol 1582SoCalWolfgang: no 15822 feelsnerdyman: S8 15823 ipkpjersi: ITS A LIVEU 15824 fleurire: nope 15825 Comitatvs: NO LUL 15826 Lemons3_14: no 15827 Mistbeaver: NO 15828 DOZIK_: NOOO 15829 Kripple69 : ITS A BONDER BUT ITS NOT TERASHIT 15830 TwoThirtyTwo: talk to gun run and find out about it 1583Arotashi: Live U 15832 Didums22: LIVE-U 15833 Havaalanina: NO 15834 smilingdinosaurlive: fake donate 15835 Lawrieee: terashit LuL 15836 TheSkuggi: LIVE U 15837 Pisquared: LIVE-U 15838 0__l: he's not using it it's a liveu 15839 Poprox1: Live u 15840 Demoniise: He's using TENGA 1584NotVanetti: TERA SHIT LUL 15842 BIackwoods: live u 15843 send2nik: LIVE U ZULUL LIVE U ZULUL LIVE U ZULUL LIVE U ZULUL LIVE U ZULUL 15844 jacobjones123: its live-u 15845 Theonemanny: @Fandy 2 days no streaming LUL 15846 z0mbre: @Zeoxsys sodaHeyGuys 15847 21chromez: NOTE 8 @mitchjones 15848 Ghostfuse: mans not hot 15849 Mind_ifi_roll_weed: @Fandy TriHard 7 15850 TimedOutForTenMinutes: LUL 1585Theonemanny: @Fandy nice scheuule LUL 15852 Sharkkingpin: RUCKFULL SETUP NOT SODA ! LUL 15853 smilingdinosaurlive: LUL MANNY 15854 SirDomtheFirst: MESSAGE ME ANELES GET MED 15855 ThorsCawk: Live-u LU200 @MitchJones Live-u LU200 @MitchJones Live-u LU200 @MitchJones 15856 sKyLiNe1478: fandy can you tell mitch to check his twitter dms monkaS 15857 an0therduck : ITS LIVE-U NotLikeThis 15858 Fandy: @theonemanny meh LUL 15859 Zeoxsys: monkaS 15860 wKRY: LUL 1586Garcia98: monkaS 15862 ZarandumIMBA: LUL 15863 0__l: monkaX 15864 Aquagasm: monkaS 15865 Flexatron: ANELE πŸ’£ 15866 0__l: monkaS 15867 tentoes_down: @Fandy tell mitch to check twitter dm's 15868 Big4Hed: hes using a liveu 15869 21chromez: GET A NOTE 8 @mitchjones 15870 smilingdinosaurlive: <3 1587Rawb_Dawg: ThorsCawk sodaJ sodaJ sodaJ 15872 Lemons3_14: Kappa 15873 Casdjin: fandy theonemanny TriHard 15874 ladyliayda: PogChamp 15875 ThorsCawk: sodaJ 15876 FelruneLIVE: F 15877 ichangedmynametothis: monkaS 15878 Andrew1798: f 15879 FelruneLIVE: F / 15880 Andrew1798: F 1588Fandy: @theonemanny you didn't take one off Thonk 15882 Bearapid: F 15883 TheOfficialBaconGamer: f 15884 taking_donations: @fandy mm you sexy girl 15885 tentoes_down: F 15886 zipzo989: IS TYLER STREAMING AGAIN ? 15887 ConnectQ: ff 15888 zeromous84: f 15889 ConnectQ: fff 15890 MrFoodMoon2: SQUAD 1589187thesehoes: i really just wanna hook him in the mouth for some reason 15892 Aceuseme50: monkaS 15893 iNocturne: leech 15894 magikarpzzzz: OMEGALUL 15895 scrubnubslulz: monkaS 15896 Axelmente: LUL 15897 Vyrken: leech 15898 YaarrPriest: F 15899 TwoThirtyTwo: LuL 15900 TokesTV: F 1590Hines_Ward: LEECH 15902 junk97654: ffffffffffff 15903 sKyLiNe1478: ok thanks i didnt know your twitter Kappa 15904 Lemons3_14: ok Kappa 15905 TokesTV: FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF 15906 Imag1narySoldier: monkaS 15907 lakesideflight: monkaS 15908 mamzylul: TriHard GET OUT HOMIE 15909 MEYERN3: ??? 