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Capstone green new homes for money

Capstone green new homes for money building the emotional intelligence of groups harvard business review pdf for money what is liberty essay ´╗┐with the recent current events relating to diversity occurring on campus beginning with the university's announcement of hosting a Trump rally we decided this is an appropriate and essential time to introduce this new show to campus one undeniable response from the campuses recent political action is that we need a platform and our students want a voice open conversation is the key to becoming a more diverse world we decided to create this show when we felt the need to not only celebrate but also encourage more diversity around campus to do this we created the show West Chester University diversity series with the goal of highlighting various aspects of the diverse communities at West Chester University we hope through active engagement and voice of the student body our show will reflect the feelings of our most important aspect of campus our students the show will deliver a range of diverse accurate non biased information this is the first episode of West Chester University diversity series I'm Cheyenne Dantzler and I will be one of your co-hosts and I'm Caitlin Clark your other co-host both Cheyenne and I are also executive producers along with Amanda Lee who will host a segment later in the episode now Cheyenne I know you made it to the recent Trump rally that we had what were you know like your feelings and your thoughts of the entire event um I've had an arrangement of different feelings you know as I find out more information about how this rally came about I kind of feel differently but I feel like the whole campus also feels this variety of emotion since the announcement now I was in the midst of everything going on and it's definitely something I'll never forget and I know it's a super sensitive topic for everyone on campus right now but I'm just happy that the conversation has began and I think it's been great I agree I mean I've never seen our student body so engaged and one event before and I'm really hoping this can continue and we in it as a community can grow from the event absolutely now I actually was able to capture some excellent footage with Amber Key who kind of has like a feature package for us and we're gonna go take a look at that package she put together now it's great and I hope you enjoy it free speech spots t-shirts and lines all the way to West Goshen is what you'll see here at West Chester University the university announced late Friday evening that presidential candidate Donald we'll be here on campus and it has gained campus-wide attention ever since I want to be in the White House coming November I don't think she should be elected I think there are better people out here that are that are suitable for the job be great to see the guy that we've all been watching kind of shake up the political landscape in person for the first time a lot of people this is their first time voting I think it's a great thing that everyone's really interested in the election and I think he's did he's done a good number for for politics as a whole thousands of these opinions soared across campus as residents and students from all backgrounds gathered on April 25th 2016 for the hosting of Donald Trump is this your first time voting in this election yes and what are you looking forward to most in this election more than not interventionist foreign policy I definitely want to see people like pulled out of Middle East biggest thing I'm a Latino and he told me that he's gonna deport our families and my mom and my dad cuz you know they're rapists and they're terrorists and all that and that's probably the biggest thing as well then he's telling me that my best friends who are Muslim are he's not gonna let me into the country or those friends of family and those two things right there it's not for me to say I'm never looking for a man with that views that way the most important thing is that we spread a message that we are not here for hate we stand for what the university is for about increasing diversity and getting everybody to love each other and I think that's what we're trying to get done here students on campus banded together to create a peaceful protest against Donald Trump and his supporters through various student organizations and Facebook for many students on campus this will be their first time voting in the presidential election actually I'm glad that there's processes out here just repeat what I feel so strongly about what they stand for and say for this you entirely huge line I'm just personally here I'm not really for it or against it I'm just curious I just want to get a better understanding of Trump and his political views mr. an abortion women health care just you know narrowing it down to who I'm actually gonna vote for tomorrow mr. stop the hey stop the hey well you and amber booth did such an excellent job with that I've really enjoyed watching that and I think one of my favorite aspects that the whole thing was just seeing so many different individuals and campus groups come together and congregate we have so many excellent diverse groups on this campus so with this show it is our hope to bring each and every one of them to light yeah absolutely I mean it was such a great event to cover you know I got to you know get a feel for both