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Capstone golf management for money

Capstone golf management for money faststone capture full for money order dissertation results on history for 10 ´╗┐Hi everyone. Good afternoon. This is Kai. JNC is the fourth time. It has begun. This time. The weather is not good today. It might rain. But I think it is better to go out than stay indoors. The metropolitan museum, I will go to the MET in upper east side this time. Usually people go to the MET by subway or taxi. But I am going to go to the MET by bus! Buses are more convenient than you think. I am on Madison ave now. If you are south of the MET in this city, taking a bus north on Madison ave is easier than taking the subway. Bus numbers that you should take are M3, M4 or M1 There is a bus stop right in front of the MET. Therefore, I think taking buses are easier than taking subways. Now, I am going to explain how to ride a bus in Manhattan. And also, I will tell you about the MET today. So, let's start! M4 bus just got here. You get in the bus from the front door. You pay for a bus ride is the same way you pay for subway ride. You use a Metro card. You give priority to the people getting off the bus. You insert the card in the machine. The fare is $2.75. Then you find a seat. Priority seats are in front of the bus. I recommend that you should take some other seat. So, I have taken a seat now. Subways are faster than buses, but subway stations are so hot and muggy in summer. Trains are often delayed. And you take a bus, you can enjoy the scenery. You can see nice buildings and shops. I think these are good points about taking a bus. The bus is getting crowded. I just passed 50th street now. There are many stylish cafes, restaurants and shops both sides. Usually, there is a bus stop every two blocks. I recommend that you get ready to get off the bus when the bus stops at the bus stop that you want to get off. I can see many nice shops. It is fun to look out the window on a bus. Unfortunately, this particular window is dirty. I can't take a clear video. The clothes in those stores are changing from summer to Autumn. Now, this bus is crowded. I want to get ready to get off this bus because this bus is approaching the bus stop. You push this yellow belt or pull the yellow roap when you want to get off the bus. Then, you can see a "STOP REQUEST" lit up in front and a ding sound. I am ready to get off the bus. You can get off a bus at from the front door or the middle door. You open the door by pushing the yellow belt on the door. I just got off the bus. I usually get off the bus at the Madison ave & East 83rd street stop. The buildings and atmosphere in upper east side is different from mid town. The buildings and apartments are not as high. more greenary fashionable shops Upper east side is different This way is up town. The MET is just west of here. Let's walk to west. You can see the MET easily after you have walked just one ave from the bus stop. It takes 10 or 15 mins from the nearest subway stations, which are at 77nd street and 86th street. The bus stop is closer to the MET than the subway stations. I am getting closer to the MET. I am crossing the ave now. Okay, I have arrived at the MET now! This is the Met!! There are more than 3 million works of art at the MET. People who want to see everything need one day I think. Richard Morris Hunt, who is known as the designer of pedestal of the statue of liberty, designed this entrance. There are some rules inside. You can take pictures inside but no flush, no videos. You can't bring in any food and drink with you. even if your drink is in a thermos or plastic bottle. Guards stop you from bringing them in at the entrance. You are allowed to draw if you want. But only with pencils. no color pens. Again, the guards stop you from bringing them in at the entrance. You should leave any big bags at a cloak room. If you carry a bag, you carry it in front. Not in back, when you walk around inside the MET. I can not take videos after I have bought a ticket. So, I will take pictures of art, and then I will add my voice later. The Admission fee is free for me because I have a member's card. Let's go. Many people just like to rest here without going into the museum. You can get food and drink from these food wagons. People just sit around here on weekends. I am going to see many things in the MET today. I am going to turn off this video just a second. I am inside of the MET now. This is the entrance. It is crowded even on weekdays. You can get a floor plans here, People who have a member's card get a free-ticket over there. There are long lines to buy tickets usually, but there are no long lines today because it is a weekday. So from now, I am going to start a tour. The admission fee is a suggested fee. You do not have to pay the price on the board. When you are in a hurry, or you are not going to stay at the MET for long time, You can explain the reasons and pay the fee that you think it is right. It totally depends on you. please be honest and pay some amount. After you get your thicket, You put a sticker on your clothe. So employees are able to see the sticker. Through the gate. First, Let's take a look at the Egyptian art collection on the right side of the MET. You can see a lot of Egyptian art. The temple of Dendur is the most famous part of this collection. Because of american assistance in saving various other monuments threatened by the Aswan dam's construction, Egypt gave this temple to the United States of America Next, I visited the Arms and Armory collecion. You can see a lot of armory in this area. There is a Japanese armory just next to the main room. There are many Cacchu (old Japanese armors) and weapons. It reminds me of a weapon shop in a video game. Next is the Medieval art area which is in the middle of the MET on the first floor. They display a huge Christmas tree here at Christmas time. It is worth it just to see the tree. There are many Rodin's works in the European sculpture and decorative arts area. This is Ugolino. This work commemorates Ugolino and his children, who were in poisoned and slowly starved to death in Pisa. Before dying Ugolino's children begged him to eat their bodies Ugolino della Gherardesca's ended up eating his children and grandchildren. It is a scary story, isn't it? This is my favorite spot, decorated eggs. (Faberge egg) These are very shiny and gorgeous. This is a famous statue that I bet you know and love. This is Seiren. This Seiren is the bases of Starbucks logo. This is somewhere in the MET. So, please find it by yourself. This is the main stair case. You can go to the second floor by this stairs. This is the Asian art area, in right wing of the MET. You should especially see this area if you are Asian. You can see a lot of Buddhas and art here. There is a huge Japanese area in the Asian area. This is the Japanese area. This is Washitsu (traditional Japanese main room). There is a place where you can just listen to the sound of water. it is very peaceful. There is a big painted screen. There are many other Japanese items. So, please stop by this area. This is the American art wing There is a cafe. If you get tired, you can take a break here. This is the European painting and sculpture area, in left side on 2nd floor. I love El Greco's art. There are many impressionist paintings here. Their paintings are easy to understand. This is the Greek and Roman art area, on left side on the 1st floor. This is also nice area. I recommend that you visit. I have seen a lot of art so far. I would like to finish this tour now. If you do not need the sticker, you put it onto the board at the exit. I just finished The Met tour. It took an hour and half to take pictures that I wanted to. If you want to see everything at the Met, you need a whole day. The Met is very big. From here to here. So... you know... The admission fee is a suggested fee. You do not have to pay $25. Some people who do not have time pay just $5 There are a few who pay just $1. But most people pay the full amount. The Met is not a state-owned museum. It is a private museum. The Met is here because many people donated art and money to the museum. So you think of all the people behind the scenes and and people who contributed, and you decide what you want to pay. That is just my opinion. It totally depends on you how much you pay. I hope I will be able to add my voice to all those pictures later. Okay! So! I would like to finish JNC now. capstone mining finance Columbia Law School.

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