15910 Wealthytramp: DITCH 1591ladyliayda: :D 15912 Ice_poppin_jones: Kappa 15913 FelruneLIVE: OH OK 15914 Kipsawesome: no F's 15915 Pewpewpewdot: SPAM F 15916 Pewpewpewdot: FF 15917 Wealthytramp: plug 15918 iNocturne: plugginh himself jk btw haHAA 15919 dim_carc0sa: nice haircut Kappa 15920 rushy_tv: F 1592Pewpewpewdot: F 15922 tentoes_down: F F F 15923 BlipHub: Someone ban this cunt @sephyx_ 15924 Loserdood: f 15925 MEYERN3: LuL 15926 Bluetindol: LUL 15927 Zeekey: Cx quality 15928 ichangedmynametothis: LuL 15929 EugenePrime: LUL 15930 SteezyGG: LOL 1593Belligerence: LMAo 15932 MEYERN3: 4Head 15933 Imag1narySoldier: KappaPride 15934 Vezorak: monkaS 15935 scrubnubslulz: LuL 15936 zoopers_: BCWarrior 15937 Pewpewpewdot: LUL 15938 shorizor: LUL 15939 wKRY: LOL 15940 ladyliayda: wtf 1594Bluetindol: LIKE ICE DID LUL 15942 Aquagasm: LuL 15943 zoopers_: gachiBASS 15944 wKRY: LOL 15945 Mistbeaver: KISS HIM 15946 νŒŒμ½”λ“œλ¦Ό: LUL 15947 kingsbluedeep: KappaPride 15948 Bluetindol: KappaPride 15949 ichangedmynametothis: D: 15950 Jaiven10: D: 1595RACISM_IS_NOT_FUNNY_Cx: cmonBruh 15952 redalex457: KappaPride 15953 Aetax: D: 15954 leto_at: SAY IT TriHard 15955 Cold_Phoenix: Cute couple KappaPride 15956 Zakkyu: F 15957 an0therduck : HE THOUGHT IT D: 15958 CamelBusBananaWomp: KappaPride HE THOUGHT IT 15959 rektbud: LOL 15960 Metroboominx: D: 1596Mahokijin: D: 15962 Ahdharr: LUL APE 15963 H3llzrazor: LUL 15964 Ice_poppin_jones: say it KappaPride 15965 luckfore: VIRGIN 15966 Frosty_Cupcake: cmonBruh 15967 Garcia98: cmonBruh 15968 hariam15: Hodor is so sweet 15969 rektbud: cmonBruh 15970 Beaten_by_TriHard: ???????? He is virgin 1597matchclock5: cmonBruh 15972 Bluetindol: haHAA 15973 aBlowfish: B A R R Y 15974 Belligerence: LMAO 15975 Lawrieee: FeelsBadMan 15976 Juzo_: LUL 15977 wet_meme: Cx 15978 SteezyGG: mitchD 15979 SoulEatha: lol 15980 AYDRIAN_: ????????? 1598Ahdharr: SO DOES HODOR HAVE A TWITCH? 15982 aBlowfish: LUL 15983 Norrik: 4Head 15984 Fus_Yo_Da: content Kappa 15985 bomb__dude12: ???? 15986 SlumpGhost: HUHUHHIHUHU 15987 dracobite: Normies REEEEEEEE 15988 pressrmang: haHAA 15989 spyder2k6: fool 15990 KKonafellerr: ???????? 1599ogturbojohnson: ????????? 15992 EveryoneDiesAlone: LOOOOL 15993 koerv: LUL 15994 wKRY: LOL 15995 ogturbojohnson: ?? KappaPride 15996 matchclock5: cmonBruh 15997 whiteknight69696969696969: 😑 RACISTS OUT! 15998 Welanstus: :P 15999 RC_2: COP 16000 ogturbojohnson: ?????? KappaPride ??? 1600Stormycide: KappaPride 16002 kharr: lol 16003 Ahdharr: DOES HODOR HAVE A TWITCH STREAM??? 16004 Dracwow: snutzFeels 16005 weirdlooking2: LOL 16006 Welanstus: Damn 16007 darkvenomm: lol 16008 leto_at: MingLee You DISRESPECT MY FAMIRY?? FAKK A UUUU 16009 Frosty_Cupcake: Dracwow PepeHands 16010 BIackwoods: LACIST cmonBruh 1601lostinfuzz: Micro-balls 16012 SlumpGhost: NERD JONES LUL 16013 aBlowfish: mitchBarry 16014 WonderfulDeath: SUPA WARRIOR ZULUL 16015 Menza_: MOD HODOR SwiftRage 16016 mamzylul: @leto_at haHAA 16017 wKRY: ANELE ? 