sides of the argument you know really talk to a lot of different organizations on campus and kind of see how they feel and a lot of people's organizations I didn't even know they were on campus so they had a chance to you know come out and have a voice on campus that's awesome but additionally each episode will include a real-world news segment which will focus on a current diverse world event a music minute focusing on music and entertainment within a diverse community in this day in history segment and as the show grows more segments will be introduced and some episodes will also include a BL GC spotlight focusing on the black Latino Greek council and each week starting today we will choose an organization of the week to showcase based on their hard work and accomplishments which will be revealed at the end of the show well that's it from us for now let's throw it over to a Bernese real word news segment evany thanks Cheyenne and Caitlin the Pennsylvania primaries are upon us on the Republican side the pool of candidates has shrunk since the beginning of the campaign season so going strong for the Republicans it's Donald Trump Ted Cruz and John Kasich Trump has been the front-runner for the majority of the primaries he currently has a 286 delegate lead over Ted Cruz and still needs close to 400 more to win the nomination on the Democratic side Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are still going head to head over the nomination Clinton currently has a 700 delegate lead over Sanders with over 1,000 delegates still available primary elections will be over soon and then it'll be time for the general election no matter who you're voting for get out there and vote I'm ebony grassy and that's all for this week next up is Jerome with a music minute thanks ebony it's been a week of highs and lows in the Meuse we all felt the pain losing one of the most creative and influencing musicians ever with the passing of prints almost instantly the very best of prints rose to number one on Billboard 200 and perhaps his most famous album Purple Rain also rose to number two and if you've never had the privilege of listening the prints you need to check it out now it wasn't all bad this week as the queen bee herself Beyonce released her new album titled lemonade the album premiered as a visual special on HBO followed by an oli audio release these fans have been going nuts ever since speculating on all the less than subtle hints that she drops if you live under a rock and you don't know where to get the album title users can stream the album and watch the visual presentation and it is available to purchase on iTunes with your music minute I'm Jerome Ambrose now to Amanda with the organization of the week hello my name is Amanda Lee and this week I would like to congratulate lasso the Latin American student organization on being selected as the organization of the week lasso is committed to advocating on behalf of ala Tino students as well as educating mcommunity Lhasa strives to create a conductive and supportive atmosphere on the West Chester University campus for all students not just those of Latin descent their purpose is to come together talk about and engage in activities that involve the Latino community at wcu as well as the community as the whole before Easter Lassa worked to put together Easter baskets for children at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia now that's what you call giving back this Saturday Lhasa will host their 11th annual gala the gala will include catered food as well as two DJs and a photobooth tickets are $3 for students and all proceeds will go to the make-a-wish Foundation Congrats la so with your organization of the week I'm Amanda Lee and now to gabriel smith with this day in history Thank You Amanda welcome to our segment this day in history I'm Gabriel Smith on April 26 2015 mark one year since the Baltimore riots broke out in response to the death of Freddie gray may he rest in peace thanks Gabe it seems like that Freddie gray situation was just yesterday it's crazy how you can be living history and having no idea there's no fair I know when congratulations again to last Oh for being selected the organization of the week remember to purchase $3 tickets for their gala this Saturday also on Thursday April 28th at 7:30 p.m. black men United will have their annual wild it out show and main hall have you ever been there before I know I'm an asshole it's literally my favorite thing I can't wait I cannot wait yeah and if you would like to nominate a particular organization for organization of the week or if you are a part of AI diverse organization and you would like an event discussed or promoted please email us at wcu diversity series at you can also contact us if you are a student passionate about diversity and would like to help out in any way with the show look forward to West Chester University diversity series coming to you weekly beginning in the fall we are still looking for some on-air talent to fill segments as well as field reporters so email us if you are interested and that's all we have for our first episode and preview to next semester again we are your executive producers and co-host I'm Caitlin Clark and I'm Cheyenne Dantzler have an amazing rest of the semester going around and we will see you in the fall you published dnp capstone projects order Congregation of the Mission.

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