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Capstone logistics llc houston tx order

Capstone logistics llc houston tx order capstone bible verse for money scholarship application essay ideas for othello [Music] morning here's my outfit of the day today everything about I am wearing is from New York and company if you remember a little while ago I wore outfit very similar to this but the top wish is gray and the sweater was great but I bought all of these things at the same time because I enjoyed it or I liked it so these jegging is for jeggings are from New York and company the top the sweater is also from New York and company then I'm wearing some gray flats that are Madonna's Material Girl line and I bought though is that Macy's a couple of years ago and I am wearing this Michael Kors watch here and that's it so I will talk to you guys a little bit later [Music] hey everybody it is now about a quarter to five I've been home for about 20 minutes or so I was out today I had a full-day meeting with the other members of the district negotiations team as we continue to prepare to decide what we want to bring to the table when it comes to contract negotiations for the school year so I knew I was going to be out today but I had to get to work this morning at 6:15 because I had to get in and make sub plans so a couple days ago if you watched yesterday's vlogmas day day seven I'm losing track Blagh missed a seven which was my Wednesday I had a pretty rough day like it started off rough I came to work kind of in a bit of a mood because there were some things going on and then by the end of it it just had gotten progressively worse and I think it was just one of those situations where life stress and work stress all got to be too much and you know you just get to a breaking point so after the staff meeting I went back to my classroom and I tried my hardest to hold it together you know you feel like you're gonna cry you were just like trying to will yourself not to cry that was pretty much how I left the staff meeting and then I was I was doing a pretty good job I was holding it together but then Liza came in to check on me and then you know when someone comes to check on you then it all falls apart and then she had to witness my ugly cry but I left there Wednesday night I came home with every intention to go to work yesterday on Thursday and the more I thought about it at home the more I knew it would it just wouldn't be a good idea for me to go to work I physically was feeling like I was coming down with the cold and mentally and emotionally like I just wasn't in a good place and I knew that if I went to work on Thursday I would not be a kind teacher I would not be a patient teacher I would not be a pleasant person to be around and I didn't really want to put anybody through that and I really just needed some time on my own to just be left alone so I at the last minute decided to take that mental-health day which meant I had no sub plans in place when I left on Wednesday so I Sindhi my teammate gave her some relatively scant sub plans and she helped me out with this up yesterday and made sure the sub knew what to do but that also meant that I wasn't at school yesterday to make sub plans for today which is the day I knew I would be out so I woke up this morning at about 4:30 got to school by about 6:15 there's Genesis on guard duty to make my sub plans and by 7:30 ish this morning I was done and I left I left the kids a note on the board saying you know I was out sick yesterday sorry I missed their pizza party because they had a pizza party and that I was gonna be out today but I would return on Monday and that was pretty much it and then I headed to my meeting the good news is is when I got to the classroom this morning that student that I've been talking about my you know pretty serious behavior issue his dad actually didn't respond he did not respond to me through remind but he responded on the citation that his son was issued on Tuesday I believe and so as of right now we're set to meet on Monday morning it will be me the parent and the principal so that's good news I don't know what the meaning is gonna be like I don't know what the tone of the meeting is going to be because the dad seems pretty uninterested in what I have to say right now but at least he is coming so that's good the other thing I want to say about that situation is a couple people have asked about administrative support and are they helping me in any way and the truth of the matter is I think that they are helping me as much as they can number one one of our administrators is out for the time being which means my assistant principal the one who's remaining she is doing double duty so she's taking care of her responsibilities that she was in charge of before our principal left plus picking up the I don't want to say the slack because that's not the proper term plus you know filling in for the principal while she's away and my assistant principal who's primarily in charge of discipline has said to me on more than one occasion you know what Latonya if you need a break from that particular student they just send them up you can just send them up if you need a break because I understand so she's been very supportive in that way and I have sent him up a few times when I just need him to be removed from the classroom but it's hard because sometimes the assistant principal isn't there and if I send him up and