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Capstone isg dallas

Capstone isg dallas capstone logistics bridgeton mo how do you write a brief biography about yourself live from the CBS broadcast Center in Los Angeles this is CBS 2 News at 11:00 p.m. Laker fans give King James of royal reception as LeBron leads a new era of Showtime at Staples Center it's all anyone is talking about tonight that's right CBS 2 sports director Jim clay is here now with more on LeBron James coming to the LA Lakers and what it could mean for the team and we should start wearing signs that say we have no tickets because there's gonna be a lot of phone calls made that is for sure now when you think about it the Lakers have a huge history of pulling off really big moves rather trading for Kareem abdul-jabbar are signing Shaquille O'Neal and free agency you can now add the signing of LeBron James to that list LeBron's agency announced a four-year 154 million dollar contract he reportedly has a player option for the 4th season it's the longest contract LeBron has signed since he left Cleveland for Miami in 2010 he has recently signed one-year contracts to maximize his flexibility but with King James now when told for at least the next three years the Lakers have the ability to plan past the upcoming season there will be no repeat there will be no press conference LeBron posted this to his Instagram story saying quote Thank You Northeast Ohio for an incredible four seasons this will always be home in to quote LeBron is from as we all know Akron Ohio Kobe Bryant sent out this tweet welcoming LeBron to the Laker family with the hashtags Lakers for life and strive for success which LeBron frequently uses on social media a card Laker guard Lonzo ball tweeted quote y'all really thought he was going to pass up the greatest city in the world with the hashtag the king is here that's for lonzo's our Father well I spoke to levar ball earlier this evening man I consider myself the luckiest guy in the world give me everything lines up for me so for my son and had the best player in the world on his team and that guy's finishing I was career I can't ask for that better yeah go do not to learn and like I said they gonna win championships I guarantee it were you surprised at that had LeBron coming here I wasn't surprised like I said it I I feel everything lines up for a reason and I think that has to be the to put my son on his shoulders and teaching the way to win in the Kobe championship and like I said with that winning attitude with him lives for my son man that's those favorite player who gets to play with a favorite player nobody ever gets to see that but in lines up first the right way you know it's just going to be very fun watching him play with a block absolutely correct there are still a lot of moves to come but none bigger than this LeBron James is a Los Angeles Laker CBS 2's Christopher Hart Oh continues our team coverage at LA Live where Laker fans are talking title Christy oh they sure are and there was quite the celebration most of the fans have gone home they have to work tomorrow and they need to work because they need to afford those Laker tickets but for several hours I couldn't even utter the words LeBron James without being drowned out by Cheers at the home of the Lakers diehard fans are welcoming the newest Laker already renaming him LeBron changing VLE to an LA in his name what an emotional day here because even though we know that this is Kobe's house we know that LeBron James welcome baby [Applause] it doesn't take much to get this crowd to cheer and LA's mayor's doing this cheering on Twitter sending out this message the world's best player comes to the greatest city in the world celebrity fans are also rejoicing IceCube tweeted there is a God must be magic hashtag happy days are here again but for those without legions of followers the celebration was at Staples Center mark Gilbert is new to LA and is now a newly minted Laker fans I am I'm beyond excited because of the fact that I've always wanted to live in the same city as like my favorite player others like christenbury have been fans for years but on this day he says there's first thing is the biggest Laker fan but there is a number-one team and with King James he believes LA is it it's going down man all those haters out there and it just got a whole lot more expensive to be a Lakers fan we check StubHub and before the announcement season tickets started at $3500 as of an hour so ago it was already up to 6,000 bucks live in downtown LA I'm Cristy Fajardo CBS 2 News wow that's a lot more money alright Christy thanks so much let's go back to Jim Hill for more perspective on this a lot of people saying Jim 154 million dollars that's a lot of money to spend on a guy who just completed his 15th season but look at what he's done look at what he's doing and look at what he is going to do just look at the faces on those fans down there it's amazing what sports can do for the vitality of a community it can make people smile when they get up in the mornings it will make them sleep better at night Sports is that is that feel good that would think that we all love love to enjoy but the Lakers have always had a history of coming up with a big move at just the right time because people were starting to get frustrated you know I mentioned a little while ago I could take you all the way back to when they