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Capstone financial buffalo write for me capstone northview church speed control of dc motor using ir remote project report ´╗┐well good evening I'm Doug Kobe I'm the CEO of nonprofit and it's a great pleasure to be here 12 years ago my wife and I decide to have kids and today we are extremely fortunate to have 11 and a nine and a seven year old but it was about five years ago where we thought we needed to get some help right we needed a mentor or a coach or somebody to provide a little bit more guidance because after all if you think about it I'm the irreversible result of my parents and my parents are the irreversible result of their parents and there's times when we are proud and and at other times when we are maybe rather want to forget about it that our kids are and will become the irreversible result of us so we found an individual a child psychologist in the parenting coach and there was a number of us in our community that decided to take the 16-week workshop it was a parenting class and at that class that's where we learned about the Family Council now the concept is is really straightforward the guidelines the principles of this is that you that there really shouldn't be one individual making all decisions for others right that in order to perform and develop a well-functioning family one individual can't do that for everybody so the guidelines of this and what we do each week is we find a common area table we we we identify a leader we identify a secretary in that role that rotates through each week because we're trying to increase the level of responsibility now grant at the leader also given a three-year-old versus somebody that's in their 30s or 40s the three year old has to be able to read and write if they're going to lead you know the meeting but they participate so the agenda goes like this what we do is when we come together every Sunday we we talk off we start off by talking about affirmations complementing one another we talked about the old business the financials the new business and the calendar and is gregg easterbrook wrote in his book progress paradox how today we have more than ever and how were less happy we have a lot more material wealth but people are far happier and what the virtues of happiness are is that we're more grateful for who we are or where we come from we're more forgiving of others and more more optimistic about the future well when you look at that and when you take Easter Brooks model and you kind of align it over here with the family council when we talk about affirmations who doesn't like to feel good about and recognized for what they've done and if you talk about the old business in the new business it's and it's creating this environment that's allowing us to share ideas bring issues to the table and try to solve them that's yet the compromise so you're being forgiving of one another and when you look at the calendar and when you think about the calendar it's often to the future it's something to look forward to and for a three or a five or even a 15 year old right a day can feel like a month and a month certainly certainly feels like a year so when we talk about the affirmations the old business the financials than the the new business that we're going to come and talk about and we go into the calendar there are some guidelines to there's some parameters so we the base line here is that the discussions that are having within the family well those are the agreed-upon rules right that sets that layer of trust with one another right that's the foundation of any relationship is trust first before you can even get to results and first you have to go through a level of accountability and conflict to be able to get to those results right so we establish those that what is discussed becomes the rules of the family it's not meant as a gripe session right that everybody has their say but not necessarily a everybody's going to have their a if you have an issue you typically you bring a solution to it so what the Family Council is is a place that the parent is able to establish these well-functioning family a well-functioning team what it's not right is you're not giving up the the role of the parent when it's the health and wellness of the family so we thought well if it works over here in the family if we can adopt it over here in our family what if we brought it to work so as we started doing this we've done it for five years and we said well let's see if we can put it into the workplace now we needed it we were we were going through a time where we've done annuals employee surveys and we thought it's time we had a dip in some of this employee satisfaction rating we we also knew that there are some tension amongst team members so 13 months ago we introduced this into our team the framework is very much the same with with a slight caveat we have everybody gets a chance to lead we have a secretary that that rotates too we also allow believe it or not we we allow somebody to brings a snack who doesn't like to eat that meetings we also do a team-building activity and that rotates and that's the responsibility of each individual for each month so we come together each month the other thing that we do is that we we thought in order to build and strengthen our own community within our team we assign somebody each month to identify a location a new location so we don't do it on our campuses we actually identify like-minded agencies and institutions to be able to hold this environment that allows deeper collaboration outside of our own walls we find we have the same kind of guidelines everybody is able to share everybody participates the decisions and the rules are established on that front line to and and here's what we found about three months I started asked the question does it still have value does this still have meaning does this still have purpose and what we found is that anecdotally people were certainly more appreciative of being recognized for the value and the benefits that they bring into the team the other component that we add into is we call them speed updates that you have in this leadership group there's 10 of us and you have about three minutes to share what you're working on and everybody's working on individual aspects of their roles and their jobs and it's in that three minutes where wider spread ideas were being brought to the table Steve Johnson's book where good ideas come from that if I've got an idea over here and you've got an idea over here and we collide that chance favors are connected mind so there was a wider spread of collaboration that was existing amongst the team and that was about six months but then what it really don was last just last year actually last december for the last eight years we've been using a gallup poll of a survey an employee satisfaction survey asking ten questions everywhere from does the mission purpose of the organization matter do i contribute to that am i being recognized for the work in which i'm performing as my boss recognized me and out of those twelve questions nine of them increased substantially for us in fact for had triple digit increase over a dip of the last in the previous year and what happened it wasn't just one event it wasn't something that we incentivized employees to do over the year what it was is that deliberately every month as a team or coming together or affirming what we're doing we believe in what we're doing we're recognizing others for doing that we're able to talk about new ideas explore and solve the old business that we've talked about and we've also been able to look at the future as far as our calendar goes so whether we're working and using this model the family counselor at home or what we call the leadership gathering at work has been very beneficial it it has set a level level of expectations amongst the team it's respecting one another it's recognizing the work that each of them are able to perform and it's been a lot lot greater beneficial for us and certainly we're a lot happier for that so as great Easterbrook talks about in progress paradox we are certainly more grateful for who we are and what we're doing whether it's in the family or in the workspace we're more forgiving of one another and working at those solutions to solve those and creating environments to allow us to come and talk about those and finally we're certainly more optimistic about the future thank you li fi technology ieee paper 2019 for money Bank Street College of Education.

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