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Capstone financial assurance for money write for me rab capstone pants euros pill report 2018 2018 ´╗┐good evening i've been i've been in the search and internet business for 17 18 years now and after being in the business for so long there's there's been a few times in my career that i feel like i've been able to see the future I feel like I've been able to see things that the world isn't hasn't seen you know that's probably a better question I'm going to talk about technology okay so that's probably a better question for Robert Campbell so I'm going to talk about about technology and and being able to see the technology be able to see what is coming around the corner is one thing but being able to understand how you can benefit from it how you can get in front of it is another thing and what I'm going to tell you today and in the spirit of Robert Campbell in the spirit of forecasting I'm going to make a forecast and I'm going to tell you how I think everybody in this room can benefit from it my forecast is there's going to be something that's going to be the human algorithm I don't know if that's what they'll call it but let me explain to you let me give you a story and this will come back to you let's say for example let's say that 65 year old grandma Lupe opens a restaurant the Mexican restaurant is grandma loopy going to have a website probably not so if you go onto google and you search for mexican restaurants what are your chances of finding grandma Lupe on Google 0 right because grandma Lupe's probably not going to have a website now on social media like Facebook you're likely to go on take a picture of your food post it on social media but what are the chances that you're going to go on facebook and search for mexican restaurants 0 so grandma Lupe doesn't have a chance to compete with El Torito right and that's a problem because grandma lublu surgeon serves up some killer food and I'd love to find it and if Reggie goes to Grandma Lupe takes a picture of it puts it on Facebook and five different people in this room say I love that place I love that place I would like to know okay I think that that concept is happening right now and you're going to be able to go online go to your social media and have it influenced to search results okay so let me let me in order to kind of show you why I'm at and how I got there and how you can take advantage of it I'm first going to go back a little bit and talk about page rank and a lot of you may already know this concept page rank is not named a lot of people think it's about web pages it's a Larry Page he's one of the founders of Google he came with an algorithm his very first patent it was simply this who gets the most links wins so the big yellow dot gets the most links he wins okay now let's go back to the to the concept of Grandma Lupe she's never gonna that's going to be el torito's and so when you go on using the current algorithm that Google employees in the very basic form el torito's is always going to win and Google doesn't like that but humans if you get humans involved now you can change that now you can affect that in a very interesting way so let me pretend there's something called fund rank okay so we take the exact same thing as page rank and we put people into it but what's interesting now is you notice that some people don't have bases you can now know if they're real people see if you go back to page rank all those guys at the bottom of zoo those little green circles how do you know if el torito's and nothing against el torito's by the way good a good restaurant right but how did you know how do you know if el torito's owns those little green circles how do you know if L Turtles buying websites how you know if el torito's is paying people to link to them you really don't but if you add the human element I can tell if that's really a person I can tell if Robert Campbell is a real person because if he is he's going to be talking to people he's going to be people are going to put pictures of him and him there's going to be a lot of easy ways to figure out if it's a human vs vs not so then here's what you do next so now I see that there's a bunch of people that aren't real people these are fake profiles take them away so if you add the human element and you can tell if it's a real person or not now you can take away that the links or the like sore or whatnot and now suddenly there's a shift now suddenly I got to catch up with the Reggie in this example because he's got three links and I've got the real aches so by adding the human element you make the playing field fair okay so now how do we put that together so so how do we put the search engine and and the page rank together with the people it's already happening so so this idea of me being able to tell the future is uh it's actually right there in front of everybody you've probably seen this this is google authorship there's a picture on on there and and I when I did my I did my very first search I did short sales versus foreclosures and this is what came up number one and number three are people that actually have bases they're real people the other thing that you might see that little arrow going this way it says 34 Google+ circles so what's google doing there Google's telling me that they want you there going to put you at the top if you are a real person we can verify it and I want the world to know that if you have friends in your circles you're also going to be at the top so if you just read the signs right in front of you you can see what's happening the other thing that I take away from this is she's number one for short sales versus forecloses and she only has 34 people in their circles everyone that you can have more than 34 people in your circles tonight but looking right around you so we're so early in this thing that we can go and we can dominate some of these search terms now you don't even have to have a website so this is where grandma lupe really comes into play Samri is the same this is the same search engine the same result short sales versus foreclosures I scroll to the bottom of the page now what happened Jason Smith popped up Bruce Norris popped up why did that happen how interesting is that well if you look at the left arrow there's a little grave symbol of a person Jason and Bruce are in my network so when I typed it in google said well somebody in somebody that you know is talking about short sales versus foreclosures and we are going to give them an advantage so they gave these people advantage because they put their face and they verified that there a person and they gave these people an advantage because they're in my circle so what's happening right now then I went a little further now i typed in san diego short sales because i wanted to see what would happen for specifically san diego short sales now Jason is killing it Jason winter he had the top two he's in my circle number three on this search again he's not in my circle but he's verified you see his face that he's got authorship so authorship pushed him to the top of the page here's another interesting point at the very bottom here you can see best Jason as well that's that's his blog has a wordpress blog and he doesn't have authorship so even though Jason seems like a very astute internet marketer and he's hitting some of these major words he's missing some really easy things that he can do so I tell you that not to pick on Jason because he's doing very well I tell you that so that you know that there's some really simple things that even though get best people are