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Capstone financial nj for money

Capstone financial nj for money research topics about risk management when does a biography became useless to the study of literature ´╗┐what is going on crypto families so today we got another cool interview from the crypto invest some in Los Angeles of course today we're gonna meet the really cool dude heart - with host show super animated guy really fun dude it's got a really cool project - it's not really a project it's actually an existing business so I'll let him tell you all about it it'll catch you on the other side what is going on in a buddies - table you gotta let me make sure I pronounced everything right heart ish sunny yeah you nailed it awesome with host show global leader and security right for you know smart contracts and all that kind of good stuff yeah so I know what it is but some of the people out here you know they're kind of new to this space maybe they don't understand ball chain or the importance of an audit yeah maybe you can kind of walk us through all the cool stuff that you guys do and why it's so important yeah for sure so the company's name is Ho Shaw HOSA Cho the word itself means security in Japanese and we've been laser focused on building solutions in the cybersecurity realm that fall into the blockchain realm right and so we started with smart contract auditing that means that people are writing a smart contract either for an ICO or perhaps a token generation event and we're going through each line by line of that code and finding any security vulnerabilities making sure there's no hidden vulnerabilities or hidden functions in the smart contract that either an investor or maybe an exchange wants to know about and then the last part in an audit is a uniquely qualified engineer with a QA background and a security mindset is gonna read the code and make sure it's doing what it's meant to do and you know people in the IC o---- spring start writing white papers that explain the vision of this token and then they write the code of the smart contract and those have to be married and so we've never not found vulnerabilities when connecting a smart contract audit and when we conduct an audit we published about a 15 or so page audit report companies like to take that report and send it to exchanges and to investors to brag about the fact that they've written a quality already audited smart contract that's been audited by a professional third party and more recently we've started doing penetration testing of exchanges so we're finding exchanges that only list tokens that have been audited and that these exchanges are willing to geeks our code to us this code is changed on a daily basis and so we have a group of engineers and hackers white hats that will try to pack the exchange and penetrate it from a traditional hackers perspective let's come with a million in one ways to actually hack into the exchange like an hacker would and make sure that your exchange is not penetrated bull there's no security vulnerabilities and we've in Japan recently there was like a 500 million dollar you know security hack in an exchange this is no small amount of money no it's happening all the time yeah so for instance with with your guys's audits it sounds you know simple right but just a decimal place being off if you're able to find that that could save investors everybody else a ton of money right absolutely one decimal place I mean about 10 percent of all the money in the ico space has been stolen or lost 10 percent of all of it right and so you know there's small functionalities that in my opinion what's most important is that an exchange was about a list it knows about what is in this token that is there any hidden functionalities that maybe give the power that's centralized to the founders of the token that may be deep in the smart contract the founders of the token can just run away with funds or remove tokens from any wallet without anyone's permission and these are centralized functions that could be hidden in a smart contract and sometimes companies don't even know what's in their smart contract because they copied and pasted someone else's smart contract and most people are hiring third parties anyway they don't have anyone in-house qualified enough who knows solidity which is a new language and aetherium is written oscillator CSS or HTML it's similar to Java JavaScript it's similar breaks right but seems like most everybody was you know like an HTML CSS guy last week and now their solidity guys give X web developers reading smart contracts what could go wrong definitely how we got into the business we saw that as we were doing diligence my co-founders yo Kwon and yo is involved with this fund in Vegas called pink sky they were investing in Kryptos and doing diligence for that fund is when my co-founder yo Kwon realized that the quality of smart contracts is poor it's being written by ex web developers and that the only other people who are conducting audits well this is there like 15th Department within the company they're not laser focused on doing this smart contract auditing to them is not very scalable and meanwhile we've gone with the inspiration that Amazon only sold books for a long time and we just do blockchain security there's nothing wrong with that at all and the thing is is everybody here at the conference could use your guys's service right just to make sure everyone yeah I mean anybody that's got a smart contract anybody's got an IC or a crypto anything like that or they're investing in an IC oh you're a lawyer that's representing an IC oh you're a marketer marketing for an IC o---- all of you want to mitigate your risk by making sure that this project got audited you've no one wants to be no one wants their client that they're representing to be a scam card for sure and you already have an existing list of clients that you've done a great job for right so you guys are the logos are on the website at least are the ones that are not indie aid sure companies like to brag that they've been audited but we've also had situations where for either a penetration test or an audit the company does not want to release and we're indeed yeah yeah no that makes sense you know they want to you know hey look we're bulletproof you know but they don't anybody else looking at the code to verify or yeah or to see that they've got a lot of shortcomings right so no that's that's very cool and so you guys probably have your own token utility token to use within your system not at all not at all just a business we're never gonna do an IC o---- we don't have a token at the moment functioning business people actually a functioning business we're essentially just been cash flow positive and profitable since day one of the business that makes it quick and easy right yeah we've not raised any venture capital we've not done an IC o---- you know our aim is to evolve into being the Deloitte Bane or McKinsey of this space we're building more solutions we did it started with smart contract auditing gonna penetration testing we're hosting bug bounties we're building a telegram bot to find phishing scams within your telegram groups because a lot of people are finding that inside these telegram groups and telegrams a very popular messaging channel within the crypto community and you have lots of scams or people are creating these BOTS that simply say well send aetherium to this address and so we've built a nice telegram bot to find phishing scams we're exploring building a multi signature wallet at an institutional level to store crypto s-- so a lot of stuff in