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Capstone logistics okc address

Capstone logistics okc address do my capstone rehearsal tutorial quiz answers writing a successful personal statement hey guys welcome back to my channel so for today's video and basically sharing my experience of how I got my unconditional offer for a Russell Group University I'm not really going to bore you guys like the crux of the issue the issue the crux or the it's how it happened and that kind of stuff is like really honestly truly not interested but what I'm going to do is basically give you guys some tips and that direction in terms of like how you can achieve the same thing and if you want be able to say that you get to go to university even if you've got three e's then definitely keep watching it although I mean I wouldn't advise getting three e's because yeah but you've got a few what I'm still going to university if you get this unconditional offer so let's just get straight to this video and also just going to explain a little bit about what an unconditional fit is if you're new to the whole applying to universe you think you're prolly sitting there thinking about what their own traditional offer mean well basically an unconditional offer is a offer from a university that if you put them as your first choice so you say yes this is what I want to go in return they will remove the grade requirements and say that no matter what happens on results they providing that you get free eat basically whatever I say is you have to go and sit the exam you can't be jetting off to Morocco and Hawaii and enjoying your life during exam season and providing you get that you have a place at our universities you don't have to put a backup the university only in September you can pack your bags and say that I'm going here even if results day doesn't datapad basically depending on what university you want to go was part on whether you to get an unconditional offer so if you want to go to Manchester if you want to go to Bristol if you want to go to I don't know Chris a drooler to add a breath I've just aimed universities off the top of my head right now if you want to go into a particular university that University mail orbit door actually offer unconditional so you depending on University if you're like I bring whether to wrestle like Emerson that came out the week it has been my dream to go to Bristol I want this a conditional offer I want to say that no matter what happens I get to go to Bristol honey I'm really sorry but they don't really give out unconditional even if you're one grade above the prediction they'll still be like cool get the great dance and we'll see you in September that's kind of having role where as Nottingham and Birmingham - who are kind of known to this that you consider giving out of conditionals a lot more whereas Bristol and like Warwick less so yes that's kind of something to think about first of all if you want this kind of offer you have to make sure you're applying to at least well to university so you even consider giving we also have something about getting unconditional offer is the only way that you can combine unconditional is by working hard there is no special remedy or recipe to an unconditional if you put in the work and you do it right you can get an untraditional if you sit around doing absolutely nothing and but all you'll times--but booking into the club and then idolo revise a week before the exam then soft babe an unconditional delete much harder to come by I started working hard when I got into and year 12 I would read articles on things I was learning in class I would do extra reading I've watched documentaries on things that I was interested on surrounding that subject it will also help with your personal statement because it makes it a little easy when you already have you kind of books that you've read or articles that you've read and rather than then when it comes to writing a personal statement having to flick through all these books and trying to figure out where you even want to write that and then to is rather guys honestly just work work work in order to build yourself a good foundation in order to achieve that author and in order to put yourself in a good position to achieve that also probably a better term to use also the next thing I wanted to touch on obviously not all obviously in terms of getting additional offer depends of the university and also talk about how hard work is inevitable like you have to put the work in order to try and achieve next thing I kind of want to highlight is about your predicted grades at about your GCSE grades so an unconditional offer is looking at you as a hallway it's not just about your predicted days so they do consider your GCSE grades and I wouldn't let that make you worry we'll put you off of it of trying to get one and they also look at your predicted grades obviously so for if you guys want to know what I got and I got away stars and aids in my GCSEs and then my projected grades for my a levels where a star a a they also look at your personal statement as well and also your references and just you as a whole so it's more of a longevity thing I do feel like and if you want to know and how likely you would be getting unconditional or get what sort of offer you'd be likely to get as I said earlier Birmingham offer unconditional so they have this thing on their website where you can look up how likely you are to get opposite your GCSE results in and you put your a level predictions in it could be a couple of other things you might have to add as well I can't remember exactly and then it kind of like calculates it it has you how likely you are to get an offer I definitely look that up is quite useful in attracting disease I will link it in the description bar below if you're interested is looking at that the next thing I would say in terms of getting an unconditional what you need to think about is be course so something courses just don't really give out of conditionals once again from my experience I applied for history and politics joint honours and so I don't really know exactly whether that popular course for getting on officials I mean it's a joint honours that it's but exactly a walk in the park it's still for the last workforce a lot of reading and that kind of thing fact the course you applied for does also kind of indicate or implicit not indicate I think implicate güell whether you could receive your unconditional whether you could receive an offer the course I was applying to the grade requirements were AAA and as I said earlier my prediction grades were a star AAA I think that will subpoena plan fact I was really one grade I was really predicted to get one grade above what they were asking for so I think that's a consideration something to bear in mind something from experience basically everyone who I talked to who have gotten traditional and were above the grade requirements and that was definitely a factor but that doesn't mean you will get an unconditional offer because I also tries to worry I just get an offer the grade requirements for the same as not too young it was AAA but they didn't offer me an unconditional even though I have one grade above the requirements so being one grade above the requirement or to those requirements doesn't mean anything they can still just offer you the standard offer and once again it goes back to my point about the fact that it's not just about your predicted grades and what they're asking for is all of these other things other things to think about in terms of the course is it does mean that certain courses just aren't really unconditional likely courses and that is also down to competitiveness so I think that basically kinds of three areas I wanted to highlight about getting an unconditional offer and see guys it comes down to hard work and what you're willing to put in there are certain factors which for just given like what kind of university you're applying to what course you're applying to what grades you have there are certain things that are set in stone but with hard work you can achieve it unconditional and if and if you want to experience really like that then I would 100% recommend aiming to that but don't solely pick somewhere or apply to places just because they're offering unconditional make sure you like the Uni make sure you feel that you could live that because it's not just one year's three and yeah there's a lot that goes into picking a university and I will be talking about that in other videos as well about how I chose the five that I did choose to apply for and which I don't know if I said was Bristol leave Warwick not and Manchester and it was naughty and that provided me with an unconditional offer and for history of politics I think that I think everyone should aim for if that's what you want to do I mean I think that is because I was never this academic girl who's got a stars all the times we've got hundred percent in her tax if you know me you will know that up until probably the end of that more than the end of your time up until my locks in year 11 your goal was just enjoying life I was out here like a it was it for me and I'm not saying the past two three years of school wasn't it but as a like I like work was like one of my lowest priority is an up until my mock senior eleven through I've never been this straight a star student with a hundred percent in every test you've spread 24/7 in the library and study study studies all the time not occur that was dot B and I think for more to me is more about the fact that you know that if you can either do a your each of these it's never too late to start and to push ourselves to work hard and to be academic person as well because you have a good academic officer al doesn't be you can't start a couple epidemic don't you can't pull out those grades like I said like the reality is homework is a thing like it actually does work ironically so yeah I would encourage anyone who was switching that unconditional offer or it's curious about that kind of thing or you just want to push themselves to get all five horses or anything like that just do it I hope you guys enjoy this video if you did don't forget to give a thumbs up and subscribe episode on Mondays and Fridays there will be more culminating about these series opportunity new cast and all that kind of stuff for people who would like to know more or just confused about the whole process if you want to know more or any more information or tips or tricks or you just have questions then comment them down below and I will reply to them or you can send me an email my email we linked at the description bar below I'm here to help happy to help again see you guys next time bye capstone search group inc Niagara County Community College.

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