16018 MrFoodMoon2: backseat driver 16019 Bluetindol: yes LUL 16020 rektbud: lol 1602zamlee_: OMEGALUL 16022 leto_at: @mamzylul haHAA 16023 rektbud: looool 16024 shorizor: yes 16025 Xyptern1: BigBrother 16026 sinisterpiglet: bullshit LuL 16027 feelsnerdyman: Tyler1 stutters 16028 Pelegolas_br: yes 16029 Havaalanina: YES 16030 Aquagasm: Yes 1603H3llzrazor: LUL 16032 rektbud: ITS THE ROIDS LUL 16033 kayxo_tv: roid 16034 flippinDough: All apes stutter 16035 diendah: n-n-n-no 16036 シッ: ROIDS CAUSE THE STUTTERS 16037 cloud1562: ALL THE TIME FailFish 16038 horros27: drama LUL 16039 ninosaur: tyler1Stutter 16040 kharr: lol 1604JustinGamez: striods make you stutter 16042 hobbnocker: tyler1H1 tyler1H2 16043 WorsTToMention: SODA IS MUSCULAR LUL 16044 Maranoiah: steroids making them dumb 16045 Xyptern1: BigBrother Clap 16046 Flexatron: D: 16047 ι»‘εœŸθ±† : LUL 16048 chirvsy: LuL 16049 long_dong_dickery_schlong: REKT 16050 BigPunisher77: LUL 1605mustafa07: VICTIM JONES 16052 matchclock5: LUL 16053 Zerrelyn: LuL 16054 ninosaur: FeelsBadManRIP 16055 pressrmang: LuL 16056 Eyther72: LUL 16057 mamzylul: DOMER 16058 TimedOutForTenMinutes: FeelsBadMan 16059 Ogy_FTG: DOMER HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA 16060 Maranoiah: CUZ U GAVE DOME 2 EVERY1606WorsTToMention: ????????????? 16062 SteezyGG: DOMER SIMPSON 16063 kharr: DOMER LOL 16064 Gomary: HAMMERHEAD 16065 Mind_ifi_roll_weed: DOMER LuL 16066 mamzylul: DOMER SIMPSON LUL 16067 wKRY: WOW 16068 0__l: FeelsBadMan FeelsBadMan 16069 Lokisza: DOMER LuL 16070 send2nik: gachiBASS 1607Maranoiah: DOMER 16072 Mind_ifi_roll_weed: DOMER PILE LuL 16073 wKRY: BibleThump 16074 wet_meme: domer gang gang 16075 Xyptern1: TriHard 16076 U_Will_Remember_This_Name: DOMER 16077 sinisterpiglet: DOMER GANG TriHard 16078 Flexatron: 😑 16079 SomboLoL: DOME GANG 16080 kayxo_tv: DOME GANG 1608koerv: D OMEGALUL MER 16082 SoulEatha: das koo 16083 Viewerzz: DOMER GANG 16084 send2nik: OMEGALUL 16085 MardecXD: major domer 16086 ofarrow: DOMER GANG LUL 16087 ButterflyMornings: DOMER GANG TriHard 16088 pressrmang: Domer gang TriHard 16089 whiteknight69696969696969: 😑 Clap 16090 Tealpoopnugz: GIVE DOME DOMER 1609Frosty_Cupcake: 😑 16092 Biston1: OMEGALUL 16093 rektbud: loool 16094 Bluetindol: DOME GANG TriHard 16095 ToEden: DOMER IS THAT YOU PogChamp 16096 whiteknight69696969696969: @Frosty_Cupcake 😑 16097 telemuuu: DOMER 16098 quickactionjack: DOMER SIMPSON LUL 16099 tentoes_down: DOMER GANG 16100 DoItForTheCulture: CHU MEAN HotPokket 1610rektbud: LUL 16102 UFhyponikz: IGNORED LUL 16103 Polyrhythmz: Damn I knew a guy in FFXI named Domer 16104 maraws: DOMER GANG 16105 nawwkK: PogChamp / cmonBruh 16106 Mind_ifi_roll_weed: DOMER GANG TriHard 16107 シッ: DOMER GANG TriHard 16108 ZarandumIMBA: HotPokket what? 16109 ScottyLJn: PepeHands 16110 Sharkkingpin: DOMER 1611cowCOWcow: FeelsBadMan 