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Capstone hill search uk order

Capstone hill search uk order write for me capstone infrastructure private limited make critical thinking on minors online ´╗┐civil rights movement was a 1916 watch i watch we're here today to talk about the plans and the purpose of the 50th commemoration of that significant in store today to talk about that as some of the people who may were there or was certainly involved at a time and where we go from there it's to start this out to talk about this opposite we are chairman dr. Bernard about the end our president is dr. Ct Vivian our CEO is it's a Charles steel and the president of Georgia Association Packers officials is represented Tyrell Brooks total be your speakers we start now with chairman dr. Bernard mafia ladies and gentlemen of the media I want to say that I'm very pleased to announce that the southern christian leadership conference is alive and well you want the world to know that Marta the King's dream did not die and as long as we are alive it will continue to live and be fulfilled so we're pleased to announce our next activity and our next move and keeping with that we were to invite our president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference a long time civil rights activists and leader former staff person who work directly with dr. King in the movement and many movements that marble king led and we are proud to announce I extend an icon in the movement not the Ct Vivian all right there are good people a little bit is that this is a good day amen and the real reason is is because we're announcing what we're going to do 50 years after the major action that took place uh when Martin gave the speech that caused the nation to fall in behind us ELC of we are now in 50 years later we're going to be at the Lincoln Center we're being that hears us statue as well as bad of Lincoln we're going to celebrate not only the 50 years that we have gone through but the hundreds of years that made it possible for black America to produce a Martin King as well we are are concerned that it become very clear that the future is going to be filled the same nonviolent direct action spirit and action that has made this nation and then this organization and Martin King known across the world as bringing peace in places where that there was violence for we're ahead of time we are in fact creating an atmosphere and will be all this year to make people realize that no matter what happens in the world eventually it will take non violence to solve it and and we are that organization in these United States that acts on it we're happy to also to be able to say that not only we but we're in collaboration with the King family because they too these are the same things it is the fulfillment of their problems of their father's dreams it would not be real not to have them with us or for us to be without them and we're thankful that we are looking forward to and we're planning every week of this coming year to make it a better celebration of what the future holds for all of us for mankind in fact right is that it is these kind of understandings i remember that when the announcement was for jobs in freedom then it's interesting that we come back around that time when 50 years later we won't be talking about jobs as well as our young friend is that because we're the further the freedom not only of ourselves but of all people in the world and we are to see because the matter of the economy that makes it possible for people to live decently has to be with jobs without it it cannot be anywhere in the world we are they who come now in the name of Martin and of his organization and to let the nation get ready for a hundred years or 50 years now from now as well as for now we thank you for being here and we're concerned about not only our organizations but others as well and so I'm so glad to see others here and I would like to have you come forward CEO nails nails with you we have so many times we have to make certain because a brother steel has proven already not only was he a past president uh but that he has come back to serve in a phony and man he has particular skills that make it important that he come back and he's already shown that kind of drive and efficiency and we ask him to come back now and speak voice we think about leaving but a great icon and it's all right please give him a round hole last two weeks from all over America America want him to go so many people because of what he stands for and I'm honored to be with a legend such as dr. Vivian and I won't happen and I tell you that every day ladies and gentlemen this is a great day to chairman the board dr. Lafayette was doing such a great job to afford numbers and to all of our leaders who's with us today from other organizations and particular Gabrielle State Representative Ron Brooks because we are collaborating with the black elected officials as well but let me prioritize this protocol has been established when dr. Vivian just mentioned that we are going to collaborate with the king center training protocol has been it's tough exam yes sir oh it's only right that that we work together and with SCLC been activists as we are we're also working well for march motorcade yes that would come out of hurry home alabama see many people don't realize and dr. Vivian's well as read assemblies and others in the movement with our Chairman aboard duffel up here can tell you had it not been a Birmingham Alabama that would not been a march on Washington it all came out of her a home alabama primarily so in the next year we will be spending a lot of time in barium as well as washington DC but working with statement ups and attire Ron Brooks and and Gabby Oh in terms of modes for grits and we all know about that unresolved legends there and so forth that we're going to it was emphasized that as well in terms of marching and motivating all the way from Birmingham to Atlanta from Atlanta to more story engine and right into Virginia right to washington DC a min and i don't want to steal his thunder but rubs in the Brutes will tell you more details about how we want to do it and what we want to present once we get to Washington DC but in fact being is that we are all geared up yes sir 2013 we are geared up we're beginning today and to help the King Center to be in collaboration with this whole vision and history mobilization of the world this is bigger than old lipids right now do you mean the biggest part of most significant part of this is that we're gonna help o folks come people every day they begin to get more and more and more and more so we'll talk about a third of discussion our consider not just poor pabon we have a lot of po folks people can't even tell us i can't gonna atlanta to meet you cause gas is too honey you're not going to make a decision do I spit it on gas oh do I go to church or not going to church cause I feel bad when I go to church and I can't put my tires and Rita you get a we will check phone and we love the church it's the black church that brought us to where we are so Hannah churches right and we are ready folks are hurting right so we're here to say that that the movement has just begun a like waddup and dyskinesia go I like what dr. Vivian said 50 years ago hmm do you should want to say his name is Amy shame it might be just a little words name is home folks and your angel job that's one key ambika we need to meet you Winnie jobs and if people don't have jobs they are desperate they are subject to do in advance right they'll lay down their religion from 20 pounds bigger Bethenny Rob's of my own energy didn't happen yeah he's on a necessity