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Capstone management company alabama

Capstone management company alabama capstone lighting model ck31 r1 manual optimists club essay contest for high school ´╗┐me da keys are signed for international signings right two for two top guys right you said earning for the top 50 the Mets f2 so far Wow well I mean look at Cashman's done a very good job with that as well as we have seen there's no question about that eight seven seven three three seven 66 66 Peter and Union is on a fan I Peter Hey Joe how are you good Pete I'm with you I can't stand the Lakers and how they're entitled to every every free agent every top free agent but from a basketball standpoint it's kind of a curious move for me because I don't feel like you have a supporting cast in in LA that's kind of taken barriers for especially with the Warriors and the Rockets they're right so and I know physically he's the five yards he's especially blood you know you gotta figure he's gonna break down in about two years and you know who else was gonna sign you have to think that he has like maybe I'm agreeing with someone else that's going to come in well you know you're going after Kawhi I mean there's no doubt about that they're gonna try to and they look if I'm San Antonio do I want to trade him to the Lakers no but if I know he's not coming back they got him you know he's he's a free agent at the end of the year if I know he's not coming back you know and the Lakers at least have a bunch of young players that they could get in a deal for this guy I mean I I got to consider that don't I yeah you do you have you have to get something for you have to I think that philadelphi you can offer a better package than LA don't exceed better probably better Yeah right all right and I hope the next day and it's just so depressing to see all these three agents fine and we're not it's you mentioned somebody you know to a friend or something that somebody will something Nixon they laugh at you and it's just kind of depressing and you hope that they can turn it around they can clear some calf space I think I think they got a shot at Kyrie though next year sounds like he really wants to come home I don't think they'll be a good building block with him for seunga's well let's get him first I mean y'all believe that when I see it happen I really will Pete I mean I let me see that happen with Kyrie I know he says he wants to suffer so let me see him be healthy because he's got some issues I mean a guy you know he missed on you how much team it's like a half a season this year what in that so he's got some health issues you know you got to be a little concerned about let me see Kyrie be healthy here for a full year with the Celtics you know and I'm all for bringing him there's somebody somebody I know Melo wanted to be here they did get stottlemyre here but those guys let's be honest Stata Maya Melo there be level stars you know I mean like I mean you know with those guys is you'll be play you're not winning a championship you're not if those are you lead guys so you know I put Kyrie a little above those guys now I don't know Phoebe's your lead guy if you can win a championship evil I don't know I don't know we haven't seen him do that you wanted slightly you know but he was the second fiddle to LeBron as good as he is but yeah I'll take my chances that he is an a-list superstar so we'll see how it plays out at the end of the year but it's just very frustrating you know especially a guy that's been around as long as me and you see how the Lakers have just got all these every guy here could be and even if Kawhi does get traded somewhere else let's say he gets traded to Boston remember he could still be a free agent at the end of the year that doesn't mean is it the guarantee they're gonna sign the guy now who knows and you can still wind up with the Lakers let's see how it plays out eight seven seven three three seven 6666 my buddy Kenny in Wyckoff I canti how are you hello just I know you're gonna get to the World Cup or the two right now I'm watching what's going on Mexico in Brazil right now what's the score hip zipped no mil no come on no no very good two of them want to shoot us yesterday right which is pretty well right I guess you and Russia won and shootout yesterday right oh my god they ran out of vodka yesterday in Russia I was honorable hey Jo I go back as far as you do and I know we're good friends but I love the Celtics but I had great respect for the Lakers with Elgin Baylor and Jerry West where they got wilt right and but then after the will and you mentioned all of the acquisitions and then Phil Jackson Asami triangle triangle circle whatever it is I mean that those teams and how they loaded up on players was disgusting and now for him to go there please I wish you would have gone to Philly I really do yeah but I'd like you it hasn't won in a long time one I would feel better about him going there and then jumping on the lake of bandwagon and and obviously I am really kenny if he doesn't got a title where how is he gonna be viewed as a