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Capstone foster care midlands

Capstone foster care midlands do my rockford east high school capstone projects rethinking english essays in literature language history ´╗┐stars are forming lights up the gas heats them into the gas and then we can see where the stars a former so the block to bring survey covering about 40 degrees the galaxy mostly in the grow up Cygnus look further into Scorpius it contains two million positions and took about eight years so thousand hours tell us good time about 2 million dollars thank you taxpayers with money my research grant sugar I do appreciate and this is the whole survey it's hard to display in an interesting way because it's a long strip so right around there when Scorpius and then we go through quillan's so let me just zoom in on a star-forming region you can see from this picture how dynamic the star formation process is this is the w 51like of fun w 51 the w catalog is a kallah radio objects that was water out it was a Dutch astronomer after World War two the Nazis had left behind some radars because they were a hasty retreat from Holland and they used these Nazi radars as radio telescopes and so he used these of these these radars to map the sky and define bright objects and he mostly got it right he need a few mistake wh turns out to be the moon so all right but this turns out to be a wonderfully active star-forming region then there's a little cluster of stars forming right there actually large cluster stores for right there but you can see these whisks and filaments coming coming out of there so star formation is actually a dynamic process when stars form particularly massive stars they blow shreds into the clouds of the forming fun they destroy them very simple the problem with star formation is they the star is eat their parents like Chronos the titans in ancient Greek myth the children eating their parents what happens with stars is that the when high mass stars form the process is so disruptive and so dynamic that it rips the parental material shreds so you only have a very quick moment to capture the process so this is the challenge for a strong we're trying to study how stars why do you look at 13 Cartman that's a great question on world so 12 carbon of course is more abundant brighter right but the problem is that it saturates it's so okay that you can't see the structure there glad you can't see through to the center of the corner and so 13 term which is rarer is actually more transparent and so it reveals the structure bit better and it's it's about as bright it's about six times fainter but the trade-off between structure and brightness is is worth the effort is that what you see in the pillars of creation or the Eagle Nebula going exactly what you see yeah so the the star that the Eagles is a great example what's happening there is the radiation from the nearby cluster is eroding the clouds around it and you have a little black cloud on front and the river yeah thing behind it is in the shadow so it survives so let me talk a bit about how stars form start information happens in four stages the first is you have one these clouds and a piece the cloud will collapse so that's the first step then in the center of that bit of collapsing cloud to electric or if you have what is called protostar kota star is not a star yet and because if a star generates its own luminosity from nuclear processes a protostar isn't shining from nuclear processes it is just glowing because it's warm because as condenses converting the gravitational energy in the heat so you see the globe in the infrared just as you would see in infrared goggles you know humans or missiles or whatever is slightly long black body radiation metadesk forms which is a good thing for Earth because without the formation with disc we wouldn't be in plants form instance so essentially the study of star formation is this is the study of the origin of man come or without the Sun and without the curve we wouldn't be so let me talk about other people days on thank you think I know what happens in the first stage of star formation as we see these molecular clouds around the galaxy I just showed you the whole guilt the galaxies distraught points amusing because in locating service when a piece the cloud exceeds so the clouds pushed out by pressure is pulling my gravity when the gravity begins to win over pressure the cloud will condense so gravity pulls an end so you have a chunk of cloud that suddenly becomes a little over dentist and if it becomes dense enough the gravity overwhelms the pressure at work and the clown will pull itself in its a chunk of the cloud this is called core collapse and collapses under its own weight has that happens as the the cloud becomes denser and denser as a pulse material into the center of the cloud the material warms up it basically converting gravitational energy into thermal energy it's turning the gravity of the heat and as it as that material falls in it just heats up Centuri has very dense bit and begins to get warm and buy more money in space thinners it the typical temperature in this fellow space is three degrees above absolute zero dreamers Kelvin I'm talking about things become room temperature that's really falling for the perspex right so these these objects are actually it is somewhat something like room temperature 300 degrees help and that's warm what time is probably a bit colder than today but so here's where I I'll begin to talk about my own research I think you guys are adult enough now to understand like real research so I want to talk to you tomorrow I'm gonna pander here we're going to talk to you about what actually is going on um the thing that I've been looking at for the last few years are these obstacle different dark clouds now the Air Force made this amazing survey of the galaxy with a satellite called the mid-course space experiment MSS and the reason is interesting he strongly benefits from the military occasion this is one of those cases um infrared of course is a signature of incoming missiles incoming air appliances and so on the military wanted to make sure they understood where all the infrared emission on the sky was from so they don't go shooting down a rhyme when the incoming missiles come in one and a lighter than that infrared signal that they're seeing is not something in space it's actually something from this from Libya mrs. so they made this detailed map of the infrared background so they met a map of the galaxy in the infrared and one of the big surprises from this survey was Easter these black patches they were utterly unanticipated the thing is as you go into the infrared portion of the spectrum these clouds that are absolutely opaque and the optical become more and more transparent and no one expected these cloud any cloud to remain okay in the infrared and yet here they were these clouds were absolutely dark in the Internet has the interesting term infrared dark that's as far as a very cluttered many things um but no one no anticipate these and what this means is you have enormously opaque clouds far more paperwork ever anticipated cool and moreover because they're dark and anthro they have to be very cold if they were warned them be glowing in you so the fact that you see these dark patches means you have very opaque very dense very cold clouds and because of that no stars are formed in them if a star even forming in them they would be very warm so these are extremely interesting objects and for people who say star information this was a real indicator there we might be on to something here in terms of looking at the very earliest stages to start how close is the nearest 10 the nearest one is a like a kill parsec away they're typically three to six kiloparsecs and white at least and once we can see ya it's a geometry problem because the the galaxy in order to see these they have to be in front of bright emission from the galaxy so you can't see them on the far side of the couch but they have to be on the near side of galaxies on the nearest concentration of molecular stuff isn't so as in a spiral arm called ask you tomorrow and it's about freaking partisan that is a whole that's a great question and without any other information we have no idea so it could be a hole in the background that's exactly right in fact we may a catalog of these reported things and it turns out that about fifteen percent of the things we kind of walked off our holes with that what is it list of thesis and capstone project titles for information technology order New York Institute of Technology.

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