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Capstone material for exam

Capstone material for exam capstone us government elex michaelson reporter herald ´╗┐yes sir Oh microphone right um I may have missed out on this but it it seems to me that there's a brand of Islam in in the u.s. african-american Islam that predates all of this concern about terrorism like Kareem abdul-jabbar changing his name that kind of thing and I have not heard of any association between african-american Islam and terrorism and I'm just wondering does that group get caught up in this net or is this investigation focused entirely on Islam with a Middle Eastern connection and what is the connection between African American Islam and Middle East and Islam regarding all of this stuff I mean it's it's obviously all one religion and I think what NYPD is doing is they're looking at anyone who's practicing Islam regardless you know what sort of race you are and as far as you know the Nation of Islam there's that is one thing but there have been plenty you know black Americans who have converted and who have taken on the Salah fee form of Islam and this sort of jihadi path and and that's I don't you know I don't know that they associate themselves with a a specific group at all they're just that you know focused on Islam being this very violent form there particularly in prisons the MFE was very concerned about people being who converted in prisons particularly african-american men who converted in prisons were radicalized in prisons and then would go out and now it just has borne out I mean as far as an attack goes I mean so you you did report that they they were spying on targeting over 250 mosques right so these would have been even some of them would have been the I'm good American strictly in the Middle Eastern mosque in Harlem or something right yeah and let's I mean look and one of the one of the reasons as Eileen talked about about how there's not it's not a monolithic Muslim community when as a civil rights as a civil rights group the Muslim communities are relatively young this is sort of a relatively new phenomenon the ideas of these communities acting in their interests as far as civil rights goes it's not a new phenomenon for the black community and when we started reporting about infiltration of mosques in Newark where the majority of the Muslims in Newark to our understanding are actually African American Muslims there's a much greater outcry and a much more organized outcry because you're not talking about you you know Arab Muslims and this sort of new immigrant Arab civil rights issue you're talking about you're engaging right into the black community of Newark with a very well-established experienced politically savvy you know civil rights and political operation and so I think that's part of the reason why it was Newark in it and it really just caught fire when we wrote that story mm-hmm another question before we break yes sir um first of all congratulations well-deserved prize Matt I want to follow up on something that you mentioned about the debate about the merits of this and having that out in the open I'm curious as to what sort of pushback you got from the NYPD to not go with the story on homeland security grounds and and then what type of conversations went on at AP within AP about whether or not you should actually go forward with this as a as a way to potentially compromise security I don't remember actually even making that argument I mean I think that everything was wrong wrong said the demographics unit didn't exist and then we ran a story that with a document that was had the demographics unit seal so then I mean it was just sort of demographic unit document labeled so it just they came out and said everything was wrong and then they're sort of backpedaling and they never their initial response was not that yes we're doing it it jeopardizes things it was no we're not doing that you're wrong your story is marked by outright fiction this is this is wrong and then once that was the story they were locked into and we just sort of went through and started documenting it with documents and you know more sources you know I don't I think there was a few instances where they said no the document you released could have compromised an investigation but I don't think they ever I think they're their PR campaign had been had been pushed back on their heels a little bit as far as you know as far as ever getting to the point say yeah look you know you're gonna jeopardize that that that's a conversation if you're gonna have it you gotta have it right off the bat and they picked a different strategy I'm interested in the question sort of follows a vague maintenance question to as you're when you took this to your editors for the first time and said look here's what we've heard about his what we like to do did you get any pushback they're saying this is stay away from this no I mean they love this story yeah Michael well we got the microphone to you I'm wondering if there's any precedent in the history of the NYPD for doing this kind of intelligence gathering either in other cities or overseas either from the early Cold War the anti-war movement fighting international drug traffic in the city that sort of thing you know all right in the 50s 60s early part of the 70s the NYPD like the FBI had red squads and had was using their intelligence division to infiltrate political groups civil rights groups photographed protests keep files on civil rights leaders as was the style of the time and in once that sort of came to light there was a lawsuit landmark lawsuit class-action lawsuit I have and the hand shoe versus city in New York and as part of that the a judge said they came to a agreement a settlement a consent decree where they said all right look you're not gonna you promised not to spy on political activities and you're not gonna maintain any documents and you're not gonna infiltrate these groups and you're not gonna do this unless it has a super high standard and it has to be reviewed by this outside board and and all this stuff and that basically castrated the Intelligence Division it was on ice for you know two decades it was nothing but a glorified chauffer service 9/11 happens they immediately went to the judge and they were like we need to scale back those rules we need the ability to do this it was post 9/11 a judge said okay they got rid of the oversight board they lower the standard from you know whatever it was probable cause to reasonable suspicion um and you know suddenly the Intel division was business no I want to take advantage of the to chair here for a quick question and then a comment do you know are they using drones I no I don't think so yeah no I mean I don't rehab just wait this mic out wait just ready because that this is I know you know this this is ongoing stories recently now they're police departments around the country that are applying for the permits and the FAA has been told by Congress to make it easier for police departments to get drones so that what's happening in Pakistan maybe not with armed with missiles but drones certainly are going to be used by domestic police departments soon they're not already well Ray Kelly told 60 minutes that the NYPD has the ability the capability and the authority to shoot down airplanes so it was news to people in the federal government like like the people who get paid for to shoot down airplanes for a living like next time you take a shovel to LaGuardia you might the other comment I have is when I started in television at KABC in Los Angeles in 1980 it was a local television station there was an investigative reporting unit and there were 10 reporters in it and when I left 9 years later there was no investigative reporting unit and they were obviously no reporters in it and it is I think very regrettable across the nation that newspapers with budget cuts and everything TV stations radio station it's the first thing to go is investigative reporting I think tonight we see how important it is that the reporters who are just able to go Unleashed and go out and hunt and find and report and without that we would all be not we would not be well served and so I find it really refreshing tonight the AP has continued that and lets you guys get into this story and I really really value and applaud you for your great work Thanks thanks for coming right we'll see you with a kathleen sebelius you ap capstone research portfolio for money State University of New York Maritime College.

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