16112 feliy305: BibleThump 16113 rngrngrng: DOMER GANG TriHard DOMER GANG TriHard DOMER GANG TriHard DOMER GANG TriHard 16114 mamzylul: FeelsBadMan 16115 ElSenorPogChampo: FeelsBadMan 16116 hiitsnick1: DOMER GANG 16117 TheFlameEd: FeelsBadMan 16118 XBLA: LMFAO 16119 Kylejames92: FeelsBadMan 16120 Aussie_Coconut: FeelsBadMan 1612mamzylul: i did that 8th grade lol 16122 terpenes: FeelsBadMan I 16123 jeka_cherep: DOMER GANG FeelsBadMan 16124 MastadanZxx: BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump 16125 MEYERN3: @Fandy yell at them SwiftRage 16126 Tagelkagis: APE GANG TriHard 16127 Sylarr111: LMAO SOUNDS LIKE CHAT LuL 16128 DystopianVillian : LuL 16129 Tumlok: 😑 don't ignore fandy 😑 16130 Coldturtlesoup: Don't call him domer FeelsBadMan BibleThump 1613kharr: LOL 16132 HS_MoNsTeR: cmonBruh 16133 SniffleWizard: TriHard 16134 Viewerzz: LUL LUL 16135 Flexatron: OMEGALUL 16136 Xyptern1: TriHard 7 16137 Sjolundman: hahahah 16138 taking_donations: This explains a lot about ape, and why he is so aggressive. 16139 griako_13: LUL 16140 ZarandumIMBA: LMAO 1614dicath: LUL 16142 mellefade: lmao 16143 zipzo989: MITCHLER LUL MITCHLER LUL MITCHLER LUL MITCHLER LUL MITCHLER LUL 16144 kharr: LOL 16145 Blameful: HAIL MITCHLER 16146 Carkin_123: LuL 16147 mustafa07: KKona Clap 16148 kayxo_tv: Kiss 16149 ron1n_: Domer Pyle LuL 16150 Fellion: SPEAK PROPERLY THEN FCKER 1615oxyox: Does ape have stream? 16152 Mind_ifi_roll_weed: TriHard TABLE 16153 bertNation: YOU ARE WTF 16154 mamzylul: cmonBruh WE DARE YOU 16155 Viewerzz: racist jones cmonBruh 16156 RC_2: say it 16157 matchclock5: LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL cmonBruh 16158 Xyptern1: TriHard 16159 Zarick99: cmonBruh 16160 EugenePrime: ??????????????????? 1616rektbud: lol 16162 an0therduck : LUL 16163 iNocturne: LIL DAVID 16164 Zeekey: TriHard 16165 Juzo_: LUL 16166 ButterflyMornings: KappaPride 16167 smilingdinosaurlive: TriHard cuz mitch is black LUL 16168 Biston1: LIL BITCH gachiBASS 16169 cordibiss: yep 16170 Xyptern1: LIL TriHard 1617H3llzrazor: LIL BITHC TriHard 16172 Andrex7744: yep 16173 an0therduck : LUL 16174 theawes0meone: LuL 16175 Ghost_gaming_: Lil bitch 16176 Tealpoopnugz: LIL BITCH 16177 MEYERN3: SeemsGood tue 16178 iNocturne: TYRONE? 16179 stepawayfromthe: TriHard 16180 send2nik: LUL 1618Loserdood: BasedGod 16182 Noctem_: TYRONE TriHard 16183 Yoghurtys: TYRELL TriHard 16184 rektbud: lol 16185 Vyrken: TriHard 16186 Carkin_123: TriHard TYRELL 16187 Rollin70s: LUL 16188 matchclock5: cmonBruh HotPokket 16189 Xyptern1: BLACKED TriHard 16190 rektbud: lool 1619RSteez: WTF MITCH LOOKS GOOD DUDE WHAT HAPPENED 16192 MrRobotPapa: gachiBASS 16193 Bluetindol: LUL ALPHA 16194 Penguinpower93: TriHard DEVONTE 16195 Aceuseme50: monkaS 16196 Mahokijin: D: 16197 Carkin_123: TriHard 16198 rektbud: AHAHHAHAHAHA 16199 MrRobotPapa: lul 16200 Noctem_: D: 1620IHaveFailedThisCity: LUL 16202 Tealpoopnugz: TYRONE