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Capstone microturbine generator cost for money

Capstone microturbine generator cost for money capstone logistics address stevens point fill down command microsoft excel 2018 I think of a person whether you're male or female if you go into the service your life is going to be on different and I think for the better virtually every veteran that I talked to says the same thing my time and service was invaluable I am Who I am today because of what I went through back then when you're 20 years old you can do about anything 68 years ago I enlisted in the Army on my 20th birthday that was and because you had to be 21 to get in the Army I had to have my dad's consent and I went to where he worked and I gave him the thing to sign and I'll never forget what he said because he was a World War one veteran he says well I know if I don't sign this you'll do something else crazy I was really excited when I spoke with my recruiter because he gave me a list of things I'd showed him I was 27 when I went in so he showed me a list of experiences that I could possibly consider and I just went down the line until I found clinical nurse and I knew right away but that's what I wanted to do because I taken a lot of interest in nursing before at that time I always wanted to go on the service and I thought going army because my dad was in World War two and I had I hit all of the brochures under the mattress between the mattress box springs and my sister knows she's the only one my brother didn't even know and I actually took the test and knew when I was going into service I set my mom and dad down and said I'm September 28th which was a month later I said I'm joined in the United States Army my dad was in the Navy I had my mom's brother was in the Seavey's no one else in my family served none of the boys know the cousins I have no one a reason for joining the Navy I was married in college and I un had the been wit to who into the army and he became an officer and he was in the European theater and he was killed so I was teaching school at the time and after he was killed after my school year was over i joined the waves and i went in and on waves 10th anniversary be July thirtieth 1952 and I got out in 1956 and then I joined the reserves and I stayed until nineteen sixty and I ended up with a rink of human second class I was a teacher I enjoyed teaching but they were the army was looking for women college graduates to Commission and the Women's Army Corps so I thought well two years in such a short time so I joined I decided to go regular army which committed me to 20 years and then after the 20 i still didn't wasn't ready to retire so i stayed six more years i played for a job as a telephone operator and they said no you're left handed and that coincide with people that when they write up those days they were not told tickets for long-distance calls so I said okay the next best thing is to join the military so you're in the Navy and guess what after boot camp the first place they probably is a switchboard operator denied in what I was going to get into but I decided since they were only five girls in our family we didn't have any boys that I was going to be the boy in the family and got into service and I did that my training was conducted at Fort McClellan Alabama it had to be the wettest place there ever was and I go to Cincinnati Ohio and I get only change dragons and I go to who you look city so we go had to get on a subway and they gave you all the instructions and I found myself dropped off with these suitcases and the high-heeled shoes that they said not to wear and they've got me off filing the boondocks and there was someone there that me instead fall in seeming you're in the Navy now I'm a retired lieutenant colonel Army Nurse Corps I served for 26 years in the Army active duty and reserve I served in the military the Women's Army Corps which called wax from 1943 to 45 and i served in the European theater and I was a driver for a poster battalion in England and the personal driver of a major and I was eligible just drive up to two and a half ton truck all of us had to have two specialties and mine were personnel management and personnel administration I was a whack on the commander twice in Heidelberg Germany and in Fort Sam Houston San Antonio Texas I was a wack i was in from night September of 69 to November of 78 my last assignment was a drill sergeant and I decide to get out at that time use my GI bill and get right to it was in the US Air Force from October 69 to october of 1973 and I got out I was a sergeant I was in second quarters in omaha nebraska and then i went to clark air base in the Philippines and I got sent back early because the POWs were coming home from Vietnam I served during you know 43 to 45 in Air Force wasn't under the army then and I worked in the am kearney airbase in the hospital at at kearney nebraska they had a big runway so they could bring the hospital were boys back for the different branches of service I was actually a patient there at the hospital I was there for three days and then darned if they didn't put me in there as as a ward hill I went with the billeting officer once and I had to take the officer around he knocked on the door instead here you're going to have to take an American soldier and they had to take American soldiers in their homes whether they liked it or not in Heidelberg I was the only wack officer with my the all of the inverse of women who were assigned to the 130s station hospital so I was at for the women i was at force in houston texas at brooks army medical center we had urology neurology we had orthopedics we had oncology I learned to be a very good phlebotomist during that time as well which is drawing blood I did really good in school and they didn't have very many female instructors at the drill started school so I served I had to serve six months when I served a year because I has had a good time with the kids we were the only ones that had that computers so the people from England came over to view you know to go through our department we had a lot of people come through our department because it was on you we had a lot of military protocol where we had to wear dress uniforms for marching or special celebrations on the base and things i love that the politan magistrate of it all because we were all drivers we had to keep her jeeps clean that you could do white-glove inspection on a motor if you can imagine that I was stationed up in Newport Rhode Island for 21 months then I requested overseas duty and I requested England France in Hawaii well of course they never give you what you want so they gave me the choice which was Hawaii but oh my goodness what a wonderful place to be the boys it was brought back from both fronts and now then they were treated dare overnight and eight jail or doing whatever and and sent to their own home home closer home at the hospitals I remember one man he come in he had both legs we were busy it was a difficult time our job was difficult but every nurse that I know and every nurse that I worked with rose to the occasion and gave hundreds I ended up having the ambulance picked me up with the station where I got off we went into the hospital they didn't have facilities for women at that time so they just have one room off of each ward so they could have officers because they never was with the noncoms and I am I sport they went and told us lieutenant that he'd have to go back to the barracks because he is ready to rehab so we had to build up to a woman and women were very limited in their assignments I was fortunate in terms