Laker yeah yeah and what's gonna happen the love of our board the ball situation we think is gonna happen well I'd say one thing I don't think he's going anywhere because if let's just say that there is a deal for Kauai with the Lakers they don't want him the way I understand it Popovich doesn't want ball in Alonzo ball Lavar is the father obviously and that's the reason I'm not I'm assuming that's the reason is you know there's too much baggage that comes along with him so I don't know I think he's got anything right now Bulls gonna stay with the Lakers sway looks eight seven seven three three seven 6666 but didn't go in the mid day you know what we got well let's get Anthony naproxen here is gonna say we'll get the we could play to you home run calls now but let's look the Anthony first Anthony how are you hey how are you good Anthony I just this one is you know everybody was kind about distracting Boston gave the Yankees the day before yesterday right and then everybody's going crazy all we need to get pitches we need to do this minute of that one the right state of mind doesn't think that Brian Cashman is not gonna make a move look there's no question that Cashman is gonna bring another starting pitcher in here I mean it you could take it to the bank it's happening please and one thing I want to share which is go real quick coach Tommy said that this is how I came listening to you okay boy back when you was a bit overnight yep you know I got into a little trouble at one time and went away for long time let me tell you something how you helped me get through a bunch of stressful life and I would love to thank you personally but I've been trying to get on the air for a long time and I finally did today I guess everybody got hung over from last night off from celebrating yesterday and nobody's calling like I was able to get through well auntie let me tell you this let me say this let me say this I don't know what your issues were but thank God every everything is straightened out now you're in a good skin a good plan your life yes yes I'm in a great state right now in my life and I got my children with me I do whatever I want free to go wherever I want to go enjoy my sports and suffer with the Knicks along with you and ease don't you have to suffer with the Yankees don't you know there's no suffering in that's for sure oh my god what are we gonna do yeah that's painful oh my well Anthony I appreciate it man thank you and I'm glad I got you thank you bro glad I got you through a tough point a part of your life and that everything's good with you now that's great eight seven seven three three seven 6666 Mikan Utley joins us on a fan i Mike how are you I'm a huge Laker fan and I just want to talk about all these guys calling up about how they hate the Lakers Mike as a guy like me who's a Knick fan has been watching the NBA 450 over well over 50 years you can understand where I'm coming from right why why I why I don't like the Lakers so you understand that I understand but do you want to watch the Warriors just keep on winning and win even I watch the Lakers keep on winning win forever I mean seriously am I wrong saying is when the Lakers been whimpering the Warriors just thought it wouldn't I don't want to worry us believe me I got no love for them either but I mean you know I'm you don't know I'm only 20 years old an hour so you're only 20 so you have seen what two Laker championships is that what you've seen Hey yeah okay all right you know I'm you know what I mean Nick championships I've seen I'm 65 - it's funny but I actually did - I saw I saw by the time I was 20 how's that there you go why - I think we have a big chance I think you definitely have to move I think we have to move either Kuzma or Bowl they don't want ball though right right well you could say you know you're trading room you could trade Kuzma you know anger and a pic right circle why yeah yeah championship I want it all look I I'll say this I San Antonio is one trillionth of Lakers and I understand it you know you want to get him out of the conference I get it you know the Celtics might be able to give him a better package even Philly might be definitely Boston so and I think the Spurs are gonna have to trade cool and because you just want to come back you got to get Sydney you can't make the mistake that the the island is made and not trading Tavares you know and look everybody thought he was gonna come back and obviously didn't happen and they got stuck with nothing but I think that Leonard will be traded at some point before the season starts eight seven seven three three seven 6666 get another call in here let's go to how about the Bobby on Long Island on a fan hi Bobby hey good Bob I'm a big Knicks fan I would think you opening gopher but I gotta go back to something you said a little earlier down or mellow and the more each time they want well be level sparse I don't the secret level start be level stars I'm sorry you said you know they might not as their league player not with those guys being the lead player on the team you know what I mean yeah easy to say now