Capstone Investments Is Considering A Project That Will Produce Cash Inflows
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Capstone investments is considering a project that will produce cash inflows

Capstone investments is considering a project that will produce cash inflows the meaning of one last one saved for money make personal statement on ability due tomorrow ´╗┐we've seen a number of plots against aircraft now what is that there's attempted terrorist action stack a lot hey questions why pastors take the shoes off baggage handlers found a bag they could hear something ticking nobody can determine what's in that bag other than the bomb squad concourse is under evacuation go back Hill high today and Miami International hundred four we have 11 security checkpoints throughout those checkpoints we screen over 45,000 passengers on a daily basis everyone and everything gets screened even Adams it's gonna be a suing in a day we had a monkey oh my goodness i'ma test your hands okay it's not gonna bite right oh my gosh it's so little you're clean come on in sir perfect thank you down in Los Angeles she was found in a garbage dumpster you know people try to make animals like this into pets and it never ever works out and then yeah doesn't work out a lot of times they just abandon them luckily she was found everybody laughs unlucky now I got a request from a passenger to privately screen a slot that's a first for me that is a two-tone blah I can't help but notice it looks like a hairy little toddler with a puppy-dog face these are the slowest animals on the planet they just stay up in the tree canopies for most of their lives the only reason they will come to the ground as to the bathroom that's only about once a week yeah that's a phony passengers seem to complain about security and think it's an inconvenience Here I am a day away from going on a lavish trip I'm already dreading going through TSA it's such an inconvenience please let us take this yeah I wish you'd make an exception but aviation remains the top target for terrorism I had my first full body scan at Miami International the other day was delightful we've seen a number of plots against aircraft so the TSA has to continually train their screeners on what to look out for welcome I'm open that today is going to be a day that you're not going to forget what we're going to do is culminate everything that you do on a daily basis to try and keep bombs off airplanes but show you if we don't do that what happens there's real-life attempted terrorist actions that go on most TSA personnel haven't been on the battlefield and they've never seen a bomb go off or an improvised explosive device go off similar to what took my finger and my legs from me see behind me we got some bomb technicians right now wiring some stuff up the first example we're gonna have is a c4 in a teddy bear to show that something as lovable and huggable as a teddy bear can be very very dangerous in the hands of the terrorists Arnel tsa has to be right all the time terrorists have to be right one time just imagine what that would do if it went off inside the cargo hold of an airplane nowhere to blow a hole inside of the plane it's important that they know how serious the consequences can be of something exploding if a TSA officer misses Nied could mean the downing of an entire aircraft at 40,000 feet with 200 passengers what we have here is a clock radio is an example or reincarnation of the Lockerbie bombing the Lockerbie bombing was a terrorist attack where they got a radio made it into an explosive device place it on board of a flight from London to JFK the device exploded killing everybody on board we're gonna secrete some explosives within the radio to demonstrate why it's so important to screen all electronic items because it's very easy to hide an explosive device inside an electronic item so what we have here is an example of Richard Reid shoe bomb I remember that flight was intended to come to Miami Richard Reid was a notorious shoe bomb he crafted explosives into shoes and made them into an explosive device jumped on a flight from Paris ma'am while he was mid-flight he tried to detonate the explosives thankfully he failed when the flight landed in Miami he was arrested ready any questions why I'm at yourself take the shoes off after experiencing an explosive demonstration it puts you in a little more perspective the sight the light the sound the boom the vibrations in the shock wave that hits you it's actually very intense I'm gonna look at everything with a new set of eyes now break break break station six all units be advised we 1150 PD as usual responding we received an alert that baggage handlers found a bag they can hear ticking something taken inside of it so they took the baggage off the aircraft put it closer to the building which wasn't a good idea so now we have to cordon off this whole area we got miami-dade Police Bomb Squad and round to check it out I just need the glass clear right we need a glass Carrick inside okay when a package is found that's ticking we can't take any chances to ensure that safety we evacuate it's fear break break break station six all units five concourse to land is under evacuation concourse Juliet is under evacuation this week I need to keep going continue going most important thing to keep the passengers calm and moving in the Ottoman fashion yeah keep going what you say J concourse is evacuated due to a potential explosive on the airfield the rest of the airport is still operating normally what is your professional in charge Bay Grove left a major of love Eggar or beggar I don't understand can you effectively thanks for love from God okay this is a world citizen passport yeah even some countries they stamp it you know this is not a real passport he's got a world passport and then he had several other passports that were describing his status as a vegan where does one get a world citizen passport from this cool revolution from the spoon revolution burgled he has with him some pieces of trees that he cut out from a dead tree I'm looking at these these pieces of wood and he's telling us it's kind of a talisman there are lucky charms he's gonna give him out to people that he meets you're killing a 5,000 year old trick of it so we don't kill the tree for God's sake get right right out yeah see taking the branches a fall off yes okay one of the things that we look for when you have a raw material come through is we're looking for pests to make sure it doesn't get into our ecosystem so we're turning it over to the agricultural specialists took the burglar to this country you have to have our each treatment certificate or some other type of treatment in order for the wood to be able to put so the country otherwise we have to see this one piece of wood with a certain pest can actually demolish an entire crop okay sir we have done a further inspection upon the wood and there are pest holes in the wood from old bottles yeah so these items are not going to be allowed into United States today is there any chance we're not even two days I can take no sir although he may be a lover of trees we can't let the wood come in because it could be infected with insects breaking news at Miami International Airport a suspicious packets leading to a dozen flights being delayed all the drama has been unfolding out on the tarmac we have a baggage handler that actually hears a ticking noise in a bag a ticking noise makes us think that this could be some type of an explosive all of my staff is here you've got the bomb squad you've got TSA you've got extra police you've got fresh fire rescue here right now all operations are stop with the area white can leave with Johnson there's nobody a lot in the