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Capstone institute jacksonville fl

Capstone institute jacksonville fl do my list of research topics in educational management how to do a good ib tok presentation samples ´╗┐hello everybody this is hockey pones and you are watching a ship by ship video with commentary on 2015 draft eligible player Mackenzie Blackwood of the very Colts as with all my other ship my ship videos this is not intended to be a highlight reel you can always find those elsewhere on ponyo players this is intended to be an honest and objective look at a player's strengths skills and general style of play and in this particular game Blackwood gets 39 saves on route to a 42 when for the very homes so let's get on to the game i know i said in my previous video that i wouldn't be doing any commentary for a while just so i could create more videos for you and I had intended on that but then someone had a good idea and asked for me to do a goaltender oh my god oh yeah I should do one of those and since I haven't done a video on a goaltender or discuss them that much I wanted to at least provide one video where I am giving some kind of commentary and feedback the downside is with the way the game is you're going to just see a lot of flashes here and there where I mean I'm not going to have the game on and recorded every time the pucks in the Mackenzie zone if he's not interacting much at all and at the same time since he's just doing one shift per se I'm just trying to give you a look in terms of how he handles the game but unfortunately it's much shorter in terms of how the scenes go because it's dependent on own sound getting the again and generating offensive pressure and as you can see it's just very sparse and I'd like to have time some of the console but better so I apologize for that but now you take what he can get hopefully this won't least give you a little bit of insight in terms of how blackwood plays and what he contributes in like I said his strengths and skills and so one of the things that stands out the most first fall is he's a pretty big guy um i would have to double check but I think he's listed at 64 um sorry I should have had that prepared um anyway in the NHL today I think that we're seeing a trend where the goalies are just getting bigger and they lookin starters like pecorino and Ben Bishop we're 66 67 or actually think that yeah he's 67 um and you're just seeing that trending I did just a very sparse calculation of the goalies in 2005 2000-2006 when the cap was just introduced and I just calculate the sizes of the goalies with the first and second most number of games inherently the starter in the back up my good one included all the goalies because obviously goalies get traded and so I did one count someone twice and now if someone just plays one game then I mean that might skew the results one way or the other so I just did it based off of the top two starters for each team and in 2005-2006 the average height was seventy three point zero five inches over 6 foot 1 inches and and let's see and compared to 2013-2014 the average starting sighs was 74.1 inches or six foot two and that may not seem like a lot but that extra inch can certainly make a big difference and so long story short with Mackenzie Mike would be six foot four I think that that's one of the major draws to him where he has a lot of size and he covers the net very well another one of his strong suits is he moves very well down low when he's on his knees he has the mental movement and it's just very fluid it's not choppy or anything like that and I just think that when he's down low and he's upright he just knows how to maneuver himself too confident but also just provide that mobility and also just get back in position so I think that his technique along the signs can definitely project to be I don't want to say a starter because like I don't like to project players with these videos because it's just one game I'm going to think about it but I think he has a good foundation from the goaltender's in terms of just raw one thing that I don't want to say it gets overlooked because it's certainly something that people notice but nobody really comments on it because they really can't is the mental makeup and you just really can't tell with these goalies which is why it's so hard to project or identify or rank them because so much of goaltending is focus and what's going on between the ears and one of the times you can see if a going is off this game that's different from you know whether he's good folk if he has good focus or if he has a good mentality or able to recover from like a bad game again you can always make inferences based on body language but ultimately you just can't tell which i think is why we also need to be very careful when we evaluate these players and make judgments because as I always saying you you see what you see on the ice but you don't see what happens on the bench or in between periods are in the locker room and I think that is something that gets overlooked and the best way I can word it might amuse I'm rambling and I'm kind of going off point um in terms of another skill but he has we're actually going to see in the next clip here where I think what equity has tremendous patience with the pod chords that you on one and he's still on his feet here even though it looks like the trigger is about to be pulled and he doesn't drop down too early and um grande in the