BIGOMS 16203 0__l: LuL 16204 sinisterpiglet: LuL 16205 rektbud: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA 16206 violent_mass_turbulation: BLACKED 16207 Mind_ifi_roll_weed: FREE TITTIES TriHard 16208 whiteknight69696969696969: D: Clap 16209 SirDomtheFirst: Bunch of fegs 16210 Maranoiah: THOT LUL 1621cordibiss: raped in class D: 16212 Coldturtlesoup: THOT 16213 django_unchained_: LMAO 16214 Bluetindol: GOOD GIRL LUL 16215 νŒŒμ½”λ“œλ¦Ό: THOT LUL 16216 FelruneLIVE: PedoBear 16217 zxmm3: what shit school 16218 koerv: GOOD GIRL LUL 16219 Menza_: SLUT LUL 16220 EugenePrime: GOOD? LUL 1622mellefade: good slut LUL 16222 mamzylul: HotPokket WHY ARE WE BEING OBJECTIFIED? 16223 Dearlove1: WAS IT KELSEY LUL 16224 Bluetindol: BigBrother 16225 StrawberryFlavorBleach: "GOOD" LMAO 16226 Zelris: BigBrother 16227 notice_me_OpieOP: "GOOD GIRL" ZULUL 16228 Coldturtlesoup: BLOODRUSH BigBrother 16229 mamzylul: BigBrother ORDER NOW 16230 シッ: BigBrother 1623FelruneLIVE: PedoBear i still have them 16232 flippinDough: Everyone touched her tits except mitch LUL 16233 Comitatvs: BigBrother 16234 xoxomudpie: people in the back seat must be bored lol 16235 Biston1: DansGame 16236 aleksso: KELSEY GOT BLACKED 16237 MEYERN3: why cant fandy be a good girl Kappa 16238 Bluetindol: APE SPAGHETTI ARMS LUL 16239 rektbud: lol 16240 シッ: LUL 1624Elizahbeth: buying tyler1 products 4Head 16242 MEYERN3: 4Hand 16243 illiteracy_will_prevail: LUL 16244 cordibiss: already on roids LuL 16245 UFhyponikz: haHAA 16246 MEYERN3: LuL 16247 Dearlove1: haHAA 16248 TimedOutForTenMinutes: haHAA 16249 never_grim: he already uses it LuL 16250 Pewpewpewdot: @fandy MILKERS 1625Muffycakeman: Bloodrush is a shit product 16252 Myronlafleur: IGNORED LUL 16253 KoziRekt: PedoBear Clap 16254 Flexatron: PedoBear / \ PedoBear 16255 300iceman12: @Fandy 16256 tsugumithebestgirl: its kraig Kappa 16257 Ghost_gaming_: Miller’s 16258 Bluetindol: ............ 16259 danhearty: PedoBear / \ PedoBear 16260 MuggyB: same shit in store 1626Honkery: ??? 16262 cowCOWcow: monkaS 16263 koerv: LUL 16264 mamzylul: ....... 16265 Garcia98: gachiBASS 16266 Bluetindol: take them out 16267 0__l: monkaS 16268 zoopers_: cmonBruh 16269 iNocturne: JIGGLE EM 16270 Mind_ifi_roll_weed: YES Kreygasm 1627Bluetindol: SHOW TITS 16272 cordibiss: DO IT BABY 16273 koerv: FeelsGoodMan 16274 indisponlvel: Kreygasm 16275 matchclock5: TOMORROW Kreygasm 16276 KKonafellerr: ........ 16277 Straycove: ... 16278 Hjorth_: PogChamp 16279 Ztreyer1: TITS OR GTFO 16280 Smokey_T_: THICCCCCCCCC 1628Mind_ifi_roll_weed: IM GONNA JACK OFF TO UR INSTAGRAM Kreygasm 16282 Frosty_Cupcake: gachiGASM GACHI TOMORROW? 