people have to have jobs so that's what we will march it for just as inequality economics and it's on globalization vision that we're going to bring about so thank you so much for being here and again I can't over emphasize that protocol has been established hmm the King Center and SCLC is right man we are working in support of each other we're going to collaborate they're doing a great job we supported up the king in his vision and we support him in his activism that's the arm that we bring to the table minimum state that will pass the days or margin or we just got stopped by me the next year she went to buy some new shoes yeah not a fact it you choose all right cuz with Tyrone governor with what he can tell you what we gonna do it's going to be something and guess what the Spirit is contagious right you will be waving us at you babe you'll be marching with us because it's a spiritual thing thank you so much mr. chairman to do the rest of you to the media and state problems in the tub own pros in its own right in terms of what will collaborate with the black we lift our issues thank you thank you mr. CEO and president of German coming back home to SCLC where I came from as a teenager and I'm reminded to tell you that the struggle continues because poverty continues I want to recognize some of our key partners that work with the George association of black elected officials and an SCLC throughout the year and I want to start with Helen Butler from enjoy the coalition but the penis gender she takes orders from dr. Joel re you're finished Joe Beasley the redirector Rainbow PUSH who's been working with me since 1979 when he grew type of me I for some Kansas City moved back to Atlanta rubber now below who's going to be our coordinate a co-host on a Birmingham way to Washington DC from Zambia Mosteller the president of SCLC who wasn't working with us of course historic estate president of SCLC and Rita Samuels my sister from SCLC from the 60s it was here before I came and who founded to Georgia coalition of black women and work with governor Jimmy Carter President Carter and she's tolerating jo lawry everyday craziness and foolishness she's on the National Board of this they don't see also Rita will be bringing a lot of energy particularly from the woman's perspective into this movement I briefly want to follow the instructions of the Chairman the president and CEO just tell you how it's going to unfold as we prepare for 2013 most of you who were in Monroe on July the 28th for the 8th annual reenactment you know that we passed a resolution calling for a delivery of this Moss forward breeze lynching case to Attorney General Eric Holder and President Obama next year as we go to Washington to celebrate and commemorate the 50th anniversary so senator steel suggested to us and he and I went to Birmingham to meet with SCLC a month ago he suggested that we start the movement in Birmingham come to Atlanta go to Monroe Georgia to the morrisville woodbridge leave the Moors for a bridge and make our way on up through South Carolina and alkaline of Virginia to come into DC and listening to the Chairman yesterday articulate the agenda along with the president we have we said yesterday that as we arrived in DC we will conduct the SCLC convention on Thursday Friday as we come in on the 22nd 23rd of nation august of next year and then on the twenty-fourth that saturday we will have a rally and march from lincoln too keen on the mall a vice versa in partnership with the king center because the king center has decided it wants to work with SCLC and they have preserved them all and all of the surrounding area so SCLC the king's son will be working together on that Saturday and and following the Marge on that Saturday we will deliver to the Attorney General Eric Holder a letter calling for the US Department of Justice to close out the Moores for bridge lynching case because it's the last open public mass lynching and it was on dr. King's agenda in 1968 two weeks before dr. King was killed he made a commitment in Macon Georgia to come to monroe to take on this case and on the evening of his assassination in memphis he was scheduled to fly out of Memphis to Monroe on the United Automobile Workers plane he adopted a band had was going to come and that's why Hosea Williams had be based there Jose told me to stay in Monroe don't come to Memphis you stay in monroe and so dr. King was going to take on this case we're going to take this case to the Attorney General and say close it out moving on no suspects who are still living and following that we will begin to do what we always do come back to our communities get in the trenches and do the work of dr. King focusing on the poverty homelessness doing the go to empowerment work do we do every day looking at all of the issues at a part of SCLC agenda so that's what I was supposed to do today this news conference I can't thank President Vivian chairman Lafayette and CEO still enough for bringing in the Moores forward movement into the 50th anniversary guys I think dr. King and dr. abinash would want it that way yes thank you very much already thank you thank you now one of the other areas we want to emphasize is that it's all about hair what do you have here or whether it's great how the trust is to develop young leader shares right and that was part of mud with the Kings 3s sir and that's why SCLC must continue to stay alive not because it's going to be your credit or museum sdlc is a vehicle that provides the opportunity for others young people to make their contribution yes and that's why I seriously was created as a vehicle for people to make that so I want to let you know plans for youth development and leadership development and I'm going to have our executive director the national executive director of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference to give a brief version of the role of young people in this movement Damien Connors thank you let's get my hand welcome person has been asked by many people lately our civil rights organizations relevant and my answer to that is that civil rights organizations like SCLC are relevant and necessary and as such we are seeking young people to infiltrate this organization to take over the the race of the organization a man to make sure that we address the issues that are pertinent to young people today that are suffering disproportionately with poverty because there are no jobs and so as we address the issue of jobs and freedom we are dressing it from the grassroots level from those students who graduate college who don't have any prospects for entry-level employment for all of those people who don't have the trainings available to them to even take up technical jobs so as such when we as we move forward towards the march on Washington and as SCLC attempts to bring in more young people our aim is to address jobs and freedom from the perspective of young people but to address it in a way that we raise the pertinent issues that are connected to government government and governance so with that we have a few initiatives one of our most recent initiatives is to bring in college students so that we can hear their issues see what they have to say and get them active and involved we have about three college campuses right now that are active which will include the Western Michigan University Hampton University and as well as Alabama State University so we're excited about those schools and we're excited about what we will be doing moving toward next August all right research paper on rain technology pdf Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy.

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