to when they got the Big Dipper and then and then they got the Shaquille O'Neal and they got Kareem abdul-jabbar and then they got Magic Johnson and then they get Kobe Bryant so history is wonderful for the Lakers under and dr. buss really started this a long time ago in genie is doing a fabulous job and he passed it on down to Magic Johnson and Rob pálinka they are carrying on the Laker tradition it's it's wonderful for the city it's wonderful sports but I will tell you this LeBron James has done more for the community in Cleveland and he will do a lot of things for this community as will and our young people's eyes will get really really big when now they see LeBron James who will say stay in school get the best education that you can and in the locker room he's going to improve the culture he's going to improve the way they dress he's going to improve the way they look he's going to improve the way they act it's time for him it's it's it's a lot of things that he's going to do and he can handle that's all right thanks so much and we love hearing your perspective yeah all right and Jim is also gonna have more on this coming up on sports central Sunday night and you can count on cbs2 news in for any new developments about LeBrons big announcement and of course more reaction as soon as it comes in we have developing news in Mexico's presidential election leftist candidate Ahn dress Manuel Lopez Obrador is claiming victory he's promising to crack down on corruption and stimulate the economy the campaign in Mexico has been marred by some of the worst political violence and decades dozens of candidates and political workers have been killed and tonight President Trump is sending his congratulations to Obrador he tweeted I look very much forward to working with him there is much to be done that will benefit both the United States and Mexico tonight we have learned a man who stabbed several children at a three-year-olds birthday party in Idaho has ties to the Southland CBS News Brady hopper joins us live from the newsroom with the latest Brittany and Peter we're learning more about the suspect tonight he has an extensive criminal background and he's from Los Angeles Canelo is dead bingo friends a violent attack on six children ranging in ages between three years old to 12 years old in Boise Idaho Saturday after this man 30 year old Timmy Earl Kiner stabbed nine people at a children's birthday party four of those with life-threatening injuries three year old girl whose birthday it was was one of those seriously injured including two four year olds a six year old and eight year old and a 12 year old along with three adults who tried to intercede to prevent the loss of lives of the children it happened at an apartment complex Boise Police say Kiner met a person at the apartments where the attack took place and stayed with that person for a few days within the last week that person and other neighbors became concerned with his behavior and asked him to leave Friday police say he left but came back to exact revenge the people he had been staying with were not home so police say he moved on to the birthday party a few doors down people were scattered across the apartment complex both within the apartments themselves lying in the street and in the walkways Skinner has an extensive criminal history spanning several states the victims are members of Boise's refugee community from Syria Iraq and Ethiopia now it's unclear at this point where Kiner lived in LA the FBI is now assisting with the investigation Kenner is expected in court tomorrow reporting live from the newsroom I'm Brittany hopper CBS 2 News such a sad story Brittney thanks police arrested a suspect for a deadly shooting at a Homewood Suites by Hilton Hotel in Oxnard police say 29 year-old Donald Reyes jr. of Newbury Park was shot several times in a room on the first floor guests were stunned by what happened I look down there's a police officer standing there as to what happened sort of tell me I didn't hear anything you know I just know that yet something happened police say the suspect behind bars is a 17 year old boy from Oxnard it's July 1st and that means some new laws go into effect in California one of them new pot regulations requiring tough new testing packaging and labeling starting today products will have to be tested for pesticides and bacteria like e.coli and salmonella these new rules are being enforced just six months after the state legalized marijuana also in the city of La minimum wage is now $12 an hour at businesses that have 25 or fewer employees for 26 or more workers it's 13 dollars and 25 cents an hour similar wage hikes also apply to Malibu Pasadena and Santa Monica also a new law for ride share drivers the blood-alcohol limit for them has been lowered to 0.04 percent though of course we 1.0% all right a lot going on coming up an emotional reunion at LAX I'm crystal Cruz a mother and daughter separated at the border reunited tonight that story coming up plus a raging California wildfire blows up burning 34 square miles tonight homes are threatened and a faithful dog bitten in the face by a rattlesnake while protecting his owner amber and we started off July a little bit cool I have your 4th of July holiday forecast plus we're gearing up for a warming trend write for me internet of things with python book Jesuit.

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