missing right now so the opportunity is there one other thing the arrow on the bottom morning shows San Diego shows that he's in my circle too so it's putting the different social signals and in place they do several things that how does Google verify if you're a real person if you never add a friend you're probably not a real person so it's going to be an algorithm right if you add 50 friends in one day but you don't add a friend for to the next six months you're probably not a real person if you never get tagged in a photo you're probably not a real person this is going to evolve with time okay but but that's an by the way is going to be the question that people are going to ask in every country in every language in the future well that's another story which which I I specifically stayed away from the privacy discussion it's a big discussion I will tell you that you don't have to put your private information in you don't have to put your birthday you don't have to put on your private information but the privacy discussion is a real one and a big one we don't have time to address it fully today so moving forward I want to look at the hard money lenders to see what i would find because i know that there's some hard money lenders in this room today but you're not here san diego hard money lenders guess who pops up Bruce Norris okay again we all know Bruce right and we know that Bruce is very sophisticated matter of fact he's being found because he's in my circle and you can see the air what the very bottom it says Aaron Norris plus one did so it's all showing the other people i know plus one'd it and the other thing the big red box I put there because he doesn't have authorship so it's sophisticated as the North's group is there not doing authorship which is a very easy thing that they should be doing can we can I try to get through this first if you don't mind so this is the Eric Smith this is a quote from google and one of the things that I've learned in my years of marketing on the internet just do what google tells you to do okay they're they're not they don't parse their words they'll tell you exactly what you need to do people just don't listen here's what what Eric Smith says within search results information tied to verified profile so first of all the words information they didn't say websites they didn't say videos they said information so my first example about grandma loopy that was just a little post right that's information so information tied to verify the results by the way let me go back when you saw Jason and Bruce Campbell on this page Jason created a video all Bruce did he found an article and said check out this article he didn't even write anything he create anything they don't have web sites here all of you can do this without a website grandma Lupe can do this without a website so information tied to verified profiles verified profiles is what we're talking about the authorship it's about being a person being a human will be ranked higher than content without such verification they're saying right there do google authorship and you will rank higher right there I'm talking about Google right now thank you for bringing that up because Google wants to be facebook at the social media game and facebook wants to be Google at the search game so both of these discussions these discussions apply to both okay i'm using google because because they are clearly the leader in the search and and it says the result one well most people will naturally click on those results we've done this for client I have another business we market doctors we've seen people have their clickers increased by by one in two hundred percent in some cases I'm not promising those type of results but those kind of results do happen it's amazing it's phenomenal because Google is trying to be facebook google is giving you an unfair advantage if you do this now early and Facebook will give you an unfair advantage if you do this early that's why you should do it now and then finally at the very end if this if that wasn't clear enough the true cost of remaining anonymous then might be irrelevance Google's made warnings like this before and they've said that if you break our rules we will knock you out of our listings and and it will happen yeah you're right so so I'm kind of on a time limit so we'll push the questions the end if you guys don't mind agent rank so agent rank is where the social media and search results come together agent rank is Google's other patent nobody talks about they felt it in 2007 okay it's really about your friends and your content how many friends do you have what kind of friends do you have I'm sorry you're going to be judged by your friends again what do they have in common if your friends are real estate-related then you're more likely to show up for real estate stuff if your friends are related to cars and you're more likely to show up for car stuff think about that your content how much do you write what do you write about do people like it do people share it those are going to be some things here's what you can do okay the two steps and i'm going to give you something at the end what you can do is develop your authority build your profiles facebook and google are the two that i think you should go on for sure there are a few others then build your rolodex people usually get higher just for their rolodex your list of people on facebook that's your rolodex your list of people in your newsletters that's your rolodex your iphone that's your rolodex build your rolodex because those are going to be valuable to you in the future curate great content so Q a great content now everybody can do it up to this stage what do I mean by that well it's what Bruce did he just wrote about an article so let's say I'm sure there's a real estate agent or two in the room if we were all your friends and you wanted to be found for National City real estate then go on your facebook and your google page and make a comment about National City real estate go to your mls every time I new listing comes out say new National City real estate listing keyword to learn about the school districts and crime rates keywords keywords give me a call now so makeups National City crime rates you as a Realtor pops up in their google circles and they have no idea you don't even need a website very powerful it's not related to google adwords at all to google adwords would show up over it in case in case that happens we're talking about the natural results below that ok create great content that's the harder part and then Google authorship leverage your identity now here's a new currency money can't buy this if you're trying to get Reggie to reg easier like him share his content do these things that are social signals he can't buy this stuff so these would be the kind of ways that you can kind of guerrilla marketing to get reg easier for example last last slide learn by doing vas don't help is our website we've created a if you want to learn more about this stuff go to pass home help we put a little secret doorway at the bottom of the site and it's only for our friends and and family as we tried to promote the site promoting this stuff is confusing it's it there's tons of questions I'm sorry didn't have time to take all the questions today but we're going to answer a lot of questions on that page click on the heart you'll go through it will explain to you what Facebook is how the different elements work and how they can benefit you thank you very much Oh write for me capstone thesis order Missouri Synod.

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