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Capstone financial montgomery al for money

Capstone financial montgomery al for money purpose energy malte welding writing paper 56 episodes 500,000 subscribers 1 life you've changed forever this is the story of game theory hello Internet welcome to game theory remember if it doesn't say mat pad on it somebody else probably made it wait can we stop here because if you look at that old subscriber count' there half a million people have subscribed to this channel half of 1 million can I get real with you for a minute I work with numbers every day and that stat as a collection of digits makes sense but when you stop to think about what that number actually means that there are hundreds of thousands of people actual people in front of their computers waiting for your next upload it's humbling and honestly I couldn't be more grateful because you 500,000 people and growing pulled me through the most challenging period of my life and have without trying to sound too melodramatic change the course of my existence yeah you and I think it's important for you to know that story the story of what happens when you watch a youtube video so here it is game theories origins story told as a draw my life video because they're fun and because I really like the way this girl draws so let's get started shall we to really understand the origins of game theory you have to know a little bit about me first hi I'm Matthew Patrick but you know me as Matt Pat a nickname I got in sixth grade and one that my elementary school friends were super upset that they hadn't thought of themselves it seems so obvious after the fact I'm an only child who grew up in Medina Ohio two facts that are important for the following reasons the first led me to video games my first memories are of my Mario themed bedroom and of playing Castlevania so video games have been a part of my life literally for as long as I can remember my Ohio roots led to my second passion performing in the Midwest when surrounded by cornfields you have two options sports or show choir my glasses naturally dictated that I avoid option one so I got involved in theater really involved I sang in five choirs before glee made it cool I was both president and dance captain I played viola in the orchestra and I performed in around six stage shows a year uh what was it that people called me yeah there was some of that uh yeah that that's that's the one but there was one other title near and dear to my heart nerd I loved school I love to learn and I studied a lot overloading on classes sacrificing lunch period so I could enroll in courses with names like creative cooking and survival for singles all just for fun I even spent summers taking extra lessons on college campuses needless to say I was pretty cool and was hanging out at all the parties but all the work paid off as I graduated valedictorian scored a perfect 1600 on my SAT received an academic scholarship to college and this is feeling braggy so let's move on to the depressing stuff but first college which came and went without too much excitement I mean I did meet my future wife in a video game programming course where we work together to create a Legend of Zelda parody called the epic of Stu but you know no Big O and she totally thought I was this for like the first happier that we knew each other anyhoo video games were still very much a part of my life as I was a Resident Assistant for the freshmen for three years instead of frat parties I hosted fondue Friday game nights where we played old-school Zelda and DDR once again very clearly the cool kid I studied theater because I wanted to act and direct after I graduated and neuroscience because I needed a back-up plan and neuroscience was the obvious choice right anyway after graduating in 2009 I moved to New York started auditioning toured around and shows for about two years and had just about as much success as a starving actor could wish for if you dig deep into this channel and I mean really deep you can find some videos from those early days I've never had the heart to take him down because I think it's interesting to look at those old videos on channels and see just how far people have come and how much has changed but even though I was constantly working it didn't change the fact that I was still a starving actor and I quickly learned that for many reasons theater wasn't the life I thought it would be spider-man turned off the dark I'm looking at you I was at a crossroads I needed to change but to what since preschool I had known I would be in theater that was supposed to be my destiny neuroscience wasn't a backup it was well let's be honest here it was just cool to say hey I'm majoring in neuroscience quite honestly I was lost but the world was in no mood to help me out you see companies don't care about your string of perfect grades test scores and countless extracurriculars they don't understand what working as a director actually means I was just the weird theater kid with no real skills in their mind at first I didn't get it I applied to creative innovative companies thinking they would love to have a fresh independent thinker on staff maybe television movies Dame's nothing and things got desperate in a hurry for nearly two years I was out of a job sending out resumes every day and hearing nothing back I went from the guy who breezed through life who was born and raised to think and indeed fully believed that he was capable of doing anything to questioning my worth my smarts my reason for being I was stuck trapped I needed just one person to open a door but no one would game theory was born out of this desperation recognizing that my theatre experience was meaningless I needed a resume booster something that I could point to and say hey look I can research and video and do math and understand the Internet culture I was watching another web series extra credits and it was around that time that they released an episode on tangential learning learning through gaming and that gave me an idea I didn't someone do a show that fused education and gaming that used game discussion as a means to teach for weeks I studied other popular gaming shows everything from their logos to their color scheme to their pace and editing style it was too poor for a good camera and game capture stuff so I just grabbed images from online and manipulated them using what default tools my computer had my apartment was echoey so I recorded in the closet so yes as fate would have it I would eventually come out of the closet when I needed a break from sending out resumes I poured everything I had into the show game theory was my respite the one place I could go to where I felt productive worthwhile in the midst of so much rejection and self-doubt and then it started to grow people you stumbled across it and liked what you saw thanks to people and websites like pat the nes punk and review topia screwattack and game trailers my videos started to get attention and as I became more invested in YouTube I started to put those years of AP math to work crunching the data to figure out ways to reach more people I started to put the years of directing experience to the test by revising the show to make it more compelling I was relatively new to video editing so each week I tried to include a new trick make it a little bit better fans started to submit content I could never dream about with my technical limitations spelling failure with a logo and opening song numerous other theorists with intros and suggestions it was my show but it was yours too and as a group company started to take knows at this point game theory was at the top of my resume I trumpeted that I knew how to grow an audience just as YouTube networks started to develop my big selling point was my balance of creativity and math my ability to make data-driven decisions yet retaining the sensibility of a content creator after many more months of pestering and knocking on doors even giving out free work a fellow Ohioan finally gave me a chance at first they weren't quite sure how to best use me but I quickly carved out a new role as a YouTube audience development consultants and worked alongside some of the platform's biggest channels help them expand to this day game theory still fuels everything I do where I experiment to see what works and what doesn't what you respond to and what you don't but at this point it's far from my primary source of income eventually I'd love to be doing it full-time but for now I really strive hard to get out a new episode every other week because in the end whether it's game theory or helping out other channels my job is to make you happy to give you the best entertainment possible and it seems to be working at the beginning of this year game theory was barely over 60,000 subscribers and well now we're doing a half a million episode I started this video off by saying one life changed forever but that's not true by supporting this project yes you've helped me but with my life changing so have many others game theories success allowed me to be in a position to help other people and shows that I believed in which in turn brought on Ronnie and gaijin Goomba the success of the channel opened up new job prospects where I work at growing the audience's of other channels helping those creators and by proxy all their viewers and as those of you who follow me on the twits fail book and G+ no man we have a subreddit to now jeez that's a ton of stuff anyway as you loyal theorists know I just got back from a vacation in China and Thailand with my wife and best friends Stephanie things that never could have happened if it hadn't been for your support of this show and I was still jobless in short by watching a show not even a show when it first started a slightly evolved version of a YouTube slide show that I started making in an attempt to prove that I was worth hiring you have changed thousands of lives some directly and lots indirectly and the spiral continues as you keep watching this show gets more promotion on YouTube allowing it to reach more people educating them on whatever crazy topic we as a game theorist community have come up with for that week so let me close out here by thanking my parents for their love and support Stephanie for her end faith and patience my friends and fellow online creators who've helped me out here but most of all to each and every individual that makes up that enormous number right there growing up it was always my theory that there's always my theory that the actions of one person could make a world of difference and it's true I'm living proof but hey that's just my theory and this is game theory 1 million here we come capstone kid twitter for money Corning Community College.

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