of in those days of course they didn't have that many slots available for female officers overseas but even so I still was able to spend two and a half years in in Heidelberg Germany and almost two years in Okinawa at that time no the women were not allowed on ships you know at that time we were segregated and we weren't allowed to bear arms and we were never right up in the front we were be always behind the front and the difference between the service now and then when I was in the blacks were separated from the whites and that we we had separate quarters and now it's all one which i think is great you know during world war two you had to wear a uniform all the time you couldn't go out for civilian clothes we were how to describe it they were there were a PT uniform basically a skirt and all these pleats in it in a boss and then we had these shorts that had please them to wear when we did our exercising I do remember at the academy after I take it all the courses that I could take I wanted to teach and they said well there are no women who teach at the academy and ice and they said especially no nurses I just went ok I don't like that happen I so I kept applying and I got hired I was the first female instructor at the academy of sciences and when I quit teaching at the academy the fully a third of the instructors were women then you better start swimming all your sick like by the time I became a drill sergeant today they were throwing grenades they had qualified with the rifle my mom could could stay in if they were pregnant and had babies which hadn't happened with or I said finally can stay and get married we can have children and that should be there should be the way it is that's the way it is in the outside world why not you know I think with us being able to train with with male drill sergeants and them seeing how good we were also training terms I think that helped a lot to change the mind to you got to do the work and if you do the work i think it's like anything I don't think well it matters whether its civilian or military you do the work you will get respect from your peers and cooperation we knew that the window when a woman went into the office that man was going overseas you know that we replace that man I replace them one when I went into that computer Department they said we took over their jobs so they had to go to see or they had to go to war of the front lines you know but it wasn't that way at all because chances are they probably wouldn't have had that job anyway you know because a lot of work they had seen seeking jobs like a bosun's mate you know so I didn't have a whole lot of problems L was a little pretty cooperative I was a teacher and they had to listen to me where they were super hero as sergeant or a lieutenant or a major or whatever they haven't been I don't have the same complaints that a lot of the women had the officers and the doctors were all nice and whatever I can't say that I was mistreated or anything I didn't have any problems you know nobody mocked me nobody bullied me nobody did anything I just stay very focused on what my responsibilities were to the military it was fine actually all the people my age late teens early 20s we all got along that was not a problem the the officers were generally younger officers you know lieutenants second lieutenants captains and they were again very accepting we're in the different generation my generation we more or less kept quiet this generation the women are going to speak out and let him let the men know exactly how they feel out people feel so it's an all has changed in time and I think that really today the women get more respect than we did because we sure didn't the biggest problem we had is that when we went ashore to go on Liberty for the evening or something and we'd catch a bus and right into town and all these sailors were fine going into coming back they all had too much to drink and they said some pretty nasty things to us but somehow you just kind of gridded your teeth and yeah when I it's the older enlisted people the master sergeants a senior message our sergeants that we're actually working with me or had to train me for certain things that had a little problem with it they dealt with it and they didn't ever make me feel bad but I knew that they would have preferred I'd be a guy you didn't have the recourse that you have today I think that could have been could have been and was the hardest thing for a lot of women who didn't know how to handle unwanted advances from men but I was used to it I new hood laughs I would go into a ward or something I'd say where you'd skies from and humans is Pennsylvania and it or oh they knew where eyes and that's when I was in Nebraska but this analysis I'm so glad I here pencil as he was there and do you know I met you a year later in a Veterans Hospital in aspinwall Pennsylvania and they had him in one of them beds that you turn over and he held her declared frost award at me the G is always treated us great I mean I never never came across any in either the England or Paris that you know that they didn't respect us and it you just became like family I meant a lot of great friends that I still correspond with it was just a part of my life when I got out I finished my college I went on and got my masters and life goes on business started there I started with a military I'm very patriotic I love my country I'm glad that I could participate what I did that was the proudest day of my life or not put daddy before me it was great duty it was wonderful I loved it I knelt down beside one soldier and talked to him then and you know just tried to calm him down and because they didn't have rooms yet for him so we all did that and I became acquainted with tulip and the one that I met first he was going to be sent home and he said he hated to leave Paris without seeing it so I got permission for my commanding officer to take him around Paris in the Jeep so to wax in the back and me driving in this fella that's to me was the best thing I ever did in the service was to see that he got to see Paris before he went everything that I've done has made me the person I am today I thought that I did such a great thing when i was in and compared to what they're doing now is kind of small in comparison I mean I felt that my job was important but there's so many other things they've been added to the young harming in the and maybe my greatest achievement I was just just a nurse doing her job just an instructor trying to be the best teacher I could be I felt proud every day I put on that uniform and I'm still active I'm in the color guard or Google Earth reviews I suppose 600 the military has been very good to take care of me since I've got now I turned out to be a great career for me I really enjoyed it I enjoyed all the travel I enjoyed meeting all the people having a different job although in the same field wherever I went I really i was most fortunate I always told anybody that's where they should go and i had my year my son's go into service I had one boy the Marines and the other army bone in the service I was very very shy introverted and by the time I went through drills our squad is very extroverted so it's probably the best thing that ever happened because nothing really bothers me now is a great experience oh and trade 29 years I had on me for anything other than my four children there was a really stuff I ever have I loved it I would go back today but they don't think broken-down machinery it's something I'll never forget never you write for me capstone cottages map Teachers College.

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