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Capstone health alliance logo order do my capstone module 2019 woman reporter falls making wine ´╗┐hello everybody please have a seat I'm sorry it is a great pleasure to have all of you here at the White House on this gorgeous sunny day sun shining birds are singing changes in the air this has been a historic week a week in which we've cast aside some old divisions and put in place new reforms that will reduce our dependence on foreign oil prevent fraud against homeowners and save taxpayers money by preventing wasteful government contracts a week that marks significant progress in the difficult work of changing our policies and in transforming our politics but the real test of change ultimately is whether it makes a difference in the lives of the American people that's what matters to me that's what matters to my administration that's what matters to the extraordinary collection of members of Congress that are standing with me here but also who are in the audience and we're here today because of a bill that will make a big difference the credit card accountability responsibility and Disclosure Act I want to thank all the members of Congress who were involved in this historic legislation but I want to give a special shout-out to Chris Dodd who has been a relentless fighter to get this done Chris wouldn't Chris wouldn't give up until he got this legislation passed he spent an entire career fighting against special interests and fighting for ordinary people and this is just the latest example I want to thank his partner in crime Senator Richard Shelby on the house side representatives barney frank carolyn maloney and luis gutierrez for their outstanding work and i want to also thank all the consumer advocates who are here today who fought long and hard for these kinds of reforms you know most americans use credit cards all the time in the majority of cases this is a convenience or a temporary occasional crutch means to make life a little easier to make the rare large or unexpected purchase that is paid off as quickly as possible we've also seen credit cards become for a minority of customers part of an uneasy unstable dependence some end up in trouble because of reckless spending or wishful thinking some get in over their heads by not using their heads and I want to be clear we do not excuse or condone folks who've acted irresponsibly we don't excuse a responsibility but the reason this legislation is so important is because there are many others many who've written me letters or grabbed my arm along rope lines or shared their stories while choking back tears who've relied on credit cards not because they were avoiding responsibilities but precisely because they wanted to meet their responsibilities and got trapped these are hardworking people whose hours were cut or the factory closed who turned to a credit card to get through a rough month which turned into two or three or six months without a job these are parents who found to their surprise that their health insurance didn't cover a child's expensive procedure and had to pay the hospital bill families who saw their mortgage payments jump and use the credit card more often to make up the difference these are borrowers who discover that credit card debt is all too easily a one-way street it's easy to get in but almost impossible to get out it's also by the way a lot of small business owners who have helped to finance their dream through credit cards and suddenly in this economic downturn find themselves getting hammered part of this is the broader economy but part of it is the practices of credit card companies contracts are drafted not to inform but to confuse mysterious fees appear on statements payment deadlines shift terms change interest rates rise and suddenly a credit card becomes less of a lifeline and more of an anchor that's what happened to Janet heart of Freeland Michigan who's here today where Janet right here Janet's a nurse her husband is a pipe fitter they've got two boys Janet and her husband have tried to be responsible she's made her payments on time but despite this Janet's interest rate was increased to twenty four percent and that 24 percent applied not just for new purchases but retro actively to her entire balance and so despite making steady payments totaling twenty four hundred dollars one year her debt went down only by three hundred fifty dollars that year Janet's family is not alone over the past decade credit card debt has increased by twenty five percent in our country nearly half of all Americans carry a balance on their cards those who do carry an average balance of more than $7,000 and as our economic situation worsened and many defaulted on their debt as a result of a lost job for example a vicious cycle ensued borrowers couldn't pay their bills and so lenders raised rates as rates went up more borrowers couldn't pay millions of card holders have seen their interest rates jump in just the past six months one in five Americans carry a balance that has been charged interest rates above twenty percent one in five I also want to emphasize these are costs that often hit responsible credit card users interest can be charged even if you pay your bill on time rates can be increased on outstanding balances even if you aren't late with a payment and if you sit if you start to pay down your balance which is the right thing to do a company where can require you to pay down the debt with the lowest interest rate first instead of the highest which makes it much harder to ever get out of the red so we're here to put it changed all that with this bill we're putting in place some common-sense reforms designed to protect consumers like Janet I want to be clear about this credit card companies provide a valuable service we don't regret them turning a profit we just want to make sure that they do so while upholding basic standards of fairness transparency and accountability just as we demand credit card users to act responsibly we demand that credit card companies act responsibly - and that's not too much to ask and that's why because of this new law statements will be required to tell credit card holders how long it will take to pay off a balance and what it will cost in interest if they only make the minimum monthly payments we also put a stop to retroactive rate hikes that appear on a bill suddenly with no rhyme or reason every card company will have to post its credit card agreements online and we'll monitor those agreements to see if new protections are needed consumers will have more time to understand their statements as well companies will have to mail them 21 days before payment is due not 14 and this law ends the practice of shifting payment dates this always used to bug me you know when you do you'd get like suddenly it was due on the 19th when it had been the 31st lastly among many other provisions there will be no more sudden charges changes to terms and conditions we require at least 45 days notice if the credit card company is going to change terms and conditions so we're not going to give people a free pass and we expect consumers to live within their means and pay what they owe but we also expect financial institutions to act with the same sense of responsibility that the American people aspire to in their own life and this is a difficult time for our country born in many ways of our collective failure to live up to our obligations to ourselves and to one another and the fact is it took a long time to dig ourselves into this economic hole that's gonna take some time to dig ourselves out but I'm heartened by what I'm seeing by the willingness of old adversaries to seek out new partnerships by the progress we've made these past months to address many of our toughest challenges and I am confident that as a nation we will learn the lessons of our recent past and that we will elevate again those values at the heart of our successes of people hard work over the easy buck responsibility over recklessness and yes moderation over extravagance this works already begun and now it continues I thank the members of Congress for putting their shoulder to the wheel in a bipartisan fashion and getting this piece of legislation done congratulations to all of you the least I can do for you is to sign the thing good job buster yes sir tell me something thank you thank you all right everybody thank you great wake up do my cost of capstone village Hobart and William Smith Colleges.

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