she's not there then this student is disrupting the Secretary's in the office and they have work to do and I think I've said before I don't like to send them to other classes because he will go to other classes and do what he does in my class in those other classes and I don't want to put another teacher through that kind of disruptive behavior so they do support me in that way in terms of bigger consequences things like suspension or you know things along those lines suspending a student at least in my district has just become a very difficult process in times past if a student was misbehaving and doing X Y & Z and breaking school school route school rules left and right suspension was an option now because of I think some lawsuit that popped up somewhere or some legal ramifications that happen in another school district it is very difficult to just suspend a student without some sort of documentation that you've jumped through ten hoops before putting suspension on the table so in that regard I feel like my administrators hands are tied I don't know that there's much else that they can do I can't we I can't really do anything like get an aid or something along those lines because even for stuff like that to happen you still have to go through a process excuse me like an SST process which stands for student study team where you try all these different strategies to rectify a student's behavior but that also requires the buy-in and the participation of the parent and right now we don't really have that so that's why I feel like we're really stuck in it like work in a standstill with this particular student so they are helping me I don't know what else they could be doing but hopefully maybe Monday I am so sorry hopefully Monday things would start to turn around after this meeting with the father so that he can hear not just me saying that this is a problem but the assistant principal and while I was out today I had him spend the day and mrs. shoes class because he's proven that I can't leave him in that class with the sub because he becomes even more disruptive and even mrs. Chu experienced the same things and I'm experiencing so it's not me picking on him it's not me not being able to manage him it's just it just is him I had to step out of my meeting to talk to him on the phone because he was being that disruptive in that classroom so anyway in regards to yesterday's vlog I hope that you guys don't mind that there was no no me talking in it and I I wanted to stay committed to logging and uploading every day for vlogmas but quite honestly yesterday I just needed a day of silence sometimes when I get to such a point stress and frustration the best thing for me to do is just to remain quiet to just not speak to minimize interaction with others and just just be quiet and just be quiet with my own thoughts and that's kind of what I wanted to do yesterday but at the same time I wanted to kind of show you how I spent my mental health day and not late break my little vlogmas streak that I've been on so I hope that you guys were okay with that style of long miss I'd like to think that it was maybe it was a little bit more artsy because it was like a silent movie but so I'm just glad in general that I took that day I'm glad I resisted the urge go in because I always have this anxiety of like I need to go in especially because they had a math quiz and so I made arrangements with mrs. Chu to help me out with that today and you know they had the pizza party so I was going to go in and I just got to a point where I said no you just need to stay home and I think that's probably one of the best choices I've made this whole school year but I said all that to say I am just happy that this week is over this has been just my least favorite week I say with me feeling like I'm getting a sick it's been a little extra stressful with me ended up crying and just oh I just needed this week's to come to an end so I'm glad it's Friday I am home I am on the couch I am watching some Judge Judy right there oh there she is sitting by the Christmas tree which is always nice and soothing I've got my sweatpants on Genisys is around here somewhere and I might just take myself a little catnap I'm gonna hopefully convince Genesis that she does not need to go on a walk tonight because I don't feel like going outside but I am feeling much better thank you everybody who wished me well reminded me that it was just one day that Christmas break is right around the corner and that we all have those bad days it really did help and I felt very supported so thank you everybody so that's it I'm gonna relax eat some leftovers watch a few vlog myths of other people's if you're wondering who I watch I like to watch Claire Marshall and I like to watch I think her name is Elle Florence sometimes I just like to watch non-teachers just to kind of get a different perspective but so I'll probably watch some of that I do watch Brigitte Spackman for the letter classroom and Tina bite ler but I thought I'd also mentioned to non-teaching long miss one blog Miss blog misses the heck watch I don't know if that's the right word but that is probably what I'm gonna do tonight so I will talk to you guys later probably tomorrow I hope you guys have a good night and I will see you for vlogmas day 10 on Saturday bye capstone cottages lubbock prices order Congregation of Christian Brothers.

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