16283 bannoobz3: open boobs 16284 FelruneLIVE: Kreygasm 16285 maraws: ASMR 16286 MEYERN3: hi 16287 Yoghurtys: gachiGASM 16288 H3llzrazor: Kreygasm 16289 SomboLoL: ASMR Kreygasm 16290 Youre_My_Boy_Blue: gachiBASS 1629Kripple69 : FANDY SHOW YOUR BIG ASS YITTIES 16292 300iceman12: Hi MOM <3 16293 DystopianVillian : ASMR 16294 Wazkyr: ASMR Kreygasm 16295 Xyptern1: gachiGASM ASMR 16296 cloutdrank: ASMR NOW 16297 Muffycakeman: Haggard teeth 16298 Kripple69 : FANDY WHIP OUT YOUR BIG ASS TITTIES NOW 😑 16299 UFhyponikz: SNAGGLE TEETH LUL 16300 MrRobotPapa: ANELE Kappa 1630ricintv: SHOW DEM TITTIES 16302 HS_MoNsTeR: gachiGASM 16303 Nefs0: tip16304 TimedOutForTenMinutes: NEGONE THOT 16305 Kripple69 : FANDY WHIP OUT YOUR BIG ASS TITTIES NOW 😑 . 16306 CKYlunatic: hey fugly 16307 bmk_tv: Bobs and bajene 16308 MEYERN3: thot :) 16309 jeka_cherep: T H O T 16310 Bluetindol: vampire teeth WutFace 1631Yoboygandalf: HeyGuys 16312 Frosty_Cupcake: OPEN BOB 😑 16313 buhyaka: @MitchJones zoom boobies a little :) 16314 zipzo989: BOOB CAM 16315 Carkin_123: 4Head 16316 Zeekey: OPEN BOBS 16317 virusDOTca: fandy related to candice? 16318 Waylonater: QT 16319 Theonemanny: 😑 begone thot 16320 Flexatron: OMEGALUL 1632junpeey3: lower cam pls 16322 REBELLlOUS: Show boobs NormiesOut 16323 cordibiss: 😑 16324 majin_loli: SEX HER 16325 rektbud: lol 16326 Axelmente: LUL 16327 kyle__ww: haHAA 16328 Novizy: VAMPIRE monkaS 16329 DocFragzTX: Whose the beta Neanderthal on the right? 16330 horros27: πŸ€“ Clap 1633Kripple69 : I DONT WANT PUSSY I JUST WANNA SEE SOME TITTIES cmonBruh 16332 mamzylul: :rage: 16333 Garcia98: haHAA Clap 16334 Kaiochi: haHAA 16335 jeka_cherep: haHAA 16336 Zeekey: APE GANG TriHard 16337 Carkin_123: LuL 16338 fakesgetEXPOSED: FANGDY 16339 R_W_B: TriHard 7 16340 whiteknight69696969696969: 😑 1634zipzo989: OPEN TITS 16342 Inflixy: ANYWAYS 16343 シッ: OPEN BOBS 16344 FrinkerZ: @crixuc Ditch has been live for 5 hours and roughly 15 seconds. 16345 IHaveFailedThisCity: <3 16346 Carkin_123: cmonBruh 16347 zipzo989: NO 16348 mamzylul: WHAT 16349 Maxirein: <3 16350 FrinkerZ: @jrew_ Ditch has been live for 5 hours and roughly 21 seconds. 1635Stenenwastaken: APE GANG TriHard Clap 16352 muckfira000: <3 16353 WorsTToMention: NOOOOOOOOOO 16354 Weaklysuper: <3 16355 UnchainedTURK: <3 <3 16356 Kripple69 : <3 hodor and fandy and ape gang 16357 whiteknight69696969696969: 😑 16358 Spectets: LOL 16359 Neddih99: <3 16360 maraws: LUL 1636whiteknight69696969696969: 😑 16362 Kripple69 : tyler1BB 16363 Eyther72: HODOR <3 16364 Wazdaz441: <3 16365 HoldenMyD: <3 16366 guccijoja: <3 16367 zipzo989: ! ARE YOU STREAMING LATER TRAIN @MitchJones 16368 Ahdharr: HODOR 16369 honshu1: 16370 Stroopwafels1: <3 1637Loserdood: DOMER GANG TriHard 16372 Mind_ifi_roll_weed: @fandy Kreygasm 16373 zipzo989: ARE YOU STREAMING LATER TRAIN @MitchJones 16374 creampie_eli: <3 SWEATY APE OF DOMER GANG 16375 Wario203: <3 16376 Tumlok: 16377 Tumlok: 16378 Kripple69 : APE GANG TriHard 16379 Xyptern1: TriHard APE GANG 16380 theawes0meone: DOME GANG 1638Foian_: TriHard YUH YUH 16382 sinisterpiglet: DOMER GANG TriHard 16383 whiteknight69696969696969: 😑 Clap 16384 rektbud: NO 16385 Kripple69 : UP TO YOU 16386 