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Capstone medical clinic edmonton for money

Capstone medical clinic edmonton for money capstone project sample information technology shawshank redemption essay film techniques in dead this afternoon I'm going to talk about about maps maps that matter to me the literary world has a magnificent way of putting maps in context the favorite is that by jorge luis borges an argentine poitin writer was able to say much on maps and more in some 130 Spanish words his short story in spanish we will not go through that but a loose english translation on exactitude in science it says in that empire the art of cartography attained such perfection that the map of a single province occupied an entire city and the map of an empire and entire products in time these immeasurable lamps cease to satisfy and the guild subcategories made a map of the Empire was sighs was that of the Empire coinciding with it point by point the succeeding generations less addictive to the study of cartography understood that this expansive map was useless and not without impiety abandoned it to the mercilessness of Sun and winters in the deserts of the West knotted fragments the map injure inhabited by beasts and beggars in all the land there is no other relic of the geographic disciplines this Suarez Miranda viajas Deborah n'est pas Dante's libro cuarto Apatow lo Cuarenta Y Cinco Larry de miel say ciento cincuenta Y Ocho but this was not alone in these musings on maps prior to him there was Lewis Carroll and after them Umberto Eco embellish on these tall tale they are these musings however or beyond tales of obsessions one can see one simple message the best map of the world is the world itself and therefore the perfectly accurate map is perfectly useless what we see here is a map of 1850 to buy Francisco coelho I'd like to begin with this map to tell you why or how I started my inquiry into Maps it grew from an initial fascination with the concept of the philippine national territory and in this particular map you can see that it is color coded and it indicates in green the territory is owned by the suit pants of Sulu and Mindanao as you can see north borneo there in that map is colored green well you are therefore was subtly suggesting that since the sultan of sulu and mindanao and maguindanao had recognized the sovereignty of spain that these were also subject to spanish sovereignty now these raises questions that any researched sound would like to go after but then going after maps of political subdivisions was something that was beyond my budget as a public school teacher teaching law across the street from this building instead I decided to reads the chasm not by fleeing from my bondage in the University of the Philippines by setting my sights on sea charts of the South China Sea my logic was this was more obscure therefore more affordable and still with the right relevance if you take a look at this map this is a map by William Herbert a an English chart maker and it is entitled a correct chart of just China Seas now this this man had contains a particular detail if you can see I hope you can this part this is the parasols but as you can see it is too extended and not accurately drawn on the other hand we have a detail which shows this three shows near the coast of Luzon some ballast really now and baton and this show is labeled as scarborough shoal we're in September 1748 the vessel Scarborough was grounded you will know that this show is being placed very near Luzon because previous to this the just piece bedroom marília Velarde hadn't in his 1834 hydrographic chart 3 shows having the course of Luzon and they were called galley panna cotta and gloom by and so Erbert tried to locate Scarborough with with pinaka now the somebody who had as much passion for details and surveys as Herbert was Alexander Dalrymple who came up with this with his child he had conducted surveys of the South China Sea particularly areas down here south of the South China Sea and in this chart of his you can see that the spratlys is still very much in accurately map but if we go into the details of the map you can see that now scarborough shoal is located some distance while the other three shows that were found in the previous map are still are still there so this some progress made in locating the exact the exact latitude and longitude of Scarborough of Scarborough Shoal now here is a general chart of the China Sea by Robert Sayer and Bennett and this actually was one of the first charts of the China Sea that I was able to find and it took a long time from 1985 almost ten years later that the way I was able to stumble upon this one fresh from a meeting in the United Nations in New York on straddling free stocks I came upon an expensive-looking mop shot I inquired about maps of the Philippines and South China Sea and I was led into a lonely corner of the gallery then the sales lady invited me to rummage through the contents of a drawer whose contents were on catalog and therefore most probably without any interest from from anyone else and this chart the is interesting because now it is able I don't know if you can see it from your from your end but now the scarborough shoal is located to the in that area and the three shows that we were talking about are here near the coast and it also shows what are the other names of Scarborough Shoal it is known as false marching gola because the marching