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Capstone logistics stevens point for money

Capstone logistics stevens point for money capstone for gcu for money top cover letter advice free ´╗┐the Scottish Highlands celebrated worldwide for their beauty and grandeur have a bloody history ancient hatreds are written into this landscape for centuries this was a war-torn country where murderous rivalries reign supreme family versus family clan versus clan today millions of people claim Highland ancestry or a link to the great clan names which shape the history of Scotland I'm going in search of the extraordinary stories behind the tartan and pageantry a quest for a shared and often violent past tracing the rise and fall of Scottish clans starting with my own clan Gregor the journey into my own family's MacGregor ancestors begins with a bloody feud with clan Campbell when the very name MacGregor determined if you lived or died this is the shattered ruin of Finland castle on the banks of Loch Tay once a stronghold of clan Campbell it's a place of infamy and horror for all McGregor's is it really bleeding an oppressive atmosphere here in fanatic Castle according to local legend this hole in the ground is the infamous beheading pit the story goes that Campbell's and their dinner guests will gather I'll put the castle and watch the execution of McGregor's below you know it makes me shudder to think that standing here 400 years ago I could well have been staring down at the severed heads of my own family and the 17th century simply bearing the name MacGregor made you a target for the hatred of clan Campbell a hatred that reached heights of extraordinary cruelty the Campbell's it's said specially bred a pack of hounds to hunt down their MacGregor quarry now these great beasts coin Dew or black dogs was supposed to have been nurtured on the milk of suckling MacGregor women so they could better track down their victims such bloody tales whether true or legendary are a common feature of all clan histories but what relevance do they have for 21st century life in Scotland very few of us are more than a degree of separation away from Highland history either through birth marriage or simply living among so many people but their own clans stories now I'm a case in point that could spite the merchants name my family came to Highland past that connects me and my kids to the McGregor story now it's an amazing fact that genealogy is the biggest thing on the internet after pornography of course the thousands and thousands of sites devoted to tracing your family roots it's as if of understanding the past and your personal history helps answer the big questions in life like Who am I where do I come from and belonging to a clan provides an answer of sorts but if like me you're not called McGregor how can he belong to the clan Richard McGregor of the clan Gregor society helps me unravel the complexities of Klan membership my calyx not fantastic Richard but I do understand the clan roughly translates as children now does that mean that all McGregor's are all people that the clan name are related in some way well they can be but it doesn't mean just family it doesn't mean just children it means a kind of extended family come Traver if you like of people who are associated together and often the nucleus are people who are related to each other but around them are people who are associated with them often it would be perfect for protection somebody who's more powerful living in the area and you want to you know because there's lots of reading going on and and it's quite dangerous to live you know on your own isolated so you'd want to be associated with somebody who could protect you does that mean to say that you've really got within a clan structure so two two levels of belonging any like you've got become the first class that you know the first division McGregor's would be at the center they are related and then around them you've got setting division guys who are there for protection because at hide under the umbrella of that clans identity oh yeah that's true I mean but that's our perspective on it I don't think people in the 14th century would have thought of themselves as first the same division although the people who adopted the name would probably be more likely to be less influential in the politics of the area our Highland clans emerged in the 15th century from a much earlier tribal society but from what Richard is saying Klan membership was quite a loose thing so not all McGregor's were born MacGregor the next stage of my journey takes me back in time 700 years and into the heart of MacGregor country to del Mali in Argyll Alec McNeill is the present-day official clan Gregor bard a man who knows the importance of dressing for the occasion Panik also knows how having the right name the right ancestors can make you more McGregor than others we met in the village Kirk's MacGregor burial ground now it seems that your job within the clan isn't a sense to be like an oral database you've got all the stories you've got all the genealogy there now pedigree is so important to Highland clans no why is that vitally important list let's look at it for example in a military context the Highland officers were stand in the front line of the Highland army all the way through history those who rushed their subordinates or dependents was stand behind them the noble pedigree was very important because it didn't have to be disciplined like the lowland or English counterparts the pride and ancestry made them stand strong at the time of the battles and they barred and the time of the battle would get the warriors to strike upon the shield for the BMC I understate the brows in Hakata the incitement towards declaiming their ancestors and the heroic deeds to make sure they would not turn in the face of the enemy vitally important if pride and ancestry lies at the heart of clam ship than to walk among the graves of the ancestors some dating back to the 13th century makes this a special place for all of us with a McGregor connection it's amazing to think these stones once covered the bones of McGregor Chiefs of the earliest McGregor Chiefs and for you as the McGregor bards must be quite an emotive place to be we look and feel the hairs on the back of my neck tickling up this must be the Moto just moments of my life standing here in front of this medieval grave with others layers of history the ancient Chiefs are buried of the royal blood of the noble seed of Gregor Lincoln in scranton order his motto was a savvy gamma Crown Royal is my race despite the royal claims the MacGregors hold over these lands were soon threatened by an ambitious clan on the make clan Campbell in the 16th century the rivalry between these two erupted in bloody feud driven by personal hatred between Kali and Leah that's three Colin Campbell and the young McGregor chief Gregory Callie and Leah gray Colin Campbell had his power base at kilchurn castle on lahore it was from here in the 1540s that the Campbells launched a vicious campaign against our close neighbors clan Gregor but according to dr. Martin McGregor the two clans weren't always at loggerheads the initial relationship which was forged between them seems to have been a positive one in this part of the world McGregor's but initially at the ruling level if you like of society they lost that position to the Campbells Campbell / grew in the later 14th century but that didn't result in the MacGregors being expelled from this part of the world at that stage was a kind of symbiotic relationship man absolutely and the big question becomes however how long can that last it's fine as long as both Kindred's are benefiting or was moving in the same direction and terms of their social status etc but if you get a scenario whereby for example has turned out Campbell power starts to wane and the MacGregors are still on the rise then you have a potential recipe for conflict this is the origin of the infamous feud between the MacGregors and the Campbells in the 16th century Kali and Leah wanted to rein in the growing power of the MacGregors to do this he put pressure on the young MacGregor chief Gregory murdering his brother and buying his ancestral lands Gregory was now faced with a choice buckle down and accept Campbell's superiority or go to war so which path the Glitter I choose he chooses the path of conflict he stands up against the Campbells in late 1562 he gathers the clan they make emerges at capstone project bsn for money Jefferson Community College.

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