iNocturne: GAY SEX 16387 rektbud: NO BREAK 16388 malarsto: NO BREAK 16389 Philanthr0pic: #APENATION 16390 Vezorak: monkaS 1639Kripple69 : OMEGALUL 16392 Vyrken: NO BREAK 16393 chaplin__: APE GANG 16394 bomb__dude12: PogChamp 16395 thedatisaiah: YOU HAD A BREAK YESTERDAY 16396 blastty: ++++ 16397 koerv: LUL 16398 Jaiven10: LUL 16399 BeardMonkeyQc: APE GANG TriHard APE GANG TriHard APE GANG TriHard 16400 creampie_eli: <3 BLOOD GANG DOMER GANG SWEATY APE ON COCAINE 1640mustafa07: HOST TYLER BigBrother HOST TYLER BigBrother 16402 midnightslip: LUL 16403 ipkpjersi: OK 16404 Xastin3: domer gang 16405 Maxirein: <3 16406 bushbaws: DITCH JONES 16407 PokeBattles: pce 16408 7tenCx: 60days? LuL 16409 rektbud: lool 16410 UnchainedTURK: NO BREAK WENSDAY 1641Keadda: lata bois 16412 aleksso: DOMER DOMER PASS APE ON OVER LUL 16413 iNocturne: THIS GUY IS CHANGING MITCHES LIFE LUL 16414 de_Frankoh: tyler been carrying 16415 sinisterpiglet: DOMER GANG PogChamp 16416 prettybasedlife: NO BREAK 16417 django_unchained_: Deal Kappa 16418 Loserdood: D O M E R 16419 Carkin_123: PogChamp 16420 EveryoneDiesAlone: DOMER GANG GANG 1642kayxo_tv: FANDYS ASS 16422 kayxo_tv: FANDYS ASS FANDYS ASS FANDYS ASS FANDYS ASS FANDYS ASS FANDYS ASS 16423 aleksso: DOMER GANG REP 16424 SteezyGG: SKIN CYSTENT 16425 durty1252: SKINSISTENT 16426 rilkepoo: MIRA GETTING PLOWED RN 16427 Kapriox: oops guys mitch overslept again Kappa 16428 Nightshadz: LUL LUL LUL 16429 Sjolundman: PogChamp 16430 kayxo_tv: eat FANDYS ASS ! 1643Metroboominx: DOMER GANG 16432 maraws: HOST TYLER 16433 zipzo989: 'ARE YOU STREAMING LATER TRAIN @MitchJones !!! 16434 iNocturne: HOST ANDY Kappa 16435 kayxo_tv: FANDYS ASS gachi 16436 hobbnocker: HOST TYLER1' 16437 Gucci_pandaa: FOURSOME AFTER STREM? 16438 maraws: HOST TYLER1 BigBrother 16439 Hedman93: DOMER GANG REPRESENT 16440 mamzylul: HOST HIM BigBrother 1644DystopianVillian : HOST DOMER GANG 16442 YaarrPriest: APE GANG 16443 Tumlok: Fandy free ads TriHard 16444 i_like_adams_dong: SQUAD TriHard 16445 jeka_cherep: DOMER GANG 16446 kayxo_tv: eat FANDYS ASS 16447 ipkpjersi: LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOO 16448 MrRobotPapa: awkward LUL 16449 DystopianVillian : DOMER GANG 16450 cflitt: tyler2 1645H3llzrazor: LUL 16452 Flexatron: tyler2 16453 Maxirein: LUL 16454 Yoghurtys: Tyler2 LUL 16455 SzGamerr: HAHAH 16456 reworm: Tyler2 16457 Tumlok: LOOL 16458 kayxo_tv: D O M E 16459 Ahdharr: DOMER2 16460 narmis7: F 1646FrinkerZ: @rearrealwheel Ditch has been live for 5 hours and 2 minutes. 16462 Booshami: F 16463 Cold_Phoenix: Domer2 TriHard 16464 RpHunnid: tyler2 16465 Comitatvs: F 16466 scrubnubslulz: APE GANG TriHard 16467 TheOfficialBaconGamer: domer bois 16468 RodryORtwomaN2: lol 16469 rngrngrng: DOMER GANG TriHard 16470 WilleeeeZ: DOMER GANG 1647cordibiss: DansGame capstone logistics suffolk va address order Touro College.

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