day and this is the one year bully now is north marching gola the southern one is is an aqua and then the third one is marvellous or Mirabal mirabel sure to my dismay most of the charts are nautical charts are harder to find than non nautical charts by the 1800s when this was drawn there was now a clear division between nautical charts or hydrographic charts or sea charts and the topographical maps in this chart which is which I consider is one of the most beautiful charts ever made nori and James Whittle have this intricate chart of the south of the China Sea and it's several entrances the detail as we can I hope that you can see that the detail again here the discoverer show is is now shown here and then the three shows near the Philippines are still are still there now going back to the child as you can see the South China Sea is a very large area there are different definitions of the South China Sea but those that are agreed upon would face its boundary from here south from the street the mouth of the street was Singapore in Malacca down to Sumatra towards Borneo going up to palawan Luzon up to appoint it Formosa or Taiwan then goes back to the Fukien province and then goes down all the way back to the coast of Vietnam it is something like 3.2 square kippers or 3.5 by some accounts and is fed by 125 rivers draining an area around 2.3 square kilometres it is such a huge area the next attempt to chart this by horse board was divided into sheep one which is the upper one and sheet 2 with is which is the lower one now there are a number of things that we need to take into account here first there is an improvement from the parcels that used to be elongated on this fight and it is now shown more accurately here and then on the other part on Scarborough Scarborough now is clearly limited and there is now and note where the three shows used to be and in this note it says that the three shows i now assume not to exist you see in the meantime in 1770 93 the malaspina expedition was sent out by spain and they verified that the three shows did not exist but they were able to verify that this Scarborough Shoal what it in existence now in 1821 by 1821 horse board was able to come up with also an updated sheet 1 sheet 2 of these maps this time now showing the best routes from the Strait of Malacca all the way up to palawan and then goes into sheet 2 to go up all the way to the Canton or or Guangzhou and then the routes that are used when the winds are not favor of favorable on the side then they will use the roots on that other side now the horse word maps is said to be the most detailed of its kind in in mapping the so-called dangerous ground which is now referred to commonly as the spratlys and part of which is the Philippine kalaya and Callahan island group the British however were not alone in exploring here is a French chart of 1838 from the depo de la marine but if you will note it has similarities with some of the previous charts that we have seen and that is because there was a lot of sharing among the different pilots and chart makers and this in a note that is contained in the map in the chart it says that it was mostly based from the work of horsford the British the British map maker this one is a map of the Spaniards again they did not go into the deeply into the South China Sea but here we now see a detail which actually represents the Scarborough Shoal and it was it first appeared in astonished our way back in 1808 this one is an MRA James muah art of 1884 and it's called the blue back because there's a blue paper behind it that rice support it because these are so large that they are usually spread on this on the ship's floor and frequently step upon by 1950 the u.s. already came up with its own map and there is now a distinction between the South China Sea and the East China Sea which is on the east coast of China I know we won't have time to go over this but my classes but is there which is in the middle and the reefs in the South China Sea including the dangerous ground are clearly labeled now I'd like to return back close to home with a map of a city of Manila but it's not really a map it is an oil painting on the inside cover of a huge pool now found in Puebla Mexico it was given as a gift way to a Puebla Bishop from Manila and shows the ensures intramuros as well as the parry on which is within cannot child cannon shot distance from the walls of intramurals but my favorite map which is not a which is not at all antique is a crocus of my hometown in 1850 this is merely a copy now of an older one but it shows you that there is you may not be able to see it but dear the line over here indicates a third code elk web the theft means an enclosure or a parade around the town and you can imagine that it before 1850 security conditions must have required that they should maintain this this enclosure and there are where tamayo Berta's mayores and cabos indicated or openings indicated in the different outlets now I'd like to go back to this because I think at the end of the day it shows that what we need is a concept of a common security for ourselves so that in the future there is no need for walls or Palisades around us in the water world out there beyond the South China Sea greater integration among us is perhaps the way to go thank you very much write for me internet of things india summit 2019 Niagara University, Lewiston.

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