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Capstone jobsdb for money

Capstone jobsdb for money do my games for one people characteristics of service marketing slideshare presentation Thank You Dean Lindsey for that gracious of flattering introduction if she would have read off every single thing that I tried to accomplish a risk we'd be here forever extremely long graduation ceremony saw I'll let her get that will get past good morning to all the members of platform party distinguished faculty honored guests families and most importantly the graduates I'm extremely humbled and thankful to be included in your special day and have the honor to speak to all of you I must disclose over before I begin at I have some of my former professors here and teachers so I'll go ahead and let you know I wasn't always the best student I took what I'd like to call the scenic route in college and I used to laugh when I hear my mother in the other room talking to some of her friends save did your son say that he elected an academic red shirt so I and yeah I still have student loans as well just to let all of you know I still pay him each month but I think the most important thing with what I'd like to speak to you about is the fact that I graduated I actually completed and got it done and as I walked out of this very field house Maddox I had this unbelievable confidence that I now had this asset that was it was tangible but it was also something that I couldn't I couldn't tell or I couldn't tell you how much confidence he gave me it wasn't an asset that she'd find in a business planet at a private placement the Miranda more balance sheet it was more of a mental accident that I had it was a feeling of confidence that this asset could never be taken away from me my little what I'd like to call a risk mitigation device as I later turned in learning more about business if you listen to most famous success gurus or tapes of books every single person generally always mentions risk and what is risk and that is the greatest factor in what people would save can achieve success but the interesting thing about it is most people are very fearful of it and i've always been interested in that and i must say the same thing i was extreme when i sat in his exact chairs when I got here I was unbelievably nervous and unbelievably scared to death of what what I would have to do after this degree or what my parents thought I should do or what my friends and family thought I should do what everyone else thought I should give I was very very scared but when I walked out of Maddox field house that fear really dissipated because I knew I had something in my hand that they went get that asset that risk mitigation device that allow me to to now be fearless with that I felt that same feeling two different times in my life and I'd like to share two of those little stories with you just because it was the exact same feeling as walking out of those doors with that special asset the first one was when I decided to venture west to Los Angeles i bought this little Honda Civic which many you know it's not a big car and I packed every single thing I could into it and decided i'm going to go ahead take the road less you're out as many of you know driving through texas it's a big state and when you take the road less traveled and you take it three times and get lost it's a really big state so while driving through texas had many different thoughts going through my head I probably cry halfway through it because not because I was scared but because I was leaving a couple of things behind and probably also the fact that I had this Nelly CD that got stuck in my CD player and i ended up memorizing the whole thing and now i cannot drive through Texas without this subconsciously planning my head but as I got to Los Angeles and I taken the risk to go there each day got a little bit better and a little bit better and then I was really fortunate that our great state of Louisiana ended up passing this tax incentive program now called the Louisiana motion picture tax incentive program so after being in Los Angeles for about four or five years I decided to take another risk and come back again having that stain feeling in that same confidence I came back and I was here for about two months and then unfortunately I got sick with something called Crohn's disease and as you know when you take a lot of risk in life you don't they don't always work out exactly as you want them to so coming back I remember laying I didn't have health insurance that maybe forty dollars in my pocket and my checking concluding savings account and i was diagnosed with Crohn's and admitted to broke a law in hospital so i was laying there what is what essentially would be called my as i thought my death bed i wait about 110 pounds that all these IVs running in out of me and as I lay there and listen to the doctors talk with my mother and telling her that well he's we're not sure how this is going to work out at too overwhelming thoughts that came to mind and the first one was that I wanted to find my cell phone so I could call all the people that I loved and really tell them that but the second one was the same exact feeling of walking out of the field house was that I pray and pray and pray and if i could i ask god i get out of here i will risk every single thing I could ever dream and never be fearless again three days later I walked out took a little while to get going a month later I worked on a film hair two weeks after that that's when I started the fleet Hollywood trucks since that part every single and every single thing in my life has just been unbelievable each day I wake up and I feel so fortunate but the thing I want to talk to all the graduates about was again that asset that risk mitigation device that allowed me to make some of those very difficult decisions or what i thought was difficult it was that education that was a single greatest asset any single thing I've never had or ever owned or ever factored into any business plan or company strategy I'm not I'm not going to stand here and tell you just because you get at the point where at education that success is going to happen that you have to work hard but i will say that yes i did lose everything i lost the tail tunnel story i lost everything in my life three times i remember living in los angeles in a one-bedroom apartment I didn't have any furniture I slept on the floor sharing fifteen dollars with my best friend so we could make it meals through through the week we're in the same suit probably six times just through the week so I could allow the dry cleaners in to last as long as possible but in all of these things to drove my mother really insane I'm sure the parents here are superior thinking oh my gosh what kids but the thing that I'd like to say as well was that she always stood by me and I think part of that or most of that was the fact that she was also an educator and understood the importance of what a diploma degree in education stood for she taught for 35 years so no matter what I told her I was going to do we're going to try she SAT here just always said okay go for it go for it in conclusion I'd like to ask all the graduates here today first of all I'd like to thicken grads obviously but I'd like to ask each one of you a couple of favors at the end of all of us would have made hundreds of millions of dollars got multiple honorary degrees you've got your foundations and your trust I'd like to actually give it back give it back to your school and get back the same gift of Education that you now have I used to I was raised by my grandfather and he's always say you know Andre never seen a hearse with a you all behind it and it used I didn't really understand at that time would have been but I do now as I stand here and actually can't wait to get back to my alma mater in my school on a closing note I'd like to say again congratulations the world's waiting for you work hard love hard pray harder stay persistent keep your shoes polished keep your nose clean thank your parents profusely donate to your alpha nada and be very proud of yourself of what you've accomplished I'd also like to tell you risked everything go after your dream because you have an education the greatest asset in the world that no one can take away from you lastly something I always keep in mind as I flip their channels and watch the animal planet I've never once seen a tiger run away from anything be fields you write for me word capstone project wee ones daycare SUNY Cobleskill.

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