puck does hit the post and he doesn't save it but I think that patients is very good quality to have it because if a goalie has a tendency drop down too early then it makes it much easier for the opposition to anticipate that and shoot the puck high on the other hand one thing I do know is with him where I want to say it's a fault but it's just something that I notice in this game and again I'm only going to comment on this game is he does stay down it takes a long time to get back up on his feet which no as long as he moves well laterally that's not as big of a problem but as he gets into the high rankings and he becomes professional then he's going to have to be quicker getting down and getting back up and just I want to say be more alert because again i don't know how large he is but just to show a greater sense of urgency and in this particular game you might have noticed that maybe someone else who has seen more wool seeing a different side or will disagree with me but like i said all i can do is comment on what i see in this game I've read some common of people saying that he's an acrobatic goaltender and I again I can only talk about this game and sorry if I'm repeating myself but I don't really see them acrobatic side that people are talking about most notably and talk about a bill plan check on listen um the draft site page um where he calls man athletic or an acrobatic goaltender well I think of acrobatic goaltenders maybe I'm thinking something else but I just imagined Asik or quick or anyone else who I don't want to say flops but they're less strong in basic technique and position compared to you know just rough lettuces and where they are you know able to scramble around and move around and just get in different make weird saves and I just didn't see that with black wood here one skill that I think he does need to work on where it's not so much a fundamental skill but it's I haven't I don't know had the best categorize it but I don't think that he does a good job at least in this game in terms of tracking the puck where if there's a lot of traffic you'll see him stand and maybe look round but he doesn't really assert himself or make it look like he's you know urgent in terms of trying to find the puck and again as things get more difficult for him when you raise in the professional ranks is going to have able to find that puck a lot faster and track it well and I guess that's where I'm kind of more concerned on someone trying to plug but tracking it because when the pucks being moved round and executed and such any crisp bashing you know and the NHL Adina AHL now you just can't depend on your teammates to good for you and I think that Lachlan needs to or calm down a little bit and you saw one of those goals right there where I mean there wasn't a good replay for me to freeze it down for him to see it but well in orbit that was trapped in front and the puck got through another thing I've noticed with him as he isn't I don't want to say the wrong thing and how would be misconstrued but he doesn't look like he plays with a lot of fire where I mean to see some players who get very passionate motional and should not expect and seem slam the sticker um cursor you know anything like that but even when there is trapped in front of something he doesn't like saying a certain self and make room and force the opposition to think twice before getting around them and that's not necessarily character flaw because I've said before them a kind of discipline um but i think that there's a time and place for you know making the met your office and make it your home and basically defending him and they're just keeping people away from you but again that's not a necessity it's just the commenting on when i see the game here but who knows maybe that observation is simply unfair not because this is just one game but unusually see that behavior in the junior leagues anyways and i think that um goalies don't have that swagger that competitive edge until they're actually established as a starter maybe that's just me but i mean when i think of the two more fiery Bowling's i can think about top head is quick and mike smith and also jonathan bernier um I think he's he can be pretty competitive they didn't come into the league acting like total assholes the up position so maybe that's just something that develops over time but just as a brief summary I mean with Blackwood he is a very big goalie who moves around very well especially down low um and he is pretty patient with the shooters which i think is a very understated quality especially when they're young because he I mean the best thing that can say is it's baseball mighty low panic that I Sean where he doesn't just like get that junk too early but maybe he's just on his game today so either way I mean those are a lot of good qualities and technically speaking he's very strong where I mean he gets dead butterfly in his back is up and he comes the net very well so I think has a lot of good basic tools um he does tend to stay down a little bit longer so I think his recovery time could improve and I also think that he doesn't follow the ice or pull of the puck wall this is a goal that gets in and I will show you a replay right here but anyway this is the show and thank you so much for watching and have a good day write for me coso enterprise risk management erm cube 2019 General Theological Seminary.

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