areas both set down of this operation an event where we have to check an aircraft we will bring the luggage off the aircraft line it up as best as we can and run k9 teams up and down it to clear for explosives I'm pregnant not the canine sweep came up clear so now we're just dealing with this one bag Customs and Border Protection will take the bag tag and be able to trace it back to its owner and then we will have to try and find that passenger in our terminal this is a guy asked for number from Diana do you want it to try paging the guy OCR bradshaw's freaking how can I help you hierarchy hi listen we're looking for a passenger so maybe if you could help us with aging and see if he picks up the nearest paging phone then I want you to call me and let me know right away don't hold on and call me on my cell if he picks up the picking phone okay okay please pick up the nearest white courtesy paging phone for a message Sheldon please pick up the nearest white home for message thousands of passengers are being held up and dozens of flies are being delayed we are at a standstill until we can get this situation resolved there are over 850 flights that come into Miami International Airport every day no matter what's happening at the gates we need to keep all the runways fun to me when aircrafts come in the rubber from the aircraft's landing the residue it builds up over time it causes a slicker type run with this is what ruins the friction quotient on the runway what we're doing here today is friction testing to measure the skid resistance of the runways this is our friction tester it's a self-contained computer operated vehicle with software in the front and there's a test wheel in the back that comes down exerts a force on the pavement and the computer reads its resistance it takes also water we have to fill in those 150 gallon tank because we want to simulate testing in a wet condition which is the most critical condition you are loaded up we were load up load it up with water we're ready for the 20 foot runs okay i'm both east and west excellent while i'm doing the testing we cannot have any air crash close in fact the runway right now is closed this is the runway closure marker it looks like an egg so everybody goes to the next friction truck is ready we're gonna do two runs one east one west at the end of the second round we'll pick up the x's okay here we go get the cruise control wheel coming now the critical areas are the actual touchdown zone you'll see at 500 feet they will start getting reading values right there starts reading the friction values we want to be no less than 0.6 if we have friction values that are low then we got a call for the removal of rubber and we do that with high pressure water blaster we completed the friction test the levels don't look good they're very low if we let the rubber build up and we don't take care of it a major accident can happen it caused it a crash or light off the run we had a suspect back that had something that was kicking in there that was detected by two baggage handlers the police department evacuated a perimeter around this suspect item causing the bomb squad we evacuated the terminal area we closed down our checkpoints closed found our ticket counters we've diverted flights making sure there is absolutely no explosives in that aircraft before it departs concourse J has been evacuated we would not evacuate a concourse unless it was a very serious threat security issue I can't discuss what it is we're just waiting to get somebody can easily come down here nobody's telling us what's going on should be on full-out way to titties I have the passage on the phone okay great hold on one second okay you have the guy on the other line where is he he's my DJ where oh wait a second let me talk slowly he's got the duty-free at the Jay food court that's a duty-free right by McDonald's we still need to know what's in the bag and what's the passengers intentions they got the guy out there the police is with the guy who so we got okay okay we don't know if he was testing we need to know more about this guy okay the passenger claims he has no explosives in his bag but we can't just take his word for it get everybody else out on this side nobody can determine what's in that bag other than the bob squaw so they have to disrupt this disrupting a bag is the bomb squads terminology for rendering that potential device inactive so it doesn't explode I didn't ever want to move this way I need everybody to move back further I want everybody from this point on to go back this is a critical moment the bomb squad is about to disrupt this back just keep going sir it's for your safety okay we got a mess here because of this one incident of a ticking item inside a bag we closed off this whole area two aircraft none can leave Nike come in the bomb squad is gonna disrupt the bag so it keeps the bag from actually exploding and harming people when it comes to disrupting a bag we don't like to do that in public view that's extremely sensitive security information okay okay the bomb squad is telling me that the threat is over and that the ticking noise was not an explosive but we still need to know what's inside that bag now what is that is a metronome this is what caused our evacuation today you remember the old school ones like your grandma yeah tick tick close is the digital wave I guess somewhere along the line it activated inside the luggage maybe next time he needs to just get his rhythm naturally and not need a device or take out the battery or take out the battery so now we're good to go now we've gotta get checkpoints open tsa back to the checkpoints we gotta get passengers onto this Wisconsin flight we've got a lot of things we need to reopen and we do right now to get the airport back to normal operation all right you can take your time you do not have to rush please do not run Tina good news to report the all-clear has been given at Mi a terminal J is down back open if you're headed to Miami International Airport the police questioned this passenger thoroughly they found out there was no criminal intent in the end the police are going to release this passenger without charges it may seem excessive or even ridiculous for us to have such a full-scale response for what turned out to be just a metronome but we have to remember that terrorists are using everyday items as weapons for the safety of our public and our passengers we don't take any of these threats lightly we can never take a chance right now we're headed out to run away a try to six left to do some water blasting so we can remove some rubber when the airplanes land that leaves a little bit of rubber from the wheels over time that builds up if it goes up to too great of a distance on the airplanes land then I could be able to break it'll take a lot longer for them to stop on the runway city cats Angela might mistake with Steve have a nice ramp one all air side units runway eight right two six left is now closed use caution move above the water high-pressure water put it out on the ground last hands the river this is a very powerful piece of equipment without the lye water this is definitely not your water blaster but we have to do is last heart enough to get the rubber off of the runway at the same time they can use just enough pressure so we're not damaging the asphalt to the lighting right that's right that's underneath it the water blasted the sponsor we had designated took off all the rubber we need to take off so it's a good night and now all of us home asleep we're done working and now we can go home we'll go to sleep you oakton high school capstone project online New York Chiropractic College, Seneca Falls.

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