the works yeah I mean a lot of stuff in the works yeah because you know when you think of smart contract audits you know the first thing comes to - quant stamp you know I think of them and so you guys doing a lot of stuff did Richard and his team we like Richard we're actually exploring the formation of a self-regulatory organization with Quon stamp in which both of us will invest into a non-profit this nonprofit will behave as a self-regulatory organization that defines what is a smart contract audit we're finding that more and more people are popping up into this space and saying they're gonna do an audit but they're not doing all of the parts of an audit that we consider are necessary to find all the security vulnerabilities so you have sophisticated cyber security companies that wanders now to do audits they see that there's an opportunity here but they're not doing what we deem to be a full audit sure you can't just take the code and put it through a bunch of tooling and say it's been audited and they don't the newer companies and newer players don't want to do that the parts that are not scalable and that for us is to engineers on each contract that have a QA mindset a security background and they're marrying the code to the actual written words it's extremely manual if anyone says that that part is automated they're lying yeah we're like years out from the machine learning being automated on that and her shows taking a really strong step to automate as much of the smart contract audit as we can as well and so for now I mean we love working with players like Kwan's time they send us deal flow and we are looking forward to working with them on the formation of a self-regulatory organization so one day they did an ICO that's also a difference they have a token yeah so four people don't like you don't want to use your service what's the best way for them to find out about you and then a lot of people you know they're maybe a little reluctant to hire an outside firm because they think it's a lot of money right they I mean obviously I see the value because you're gonna lose all that money possibly if you don't spend the money to safeguard me right so what what what can people do you know to come maybe and I figure out how much they're gonna need to be spending and how they contact you so if you're doing an icy or token generation event I'd say the range is somewhere between thirty and a hundred thousand dollars for an audit it all depends upon time we ask for three to four weeks of time to conduct the auditing process but that really wouldn't means is from the time the smart contract is completely written we want the company to come to us when the smart contract is completely done and complete they send us the code we in about two weeks will send back an audit report that exposes all the vulnerabilities that we found then in about a week's time you turn it back to us and we can actually turn the code back around will do a free Reata essentially we always find vulnerabilities sure so we wait for the company to fix those vulnerabilities that we found fix any things that we think are to be fixed and then we put a seal of approval on the smart contract we give them the published audit report and they can send it to exchanges and we also like to help companies meet other hedge funds because a lot of hedge funds are sending us deal flow and right now we have a good relationship right here in LA with DNA Fund for example the dnews goes yeah Scott Walker yeah right so we we want the DNA Fund to know that they're investing into a company that their risk is mitigated by relying on hosho and vice versa we see deal from literally all over the world so when we see an inbound deal from South Korea we like to share that deal with DNA fun and say well we've audited it and they'd like to know that their risk had been mitigated you know you're not gonna be like the other companies out there there's a few that when they audit the code they say that they own it you don't do you own that we do not do that yeah that's great we've put a silver approval on your project I see take it and do what you want with it we're not auditing the business we're auditing just the code where where we see ourselves as a cyber security company a regulatory tech company in the blockchain space is huge is something everybody in this space anybody's got their own project or whatnot they need somebody like you digging through the code making sure that it does what it's supposed to do yeah totally and companies need a value security not only a smart contract audit but even young companies they're raising real money and they are giving each other salaries they are spending money on things and so if when you raise your first money my suggestion to the smallest company and the biggest companies is to have people in-house that are in charge of your in-house security practices for your company whether it's using company laptops or two-factor authentication or what PDFs should you open or what should you not be worried about opening up just any PDF from anybody emailing you so you don't have any phishing scams and spearheading attacks these sound like really basic simple things but this is how millions of dollars get stolen you have one employee open up the wrong PDF and all of a sudden the hackers monitoring his or her keyboard strokes and monitoring his or her screen and before you know it they've got access to all of your company's systems and you're about to get hacked you know that's happened to a lot of people man so that's why security is so important you know fo-sho that's why your show host sho fo sho so for people to learn more to retain your services they just go to your site come to our website h OS h io you can follow our telegram group host show group you can t dot me slash o show you can find me personally on twitter the hearth H th e hearth HH arte J I'm also my first name at hosho uh-oh we're at almost every conference whether I'm there myself keynoting or some of my team members will be there find us and we would love to work with more players all around the world everyone should be valuing in security everybody thank you so much for having me buzzer man thank you hey welcome back everybody don't forget host sho fo sho right Hart ash man I appreciate you buddy that was really cool learning about your smart contract auditing business and how we all need it right so we're pumping out all these different projects you got all these different people all claiming to be you know solidity experts and their contracts are out there into the world all of us is supposed to use their projects their products or services and then it crashes right so it crashes because somebody made a little mistake those little bugs come back and bite us so it's really cool that our Tash and his team are out there to save the day and keep that from happening so wish him a bunch of luck in his business and success I'm sure he's gonna do great so if you guys want to check them out go to his website check out all the cool things that they offer to you know cryptocurrency projects in general right so somebody wants to 100 bucks at a theorem right I'm sure you do so if you do make sure you guys put let's see let's put fo-sho instead of Hojo let's put fo-sho in front of the public if the room address there in the comments below make sure you guys like subscribe all that good stuff and then hosho public etherium address somebody's going 100 bucks so thanks a bunch for watching god bless you catch you on the next one ap capstone research paper Sisters of Mercy.

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