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Capstone hotels new zealand

Capstone hotels new zealand do my recent research topics in supply chain management reportajes wikipedia enciclopedia libre ´╗┐hi my name is Mike our ham and I'm part of WTS National facilities practice and what we're going to talk about today is a PC cooling solutions that we have installed here in our Advanced Technology Center and as well as what we can get from from a PC so I think it's first important to understand traditional air conditioning how it works and submissions that we have and then we'll specifically dive into some products that we have here on demo so what you can see behind me is a traditional room air conditioner which using the down flow technology meaning that is trying to consume hot air at the top and blow cold air down into the raised floor which is going to be pumped out to our cold out with perforated Florida vents that allows that cold air to come up into RIT here the hot air is going to be rejected on the back side of the rack and here's where it gets a little tricky in most data centers we want to make sure that hot air is managed and it gets back to the intakes of these air conditioners so any air finisher no matter who makes it that works off one simple premise and that is hot air is food for the air conditioner and we want to get that heat back to it so in a traditional design what we often see happening is over designing and over capacity to account for the fact that we can't really manage the hot air that's out in the rows of the rack that hot air rises and mixes we have hot spots so we're going to look at it maybe a little bit different way and better way to do air conditioning and that's with abc's in row containment solutions so we just reviewed room style perimeter air conditioning units it looked to be some issues that customers have specifically when they're trying to add more gear to the data center and understand houses do ID here that I'm adding going to affect my data center and how is this high are going to get back to the intakes at my air conditioner and I through the front of my racks so APC does a really great job and they truly do blur the lines between IT and facilities so in the IT world we hear terms like flexibility agility adaptability and speed of IT but oftentimes we don't consider how our facility can keep up with that so by using interro air conditioning we allow our customers more predictability more agility I knowing exactly how the airflow is going to let's talk about that so the intro air conditioner works really just the exact opposite airflow as our IT equipment does the I teen of Isis want to breathe cool air in the front and then reject cata out the back the intro air conditioner is once you consume that hot air just like any air conditioner hot air is food for the unit it makes it work better and more efficiently so this now we've moved the air for this was right in grow with the racks and it's consuming that hottest air possible we don't have to worry about that hot air rise eat Dixie given as issues this device is consuming that hot air immediately it's pushing cold air out of the front and really not any cold air factors pushing just cool room temperature air out to the front of the racks which immediately is consumed back up to the IT cabinet what we're going to take a look at next is the way to make this even more predictable or fitted and that's what kind of container I'm now standing inside the hot aisle containment solution which simply all hot off the team it is and we're gonna want to put doors at the end of the rows and put ceiling panels up on top of the other row that way when the hot air is rejected on the back of the IT equipment it has nowhere to go but into the intakes of our air conditioners remember the main problem in data centers is trying to keep the hot side hot and the cold side cold so by trapping that hot air it has nowhere to go and the air conditioners that are now moved off the wall and into the in row are consuming the hottest air possible so that doesn't a few things for us one it allows us to predict how the airflow is going to work on our data sand are much easier as opposed to a room approach to it's going to make my air conditioned actually work more efficiently so in this design pod that we have here in our ATC we have four air conditioners and the reason we did four is that we wanted it to be a hundred and fifty kilowatts of redundancy so each air conditioner gives me a little bit over 50 kilowatts of cooling and that's using a pcs RP and RC in a row device which is to put wide 42 inches deep they do have smaller devices that are one foot wide and we get less capacity either but it's roughly half the capacity of the two foot wide units so not only do we get the predictability but again we get the efficiency so by containing that hot air we actually make the earth and Isha's work better and they actually give us more capacity so a great example is with HTC's one foot wide unit it has a nominal capacity of around 18 kW and again that 1 foot wide footprint when we do contain it since we are feeding it hotter air it's able to boost all through up to roughly 20 to 25 kilowatts in some cases that's close to 30 kilowatts of capacity so again I think the takeaway with hot aisle containment is it allows our customers the agility of flexibility of adding very identic Whitman and being able to very easily predict how it's going to work I can remember with the room solution we often ran into hot spots and issues trying to keep the hot side hot cold side cold well we went over let's call it medium density of five to six seven kilowatts per rack in this solution since we're at a pod design and in this design we have a hundred and fifty kilowatts of redundant cooling meaning one air-conditioner can fail we could really allow for one rack to sit at 16,000 watts another rack to sit at 2,000 watts want to sit at 20,000 watts it doesn't really matter just as long as we don't exceed the overall pod architecture a nice thing about the in row and and hot outlet payment solutions that we can easily scale as needed so with the traditional design often are very similar to a UPS design we have to start at day one low and then predict where we're going to be 5 10 years from now and install those air conditioners to meet the needs of our 10 year growth plan even though they won they may be sitting at 20 or 30 percent within row and hot aisle containment we can start with more of a right sized a one approach the air conditioner themselves are more intelligent they cycle up and cycle down as needed but then when we do need to add more capacity it's simply unbolting these doors adding more racks of IT gear adding more in row air conditioning and now we've taken our pod maybe in this case from 150 kilowatts of cooling maybe to 200 kilowatts or 250 kilowatt coolie so I think you that was a review of a PCS cooling solution that we have here at our Advanced Technology Center thank you capstone microturbine youtube Watson School of Biological Sciences, at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.

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