at this point now that it's all said and done all those guys they're gone but to a different point I mean the Knicks the Knicks didn't build around those guys hey look what did they what did they get those guys I look I understand what you're saying I do I'm not going to defend Melo Morris down by I'm not the biggest fan of those two guys but Amar'e Stoudemire was playing with a he was 20 or 40 points tonight would bring himself in look he had when he when he first got his thought Amaya he was tremendous I mean he was playing at an MVP level there's no doubt about it he was but the problem with Stoudemire is that you knew at some point you know the injuries were gonna start happening again you knew that and when they brought Melo in the whole dynamic changed when they brought mellowing when they made the Melo trade everything changed with the dynamic of that team they really I know he made the playoffs you know three years in a row whatever it was but the whole dynamic of the team changed but I you know seriously as good as mellow as he's a hall-of-famer mel's hall-of-famer I don't think there's any doubt about that you know he's he's been a great scorer you know he won a national championship at Syracuse he's got all those gold medals I think he's got more you know he's won more games in the in the Olympics than any American player than anybody else from the USA he's got three gold medals and all of that no doubt he's a Hall of Fame player but to win a championship we call Melo Anthony as you'll lead player it's just not gonna happen I mean look I mean how many how many playoff series has called Melo Anthony won in his career when he would one in Denver and one with the Knicks is that that's it that's it I think it's an entire career maybe I'm wrong he might have won through with that right he gets only one his entire career the guy's won two playoff series would him be in the lead play around whatever team he was on so I you know and I'm not I'm not knocking Melo he's like I said he's a Hall of Fame player but to put him in the same category is you know LeBron or Durant or even Steph Curry you know these kind of guys he's not he's not eight seven seven three three seven 6666 get another koalas I'm taking my cue here from Dolph John and Pat jog hi John how are you a Joe how are you good job um big fan of the show thank God just wanted to talk 30 years old diehard Jets Mets and I oldest man in a lot of pain yeah 30 years I guess yesterday is a top five moment of mine I'm sure off to see Tavares walk in the manner he did setback this franchise five years and for a kid who preached himself on character integrity being really this the centerpiece of the franchise and to lead them in a direction where they got no assets for him is inexcusable and I just I don't know where we go now and I mean for it for a guy when you bring on a guy like Barry trots in lamb Arella so those guys come if he if he was leading this way all the way it just makes no sense and yeah I really think this way and I look I feel for the I I really do I feel for the island defend this is this is a rough day I mean I there's no doubt about that you know you lose this top play I want a top five plays in a league and this guy goes away for nothing in the prime of his career it's it's fair painful I completely get it I'm not so sold on their land Morello and trots toward a hundred percent that Tavares was coming back and I think that's the one thing if you're an island defend that you got to hang your hat on and that's the fact that you do have land Morello oh yeah and I've said this before it to me I don't care what the sport is he's one of the great GM's we've seen in recent history in the last 20 or so years he's he's done you know he would did a magnificent job with the devils so I would feel good about him but I feel bad for y'all on the fan today I know Evans all bummed out I can only imagine how bummed out he is about that you know it's it's not it's tough and that he walked away for nothing and at the allenbys you know did they know I mean did they talk to him enough during the year did they gauge enough are you coming back I don't know I don't know how to play it I don't know I don't know how should they have just traded him and you know what do you say okay look we're gonna bring him back I don't know I don't know what you do they could have traded him as Phil brought him back and at least got something for him because he was gonna be a free agent either way I mean it could have got something so I don't know I think that's a tough spot but I do feel for the island of fans but like I said you got to feel pretty good that you got land Morello running the show eight seven seven three three seven sixty six sixty six will break we'll go to the top of the hour we'll come back when we come back we'll listen to John Sterling's phenomenal calls on all six of the Yankee home runs last night in their beat down of David Price and the Red Sox do my capstone project rutgers for money College of Arts Sciences and Engineering.

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